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Creole A new line on the block


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Pack your weekend the right way

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The best of your lips

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Tucked In

Brownie in a cup

15 Take Care

Splash of watermelon

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4 Tuned – A concoction of tunes 5 Tech – TV Show addicts rejoice 6 Trial Room – Fresh face in the fashion scene 8 Try Out – Battle the sun 9 Tailored – A weekend with chinos 10 Tempt – Lace is in and now 11 Tempt – The best of lips 12 Cover –Exes? 14 Tell – Learn to let go 15 Take Care – Food to fight the stress 16 Tucked In – A cup of brownies 18 Trails – Visit the coastlines of Cox’s Bazaar 20 Travel – Land of the Pharaohs 22 Tags – A turn in Limbo


Trial Room a touch of creole

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3


Tuned Entertainment



The captivating concepts A concept album is one of the most fascinating elements in the world of music. From wild western cowboys and their rowdiness to the exploration of regrets of a lost youth, concept albums comprise songs that are thematically interconnected

“Food Safari: Season 4,” a documentary about foods from around the world. This show will introduce you to the best foods on earth, from Laotian to Cypriot to South African dishes. The show airs on Fox Traveller on Friday, during which it explores the key dishes of Peru, and on Saturday, during which it introduces Cypriot Cuisine. Both showtimes are at 9:30pm. The international cuisine host also gets a taste of Broome and Afghani food on Sunday from 7pm to 8pm.


“Dead Man Down,” a movie about a crime lord in New York city whose right hand man is blackmailed and seduced by a woman seeking revenge. Starring Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard, the plot evolves into a spiral of paybacks.

By Zaki Adnan

Breaking the bounds of traditional albums, the basic notion of these albums focuses on an underlying story, while each song represents an episode. A concept album is like a broken railroad track joined together to make sense of its inception and destination through a journey. Over the years, imaginative artistes have gifted the music world with many concept albums, most of which are sincerely meaningful and thoughtprovoking. These albums have encompassed the idea of storytelling, both lyrically and instrumentally. The stories they tell span from those easily understood to those requiring a great deal of knowledge to decipher, with hidden meanings inscribed metaphorically in each song. Woody Guthrie, a legendary singer/ songwriter, is considered one of


in Dhaka this week



Social Business Day 2013 Live English Standup Comedy Show by Naveed Mahbub, Max Mystel & Ashik Ahmad Time: 8pm Venue: Nandos Level 3, Gulshan-1


Time: 8:30pm to 1am Venue: Moncho – Shadhona’s Studio Theatre. Address: House 5, Block J, Road 27, Banani

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013

Time: 7:30am to 6pm Venue: Radisson Water Garden Hotel, Airport Road Dhaka Cantonment

Fun Photography

Time: 11am to 9pm Venue: The Westin, Ball Room, Plot 1 Road 45, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 2

the founding fathers of concept albums. “Dust Bowl Ballads,” his most successful album, is one of the first of its kind. This album portrayed the hardships faced by a migrant worker in California. Its semi-autobiographical essence captures Woody’s life during the Dust Bowl era. Taking a leap from the 1940s to the 1970s, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is another iconic example of a concept album. This album has been labeled as rock opera, which is parallel to the ideology of centering the album thematically. The protagonist of the album, Pink, roughly depicts the life of Roger Waters. As the songs in the album progress, you learn more about the character’s chronicling towards a self-imposed isolation from society, which is metaphorically represented as “The Wall”. Brilliant, isn’t it?


Some popular concept albums to have enriched the world of music are The Beatle’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” Rush’s “2112,” The Who’s “Tommy,” The Eagle’s “Hotel California,” Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto,” Daft Punk’s “Discovery,” Green Day’s “American Idiot,” Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son,” Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me.” Zaki Adnan is singer, song writer and composer of an experimental rock band, Circus Police.


till 3rd

till 4th Contemporary Bangladesh Venue: Institute of Asian Creatives- IAC, House-9, Road-36, Gulshan-2

Eid Fashion Mania

Time: 11am to 8pm Date: 29-30th Venue: Samarkand Restaurant, House- 2, road126, Gulshan- 1

Solo art exhibition by Azmeer Hossain

Opening Hour: Sat to Thurs 10am-11pm, Friday 3pm-11pm Day: till June 30 Venue: Radius Art Gallery, 5th Floor, Bay’s Galleria, 57 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan 1

Group Painting Exhibition Saga of Creativity Venue: Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (BGFA), Bengal Shilpalaya, 275/F Dhanmondi, Road 27(old) Road 16(new)

Tech & Turns 5 App Watch

New Tech

To be continued

Logitech’s mini boombox

By Mahmood hossain Cliffhanger for Android is the perfect companion for television fanatics. With so many highly-produced shows out there now, the small screen has become as important as the big studio hits. More people are now glued to television than ever before. This application, like many others, is user-friendly through its simplicity and minimalistic design. There’s no need to sign up or create an account, so you can dive right into track and save mode. The app has a “Discovery” tab that lays out all shows you may not have known about in a tiled display.

There are many who prefer to play their portable music devices (tablets, mobile phones or laptops) through loudspeakers. Nowadays, the portable loudspeakers have become more desirable By Mahmood hossain During the press release of the Mini Boombox back in late 2012, the vice president of Logitech, Azmat Ali, claimed: “The Logitech Mini Boombox rises to the occasion to bring an immersive sound experience wherever you go.” That’s quite a statement for a speaker that literally fits on your hand. The obvious benefit of the Bluetooth enabled speaker is that it’s small and portable. Most new smartphones with five inch screens are of a similar length. Even though it feels incredibly light in your hand, it’s actually very loud. It also boasts a 10-hour battery life and can be tested far enough to legitimise that claim. As for the design, it resembles a radio alarm clock of the past decade with a backlit touch panel at the top. It’s nothing innovative or eye-catching, but it fits the price and size of the speaker appropriately. Overall, the Mini Boombox performs

really well for its price tag. Along with its dimensions (4.55x2.8x2.28in) and its weight (229g or 0.2kg), you really can’t go wrong investing in this piece by Logitech. The Logitech Mini Boombox can be found at Gadget & Gear for around Tk6,500.

