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- This first issue is dedicated to my Grandmother, Rispah, who graduated to heaven during the production of the magazine. See you in gloryland Grandma.




dentity is a big concept to comprehend. We can go through life wondering who we are and why we have been placed here. Society can point to one area of our lives to define our identity, whether it is our skin colour, country of birth or what class our family comes from. However, the ultimate definition of our identity is much bigger. My journey of self-discovery has been an intricate one. I am a young, black, British-born woman of Jamaican heritage and that was often the part of myself I would draw upon to explain my existence. But I knew that there had to be more to who I was than that. It was a long road to go down but once I got to the destination everything was much clearer. It all came down to one missing element. God. Once I met him, I understood who I was. Now, some of you may know God and some of you may not even believe in him but there is a reason why you are reading this and I believe this particular copy was destined just for you. Giving you real, honest biblical truths, Destined is a magazine that aims to reveal who God is through the lens of the contemporary Christian faith. Here at Destined, we believe it is the magazine for everyone because everyone has a destiny. We aim to be a guide to help you find your very own predestined destination and help you understand how Christianity can impact your life today. Issue 1 speaks on the topic of identity through looking at God as the father, the current identity of the 21st century church, the company we keep and our vision in life. I pray this issue not only encourages those on their journey with God but also speaks to those who are uncertain about who they are and where they are going. “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance and he chose them to become like his son, so that his son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters. And having chosen them, he called them to come to him. And having called them, he gave them right standing with himself. And having given them right standing, he gave them his glory.� – (Romans 8:28-30).

Deborah Williams Founder & Editor-in-chief

Issue 1 C on tr ib u to r s With special thanks to:

Yemi Davis, Cj Thompson, Conor Manning, Faith Jolly, Charlotte Johnson and Remi Black.

Deborah Williams

Eddyline Sikuku

Madeleine Philipp

Rachael Mulligan

Founder & Editor-in-chief @_DRW__

Illustrator @Madeleine_Philipp

Photographer @_Eddyline



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Best Items

[Clockwise From left to Right]: The Giving Keys Classic Pendants, from $35 ( Zoe Boomer ‘Freedom’ Silk Vest, £52 ( Naturally Clean Coconut & Lime Scrub, £6 ( No. Momotombo Ceramic Cuff Bracelet, $65 ( 1Face Watch: white, $40 ( 1Face Watch: black, $40 (

llustrations by Madeleine Philipp




Sunday Best

T r i b a l W a r r i o r Ephesians 6:11 Gird your loins this spring/summer with bold, tribal-inspired coverings that will have you feeling fearless like a warrior, ready for a war. Words & Styling by Deborah Williams Photography by Eddyline Sikuku Make-up by Rachael Mulligan


ith asymmetrical prints, contrasting colours, varied textures and beads, this native-inspired trend is not only an easy way to add colour and shapes to your wardrobe this season but is an aesthetic display of self-expression. From fully beaded, embellished blazers and long, flowing maxi dresses, to leather gladiator sandals and Aztec-print trainers, this unisex trend has been seen on the catwalk by designer like Balmain, Tory Burch, Missoni and Etro. Originating from Africa, South America and Indonesia, tribal prints were adorned on the clothes of tribes as a form of identity. Often made from raw materials like feathers, leafs, beads and animal skin, each garment was made specifically to represent who and where an individual was from. But the use of tribal-inspired attire has always been met with a mixed reception. A subject that is often misrepresented, when used as a trend, it is often a favourite for festivalgoers, much to the dismay of others. However, amidst the complexities and quarrels, we have tribal trailblazers like Boxing Kitten and celebrities such as Solange Knowles and Erykah Badu that use this as a celebration of culture. But what classifies as a tribal warrior? Is the title only kept for an indigenous person like Geronimo, the famous Apache warrior, separated from mainstream civilisation? Or can it describe someone who just fights for


what they believe in, like Malcolm X or Che Guevara. In his book, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, Seth Godin once says, “a tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” So then ultimately, can a tribal warrior just be someone who understands their identity, protects their integrity, fights for their team and is confident in the mission they need to fulfill? Warriors are not just kept to tribes. In Greek Mythology, Athena was known as a warrior goddess and in Biblical times, Samson was known for his supernatural strength. One thing these warriors all have in common is to always be equipped with protection to conquer any challenge. So amplify your outfit with gold beaded necklaces from Zara, bright, fluorescent caps from COS and textured satchels from Aldo. Whether this trend is seen as an appropriation or celebration of culture is up to the tastes of the viewer. But one thing is certain, wherever we originate, we all belong somewhere. Whether it be known as a tribe, family or circle. Ready for battle? Why not visit the Tribal Gathering London exhibition at the Olympia Fine Art Fair from 18th – 28th June 2015.



