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AU T U M N / / W I N T E R 2014



anish born David Andersen debuted his eponymous collection in 2007 to instant success, both critically a n d c o m m e rc i a l l y.


very year, the David Andersen shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week keep surprising the critics and fashion followers, with girls modeling the menswear collection, or the stunning performers that give every show a different, almost engaging feeling. David Andersen graduated from Glasgow School of Art 2003, where he was awarded “Best Costume Designer” in 2004. Subsequently, 2004 proved to be an even broader year for recognition as he was awarded “Wedding Gown of the Year” by the Royal Court Theatre in Denmark. David Andersen emerged as a fashion designer for both men and women, working at Dreams by Isabell Kristensen, while designing couture for artists and dance competitions in his own name.


David Andersen is now where his whole heart is at, and it is with a profound passion for architecture, music and museums that he finds inspiration to design couture and ready-to-wear for both genders, though his men’s collection is most prominent on the commercial scene. David Andersen is not afraid to push the boundaries to the limit by including skin and fur, or experimenting with different shapes and textures, which different shapes and textures, which invites in a very daring audience. For his outspoken and androgynous clothing he was recognized with “The Golden Fur Pin” in 2007. Kopenhagen Fur was not the only one who honored David Andersen’s audacity. Thus, Royal Copenhagen presented him with an award for “A Different Fashion Experience” in 2008.

As a well-established brand, David Andersen, has become a talked about, known about designer, who strives towards perfection; And when given “The Government Art Award” in 2010, more nominations quickly followed such as “Design Talent of the Year” at Dansk Fashion Awards. David Andersen has a vast pool of followers consisting of editors and worldwide fashionistas including, but not limited to, Paris Hilton, P. Diddy, Ida Corr, Lene Nystrøm, Line Rafn, Caroline Flemming, Dúné, Burhan G, Stine Bramsen, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, Medina and Mads Langer. David Andersen lives and works out of Copenhagen, though often traveling abroad to be inspired by what the world has to offer.


DAVID ANDERSEN Creative Director

SOEREN SCHMIDT Production Manager // Design

E-mail // Phone // +45 26221110

E-mail // Phone // +45 41666642

LASSE TOFT Business Sales Manager

MATHIAS LAGONI Flagship Store // Sales

JEANETTE PARK Design Assistant

E-mail // Phone // +45 53631293

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LINNEA ANDERSEN Assistant Production Inhouse



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AW / / 1 4 DESCRIPTION The design is distinct. It is permeated of the city´s clash of rigor and underground, and is certainly characterized by David Andersen´s sense for beautiful and significant design. Sophisticated and classic with an eye for details – so simple.


he AW14 collection silhouette is a personal mix of volume and fitted items that draw close to the body, which are David Andersen´s signature – the tailored fit. On the more casual side of the collection, the choices of materials put a soft draping to the oversized pants and printed t-shirts. The material used is natural, well known and of best quality. In the collection of the clothes there are especially blazers that combine black and blue, and this is only one out of many candidates for the dream wardrobe. The collection shows the designers signature, and at the same time bursts the frames with oversized cuts, new colors and a artwork which creates a playfulness combined with the textures and the material composition. David Andersen’s inspiration has its roots in original tailor techniques. The silhouette is clean but it is his details that demonstrate a remarkable sense of craftsmanship. David Andersen’s work is as always innovative while remaining classic. The garments are presented in a new light with David Andersen’s use of asymmetric lines and unexpected cuts. Followers of David Andersen’s work will know that his predominant color of choice is black. However, customers will be introduced to awakening new tones such as pure white and smudged charcoal blue. By combining the classic tailoring together with his known aesthetic, David Andersen brings to mind a new era of modern sophistication.




Carpet and couture. They may seem an unlikely union. But fashionistas and design lovers are now witness to a partnership between these two industries a s D a v i d A n d e r s e n a n d e g e s e n d AW 1 4 d o w n t h e c a t w a l k .


here's nothing new about ege's working with the fashion world. The Danish carpet group has always engaged in visionary partnerships with architects, artists and designers with a view to creating visually inspiring carpets – for the benefit of customers everywhere. "I realised that the industry and the artists needed one another," said ege's founder Mads Eg Damgaard back in the 1970s to justify uniting these two different worlds. He had caught sight of something that only very few had dis-

covered at that time: that something very special happens when two different industries join forces. A kind of magic emerges in the tension field in which two philosophies intersect. ege has maintained this approach over the years and it continues to be an integral part of ege's corporate culture. It is still an important aspect of ege's identity to challenge established concepts and to think out of the box. The partnership with David Andersen is an excellent example of what happens when you give creativity free rein. At first sight you might think that carpets and couture are an odd couple. In fact the partnership forces both parties to think out of the box. Submersed in quirkiness, both parties are inspired and good ideas are the result. "You don't expect to see carpet used as a fabric in couture robes and from its inception this particular partnership has produced more than a few raised eyebrows. This is precisely what made the partnership especially interesting for us," explains ege's Marketing and Brand Manager, Jan Magdal Poulsen. He emphasises that David Andersen's focus on sustainability also bestowed an extra dimension on the partnership. "David Andersen is dedicated to working with his zero waste sustainability concept. We like his idea. When every company begins to think on these lines, we will see markets transform and we want to take part in encouraging this development."