Photo: Internet

Now, you can never lose track of your favourite television shows


2013 Volvo S80 As the flagship of the Volvo line-up, the S80 showcases a newer side of Volvo in a conservative and prestigious way By Tahsin Momin

You can either choose the shows on display, or search for the ones that aren’t shown. Each selection displays a pop-up box briefly describing the show, and the “Upcoming” section provides you with the option to add upcoming shows to your calendar. The list under “Upcoming” is set according to each show’s air date. One on top of the other, you can scroll down to see the list of shows you have saved and the next air date of each episode. If you’ve missed a certain episode, Cliffhanger also allows you to backtrack and view episodes under the “Recent” section of the app. Whether you like to stream or download episodes of the popular (and not so popular) television shows, you will never have to miss out on your beloved programme again. Cliffhanger is for Android devices only, and is free to download.

Despite having some minor facelifts, including new lights and a larger grille, the 2013 Volvo S80 blends into traffic very easily. Peter Horbury, the designer, believes that the new dimensions give the big saloon a more daunting attitude and superior presence. When compared with the old S80, it is clear this model has been neatly designed. The Volvo S80 features an eco-friendly drive variant that comes with a 161bhp 2.0-litre turbo-diesel and a

four-wheel drive. The engine provides decent punch and is economical. The car provides a comfortable ride over poor road surfaces, and is excellent on the highway, as the suspension and Available at: AG Automobiles Ltd Abdullahpur, Uttara Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh Price: Tk14,000,000 and onward

dampers are controlled electronically by the S80’s onboard computer. The vague steering, on the other hand, lets it down in the corners, and it’s not very fond of changing direction either. All 2013 Volvo S80 models are equipped with the City Safety- automatic braking feature, leather seating, walnut wood trimmings, a seven inch colour display, dual-zone climate control, an autodimming rear-view mirror, rain-sensing windshield wipers, Bluetooth and a pollen filter. The standard audio system puts out 160 watts through eight speakers and includes an AM/FM/CD/ HD radio receiver with iPod, USB and auxiliary inputs. Even though the 2013 Volvo S80 may not have the reputation of a Lexus GS, Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series, it has character similar to these elites. Despite all the luxury, Volvo’s largest sedan isn’t renowned for the most bold styling or heart-pounding performance. Instead, it brings a purebred of safety and discreet elegance, qualities long linked with what we have come to know as the Swedish marque.

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3


Trial Room

A new line on the BLOCK The creative partnership of Maheen Khan and Tanzina Nowrine has released a new clothing line named Creole. The exclusive online boutique brings excitement to the already booming online market. Both the website and Facebook page were launched at the event, while models took over the runway showing off a bit of what to expect from the new line. Creole is, as explained in the promo, a union of two languages, a sort of fusion By Mahmood Hossain Photos: Mahmud Opu

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013

Trial Room


The designs are a reflection of accepting the new and thinking slightly outside the box. The new clothing line is a welcoming of diversity, which clearly shows from the items displayed at the launch. The simplistic nature of each look gives way to more sophisticated details. From floral prints all over to elegantly flowing embroidery, the pieces seem to be placed at ease. It’s classy wear for a classy lady, with plenty of fun to be had. There’s an instant assurance of comfort obtained in each look. Art comes alive and its celebration commences. Here’s to a successful venture of Creole. Creole will cater to both men and women. Check out more of Creole on their official website www.creolebd. com or log on to their official Facebook page. AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3


Try Out Do-It-Yourself

Tip •On the lid inside the box, affix a small square or spherical mirror for your use •Wrap a sponge layer ,that can easily fit the box ,with the fabric used for the interior. Using a sharp blade make small cuts in it for using them as ring holders.

Home made jewellery box A homemade jewellery box is an easy, elegant, inexpensive solution that allows you to store and organise your jewellery. Whether it holds the special keepsakes that you never wear or a variety of frequently used pieces, a jewellery box protects and keeps its contents safe. It also looks neater and more decorative than jewellery scattered across your dresser. Follow these instructions to create a lovely jewellery box that you can use to store your valuables, or one that you can give as a gift By Itminan Tasneea Supplies u Small boxes, shoe box, wooden box u Scissors uAcrylic paint uBrushes uSpray paint uGlue uWhite chalk uLength of fabric of velvet or brocade uPencil and ruler uCrafting materials e.g. sequins, gems, glitter and mirrors

Steps l Clean the box and then spray it, inside and out, with white primer spray paint. Allow the paint to dry for about an hour, and colour it. To colour the box, pour a moderate amount of acrylic craft paint onto a paint palette. This will be your base colour. Use a medium-tipped brush to paint the interior and exterior of the box. Keep the box open while the paint dries to ensure that the top and bottom parts do not stick together. Apply a second coat of the base colour to guarantee a rich, deep hue. Allow the base coat to dry completely.

l Using the ruler, measure the dimensions of the inside of the box and write them down. You will need the width and length for the top and bottom of the box, as well as all the interior sides. In total, you will have 10 measurements. l Turn over your length of fabric so that the wrong side faces up. Using the measurements you recorded, the ruler, and the white chalk, redraw the dimensions of the inside of the box. Since most unfinished craft boxes are square or rectangular, you should end up with 10 squares or rectangles representing the interior

walls of the box. Use scissors to cut the fabric out. l Using the glue, affix the fabric lining to the inside of the jewellery box. Press the fabric down firmly. Allow the glue to dry. l A central point on the lid of the box can add extra visual flair to your finished product. A large, plastic gem or an old pendant can be affixed using glue. Using sequins, glitter a shade of paint that complements the base colour of the box and a flat-tipped paint brush, apply a fun design or the initials of your name.


