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Lighting Design House Stockholm 2014 A Collection of

The story of Design House Stockholm got off to a bright start. Harri Koskinen’s Block Lamp was one of the very first products released under the Design House Stockholm label and it was an immediate success all over the world. Fifteen years on, the Block Lamp is still one of our best-selling items. Over the years we have built up an outstanding collection of lighting with mood-enhancing fittings that have almost sculptural properties. Indeed, many of our customers associate Design House Stockholm with new Scandinavian lighting design. Our latest addition to the range, Mattias Stenberg’s Demi Lamp, is a fine example of how LED technology can be combined with hand-crafted glass. We are further extending our range of light fittings with designs from Pablo, an American manufacturer of LED lighting based in San Francisco. Pablo’s lamps combine a high level of artistic design in a characteristic and timeless style with clever engineering solutions, excellent manufacturing quality and functionality for home and office. We are now making a number of Pablo’s designs available throughout Europe.

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For more information, or to download high resolution images, please visit: Interior and product photography: Dan Sjunnesson (Studio CA) Design: Erik Wäppling and Håkan Ängquist Printing: Strokirk–Landströms, Lidköping, Sweden Font: Gravur Condensed Paper: Arctic Munken Polar © 2014 Design House Stockholm. All rights reserved.

Lighting from Design House Stockholm

Block Lamp Mini

Block Lamp white cord

Form Pendant round

Demi large green/clear


Demi large green/clear

Cord Lamp

Cord Lamp Mini

Work Lamp 24K gold plate

Work Lamp chrome

Form Pendants cone / round / tube

Demi large white/clear

Demi small green/clear

Demi lamp Designed by Mattias Stenberg Mattias Stenberg has designed a glass sculpture illuminated from the inside, highlighting the brilliance of the hand-made glass and creating a warm ambient light. The two glass parts are made by hand using traditional methods. An aluminium ring connects the two glass parts, equipped with an array of LEDs directed towards the centre of the lamp, making the glass seem almost to glow by itself from the inside. The glass dome acts as a reflector, further enhancing the effect. Measurements Large: Ø15 cm (6"), H 35 cm (14"), 4 kg (9 lbs) Measurements Small: Ø15 cm (6"), H 22 cm (8.5"), 3 kg (6.5 lbs) Length of cord: 2.5 m (8'). Hand-made glass. Casted aluminum ring, LED array with silicone cover. Textile cord with high/low switch. Colour rendering index: 80. Colour temperature: 3000 K. Luminosity: 140 lm.

Block Lamp Designed by Harri Koskinen Harri Koskinen’s frozen light bulb Block Lamp is a modern classic. Launched in 1997, it has received numerous awards and became part of MoMA’s permanent collection in 2000. Also available in a smaller version called Block Lamp Mini. Measurements Block Lamp: 10 × 16 × 9 cm (4"× 6.25"× 3.5") Casted glass blocks with textile cord, PA 66 socket and flat plug (EU only). Recommended bulb: Oven-safe 15W, E14. Bulb is included. EU standard. Measurements Block Lamp Mini: 7.5 × 12 × 7 cm (3"× 4.75"× 2.75"). Casted glass blocks with plastic cord. G10 socket. Bulb is included.

Cord Lamp + Cord Lamp Mini Designed by Form Us With Love Instead of trying to hide the cord, designer group Form Us With Love has made it the main feature. A minimalist combination of a classic textile cord strengthened with a concealed steel tube, a dimmer and a large light bulb, together forming an iconic design piece. The Cord Lamp Mini is a table version of the floor lamp. Measurements Cord Lamp: Ø base: 38 cm (15"), H 130 cm (51"). E27 socket. Recommended bulb is available from Design House Stockholm. Halogen Globe Bulb included. Measurements Mini Cord Lamp: Ø base: 20 cm (8"), H 48 cm (15"). E27 socket. Recommended bulb is available from Design House Stockholm. Halogen Globe Bulb included.

Work Lamp Designed by Form Us With Love A construction lamp for your living room. Designer group Form Us With Love has given new life to the anonymous construction lamp –– a functionally perfected product to be found everywhere; all that was needed was to give it a better appearance. The Work Lamp was awarded with an honorable mention at the design and architecture journal I.D. Magazine’s design awards in 2010. Available in chrome, 24 K gold plate and copper plate. Copper plate available from September 2014. Measurements: Ø 15 cm, H 21 cm (Ø 5.75", H 8.25"2). Iron cage, gold plated (24 K), copper plated or chrome plated. Black rubber cord with dimmer. E27 socket. Recommended bulb is available from Design House Stockholm. Halogen Globe Bulb included.

Form Pendants Designed by Form Us With Love The Form Pendants are a family of three blown glass forms borrowed from the timeless world of the industrial light bulb. Three pendants together in a window or thirty of them in an illuminated sculptural mobile –– create your own expression by combining them in different constellations. All three models are sold separately. White opal glass, mouth blown. Grey plastic socket. Silicone cord. Cord only, no plug. Suitable for 35W halogen or LED bulbs with GU 10 socket. GU 10 Halogen bulb included.

