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Getting Started Guide

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9 out of 10 top Facebook pages use Apps to help promote their brand

Now you can have one too!

Running Facebook promotions gets results

Product Launches

Give-aways Free samples Event launches

What kind of promotion would you like to do?

Competitions/Promotions Membership Drives

Special Offers

Are you breaking the rules?

Did you know that you are breaking Facebook Promotions Guidelines if you use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration Mechanism? Thanks means, liking a page or checking in to a place, liking a post, commenting or uploading a photo... Check out and see what we mean.

Our Facebook Apps comply with Facebooks rules so you don’t have to worry about getting your page shut down without notice.

More than 10 Million Aussies use Facebook and all online users spend up to 75% of all of their internet time on Social Networks!

Who’s it good for?

If your target customer is aged between 16 and 64, then Facebook is a great way for you to market your business.

Facebook promotions works great in:






Professional Industries

See what we can do for your business

This is what you get Custom Facebook App on your business page to run your promotion

Plus you get

Up to 4 pages of additional content in your app which is your “Website in Facebook�

Research indicates that internet users spending most of their time (75%) on Social Networks like Facebook and spending less time surfing the net. Traditional stand-alone websites will become secondary to having one in Facebook. The old adage applies - fish where the fish are swimming.

Your Facebook page now includes this



Wall + standard Facebook features Promotions landing page

Your website in Facebook

+ Your choice of Facebook plugins -


Comment Invite Friends

The “Wall� and other Facebook features are still there for you to use

But wait... There’s more...

Theres no point have all the right tools if you don’t know how to drive it. That’s why we have included a “Social Media Kit” to help you get started. Social Media Kit: Social media guide to Facebook Social media planner - to make your social media plan Action planner - to plan your weekly activities Fortnightly updates to keep you on track with the latest Facebook tips and tricks


e-commerce - from $417

• • • •

Shopping cart Integrated with paypal 25 items standard More items can be added at $220 per 25 items

Choose a package that works for you

• Promotions Page • 4 pages of content

(mini website in FB) • Social Media Kit • Social Media Planner • Guide to Facebook Advertising All you have to do is complete a web brief and supply us with information for content in the form of text and images. If you don’t think you can do this or don’t have the time, check out the Platinum Pack.

$197 Setup + $40/mth

• Promotions Page • 8 pages of content (mini website) • Social Media Kit • Social Media Planner • Guide to Facebook Advertising • Facebook Ad’s Campaign Setup • Weekly Advertising Reporting • Dedicated Project Manger • Dedicated Project Assistant • Dedicated Copywriter • Dedicated Graphic Designer We spend 20 minutes with you on the phone, then: > We complete your brief for you > Brief the developer > Setup your Project > Research your Competition > Write Promotion pages > Design Promotion / Competition / Informational Artwork > Fully manage your Project from start to finish and update it as often as once per month!

$497 Setup + $60/mth Plus choose the Facebook Advertising package that suits your budget (we’ll talk you through it). Level 1 - add $300^/ month (2*) Level 2 - add $600^/ month (4*) Level 3 - add $900^/ month (8*) *adverts every month designed for you ^$50 Management fee per $300 spend/mth

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Getting Started with Your Website in Facebook  

Information on what a website in facebook is and how to get started in social media marketing

Getting Started with Your Website in Facebook  

Information on what a website in facebook is and how to get started in social media marketing