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e arrive to this world a seed of extraordinary potential. And like other seeds in nature, we are packed with potential. How we use our potential determines our direction of greatness. Nature provides us with powerful lessons for our own unfolding, growth, personal development - our ultimate blooming. Perfect in its diversity and yet remarkably harmonious, nature is the ultimate teacher. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright said it beautifully. “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” Here then are five lessons from nature that will have you blooming your best.

Be Bold & Begin Nature Being bold is nature’s way. Nature does not wait for the right moment to be bold, nor does it procrastinate its boldness. With pinpoint accuracy and, simultaneously, random unpredictability, nature’s boldness gets our attention. Thunder that cracks after the lightening, the volcano that both destroys and re-creates land, boldly proclaim that nature will prevail and begin anew. Consider the boldness of a wave, created from its mother ocean, to become its own independent entity, to pound the rocky shore, to lap a sandy beach, dumping nature’s bounty for the delight and discovery of curious sea shell collectors, to provide the perfect ride for a patient surfer, and then return to its ocean’s embrace. The very food chain itself boldly sustains kingdoms of plants and animals. And if you’ve ever been stung by an insect, you know that even nature’s tiniest representatives can be bold! Being bold gets your attention. It creates action, and gets things going.


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Plan your Bloom & Bloom Your Plan...

Begin Leverage Others Obstacles Mentor Life Lesson Your ideas are counting on you! Be bold and begin. How often do we miss opportunities to create, provide, or serve? How often do our ideas lay idle, waiting for that perfect moment (which never comes) when everything is just right? This is perfection paralysis. Don’t wait for perfection. Share your greatness with the world. Start now. Throughout history many people have attributed their creative success, their creative “work”, to a muse, a higher power that channels through them. Michelangelo said that he did not create his sculptures, he simply chipped away to reveal what was already in the rock. Similarly many writers acknowledge that their work comes to them from a higher source. But this source is not available if the work has not started, if it remains just an idea. Sir Frances Bacon advised us to, “Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand, melting like a snowflake.” Put your best ideas, your finest plans, and your most creative dreams out there. Committing to your plan identifies your seed of potential and begins the process to

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