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Molnar Subotica, Serbia

Left: Fossils of the Violin Mixed media 19 x 25 cm or 7 x 10 in. Right Top: Bones Mixed media 38 x 55 cm or 15 x 22 in. and detail

MIRKO MOLNAR was born in Sivac, Serbia in 1954 and graduated from the Art Department of the College of Education, in Szeged, Hungary in 1988. Since 1990 he has worked in Subotica as an arts teacher. He works in graphics. He took part in art colonies in the countries and abroad. Beside educational work, he is an artist. He has had eight personal exhibitions,and he took part in numerous group exhibitiones in the country and abroad. He has been a member of the Society of Artists of Vojvodina (SULUV) since 2007.

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Momot Chicago, IL United States

Top: Beillissima Oil on canvas 36 x 24 in. or 91 x 61 cm Bottom Left: Time Flies Mixed media on wooden panel 24 x 24 in. or 61 x 61 cm Right: Hidden Light Mixed media on wooden panel 24 x 36 in. or 61 x 91 cm



was born and educated as a fine artist in the Ukraine. She graduated from the National Art School in Kiev with a B.F.A. in Painting and went on to Lviv Academy of Arts to graduate with a M.F.A. in Decorative Arts and Textile Design. Her artwork has been exhibited and acquired by galleries and private collectors in many European and North American cities. Momot’s work possesses a magical quality: while looking at her paintings, the viewer enters the vibrant realm of her imagery, full of symbolism and metaphors. Her oil painting skill is superb and her uncanny ability to mix media effectively is unparalleled. Today Momot lives and works in Chigaco, Illinois.

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Murray Chicago, IL United States

Top: Just Picked Oil on canvas 11 x 14 in. or 28 x 35 cm Bottom Left: The Flirt Oil on canvas 12 x 24 in. or 30 x 61 cm Right: The Flirt Detail

JANE ELLEN MURRAY is the former president of the Chicago Society of Communicating Art, and a former Treasurer of the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts (Chicago’s oldest art academy and artist colony,) where she studied with a number of nationally known artists.She has participated in a number of solo and group exhibits in museums and galleries in Italy, Canada and the United States. “Jane Ellen Murray’s innovative painting style goes beyond being merely inventive, her expertise as a draftsman and in the handling of the human figure is obvious. Stylistically her work is bold, and striking,a mixture of pink flesh tones and effervescing primary colors that create a harmony between the central figure and their environment.” Art World Media



Pehlivanli Ankara, Turkey

Klimt’s Women, Aynur’s Cats Oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm or 27 x 39 in.



was born in Ankara in 1952. She grew up and still lives in Ankara. She studied art in the workshop of a famous Turkish painter Kayıhan Keskinok. She was invited to Bulgaria three times and opened personal exhibitions in Sofia and Varna. Artist participated in several group exhibitions. She is one of the founders of Group 16. She is also one of the members of FAM Association. In July of 2006 and 2008, she participated in the Cappadocia Mustafapasa Modern Art Festival. Since 1988, she is one of the two managers of Armoni Art Gallery.

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Mutomba Pretoria, South Africa



a self-taught painter was born in 1976 in Zimbabwe. He studied Electronic Engineering for three years before abandoning his studies, in 1999, to pursue his dream of becoming an artist. Now, living in South Africa, Makiwa paints in oils, and only uses a pallete-knife, painting under very dim lighting. He has been described as “an iconoclastic painter [...] whose signature style of heavy strokes evokes a kinetic sense of vigour, vibrancy and vitality.”- Alex Sudheim- Mail & Guardian

Top: The Swim Oil on canvas 79 x 79 cm or 31 x 31 in. Bottom: Orange Hat Oil on canvas 20 x 20 cm or 8 x 8 in.

Email: Website: Tel.: +27 82 699 7724


“ I believe a true work of art has a life and a soul. It is for posterity. Human as I am, I can only attempt to create it, I never quite succeed. For true art is not human, but divine. Nevertheless, it is that quest for a masterpiece that makes me who I am. That neverending search for the perfect picture, the definitive line, the ultimate poem, and above all, the truth. For the truth is more valuable than what we think we know. I paint pictures to give hope, joy, and meaning to the lives of those who see them. For beauty, I believe, is abounding in all creation. Even the humble, lowly, down-trodden and dirty have a beautiful story to tell. I will strive to show beauty where there is no beauty, and to show color where there is only black and white. ”



Top: Twins Oil on canvas 56 x 71 cm or 22 x 28 in. Bottom Left: Hi Five Oil on canvas 20 x 20 cm or 8 x 8 in. Right: Summertime Oil on canvas 20 x 20 cm or 8 x 8 in.


Nizamov Moscow, Russia

Top: Portrait Oil on canvas 90 x 110 cm or 35 x 43 in. Bottom Left: Bridge Oil on canvas 100 x 146 cm or 39 x 57 in. Right: Yachts Oil on canvas 90 x 132 cm or 35 x 52 in.

ROBERT NIZAMOV was born and trained in Russia and graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute. Nizamov also studied with Kurilko-Ryumin M. M, Lebedeva R. I. , Maksimov E. N, and Lubennikov I. L. and has been a member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 2001. He explores a variety of approaches to painting, from representational still lifes to more abstract landscapes that in many ways recall Impressionism. Above all, Nizamov strives for the painterly painting; a re-dedication to the medium of paint and brushstroke, based neither on the current market nor modern trends, but born from the sacred act of putting brush to canvas. What results is an approach to painting that is as versatile and varied as the subjects Nizamov chooses to portray. Colors work to create mood: alternately muted and subdued, calm and relaxed, bright and vibrant. Likewise, composition is skillfully employed to set the tone for each painting, at times balanced and serene, other times creating a sense of disparity and tension. Perhaps the hallmark of Nizamov’s work, however,is the movement conveyed in each individual brushstroke, masterfully created in the specific way he applies the paint, infusing his images with light and adding a depth and richness to his work. Email: Website: Tel.: +7495 999 62 25



Top: Portrait Oil on canvas 66 x 61 cm or 26 x 24 in. Bottom Left: Water Lilies Oil on canvas 105 x 148 cm or 41 x 58 in. Right: Yachts Oil on canvas 106 x 132 cm or 42 x 52 in.


Normann Petersen Yverdon-les-Bains, Vaud Switzerland

Gaia.Particle of Energy Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm or 31 x 31 in.




was born in 1984 in Denmark. She is a physiotherapist and a certified healer. She expresses herself creatively through painting, drawing, photography and poetry. The inspiration to her work comes from a desire to lovingly describe the beauty of Mother Earth and her various shapes, and also from eastern and western beliefs about spiritual development. The underlying themes of her paintings always come from a belief in a better world, a world already existing but sometimes difficult to see. Conveying this world to her audience continues to be her greatest wish and artistic purpose. Normann Petersen paints intuitively and is guided by her emotions in the process, which makes her work unique and personal. Her first international exhibition was in November 2010.

Email: Website: Tel.: +45 20639260





Top: Sophia Angels in Different Poses Acrylic on canvas 80 x 60 cm. or 31 x 24 in. Bottom Left: Regarding the Illusion of Mortality Acrylic on canvas 70 x 40 cm. or 27 x 16 in. Right: Sophia and Logos: Once in a Full Moon Acrylic on canvas 80 x 40 cm. or 31 x 16 in.


Obermeyer Strauss Aspen, CO United States

Ghost Horse Mixed media on canvas 24 x 24 in. or 61 x 61 cm



is a Native of Colorado, born in Aspen. Susan studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, Evergreen State College, Anderson Ranch and print making with Master Printer, Craig O’Brien. Susan is collected internationally and actively shows her work in New York and in Aspen. Her work is influenced by both travel experiences and cultural explorations. She finds inspiration in nature, cultures and icons. Her focus and journey is to generate an intimate dialogue between paint, texture and light often interlaced with iconic imagery. “ My hope is that art made with an Inherent intention will inspire and conjure a reminder of human potential. That the humble human experience may have more opportunity for awareness than we might normally think plausible. To return to possibility.”






Meditation Trance Mixed media on canvas 40 x 40 in. or 102 x 102 cm



Capitola , CA United States

Winter Storm on San Luis Oil on canvas 18 x 24 in. or 46 x 61 cm

JIM OTIS was born and raised in Wisconsin and attended the Layton School of Art (1964-1966) and Minneapolis School of Art from 1966 to 1967. Lured by landscapes of the American West, he came to California in 1968, sold his paintings and started a successful graphics business. During the mid 1970’s, cartography experience got him a job in the fire service, drawing response maps, along with games and drawings for children's fire safety. After 24 years as a firefighter, he retired to resume painting full time, with watercolors and now in oils. He lives and paints in Aptos, California. Otis has participated in 28 shows and exhibitions in the United States. "When I work, I use the strokes of my brush to capture the ‘consciousness of color ‘ each viewer has and make them see what I have felt. Everyone perceives a piece of art differently, and draws unique conclusions and interpretations from the same scene. My paintings entice the senses to explore beyond what their eyes tell them. I want my art to evoke a new perception of "what was always there”. My style is passionate, reflecting places I have been, things my eyes have seen, and the impressions I create from those experiences. True Art is not defined by formula paintings that commercially work again and again. To explore and experiment, that is the source of the creative process."

Email: Website: Tel.: +831 688 8264



Top: View from Karen’s Window, Santa Fe Oil on canvas 12 x 16 in. or 30 x 40 cm Bottom Left: Top Banana Oil on canvas 24 x 18 in. or 61 x 46 cm Middle: Russian River Pinot Oil on canvas 36 x 24 in. or 91 x 61 cm Right: Lake Tahoe Lupine Watercolor on canvas 20 x 30 in. or 51 x 76 cm


Palermo Las Vegas, NV United States

Shake, Rattle and Roll Acrylic on canvas 36 x 38 in. or 91 x 122 cm



born on the south side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to John and Perrina Palermo. At the age of seventeen, he joined the U.S. Marines. An undefeated amateur boxer in the Marine Corps, he was honorably discharged and spent several months serving as an assistant to Joan Miro. He attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts, while serving as an air traffic controller in Paris for three years. He then rejoined the military and served in Vietnam, where was wounded in action as a member of the 19th Air Commandos. After leaving the military again, he traveled to Africa as a mercenary on a life saving mission. Finally, he cast his fate in Las Vegas again, soon serving as President and Executive Director of the new Las Vegas Art Museum. In 2003, he co-founded the Henderson Art Association. Palermo is listed in ‘Who’s Who in American Art.’ Through all this life-flux, Palermo has remained an artist first and foremost, a painter and a sculptor. His work has been through many changes, as has his colorful life. Master of many styles, he has floated freely among them, adopting and discarding them in an experimental journey that has now brought him to the innovative frontier of American art. Palermo’s art of four decades runs a gamut of engagement with most of the deconstructive, formal, and stylistic innovations of the twentieth century: Cubism, Futurism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Action Painting and Geometric Abstraction. Conceptualism has a bearing upon his works of calligraphic scribble on transparent plastic film, and Mimimalist ideals are evident on his stainless steel sculptures. On the other hand, scattered throughout his career, figuration in varying degrees of finish, and/or in combination with abstraction, continually reappears, just as it did in the course of the twentieth century at pivotal times of reappraisal or temporary exhaustion of the reductive Modernist direction. Email: Website:




Top: Twist and Shout Acrylic on canvas 48 x 60 in. or 122 x 152 cm Bottom Left: Blueberry Hill Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 in. or 102 x 76 cm Right: Take Five Acrylic on canvas 24 x 30 in. or 61 x 76 cm


Palka Winek Krakow, Poland

Top: Archetype of a Woman Mixed media on canvas 200 x 140 cm or 79 x 55 in. Bottom: Archetype of a Woman XII Mixed media on canvas 200 x 140 cm or 79 x 55 in.

BARBARA PALKA WINEK graduated in 1983 from the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow and in the ateliers of painting proffesors Szancenbach, Brzozowski and Buczek. “My painting is inspired by emotion. Emotions build the form and environment of the picture. My favorite color is red. Red stands in the center of fundamental painting elements, dividing reality of matter and spirit.In all paintings I experiment with matter, structure, color and penetration of planes. I am interested in the contrast between soft biological forms and the hard, determined surface of painting.�

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Top: Screen Alfa Oil and other media on canvas 200 x 140 cm or 79 x 55 in. Bottom Left: Metalimago Oil and other media on canvas 150 x 100 cm or 59 x 39 in. Middle: Imohimo Oil and other media on canvas 140 x 100 cm or 55 x 39 in. Right: Archetype of a Woman Oil and other media on canvas 150 x 100 cm or 59 x 39 in.


Peterson Hilo, HI United States

The Bathers Acrylic on pastel paper 20.5 x 25 in. or 51 x 63 cm

SHEA PETERSON is an abstract artist born in 1973 in Pueblo, Colorado. He discovered art and music at a young age and developed his talent though high school, summer intensives, and college. He has studied Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Kashmir Shavism, the non-dual Yoga Traditions, and Orthodox Daoism. These life affirming spiritual traditions helped open up his painting to capture the non-linear, spiritual, mystical, mythical, and subtle energies of this wonderful realm Earth. Peterson believes not in transcending, ascending, or graduating from this existence but he believes in the divine magic embedded in daily existence. His exotic, colorful, often childlike painting reflect this contemplative understanding. He now lives and works in Hilo, Hawaii.

Email: Website: Tel.: 808 443 7845



Bird Visions Acrylic and pastel on paper 18 x 24 in. or 46 x 61 cm


Petrosyan Palisades Park, NJ United States

Katia Oil on canvas 25 x 18 in. or 63 x 46 in.