Surviving sunburn sure you drink plenty of water during summer time. Eight to ten glasses of water a day will help keep you hydrated.

With Dhaka’s scorching heat searing into our skins, smearing sunblock on our skin, shielding ourselves with umbrellas and even wearing wide hats won't always help us beat the wrath of the sun. This week, Avenue T gives its readers a comprehensive guide on how to care for sun-damaged skin By N Anita Amreen

Cool off Once you’ve gotten away from the heat, cool off with a wet towel dipped in ice-cold water by placing it against your skin. You can even bathe in cold water. Keep yourself hydrated Sweating makes you lose a lot of water, leaving you dehydrated, and making your skin lose moisture. Make

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013

Moisturise Moisturise your skin using aloe vera cream. As a preventive measure, apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 25 an hour before exposure to the sun.

Milk Dip a cloth or gauze in cool milk and gently slide it against your skin. The protein film created by the milk will soothe your sunburn, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Honey and lemon pack Mix one part honey with one part lemon juice to form a paste. Apply the paste to tanned, sunburnt areas to soothe and lighten your skin back to its natural colour.

Tomato Rubbing a freshly sliced tomato on your skin helps prevent sunburn. The lycopene in the tomatoes reduces the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Uptan Purchase any leading uptan pack and mix into a paste with water. Apply to sunburnt areas, wait for it to dry completely, and then wash it off with a cool cloth. This too, helps lighten the skin.




His Style

the weekend case


Photo: Big Stock

All your suitcase essentials in order

Q: It’s hard to wear dress shirts and casual shirts in this heat. Is it okay to open a couple of buttons without looking tacky?

Photo: Big Stock

There are gentlemen out there who find themselves at a complete loss on what to bring to a weekend getaway. There’s a sure way to be prepared for those weekend business trips and getaways outside the city. Make sure to check these off your list before you head out of town 1 The suitcase or the weekend bag: It’s the most important thing to consider. It has to be big enough to carry several items, but not big enough to carry an entire wardrobe. 2 A versatile blazer or suit jacket: The

official trip requires a certain level of sophistication. For the meeting, a business lunch or dinner, it’s important to carry at least one suit in your weekend bag along with a white dress shirt and a tie or two. 3 Grooming essentials: God forbid you ever forget your shaving kit. Face wash, moisturising products, shampoo and conditioner all need to be packed for the weekend. 4 Two pairs of shoes: You need your dress shoes (lace-ups) for the semiformal and formal occasions. Then, you need the more casual kicks. Casual shoes can be anything from loafers to canvas sneakers, just make sure they

are classy enough. Most likely, you should be wearing one of these pairs on the way there and back, so there should only be one in your suitcase. 5 A pair of jeans or chinos: There is no need to be stuck in your suit trousers all day. This one is quite the obvious. Whichever item makes you most comfortable is the best bet. 6 A casual shirt and a T-shirt: You need to complete that relaxed look for those off hours. Again, this is something you should be wearing on the way to and from your trip. 7 Sunglasses: It’s hot out and the sun is brutal. Protect your eyes with stylish shades.

A: The farthest any man should go with unbuttoning is the first two top buttons. The last thing you want to do is end up looking like an oil rich tycoon peacocking his chest hair and gold chains. Two buttons are just enough to have a little breathing room and maintain a classy look. And remember, you can always roll up your sleeves for that extra air to cool you down. However, there is always the tropical or beach look. Take, for example, a pastel coloured, linen shirt completely unbuttoned, with either a cut-off undershirt or nothing underneath. That, of course, has a time and place.

Photo: Internet

In Fashion

Say hello to chinos

Photo: Internet

A winner that will transition into the next season Chinos have been somewhat of a revival for the modern day wardrobe. It’s summer, which means there are many colours and shades to play around with. As casual as this item may be, it can easily be upgraded to a semiformal item. Moreover, it’s appropriate for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just walked out of university or you’re a 40-year-old

corporate executive. Even though most chinos are of a relaxed fit, there are tapered versions of it as well. The latter is a sophisticated approach to a summer outfit. It’s as simple as combining the chinos with a polo, or taking them to the next level with a dress shirt and a cotton-knitted tie. These shoes are a must-have for the

summer, and if you’re savvy enough, you won’t have a problem incorporating them into the autumn season as well. This season’s coloured chinos can be found in stores like Ecstasy and Yellow starting at Tk2,000.

A: They may be common, but they will always be the classic choice for evening wear to semiformal/formal events. It’s understandable that you want to be different. The best way to make a statement without being too loud is to make subtle changes. Last week’s column on "His Style" suggested a similar move. Mix things up a little. You can try something of a dark grey (charcoal grey) colour for your suit. Contrast this shade with a lighter coloured dress shirt and a darker shade for the tie. Small changes make the biggest differences, and you’ll look better for it.

Send in your style inquiries to

Q: There is an evening event coming up in a few weeks. The dress code is formal, but I want to try something different without causing too much of a stir. I feel black and navy suits are too common now. Any advice?

