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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, MAY 8, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 4

Tales From the City Episode 4: PRACTICE


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey Friends! We’re getting closer and closer to Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to let us know what you’re planning to get Mum, or at least how you plan to spend the day with her. Will you make

her a card? Sing her a special song? Check out our craft section for a cool toy you can make for her. We’ve also got a list of fun party songs for you to dance too. And don’t forget to check out Tales from the City to see what my

friends and I are up to! Have a safe and happy week, and write to us! Send your wishes to

Love Jonaki

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DhakaTribune Acting Editor Zafar Sobhan

Magazine Editor Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Treehouse Team Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Tashhid Abdullah Rubab Nayeem Khan Munira Ahmed Afshan Sattar Azfar Rahman Natasha Rahman Saudia Afrin Solution: The tulips revealed the killer. He is carrying a bouquet of OPEN tulips. Tulips only open after several minutes inside a warm or heated room, which means the killer was lying when he said he had “just come in.”

Contributor Ishtiaq Zabihullah


Cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy Graphics Asmaul Haque Mamun Mohammed Mahbub Alam Production Masum Billah Advertising Shahidan Khurshed Circulation Wahid Murad Email Website

WED N ESDAY, M AY 8, 201 3

2 Discobang’s pad

Teacher of the week Sitara Jabeen Word on the street Saiful Sports star The Undertaker Tongue Twisters

3 Tales from the city Practice

4 Dr Meow’s Lab

Crafts A Symmetrical Burst Of Colour Fun Science Vinegar-Baking Soda Rocket Animal of the week Proboscis Monkey Pet Tips Pet First Aid

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book Navigating Early Videogame Save the Gardens Movie Hotel Transylvania Music Boombox Beats Toy Battle of the Beyblades

6 Bhootum’s Classroom Amazing Facts Wizard of Id

Discobang's Pad

Morsalin Sadaf

2 word on the street

Teacher of the week

Splishy splashy fun On a sunny summer’s day, Saiful would much rather be in school learning fun things, or daydreaming about what he wants to be when he grows up. Instead, he has chores to do. That doesn’t stop him from greeting the world with a smile.

He doesn’t have a swimming pool, but when the weather is too warm, he makes his way down to the local pond to cool off, and for a few hours, life is relaxing and carefree. Sabrina f Ahmad

Source: Jaago Foundation

coordinator, literature and language teacher for senior classes at Sir John Wilson School. She is also involved with Anandaniketan School and Nahar Academy, which are two schools for underprivileged children. Quazi Zulyadain Islam, a former student says: ‘Her subtle humour and her energy is what makes her Our teacher of the week Sitara different. Also, she was keen on Jabeen is a literature and language explaining her students the things teacher who previously taught at she wanted out of them. She made Scholastica School. creativity flow out of us!’ Rubab Nayeem Khan She is currently the language


Zebras zig and zebras zag

You can play this game and

Tongue twisters are difficult to say. How fast can you say it without making any mistakes?

Eight time world Champion

Professional Wrestler Ring names: The Undertaker;

Mean Mark Callous; Mean Mark;(The) Commando; Punisher Dice Morgan; The Punisher; Texas Red; The Master of Pain

The Undertaker

tongue twisters

more online at: www.britishc oun

learn english kids

kheya mesba

Real name: Mark William


Billed height: 6’ 10” Billed weight: 136 kg Claim to fame: Undefeated at


WE DN E SDAY, M AY 8, 20 1 3

Treehouse Comics

3 Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy

Tales From the City

Episode 4: PRACTICE

The story WELCOME TO THE ARENA While the City has its own hustle and bustle, things are heating up in the forest. We know that the mysterious Dr Meow is headed to the forest as a special guest judge at the Firefly Tournament. This week, we see the fireflies training hard for the upcoming match.

WED N ESDAY, M AY 8, 201 3


Dr Meow's Lab A Symmetrical Burst Of Colour An old time favourite to colour your day funky!