He also emphasises that ege believes that creativity and innovation go hand in glove with responsibility. Where environmental issues and sustainability are concerned, the company is among the market leaders. Most recently, the company has become the first carpet manufacturer in the world to achieve CSR certification. "We believe it is important that the products we produce are made with respect for people and the environment. We believe in sustainability throughout the value chain and social responsibility has been a key issue on ege's agenda for many years. The focal point of our partnership with David Andersen has been sustainable carpet couture."

Pure Respect

As for CSR, ege strives to become the world's leading carpet manufacturer in this field. ege's goals are ambitious and the company is making determined efforts to achieve them. ege is the first and only carpet manufacturer to achieve EMAS certification. Since 2007 the company has significantly reduced its consumption of both power and water. The carpet manufacturer also publishes annual greenhouse gas accounts with a view to further reducing the company's CO2 emissions.

Floor fashion

Within the field of design, ege also aims to set the agenda for interior design achievements in the industry. Where colour and design are concerned, the sky is more or less the limit. "We create impressive new carpet designs on a daily basis. We may design a carpet for the Pope's private offices in the Vatican today. And tomorrow we'll come up with something for the elevator at a hotel in Luxembourg." "With beautiful patterns with a plethora of striking details and a talent for creating unique colour combinations, we at ege create new universes and fresh links in architecture, which leave you with the distinct impression that you are standing on the 'carpet couture' of the floorings," concludes Jan Magdal Poulsen.


HH SIMONSEN B Y D AV I D A N D E R S E N C O M P E T I T I V E LY- P R I C E D C O U T U R E The recently released products created jointly by HH Simonsen and couture designer David Andersen show a new trend that brings fashion and beauty together – even in your beauty toolkit.

In fashion we believe


avid Andersen has designed three couture hairstyling tools for HH Simonsen: a hairdryer, hair straighteners and a styling tool designed especially for long hair. Uniting two equally strong brands for this new, noteworthy collaborative venture shows that amazing products can result from bringing together fashion trend-setters and creators of beauty. As far as the HH Simonsen team is concerned, the new venture sends a clear signal: “Merging fashion and hair styling in a series of products available to consumers is a dream come true for us. We believe that fashion and hairstyling should go hand in hand,” says Claus Nissen, CEO. “To us, David Andersen is one of the most respected Danish designers. He is innovative, creative and very ambitious when it comes to couture design. We believe our brand and products tie in perfectly with his visions for fashion.”

The whole idea behind HH Simonsen is to create high-quality hair styling products at reasonable prices. Since the first straightening iron was launched in 2003, the products have been highly acclaimed by consumers and professional hairstylists all over Europe. Bringing together the worlds of fashion and electrical appliances for styling hair makes the art of hair styling even more fashionable, and David Andersen’s design is affordable to the average consumer.

State-of-the-art couture

To the HH Simonsen team, David Andersen is all about high-quality couture with a definite state-of-the-art touch. In addition, his focus on sustainability is a strong advantage for HH Simonsen: “We believe in the importance of sustainability, and we do our utmost to create sustainable products. David Andersen is one of fashion’s front-line figures when it comes to sustainability, so this means we are sending a strong sustainability signal to professionals and consumers alike,” Claus Nissen explains.

The limited edition collection will be in stores from the 15th of Marts 2014.