V i s i o n Habakkuk 2:2

Words by Deborah Williams



n life we dream, we anticipate, we plan, we share and we discuss the ways in which we want our lives to be heading. One thing that many great leaders, millionaires and entrepreneurs all have in common is a vision. What is a vision? A vision is that lens in life that is intended to make everything clearer. It is important for our lives as it guides us in a direction and enables us to strive towards a particular goal. A life without vision leads to a dead end. So how can a vision become effective? The Bible talks about writing down the vision to make it clear and more understandable. However, figuring out what the vision is, maybe the most crucial part. This is the part that allows you to think about what you want to achieve. So ask yourself, is this vision specific? Does this vision have a theme? It may be based on your dream job or what you want to achieve in your education. It could also be that you want to turn your current pastime into a career. Visions can also be connected to a significant event in time. Do you want to create a new vision for the New Year? Do you have an upcoming milestone, like a 21st birthday, that you feel you want to achieve a specific task by? All of these are vital points to think of when understanding your vision. But

just because your vision is clear, does not mean the journey will be easy, nor does it mean your journey will go the way you expected. However, what is guaranteed is that having a vision will help you get from position A to position B a lot easier. Having a clear, visual and physical representation of your vision makes it more real and can help it develop, by pushing you to take action. Creating a vision board is the best way to compile this. A vision board is a large mount board with a collage of different images and words stuck onto it, to create a visual display of your vision or life goals. It allows you to conceptualise your dream just like designers uses mood boards. On the board, include everything that you desire and want to achieve. The sky is the limit. Anything is possible. Then hang it or place it somewhere you know you will see it everyday. It is said that if you see a plan everyday, it is more likely to actually happen. According to Tristan J. Loo, the founder and publisher of Self Improvement Magazine, “the information filtering system of the brain known as the reticular activating system (RAS)” is used for this. He explains that “vision boards serve the role of programming the RAS to tune into external stimuli that can help us move closer towards our intentions.” >>>



Photography by Eddyline Sikuku

But if a vision board is not for you, you can give yourself a little more privacy and write it down in a vision journal. A vision journal is more personal. This is the item you need for your most inner and deepest thoughts. It will become your best friend in times when you feel you need to vent. Releasing dreams, plans, anxieties, troubles, hurt and even celebratory moments inside a vision journal can help you document a detailed account of your visions journey. Progression is also key to unlock your dreams. No one on this earth has ever achieved anything without growth. So in order to get the most out of your plan, try to set yourself small, realistic goals or deadlines to achieve tasks that will help you complete the overall vision. Do not worry; if you miss a deadline it is not the end of the world. Growth also includes your own personal development. To help the progression of your vision there are

a few traits you can display. 1) Maturity. It is important to not be easily offended. We always find that when we are improving there is always someone there to discourage us. 2) Be open to change and be willing to let go of control. This is essential because the road to success is often very rocky, full of potholes and turns that we never anticipated. 3) Have a teachable attitude. Who ever got anywhere without learning from someone else? 4) Have faith. Whether it is in you, in God or anything else. Remember, a person who only sees the obstacle has taken their eyes of the goal. Remember, life is the map, your dream is the destination and your vision is the GPS. So what are you waiting for? Go bring that vision to life.



J o u r n a l s [Clockwise From left to Right]: ‘Walk by Faith,’ £7.99 ( ‘Book of my Life’, £3.99 (TX Maxx) ‘365 Days of Vision, Dreams & Selah Moments,’ £18.18 ( ‘The best is yet to come,’ £24.95 ( ‘Sprinkle of Jesus,’ $0.01 + Shipping ( ‘Sail Towards Your Dreams,’ £4.99 (TK Maxx)

