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Publisher Richard “Mike” Perry is happy to announce that direct home delivery will be rolled out for the Desert Star Weekly newspaper to homes in Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City by the end of December. The roll out, which will start Dec. 26 through Jan. 3, 2013, will encompass all deliverable housing units, including owner-occupied and rental housing within the two cities. “This is big news for us and we are very excited about this announcement. There is no better method of delivering a news product,” said Perry. “Direct home delivery offers our readers the convenience of getting all of the relevant news and advertising delivered directly to the place they like it most…at home. See Page 22


DesertSTAR W



December 13, 2012




Vol. 6 No. 50 •

Local Firm Awarded Large Solar Installation

CATHEDRAL CITY, CA In early October, one of the largest privately owned solar installations in Riverside County quietly broke ground at Palm Springs Motors in Cathedral City. The new photovoltaic system will service the entire property and includes more than 50,000sq. ft. of new carports that serve as the platforms for the solar panels. This innovative installation, developed, codesigned and installed by LaSalle Electric’s LaSalle Solar Systems division of Cathedral City, is planned to be operational by Dec. 31. LaSalle Electric, which has been serving the Coachella Valley since 1968, added their solar component, LaSalle Solar

LaSalle Solar Systems workers install new solar panels


Systems, four years ago, to enhance their service portfolio to consumers and commercial clients alike. “While remaining very active with our regular electrical services and lighting maintenance contracts throughout Southern California, we have been working with many new potential clients on large solar installations that will not only offset staggering utility bills each month, but will also put our clients on the forefront of decreasing their carbon footprint for years to come,” said LaSalle President, Gary LaSalle. “We are pleased to work with such a stellar organization like Palm Springs Motors to

assist in this large-scale and important project.” This solar project, which created several new jobs for the Valley will encompass 2,739 traditional, fixed photovoltaic solar panels mounted on 50,000 sq-ft of new carports. When complete, it will generate more than 1,000,000 kwh annually, offsetting an estimated 90 percent of Palm Springs Motors’ energy needs. This equates to offsetting the needs of more than 40 homes. Additionally it avoids emissions of nearly two million pounds of CO2 on an annual basis. The dealership has also installed electric vehicle charging stations throughout the property. See Page 22

County OES Gets Emergency Trailers By Jackie Devereaux

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – As the Mayan Calendar ends on Dec. 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m. people around the world are wondering what will happen when this so-called earth-shaking event transpires. Scientists from NASA report that the date coincides with a perfect alignment of the Earth, Sun and Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy they theorize is a huge black hole at approximately 26

degrees in the Constellation Sagittarius. Station 36 Skyborne has two mass care trailers that were recently received through the Riverside County Office of Emergency Services (OES) from a federal grant. These mass care trailers provide 90 cots for ambulatory patients and 10 additional cots to accommodate handicapped individuals. Each trailer is equipped with 200 blankets and a small generator. The city has offered tours of the two trailers to civic and business leaders.

In addition to the two mass care trailers, the city has garnered two other trailers, and currently houses them at the Corp Yard with supplies. “It is time to go through these trailers to annually refresh those supplies,” Daniels said. Desert Hot Springs Battalion Chief Patrick Tomlinson heads the city’s Emergency Preparedness effort and George Fisher chairs the Mayor’s Committee on Emergency Preparedness which meets monthly in concert with the CERT Program.

Captain Gretchen Gonzales inspects a Skybourne trailer

"We are bringing it Back" 25th Annual Desert Hot Springs

Holiday Parade Holiday Parade Guide Desert Hot Springs December 15, 2012 at 11:00a.m. Desert Hot Springs, December 15, 2012 at 11 a.m.

“Holidays viewed through the eyes of a child.�

Watch the Parade

Parade Day: Start Time: Parade Route:

December 15, 2012 11 a.m. On Palm Drive

(Desert View to Two Bunch Palms)

For more info please call: Joe McKee 760-671-4150

Be in the Parade

Nov.the 1 to best Dec. 10, 2012 Registration Be Early...Get view!

Staging Time: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Parade Start: On Palm Drive

(Desert View to Two Bunch Palms)


KMart Center

This event was made possible by the City of Desert Hot Springs, the Community Cultures Affair Commission, the Volunteers of the DHS Holiday Parade Commission and donations by Desert Valley Disposal, Mission Springs Water District , Miracle Springs Resort & Spa.