AW / / 1 4 KEY ITEMS

STYLE: FONDA 19-0214

STYLE: NOAM 12-0214


STYLE: SUKI 11-0214

STYLE: NEEL 17-0214

STYLE: FONDA 20-0214

STYLE: NOAM 13-0214


STYLE: TREY 07-0214

STYLE: FURIO 05-0214




ccording to David Andersen sustainability is a stand that should be reflected in production and action rather than the number of eco-certifications on the website. That is why it is unthinkable that David Andersen should release an “eco-collection”. He does not believe in such publicity-stunts. For him sustainability is merely a natural and integrated part of his work with design and clothes, simply because it is humane and responsible to care about where your goods come from and how they are transported. “For me as a private person of the topic is not on the top of my mind every day, although I do think about the environment. I think that a lot of people feel the same way, of course we want to take a stand for the environment but we don’t know where to start. Professionally the topic is constantly on my mind. The whole of our production is controlled. We are in control of everything we can be in control of in such a production, and all of our materials are fabrics, therefore business-wise we do everything to be as eco-sustainable as possible for a company of modest size. And David Andersen keeps showing up everywhere the talk is about fashion and the environment. April 24 2014/ May 3rd, Denmark will host the Copenhagen Fashion summit, the world’s largest summit, regarding the UN ethical guideline for the fashion industry. This event will take place in the Copenhagen Opera House. David Andersen will of course be designing the bags for this event. He is also part of the project MODEZONEN/FASHIONZONE that in collaboration with DAFI (Danish Fashion Institute) where 10-12 Danish Businesses, recently have brainstormed on how to increase sustainability and ecology and not least how to work together on the job, the different businesses in between,



ustainable fashion is vast and dynamic. Many consumers and companies want to take a stand, but do not know where to start. Eventually sustainability is a question of opinion, time and economy. At David Andersen, sustainability is normal and integrated part, when working with design and clothes. It is simply human and responsible behavior to care about the origin, production and maintenance of your clothes. It should be a common way of thinking and behaving, and not something new and fashionable. Beside designing and producing fashion clothes, made from materials that have been chosen with maximum regard for the environment and sustainability, David Andersen is also aiming to zero-waist.

this should spark the sustainability thought in Danish fashion industry. According to David Andersen it is in fact symptomatic for the entire debate that sustainability is a topic that is so very talked about, everyone wants to do something about it but no one seems to know how. “We need to have the big companies with financial resources take a responsibility and assist the minor businesses with shared shipping of merchandise. This initiative should however come from the larger companies and the question remains if they will be willing to do so – it is both a question of opinion and time and ultimately economy.” (Financial resources) “There is a big responsibility in the choice of textiles. We are very aware of the textiles we are using. In our jersey-collection we use Tencel, a natural fiber that is easily dyed, which means we can use less dye and since we work a lot with the color black which is harm full it is a clear advantage to use a fabric that is easily dyed. As being a designer it pays off to take into consideration what textiles to use with regards to printing and coloration. This is something that we – even though we are a small business – are very aware of. What other sustainable thoughts does he have for the future – how does he see David Andersen 5 years from now – professionally? “Every season you have to do better. You can always do better. And we intend to do so through our work with textiles and with the coloration and printing. We will maintain our focus on the production assuring ourselves that it is in fact eco-sustainable. The whole topic is so vast that there continues to be room for improvement – and that is my agenda. A lot of businesses use the eco-sustainability and the ecology as a PR strategy and I think it is wrong. We do not market ourselves on it – we do it, because this is what you should do, and with time we will come to a point where everyone of us can be satisfied with our work. But we must still try to do better and I urge all to do so – not making into a publicity stunt. Everyone ought to care about where their merchandise is produced and how it was transported here, it is humane and responsible to do so.

The new line is to change the way we think and design fashion. Creating a strong garment that enhances both society and nature through its design. This makes it an innovative garment. Creating such garment requires brand new ideas and skills. First step is elimination waste from textiles. David Andersen is now devoting his effort to develop a new line, which will provide new opportunities in the design process. By creating smart designs, which are based on the sustainable principles from the beginning, it will be possible to create a new trend within fashion. Zero-waste design practice embraces uncertainty and is a different and more sustainable approach to design. It aims to eliminate the production of waste from the production of clothing, which means you have to work with what you have and get the most out of it. Working with zero-waste has its limitations and encourage risk taking in the design process, which challenges the designer to use its entire creative appear which gives the designer a creative advantage and makes the design more exciting and spontaneous.


Lene Nystrøm

Stine Bramsen Thomas Mygind + Christiane Schaumburg-MĂźller

Burhan G

Sofie Lassen Kahlke

Hans Lindberg + Jeanette Crown Princess Mary





ince the 17th century, the iconic suit has become one of the most powerful tools to demonstrate professionalism and sophistication. One of David Andersen’s trademarks is his suits and tailor-made outfits. During the last couple of years, David Andersen has successfully created suits for some of the largest companies in Denmark. Every suit is unique, as they are specially made from each customer’s measures.

This means that the suit is not made from a standard model like made-tomeasure, but entirely made to fit the customer’s own body shape. Additionally, David Andersen gives the timeless piece of garment new life with his distinct and modern touch. All of the used materials are produced in 100% pure qualities such as wool, silk and cashmere. When a customer gets measured, different types of fabrics and earlier designs will be used in order to

guide the customer in relation to lapels, cuffs and piping before making a sketch. The suit will then be ready for the final fitting in 3-4 weeks. The suits can be created in terms of private gatherings as well as working wear in the business sector. The customer will get a unique product that will last for several years as a result of the high quality. Finally, it is possible to get the suit re-modeled should the customer’s measures change over the years.