RUDIK PETROSYAN was born in Armenia in 1949 and after graduating from the Terlemezian Art College he continued his education at the State Academy of Art in Yerevan, Armenia. During his years as a student Petrosyan became a member of the Union of Soviet Artists and the Union of Armenian Artists. Many contracts were awarded to him by the Ministry of Culture of Russia and Armenia and Petrosyan’s paintings belong to the permanent collections of museums in Moscow (Tretiakov,) the Ukraine and Armenia and private collections in countries including Japan, Germany, England, Italy, France, Canada and the United States. Petrosyan exhibits internationally and has taught art for many years. “Art is born out of great love and sacrifice. I am never completely satisfied with what I have created. Once I finish a painting I have this great urge to create another one, that is greater than the one before. When I paint I feel God’s presence around. I am always working on deepening and perfecting my skills.” Email: Website: Tel.: +201-3620640



Top Left: In My Studio Oil on canvas 31 x 21 in. or 79 x 53 cm Right: Synny Day Oil on canvas 71 x 51 in. or 180 x 129 cm Bottom Left: Eternity Oil on canvas 39 x 21 in. or 99 x 53 cm Right: Pomegranates on carpet Oil on canvas 35 x 29 in. or 89 x 74 cm



Beverly Hills, MI United States

Fire Magnolia Acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 in. or 122 x 122 cm



“ Like everyone, I love to paint! It begins and ends there. I love the energy of flowers, I love to paint them from a dream of Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz. I feel blessed that this is the way I get to live my life.. happy!�

Email: Website: Tel.: +248 225 5546




Lotus House Acrylic on canvas 48 x 60 in. or 122 x 152 cm


Piszczuk Angaston, SA Australia

Cascading Mixed fiber single panel screen in perspex 60.5 x 160.5 cm or 24 x 63 in.

ANTHEA PISZCZUK was trained as a graphic designer in the late 1970s and later spent a period introducing art techniques to children. She has participated in several exhibits and her textile works have earned her several awards. “I am inspired by the abstract patterns I see in our environment. I choose to replicate these using simplistic spirited colour and texture. This may manifest in fiber, pastel, paint, collage or a fusion of these! My creations are always visual and sometimes functional. Travel spurred my personal creativity and this current journey began in 2006. It has been rejuvenating and rewarding as I delight in each completed piece. � Email: Website:



Top: Regenerating Oil pastel and oil on paper 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in. Middle: Gum’s Shed Oil pastel, oil and acrylic on paper 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in Bottom Left: Coastal Breeze Oil pastel and acrylic on canvas 40 x 50 cm or 16 x 20 in. and detail


Rabeti Dezful, Khozestan Iran

Left: Awake Eye Acrylic on canvas 80 x 130 cm or 31 x 51 in. Right Top: Untitled Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm or 39 x 39 in. Bottom: Amorous`s Acrylic on canvas 140 x 80 cm or 55 x 31 in.

ABDOLREZA RABET I is a painter, sculptor and calligrapher and has managed and art gallery for twenty years. Rabeti teaches art and has participated with her paintings in many national and international art festivals. She is the recipient of several competitive awards.

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Pianfetti Torino, Italy

Top: Solitude (Solitudine) Acrylic, pencil and paper on wooden panel 32 x 40 cm or 12 x 16 in. Bottom Left: On the Run (In Fuga) Oil, pencil and gypsum on canvas 40 x 100 cm or 16 x 39 in. Right: Shadows over Time (Ombre nel Tempo) Oil, acrylic, gypsum and pencil on canvas 40 x 71 cm or 16 x 28 in.

EVA PIANFETTI was born in November 25th, 1980 in Turin and from childhood developed a penchant for emotive writing. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and then attended courses in illustration, graphics, animation, photography and painting. Pianfetti has participated in several group exhibits and she is part of an artist collective in Italy. “My goal is to get to know all aspects of reality and enable the mind to get the answers to creative questions. � Email: Website:


Ragni Capoterra, Italy

Top: Una Vita per Un'altra Oil on canvas 34 x 38 cm or 13 x 15 in. Bottom Left: Silenzio nella Notte Oil on canvas 35 x 40 cm or 14 x 16 in. Middle: Una Allegra Tristezza Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm or 16 x 24 in. Right: Detail from Una Allegra Tristezza Oil on canvas 40 x 60 cm or 16 x 24 in.



was born in Collamato, a small Italian village, in August 10th, 1943. As a child Nando experimenting with charcoal painting on the walls of his grandfather’s home. Nando graduated the IndustriaI Technical Institute of Fabriano and has lived in Milan and Mogadishu, Somalia. The encounter with the art of Tawny painter stimulated Ragni, and while in Somalia he began exhibiting his works. Ragni is inspired by nature, the places that he has lived and the skill of Italian masters and traditional Somalian painters. He has participated in several exhibits and is the recepient of many competitive awards.

Email: Website :



Toronto, Ontario Canada

Top: Harmony Acrylic and resin on canvas 30 x 30 in. or 76 x 76 cm Bottom Left: Stability Acrylic and resin on canvas 22 x 30 in. or 56 x 76 cm Right: Safe Haven Oil on canvas 30 x 30 in. or 76 x 76 cm



is an abstract painter, inspired by movement, change in the landscape and time change, which can be spiritual or physical. Rami’s uses color to create vibrancy of light, dimension in layers and flatness of the surface. He works with these techniques to cause the viewer’s attention to shift, between the referential and the purely abstract. He strives to convey a beautiful message, through his art, stimulates the art lover's mind, leaving an everlasting impression. Rami has participated in several international group exhibits in Canada and the United States and has been the recipient of several competitive awards.

Email: Website:


Ravliuc Bucharest, Romania

Passion Tango Oil on canvas 100 x 81 cm or 39 x 32 in.

ANNA RAVLIUC is a contemporary Romanian painter who lives and works in Bucharest. Her work has been part of several international group and solo exhibits, private galleries and public institutions and museums in Romania, Jordan, Ukraine and the United States. Ravliuc’s paintings belong to museum collections including the Museum of Romanian Literature, the Brancusi Art Gallery of the Parliament of Romania, the Art Museum of Kiev and many more. “My paintings are not just a play of colors and lines – they are a conversation with you, with all of you. It’s not just a canvas; it’s my feelings, my thoughts, and revelations. "How to express myself?" is the artist’s eternal question – and the answer is different every time: to open your heart, or to hide it, to rip it out from the chest or to freeze it. With painting I want to remind people about eternal truths, which have been forgotten in the turmoils of contemporary society. With color I want to revive our sacred dreams and desires, which faded in our memory. With line I want to make your heart sing once again… ” Email: Website:,



Top: Cinderella’s Private Dance Lesson Oil on canvas 81 x 60 cm or 32 x 24 in. Bottom Left: Cite Tango Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm or 39 x 32 in. Right: Music from Another’s Youth Oil on canvas 116 x 89 cm or 46 x 35 in.



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Top: The Other Side Acrylic on canvas 29 x 47 in. or 74 x 119 cm Bottom Right: Flow Acrylic on canvas 22 x 36 in. or 56 x 91 cm and detail



was born May 15 1978 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2002 from Alberta College of Art and Design. Saskatoon, “The Land of Living Skies,” Redl says, “the vast prairie skies offered me an endless canvas, allowing my imagination to run wild stimulating an interest in all forms of creative expression. I have been part of nine group shows and have had four solo shows in Calgary, Toronto and New York City. Life itself continues to inspire my works of art as I move towards fulfilling my muse. ”

Email: Website: Tel.: 306. 280.4946, 306.931.7128



Anaheim, CA United States

Top: Lost at Sea Watercolor on paper 25 x 25 in. or 63 x 63 cm Left: Newport Dory Watercolor on paper 24 x 18 or 61 x 46 cm Right: Conestoga Wagon Watercolor on paper 22



has been fascinated by color and light from a very early age; it must be due to the beautiful sunsets in Corona del Mar where she lived as a child. She retired after over 30 years with the Walt Disney Co. Reed is a Juried Watercolor Artist, a Board Member of the Anaheim Art Association, a current member of the Anaheim Arts Council, Watercolor West, Spark OC and Orange County Fine Arts Association. She has won several awards and has numerous commissioned paintings in private collections. Her work has been showcased at the Disney Alicante Art Gallery, Gallery 212 in Seal Beach, Chemers Gallery in Tustin and Art-A-Fair in Laguna Beach (2010 & 2011). Emilee's piece above, "Newport Dory," has been published in "Art Lovers' Cookbook," and is now in a private collection (Giclee prints available.) “I specialize in custom art pieces and will combine all of your favorite things to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized painting just for you -- or for that special someone in your life.� Email: Website:


Reiter Brooklyn, NY United States

Top: Love Song Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in. or 122 x 91 cm Bottom Left: Tales of Endless Summer Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in. or 122 x 91 cm Right: Under the Sun Oil on canvas 48 x 36 in. or 122 x 91 cm

MARINA REITER is a contemporary artist, living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She has an impressive resume with numerous, international group and solo exhibits in several North American cities and countries including Belgium, Austria, Spain and Canada.

Email: Website:



Moore Haven, FL United States

Blood Wedding Oil and mixed media on paper mounted on hardboard 20 x 30 in. or 50 x 76 cm

ELTON WES RINGSTAFF has been a painter for over fifty years and his work has been included in several exhibits in Florida and other North American States. ‘Blood Wedding’ is one in a series of twenty-one paintings, exploring the many different mythological perspectives that have shaped human history. A deep thinker, Ringstaff draws inspiration for the literary works of Joseph Campbell, James Joyce and painters Paul Klee and Edvard Munch. Art is his full time career since age eighteen. His metamorphosis from lucrative portrait painter to abstract art and biomorphic surrealism reflects his artistic mastery. Email: Website Tel.: +863 227 6155


Revington-Cross Delvin, Co.Westmeath Ireland

Papaver Oil on panel 10 x 12 in. or 25 x 30 cm

HAZEL REVINGTON-CROSS is a self taught artist, born in 1971 in Co.Westmeath in Ireland. She likes to work using acrylics and oils applied with a pallet knife. Since launching her art in 2009, her work has found it’s way into many private collections at home in Ireland, around Europe and as far away as Antigua. She has in the past two years taken part in 13 group exhibitions and has had two solo exhibitions. Also she has recently opened her own gallery (The Garden Gallery, Delvin, Co.Westmeath) in Ireland.

Email: Website: Tel.: +353 852442830



Motherhood Oil on panel 12 x 16 in. or 30 x 35 cm


Saar Fredericia, Denmark

Left: Two Sisters Oil on canvas 81 x 100 cm or 32 x 39 in. 60 cm or 20 x 24 in. Bottom: A Mother with Her Child

Right Top: Looking Back Oil on canvas 50 x Oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm or 20 x 24 in.

HENRIK SAAR was born in Soenderborg, Denmark in 1967. He is the founder and art director of the company ANIMA (All Nations In Modern Art) and has been an art proffesor specializing in art and religion. Saar ‘s work is informed by the Italian masters of the Renaissance and South American existential ideals, driven by despair and inner anxiety. “Painting is an inner vision that must find its reality in the visual articulation between concrete and abstract forms; telling of the human being searching for itself.”

Email: Website: Tel.: +45 279 22560


Sadovskaya Moscow, Russia

Left: The Late Breakfast Oil on cardboard Right Top to Bottom: The Late Breakfast Details

YULIA SADOVSKAYA was born in Moscow in 1975 and graduated from Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1998. Between 1993 and 2009 she worked at the Grabar Art Conservation Center. Today she is a freelance painter “ ‘The Late Breakfast’ expresses an idea of the autumn of human life in general – quiet and silent time without any hurry, any events, when every person looks deeply inside his memory. I remember how my grandparents spent their summer time in the country house. However the painting does not depict them certainly. The old couple dwell in the space between two natura morta: by Cezanne, on the wall, and their own breakfast on the table.”

Email: Tel.: +7(916)909-79-35, +7(495)759-33-81


Santta Cecilia Londrina, PR Brazil

Top: Voltinha de Borboleta Acrylic on canvas 104 x 80 cm or 41 x 31 in. Bottom Left: Quadro I Acrylic and collage on canvas 27 x 27 in. or 68 x 68 cm Right: Quadro IV Acrylic and collage on canvas 27 x 27 in. or 68 x 68 cm



is a self taught painter. She was born in Uberaba, Brazil in 1953 and today lives and works in Londrina. “I work with acrylic painting using a mixed in gluing paper , tissue, causing overlap with effects of l ight and shadow. I was born artist. My great and unique artistic influence was the popular art, from the Artezanato. Somehow, my art is a revolt against destiny and my role is to convince others of my truth, the ideas I have for myself and the world we live in. Everyone chooses the world they want to exist in and paint their life with the colours they prefer. I don’t paint what I see, because what I see is not there, but what will be seen. When someone purchases any of my works, I hope it is because they want a little of joy; a bit of its harmony and perhaps learn to live with it. My greatest wish is for my art to overcome monotony... The colour speaks, the colour sings! ” Email: Website:


Schaffer Kansas City, MO United States

Left: Textures of Bali Watercolor on paper 19 x 26 in. or 48 x 66 cm Right Top: My MG Series II Watercolor on paper 18 x 28 in. or 46 x 71 in. Bottom: Books and Balloons Watercolor on paper 20 x 29 in. or 51 x 74 cm

SANDRA SCHAFFER lives and works in Kansas City. Her goal is to incorporate cultural motifs into her paintings, striving to translate the beautiful colors, textures and forms she has found in Asia and South America into works of art. In addition, she has recently begun using American classic cars as subjects for contemporary paintings; they have become, in effect, “cultural vehicles” that reflect life in the Midwestern part of the United States. In technique Sandra’s work tends to be very detailed, with an emphasis on brilliant color. Her hope is that, through her work, the viewer will appreciate seeing the world from her unique perspective.

Email: Website: Tel.: 816.358.3609


Shimizu Turku, Finland

Left: Fantastic Cafe Talk Acrylic and ink on canvas 22 x 18 in. or 55 x 46 cm Right Top: Holding Umbrealla Acrylic and ink on canvas 14 x 11 in. or 35 x 27 cm Bottom: Holding Shoelaces around Flower Detail Mixed media on textile 24 x 19 in. or 61 X 48 cm

KENSUKE SHIMIZU “ I am from Japan, currently live in Finland. I create artworks, in which visual art & writing are as if they were inside each other and intersecting each other. Major motifs in artworks include bicycles, shoes & shoelaces, hats, words, dreams, thoughts, and poems. In my paintings, bicycles are seen as a nature-friendly ecological vehicle, expressing the relationship between human beings & the natural environment. Human characters often appear as characters of stories. Shoes & shoelaces are a symbol of communication. I sometimes combine my poems with my art, and put my poems in some of my artworks.�

Email:, Website:



Beirut, Lebanon

Grapes Acrylic on canvas 120 x 160 cm or 47 x 63 in.

SILWAN (Silwan Ibrahim) was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1964. He studied architecture for three years before switching to fine art and graduated in 1990 from the Lebanese University National Institute of Fine ART. His art celebrates into a singular vision that which is neither of this world, nor of any other already imagined. His imagery is playful, yet pinned with philosophical ideas. “My environments, joyous as they may be, appear so squeezed in space, so preciously compact, as if they may burst. The ecstasy of the figures and gracefulness of the movements give the paintings a tension that seems to be necessarily buoyant; bouncing surfaces that threaten to break apart, ruled playground or strict sacred ritual.� Email: Website :


Silwan Beirut, Lebanon

Rainmaker Acrylic on canvas 120 x 160 cm or 47 x 63 in.