December 13, 2012

EditorialSTAR It’s Not the End of the World


There’s a popular prediction circulating that on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 a.m. (Mayan Time Zone) the world as we know it will come to an end. Relax, it’s not true. What the Mayan’s may have said was that, “Time as we know it will no longer exist.” What does this mean? I have been studying astronomy, astrology, ancient religions and mysticism since the age of 15. I’m fascinated with the cosmos and the Universe, so I’ve done a lot of reading about the subject, and have visited the ruins of Chitzen Itza and Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula, as well as traveled into Belize. Here’s my take on the 12-21-2012 end of the world theory. The Mayan translation about the end of their complex calendar system has been bastardized by many so-called experts. The Spanish Conquistadors took drawings and samples of the Mayan language back to Europe in the 16th century. Experts have been trying to decipher the language accurately ever since. Most based their translations on incorrect associations of letters and sounds. We must remember that these experts didn’t have a Rosetta Stone to base their translations from, so some of today’s translations are simply conjecture. If what the Mayans really said was, “Time as we know it will no longer exist,” then that’s a whole different

DesertSTAR W






66538 Eighth Street, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240


FAX: 760-671-6730 Office Hours: 8 – 5, Monday through Friday

Know It

ballgame than “The world will come to an end.” My “time” interpretation means there could be a rectification of our calendar and clocks to accurately reflect a new time. Will there be a 59- or 61-second minute instead of a 60-second minute? Will we have a 13 month calendar instead of the 12 unequal months? This change Jackie Devereaux would accurately reflect our true 13 lunar cycles. We’ve had end of the world predictions since the beginning of recorded human history, so this current one doesn’t scare me much. Astronomers around the world have said this ominous date coincides with a major celestial event – when the Sun and the Earth align with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way Galaxy at 26 degrees in the constellation Sagittarius, which scientists theorize is a massive black hole. According to the website BostInno, a Boston Universityled excavation uncovered the oldest Mayan calendar earlier this year. Professor William Saturno said the Mayan calendar does not end,” but rather, “It’s a cycle of time.” The Mayan calendar last reset in August 3114 B.C. “We know the world didn’t end then, Saturno said. ”Instead, the calendar started a new cycle, one that lasts every 1,872,000 days or in “13 baktuns,” or about 5,000 years, which translates to 2012. The calendar Saturno helped uncover extended this

EDITOR’S Opinion

publisher Richard M. Perry Editor-IN-CHIEF: Jackie Devereaux OFFICE MANAGER: Mindy Witsiepe SALES TEAM: Abel Lujan ART DIRECTOR: Donald Henderson CONTRIBUTORS: Art Kunkin, Ren Yogamaya, Robert Kinsler, Reno Fontana, Frances Allen, Sherman Fridman, Dennis Hermann Theda Kleinhaus Reichman, Kevin Powell, Lizett Bond PHOTOGRAPHER: Pat Krause NEWS COORDINATOR: Jennifer Braun INTERN: Jorge Romero III ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER: Arlette Capel All advertising in the Desert Star Weekly newspaper subject to current rate card. The newspaper reserves the right not to accept an advertiser’s order. The entire contents of the Desert Star Weekly newspaper © 2012. All rights reserved.

to the Editor A belated thank you for prominently featuring the announcement for our November community drum circle at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in your 11/22 issue. Your support is much appreciated. I’d also like to acknowledge you for your column in last week’s issue debunking some of the major rip-offs within the realm of non-profit (so-called) service organizations. In many disasters the Red Cross gets the press, although completely outdone by the Salvation Army in performance. I was happy to see you bringing the truth regarding some of these organizations to light. This has been a personal pet peeve of mine for many years. One will also find that such as the American Cancer Society, Heart Association, Komen

December 13, 2012

Cartoon courtesy of Shelli Pruitt time frame to 17 baktuns, or about 7,000 years. “The Maya stopped recording dates in this calendar in the 10th century,” Saturno said, claiming the calendar people are in fear of isn’t even one still in use by modern Maya. So while the date has implications for the ancient Mayan calendar, it doesn’t for the rest of us. The worst that could happen is that our celestial alignment with the Galactic Center will alter our current perception of time, and we all know that time is nothing more than an arbitrary concept. If you think the world will end on Dec. 21 and it doesn’t, and you haven’t done your Christmas shopping, then you’ll be stuck buying those left-over gift baskets because all the good gifts are gone. So don’t take the word of Mayan doomsday prophets relying on an old calendar, instead, shop early and before Dec. 21 because I believe the ancient Mayans would. Merry Christmas and be ready to reset your clocks in 2013.

Foundation, etc. involve little or no interest in finding or promoting cures for the diseases or conditions they pretend to be crusading against, but rather promote the profit objectives of the health and pharmaceutical industries. It appears that behind virtually every major problem confronting our species, we find the presence of greed and lack of truthfulness and integrity. If we are to “get well” as a species, we need to address those two items with a passion in each of our personal lives. Failure to do so will pretty much guarantee that we continue in a downward spiral regarding our quality of life. The Desert Star Weekly grows more in the directions of value to readers and service to our communities with each issue. I haven’t yet picked up this week’s edition; I suspect it will contain several more items worthy of acknowledgment.