H Y S K E N S T R Æ D E 8. st - 1 2 0 7 C O P E N H A G E N K OPENING HOURS:

M o n - F r i 11 a m - 6 p m / / O P E N E N I N G H O U R S : M O N - F R I 11 am - 6 pm // S A T 12 am - 4 pm Sat 12 am - 4 pm

C O N TA C T CONTACT: w w w. d e s i g n e r d a v i d a n d e r s e n . c o m Sign up for news letter // Follow us @ WWW.DESIGN Instagram // @david_andersen_official Facebook // David Andersen








openhagen is world-famous for its many bikers. Whenever a Copenhagen citizen is going to a job, café, cocktail bar etc., the bike is the front runner in transportation. Luckily, the Copenhagen bikers will now get the opportunity to run their bike fashionably, as the leading company in stylish bicycles, Batavus, is collaborating with the leading man in stylish fashion, David Andersen. The collaboration shows how the term “fashion” continues to expand to a broader audience, as most people own a bike. The bike has become a lifestyle product in the sense that it reflects each individual’s personality, in which the thousands of bikers in Copenhagen exemplify, as every bike looks different from one another. As a result, the collaboration’s vision is to create special designed bikes that are “Design for the people”, which will be launched in the spring of 2014. Both companies share the same philosophy when it comes to design: At Batavus, it is crucial that


the bicycles are comfortable and in a proper quality. At the same time, the Batavus bike has to be a product that identifies the customer and the latest tendencies. The same point of view can be seen in David Andersen’s design, as it combines his own sense for high quality and aesthetics with the latest trends. Finally, both companies produce design with the aim that it sustains for a long time and is environmental friendly. Batavus does among other things use water-based paint. The water that the factory uses is treated on their own factory, which in itself runs on renewable green energy. “The bikes are going to express David’s signature style with elements that we, at Batavus, think are important: classic with and edge, an urban touch and a reflection of the latest fashion trends. We hope that we, as a bicycle maker, can add elements of an active and healthy lifestyle with fun and movement to David’s universe. On the other hand, we are certain that we will adopt the glamorous and fashionable elements from David’s world, and by doing so make our bikes an even more striking lifestyle product”, Lotte Bundgaard Sommer, Country Manager from Batavus Denmark, states.


HOUSE OF COMMUNICATION A/S Jorcks Passage 1A, 3. sal DK-1162 København K Telefon +45 33 22 00 20


PLAY FASHION LIMITED Rm 501A Lai Cheong factory building 479 Castle Peak road Lai Chi Kok Kowloon – Hong Kong


G&T SHOWROOM LIMITED Canalot Studios 222 Kensal Road London W10 5BN


OFFICE / SHOWROOM Hyskenstræde 8, 1. floor 1207 Copenahgen K

SALES Phone: +45 41666642

FLAGSHIP STORE Hyskenstræde 8, 1207 Copenhagen K



BARCELONA + NEW YORK Headoffice NEW YORK 10 W 18th Street #2 New York 10011


pecial thanks to Bjørn Wiinblad for the collaboration with ege carpets


THE AUDI GROUP The Audi Group is a successful premium manufacturer of automobiles. The brand with the four rings is globally present in more than 100 markets and produces vehicles in for example Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Spain and China. A continuous expansion of the worldwide production network is planed. The Group currently employs about 75.000 people worldwide.

Record-breaking investment

A total investment of around 22 billion Euro is planned from 2014 to 2018 - mainly in new products and sustainable technologies. Audi lives up to its corporate responsibility and has strategically established the principle of sustainability for its products and processes. The long-term goal is CO2-neutral mobility.

Tw o m i l l i o n d e l i v e r i e s

In 2013 Audi achieved 1.5 million deliveries and is now aiming resolutely for the next milestone of two million. To achieve its goal of two million deliveries per year, the manufacturer of premium cars want to expand its product range from the current 49 models to 60 different models by 2020.In addition to developing new models and alternative drive concepts e.g. e-tron and g-tron, the current investment program also provides for the next generation of fuel-efficient engines, which will enable Audi to meet stricter emissions legislation worldwide.

Success in Denmark

2013 was another record year for Audi in Denmark, and for many years Audi has been the leading premium brand ahead of BMW and Mercedes.

Vo r s p r u n g d u r c h Te c h n i k

Our pay-off and DNA “Vorsprung durch Technik� is a strong commitment to delight customers worldwide with new models and innovations such a lightweight construction, networking and electromobility. The latest Audi innovation is the new Audi R18 e-tron quattro with the new lighting technology combining LED and laser light.

David andersen aw14  


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