Articles by Mahmood Hossain

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3


Tempt Hair

Dandruff vs dry scalp

Sabikun Nahar is a professional hair stylist and make-up artist who has worked in Sydney, Australia, following her graduation at Toni&Guy Sydney International School of Hairdressing.

We often mistake a dry scalp for dandruff. It is very important to identify which condition you have before reaching for harsh antidandruff shampoos By Sabikun Nahar

Causes and prevention: l Drink plenty of water. For some people, dryness occurs in winter due to dry weather. Others get it in summer as well, as their bodies can be dehydrated l Use cool water to wash your hair, as hot water can strip the scalp of natural oils that can cause dryness l Change your drugstore branded shampoo to a salon professional one. Tea tree oil based shampoos are known to help this condition l Gently brush your hair and scalp before washing l Try Neutrogena T-gel shampoo. available at stores such as Priyo, Bodyline, Mothercare and Lavender l Do not shampoo hair everyday, as that can make matters worse l Use extra virgin olive oil for your next hot oil treatment. Bring your own to the salon if they do not carry it. This will hydrate your scalp and hair. Be sure to wash off thoroughly

Photo: Big Stock

DRY SCALP Signs of a dry scalp include small, white flakes and mild irritation.

DANDRUFF Dandruff has different signs than a dry scalp that include bigger, yellowish or grey, flaky clusters of dead skin. It can be caused by excess sebum, which causes skin to shed more often. It is a harmless fungal or bacterial infection, but is contagious. Dandruff cannot be cured, but can be controlled.

l Avoid sharing hairbrushes, rubber bands, clips, towels or hats with others l A shampoo that contains tea tree oil or ginger can help cure mild to medium dandruff l Prevent buildup of hair products in your hair. Wash off any wax, spray or gel in the hair before going to bed l Cut down on heat styling

l Shampoo regularly, and thoroughly l Reduce stress and anxiety

If the problem persists, see a dermatologist for an appropriate medication prescription.

International Trends

Embrace lace Lace has been spotted everywhere this spring and summer, and is one trend that is still going strong. Thankfully, this is not our grandmothers' version of lace, and comes along with a new spin! The neon hues are as hot as the subtle shades, such as beige or nude

By Sabah Rahman

Photos: Big Stock

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013


Layer a thick, lace shirt over a basic, sleeveless top, and pair it with trousers for the office or even casual days out. You can really play with the colours to emphasise this look by wearing pleasantly clashing tops. Look out for stretch, lace dresses lined with complementing shades, such as brown lace over gold, or black lace layered on top of a red lining. Ladies who prefer to dress more traditionally will be pleased to know Pink City has an enormous collection of pretty lace saris available. Drape the sari of your choice over a contrasting blouse for a one-of-a-kind, edgy look.




Expert lip tips

Navin Ahmed has studied Cosmetic Techniques and Management at Sheridan College in Canada. She worked as a freelance make-up artist in Toronto and is the founder of GALA Wedding Planners and Makeover Studio in Dhaka.

Most women apply lipstick everyday, and don’t need to be told how it’s done. However, here are some tips and tricks that we make-up artists use all the time that can minimise any concerns you have about your lips By Navin Ahmed going out. If your lipstick looks old, dry or as though it is an inch thick, don’t be lazy and reapply. REMOVE IT and start again. You can use foundation to achieve nude lips, but your lips have to be nice and moist, so stick to an oil-based foundation. l Never use too much lip gloss, otherwise you'll look like you’re drooling, especially when viewed from the side. l If you have hair on your upper lip, remove it! l If your lips are naturally lined (or wrinkled), don’t overuse lip gloss, it will make your lips bleed. Go for velvety textured lipsticks instead. l NEVER use a lip liner that is much darker than your lipstick. It is 2013, and that look from the 90s just doesn't work anymore.

Powder lightly around your mouth first (not on the lips) if your lip colour tends to bleed

Photo: Big Stock

l In most cases, when we apply makeup, we colour our pouts last. A good tip is to load up your lips with lanolin or your favorite balm and let them sink in the moisture while you do the rest of your make-up. This softens the lips, so by the time you’ve completed the rest of your make-up, they’ll be supple and luscious. l If you want to make your lip colour last longer, stick to lip-gloss in winter (because of the dry effects of the weather) and save the sticks and stains for summer months. l To create a fuller lip, dab a highlighter to the Cupid’s bow before you apply your lipstick. This is quite simply the best trick in the book. You can also dot a little bit of shiny gloss on the centre of your top and bottom lip. l Carry wipes with you if you are

Local Trends


Your guide to this year’s hottest prints Hiroe Kunimoto Geometric The hottest pattern this year is the geometric kind. The delightful melding of rectangles and triangles on tops or scarves set the perfect tone for summer. Bright, contrasting colour combinations on a subtle, beige base is the way to go when it comes to a salwar kameez.

Hiroe kunimoto is a brand executive for Apex Adelchi Footwear Ltd.

Checkerboard Checks are really in at the moment, and women are sporting this pattern on their pants. Start off with the classic black and white checks, and work your way up to brighter, bolder combinations. Pair this loud look with a monotone top or kurta.

Brocade Last, but certainly not the least, brocade has been a crowd-pleaser since late 2012. The Indian influenced pattern in various shades and colours is on most of our shopping lists. From Pakistani Lawn three pieces to local kurtas to T-shirts, we just can’t seem to get enough of this pattern!