Thanks again for your consistent support. May you enjoy a wonderful holiday season, – Sam Sloneker, Joshua Tree




Palm Springs Woman Finds

Success In Japan Pagoda-style building in Japan Laura Whittier, 53, of Osaka, Japan, and Palm Springs, CA, is an accomplished business woman, mother, sister and daughter. Whittier, an active freelance professional working in a variety of corporate areas today, is a tremendously gifted individual. Whittier’s route to success was not your typical “graduate from college, get a company job, and spend the next 25 years climbing the corporate ladder to reach an executive position” kind of pathway. Whittier took the entrepreneurial business track and created employment for herself. I met her mother, Marlene Whittier, who told me that even when her daughter was a young girl she had a flare for business. “I remember on one occasion Laura had made some drawings of flowers when she was only seven or eight years old. She went door to door throughout the neighborhood selling them. When she was finished and after convincing almost every home owner to buy, she set up a little table on a busy street corner to sell even more of her artwork and made a sign that said, ‘one for a nickel, two for a dime.’ She sold them all at the dime price. I knew then I would never have to worry about her making her way in life.” Whittier told me of her daughter’s Barbie doll money meetings. “Laura would take her doll and her Barbie phone and pretend she was transferring millions of dollars to a Swiss bank account. Laura was always playing business tycoon. Having that doll serve tea wasn’t even a passing thought for her.” Getting her first job as a hostess at Marie Calendars at age 16 was an eye-opening experience for Whittier. “I discovered if I was helpful to the clientele in any way possible, I could earn a lot in tips.” Those early lessons learned about customer service would prove invaluable later in her career in Asia. Just after turning 20 years old in 1979, Whittier caught her family and friends off guard one Saturday when she announced at a birthday party she was moving to Japan. Not only adept in business, Whittier had the physical beauty to be a runway model. “At 5’4” tall, the Hollywood modeling agencies told me I wasn’t tall enough. So instead of letting that be a setback, I decided to turn my height into a plus. I set my sights on Japan where nobody was much taller than me,” she said. Without speaking a word of Japanese or having a single contact there, Whittier boarded a plane with her Marie Calendar money and made a 14-hour flight into the unknown. Seventeen years later in 1996, Whittier moved back to America full time after accomplishing more in Japan than she had ever dreamed possible. After arriving in Japan and finding an apartment, Whittier went to a language school. She met some Japanese who spoke a little English and one got her a job at a gym welcoming guests. Whittier then introduced aerobics to the Japanese and soon she was teaching at nine different studios. From that exercise choreography, sports companies such as Mizuno



and Addidas would ask her to gather some models, teach them a routine and perform for their shows/conventions. Soon Whittier started her first company in Japan called “Attractions.” This was a modeling production company that provided non-Asian talent to the Japanese film, TV and photo industry. As a result, she became the first foreign woman ever in Osaka to receive a business license and the first woman to be invited to speak to a group of 400 Japanese dignitaries at the American Consulate. Whittier was the first American to be presented a JCB. Japan’s main credit card in the United States. After earning the trust of other Japanese business professionals, “Attractions” expanded into the beauty industry. Shiseido, the cosmetic company, had been impressed with Whittier’s Reno Fontana work ethic during production

Money, Business


shoots and hired her as a sales/make-up artist. Her skill and expertise as a beauty consultant led to her hiring as a training sales/coach/artist for Elsereine cosmetics. She started traveling 20 days a month visiting and working in parts of Japan that most Japanese hadn’t visited, all the while leading fashion and glamour seminars to groups of a thousand women at a time and speaking in the Japanese language. Today, Whittier, when not teaching Sunday school at her church, gives her support as a consultant to those in the cosmetic, fashion, party planning, and customer service industries. In addition, she continues to work and travel with the Japanese who require a personal concierge while they are in America, and offers an executive assistant service to American businessmen traveling to Japan and other parts of Asia. To reach Laura Whittier please send an e-mail to

Reno Fontana is the Founder of Presley Investments, Inc., and host of the new weekly ‘Money, Business, and Finance’ show on Money Radio 1200. Fontana may be reached by e-mail at

Laura Whittier

December 13, 2012


McCallum Theatre, PS Int’l Film Festival Steve Chase Gala year, $22 million project. There was no fairy tale beginning to the McCallum, even with the patronage of President and Mrs. Gerald Ford and Bob and Dolores Hope. By 1999, due to myopic vision and poor management, the theatre was on the brink of closing. That’s when the evening’s honoree stepped in. When Giatas took over the dual position of president and CEO in 1999, he inherited a $7.5 million