Email: Website :



The Tower, the Beautiful and the Key Acrylic on canvas 120 x 160 cm or 47 x 63 in.


Scheriau Hallwang bei Salzburg, Austria

Left: Humor Painted silk on canvas 50 x 100 cm or 20 x 39 in. Right Top: Flood Painted silk on canvas 85 x 55 cm or 33 x 22 in. Bottom: Unfounded Painted silk on canvas 50 x 50 cm or 20 x 20 in.

HANNA SCHERIAU was born in Vienna, in 1942 and studied Dramatics at the University of Vienna, giving priority to Scenery and Costume Design. She absolved Oskar Kokoschka’s legendary ‘School of Seeing’ in Salzburg. Then for a long time her family was the most important thing in her life, but she never gave up her passion for drawing and painting. Around the year 2000 the artist discovered silk, as a medium for her paintings, and developed a completely new way of painting. This new style requires a great deal of energy, feeling and painting skills. Each of the images is fresh and unique and it cannot be copied because of the special technique. In contrast to working with canvas or paper the silk fabric can move freely while painting. This artistic work is a world-wide unique kind of art, especially because of silk, a material that today cannot be found in the established scene of art. But silk is a medium for painting since thousands of years and extremely durable, much more than canvas. The silk colours for artists are not a bit photo-sensitive and they have a special luminous power. Exhibitions of works by Hanna Scheriau found their way not only in Europe but also in Asia and America. Her work has been prized in several countries. Paintings of Hanna Scheriau are found in collections around the world. Email: Website: Tel.: +43(0)662/660087



Top: Suppressed Emotion (Diptych) Painted silk on canvas 40 x 50 cm or 16 x 20 in. Bottom Left: Destiny 60 x 50 cm or 24 x 20 in. Right: Fleeting Moment Painted silk on canvas 80 x 180 cm or 31 x 71 in.


Sebok Grace-Hollogne, Belgium

Left: Are You Still Out? Ink and acrylic on cardboard 27 x 36 cm or 11 x 14 in. Right Top: Master of Music Mixed media on cardboard 10 x 15 cm or 4 x 6 in. Middle and Bottom: Master of Music Details

FERENC SEBOK has won several international awards for his musical compositions and paintings. His artwork and prizes are a testimony of his contribution to Humanity. Sebok’s music is very influenced by hungarian moods and transylvanian sources. He wrote duos, trios and quartets for strings, but also for piano and flute. In his painting, he specializes in tracing boards and masonic art, full of symbolism and esotericism. He began painting in 1971 with landscapes, nudes, portraits and caricatures, but continued his way as a quest and taking the way of symbolism in 1990. His paintings are found in many private, public, institutional and corporate collections in Europe and the Unites States. His themes turn around freemasonry and the quest of humankind. Sebok also writes poetry. His artworks are mentioned in several specialized books of fine art, with reports from famous critics including Antonio Malmo, Marie-JosÊ Bouscayrol, Thierry Levaux, Julian Rees. Email: Website:,



Top: Pusztai Betyar Oil on panel 30 x 40 cm or 12 x 16 in. Bottom Left: Drink My Words Gouache on cardboard 36 x 27 cm or 14 x 11 in. Right: Who Am I Acrylic and gilding on canvas 40 x 30 cm or 16 x 12 in.


Skibsted Tistedal, Norway

By Train to Monterosso Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm or 39 x 31 in.

GLENN MARIUS SKIBSTED is a contemporary artist who primarily works with oil paint. He has his background from journalism and has worked as a freelance journalist since 2000.The writing represents a strong element in his work, and can sometimes seem as important as his choice of colors. By combining these two ways of expression, he hopes to create a unique journey in color, emotion and taste. “In my paintings I primarily use painting knife, due to a spontaneous, rough structure, although I wish to portray a classic clean technique. Some of my influences along the years have been: Jackson Pollock’s aggressive expression, Edward Hopper’s emotional tones and Roy Lichtenstein’s modern, youthful style. Human nature is the basis of my work. Portrayed in news, travels or everyday’s colorful banalities. The aim is to recall, reveal and make available essential emotions and traits that often can be left to fade away.We rarely have time to stop and observe what is really happening around us. Often it is difficult to appreciate the small events and experiences we have in everyday life. Whether it’s an inspiring conversation, a trip to an unknown country, or the memory of wet asphalt’s smell in the summer.My wish is to plant a seed. From there on the seed will grow, personalized by every individual.” Email: Website:



Top: Swimming Without Drowning Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm or 31 x 39 in. Bottom: We Left Everyone Behind Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm or 20 x 20 in.



Ashland, OR United States

Mystery’s Unfolding Rejoice in the Awakening of the Soul Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in. or 76 x 100 cm

PEGI SMITH was born in Canada to Austrian immigrants. Her creative spirit blossomed early in life. She always knew who she was and that her mission in life was to be a part of the creative energy. From a young age and up to this day Smith has been involved in playing the violin and ballet and jazz dance. In 1995 she became involved with sculpture. The passion for painting really started in 2006. She has the same affinity for painting nudes, as she does for sculpting them. Smith shows extensively in the United States and Europe. She currently lives and works outside of Ashland Oregon, in the Siskiyou mountains.

Email: Website:


“While immersed in a project, there are times when I see it as primitive and at other times refined… regardless, I am pressed to move forward, aware of pending modifications… yet enjoying the expression of the moment… I work from the canvas… with no pre sketching… but from a more innate, exploration of my own inner space while being aware of the necessity to remain open to the spontaneous, hidden dimensions appearing and reappearing on the canvas… with the endless discovery that color is such an obvious and important part of my life.”


Opala Lucyna Sea Foam Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 in. or 76 x 100 cm


Simonovski Skopje, Macedonia

All images: Mother Board and Implants Acrylic on canvas 200 x 150 cm or 79 x 59 in.



graduated in1992 with a Philosophy degree from the National University of Macedonia, Skopje. In 2009 he completed a Fine Arts degree at the department of Pedagogy, in the class of prof. Rubens Korubin. In 1987 and1989 he paticipated in the exhibitions of the biennial of young artists in the Museum of Contemporary art- Skopje. He had a solo exhibition in the Museum of Skopje 2009. He has also participated in many public conservation and restoration projects in Macedonia, working with frescoes.

Email: Website: Tel.: +38970460141


Sobke Berlin, Germany

Left: Krieckenbeck

Middle: Krieckenbeck II

Right: Krieckenbeck III All Images: Acrylic on cavas 20 x 26 cm or 7 x 10 in

CHRISTEL SOBKE was born in Paderborn, Germany as Christel Schneider and was raised in Gelsenkirchen. From 1952 she received private lessons in architectural and realistic drawing. She is married to Berndt Sobke with whom she has two children. Sobke has an impressive resume, having parcipated in more than fifty solo and group international exhibits in Germany, Costa Rica, the United States, England, Canada, Italy, Turkey, and Holland. Her work has been included in more than twenty publications. Excerpts from Chistel Sobke’s Statement: “For a long time, and even now, photography has had the reputation of being a technique that offers the utmost degree of reality and trueness to nature, a technique that gives us a lifelike representation of things. It had been valued wherever an unmistakable and exact representation is needed , like the portrait picture that is expected to show the feature of a personality most true and recognizably. Photography is also highly esteemed in the sciences for representing exactly the qualities of objects. In the field of art it is otherwise. Because just of this ability of „exactness“ that is of course good in itself, photography has been devalued in art as something trivial, banal and without fantasy, with a mere multiplying function. It took some time before artists got interested in photography. But what about trueness and reality in photography, is it really as ‘real’’?” “The detail or the partial aspect has its own reality that is only true for the representation of the fragment part. The trueness of a greater context can be another one. The photographical representation of micro-organism makes this very clear. Without the help of some optical instruments this tiny organism cannot be perceived by the human eye. This dependency, on the technical equipment of a microscope, means that every information thus given to us has to accepted as a doubtless true one, and it makes no difference if it is given to us as a whole or as parts. A valuation of the part and of the whole is irrelevant because both pieces of information are equally assumed and cannot be controlled my the human eye itself. We accept, in some way blindly, a visual information about an object that is transmitted to us by technology as the truth. Some years ago I found a fantastic photograph that was taken with the help of an electronic microscope. It represented a mite. I transformed it to a perspective series in collage technique. The picture that shows as a detail the very much enlarged feeding organs of the mite is nearly surrealistic in a way.”

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Sobol Moscow, Russia

Top: Labyrinth of Life Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in. Bottom Left: In Focus Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm or 24 x 31 in. Middle: Life is Everywhere (Pyramids of Giza) Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in. Right: The Kiss Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm or 24 x 31 in.

GALINA SOBOL was born in Novouralsk, Russia in 1983 and graduated in 2006, from the Ural State Technical University in Yekaterinburg with a degree in Economics. In 2007 she moved to Moscow.

Email: Website: Tel.: +7 926 2339553


“I have loved painting since early childhood, but didn’t think my works could have value for another people. In fact I didn’t value the talent God gave me. I am a selftaught painter and that is why my paintings are very important to me now. Because I know, each of my works is a creation of the Spirit inside me. My Art is a song of my Soul. And very deep meaning is behind the image. I love painting and I offer my works to you with Love. It all happened thanks to very special people in my life. They are Joel M. Teutsch, Champion K. Teutsch, Tatiana Sorina and Boris Sorin. I thank God for meeting them and for the knowledge I am receiving through them and my parents and grandparents for their love and for the lessons I was taught. "

Sossella Ferrara, Italy

Top: Pesci Acrylic on canvas 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in. Bottom Left: Gold and Brown’s Round Acrylic on canvas 80 x 90 cm or 31 x 35 in. Middle: Gold and Violet Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm or 16 x 16 in. Right: Gold and Violet detail



was born in 1952, in Ferrara, Italy where he lives and works today. He studied art at the Ferrara Art Institute. He also studied anatomical and surgery illustration at the Superior School of Anatomical Drawing at Bologna University, painting at the Statal Institute of Art of the Bologna School of Art. Sossella attended illustration courses at the Instituto Europeo del Design in Milan and studied at the Bologna Academy, under the guidance of Prof. Walter Lazzaro. He has exhibited his art in Italy and abroad and in 2002, he was awarded the ‘Remo Brindisi’ international prize of contemporary art. Sossella’s drawings have been published in the Encyclopedia Medica Italiana and the publication ‘Medical/Scientific Illustration.’ Email: Website:


Souza Natal , RN Brazil

A Big Dream Oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm or 39 x 47 in.

FRANCISCO ERMINIO DE SOUZA is an established, self-taught, contemporary Brazilian artist, born on December 31st, 1942, in Saint Kitts, Rio de Janeiro to Luiz Morales de Souza Alagoas Sergipe and Enedina Maria de Souza. Erminio married Juraci Santos de Souza, with whom he has two daughters, Valeria Santos de Souza and Cristiane Santos de Souza. After leaving boarding school at age 16 and working as a barber, Erminio once saw an article on the newspaper about a painting of Orlando Teruz’s and promised his friend that one day he would buy a painting like that. Time passed and Erminio began working for the BEG (Banco do Estado da Guanabara,) soon to become the Chief Exhange Operator. It was then that he began to develop a small art collection consisting of works by artists like Di Cavalcante, Djanira, Panceti, Ado Malagoli, Silvio Pinto, Guignard and others; totaling roughly 54 paintings. At age 51, after having worked for six different Brazilian banks, Erminio retired and decided to move to Natal, with his family and dedicate himself to painting. Gradually his works became more and more popular. Erminio was fascinated with art and up to this day spends most of his time in his studio, where it roughly takes him twenty-five days to complete each work. Souza has an impressive resume of over thirty group and solo international exhibits throughout Brazil and in Portugal and has been the recipient of many competitive public and private awards. Souza has a special bond with the city of Sao Paulo, admiring and supporting the local art community. Email: Website: Tel.: +55 84 414 14197



Overlays Circles II Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm or

47 x 39 in. and details


Souza Natal , RN Brazil

Top: The White Triangle Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm or 39 x 31 in. Bottom: Overlays Circles I Oil on canvas 100 x 120 cm or 39 x 47 in. and detail

Email: Website: Tel.: +55 84 414 14197



Atherton, CA United States

Top: Desert Sunsire Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20 in. or 41 x 51 cm Bottom Left: Sunflower Fields Oil on canvas 11 x 14 in. or 28 x 35 cm Right: Tuscany Oil on canvas 16 x 20 in. or 41 x 51 cm



was born in China and came to the United States in 1957, settling in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband. In the mid 1990’s, after she raised her children, she began taking interest in painting. Tan attented weekly lessons in watercolor for a few years. In 2006, she attended workshops by renowned artists learning to work with acrylics and oils. From that time on she began entering art shows and joining art organizations and started to take her work more seriously. Tan is mainly a studio painter and her subject matter includes landscapes and still life. Her goal is to continue to learn to improve her skill to the best of her ability, with God’s help.

Email: Website:


Syskova Bradford, Ontario Canada

Top: Points of Harmony Oil on canvas 20 x 24 in. or 51 x 61 cm Bottom Left: Consonance of the Night Sky Oil on canvas 22 x 28 in. or 56 x 71 cm Right: The Power Within Oil on canvas 22 x 28 in. or 56 x 71 cm

ELENA ARA SYSKOVA was born in 1972, in Russia in the city of Vladivostok. Elena Ara Syskova moved to Ontario, Canada in 1991. While living in Russia she was always surrounded by well-known Russian artists, musicians and the magnificent Russian landscape, which inspired her to find her own way in expressing herself, through her art and revealing the essence of who she is. Ara, as her friends and family know her, has always remembered the saying “a painting is worth a thousand words� and she has always found it a truly rewarding ideal. Music, art and nature have always been a big part of her life, giving her a different sense of rhythm, matching the rhythm of her heart.

Email: Website: Tel.: +1 416 464 1057



Top: Within Our Imagination Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in. or 51 x 76 cm Bottom Left: The First Breath Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in. or 51 x 76 cm Right: Temple Oil on canvas 22 x 28 in. or 56 x 71 cm


Tapp-Wilson Emerald Beach, NSW Australia

Gnitniapsrewolfsdad Acrylic on canvas 90 x 90 cm or 35 x 35 in.

