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PUBLISHER’S NOTE We have pulled off the impossible by re-developing a previously ‘small magazine’ that attempted to be the voice of the design industries, into an innovative and allencompassing communication platform. Design > has been the most challenging and exciting project that I have ever realised in my entrepreneurial career. It drove through my neural network like the lights on the M1 highway at night. The brilliance is inexplicable, defiant of traditional media, crawling with information gateways, logical, technological, pioneering. Coffee, smoke, cokes with the other Design > folks. Pushing a virtual deadline, clicking through time and space all over the place. In the end I can sit down, relax in all those ‘traditional’ magazine reading places, with my laptop (Lap – Top as not in LapAzine >) and read in the traditional page turning way, a great magazine. You may find it slow, fast, you may become impatient with the loading time, or just have slow access to the web. Technology, such as the first time print came into being, has advantages and disadvantages.

An ode to Design > Collective pieces fall apart then come together My design, your design, our design Ever changing, challenge forever Ego bringing collapse, decline, sublime

The development process has been made possible by our endorsers, founding sponsors and of course some of the leading design thinkers in South Africa. I want to thank everyone for their time, dedication, enthusiasm and belief.

Arrive, Alive – Juiced up with Fuel in your Engen, Mac – PC Merc or Prada Adorn yourselves with Adobe, or Quark in your Spark Rise above the waves – Radio – TV – Satellite Xmas Dish or Design Clerk Mind – Surf or Body Turf, beats having Nada

Design > is necessary for several reasons, it offers individuals, institutions, companies and South Africa as a brand, the opportunity to enjoy individualism with a national intent. Its development has included and considered every possible design discipline, every voice from school designer to the icon, all brand, advertising and PR activities for business, all institutions and of course allows parties and opinions to remain vibrant within their own realms. Thus elevating the Design > industries/consciousness into a milky way like site – ght, where every star can shine in its own piece of African shrine. The platform has allowed for the development of discipline specific magazines, dedicated to both the institution representative of the discipline, its members and the overall market, business-to-business and the consumer, which operates or sh-operates within each discipline. Its application allows for creativity beyond traditional media.

Juice, coffee, brand, consumer scanned Toothbrush-tee, products flood Summer labels, instantly tanned Crawling through the expense of free pitching blood

Design > is = serial Constant Moving Groovin I have always been quite shy of the world, intro mixed extro. Design > has been my own rising and shining. Design > started five years ago, but is only beginning today. It has been a Brand In > Formation, wheeling and dealing in the corridors of the Design > world. I am proud of its making, enamoured by its Design > ers and in awe of my compatriots, who have encouraged me. <

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DESIGN> magazine (edition 11, 2008/9)  

Welcome to DESIGN>, a free subscription information platform where creativity, innovation, knowledge, technology and business converge.

DESIGN> magazine (edition 11, 2008/9)  

Welcome to DESIGN>, a free subscription information platform where creativity, innovation, knowledge, technology and business converge.