Desert Frances Allen

McCallum Theatre entrance

Reba McEntire at McCallum Theatre

It was a meeting of entertainment royalty; Reba McEntire, the reigning Queen of Country Music performing on stage at the 25th Anniversary Gala for the Queen of Desert Entertainment: the McCallum Theatre. McEntire, who because of her more than 56 million worldwide album sales, hit TV sitcom and multiple musical awards, is now so popular and well known that she goes by only her first name, didn’t disappoint a sold-out evening of concertgoers as she regaled footstomping country music fans with a selection from her inventory of 64 top-10 hits. As in the past, the gala was a two-tiered event. For $500 a person there was a

pre-show dinner at a choice of one of the mid-Coachella Valley’s finest restaurants: Cuistot, Jillian’s, Ruth’s Chris Steak House or Wally’s Desert Turtle. Those wanting to forgo the early dinner were able to purchase showonly tickets for the concert. While Reba provided the entertainment, the focus of the evening was the McCallum Theatre itself, and the evening’s honoree, its recently retired president and CEO Ted Giatas. What eventually became today’s McCallum Theatre began as a dream of Desert resident Pearl McCallum, who bequeathed $250,000 for construction of a performing arts center. But while a quarter-million dollars was big money then, it took 19 years before groundbreaking occurred on what had become a three-

debt. In fact, Giatas had to repeatedly go to wealthy supporters such as Jim and Jackie Lee Houston and Harold and Margie Victor for money just to make payrolls. Thanks to the personality, drive, knowledge and commitment of Giatas, the base of theatre donors not only held steady, it grew, capped by a five million dollar pledge in 2004 from Jackie Lee and Jim Houston. Today, the McCallum Theatre is alive, vibrant and in profit, having produced 11 consecutive years of balanced budgets. And, there is another impressive statistic: with more than 1,100 seats, the McCallum Theatre continuously ranks among the top 50 theaters in the

world for the number tickets sold. That’s in spite of the fact that it is the smallest venue on the top-list. The McCallum’s 25th Anniversary Gala raised $1.2 million, about the value, in today’s money, of Pearl McCallum’s initial bequest. Obviously, more is needed. Additional information about how you can be part of the McCallum Theatre’s next 25 years, call (760) 340-2787.

PS Int’l Film Fest

L i ke t h e m a ste r marketer he is, Palm Springs International Film Festival Chairman Harold Matzner whets the interest of the Hollywood establishment as well as movie goers by making a series of individual announcements as to which stars will be honored at the red carpet, black tie awards gala on Jan. 5. In keeping with this tradition, the just announced winner of the Director of the Year Award is Robert Zemeckis, for the movie, “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington. “Flight” plays the role of an experienced airline

December 13, 2012

Recently retired President and CEO of McCallum Theatre, Ted Giatas pilot who miraculously crash lands his plane after a mid-air catastrophe, saving nearly everyone of board. Immediately after the event the pilot is hailed as a hero, but as more is learned, more questions than answers arise as to who or what was really at fault and what happened aboard the aircraft. In announcing the award, Matzner said, that the plane crash portrayed in the move is “one of the most memorable plane crashes in cinematic history.” Zemeckis is no stranger to awards. He won and Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Director’s Guild of America Award for Best Director for the highly successful “Forrest Gump.” Presented by Cartier, sponsored by MercedesBenz and hosted by the

talented and lovely Mary Hart, the Awards Gala will be held Saturday, Jan. 5, at the Palm Springs Convention Center. More information is available at (760) 322-2938.

Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards

The Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards is one of the signature fundraisers for Desert AIDS Project, a Desert-based non-profit organization that serves people living with HIV and AIDS by providing comprehensive support, medical care, case management, social services and counseling. This season’s “Steve Chase” gala will take place next Feb. 9 and Melissa Etheridge is the first person named as a headline performer at the event. Not only is Etheridge a multiple Grammy award winner, she also won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2007 for the film documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.” According to event cochair Jim Casey, Etheridge is just the start of an impressive series of entertainers that will perform at the upcoming gala. More information about Desert AIDS Project and the Steve Chase Awards Gala is available at (760) 323-2118.



STARLocal News AQMD Revised Funding Recommendations for


Mitigation Dollars

S AC R A M E N T O , C A – S t a t e Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez made the following statement in response to last week’s release by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) of its revised funding recommendations for the Sentinel Mitigation Fund awards. “AQMD has released its revised report of award recommendations for the mitigation fund dollars, taking into account the public comment m a d e b e f o re t h e Ad m i n i st ra t ive Committee back in October. From my preliminary review, it appears that the message I and others conveyed during the meeting was heard and that the awards reflect greater equity for nonprofit and local government applicants. My staff and I will be reviewing the report carefully in the coming days and respond accordingly.” In addition, Coachella Valley Unifie d School District Board President Maria Machuca said, “Living

Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez



in an area that is in dire need of health services to help the residents

and children of the Coachella valley c o p e w i t h va r i o u s p o l l u t a n t s , I applaud Assemblymember Pérez for advocating for equity to nonprofits and school districts. This funding is critical for the residents of the C o a c h e l l a Va l l e y, w h o d e s e r v e a healthy quality of life for future generations.” Assemblymember Pé re z ( D - C o a ch e l l a ) serves as Democratic Whip of the California State A s s e m b ly. He represents the 56th district, which comprises the cities and communities o f B l y t h e , B r aw l e y, Bermuda Dunes, C a l ex i c o , C a l i p a t r i a , Cathedral City, Coachella, Desert Hot Springs, El Centro, Holtville, Imperial, Indio, Mecca, Oasis, No r t h S h o re , S a l to n Sea, Thermal, Thousand Palms, and Westmorland.