CHERYL TAPP-WILSON “I am a self-taught artist having started to paint later in life in November 2006 at 38 years of age. I grew up on a 2000 acre wheat farm in country New South Wales, Australia. I would love to further my art experience by attending art school and learning more techniques and art history. My art has given me great contentment and time just seems to stand still while painting. I am never quiet sure where some of my ideas come from and can’t really know what will come next... Ijust paint from the heart.”

Email: Website : Tel.: +614 289 23311



Top: Lotus of Life Acrylic on canvas 50 x 60 cm or 20 x 24 in. Bottom Left: Passion and Intent Acrylic on canvas 45 x 45 cm or 18 x 18 in. Right: Unconditional Acrylic on canvas 76 x 102 cm or 30 x 40 in.



Emerald Beach, NSW Australia

Top: Lotus Acrylic on canvas 45 x 45 cm or 18 x 18 in. Bottom: Hybiscus Acrylic on canvas 45 x 45 cm or 18 x 18 in.

Email: Website : Tel.: +614 289 23311



Montreal, QuĂŠbec Canada

Left: Carnet Acrylic on canvas 19 x 10 cm or 7 x 4 in. Right Top: Geo-Marine 58 Acrylic on canvas 122 x 76 cm or 48 x 30 in. Bottom: Geo-Capillaris 7 Acrylic on canvas 25 x 25 cm or 12 x 12

JACKIE THIAUDIERE lives and works in Montreal, Canada. Following her training in graphic and visual arts, Thiaudiere attended several drawing, painting and sculpture workshops. She has participated in ten solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, the United States and many other countries. Her paintings explore the nature and vastness of the world. Inspired by the fundamental components of the universe, her works encourage the interaction of the four elements of the Aristotelian world: water, fire, air and earth; allowing them to be set in motion, through the principle of universal resonance. Her aim is to create universal harmonies on canvas – harmonies where the energy of the world is expressed in a happy. plentiful, positive way. Her work on the texture of color and its organic molecules is contained in a vibrant rather symbolic representation that reflects its original unity.

Email: Website:


Timuroglu Ankara, Turkey

Not Only Trees Oil on canvas 100 x 140 cm or 39 x 55 in.

AYTEN TIMUROGLU was born in Ankara,Turkey in 1941. She attented painting courses at the Sanatyapım Kayıhan Keskinok Atelier for six years. Timuroglu established her own workshop in 1991. Working women in rural areas was the main theme of her works. Recent works are from the fig trees going to somewhere; where, who knows. Her paintings can be found in various collections both in Turkey and abroad. One of her paintings hangs in the collection of “Turkish Ministry of Culture”. Timuroglu is a member of “Ankara Women Painters Association”, “Group 16” and “FAM-Rhodes”. She had 18 solo exhibitions in Turkey in different cities and she was participated in many group exhibitions in Turkey, Greece, Austria and Kyrgyzstan.

Email: Website:


Tokarz Winnipeg, MB Canada

Top: Amiable Foe Charcoal on canvas 72 x 60 in. or 183 x 152 cm Bottom Left: Enlightenment Charcoal and graphite on paper 22 x 16 in. or 56 x 41 cm Middle: Ascendance Charcoal and graphite on paper 16 x 22 in. or 41 x 56 cm Right: Ascendance detail

CHANTELLE TOKARZ was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised by her mother and grandparents. “I have been painting and been interested in mythology since I was a child. Later in my life I reconnected with my father and learned of my aboriginal descent. Discovering that I am Métis has greatly impacted my work. I also lived in Ontario for a few years where I attended Sheridan College. I studied animation there and crafted my storytelling skills. Afterwards, I obtained a degree in Philosophy at York University. I have now moved back to Winnipeg to continue painting while pursuing a career in banking. ”

Email: Website:


Torres Colombia/ United States

The Crying Woman Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36 in. or 122 x 91 cm

A L I C I A H. T O R R E S was born in Colombia. Studied Art History at the Institut La Pelouse in Bex, Switzerland. I received the degree in Psycho-pedagogy at the Corporación Universitaria de la Costa in Barranquilla. “Presently, I reside in Miami, Florida, where I studied ceramics, portraits and painting at the Miami Dade College. I have had 55 exhibitions. They have been in Miami, Plantation, West Palm Beach and New York in U.S.A . I have also participated in La Prairié in Biron, France, the 1st Biennial of Sorocaba in Brazil, 2007, Florence Biennial 2009 in Florence, Italy and Art Shanghai 2010 LAP, Shanghai, China. I have been scheduled in a group exhibition for June 2011 at Gora Gallery in Montreal, Canada. ” Email: Tel.: 305-297-9211


A L I C I A H. T O R R E S

Rain of Fish Mixed media on canvas 48 x 36 in. or 122 x 91 cm


Tremblay Sainte-Dorothée Laval, Canada

Top: Poussée dans l’atmosphère Oil on canvas 40 x 20 cm or 16 x 8 in. Bottom: Séisme Oil on canvas 40 x 20 cm or 16 x 8 in.

LUCETTE TREMBLAY was born in Québec and graduated with a Fine Arts degree from UQAM and has participated in various solo and group exhibiions in Canada. “My reflection weaves around the virtual world and the limits of thought to create a reality. My work develops with emphasis on the aura of the invisible and immateriality. This approach has been home for any particular interest, which escapes with regard to: fugacity (time, movement, space,) absence versus presence and subtlety (people and places) around us.”

Email: Website:



Top: Sérial de 4 Ombre d'une vie Ink and oil on canvas 61 x 61 cm or 24 x 24 in. Bottom Left: Sérial 4 Ink and oil on canvas 61 x 61 cm or 24 x 24 in. Right: Sérial de 3 Ombre d'une vie Ink and oil on canvas 61 x 61 cm or 24 x 24 in.



Arcadia, CA United States

The Guitar Player Acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 in. or

122 x 122 cm

JOHN TRINH was born in Vietnam in 1956 and today lives and works in Arcadia, California. His works belong to permanent collections including The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art (SNMFA) and Norman Schwarzkopf collection. “I paint icons - the graphic style and images I see everywhere I go, from the screen of a television or a computer to the traffic sign at the street corner. Nothing represents my motto Less is more more than those graphic images. There is an abstract quality, a highly condensed and refined thought process in those images that is creatively very substantial. They send a strong, simple message to people of all ages.�

Email: Website: Tel.: 626.400.6451



Uppsala, Sweden

Left: The Hand Oil on canvas 46 x 38 cm or 15 x 18 in. Right Top: Light As Inspiration Oil on cavnas 38 x 46 cm or 18 x 15 in. and detail



was born in in 1969 in Uppsala, Sweden where he still lives and works today. He has participated in several solo and group international exhibits in Sweden, Italy, and the United States.

Email: Website:


Ulven Stockholm, Sweden

Left: Life Acrylic on canvas 69 x 99 cm or 27 x 39 in Right Top: =Reeds Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cm or 16 x 12 in. Middle: Freedom Acrylic on canvas 150 x 105 cm or 59 x 41 in. Bottom: Freedom Detail

TURID ULVEN was born in Norway in 1959 and has from an early age studied painting with several well known artists. She was educated at the University of Stockholm, and her art is exhibited in the United States, in many Scandinavian countries and other European nations. “My main influence; the aim to actually paint myself, I got from the Norwegian artist Hans Breien. He taught me how to paint as I danced the joy of my heart. I am inspired by the paintings of Edward Munch, and by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner - besides all kinds of efforts done by anyone to create peace in our time. My inspiration also comes through the nature and the people I have met. Nevertheless, I am like soaked by the nerve of Argentinean Tango… as the tango mirrors life itself…”

Email: Website: Tel.: +46 708 59 12 14


Usan/Nevelson Florida, United States

Left: Untitled Oil and acrylic on canvas 28 x 41 in. or 71 x 104 cm Right Top: Untitled Oil and acrylic on canvas 28 x 18 in. or 71 x 46 cm Middle: Untitled Oil and acrylic on canvas 37 x 26 in. or 94 x 66 cm Bottom: Untitled Oil and acrylic on canvas 26 x 16 in. or 66 x 41 cm



born 24 July 1946, New York City, Nevelson’s grandmother was the 20th Century sculptor Louise Nevelson. Nevelson studied at The Academia Di Belle Art, in Florence, Italy. Neith Nevelson is an artist best known for paintings of horses, female nudes, and male faces. Her paintings it is a combination of lines, colors and forms which often seem to loop, the symmetry was already set from the very first splash of color. Her first exhibition was in 1974 at The Galleria Nouva in Florence. Her last one was in 1994.

Email: Website:


Uyehara Los Angeles, CA United States

Top: Triptych I Acrylic on canvas 96 x 48 in. or 244 x 122 cm Bottom Left: Deconstruction 1 Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24 in. or 91 x 61 cm Right: Deconstruction 10-1 Acrylic on canvas 48 x 30 in. or 122 x 76

PAUL UYEHARA has been a well known sculptor and painter in the Los Angeles art scene since the 1960s. He studied at Chouinard Art School and Otis Art Institute. Most recently, he has been mentored by abstract painter Bonita Helmer. His works have been exhibited across the United States and in Europe. He has been married to artist, Elizabeth Maltbie Uyehara since 1975, enjoying a long and devoted marriage, filled with photography, sculpture, drawing and painting. “My early works were infused with skills, developed as a draftsman and honed through years of life drawing and sculpting. I focused on the literal beauty of the human form. For years, I have been fascinated by Goya’s compositions. I returned to them to study their energy and movement and to translate these into modern idioms. In my series "Deconstructions," I set these pieces free of all reference to subject matter, while adding vivid, often primary colors to black and white compositions, to re-imagine and reinterpret Goya's concepts in purely abstract terms. The joy of color in their purest forms has become my current focus and allows for the freedom of interpretation by any viewer.” Email: Website:


VeroniKaH QuĂŠbec , Canada

Left: Quietitude Stained glass, acrylic and ink on canvas 30 x 30 in. or 76 x 76 cm Right: Signification Stained glass, acrylic and ink on canvas 40 x 30 in. or 102 x 76 cm Middle: Tirquoise I Stained glass, acrylic and ink on canvas 12 x 18 in. or 30 x 45 cm Bottom: I LOVE NYC Stained glass, acrylic and ink on canvas 30 x 30 in. or 76 x 76 cm

VERONIQUE GRAUBY or VeroniKaH, is a contemporary artist living and working in QuĂŠbec, Canada. Her works have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Canadian galleries and abroad. Website: Email: Tel.: 438-321-492

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Van Hoek United States

Left: Thule Oil on canvas 24 x 30 in. or 61 x 76 cm Right Top: Der Flaschengeist Oil on canvas 34 x 57 in. or 86 x 145 cm Bottom Left and Right: Der Flaschengeist details



“I was born in 1949 between ruins in a time of chaos and new beginnings and where food was dispatched. With all and everything, I studied my entire life that makes me who I am and hopefully makes me wiser. As a youngster I was more occupied with swiveling the cooking pot with a duster than using the paintbrush. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to complete a study in art. However, I had from childhood on good guidances in the art, culminating into what I can show to date. Since 1992 I live and work in the United States and my home is where I was born, Berlin- Rahnsdorf at Müggelsea in Germany. In a country where everything was and became pre-programmed with respect to what to do and what not to do, I knew, and during childhood, I felt what it meant. Nevertheless, art always had my top priority. I tried to be free creating, free thinking, but under those repressive circumstances it was hardly possible. In 1977 I ended up in the detention facility "Red Bull" or "Roten Ochsen" and became a victim of political persecution in the former GDR. Solitary confinement and torture were ineffective to break the spirit and creativity. I have no intention to be a realistic painter, because a photographer is much better equipped to do so. I am also not using models. Very often I paint with two single strings of hair.” Email: Website:




Top: Peaceful Gathering Oil on canvas 36 x 48 in. or 91 x 122 cm Bottom Left: The Stairs of Life Oil on canvas 30 x 37 in. or 76 x 94 cm Right: Poker Game Oil on canvas 20 x 29 in. or 50 x 73 cm



Bratislava, Slovakia

Left: Dimension Oil and acrylic on canvas 100 x 50 cm or 39 x 20 in. Right Top: Eva Oil and acrylic on canvas 80 x 120 cm or 31 x 47 in. Bottom: Magician Oil and acrylic on canvas 120 x 80 cm or 47 x 31 in.



was born in 1949 in Handlová, Slovakia and is a member of the Slovak Artists’ Organization, the Slovak Graphic Union, the French association A7 and the Italian association – Circolo degli artisti di casa di Dante Alighieri di Firenze. He lives and works between Bratislava and Banská Štiavnica in Slovakia. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibits in countries including Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, France, Czech Republic and Italy. His works belong to private collections in Europe and the United States. Vida has been the recipient of many competitive awards. Using oil paintings,watercolors, graphics and mixed media techniques, Vida develops mystical forms of unconditional being, structured with punctual compositional balance and with competing expression of dynamical aestheticism and static dimness.

Email: Website: Tel.: +421 907 281 123



Carlsbad, CA United States

Risen Spirit

Pastel on paper 48 x 62 cm or 25 x 19 in.

SIBYLLA VOLL is a California-based artist working with pastels, woodcuts and sculpture. Voll has exhibited in solo and group shows and her works belong to private, corporate and public collections in the united States and Europe. She is a member of the PSA (Signature Status,) the NMWA (Washington D.C.) and the OMA (Oceanside.)

Email: Website: Tel.: +760 436 9027


Viopoulos Thessaloniki, Greece

Indolence Stucco and acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cm or 16 x 12 in.

STELLA VIOPOULOS was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1967 and graduated with a degree in Economics from the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki. After her studies Viopoulos opened her own businesses, but at the same time always continued to paint. Eventually she decided to completely focus on art . She attended a private Design school in Thessaloniki where she received training from painter Stelios Mavromatis and then went on to continue her own research for an individual technique, which would express her character better. Her expressionistic scenes have vivid experiential clues of her personal life. “I work in an abstract, mixed manner, using stucco and acrylics on canvas. My main inspiration comes from my surroundings, which every season create a different and outstanding combination of images and colours. When I paint I have the feeling that my spirit conquers the material, guiding me and giving form to my paintings. Most of my paintings are scenes, which passing through a plethora of feelings, ideas and thoughts, get printed on the canvas, becoming spontaneously transformed. In some cases, the same motif gets printed under a different light and other times throughout reversal reflections. It could be described as a thoroughly accident, in which the world of accident hides a conscious decision of colors and direction of the brush and the spatula.�

Email: Tel.: +6958453488



Top: In the Course of Nature Stucco and acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cm or 16 x 12 in. Bottom Left: Harness Stucco and acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cm or 16 x 12 in. Right: An Endless Search Stucco and acrylic on canvas 60 x 40 cm or 24 x 16 in.