llustrations by Madeleine Philipp




P o s i t i o n nEHEMIAH 1:5-11 Words by Deborah Williams



osition is a powerful thing. We can often look at it and associate it with money, control and a pecking order. But why can we not see that a powerful position was made for everyone? The most important and first step in understanding the power of your position is to understand your current position. This means to evaluate where you are. When you acknowledge where you are, you then start to see the possible impact you can make to a situation. Ask yourself, where am I now? This step also includes the acknowledgment of knowing your capacity. Some have a bigger one than others. For example, Oprah can give thousands even millions of dollars away to people in need, but she may not be able to give as much time. However, someone who works within the community would most likely be able to give more time than money. Be in the mindset that takes off limitations. If you have more time than money lend an attentive ear or a shoulder to cry on. Think about your current position in the family. Do you have to be the man of the house because there is no one else? What is your current position in university? For example, when my previous Christian Union leaders came to my university 4 years ago, they saw a gap that they felt needed to be filled and started the society. Think about your position in your friendships? Are you closed off? Are you willing to invite someone new into your life? You see, we all have something to give regardless of whether our position is deemed as high or low in society. Acceptance is the next step. We are all destined to be in a certain position and were made to fulfil a certain mission that no one else can. So it is essential to stop

comparing our current situations to others. Nelson Mandela, an influential world changer, did not just see his current position in jail, with a 27-year sentence, and give up. He saw beyond the prison bars and realised where he could further position himself. It is all about seeing where your life can make a difference, regardless of the circumstances, rather than wanting to be on top. In 1967, while speaking in Chicago, Dr Martin Luther King Jnr said, “I’m tired of marching for something that should have been mine at birth.” Just like Mandela, King saw what was rightfully his and so many others around the world. He decided to stand for freedom, even in times when he became tired of standing. However, even though we are placed in a certain position, we should not be content in our growth in it. If you are a mother, always push to grow as mother. If you are an aspiring political leader, always remember that the position you desire, can open doors of change that would not be possible any other way. The final step is accountability. When knowing the power in your position it is very easy to take advantage or abuse it. Take a look at every dictator this earth has seen– need I say no more? I read this great line in the UCB Word for Today devotional once, which said, “the result of delayed obedience is lost opportunity.” I can just imagine the commotion if Noah decided he did not want to build the Ark when God told him to. All his family would have been compromised, not to mention the animals would not have been preserved. So if there is nothing else you take from this, remember, If we do not take responsibility for our part to play in this world, we could be, unknowingly, affecting someone else’s position.




G o d I s . . . Ephesians 4:6

God - a word that has been used since the dawn of time but some still do not know who he is or what he is even about. ‘God is…’ will take you on a journey, discussing the different attributes that make up God’s DNA, to help us all know him better.


Words by Deborah Williams



upac was once quoted saying, “but I know for a fact that had I had a father, I’d have some discipline. I’d have more confidence. Your mother cannot calm you down the way a man can. Your mother can’t reassure you the way a man can. My mother couldn’t show me where my manhood was. You need a man to teach you how to be a man.” These are definitely some powerful words by one the world’s greatest rappers and I have got to say, I agree with him. The impact of a father is immense. Father’s are not just those big guys in our lives that teach us how to ride a bike or use us as a human puppet when we were babies whenever our moms were not looking but they are some of the greatest teachers in life. As a young woman that has grown up with her father, whenever I speak on this particular subject, it is a special. My dad has been my greatest support in life. He is the strongest man I know and the best dad God could have blessed me with. He raised me and my 3 siblings and has always been there for us anytime we needed him (even in those times when we thought we did not). So being the curious person I am I asked my dad what it means to be a father and his response allowed me to reflect further. “Being a father means that I am exercising my manhood. Even though a father is associated with being the main disciplinarian of the house, he is definitely much more than that. He is a person who cares, supports, chastises, advises and ultimately protects.” A father holds protection as a key component in life for his family. This protection comes in the form of being the breadwinner, the man of the house and the first hero his child encounters. We often hear of over-protective fathers (and I am sure the girls can relate to this) but have we ever thought why? We can often pin it down to the male ego or pride but have you ever thought it could be because a father has to wait to be connected with his child? A father’s love is deep and very different to a mother’s. Now, many people around the world have not had a good or real experience of having a father. But whether you believe it or not, we have access to another love that will never fade or waver. So I want you to imagine an everlasting father, a father that does not count your wrongs or never lets you down. A father that knows you so well, he knows how many hairs are on your head, how many tears you have cried and how many thoughts go in and out your mind every day. I know, what an overwhelming thought right? But is it really that hard to believe? Whether

