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Devan Bald

Round Lake, IL, United States

Devan Bald, originating from the tranquil town of Round Lake, Illinois, is a testament to enduring commitment and diverse pursuits. Born in the nearby Lake Forest, IL, he has seamlessly blended his life with his passions for sports, culinary creativity, and the calmness of fishing, painting a portrait of a man dedicated to his many interests. During high school, he emerged as a standout athlete deeply involved in basketball, football, and baseball. These sports were not just pastimes but vital parts of his life, through which he demonstrated exceptional leadership and resilience. He earned accolades that showcased his athletic tenacity and spirit. Alongside his athletic pursuits, Devan cultivated a significant interest in the culinary arts, spending five years as a line cook. This experience allowed him to dive deeply into the culinary world, particularly developing a passion for the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine. Despite the rigorous demands of professional cooking, he transitioned his culinary skills into a hobby, continuing to explore his passion in a more personal and fulfilling way. In 2019, he shifted his career significantly by joining Corporate Plumbing as a shop hand. His natural propensity for practical, hands-on work quickly promoted him to a plumbing apprentice in Local 130 in Chicago by 2021. This role has not only been a professional fit but has also provided immense personal satisfaction and growth. Devan Bald's multifaceted life is a compelling narrative of passion, commitment, and adaptability. Whether as an Apprentice Union Plumber, a culinary enthusiast, or an avid participant in sports and outdoor activities, he shows that varied interests enrich life and foster a profound sense of personal and community engagement. His journey inspires, demonstrating how embracing diverse passions with dedication can lead to a rich and fulfilling life.