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3

12 Tenacity

DIVORCE DILEMMAS Life after divorce is a varying experience that depends on several factors, including personality. For some, it is an escape from marital responsibilities, for others it is deeply depressing , and for others still, it creates a roller-coaster of feelings. This wide range of feelings is directly proportional to the depth of the marriage. No matter the feelings, it is of utmost importance to move on and not remain fixated on separation after a divorce

Photo: Syed Latif Hossain

By Tausif Sanzum Model: Fahim Ahmad

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013


During marriage, couples usually get used to each other's presence, so immediately after the divorce, they feel a vacuum in their lives. It is important to avoid feelings of emptiness by rediscovering yourself after divorce. This does not mean you should completely erase the existence of your previous marriage from your memory and attempt to go back to how you were before getting married. Instead, you should retain the positive changes you made after marriage and embrace how you've grown through the experience. Divorce occurs due to a problem in marriage, but walking out of the courtroom single does not mean all your problems are solved. It is essential to keep in mind that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Divorce is not the answer to a carefree life. Marriage takes a lot of commitment, but it is also a union worth salvaging if possible. If divorce is the only option, however, it is important to remember that no matter how much time was spent in a miserable marriage, life will start afresh, and the experience of marriage will only make you stronger.

Once a divorce is over and the emotional outbursts involved have passed, an influx of new issues will come knocking at your door such as learning to live alone, being a role model for your children (if applicable) despite being emotionally vulnerable, and meeting someone new.

Even though you are emotionally drained after getting a divorce, it is essential that you act as your own best friend during this phase. Ignoring yourself would be considered a cardinal sin. Form your own separate identity. Give yourself time, and keep a strict check on your health and work.

If you have children, it is always advisable to keep a straight face and create a positive ambience around

them. Remember, it is not just you bearing the brunt of the divorce. Your children are equally affected, and it falls upon you to make things easier for them. Going out and spending time with friends is always a good option to take your mind off the pressure of divorce and avoid emotional breakdowns or feelings of self-pity. It usually becomes quite difficult to face people and places which remind you of the past. Initially, it is better to avoid these people and places until time heals your wounds, but divorce does not mean going into hiding, and you should eventually visit these people and places. Your friends might try to hook you up with someone new. Though the intention may be genuine, rebound relationships are usually not the best option. It is important to discuss the baggage you carry. However, if you seriously want to start a new relationship, then TAKE YOUR TIME. Jot down what you want in life from your partner. Ponder over what went wrong with your ex and what mistakes you do not want repeated in your new relationship. Try to find someone who shares your interests and is ready to


carry your baggage. You might also be of the opinion that one failed relationship is enough for a lifetime, and you do not want to go through the suffering of starting another one. That is perfectly alright, as there is no rule dictating that you need a partner to complete your life. Indulge yourself in productive activities, discover talents in yourself which you did not heed to before, visit new places and meet new people. No matter what you do, it is essential to remember and follow a few doctrines. Do not feel guilty and blame yourself for what happened. Do not think you are the only person to have gotten a divorce. Do not burden yourself with excessive pressure. Most importantly, DO NOT think that you need to be in a relationship to complete your life. Take time, think carefully and then decide how, when and what changes you want from life. After a divorce, it is essential to note that you were probably seeking something that your ex could not give you, but you might just find it from someone else, or maybe even within yourself.

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3



Letters to Venus

Letters to Mars

Just a friend?

I’m a 28-year-old man in love with K for the past seven years. We are essentially what you’d call “friends,” but I always express my love for her and tell her that I’m waiting for her. She often drops me hints about liking me too, but when it comes to commitment, I’m never the one she’s interested in. Whenever she has a break-up, she comes crawling back to me, expresses her pain and tells me how she relies on and loves me. I nurture her back to a state where she feels ready to commit, but time and again, it’s another man and not me that she chooses. Do you think it is wise for me to hold on and wait for her? S

Dear S, You have not shown compassion, but dependency. Just as she is dependent on you to soothe her pain, you depend on her pain so that you can have her for yourself while she heals. I would like to say she is using you, but what you share is actually a negative, symbiotic relationship. It may sound harsh to you, but my dear, it is time for you to fish in another part of the pond. The pond is full of fish, and you can really find someone who wants you for who you are, not just for your nursing ability.

Change of heart

I’m a 29-year-old woman in a relationship with a 32-year-old man for the last eight years. I love him, but somehow I just feel that we are falling apart. We don’t have any problems that I can really point a finger at, but I don’t feel that spark anymore. Recently I met N, and I feel like we have a real connection. I want to break up with my boyfriend, but I’m afraid to take a leap of faith. What if N and I are not as stable? M

Dear M, There must be a reason why after so many years you have not yet committed to a permanent relationship. Often, long relationships started when very young, go on out of habit, rather than out of a conscious decision to make a life together. You have affection for him, but not the sustaining love of a lifelong relationship. I think you should think of ending your relationship with your current boyfriend before embarking on a new relationship. Take a break. If N cannot wait for you, then he is really not interested in you. As they say: “The pond is full of fish.” Trust life.

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach, a relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to give seminars, to see her clients, as well as counsel them on Skype. AA is also a ghostwriter for a renowned American magazine.

Drama Mama important if you plan on having a larger family, as an untreated thyroid condition can affect the development of future babies.

Q: I am a woman in my 30s with an eight-month-old daughter. I have been feeling off for months, with symptoms ranging from extreme irritability and fatigue to aching joints and muscles. I also suffer from an irregular menstrual cycle. I just assumed it was my hormones trying to readjust themselves after pregnancy, but could it be something more?

