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Testimonial for The Local "Bells Water Gardens ran an advertorial in the last edition of The Local. Within one week we had over half a dozen solid enquiries into ponds and natural swimming pools. Advertising in The Local really works." - Richard Bell

Bells Water Gardens creating tranquil oases


ICHARD Bell, of Bells Water Gardens in Newlyn, has been building ponds and selling aquatic plants for 35 years.

Richard, his wife Sally and oldest son Jacob, 25, were invited to the US last year to an innovative exhibition which proved the former heavy maintenance of ponds is a thing of the past. A leaf skim system which picks up anything which drops in the pond and takes it to a pump (that uses less power than a 100-watt house light), before the water is recycled back to the top of the pond’s waterfall, has created an all-natural water feature – with no harsh chemicals and no backbreaking work. “We now have customers who come here, to Newlyn, to buy a water plant, or a goldfish, and then just spend half an hour with their mouths open looking at the ponds we have. Next up are natural swimming pools!" Richard said the ponds came in three kit sizes, small, medium and large, and range in size from three to four metres, up to 10 to 15 metres, but ponds could also be made to any size. The only limit is your land. The family business, which also includes 22-year-old son Toby, daughter Amy, 19, and two dogs who greet every visitor, rescue bitzer Ralphy and blue heeler Mac, remains a one-stop shop for everything aquatic.

Bells Water Gardens, at 1 Campion Road, Newlyn North, is open 10am to 4pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday to Thursday by appointment. Phone: 0418 567 195.


The Local Issue 117 February 12, 2018  
The Local Issue 117 February 12, 2018