Waugh New York City, NY United States

Emily with Straw Hat Oil on canvas 12 x 12 in. or 30 x 30 cm

WENDY WAUGH was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1954 and her works belong to a number of private collections “Art has been my life for as long as I can remember, particularly drawing and painting. I was very fortunate to have been part of an intensive 3 year art program in high school studying with the artist Claude Falcone. The exposure to many forms of art and its history further developed my skills and knowledge and increased my passion. I took this knowledge and applied it to the fashion world, developing a career in merchandising. I have continued to study, focusing on the wonder and beauty of people and life.

Email: Website:


My purpose is to bring Beauty, Joy, Pleasure and maybe even some Peace into this world. To have the viewer experience something that they consider peaceful or pleasurable. I draw and paint what I see and what I think is the essence of my subjects. That essence is the Beauty within them. To me Truth is in Keats said “Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty”.


Logan Graphite on paper 18 x 24 in. or 46 x 61 cm



Waccabuc, NY / Effort, PA United States

Top: Road Through a Forest Abstraction II Oil on canvas 60 x 72 in. or 152 x 183 cm Bottom: Seascape Abstraction Watercolor on paper 10 x 15 in. or 25 x 38 cm

H. L L O Y D


Jamaican-born, contemporary expressionist artist, has been gaining steady recognition in the international art world. Weston graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B. A. degree, 1974. Independent art studies followed in London and Paris. He enrolled at the Art Student's League New York 1979, under the tutelage of abstract expressionist instructor, Joseph Stapleton, who recognized his talent and became his mentor. Weston lives between Waccabuc, New York and N. Effort, Pennsylvania. “Art and life are inextricably intertwined. It is art that gives us a greater appreciation for all that is beautiful and stimulating in life – in essence, its visual refreshment and spiritual upliftment. Art provides visual permanence to what could easily have become inspiration felt but not recorded. ”

Email: Website: Tel.: +917 671 8122


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H. L L O Y D


Top: Autumn Sonata Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. or 76 x 101 cm Bottom Left: Road Through a Forest Abstraction I Oil on canvas 48 x 60 in. or 122 x 152 cm Right: Flowers at Sunset Oil on canvas 40 x 40 in. or 101 x 101 cm

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Waccabuc, NY / Effort, PA United States

Top: Blue Trees and Rocks Oil on canvas 36 x 36 in. or 91 x 91 cm Bottom Left: White Orchid Oil on canvas 20 x 24 in. or 50 x 61 cm Right: Autumn Twilight Oil on canvas 20 x 30 in. or 50 x 76 cm

Email: Website: Tel.: +917 671 8122


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Wyatt Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Madonna of the Clocks Oil and acrylic on canvas 95 x 125 cm or 40 x 50 in.

NEIL studied Fine Arts at the


Prahran Institute

and the Caulfield Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. “In my work I have always had a particular fascination with the human figure. I love to study its complexities, while at the same time, representing its power, through sculptural simplicity and perspective; hence my fascination with the sculpture and paintings of Michelangelo’s and other classic masters’. My works are generally bold and powerful and to some viewers even confrontational, which is probably due to my deep interest in, and influence by, the Surrealists. In fact, I broadly classify myself as a Modern Classical Surrealist, strongly influenced by Dali, Magritte, Gleeson, Lucian Freud, Odd Nerdrum and Francisco Zurbaran. I endeavor to tell a story whilst creating the illusion of space and weight within a confined area using exaggerated perspective.” Email: Website: Tel.: +614 183 53124



Surrey, B.C. Canada

The Old Legend Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm or 39 x 31 in.



was born in Dalian, China and graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Art, China in 1981. Later he received a Master’s degree on Fine Art, and became an art professor. He has enjoyed a celebrated career in art for over two decades. Xue has exhibited extensively and participated in art events throughout Asia and North America. His artworks have also appeared in several publications in Asia, North America and in the U.S.E. In addition, Xue has held solo exhibitions and has contributed to group exhibitions. “I was at the Chinese Painting Hall in the Forbidden City Museum, Beijing. I saw the Han Xizai‘s ‘The Evening Banquet Chart.’ The dark silk surface may have changed with age, but it actually lets mineral pigments shine through that send out a spooky brilliance. The joyful banquet, portrayed with dance and the lonely and sorrowful main character, was unified in the picture scroll, which is not higher than one foot. The great charm of ancient Chinese painting, with exquisite brush character and with its simplest essentials and stately nature, does not fade after several hundred years. I find myself in dialogue with the masters of ancient times. This precious heritage, has sustained me throughout my artistic life.” Email: Website:




Elapsed Pavilion Oil on canvas 72 x 110 cm or 28 x 43 in.



Surrey, B.C. Canada

The Tiger Oil on canvas 80 x 100 cm or 31 x 39 in.

Email: Website:




The Poem Oil on canvas 91 x 122 cm or 36 x 48 in.


Ygartua Gorliz, Vizcaya, Pais Vasco, Spain

Top: The Family Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in. Bottom Left: The Monarchy Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in. Bottom Right: The Monarchy Detail

PAUL YGARTUA is an international artist – an original creator producing remarkable work. He is a painter and muralist with bases in Canada, France, Spain and England. Creation and interpretation is Paul’ s life. In painting he is at home in all mediums and his production is prodigious. He is a qualified gold and silversmith with a degree in Design. Paul turned to painting immediately after graduating from the Liverpool School of Art in Great Britain. His styles include Realism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism and Abstract Surrealism. His continuous study and work on techniques and painting mediums are apparent throughout his vast body of work. His most recent works provoke a response that is both physical and emotional. His application of colour and line enables Paul to capture the essence of the subject with a spontaneity unparalleled by many. His technique in colour is startling and impressive and his use of the pallet knife is bold and convincing. His monumental murals and domed ceiling have received international acclaim and the power of his achievement is appreciated and recognized by many collectors world- wide. He is the creator of some of the most famous images in Canada such as his Heritage Series; which are instantly recognized by most Canadians and have been a part of the British Columbia identity for decades. He is also the architect of some of the largest murals in North America and Europe. Email: Websites:



Top: Ganador Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in. Bottom I: Primordial Chaos Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in. Bottom II: Mystere Rouge Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in. Bottom III: Indomitable Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in. Bottom IV: Abstract Primordial II Acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm or 47 x 47 in.


Yohan Bandung, West Java Indonesia

Top: Aristocrat Mixed media on canvas 140 x 285 cm or 55 x 112 in.

Bottom: Aristocrat III Mixed media on canvas 120 x 360 cm or 47 x 142 in.

YENNY YOHAN is a self-taught painter, born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, in 1973. Yohan developed a great interest in art since she was a child and although she excelled in her art classes, she never had any intention of becoming a professional artist. Her desire to express her artistic experience rose after she married an architect, which somehow revived her interest in painting. Her works have been exhibited and sold through galleries, to private and corporate collections. “As an artist who adores travel and food, I have been madly in love and drawn to the relationship I have with the beauty of nature and experiencing new cultures. Even small thing, like the smell of fresh brewed coffee or listening to music are often being great companies in helping me to create a good mood. I love to travel regularly, especially to the island of Bali, which not only hypnotized me with its beauty, but also has played a big role in my life, as a great source of inspiration.� Email: Website:



Top: Bustling Underground V Mixed media on canvas 135 x 285 cm or 53 x 112 in. Bottom Left: Civilization XII Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm or 39 x 39 in. Right: Land of the God II Mixed media on canvas 150 x 130 cm or 59 x 51 in.



Bandung, West Java Indonesia

Left: Aristocrat II Mixed media on canvas 125 x 85 cm or 49 x 33 in. Right Top: Wishful Thinking Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm or 39 x 39 in. Middle: Wishful Thinking IV Mixed media on canvas 100 x 100 cm or 39 x 39 in. Bottom: Wishful Thinking III Mixed media on canvas 100 x 200 cm or 39 x 78 in.

Email: Website:


Young Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Left: The Genesis of Intellect Acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 in. or 23 x 30 cm Right Top: Clown College Acrylic on canvas 23 x 19in. or 58 x 48 cm Middle: Queen of Thorns Acrylic on canvas 9 x 12 in. or 23 x 30 cm Bottom: Queen of Thorns Detail

TERESA YOUNG began drawing at a young age and moved from realistic work over the years, including portraiture, to a surrealistic style, and finally, into abstraction. With a wide range of experience to draw from, the artwork became an expression of emotional state and evolution. Teresa Young's style spans a range of surrealism and abstraction that allows emotions to be powerfully expressed visually. From one genre to the other, these pieces are 'emotional landscapes,’ meant to be interpreted by the viewer in a subjective fashion.

Email: Website:


Zachwieja-Powell Barboursville, WV United States

Pop-tart Suicide Digitally manipulated photograph 30 x 40 in. or 76 x 101 cm



echoes her internal environment through intense pigments within textural interactions. Pigments are raw, brash and non-apologetic. Fact and fantasy blend playfully together as if they were old friends. Whether it is collage, painting, or dancing within the digital medium, she indulges in layers. She embraces the simplistic nature of deconstructed imagery. She believes the more she deconstructs an image, she will eventually find its true form. Website:


Zhang Wuhan, China

Left: Waste Painting Oil on canvas 50 x 65 cm or 20 x 25 in. Right Top: These Days No.15 Oil on canvas 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in. Bottom: Waiting.Waiting Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm or 40 x 31 in.

FAN ZHANG was born in China in 1973 and graduated from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1998. Zhang has exhibited in the United States and the United Kingdom and his works are included in the Featured Artists and other international art publications. He also has published an individual collection of his works These Days. Fan Zhang lives and works in Wuhan, China. About the Works These days there are a lot of problems, flies in the fly, life in the withered bloom, incompetence and lack of power. The right to waste the rest of the time, everyone will go to another place. Waiting Waiting, the life is finally dies, the pain will never end‌

Email: Website:



Koudum, Netherlands

Left: Vertical City Acrylic and bamboo on canvas 100 x 120 cm or 39 x 47 in. Right Top: The Old City Acrylic and bamboo on canvas 200 x 150 cm or 79 x 59 in. Bottom: Composition in Red and Black 120 x 40 cm or 47 x 16 in.



was born in Utrecht in 1940. He has had fourteen solo shows and participated in twenty-three group exhibits. Zorn means for the discovery of individual freedom. He creates an autonomous world of medium, form and colour, in which spatial experiences are combined with physical presence. “The mostly used bamboo causes a play of light and shadow and changes color and shape. Everything hinges on an ultimate combination of simplicity, balance, visual tension, and the creation of space and harmony.

Email: Website:


Sculpture, Installation & Mixed Media


Case-Pilote, Martinique, FrenchWest Indies

Cosmic Twins Mixed media on panel 55 x 54 x 6 cm or 22 x 20 x 2.3 in.



was born in 1966 in Guadeloupe, France (French West Indies.) He lived in Paris and worked as a technical sales agent specializing in groups and travel brochure design for several years until in 1996 he decided to devote his life to painting and sculpture. Fazian has since exhibited his works in numerous solo and groups shows in France, the United States, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Quotes from Articles About Thierry Fazian’s Work: “.. A strong artistic streak, a universal themes, but also inked a geographical reality in which he lives, the work of Thierry Fazian captivates the eye and invites the questioning of the beholder. Since his early work demonstrating a link with the surrealist movement in the late 90s and early 2000, the artist has evolved into a symbolic existentialist combining figurative and abstract, solid color and relief, all in an originality that will not escape the contemporary art gallery wit wich he worked in NewYork continuosly for over six years.” Email: Website: Tel: 596 596 52 16 94




Biomechanical Dreams Mixed media on panel 39 x 16 x 2 in. or 99 x 41 x 5 cm


Hora Pittsburgh, PA United States

Doppelganger: Chapter I Multi-media installation

FUMINO HORA was born and educated in Tokyo, Japan. She moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2006 after living and working as an artist in Hong Kong for thirteen years. She has obtained a BFA and a MFA at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently a candidate for a Doctor of Fine Arts degree with RMIT University. She is a multi-media artist, and her current artistic theme is 'The Japanese aesthetic ideals and the expression of the human condition through Zen art'. Her works have been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally.

Email: Website:


Igora Redwood Park, SA Australia

Top Left: Sea Foam. Fragment of a Woman’s cape Felt and silk 75 cm or 30 in. radius and Detail Bottom: Peacock garden. Children's cape. Felt Details

IGORA (L U C Y N A O P A L A) attributes the admiration and success of her work to a lifelong passion for nature and fine arts. Much of what can be seen in Igora’s felt designs stems from her childhood living in Poland; folk colours, first loves and rich, unspoilt flora. Lucyna’s embrace of Australia also echoes in her unique pieces which capture the beauty of the outback, painted deserts and turquoise oceans teeming with underwater inhabitants. It is this cultural courtship that not only creates striking and wearable art, but places Igora on an artistic platform all on her own.

Email: Website: Tel.: 618-82633383


Kasper Sandy Point, Victoria Australia

Symphony Corten steel and fused glass 87 x 47 x 15 in. or 221 x 119 x 38 cm and details



was born in 1966, in Melbourne, Victoria. Based at Wilsons Promontory amongst the rawness of nature. Kasper’s surroundings are portrayed through his sculptures. Clean lines and contemporary in design Andrew works to hold the viewers attention to evoke their imagination. Steel sculptures which are not limited to the outdoor space but also sculptural designs for the indoors. When asked what thought process is involved within the design Kasper reveals that his environment provides him the peacefulness to concentrate on his work and open his mind to design concepts where the initial foundations are formed. Working with steel Andrew’s sculptures are created by adding and subtracting components to create flow and balance, ultimately giving each piece its unique, individual character. Kasper’s work is represented in corporate and private collections Australia wide.