You will need:


He “Nose” It. Did you? 1. The Proboscis Monkey, also known as the ‘Nasalis larvatus’, ‘Long- Nosed Monkey’, and also as ‘Benkatan’ in Malay 2. This animal is found in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 3. This animal has a large belly, because of its eating habits. 4. Its digestive system is divided into several parts with a distinctive gut flora which helps it to digest leaves. 5. It releases a lot of gas. Stinky! 6. They mostly eat fruits, seeds and weeds. 7. They are amazing swimmers 8. The males growl to calm another member of the group down. 9. Both males and females make a honking noise when they are in the mood for a fight. 10. Their babies are born with blue faces. Rubab Nayeem Khan

• • • •

Empty Toilet Paper Roll Tape 4,5″ x 4″ Cardboard Piece 6″ x 6″ Shiny Gift wrap or Aluminum Foil • Black coloured paper • Colourful sequins • Cling foil

How to Get It Done

1. Wrap the cardboard piece with shiny wrapping paper (silver side up) or aluminum foil (shiny side up) using tape. 2. Fold it in three pieces equal pieces (length wise!) making a long triangle. Make sure the shiny sides face inward. Tape it together to hold it in place. 3. Slide the triangle into the toilet paper roll. 4. Cut a circle out of black coloured paper, slightly larger than the opening at the end of the toilet paper roll. Punch a small hole in the center of the circle. 5 Tape the black circle over one end of the toilet paper roll. 6. Cut two circles out of the clear plastic wrap, both about four inches in diameter. 7. Stick one circle of plastic wrap on the open end of the toilet paper roll against the center of the triangle of “mirrors.” Fold the edges of the circle down onto the roll and secure with tape . 8. Sprinkle some sequins into the plastic wrap pouch. They should have room to move. 9 Cover this end of the toilet paper roll with the other piece of clear plastic wrap, pulling it tight and securing it to the sides of the toilet paper roll with tape. 10. Look through the end of the kaleidoscope with the black paper, pointing the end with the beads toward a source of light. Afshan Sattar




Vinegar-Baking Soda Rocket What You Need:

• • • • • • • •

A bottle Baking Soda White Vinegar Balloon Rubber bands Scissors Paper PVC Pipe

too much as that can cause the cling wrap to unravel faster. Secure the mouth with the balloon. You will need a rocket “launcher” which should be prepared before the bottle. Use a short PVC pipe to act as a launcher. You may need adult help to cut it down to a short length. Now attach the bottle to the end of it and elevate it in an upward slant.

Optional designing How to Work It:

Fill a bottle up to 1/4th or 1/3rd with white vinegar. Put baking soda in a cling wrap paper to put it in the bottle later. Cut a piece of the balloon that can cover the mouth and neck of the bottle. You do not need to use the whole of the balloon for this. Also, make a hole with a pin and mark the area so you know exactly how to place the balloon. Also, keep a few rubber bands handy to secure the balloon. Put the cling wrapped soda in the bottle and try not to shake up the bottle


You can make a paper cone and attach it to the back of the bottle. The design helps to make the “rocket” go higher!


There is no explosion. It is simply a reaction of the acetic acid in the vinegar and the base of the baking soda that form carbonic acid. This gives out carbon dioxide and water as a by product which act up to create some violence. Munira Ahmed

Pet First Aid




Isn’t it heartbreaking when that loyal woof or that prize meow falls sick? But you can turn it around by memorising the following tips by heart. Dear Diary Keep track of what your pet is eating, and whether or not he/she is taking their medicines on time. A feeding diary would be very helpful. FLUFFY...Take your meds When your four-legged babies cringe at the sight of a dropper, you do too. Ask the vet to show you the proper way to feed them their meds. Remember to be gentle while doing so. Go light, with the diet Like people, pets also lose their appetite when sick. At such times, do NOT force them to eat anything heavy. Start with

a portion of soft food with a spoon; this might encourage them to start eating. Beddy-bye A sick Fluffy or Fido will need to get plenty of rest. Make sure they have a comfy place to sleep in. You could bunk right next to them in order to monitor their health. Potty time When ill, pets find it difficult to get up when nature calls. If Fido needs to do the “big one”, slowly walk him over to your garden and stand while he does the deed. Your cat on the other hand will give you signs by scratching the ground near his feeding bowl, or litter box. Change the sand in his litter box or else he’ll just finish his business in every corner of the house! Rubab Nayeem Khan

WE DN E SDAY, M AY 8, 20 1 3


Speedy's Zone

MUST read Book

Navigating Early The Story:

After his mother’s death, Jack is sent to boarding school to deal with his grief. Upset and out of place, he befriends a boy named Early who is a dreamer, believing in Pi-the famous survivor and wants to find his hero by going on an adventure to the Appalachian Trail. The story unwinds with Jack and Early facing perils eerily similar to Pi, complete with pirates, treasures and bears!

video games


Any Good?