Don’t Be a Crime Victim This Holiday Season By Lance Colmer

According to figures released by the FBI in their annual report entitled Crime in the United States, 2011 saw more than 1.9 million burglaries and 5.3 million theft-related crimes, including shoplifting and theft from vehicles. Combine these numbers with the current unemployment rate and holiday shoppers need now, more than ever, to be aware of their surroundings and be vigilant in protecting themselves. The holiday season is a time usually filled with happiness and celebration, but unfortunately there are criminals who use this time of year to target victims who may be preoccupied with finding the perfect gift. Shopping during the holiday season can pose some unique risks and taking a few preventative measures can help this season remain joyous, instead of becoming a bad memory. • When leaving the house, leave a radio or television on so that the home seems occupied. Criminals are much less likely to burglarize your residence if it appears that someone is home. • Take a friend or family member with you when shopping at night. Shopping is always more fun in groups and you are less likely to be seen as a target. • If shopping with small children, instruct them to contact a female store clerk or another “mommy” for help, should they get lost or separated. Statistically,

December 13, 2012

women are far less likely to harm or abduct children. Make reuniting with your child easier by writing your cell phone number on a piece of paper and placing it inside your child’s pocket. • Dress casually and comfortably and avoid wearing expensive jewelry which can create unnecessary attention. Criminals look for potential victims appearing to have money, expensive clothes, jewelry or high-priced handbags. Thieves often work in teams. A common scenario involves one crook contacting and distracting the victim, while the second thief makes off with your possessions. • Pay for purchases with a check or credit/ debit card and avoid carrying large sums of cash. Criminals often shadow potential targets while standing in line at the check-out and displaying large amounts of cash may increase the likelihood of you becoming a victim. • If shopping alone, ask a store employee to escort you to your vehicle. Walking with a store member who is familiar with the parking area and who can assist you with your packages reduces your risk of being victimized. • Always park in a welllighted area. Criminals don’t like to be seen. Parking in an area with good lighting increases your ability to see potential problems and makes it easier to unlock and enter your vehicle. • Avoid parking next to vans, trucks with

camper shells, or cars with tinted windows. It is not uncommon for criminals to hide in adjacent vehicles and confront shoppers, who are often distracted with locating their vehicles or carrying multiple packages. • Place packages in the trunk of your car or out-of-sight from potential thieves. Criminals are opportunists, and leaving packages in plain view is like an invitation to burglarize your vehicle. • Have your keys out prior to approaching your parked vehicle. Scan the parking lot as you walk to your vehicle, and be alert to anyone approaching you. Holding your vehicle door key protruding from a closed fist can make a great defensive weapon should you need it. • Once inside your vehicle, lock the doors and start the engine. Locking your doors is another layer of protection against anyone bent on attacking you or stealing your vehicle. • If using an ATM machine, always use one in a secure location such as inside a mall or store. Avoid using stand-alone ATMs or machines with limited views of your surroundings, as these may increase your vulnerability. When it comes to staying safe during the holidays, choosing when, where and how you shop is critical. Most important is to reduce your own vulnerability and do what you can to minimize the possibility that you could be a victim of a crime.

MusicSTAR Reissues, Retrospectives And Remarkable Returns

Rock The Season

that continue to challenge and reward listeners. More than 85 minutes of glorious rock play out over two discs, and the collection also comes with a wonderful booklet featuring all of Young’s masterful lyrics. “Ramada Inn” clocks in at almost 17 minutes, but never loses its way and may be the finest rock song of the year. Information: www.

“When it comes to selecting that perfect musical collection to give as a gift, this season offers a vast array of fine releases that showcase rousing returns from some of rock’s most legendary artists.”

Artist: Led Zeppelin Title: Celebration Day (Atlantic)

You might be interested if you like: Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Firm. Tell me more: Certainly the most high profile return of 2012 was featured Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” chronicling the full-length Dec. 10, 2007 concert that was staged at London’s O2 Arena. After its limited run in theaters earlier this fall, the concert has been released on audio CD, DVD and Bluray. Best bet? Get the deluxe edition of “Celebration Day” that includes the full 17-song concert on two audio disc and a Blu-ray disc that also features the concert and a bonus DVD disc that includes the dress rehearsal that was also filmed. The performance of “Kashmir” alone makes this a performance for the ages. If this ultimately proves to be the swan song of Led Zep, it’s a great one. Information:

http://www.ledzeppelin. com

Artist: World Party Title: Arkeology (Seaview)