Email: Website: Tel.: +61 407 368 538, +61 3 5684 1123




Harmony Corten steel 87 x 24 x 12 in. or 221 x 61 x 30 cm


McCoy Boston, MA United States

Left: The Day Dreamer


Mixed media assemblage Right Top: The Day Dreamer detail


Bottom: Detail from Psychiatrist Mixed media assemblage


(Jonny McCoy) with his in depth psychological studies and his ambitious sense of adventure, is perilously pushing for new creative paths and new ways to convey the conscious and the subconscious. Married, with three beautiful kids and currently living in the Boston area, McCoy has a great love for history, culture, and travel, living always in the moment. Working with drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, metal craft, photography, poetry and design, McCoy senses no boundaries. In 2008, his wife signed him up for a show and a year later, McCoy had his breakthrough in the art world with several exhibitions across the United States and his first inclusion in an international publication. McCoy’s personal life story is very interesting. After two years of studying at an art school, he got expelled and destroyed moslty all of his works. His troubled childhood had turned into a lot of psychological struggles, drug and alcohol problems. But, his marriage and the birth of his first daughter in 1998, followed by the birth of his two other children, changed his life. McCoy continued to pursue art and studied with many artists, working his way through metal crafts and fabrication. He later joined the Iron workers Union of Boston and attended school for steel erection and welding certifications. At the same time, he was working towards starting his own custom metal crafts business, producing furniture, signs and hand forged roses. McCoy’s works belong to private and museum collections. Email: Website:


Meeker Blacksburg, VA United States

Right: Steppin’ Out Flamed copper and paint Each panel 11 x 60 x 2 in. or 28 x 152 x 5 cm Left Top: Detail from Sockeye Salmon Flamed copper and paint 48 x 15 x 2 in. or 122 x 38 x 5 cm Middle and Right: Details from Lizard of the Earthsea Flamed copper and paint 60 x 15 x 2 in. or 152 x 38 x 5 cm

DARCY Her commissions include a large public sculpture for General Electric in Schenectady, NY, one for the Luther Memorial Lutheran Church in Blacksburg, Va., and other sculptures for private homes coast to coast. Meeker has had one-person shows in five colleges and galleries in North Carolina, Washington, DC, Virginia, Oregon and Tennessee . She has been in invitationals and juried shows in Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, South Carolina, Arizona and North Carolina. Meeker has taught stone-carving at the Vermont Carving Studio,and founded a stone-carving group in Blacksburg, VA, that has an ever-expanding exhibit schedule, Her own stone-carving teachers include Bob Lockhart of Louisville, KY, Hanneke Zwart of The Netherlands, and the late Bernard Matemera of Zimbabwe. She has also studied art at the New School in New York City, at the University of Florida in Gainesville, at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, at the Studio School in Roanoke, VA, and at Virginia Tech.


tools copper (from earrings to 38-foot wall work), creates sculpture in stone, clay, silk, aluminum, and, well, pretty much anything she can get her hands on, and paints, collages and prints on a variety of materials with the same wide-ranging enthusiasm.

Email: Website: Tel.: 540-449-4291


Nasjleti Cordoba, Argentina

Left: Distress (Thoughts Make up for Prayer; despite Body Activity, Certain Moments Compel Soul Down on Its Knees) Oil on canvas 93 x 110 cm or 37 x 43 in. Right Top Triumph (There Is No Rule to Success; in fact ,Theories Collapse While Everything Submits Both to Chance and Forbearance) Oil on canvas 85 x 100 cm or 33 x 39 in. and Detail



was born in 1952 in Buenos Aires and moved to Cordoba, Argentina in 1965. In 1970 she entered the Fine Arts Department of the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, but due to personal reasons, never managed to graduate. However in 1985, Nasjleti undertook painting again, as a means of creative expression. Mainly a self-taught artist, Particia displays a delicate and masterful care for hyper-realism. She has participated in international group and solo exhibitis in Argentina, Uruguay, Panama and the United States. “ Dot, line, smudges nonetheless, rather than a grotesque approach upon reality towards a creative purpose, comprise otherwise protracted strokes in order to disclose subtle dreams, fantasy, a mystery should you prefer; starting up from diversity in matter and chaos found in multiplicity devoid of meaning. As in any specular reflection, it is retrieved beyond silica and quicksilver and the eye is puzzled thus by the eidetic image it yields: if actually casting out the viewer’s bewilderment or rather someone else is lackadaisical looking back on…”

Email: Website:


Rogers Los Angeles, CA United States

Left: Drain It Dry (Global Visions Series) Mixed media assemblage 12 x 26 x 10 in.. or 30 x 66 x 25 cm Right: We Cover the Earth (Global Visions Series) Mixed media assemblage 12 x 21 x 12 in. or 30 x 53 x 30 cm

CYNTHIA ROGERS is a California based artist who engenders found objects with imaginative identities.She received her Masters in Art in 2005, Summa Cum Laude. In her poetic assemblages, the viewer is invited to explore and discover meaningful relationships to contemporary themes. Her series, ‘Global Visions,’ was inspired by geo-socio-political events of consumption, abuse and neglect. Rogers creates award winning mixed media art and has exhibited in notable Los Angeles and national galleries, museums and international juried shows.

Email: Website:


Richardson Queensland, Australia

My Cinderela Myth Acrylic sheet 55 x 53 in. or 140 x 143 cm

MARIA RICHARDSON completed her diploma of Visual Art with Distinction at the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE, majoring in sculpture in 2007. She has a consistent exhibition history both in Australia and the US, participating in 15 group exhibitions and three solo exhibitions between 2006 and 2009. Her work is found in public and private collections. Richardson’s work focuses on social issues, the human condition and the individual’s relationship to society from a feminine and feminist standpoint. It questions stereotypes and challenges societal assumptions.Her most recent bodies of work utilise the medium of clear acrylic sheet as a way of highlighting issues that are treated as invisible. Wordplay and humour are integral elements in her work.

Email: Website:


The eldest of six children, her sculptural leanings stem from childhood observations of her mother satisfying her own creative urges with odds and ends from the “useful box” and encouraging her children to do the same. The limited materials on offer, a fact of life due to budgetary constraints, facilitated a fascination with using objects and materials in non-traditional ways. This remains an important part of her aesthetic.


My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Housework Acrylic sheet, and plastic tubing 71 x 35 x 16 in. or 180 x 90 x 40 cm


Roach Pasadena, CA United States

Top: Untitled A Mixed media collage 32 x 21 in. or 81 x 53 cm Bottom Left and Right: Details from Unittled A

WENDY ROACH was born in 1938, in the United States and came from a family of German immigrants. Her grandfather, a photoengraver lived in New York and worked for the Hearst newspaper. Roach, attended the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. Today she lives and works in Pasadena, California. “I explore through process and imagination. I have never copied from anyone. My influences came from New York in the 60`s. Staining and color field painting, a very important time period. I have innovated collage as my medium.�

Email: Website:



Top: Untitled C Mixed media collage 24 x 33 in. or 61 x 84 cm Bottom Left and Right: Details from Untitled C



Key Biscayne, FL United States

Aqua III Cast Bronze 62 x 25 x 48 cm or 24 x 19 x 10 in.

CAROLINA ROJAS was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1967 and graduated from with an Industrial Design degree from IUAJS. Her work has been included in several international group and solo exhibits in several cities in Venezuela and the United States.

Email: Website:


Russo Rome, Italy

Left: Obsession Resin and glass 60 x 19 x 27 cm or 24 x 8 10 in. Right Top: The Dancer Resin, pigment and flowers 85 x 40 x 29 cm or 33 x 16 x 11 in. Bottom: Grace Resin 57 x 17 x 13 cm or 22 x 7 x 13 in.

LINA RUSSO was born in Foggia, Italy and currently resides in Rome where she has lived for over twenty years. She has always carried herself with the determination to shape her own destiny and to live in harmony, free from external conditioning elements. It is this artist’s extraordinary personality that emerges most strongly in her works, from her penetrating gaze to her fickle smile, always ready to flash into action in the face of life’s sudden adversities. Russo’s love of life, her notorious contradictions, her soul grappling with the harsh problems of everyday life, the role of eros and sex are all present in her work. She strives to represent work that upholds tradition against the modern condition of man which catapulted into an age of globalized communication, of insistent messages and all the subliminal consequences they bring Email: Website:


Shestik Karmiel, Israel

Right: Love and Unity Y Cast Bronze 104 x 60 cm or 41 x 23 in. Right: Dancing Bird Cast bronze 38 x 48 cm or 15 x 19 in.



was born in the Ukraine and emigrated to Israel in 1973. From 1979 until 1981 he studied Graphics in Haifa, where he graduated with a degree in Graphic Desing and in 1982 continued his art studies until 1985 in a Visual Art school in Beer- Sheva. In 1985, he was qualified as a Senior Art Instructor. In 1995, after completing teaching courses, he received an art teacher diploma. He worked as Senior Art instructor and Art teacher for many years. Since 1980,he has personal and group art exhibitions In Israel ,Italy and in USA . Where he exhibiting Sculpture. Paintings and Digital Art . “I believe in crearing art , the artist has to keep in touch with humanistic, univeral values. Love is more important than materiality. In my artwork I embody my feelings and ideas, giving them a kind of energy that may have positive influence on the soul and mind of other people. � Email: Website: Tel.: +972 4 9983156


Uyehara Los Angeles, CA United States

Torso I Clay 24 x 12 x 8 in. or 61 x 30 x 20 cm

PAUL UYEHARA has been a well known sculptor and painter in the Los Angeles art scene since the 1960s. He studied at Chouinard Art School and Otis Art Institute. Most recently, he has been mentored by abstract painter Bonita Helmer. His works have been exhibited across the United States and in Europe. He has been married to artist, Elizabeth Maltbie Uyehara since 1975, enjoying a long and devoted marriage, filled with photography, sculpture, drawing and painting. “My early works were infused with skills, developed as a draftsman and honed through years of life drawing and sculpting. I focused on the literal beauty of the human form. For years, I have been fascinated by Goya’s compositions. I returned to them to study their energy and movement and to translate these into modern idioms. In my series "Deconstructions," I set these pieces free of all reference to subject matter, while adding vivid, often primary colors to black and white compositions, to re-imagine and reinterpret Goya's concepts in purely abstract terms. The joy of color in their purest forms has become my current focus and allows for the freedom of interpretation by any viewer.” Email: Website:


Siwmark Bjärred, Sweden

Nemo I

Stoneware and metal

22 x 17 x 25 cm or 9 x 7 x 10 in.

PER SIWMARK was born in 1948 and lives in southern Sweden. He is self-taught, but has made a great impression on the art lovers who seek the latest trends in art. His unique and amazing sculptures will leave no one untouched. “The reason I work mainly with heads is my fascination with all the feelings we have and the thoughts we think. Our feelings and thoughts are often reflected in our presence, and especially in our facial expressions. My interest in ancient Greek and Roman culture is also reflected in my work. It is a wonderful dream journey. A journey where the destination is unknown. Likely it will be somewhere in the Roman ancient history or mythology. I always start creating my works with an open mind and giving voice to my soul and inner being. I am trying to channel light and vital energy. Not caged and confined by the limits of form and design. Even the final touch of colors is unnatural, indicating that sometimes this is not a depiction from life but rather the report of a dream or hallucination. In an attempt to summarize my art I would say; Ancient influences meet modern design.” Email: Website:, Tel.: +46761252579



Gallienus Stoneware and metal 23 x 17 x 35 cm or 9 x 7 x 14 in.


Vanderlinde Portland, OR United States

Left: Bay Stacking Casting resin and acrylic paint 30 in. or 76 cm high

JERRY VANDERLINDE was born and raised in the Willamette valley, in Portland Oregon. “ I had no choice but to become a visual artist. College poured ancient dogmas from professors who made copies of themselves and if not, they took my ideas, leaving me confused. For two years after my MFA, I painted 114 pastels purging all that I had been taught and began the search for my unique and very personal voice. I knew that I would have to reinvent art for myself if I would recover my truth. My work is gentle and colorful, but with a sense of nostalgia remembering the long lost forever.�

Email: Website:



Comet at Rest Casting resin and acrylic paint 32 x 26 x 8 in. or 82 x 66 x 20 cm and details



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Left: Before a Burnt Altar Documentation of installation at a cathedral in Amsterdam. Linoleum sculptures photographed on location. Right Top: City Flag  Linoleum cut in optima forma 220 x 90 cm or 87 x 35 in. Bottom: Folded Flag linoleum cut in Optima Forma 220 x 90 cm or 87 x 35 in.



was born in Israel and studied graphic arts in Amsterdam where she now lives and works. She has both exhibited and been awarded as an innovative graphic artist and cartoonist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Belgium and the USA since the 1980s. The progression of her technique has resulted in an acclaimed style of graphic print that begins with a lino cut. Far from stopping at the traditional lino print, however, Zussman allows the lino image to redefine itself in relation to black-and-white elements, reverse imaging, overlay, color print image carriers and even sculpturally inclusive of the cut-out lino plate itself. This convoluting and combining of elements conjoins art and artifact in an inseparable embrace that presents an altogether unique face to the viewer. In an almost MacLuhanesque sense then, for Billha Zussman, her medium has in a very literally way become an intrinsic part of her message; and both her art and the viewer are enriched in the process.

Email: Website: Tel.: +31 20-6736103




Top and Bottom Left: Departure Bottom Middle and Right: Before a Burnt Altar All images : Documentation of installation at a cathedral in Amsterdam. Linoleum sculptures photographed on location.


Van Gimst Wechelderzande, Antwerp Belgium

Left: Setting: Hand-drill Oil on panel 35 x 70 cm or 14 x 27 in. Right Top Setting: Bottles Brown Yellow Oil on panel 30 x 30 cm or 12 x 12 in. Bottom: Setting: Waterpaint Oil on panel 30 x 30 cm or 12 x 12 in.



“Art has always been my passion. It takes practice and patience to be a full time artist . I love oil painting and want to show the beauty of the ordinary, of the forgotten. Beauty is hidden in everything, you only have to see it. I prefer working with things lived, used, rusted, broken, since it is these things that make the greatest challenge. A broken piece of glass, old paint, photographs. There things painting correctly are given a new life, a new dimension. If I can seduce the viewer, is this not the intention of making art? The audience provided that he or she takes the time to stand still. My way of working is to display the character of the object as faithfully as possible. ‘’

Email: Website: Tel: +32 (0) 32251552


Digital Art, Photography, Video & Mixed Media

Akel Santiago, Chile

Madonna Digital painting 125 x 100 cm or 49 x 39 in.

MARIA EUGENIA AKEL obtained her BA in Architecture from the University of Chile and is now working as a designer. She has participated in several art workshops and taken art classes in schools including the Pentiment School of Experimental Art in Hamburg, Germany, a workshop of Michael Styl in Málaga, Spain, and several art seminars at the Catholic University of Chile, and University Adolfo Ibáñez in Santiago, Chile. Akel studied art for two years with Eugenio Dittborn. Her work has been showcased in a number of solo and group exhibits in countries including Chile, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Argentina and the United States.

