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My New Maya Language is a unique system,

whether it is by instigating conceptual

in content and style, which rescues the ‘dead’

thinking through a 0–12 year-old child’s

written language created by the Maya across

game, T-shirts or simply by creating appre-

Mesoamerica as far back as 300 BC. My vision

ciation through my artworks, which to-date

for the New Maya Language is to recreate,

have been acquired by collectors around

re-compose and develop contemporary appli-

the world. Antonio Avia, Indigenous Educa-

cations in different media: art, product and

tion Director for the Organisation of Iberoa-

fashion design, brand identities, information

merican States had this to say about my

design, wayfinding and education systems

artworks: “… your work presents another

for archaeological sites and public spaces,

form of seeing, understanding, recreating,

as well as children’s toys. Through these di-

and above all, employing again in daily life,

verse applications I aspire to promote icon-

millenary means of expression. I am fasci-

ographic meanings, education and play,

nated by this new vision of the glyphs.”


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