you are reading this because you call God your father or you are just curious or confused about it all, having a basic understanding of God’s role as a father can help you understand the basic principles of fatherhood. So why is God the father? God has many names that attribute to who he is but father is just one of them. He is father because he is the creator of all things. For some, it can be hard to imagine God as a father. You cannot physically touch him or see him and you will not hear his voice as you would a regular dad. But that does not mean he is any less of a father. In fact, he does exactly what our fathers do but 100% better. How is he the father? Firstly, God is known as the everlasting father. This means that he will never go away. Even when you think he is not there, he is there. This also means, just like a father should, he listens to your problems. So how does he listen? The beauty of God is that he already knows your inner most deepest thoughts and desires but he still wants that daily communication with you. Why? Well, how else do you build relationships? As a father who listens, God also loves to speak. This is a reflection of how a father guides his children. God’s form of communication can come through any shape or form. For example, he can speak through people, different situations and circumstances, your environment and the Bible. This communication can also explain God’s protective nature. As a father, God provides a shield of protection that does not necessarily stop the troubles of life but covers you to limit and fight against the blows. God also sacrifices like a father does. This can be shown by the selfless act of Jesus on the cross. Now you may not fully understand why and how this act was significant or even selfless but what is important to know is that it shows the lengths God will go to, to make your life the best it can be, even if you are not aware of it. Parents are always more aware than their kids and often see the outcomes and consequences of situations before they happen. They use their wisdom and experience to keep us grounded and these are attributes that God exercises daily with us. However, the most important point to know is that, like many fathers that have been separated from or awaiting the arrival of their kids, God’s greatest delight is to be reconciled with his children. But our delight is in the fact that we have a heavenly father - An eternal father that will not leave us or forget about us, even if we do the same to him.



F a t h e r ’ s Da y

Brecht, 29, Belgium

Lauren, 22, Philadelphia (USA)


“The words fathers speak often become the worlds we live by as men. I’m happy to see the words of my earthly fathers in my own life, as I’m a big brother (not quite a father yet) to many young guys. I’m fully confident in this role, knowing that what I have to offer is valuable and I feel confident because of the great fathering I received myself. I believe the greatest gift any person can receive in their life is the gift of a great human

father. It helps so much in your development and in your relationship with the ultimate father, God. Fathers are contagious, their influence goes often under the radar but the ripple effect of their actions saturates society. So to conclude, my earthly father taught me that I have internal value, that I have been given the power to make good choices and that I have the ability to influence people the way he influenced me.”

“I don’t really think my father taught me much. The one tangible thing I can remember him teaching me is how to ride a bike at the age of 5 and that ended in tears. As my parents divorced when I was young, I usually only saw him one weekend a month and on special occasions. But in hindsight, he taught me the most valuable lesson of all: how to love myself. In his physical, spiritual and emotional absence of love and attention, I began to look elsewhere. I searched for it in drinking, in drugs, in men, in sex,

through self-hatred but it was nowhere to be found. But around the age of 20 I finally found what I had been searching for. I found love in Jesus and discovered my self-worth. With the abundant grace and mercy of God, I came to know that the love my heavenly father has always had for me, surpasses any affection my earthly father neglects to give me. So my daddy did teach me something. He inevitably and unknowingly taught me how to truly love myself and he pointed me to Jesus.”


Father’s day picks

llustrations by Madeleine Philipp

[Clockwise From left to Right]: Daniel Wellington: Classic Sheffield, £179 ( Daniel Wellington: Classic Bristol, £179 ( Daniel Wellington: Classic Glasgow, £149 ( Gentleman’s Choice personalised valet box, $34.95 ( Virgin double supercar thrill, £97 ( Cornelius Lindsey: ‘So, You Want to be a Man,’ £10.82 (



S a c r i f i c e John 3:16 How much do parents sacrifice to protect their children?

Words by Deborah Williams



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Selflessness Mercy Compassion

[Love] Protection Favour Devotion


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P a i d I n F u l l John 3:16 Photography by Eddyline Sikuku Make-up by Rachael Mulligan

A reflection of the greatest sacrificial act of all time.



J e s u s Knowledge Matthew 5:2

With a regular dose of wisdom, a splash of wit and bucker loads of encouragement, ‘Jesus Knowledge’ will help you understand the biblical promises, teachings and declarations made over your life. Words by Deborah Williams


ut first of all, let us rewind. Who is this guy Jesus anyway? Most people on this earth have heard his name but some do not know what he is all about. Some say he is the son of God, some say he is a good guy, some even say he is a bad guy and some just think he is a weird guy who had a big bushy beard and wore a white robe and sandals all day. But I like the description Bear Grylls once said. “And


Jesus, the heart of the Christian faith is the wildest, most radical guy you’d ever come across.” There is not much I would agree on with him (especially when it comes to his choice in beverages) but that I definitely would have to. But whatever you may think, the bible is packed with great words from Jesus himself and others that can be applied to your life today. So let’s drop some knowledge bombs.