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013

A: Based on the symptoms you’ve described, you may have postpartum hypothyroidism. Approximately 5-7% of all women develop problems with their thyroid after pregnancy, and while many cases resolve themselves eventually, some develop a lifelong condition. It is important to determine if you are suffering from a thyroid imbalance by testing for Hashimoto’s, as well as your free T3 and TSH levels. This is especially

While the symptoms are uncomfortable, many have learned to manage the condition with medication, a healthy diet Photos: Big Stock and an exercise regimen. A gluten-free diet has been found to alleviate many of the symptoms, especially IBS and the digestive problems that can occur. You could also look into natural and/or alternative medicines such as Naturethyroid and Armour. Many women suffering from this condition also take 500mg of the supplement Ashwagandha in the morning and afternoon, as well as 5,000iu of vitamin D3 daily.

Q: I have a 7-month-old son who seems more attached to his father than to me. I feel a little resentful about this, seeing as I did all the hard work. What can I do to make my son love me more? A: Your son does love you, but he has different ways of interacting with each parent. Infants usually associate the mother with comfort, security, and nourishment. Fathers are more often the source of fun, excitement and play. Don’t take it personally. You are both equally important, and he will learn to show you love in more complex ways as he grows and develops.

DINA SOBHAN is a free-lance writer, a part-time counselor and a full-time mom.

Take Care 15 Health

Fight stress with food A frenzied lifestyle can hijack your peace of mind with that pesky thing called STRESS. Too much stress can cause adverse effects on your physical and mental health, such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, learning disabilities, poor immunity, impaired memory and heart disease By Auronee Islam

Auronee Islam is a student, teacher, and practitioner of healthy lifestyle through good food, fitness and spirituality. Her philosophy in life is to strive for balance and bliss in the mind, body and soul

uSpinach: Green leafy vegeta-

Fortunately, there are some scrumptious super foods that can surely toss the stress and embrace the calm. uGreen Tea: Filled with powerful antioxidants, green tea boosts a positive mood and has a soothing effect on the mind and body. Sip on some green tea whenever under stress! uMilk: One glassful of skimmed milk provides a sufficient amount of antioxidants along with vitamins, protein and calcium, all of which fight free radicals that are released during stress. Warm up a glass of milk before bedtime for a good night’s rest. uFatty fish: Besides being a delicious source of protein, the omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fish are perfect antiinflammatory agents that increase the happy brain chemical, serotonin, which keeps stress hormones and adrenaline under control.

uAlmonds: Al-

bles like spinach are full of vitamins and minerals that reduce stress hormones in the body and maintain mood stability. Enjoy spinach’s leafy versatility in omelettes, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, soups and wraps.

monds contain a high content of vitamins, healthy oils, zinc and magnesium. They’re also rich in fibre, which reduces stress hormones and blood pressure and enhances energy levels. Best of all, almonds are one of the healthiest snacks that add a satisfying crunch to sweet and savoury treats.

uDark chocolate: Stress

hormones can be greatly reduced by the daily consumption of as little as half an ounce of dark chocolate. Dive into this divine, dark delight to enhance your mood and lessen your stress level.

Keep calm and feast your way to GLEE!

Watermelon: the summer treat! Watermelon is not just a delicious fruit that quenches your thirst and keeps your body hydrated in the heat of summer days, but it also contains an immensity of nutritious elements. When nothing seems to satisfy you on a dusty, summer afternoon, a juicy slice of red watermelon can rid you of exhaustion and put a smile on your face! Watermelon has many benefits for the human body. It is rich in electrolytes, specifically the sodium and potassium that we lose through sweating. This delicious fruit is 93% water and contains many vitamins and minerals. Also containing iron, watermelon gives a good boost to our health. Experts say that one bowl of watermelon with breakfast can protect you from the heat, and one bowl in the evening will reduce your level of exhaustion throughout the day. While many people know about the health benefits of watermelon, very few know about its functions as a beautifier. Watermelons are high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals that cause age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Also containing a lot of vitamin A, they help reduce the size of pores in your skin and

Photos: Big Stock

The hottest season of the year is here. A sizzling hot day means roadside fruit stalls filled withatermelons By Sabiha Akond Rupa

decrease the excessive secretion of oil to prevent acne. You can use this fruit as a face mask by squeezing its juice out and applying it to your face for 15 minutes. After that, wash your face with hot water, followed by a splash of cold water. You will see the difference on the spot. Watermelon is the best treatment

for your skin. When the sun rays hit your skin, watermelon protects it from getting damaged. The minerals of watermelon help keep your body hydrated and give you younger looking skin. The moisturising properties of watermelon help your skin glow, and rejuvenate and revitalise the skin that is dry and damaged. As a filling food

with no fat, eating watermelon every day will also help get you in shape! There is hardly anyone who isn’t fond of watermelon in the summer heat. Sink your teeth into this delicious, luscious fruit, and find out why Mark Twain said: “When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.”

AVE N U E T TH U RSDAY, J U N E 27, 20 1 3


Tucked In

Photos: Syed Latif Hossain


Brownie in a cup

Naorose Bin Ali is the chef of Cilantro. He gained his culinary expertise from Australia.

When it comes to a quick shot of rich, creamy chocolate, the brownie shot is my personal favourite. This recipe is an improvised, quick way of enjoying one of the most delightful, deeply craved desserts in the world with a rather exciting twist. Make a large batch, and refrigerate for chocolate emergencies By Naorose Bin Ali Ingredients 500g cocoa powder 1000g flour 1100g sugar 600g butter 10g vanilla powder A pinch of salt

Directions Melt the butter, and add vanilla and pinch of salt into it. Whisk in the cocoa powder until it’s mixed well. Add the sugar and whisk well. Slowly fold in flour and mix it well with the whisk. Your fix of brownie is ready to be enjoyed. It tastes great with a scoop of ice cream, or you can take the simple route and just dig in.