Email: Website:


Balestra Trieste, Italy

Techno Site Specific Microsoft ®Excel® drawing printed on canvas Unique edition 1/1 115 x 140 cm or 45 x 55 in

SILVIO BALESTRA was born in December 3rd, 1969 in Trieste , where he still lives and works. He studied science and finance at the local university. Balestra has always loved photography and although primarily self-taught he has always had the support and received feedback from friends that are professional photographer. Balestra has been devoted to researching the history of abstract and conceptual photography for many years. Interestingly he employs Microsoft Excel ®, a data processing application to create graphix. His goal is to create paintings through digital graphics, which he calls “mouse-painting.” His works have been included in several solo and group international exhibits in Italy, Germany, and Canada. In 2010, he was selected as the winner of several art awards for his digital graphics and photos.

Email: Website: Tel: +39 339 25 333 24


Balestra Trieste, Italy

Left: Informale 21 Microsoft 速Excel速 drawingprinted on canvas Unique edition 1/1 200 x 121 cm or 79 x 48 in. Right: Informale 21 Microsoft 速Excel速 drawing printed on canvas Unique edition 1/1 200 x 98 cm or 79 x 38 in.



Top: Labirintite Microsoft 速Excel速 drawing mounted on lightbox Unique edition 1/1 148 x 125 cm or 58 x 49 in. Bottom: Informale 21 Segnico Microsoft 速Excel速 drawing printed on canvas Unique edition 1/1 169 x 145 cm or 66 x 57 in.

Email: Website: Tel: +39 339 25 333 24


Bjerkli Larvik, Norway

Top: Fly to the Moon Digital photograph 50 x 70 cm or 20 x 27 in. Bottom: Kaos Digital photograph 150 x 50 cm or 59 x 20 in.

M Y R I A M H. B J E R K L I was born in Norway in 196. She is working as an author, saleswoman, freelance-journalist and photograph. She has been photographing for 30 years, fascinated by bright colors and small details. Bjerkli has participated in a number of solo and group international exhibits in Norway, Germany, Italy and the United States. “The beauty in life is anywhere around us. A colourful stone, a child smiling, a flower growing through the asphalt, two eyes captured in a mirror… In a hectic daily life, my camera open my eyes, and make me able to save this wonderful moments. That’s why I love taking photos.”

Email: Website:


M Y R I A M H. B J E R K L I

Top: Trapped Ice I Digitally manipulated photograph 50 x 70 cm or 20 x 27 in. Bottom Left: Trapped Ice II Digitally manipulated photograph Bottom Right: Brigde Over Silent Water Digitally manipulated photograph 50 x 70 cm or 20 x 27 in.


Briffa Melbourne, Australia

Top: Delicate Black Digital photograph on canvas 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in. Bottom: Crystal Motion Digital photograph on canvas 70 x 50 cm or 27 x 20 in.

LUKE BRIFFA was brought up in Melbourne Australia and began exploring photography at a very young age. Today he travels and works as a freelance photographer. “From my previous exhibitions, there has been a strong influence of bold colours with original patterns and textures from mundane objects. Most of this showcase was composed under studio lighting, with the ability to control the luminosity to form the abstracts. My current goal is to produce abstracts in the natural environment with the challenge of using the available light. The viewer’s engagement has always been an interesting approach to my line of work. Their own interpretation has been rather refreshing with many creative insights. It seems the viewer is intrigued with the subject matter, which always keeps them keen and coming back for more.” Email: Website :



New York City, NY United States

Yoshida III Digital photograph Print dimensions may vary



New York City, NY United States

Vanessa Digital photograph Print dimensions may vary



studied fine art and photography in Birmingham, England where she was born. Her work has appeared in several magazines. Her first documentary film 'Jamaica Jamaica' was nominated for Best Documentary Director, Best Cinematography and Best Documentary Short at the International filmmaker festival of World Cinema and won Best Documentary Director. "Being attracted to and wanting to learn the technical side of creating characters and storytelling on film, I set out to get as much experience as I could, in costume and production design and hair and make up. I put my whole experience into my photography and film work and I find that I prefer to conduct my photo shoots as I do my film shoots, an exposition in print.�

Email: Website:




Top: Vanessa II Digital photograph Bottom Left: Vanessa III Digital photograph Right: Yoshida Digital photograph Print dimensions may vary



New York City, NY United States

Trio Digital photograph Print dimensions may vary




Carla Digital photograph Print dimension may vary



New York City, NY United States

Golden Fractal, Hidden Treasures (From the Series ‘Down to the Mellow Netherland’) Museum quality archival digital print 15 x 15 in. or 38 x 38 cm

TEIKO DEWA Specialty Photography at the International Center of Photography in NYC. Gelatin Silver, Platinum-Palladium and other Alternative process in precise skills, and Digital. Worked with brilliant photographers and artists. Main theme is the transformation of life energy and invisible airs through image. Exhibits internationally, in Europe, the United States and Japan. Included as The Permanent Collection of Bibliothéque Nationale de France in Paris. Loves breathing delights, continuous modulations, humming, serenity and pleasure with Liquids.

Email: Website:


Eulàlia Barcelona, Spain

PRUDENTIA Digital collage on canvas 90 x 68 cm or 35 x 27 in.

EULÀLIA Attached to her Catalonia natal, Eulàlia has chosen to immortalise the ancestral traditions that made the rhythm of the villagers life in former times. Gòsol, where Picasso stayed in 1906, is situated not far away from Lerida, a landscape surrounded with mountains and plains, an agricultural country. The inhabitants find anew the doings of yester-years the sowing, the harvest, but also for the folks festivities and the meals which gather together neighbouring and relatives that has come to help for the farmhouse works. Eulàlia bring her contemporary image treatment technique to review the traditional photos to bestow them a new and modern actuality. Eulàlia proves how the artist inside a coherent steps imprint of tradition and modernity, becomes a transmitter of the memory and history. “ Design and cinema mark my artform outset and as of 1973, I became involved with collage. Arriving in Barcelona, after fifteen years of living in Berlin and Bejing, I became with collage and mass-media, representing Catalan folk traditions and festivities. In order to make my art available to a wider public, I employ the internet as a new channel of communication, different from the art galleries. I mainly work with Adobe Photoshop and Flash to produce my digital collages.” Email: Website Tel.: 0034659678744


EulĂ lia Barcelona, Spain

Ou Com Balla Digital collage on canvas 90 x 53 cm or 35 x 21 in.



Tot Fent Cami Digital collage on canvas 90 x 53 cm or 35 x 21 in.

Email: Website Tel.: 0034659678744


Firestone Santa Barbara, CA United States

Colorful Cities Green Archival canvas print 36 x 27 in. or 91 x 68 cm

R. W. F I R E S T O N E was born in 1930 and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He has created a large body of work in several media over the past five decades. R.W. Firestone’s works are found in numerous private and corporate collections and he has an extensive solo and group show history. “Faced with the existential reality of aloneness, sickness, aging and one’s eventual death, man can choose to close off emotionally, desensitize himself and depersonalize, or choose to give value and meaning to life. As a clinical psychologist, author and psychotherapist, I have devoted myself to helping people face their personal demons, know themselves and triumph over their psychological pain and suffering. As an artist, I have attempted to live a creative life, searching and striving for meaning and beauty. Working with the computer as a creative instrument, I have attempted to invent something feelingful, sensitive and beautiful out of an unfeeling machine. The computer, like all of man’s technological achievements, has been used for both good and evil machinations. Life and creativity are the antithesis of cynicism and despair. Intimidated by the issue of death and dying, we often turn our backs on life and feeling but instead we could choose to embrace life. We are, each one of us, fragile and helpless, and are therefore all brothers. Ideally, that would imply empathy, tolerance and generosity toward our fellows. I live and share life closely with a multitude of people and try to exemplify a sense of love, enlightenment and joy in being and becoming. My art and my insights into life are a very personal offering to others, a simple sharing of my feelings and perceptions. In my artistic productions, I utilize a variety of images, impressions and approaches to address the fullness and complexity of my experience. In all of my work, I try to blend color and composition into an enjoyable visual adventure. My artistic endeavors are characterized by the use of a variety of vivid and vibrant colors. Colors are important because they symbolize our feelings and emotions. As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, I have helped countless people to challenge their psychological defenses and achieve close, loving relationships. Facing up to their anxieties and confronting their personal demons allowed them to recover their deepest feelings and become more fully alive. As an artist, I wish to inspire a deep feeling for people as well as an appreciation for aesthetics. In both fields, I aspire to make an important contribution to people’s appreciation of life and personal fulfillment.” Email: Website:


R . W. F I R E S T O N E

Top: Civilization Archival canvas print 36 x 27 in. or 91 x 68 cm Bottom: Civilization II Archival canvas print 40 x 28 in. or 102 x 71 cm


Firestone Santa Barbara, CA United States

Man and a Woman Archival canvas print 18 x 24 in. or 46 x 61 cm


R . W. F I R E S T O N E

Communication Archival canvas print 17 x 24 in. or 43 x 61 cm


Frenette Québec, Canada

Top: Opening Dream 3-20 Color photograph 50 x 40 cm or 20 x 16 in. Bottom Left: Opening Dream 3-22 Color Photograph 50 x 40 cm or 20 x 16 in. Right: Opening Dream 3-09 Color Photograph 50 x 40 cm or 20 x 16 in.

ANNABELLE FRENETTE studied photography at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Quebec. In 1999, she undertook a photographic research on the transformation and representation of reality. She is doing researches in actual photography. In 2000, she moved to Paris and held her first exhibition at the 19th District City Hall. She stay in Madrid between 2005-2006 and in London in 2007. In 2008 her works began to be auctioned. In 2009 she founded the Group of photographers, an international group working on non-anecdotal photography and research. Her work is part of the permanent exhibitions Galerie De Visu in France. She figures in the Drouot quotation’s dictionaries. Some of her pictures can also be found as part of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France’s collection, as well as in some private collections both in Europe and in America. Website:


“My photographs express perceptions, as in dreams, often unreal, supra sensible, or surreal. At times, they are my vision of a different world, more marvellous and uncanny. I am profoundly touched by nature and bodies. Photographing is for me like stopping time, looking at it and allowing me to be filled by what I see, while still questioning myself and allowing myself a second chance, a second look at things. A different perspective that permits me to see things differently; flowing with the transience, transformation and symbols of things.”

Heim Wolfurt, Austria

Top and Bottom Left an Right: Michaela II, III and IV Digital Images Dimensions may vary


S. H E I M

was born 1962 in Bregenz, Austria where he still lives today with his wife. Heim is a member of the international artists' group "Gruppe 30". He has worked in the arts and as a photographer since 1977. Heim has been awarded several competitive awards and participated in international exhibits in Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and China. His photography is highly influenced by painting and Heim has actually added an "S." to his name as he says "in honor of one of the greatest geniuses ever, Salvadore Dali."

Email: Website:


Herring Des Moines, IA United States

Top: Yellow Boat in the Canal Bottom: Yellow Boat in the Bosphorus All images: Digital photohraphs Print dimensions may vary

VICTORIA HERRING is a civil rights and discrimination lawyer who lives and works in Des Moines, Iowa. “In that career, I have always tried to be creative to benefit my clients. That same creative urge is behind my photography. I have been fortunate and traveled to many countries and tried to record images of life in each place. I want to share how people work and play or capture the abstract images or scenery of a place. I am fascinated with architecture, patterns, line and color, vistas and landscapes, and try to see and capture something beyond a typical picture of them. I am still in the early portion of what I hope will be an increasingly professional development of my talents and artistic taste.�

Email: Website: Tel.: +515 255 4475



Left: Grasses in Rehobeth Beach Digital photohraph 12 x 16 in. or 30 x 41 cm Top: Red Cart, Iowa State Fair Digital photgraph 9 x 12 in. or 23 x 30 cm Middle and Bottom: Bottles in Venice (Colorized and Quartered) Digital photohraph each 12 x 24 in. or 30 x 61 in.



Staten Island, NY United States

Top: Splendid Reflection Digital painting on canvas 20 x 29 in. or 51 x 74 cm Bottom Left: Conceived Life Digital painting on canvas 20 x 20 in. or 51 x 51 cm Right: The Extra Perception Digital painting on canvas 20 x 20 in or 51 x 51 cm

MAE JEON was born in Korea and received her Bachelor’s Degree and MFA in graphic design from Hong- Ik University in Seoul, Korea. Since graduating, she has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in Tokyo, Seoul and in New York. She immigrated to the United States in 1976 and has lived in New York since 1977. Jeon began creating personal artwork using floral subjects and exhibiting her work in local galleries in the early 2000s. Since then, her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows, galleries, museums, and art fairs, including the 2005 Florence Biennale in Italy and the 2007, 2008 New York ArtExpo. “Since the beginning of my career in fine art, my main focus has been the creation of floral art which depicts the mind and emotions utilizing digital technology. My artwork is a combination of intuition and discovery within the emotional and spiritual recollection of my life experiences. I use floral subjects to express the state of mind and emotion because I find that the frailty of flowers and the frailty of my own emotions are very similar. I often find an inspiration for a new idea through my journey in the digital environment by experimenting with digital painting tools or exploring image making software. I feel an interactive bond when using the digital medium and find that the creative possibilities are limitless. It is my pleasure to share what I have found in my creative journey, and I hope my artwork can inspire hope and joy to the viewer..” Email: Website:




Left: Preserved Beauty Digital painting on canvas 24 x 20 in. or 61 x 51 cm Right Top: Mother’s Heart Digital painting on canvas 24 x 18 in. or 61 x 46 cm Bottom: Bouncing Promise Digital painting on canvas 20 x 16 in. or 51 x 40 cm


K-soul Switzerland

Top: Jardin Cosmique - Dynagram Holoklinetic light painting

Website: Email:


Bottom: Jardin Cosmique - MIR Holokinetic light jewel


Top: Jardin Cosmique - Aqualith Holokinetic light sculpture Bottom: Jardin Cosmique - Dynagram Holokinetic light painting Installation shot and detail



Maida Vale, WA Australia

Top: Maori Little Girl II Digital photograph Print dimensions may vary Bottom: Mother with Child Digital photograph Print dimensions may vary



is a professional photographer based in Perth, Australia, specialising in black and white photography, creative portraits and landscapes. He started his photographic journey in his home country of Serbia where he established his first wet darkroom and spent many hours of development. In early years influenced by great photography masters such as Ansel Adams, Andre Kertesz he continued to follow up with the modern trends and techniques in the art of photography and apply his unique vision and style to everyday life situations. Laslo is also a member of NAVA (National Institute of Visual Arts Association) and Emerging Member of AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) in Australia. Email: Website: Tel.: +61 401 303 333



Left Top: Rhapsody of the Seas Bottom: Detail from Maori Little Girl IV Right Top: Maori Child Bottom: Maori Mother with Child All Images: Digital photographs Print dimensions may vary


Kornacki Martinsburg, WV United States

Grand Central Photograph 11 x 14 in. or 28 x 35 cm

B A R R Y S. K O R N A C K I “My involvement with black and white photography started when I was in High school and continued with my military service, where I was fortunate enough to become a Photographer’s Mate in the Navy. There I had the opportunity to work in a variety of formats in both black and white and color. I like the fact that black and white negatives retain their sharpness of image for such a great length of time. My photographs are the manifestation of my curiosity for the world around me and the process of producing an image through photography. I like to wander with my camera to see what I can see and capture moments to make images that tickle my nervous system. The traditional darkroom has now been replaced by a computer, a scanner and a printer with the applicable software to create my pictures. Developing a roll of film is always fun for me because it is like opening a gift to see what I’ve gotten for myself. Some of these gifts are the kind that you want to share and the others you learn from your attempt and then you try again. I hope that viewing my pictures brings you as much pleasure as it brings me to make them.” Email: Website:


Kwon Seoul, South Korea

Top: Phantom Pigment print on cotton paper 106 x 73 cm or 42 x 29 in. Bottom: Voyage Pigment print on cotton paper 75 x 30 cm or 29 x 12 in.