10 biblical teachings about identity:


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G o s p e l G l a m o u r 2 Corinthians 2:17

Investigating into the world of the contemporary celebrity pastor. Words by Deborah Williams



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Photography by Deborah Williams


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G r a n d D e s i g n s Genesis 1:1 Words by Deborah Williams



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Testimonial Psalm 71:15-18

We asked our readers to send in their praise reports for 2015.

Rebecca, 24, Surrey, (UK)


“I am expecting God to move in a new and mighty way through my vision of having my own business. This vision has been birthed in me for a long time now but this year I believe all the foundations will be completed. The name of my business is Amos and it means ‘carried by God.’ Since the vision was birthed in me at the end of my second year in 2013 and after interning with MAGNIFY magazine for a few months, I realized I wanted to build my own online platform where people could interact with God’s word. I wanted to create beautiful scriptures and patent the designs on

a range of stationary and products. There are days when it is easy to give up and think Amos is taking too long to build. But God takes His time when he is doing something that will last and become a legacy. So I continue to run my race.” “As for us, we have this large crowd of witnesses around us. So then, let us rid ourselves of everything that gets in the way, and of the sin which holds on to us so tightly, and let us run with determination the race that lies before us.” (Hebrews 12:2).

“In July 2014, I tore my Achilles, this caused me to have prolonged absence from work, which was terrible, as I was only working part time, and thus didn’t qualify for sick pay within that particular company. This put me in a dilemma as I had just started saving for my wedding/ marriage but now was in a position where I couldn’t work as the job required loads of movement. I was however told to get in contact with HMRC to see if there was anything they could do. So I did, and it seemed like I qualified for some sort of support. But a week after speaking to them, I received a letter saying they required further information as I provided them with insufficient evidence.

So I decided that I was just going to leave it, as I just felt they didn’t want to give me any assistance. I did however, trust God through it all that as he has and always will keep me and provide for me in some way shape or form. Low and behold, about two weeks after the first letter, I received a text from HMRC saying a cheque was in the post. I received the check and all I can say is thank God. I didn’t understand it but I banked it. Something it taught me was those in need, who keep a good attitude and are open to bless others, despite what they do or don’t, will in turn be blessed.”

“I was an ordinary teenage girl who was excited about all the parties and growing up before I experienced God. Life was almost in repeat mode, with the same weekends one after another. After a while, I got bored and began to question life. I started to realised there was more than just drinking and partying. Suddenly this idea of ‘fun’ appeared to be so temporary.

loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.” (Ephesians 1:4).

At the age of 21, I found what was eternal to me. I found my purpose in life and I have never felt so secure. I found God. His love allows me to understand that what was right in society, is not necessary the right answer to life. How much you can drink, how long you can party and how popular you are, do not define who you are. “Even before he made the world, God

The identity of a young adult can be so lost when we enter into society from the protection of our parents. We struggle through university to find our true purpose in life. I share a huge passion for the young adult ministry at church. I strive to see our generation stand to represent the love of God. For the past 3 years, I have been trying to get people around me to acknowledge the importance of empowering leaders from our generation. As we are reaching more people through church, I have seen rapid growth within the young adult ministry and I believe this year is where people in our generation will finally realise that we are ambassadors of Christ.”

Linford, 23, Wolverhampton, (UK)

Shan, 24, Hong Kong



S e l a h

# Feature

T h e V i r a l C h u r c h Ephesians 4:12

Words by Deborah Williams



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A n n a S e v e n L o n d o n