Mañana lamp Designed by Marie-Louise Gustafsson Like a character from a comic strip relaxing against the wall, Marie-Louise Gustafsson’s Mañana lamp seems to have stepped right out of the sketch book with its pencil thin, graphite lines. Measurements: H 170 cm (67"), W base: 40 cm (16"). Lacquered steel. Knock down. Dimmer foot switch. The lampshade is adjustable sideways. E27 socket. Recommended bulb is available from Design House Stockholm. Halogen Globe Bulb included.

Lighting from San Francisco Sometimes you meet one of those special people that you instantly feel connected to. In 2011 we met San Francisco-based designer Pablo Pardo, and decided to start a collaboration on the European market. Pablo runs his self-titled company, creating innovative lighting with some of the world’s most talented designers. The combination of artistry, refined design solutions and a distinctive timeless style; these are the foundations of Pablo’s design philosophy. A philosophy we can relate to, and that is very much like our own. As the most interesting designer of contemporary American lighting, Pablo’s designs exemplify an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and usability, fusing the latest technology with the most appropriate material palette to create unique and exclusive design. Design House Stockholm has made a selection from Pablo's collection for distribution on the European market.

Pixo white

Cielo black

Lim 360 black

Pixo lamp Designed by Pablo + Fernando Pardo

Cielo pendant Designed by Pablo Studio Through its minimal form and glarefree, flat panel LED technology, Cielo enables light to act as its expressive element and defining feature. Its finish palate also works to this end, underscoring the lamp’s simple structure and exalting its light. Cielo’s classic shape integrates into any environment, regardless of style, and it can be suspended individually or in a series to provide warm and balanced illumination.

Although it embodies an emotive, humanistic form, Pixo, at it’s conceptual core, is an ultra-efficient task light. Functionality and necessity drive its design. It makes the most of its frame and its space through every feature: Pixo’s swiveling light shade and highly maneuverable arm lend it maximum utility within a minimal footprint. Its compact, energy-saving LED light is infinitely adjustable, allowing the user to focus warm, glare-free light wherever needed. The base integrates a USB port for charging mobile devices. Even more, the upper and lower pieces ship detached from one another to reduce packing materials and shipping costs. Pixo is 97% recyclable. Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2012. Measurements: W  15 cm, H 47 cm, D 13 cm (W 6", H 18.5", D 5" ). Minimal size and footprint for compact spaces. Polycarbonate shade and base cover, aluminium arm, steel base insert. Bulb type: 78 × Hi-output LED. Approximately 50 000 hr lifespan, over 20 years at normal use. Colour Temperature: 3  000  K. Luminosity: 1  200  Lux. Brightness-enhancing technology provides focused light control and glare-free use. Power Usage: 5  W. USB Charging port for mobile devices. Shipping Weight: 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs). Ships flat packed. Global multi-plug adapter included. Certifications: ETL, CE, PSE, RoHS.

Cord length: 304 cm (10') –– can be cut to desired length. Aluminum body, polycarbonate bezel / lens assembly, nickel-chrome steel canopy, fabric cord. Colour temperature: 3 000 K. Luminosity: 380 lm. Colour Rendition Index: 85. Approx. 50 000 hr lifespan, over 20 years at normal use. Power Usage: 8 W. Bulb type: LED Flat-Panel. Certifications: ETL, CE, PSE, RoHS.

Lim 360 lamp Designed by Pablo Studio

LIM 360 is a personalized, highperformance task lamp whose slim, compact frame allows light to assert its presence. The second iteration of the Lim lamp concept, its efficient form shapes a plane of illumination powered by an equally efficient power source –– a continuous array of high-output, energy-saving LEDs. Furthering its suitability for workspaces, it combines seamless, 360° arm rotation with an integrated USB port for charging mobile devices. The base offers a soft, textured refuge for such devices and personal items. Measurements: 55 × 35 × 16.5 cm (21.5"× 13.5"× 6.5"). Cord length: 304 cm (10'). Aluminum arm, Polycarbonate lens, Aluminum base ring, plastic magnet backed base insert. Bulb type: 91 × high output LED array. Colour temperature: 3 000 K. Luminosity: 295 lm. Colour Rendition Index: 85. 50 000 hr lifespan, over 20 years at normal use. Power usage: 7 W. USB charging port. Hi-low dim control. Global multi-plug adapter included. Certifications: ETL, CE, PSE, RoHS.

Design House Stockholm’s ambition is to comprise a cross-section of how Scandinavia looks and thinks today, and to be recognized as the natural, competitive source for dealers wanting to sell Scandinavian design. To make this even easier, we have created a new display unit for our lighting products. The unit encompasses display, storage and information, and takes up less than two square metres of floor space. Does this sound interesting? Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

A 3D––model of our

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Design House Stockholm Lighting  
Design House Stockholm Lighting  

The story of Design House Stockholm got off to a bright start. Harri Koskinen’s Block Lamp was one of the very first products released under...