You might be interested if you like: The Waterboys, The Beatles, Crowded House. Tell me more: Almost as unlikely as Led Zeppelin’s “Celebration Day” is World Party’s awesome 5-disc “Arkeology,” a collection of 70 previously-unreleased track s spanning the band’s recording history. Formed back in 1986 by singer-songwriter/

multi-instrumentalist Karl Wallinger after he left The Waterboys, the band issued a number of challenging and rewarding albums including “Private Revolution,” “Goodbye Jumbo” and “Bang!” before Wallinger suffered a nearfatal aneurysm that required him to take several years away from music on his way to a recovery. What makes “Arkeology” so stunning is that the entire collection is packaged in a 142-page, full-color Any Year Diary calendar. So while the fantastic mix of sterling demos and live recordings anchors the set, the supporting articles, photographs and notes from Wallinger’s personal archives really provides a complete and compelling look at one of music’s most original artists. Information:

Music worth

Buying Robert Kinsler

with tireless emotion are wrapped up in waves of enticing melodies and crashing layers of distortion, feedback and electric guitar

You might be interested if you like: The Monkees, the Zombies. Tell me more: After the Monkees quietly disbanded in 1970 following the release of “Changes,” it seemed that the seminal groundbreaking band that

J.J. Pepe Tailor Shop

• Alterations custom tailoring • 40 years of quality, experience

1-760-880-7098 32475 Date Palm Dr • Cathedral City, CA 92234


Artist: Neil Young & Crazy Horse Title: Psychedelic Pill (Reprise)

You might be interested if you like: Pearl Jam, Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s previous albums. Tell me more: The first album of all original music from Neil Young & Crazy Horse in almost a decade, “Psychedelic Pill” is not only a return-to-form for the hard rocking unit but is one of the best albums of 2012. The confessional real world tales sung by Young

Artist: The Monkees Title: Pool It! (Friday Music)

began as four actors cast on a television show but exploded into a popular and ultimately-influential rock outfit might have faded away. But lightning struck again for the Monkees in the mid 1980s when MTV aired a marathon of their ‘60s episodes and a whole new generation discovered the group. “Pool It!” was the successful reunion album featuring hits such as “Heart and Soul” that returned the band to the charts. Now, Friday Music has issued a terrific and remastered version of “Pool It!” featuring additional bonus tracks and a documentary issued by Rhino Records available for the first time on DVD. Information: www.





December 13, 2012

4599 Ramon Road





A Tale of Airports

With apologies to Charles Dickens We begin our aeronautical journey in the capitol of Tajikistan, at Dushanbe International Airport, where the company in charge of handling passengers and their luggage says that it has not been paid for their services, and for this reason the company has put the airport’s passenger processing system out of commission. For nearly three weeks, the entire airport check-in process has been carried out manually; boarding cards and luggage tags are written and affixed by hand. Even more bothersome, for flights involving stop-overs, connecting flights or aircraft changes, it is not possible to check passengers or their baggage through to the final destination

airport. On average, flights leave Dushanbe after a delay of up to four hours; and not surprisingly, airport employees are frequently subject to verbal abuse from angry passengers. The airport’s stance is to wait for further developments, and at one point since the stoppage began, the airport director temporarily went missing. It is not known when automated check-in service will be operational again, or whether the airport director will go missing again, this time permanently. Nearly half a world removed from the Eurasian Steppe, the news coming out of Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal Four - also known as the Tom

Bradley Terminal or the International Terminal – is far more likely to be welcomed by arriving and departing passengers. Fronted by the Westfield Group, which designs, develops, owns, manages leases shopping venues in landmark cities around the world, (including Palm Desert), and its tenant partners, the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) has been the recipient of an $80 million investment to develop new dining and retail programs. The first phase of the new TBIT, which includes a Great Hall and boarding gates on the west side of the terminal, is scheduled to be open for business by Spring 2013. The second phase, which includes new

Dushanbe International Airport in Tajikistan concept gates on the east side of the terminal, a new federal security screening area and upgraded Customs arrivals area, is expected to be completed by 2014. The total cost of the planned modernization of LAX is budgeted at $4.1 billion and is the largest public works project in Los Angeles’ history. What sets the renovation of TBIT apart from other U.S. airports are the projected public service

to the first Starbucks Evening in the country (serving wine and beer in the evenings), internationally-known labels such as Bvlgari, Michael Kors, Coach, Hugo Boss and Armani will also be enticing buyers with time and money on their hands. Other TBIT improvements are 18-roomer boarding gates built for the new generation of largecapacity aircraft, secured corridors

Orange balloon at the Orange County Great Park improvements as well as the highend retailers who will become tenants at Terminal 4; all of whom wish to take part in the projected $98 million to be generated by the upgrades. For a long time, European, Asian and Middle Eastern airport concourses have featured high-end retailers who want to catch travelers for last minute gift purchases. Now, LAX also becomes a player in this high-end retail market. In addition to a variety of new, brand-named eating venues, ranging from caviar and Champagne



December 13, 2012

so connecting passengers can travel between the TBIT and Terminals 3 and 4 plus, Dushanbe International Airport take note, a new state-of-theart baggage-handling systems that will improve passenger wait times and speed travelers through the ticketing process.

Orange County’s Great Park

Looking for a family-friendly venue to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Look no further than Irvine and the Orange County Great Park’s celebration of Great Night!