Photography by Eddyline Sikuku


t 19-years-old, Essex fashion designers, Joanna and Susanna Olasoji are making bold statements. Their clothing brand, Anna Seven London, has taken the UK by storm and soon will push them to the forefront of the faith-inspired fashion world. Their fashion journey started back in 2012, at the age of 17, after watching fashion shows and indulging in fashion and lifestyle magazines. “Fashion for us was just there. We kind of just fell into it naturally. We remember watching catwalk shows and looking through magazines thinking, wow, we could actually do this.” But it has only been more recently, where the twin’s fashion careers have taken a rapid turn. “We did not know our brand was going to be so big. We thought it was something we were only going to do in our spare time.” Sharing how the response to their fashion label has been, they explain how the power of word-of-mouth sales has briskly aided their venture. “The responses we received were very positive. We only started the company in June and by August everything popped off. There was a really big buzz. I think when one person buys it, someone else sees them with it and wants to be a part of it, so then they buy it too. It spreads around places really quickly.” Living in an age where originality is rare, wanting others to understand the impact of identity is important to the duo. “Identity is a strong thing for us because we are always ourselves. We would not advise people to go mainstream and follow the paths of this world. It is important to be true to yourself and to who you are. No one should have to change for anyone. So do not blend in, stand out.” With the ‘Anna’ deriving from the last part of their first names, the ‘Seven’ represents the number of completion and perfection. But can that describe what it is like working with your twin? The girls explain. “Working with your twin in great. The best part is that we understand each other completely and that we are not afraid to tell each other how we feel. We automatically click and are in sync. However, the worst part about it is that we are so equal; it can be hard for us to generate other avenues of creativity. We are always together and we do the exact same things, so in that respect it is hard.” However, their idea of merging the creative, Christian and secular world together to create a line that not only appeals to both crowds but sends an underline message of hope, youthfulness and individuality, is a feature that has set them apart from the competition. It is no wonder their favourite designers are Alexander Wang, Ricardo Tisci and Public School. “These designers are relatable and bring different elements to one concept. This is something that we try to do with our brand, especially with the words we use. We aim to be inspiring, youthful, unique and creative.” Anna Seven’s Thy Kingdom Come collection evokes messages that carry biblical and contemporary language. Phrases like ‘thou shalt change the game’ and ‘thou shalt keep it 100’ bring a clear and concise message that can speak to all. “I think because our stuff was very narrow people understood the message. It was very unique because people could easily see the merging of Christianity and the secular world together. We want to make our clothes modern and understandable for the people that do not know about Christ.” But what does it mean to them to

Interview produce clothing that not only speaks fashion but faith? Well Susanna explains one incident where their faith-filled brand made an impact. “A woman came up to me and told me how she loved my t-shirt, loved the way it was done and how she was inspired by it. She even said she felt God had spoken to her through the t-shirt. It is so nice to know that something you have created has touched people and not just in a creative way and not only to inspire or to change the world but to also bring them to God. That really is our main focus.” Their faith in God has always been the foundation they build on. So Joanna candidly explains their Christian journeys. “Christianity, our faith, inspires us everyday. Whatever we do, we make sure it is based around God but we have not always had a relationship with him. “Susanna has been a Christian since she was 16 and I have since I was 17. Our mom is a Christian and would bring us to church when we were younger but we only went to church, as it was routine. It was not until we got older, when we then understood Christianity for ourselves and decided to accept Jesus into our lives.” With their relationship with God set and their fashion careers in full swing, the girls explain how fashion and faith work hand in hand. “Our work is definitely a form of ministry for us. It has taught us that you do not have to be a preacher, singer or dancer to share God. You can preach in anyway possible. We believe the gospel can be spread in many different forms.” But it is not just fashion and faith they feel passionate about. Joanna and Susanna’s involvement with the A21 Campaign is a clear example of how they not only want to make a difference spiritually and physically but emotionally and financially too. “We give 10% of each item sold to the A21 Campaign. It is a charity that aims to abolish modern-day slavery and human trafficking. We asked God how we could raise money for the charity while doing something we loved. We wanted to use our own creativity and our own skills to give back. We felt as though we could relate to these victimised girls as we are around the same age as them. We imagined if that were one of us, what would we do. So we decided to be ambassadors and give to support that cause.” With their pioneering spirits, go-getting attitude and their journeys set ahead, what do they have planned for spring/summer 2015? “Firstly, we want our business to expand and go higher. We want our platform to inspire others and push the combination of Christianity and fashion to the top of the industry. But in regards to spring/summer 2015, for us, it is all about monochrome accessories. So that includes bags, headwear and footwear.” To catch all things AnnaSevenLDN, visit: @AnnaSevenLdn To catch #AllThingsAnna, visit: @AllThingsAnnaIG @AllThingsAnnaTW


