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[ thermoform ] the Fusion Formula

Is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product.

+ [ embedding ] A uniquely customizable process that offers the client exciting opportunities to select the elements enclosed within the heat and pressure fused layers of their signage.

[ why FusionForm ] + Greater design capabilities + More recycled content + Custom design using embedment + Greater durability + Unlimited customizable materials & graphics + Vandal resistant + Integral raised lettering & braille + Completely ADA compliant + Customizable shapes & textures + 100% recyclable waste

[ FusionForm sign series ]

+ Essentials Series Formed acrylic braille and tactile signs that are optically clear to allow for subsurface or surface paint (including metallics) and custom printed graphics. Weatherproof monolithic construction. Fabulous range of colors and patterns; custom textures (such as slate) and dimensional elements.

+ Eco-100 Series Made from recycled, non-hazardous ABS computer housings, the 100% post-consumer recycled material used in our Eco100 signs is the ultimate sustainable solution for fabricating raised tactile signage suitable for interior or exterior use. May be surface painted and/or digitally printed

+ Expressions Series A designer’s dream for infusing customized expressions of the space into the signage. Signs are formed by embedding a wide selection of materials in clear acrylic. Subsurface paint may be added for final customization. May be used for interior tactile signage or as wall art.

[ Expressions design sampler ] FusionForm Expressions Series incorporates materials unique to your environment. Options include but are not limited to: + fabrics & fibers + bamboo + porous papers + feathers + seaweed

+ reclaimed materials + dried leaves & flowers + custom printed graphics + custom paint + get creative!





b e f ound, be seen , b e rem em b ered P.O. Box 11664 / 4109 West Clay Street Richmond, VA 23220 P. 804.726.6999 Toll Free. 800.770.4744

Acorn Sign Graphics New FusionForm  

A new eco-friendly manufacturing process that offers the client exciting opportunities to select the elements enclosed within the heat and p...

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