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(1) Orga8 and Orga15 Modular Filing System, Orgafile (Pty) Ltd. (2) MES Butterfly Range Single Switch Socket Outlet, Bardo Consulting Services. (3) Easy Sleepers, CADA Kids. (4) Kiddo Safety Finger Toothbrush, Kiddo Dental Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

winner was the Orga8 and Orga15 Modular

On the other end of the spectrum product de-

Filing System, an eco-friendly office storage so-

signs making life just a little easier also received

lution that can be combined in different ways.

awards. The 4 Secs Condom Applicator as-

The components are made of recycled material

sists in the quick effortless fitting of a condom

and the compact design takes up less space than standard storage units. South Africans have excelled in product design for the mining industry and this year was no exception. Two mining products received de-

in a safe and correct manner and is an updated version of the condom applicator that received a SABS Prototype award several years ago. Easy Sleepers are infant travel support pillows that keep a child’s head in an upright position

sign excellence awards – the Autorock, a mini

in a car seat and the Kiddo Safety Toothbrush,

support drill rig for drilling steeply angled rock

made of soft, gum-friendly material, fits snugly

bolt holes in narrow mine stopes and the

over a child’s or an adult’s finger and has soft

Cheetah Sump Pump, a pneumatic pump for

protrusions to clean teeth.

getting rid of water sludge underground.

DESIGN> magazine (edition 11, 2008/9)  
DESIGN> magazine (edition 11, 2008/9)  

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