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SYNCSENSE Motion-sickness mitigation for air travelers From ships rolling in the high seas to rocket-boosted sleds running at 632 mph, humans have been experiencing extreme dynamic motion for eons. Under these conditions, people are susceptible to motion sickness due to sensory conflict between what they are seeing (controlled by the ocular system) and the forces they are experiencing (controlled by the proprioceptive and vestibular systems). Syncsense is a motion sickness mitigation system designed to be implemented on commercial airplanes. The intervention is a multi-step process that rescues the user from nausea by disrupting the brain's emetic response and then provides relief by uniting the ocular and vestibular senses. Syncense is based on mapping the coordinates of the passenger and projecting a corresponding horizon line, which can be displayed on a deployable screen or through virtual reality glasses offered to passengers.

Erin McLean, Arjun Menon, and Carla Saad