W a y n e W a y n e L o n d o n

Photography by Ezekiel Akinnewu




ith a youthful style and contagious energy, 21-year-old Cyrus Nderitu and Moses Wainaina are on their way to be fashion forerunners within the urban apparel scene. Born in Kenya, the two twin brothers now reside in Essex, and even though they do not share the same last name, they do have a shared passion for graphic design. But it is however, their eye for fashion that has taken them to higher heights. “Fashion is the best platform we can use to get across our message. We feel that clothes can act as a picture to who you are.” Their clothing brand, Wayne & Wayne London, produces fashion that is influenced by faith, urban lifestyle and graphics. “We have been graphic designers long before getting into fashion, so we wanted to combine the two together.” Describing their label as “real, influential and a fusion,” Moses goes on to explain the concept of Wayne & Wayne further. “The name Wayne and Wayne comes from our last names. It is two twin brothers, trying to mix two ideas together – two halves blended together.” The blending or fusion they speak of comes from the concept they generated called, The Urban Cross Movement and is the essence of their brand. “It is a slogan that fully explains our brand. It is the merging of urban culture with Christian values. It is tied into everything in our brand. We want to be relevant and be real and we believe this does both. Our pastor once said the bible will never change but the way you address it constantly changes depending on the audience. So that same idea applies to this.” For Cyrus and Moses, at the very heart of the Wayne & Wayne brand, lies the Christian faith. “Our aim is to bring Christian values to the youth. We see a lot of our friends going into gangs and getting caught up in bad stuff, so we wanted a way in which we could use our skills and faith to make an impact. Fashion is a medium that can speak to so many people and God is God. He can speak through anything.” God does not only play a big part in the label’s life but he takes centre stage in both Cyrus and Moses’ too. Cyrus gladly explains how he came to accept God into his life. “It was in 2008. I was just a normal guy, always very well behaved and thought if you are a good person then you are basically a Christian. But I later realised that being a Christian means to have a relationship with God. When I went to school, the friends I had were very different. There was something unusual about them. Turns out they were Christians and sometimes they would gather and pray and meet and talk about God. One day I decided to see what they did and from there I was impacted and gave my life to Christ. They then helped me get connected to a church and involved in everything that happens there.” Cyrus’ story echoes the stories of so many

people, who have been impacted by the actions of those around them. In this very same way, they too desire to impact those around them. With sharp, monochromic, faith-inspired designs, they have introduced a new generation to a new way of life. “We are showing a new identity to street life and we are also showing the values we live by. But it is not just about typical church stuff or anything tied to that. It is about living and acting out the life.” But aside from God, what else inspires them? “The thing that puts fire in us is the fact that we know we have a lot to share. We see a niche in the market, where we know we can make a difference. We have to think, what is it that we can do to make others want to change their perspective on life.” Many of you may know that there are so many faith-based clothing lines out there like Fear of God LA, who happen to be one of the guys favourite designers, but what makes Wayne & Wayne London different? Moses explains. “Most brands around are not designed by graphic designers. But a lot of brands around have people that think they can just scribble something on a piece of paper and then just print it on a t-shirt. We believe fashion should not be rushed or done just to make extra money. Fashion must have a message behind it. Our brand follows a process and everything has to be 100%. We are a team. We are the ones who generate the concept and create the designs. That means, for the brand, one of us covers one side and the other covers the other. That is how we work.” The response to this label in the UK has been overwhelming for the twins and after their trip to New York they knew the label was going to be a hit. So it would be easy for anybody to loose track and gain a sense of entitlement, right? Well not for these guys. Understanding the flight of success shows how they stay humble, hungry and ready for newer heights. “I like to believe either you win or you learn,” explains Moses. “We have a great opportunity to learn and grow but in life you have to appreciate the baby steps to get to the top. It is all about the journey.” With a journey destined for a fruitful destination, Cyrus and Moses certainly see greatness in their future, with the hope that one day, they will open up a chain of their own stores. But what do they have planned in the meantime? “For Spring/Summer 2015 our theme is Cosmic. The concept is all about the solar system and space. It explains the concept of how big God is and how big his creation is and how big our dreams are and how we want them to come to life.” To catch all things Wayne & Wayne London, visit: @WayneandWayneLdn



O p i n i o n s John 15:18

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U n i t y 1 Corinthians 15:33 Words by Deborah Williams



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W h a t ’ s

o n ?

Twenty-fifteen’s upcoming appearances.



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Notes Reflections on your own identity.



“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.� 2 Corinthians 5:17




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