Combining the loss and sorrow of two young boys makes for a compelling read. The author knits the past-present patchwork neatly and all characters are meaty and realistically portrayed. However, it is not simply a psychological-philosophical book; it has enough action to keep readers appropriately engaged!


Hotel Transylvania

Save the Gardens Jill comes home to find her grandparents in tears, and her childhood home threatened by an evil tycoon and his bulldozers. The rest of the village is overrun by pesky crows, evil bandits, and more. Join Jill’s gardening company Gardens Inc, win the Annual Gardening Contest, and save the village! Gardens Inc: From Rags to Riches is a beautiful PC flash game. Each level gives you a series of tasks to solve, like rebuilding a broken fountain, chasing away the crows, or installing burglar alarms, and you have a limited time to solve it. Bonus points for planting the flowers in a particular pattern, for which a clue is given. The money you raise from each level is spent on restoring Jill’s villa. Pretty graphics, engaging storyline, and easy game-play, this game is a great way to learn timemanagement and logic skills. Check out the free demo at Sabrina F Ahmad

Positive message Positive role models

WED N ESDAY, M AY 8, 201 3

Ever wondered where all the famous monsters like werewolves, mummies, the bogeyman go for vacations? They too, need a break from terrorising humans at times. And when they do, they go to Hotel Transylvania. A beautifully animated film for the whole family to enjoy, this is one of the highest rated films both in the UK and USA today. In 1895, Dracula (Adam Sandler) builds a castle, far from the reach of humanity, to raise his daughter after a horrible incident from his past, as well as to

There is no sexual content but there is violence aimed at the particular age group and one mention of drug use. Munira Fidai


Battle of the Beyblades

Boombox Beats 1. “Firework” Katy Perry 2. “Stereo Hearts” Gym Class Heroes 3. “I’m only Me when I’m with you” Taylor Swift 4. “Stronger” Kelly Clarkson 5. “Good Feeling” Flo Rida 6. “Lights” Ellie Goulding 7. “What makes you beautiful” One Direction 8. “Feel Again” OneRepublic 9. “Steal my kisses” Ben Harper 10. “Home” Philip Phillips

provide a safe asylum for all of ‘monsterkind’. Fast forwarding to present day, Drac’s daughter Mavis, (Selena Gomez) is turning 118 (18 years old in vampire age) and Drac decides to throw her a big birthday bash where all her monster uncles and aunts show up. But what Drac didn’t realise was that somehow an unexpected visitor would should up at their doorstep on Mavis’s birth-

Parental Advisory:

day and show both, Drac and Mavis, that there is still hope in the outside world. Filled with adventures and laughter for the whole family, Hotel Transylvania is joyful movie that instils the importance of family, as well as the importance of independence in teenagers’ lives. The movie is available on DVDs and Blurays in the market. Get your copy soon. Ishtiaq Zabihullah

Stuck indoors at recess because it’s raining outside? You don’t need to feel bored. Just challenge your friends to a Beyblade match! These super toys were designed by Takara Tomy and released in 2000. The “launcher” with its rip-cord is what makes a Bey-blade different from other spinning tops. You pull the cord and drop your beyblade into a plastic ‘arena’ with other tops released by your friends. They will smash into each other like bumper cars, and the last one left spinning wins. The toy company Hasbro began to produce this in 2002, and in 2008, Takara Tomy added other new features, so that you can have one of many types of Beyblades, such as Attack, Defense, Balance and Stamina. You can buy your Beyblades from Rapa Plaza, or the toy stores in the Gulshan DIT-1 Market Sabrina F Ahmad


Bhootum's Classroom

s act F g n i A m az

lol s and apple r u o f ny e ere ar ow ma Q. If th ay three, h have? u ke aw do yo o you ta ples s p a e e r h t e k e r th . too A. You ly you have us obvio ir ep the fish ke ney? o d e er mo Q. Wh k. er ban iv r e h t A. In in the s read t a c g? o at d mornin ! Q. Wh ers wspap A. Me


computer bi n  shelf desk  clock bookcas cupboard bo e ard

of ID


Q. W hi have ch tables to le do y a ou n A. D ot inne rn? r tab les. Q. W ha in m t tool do ath? you use A. M ultiplye rs. Q. Th e cats re were four in a b oa jump ed o t, one ut man y we . How re le A. N ft? on were e. They all co py ca ts! Q.Ho w do mak you eo vani ne sh? A. A dd a ‘g’ t the b egin o ning and it’s gone !

WE DN E SDAY, M AY 8, 20 1 3

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