Getting away Sherman Fridman

As an key part of the redevelopment of the publiclyowned portion of the 4,700-acre former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, Orange County Great Park attracts visitors from all over Southern California to experience an array of recreational and educational opportunities. Popular activities include the park’s giant orange balloon that gives passengers a 400-foot-high view of the entire park; children’s Carousel; Farm + Food Lab and Kids’ Rock Playground. Following its successful debut last year, Orange County Great Park will once again host Great Night! Family New Year’s Eve. Admission is free (but parking is $10), and it is open to families and anyone interested in celebrating the New Year with an evening filled with live music and dancing, good food and fun for people of all ages in a festive, alcohol-free environment. But one caveat; Great Night! operates on Eastern Standard Time, so when the crystal ball drops in New York City’s Time Square at midnight, it will be only 9 p.m. in Orange County. This is to allow parents to ring in the New Year with their children and make it home in time to attend other, grownup, parties. Orange County Great Park is located in Irvine, at Sand Canyon and Marine Way, and is easily reached by the 5 or 405 freeways.


Christmas gifts

you may not have thought about…

With Christmas just around the corner, hopefully you still have room on your list for a few non-traditional gifts for your loved ones. For homeowners, we can’t think of anything better than foregoing Christmas gifts that most of us can purchase for ourselves throughout the year and instead making an extra payment on your home mortgage. Fifteen years ago, many advisors recommended that their clients never pay off their mortgage. In many places (especially California) real estate always went up. Those advisors argued you never wanted to pay off your mortgage since your house would be worth more next year than it was last year. Anyone want to debate that advice? We hate debt. Sometimes there is “good debt” but those situations are rare. Debt is a cancer on our society today. No, wait. Debt is a sickness that’s plaguing the world. Why not get the largest debt that most of us will ever have paid off sooner? Let’s assume you purchased a home last year. You paid $777,000, put10 percent down, and financed $700,000 over 30 years at a very low interest rate of 4.5 percent. Another argument about never paying off your mortgage is why do that when rates are so low? Again, debt is a cancer. It may eventually kill you if left ignored. But there are proven debt cures. Your mortgage payment would be $3,547. Over 30 years, that represents $576,847 in interest.

Granted it might be difficult to come up with $3,547 at the end of the year, so there’s another option. How about paying an extra $300 a month (one payment spread throughout the year) towards your mortgage? You would save $91,188 in interest over the life of your loan and pay off your mortgage about four years faster. Finally, there’s a bi-weekly mortgage strategy. It’s simply making a payment every two weeks over the course of the year. With a bi-weekly mortgage, you will save $101,640 in interest! Kevin Powell Your home will be paid for in about 24.5 years. That’s also just $10 a day. A few less trips each week to your favorite beverage establishment, drive through window, glass of wine at dinner, the driving range, etc. Our point is that if debt reduction is a priority for your family, it’s much easier to do than you might think. The other benefit of making extra payments in some form is that you’ll avoid going into debt to purchase your better half something they probably could live without. This isn’t true for all Christmas gifts, so don’t forego that once in a lifetime vacation or that shiny ring for that special someone in your life. A great idea for younger folks is to set up a Roth IRA. Anyone under the age of 70 & ½ can contribute to a Roth IRA as long as you have earned income and don’t exceed certain income limits. The great thing about a Roth IRA is that it is NEVER TAXED if you don’t take any earnings out until you are at least age 59 & ½. It also can go tax free to your beneficiaries and there are no mandatory payments from

Investment Know-How

Who wants to admit that’s not doable? If you can save the full $5,000 to the Roth, then it would grow to nearly one million tax-free dollars! Please know that 7 percent is a very conservative return when compared to the returns in the stock market over the past 70 years. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every day we are blessed with. But with just a little effort now, our retirements could be a lot more secure.

a Roth IRA like the traditional IRA’s. If you meet the qualifications, you can save up to $5,000 a year into a Roth IRA. Let’s don’t be too ambitious though. What if you are 21 years old and start saving $2,000 a year to a Roth IRA? By the time you are age 60 and if you can average earning just 7 percent on your investment, it will grow to $371,280. Saving $2,000 a year is about $167 a month or a whopping $5.50 a day.

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December 13, 2012




STARSports HITS Triathlon Series

Celebrates One Year Records are Broken, Triathletes are Born and Plans for 2013 Take Shape

REDH T Holidays!

PALM SPRINGS, CA – After one year of jet setting, HITS Triathlon Series returned to its roots in Palm Springs to celebrate its first anniversary of swimming, biking and running success. Its 10th race of the year, HITS Triathlon Series was excited to return to Palm Springs after a year of firsts. Traveling more than 6,000 miles just to swim, bike and run 140.6, Frank Kervarec of Villers Sur Coudun, France made the trek from Europe to race HITS Palm Springs and crossed the line in 9:55:00 to win the Full distance race.