Healthy food storage tips\

Tips & Tricks

By N Anita Amreen

Whether it’s scavenging for food in the middle of the night or giving in to midday hunger pangs, it’s always the glorious fridge or storage cupboards that come to our rescue. With our busy schedule holding us back from preparing fresh dishes for every meal, we end up cooking food in large quantities and storing it for later use. Despite our efforts to quit wasting , we somehow end up having to trash most foods that do not survive the days spent in storage. Here’s a quick list of ways to increase shelf life and retain the freshness of your stored food: Milk: Once you have opened a packet/carton of milk, only consume it until the expired date. Milk expires in two to three days. Follow the instructions, and always refrigerate immediately after opening. Eggs: The best way to store eggs is to allow them to remain in the carton (if you buy packaged eggs.) To check an egg's freshness, place it in a bowl of normal water. If it floats, it is stale; if it sinks to the bottom, then it's fresh. Cheese: Store cheese in airtight

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013

containers, and never use plastic wraps to store them. Plastic wraps ruin the freshness of cheeses and cause them to sweat.

without a wrapping or a lid. Wait until it cools, then cover. As for fish, it should be used within two to three days of its purchase.

Meat/fish: Raw meat should be refrigerated right after it's purchased and until you're ready to cook it. Keep it packed tightly to prevent its smell from mingling with other foods. Defrost your meat by placing it in the oven or immersing it in cold water. For cooked meat, do not leave it at room temperature for more than two hours. Place cooked meat boxes in the fridge

Bread: If you intend to store your bread for more than five days, it is recommended you freeze it. Keep the box tightly sealed and allow as little air in as possible. If you plan on consuming the bread within two to five days, you can leave it in its wrapper in any dry box.

Tucked In


Horoscope Aries (mar 21- apr 19) Be aware of how you use your abundant energies. Don’t overdo anything, since it will only work against you. Taurus (apr 20- may 20) Before taking any drastic steps, first adjust yourself to your surroundings. Before you proceed with what’s important, get a solid footing. Gemini (may 21- jun 20) You’ll have quite a productive week if you move towards it with a positive attitude. If you can’t take the pressure, then delegate. You’ll achieve a lot. Cancer (jun 21- jul 22) This is going to be a sunny week for you. You will be surrounded by smiles and cheers. Your upbeat attitude will aid in bringing out the best in you and others. Leo (jul 23-aug 22) Follow your instincts, because they will be taking you places this week. Take charge of your life, and don’t let minor obstacles get in the way of your climb to success. Virgo (aug 23- sep 22) Emotionally, your week will be challenged. Your mind and heart will be at war. Let the fairer ideas reign. Don’t let others make you feel guilty for your decisions. Libra (sep 23- oct 22) Although you are good at getting things done, when it comes to starting new projects, you aren’t as efficient (or so they say.) This week is your chance to prove others wrong. Scorpio (oct 23 – nov 21) Your confidence is going to be high, and you may be slightly full of yourself. Remember the golden rule: to ensure that things go your way, you must do them yourself and not rely on others. Sagittarius (nov 22- dec 21) Some problems may be brewing this week. Any problems should be treated as minor challenges that can help you grow as a person. Capricorn (dec 22- jan 19) You’ll struggle to see eye to eye with others. This will anger you to great extents; however, if you can tailor your thoughts to a more positive outlook, this should not be an issue. Aquarius (jan 20 – feb 19) Control your restlessness this week, or everything you do may take longer than necessary, leaving you endlessly frustrated. Don’t compromise on quality just so you can get things done. Pisces (feb 20 – march 20) Your emotional side will urge you to lash out at others, making unreasonable demands that nobody would like to put up with. Don’t let your aggression get the better of you.

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Outside Dhaka

Cox’s Bazaar Approximately 134km away from the port city of Chittagong , Cox’s Bazaar is home to colourful pagodas and Buddhist temples and tribes. It is also home to the longest and largest beach in the world. With miles of golden silica, high cliffs, waves and rare conch shells scattered throughout the beach, the Bay of Bengal is the perfect weekend getaway for a taste of history and a relaxing day on the beach. With a radar station ensuring timely forecast of natural disasters, Cox’s Bazaar is sure to give you the full-fledged experience of a resort meant for tourists By Farah Iqbal

Photos: Tiger Tours

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013



What to eat

Two of my personal favourite restaurants are Jaubon and Poushi. The minute you enter either of these restaurants, you will be greeted by the tantalising smell of basmati rice. After a dip in the sea, the assortment of bhortas and bhajees these places offer is a sure way to satisfy your appetite. Fried pomfret and the much loved golden prawns are regulars at these restaurants, and the scrumptious flavour of the local dishes will keep you coming back for more.

What to do

Besides having a splash in the waves and enjoying the sand between your toes, take the time to visit the "Rankut Bonasram Buddha Bihar,” a Buddhist temple that is home to a number of statues of Gautam Buddha to learn about ancient myths and legends of the Buddhists. For animal lovers, taking a 45-minute drive to the Dulahazera Safari Park will give you the ideal experience of Bangladeshi wildlife. Your trip will remain incomplete until you visit the leisurely Burmese market and indulge in the beautiful, wooden Burmese handicrafts, clothes and countless other items.

where to stay

Getting There

Buses and planes are the best way to reach Cox’s Bazaar. There are both air-conditioned and non-conditioned buses that leave close to every hour. The Shohagh bus is our recommended mode of travel. If you’re looking to travel by air, direct flights from Dhaka and Chittagong to the beach town are available three times a week. It takes about three-and-a-half hours to reach the town from the port city of Chittagong, and around 12 hours to reach from Dhaka. Tiger Tours recommends tourists from Dhaka to take the overnight Shohagh Executive Bus. Tiger Tours Limited offers extraordinary, tailored packages to Cox’s Bazaar. For more information and assistance, please call their hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500; 0184 144 5500.