JOOAHN KWON was born in Seoul, S. Korea (b. 1971~). Kwon has been acknowledged as a highly talented artist that her work has been collected at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. Kwon has been very well received internationally as well that Kwon has been accepted and invited to highly competitive international shows in New York, and many other places in the world. ‘Ideal world’ has been the theme of Kwon’s works. Zebra in Kwon’s paintings –the major thematic object of Kwon- symbolizes strong and various meanings including Korean traditions. Kwon received her B.F.A and M.F.A degrees in Painting at Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, S. Korea Email: Website: Tel.: +82 10 6248 0410


Macis Villacidro, Italy

Woman Digitally manipulated photography Print dimensions may vary

FABIO CONSTANTINO MACIS was born in Sardinia, Italy, where he still lives today. Keen about visual and performing arts, he was initially interested in investigating the reality with an eye, which had the capacity to give back to the world immaculate beauty. Little by little his camera pushed him to go beyond the realistic and to feel the urge to create more complex environments than the usual categories of time and space. The main motif in his work is now the human body. Flesh under the light, feelings and mysteries; everything still waiting to be investigated.

Email: Website:


Macovei Bucharest, Romania

Top: Aggressive Characters Digitally generated image prinited on canvas 93 x 97 cm or 37 x 38 in. Bottom Left: Characters Tender Digitally generated image prinited on canvas 93 x 97 cm or 37 x 38 in. Right: Music Performers Digitally generated image prinited on canvas 93 x 97 cm or 37 x 38 in.



worked 1968 and 2000 as a stage director at the State Hebrew Theatre in Bucharest. He illustrated many books poetry books published by Romanian and other international publishing houses. Macovei ‘s works have been included in several international solo and group exhibits in Romania and abroad and appeared in several publications, including PC Magazine, Beyond the Image, Beyond Words and others.




Vancouver, BC Canada

Left: Energy Digital photograph 9 x 14 in. or 23 x 35 cm


Right: Hypnotic Digital photograph 12 x 15 in. or 30 x 38 cm


“In 1991, in my early twenties, I was in a very serious accident. When I arrived at emergency the doctor said things were not looking too good. I had the possibility of losing my foot and ankle. I was in the hospital for weeks. After five years and several surgeries and heavy medications I was finally able to walk. I was told by specialists that I would not be able to do a lot of things that I was able to do before and my life would never be the same. From then until about 2005 I roamed the earth searching to find myself. In my spare time I started taking pictures with a point and shoot which caught the attention of friends and family. They thought my pictures were quite good, but I did not take their opinions very seriously. My other half decided to buy me a beginner’s class in photography for a gift. This is when I found my passion and love for photography. From here I went on to college educating myself in digital photography and lighting. As I continued this path people saw my talent. I was told by several people after viewing my images that I should pursue this as a career. In 2008 I did my first submission to a local Photography Gallery. My work was accepted. As I understood my camera more and more, my love and passion for photography grew until it consumed me. This passion has brought me to present my work to you!”

Email: Website:




Left: Addiction Digital art 11 x 17 in. or 28 x 43 cm Right Top: Reflection II Digital photograph 11 x 17 in. or 28 x 43 cm Bottom Left: Unchained Heart Digital photograph 14 x 21 in. or 35 x 53 cm Right: Exposed Digital art 16 x 20 in. or 41 x 50 cm


Orlando Churchville , PA United States

Island Driftwood Digital painting Print dimensions may vary

DENNIS ORLANDO was born in Philadelphia, PA in the 1950's and was trained as a fine artist and commercial graphic designer. He graduated from the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia and Bucks County College in Newtown, PA. During the 1970's and 80's, Orlando simultaneously pursued career paths in both the fine and commercial arts. In the late 1980's, while working as an art director for a marketing communications firm in PA, Dennis was responsible for setting up one of the east coasts first digital design studios. Having the capability to create advertising and design projects on the Apple platform with the use of first generation desktop Adobe software, an electronic revolution was about to take flight. As a fine artist, Orlando continued drawing and painting with traditional tools until 1991, when "CorelŽ Painter™" an innovative natural-media software was first introduced. With the amazing technological advances in personal computers and digital artist software, Orlando was inspired to spend the next twenty-plus years pioneering and perfecting the use of digital tools to create his fine art. As an international master of contemporary fine art, Dennis' award-winning paintings demonstrate, he is in control of the tools. For over twenty-years, Orlando's paintings have been exhibited in museums, galleries, online and published in over thirty books and dozens of magazines. Today in his Churchville, PA studio, Orlando works side-by-side with both his traditional and digital tools, and enjoys experimenting by combining the two while creating his inspirational original art. "I'm not a digital artist; I'm a traditionally trained artist, who knows how to use digital tools to create my fine art". Email: Website:



Top: Water Flowers Digital painting Print dimensions may vary Bottom: View of Monterey Bay Digital painting Print dimensions may vary


Panock New York City, NY United States

Top: Ice Sculpture II Digital photograph 21 x 14 in. or 53 x 35 cm Bottom Left: Ice Sculpture VI Digital photograph 21 x 14 in. or 53 x 35 cm Right: Ice Sculpture I Digital photograph 21 x 14 in. or 53 x 35 cm

BRUCE PANOCK has taken a number of courses at the International Center of of Photography, as well as several masters classes. He is represented by Xanadu Galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona and The Second Hanging, New York. Panock’s works belong to several private collections.

Email: Website:


“I became involved with photography more than ten years ago, as a way to add balance between my work life and my personal life. This hobby has migrated from a work life balance to a passion that I enjoy spending more time pursuing. My work is still in its early stages. I spend a good amount of time in museums and online, looking at the work of others in all mediums. My inspiration comes from how so many different people re-examine the work that has preceded theirs and how they have explored new ways of expressing themselves. I do not yet have a particular area of photography that takes most of my time. The evolution of my art continues. I shoot in both digital format and film. Much of the scenic work is taken in medium format using a Mamiya 645AF, with both black and white and color films. These images are then scanned into my computer for cropping and processing. I use a Nikon D2x for my digital work. My favorite camera is a Mamiya 6x7. It is great in low light situations. Though not as convenient as using a digital camera, it captures wonderful quality and is not as obvious as the digital camera when doing “street” work.”


Top: Prayer Summer Digital photograph 21 x 11 in. or 53 x 28 cm Bottom Left: Twisted Vines Digital photograph 13 x 20 in. or 33 x 51 cm Right: Wildflowers II Digital photograph 21 x 12 in. or 53 x 30 cm


Patching Ipswich, United Kingdom

Top left: Video still from The Resurrectionists, 2005 3 mins Right: Video still from Papa, 2007 1 min Bottom left: Video still from Salvation, 2007 4 min Right: Video still from Anaesthetic, 2004 3 mins

ARTHUR PATCHING graduated from Goldsmiths College of Art in 2002 and has lived and worked as a video artist in London, Rome, Montreal and Toronto. His work explores and questions the body objectified through medicine. The trust we place in medical practice- playing the role of the guinea pig, thereby evolving non-consensual human experimentation. The experimenter as the menace is unknown and often only seen gloved. The pieces play with ambiguity and are cold, clinical, uncanny and almost alien. He has exhibited internationally. Patching currently resides in Berlin and is seeking representation.

Email: Website:


Richards Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Top: City View Digital Photograph 44 x 66 in. or 112 x 168 cm Bottom: Smile Digital Photograph 44 x 66 in. or 112 x 168 cm

MICHELE RICHARDS Email: Website: Tel.: +613 327 8064


Petrash Miami, FL United States

Top: After Dinner Painting Bottom: Liliies Both Images: Digital art Print dimensions may vary

AMANDA PETRASH Email: Website:



Kaisou Digital art Print dimensions may vary


Petrash Miami, FL United States

Top: Fire and Ice Bottom: Solitaire Both Images: Digital art Print dimensions may vary

Email: Website:



Left: Entrance to Somewhere Right Top: Seagull Middle: Little Girl with Body Board Bottom: Little Boy with Body Board All Images: Digital art Print dimensions may vary


Ruby Itasca, IL United States

G-tar Digitally manipulated photograph and acrylic on canvas 20 x 20 in. or 51 x 51 cm

JOHN RUBY began his artistic career as a transparent watercolorist, an influence which is still very prevalent in his current work. After graduating college he worked as a digital photo retoucher and was introduced to Giclee prints. He experimented with this new medium, incorporating his traditional watercolors with digital technology to create pieces of art, the final product such that it could not be achieved by one medium alone. The artist goes through a multitude of steps in order to create his final works. Many of his works begin as watercolor paintings on surfaces such as paper, canvas, or metal. They are then photographed and altered digitally in Photoshop, many times having elements drawn or added to the watercolor base to finalize the composition. Once the piece is finished it is then printed on archival paper or canvas to be displayed much like a traditional painting. John Ruby’s work can be described as many things: Contemporary, abstract, surreal, colorful, eclectic. He is able to successfully combine many vastly different forms of art to create a unique and revolutionary whole. To label Mr. Ruby’s work as mixed media would simply be an understatement.

Email: Website:


Sobke Berlin, Germany

Top: Bridge with Blue Dogs Digital art Bottom: Dog and mussel Digital art

CHRISTEL SOBKE was born in Paderborn, Germany as Christel Schneider and was raised in Gelsenkirchen. From 1952 she received private lessons in architectural and realistic drawing. She is married to Berndt Sobke with whom she has two children. Sobke has an impressive resume, having parcipated in more than fifty solo and group international exhibits in Germany, Costa Rica, the United States, England, Canada, Italy, Turkey, and Holland. Her work has been included in more than twenty publications.

Email: Website:



Winlaw, BC Canada

Top: The Country Road Photograph (Bromoil) 10 x 13 in or 25 x 33 cm

FRANTISEK STROUHAL was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia in a family of painters and artists. His interest in art has always been focused on the traditional and classical painters. Primarily self-taught he learned the photographic and printing craft through the study of many renowned photographers. While exploring the boundaries of the photographic medium his artistic nature developed a strong appeal towards the alternative processes called Bromoil and Oil Printing. These processes allowed him to find satisfaction in techniques that gave him complete control over the final print. His choices of brush, paper, texture and lithographic inks determine the quality of his images. Minutes, hours, and days of hand labor applying layers of ink to create the desired image as per his vision indicate his personal dedication to the work of art.

Email: Website: Tel.: +250 226 0018



The Dancing Plum Photograph (Bromoil) 10 x 13 in. or 25 x 33 cm



Winlaw, BC Canada

Top: Yellow Delicacy Photograph printed on archival paper 16 x 20 in. or 41 x 51 cm Bottom: Idaho Peak Photograph printed on canvas 20 x 24 in. or 51 x 61 cm



Sophie Photograph (Bromoil) 10 x 13 in. or 25 x 32 cm

Graceful Pause Photograph (Bromoil) 15 x 19 in. or 38 x 48 cm



Mays Landing, NJ United States

Left: Spring Rain Digital art 20 x 22 in. or 51 x 56 cm Right Top: Gate of Heaven and Earth Digital art 22 x 20 in. or 56 x 51 cm Middle: Land on Land Digital art 22 x 20 in. or 56 x 51 cm Bottom: Land on Land Detail



was born in the USA, and raised in Japan. She received her BFA in Visual Communications from Nihon University, Tokyo and MFA in Visual Communications from Washington State University. A fellow member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Ueno has worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo, San Francisco and Washington state before moving to south Jersey. She currently teaches Typography and Image, 3D computer graphics, and Flash interactive media courses at Stockton College. Her work has been included in various group exhibitions and is part of corporate and private collections. “The central theme of this series is 'a place of solace in one's mind’s eye. My interpretation of 'a place of solace' is a place of healing where one can dreams, thinks, searches, reflects and hopes. CityScape Series is a visual juxtapositions and narrative of my personal views of humanity, nature, culture and history. Subject in these images are inspired by current affairs in the world that I read about: wars,climate, environmental projects, struggles and triamphs of everyday life, for example..” Email: Website:


Ulven Stockholm, Sweden

Left: Untitled

Right Top: Home

Middle: Family Boat

Bottom: Lotus Blue

All Images: Digital photographs Print dimensions may vary

TURID ULVEN was born in Norway 1959. A painter and self-taught photographer she has the world as her working field. Her photographic works are printed in international magazines and exhibited in Sweden and abroad. "I am inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, besides all kinds of efforts done by anyone to create peace in our time. My inspiration also comes through nature and people I have met. Nevertheless I am like soaked by the nerve of the Argentinean the tango mirrors life itself... My concept may be expressed in three words: LOVE, LIFE and LIGHT...though it is the darkness that makes the stars shine..." Email: Website: Tel.: +46 708 59 12 14


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