INDEX Ocean Paradise, a brand new aspiring five-star hotel, is the ideal place for those who seek comfort, high quality, and convenience all at the same time. About 100m away from the beach, it has an excellent swimming pool and rooms with modern amenities. Apart from that, the hotel features discounts for special occasions and has many other facilities within its walls. For those wishing for a little more cost-effective, yet quality accommodation, Uni Resort is also a place worth considering.

Hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500 or e-mail: http://bangladeshunlocked.

The writer is a team member of Tiger Tours

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CAIRO The capital and Egypt’s largest city, Cairo is rich in history and culture. Visit the land of the pharaohs and treasures. Whether you explore the pyramids in the district of Giza, indulge in the one of a kind cuisine or hunt for bargains in one of the many souks, this vibrant city is just waiting to be discovered Compiled by Sabah Rahman

What to do halls chock full of ancient artifacts from five thousand years of Egypt’s past. Make your way through the floors to gaze at the mummies of royal families, King Tut’s treasures and countless collections of antiques and jewellery. This is the perfect outing for families travelling with older children as the museum will keep you enthralled for hours.

Pyramids No trip to Egypt would be worthwhile if you didn’t head for a tour of one of the seven wonders of the world. Take a train, taxi or bus to Giza to witness a magnificent piece of history for yourself. Guides are available to impart useful information as you take in the three main pyramids, as well as the Sphinx.

AVEN U E T TH U RS DAY, J U N E 27, 2013

Early morning trips are recommended as the heat later in the day can do a number on most travellers. For the ultimate tourist experience, take a camel or horse ride. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities This world renowned museum has 107

Nile Cruise If your schedule permits, take a luxurious 4 day cruise on the Nile River. Day cruises are available, but this is truly a beautiful experience you will want to take your time with. The boats usually take you from Luxor to Aswan and there are excursions to the Valley of Kings and Queens, Edfu Temple and more. Enjoy live entertainment which includes music and belly dancing while you relax in the evenings. Most boats have an expert guide on board to answer all your queries.



Where to stay INDEX Novotel Cairo El Borg Hotel 3 Saray El Gezirah, Zamalek, Zamalek Island, Cairo, Egypt 11211

Novotel Cairo El Borg Hotel Tk5,460 Priced at Tk5,460 per night for a superior double room. With its close proximity to the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, this comfortable hotel comes at a great price and boasts an outdoor pool, spa and fitness centre.

Cairo Mariott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino Tk17,160 Priced at Tk17,160 per night for a deluxe room. Located in the heart of Cairo, this hotel has an on-site casino and provides stunning views of the Nile.

What to Eat

Sayadeva Seafood lovers must try this specialty dish usually consisting of bass, mullet or bluefish. The fish is baked with a tomato and onion sauce in a tagine and flavoured with coriander, garlic and cumin. The finished product is served on a bed of buttered rice.

Kempinsky Nile Hotel Comish El-Nile, 12 Ahmed Ragheb Street, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt Cairo Mariott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino 16 Saraya El Gezira - Zamalek, Midan Ramses, Cairo, Egypt


Kempinsky Nile Hotel Tk10,218 Priced at Tk10,218 per night for a deluxe city view room. This brand new hotel has numerous special offers for guests, including low rates for Nile cruises. Enjoy breakfast in bed and sunbathe beside the rooftop pool.

Mezze Usually what most locals start their meals with, mezze platters, the Egyptian version of tapas, are certainly crowd pleasers as the small servings of hot and cold items appeal to a wide range of palates. Expect to find hummus, stuffed grape leaves, felafel and other light delicacies.

Kunafa Traditionally enjoyed during Ramadan, this mouthwatering dessert is worth a try anytime of the year. A Middle Eastern version of a cheese danish, fresh mozzarella cheese or paneer topped with pastry, soaked in rosewater syrup and then baked. The end result is decadent melted cheese offset by the sweetness of the syrup.

Qatar Airways flies from Dhaka to Doha daily, where there are connecting flights to Cairo available Photo Source: Internet

Globe Trotter New York, USA Saxony, Germany

midsummer International night swing Dixieland June 25-July Festival 13 Dresden May 12-19

toronto, Bangkok,canada Thailand

Open Jae Danupon Roof Festival Kaewkarn June 20-August Classical 22 Concert May 25

London,Mount England Abu, India

RobbieSummer WilliamsFestival Concert May 23-25 June 30

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Bengal Art Lounge's first photography exhibition, LIMBO, with visual artiste photographers Debashish Shom, Sarkar Protick, Shumon Ahmed and Sayed Asif Mahmud, was inaugurated on June 14. The theme is based on the metaphor of the capital, which is in a constant and intense state of transformation. The exhibition continues till June 30 Photos Latif Hossain

1. (From right) Photographer Anwar Hossain speaking at the exhibition with Subir Chowdhury, director of Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, along with photographers Shumon Ahmed, Sarkar Protick, Debashish Shom and Sayed Asif Mahmud 2. Artist Qayyum Chowdhury 3. Photographer Jannatul Mawa 4.Artist Wakilur Rahman




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A place where all the popular factors of an enriched lifestyle comes together. It’s a perfect blend of entertainment and information you can...

Avenue T Vol 1 Issue 10  

A place where all the popular factors of an enriched lifestyle comes together. It’s a perfect blend of entertainment and information you can...