Kervarec didn’t have it easy, however, as reigning HITS Lake Havasu Full distance winner Brian Folts and his twin brother Adam made him work until the final seconds for the top podium spot. Adam finished in 9:55:15 with Brian crossing at 9:56:33. “ This was a great experience. The pack was not huge, which I like – we were able to form a brotherhood out there,” said Kervarec. “I really wanted this win and the thought of that finish line is what kept me going on the run when I saw second place catching me.”

Accomplishments abounded over the weekend, but it was James Lawrence of Lindon, Utah who stole the hearts of everyone following the HITS Triathlon Series this year. He set out to break the world record for most Full distance triathlons in a year and settled on racing 30 throughout 2012. Last Saturday, he completed that record. After 72 miles of swimming, 3,360 miles of biking and 786 miles of running over 12 months, Lawrence broke the record while also raising a significant amount of money for the Quiet

Check out our selection of Sexy Holiday Costumes And Accessories for men and women!

Way Foundation ( through his “Tri and Give a Dam” campaign ( The Quiet Way Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps to provide fresh water to people in Kenya by building dams. “I couldn’t have asked for a better day out there. There’s no better feeling than setting a goal and knocking it way out of the park,” said Lawrence. “There is no way I could have James Lawrence sets the world record for Full distance triathalons in one year done this year alone and HITS went above and beyond to help of swimming, biking and 2013. HITS Naples will also mark me accomplish this. I consider running. The event continued the beginning of 2013 Athlete of the HITS team part of my family to grow the sport of triathlon as the Year Awards qualifying. For after this year.” new triathletes were born from more information on the 2013 Polly Crawford, a spin the HITS Open. Seasoned athletes, HITS Championship in Palm instructor and marathon runner however, were welcomed to a Springs. To register for HITS turned triathlete admits that the picturesque open-water swim Naples or any other upcoming sport of triathlon fits her like a and flat, fast bike and run courses. event, please visit www. glove. She powered to an overall “We love this location win, finishing the Half distance and it is the perfect site for HITS, Inc. is a special our Championship, which will events management company race in 5:08:13. “It just came together for continue to take place here,” said primarily focused on producing me today – I didn’t even know race director Mark Wilson. “It endurance sports events and that I had won until everyone at has been so awesome to see the hunter/jumper horse shows. the finish like kept telling me,” series evolve and grow during Based in upstate New York in she said with a smile. 2012 and we are really excited the village of Saugerties, HITS is dedicated to creating highUpholding its “a distance about our 2013 race schedule.” for everyone!”™ mantra, HITS The 2 0 13 H I T S quality events in desirable Triathlon Series offered five Championship in Palm Springs destinations with unmatched, distances in Palm Springs and will require qualifying, which professional operations. For welcomed more than 1,000 will begin when HITS Triathlon more information about the athletes from across the West Series kicks off the new year in HITS Triathlon Series, please visit Coast and beyond to a weekend Naples, Florida January 12-13,

Lotions, potions, adult novelties, vhc, shoes, lingerie, hosiery, Bachelorette Party Favors, romantic notions, men’s and women’s underwear

760.322.1444 Located at 304 N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92262 Open Sunday-Wednesday, 10 am - 10 pm Thursday-Saturday, 10 am - 11 pm


British pro Paul Amey leads the Half and Full distance athletes into Lake Cahuilla

December 13, 2012

Palate PleasersSTAR Peppermint Bars Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Refrigerate: 30 minutes Makes 36 servings

Get Cookie Inspired Baking is among the most fun, flavorful holiday traditions – and one that brings family and friends together in the kitchen. In fact, nearly 60 percent of home cooks are expected to bake holiday cookies this year.1 Whether you’re baking gifts for teachers, sweets for a cookie share, or a nibble to enjoy after wrapping gifts, surprise and delight friends and

family by taking seasonal favorites and infusing new twists. “ The holidays are marke d by cherishe d baking traditions and enjoying the season’s mostloved flavors and treats, like gingerbread men, sugar cookies, peppermint candies and eggnog,” says Mary Beth Harrington of the McCormick Kitchens. “This season, we’ve taken a favorite recipe, Peppermint

India Oven A little taste of India 5 Years Running

Best Indian Restaurant

Bark, and added a fun, new take to create holidayinspire d cookie bars. Layer fudgy brownies with smooth peppermint crème, chocolate glaze and candy cane toppings for these d e l i c i o u s Pe p p e r m i n t Bars.” For more holiday baking recipes like Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookies, and White Chocolate Kissed Gingerbread Cookies, visit

1 package (21 ounces) fudge brownie mix 2 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar 15 tablespoons butter, softened, divided 1 1/2 tablespoons heavy cream 1 teaspoon McCormick Pure Peppermint Extract 12 ounces semi-sweet

Holiday treat taste explosion!


Buy One entré Get One 1/2 OFF

Shrimp, Chicken & Steak (Feeds Two) 5 Margarita Selections @ $1.95 with dinner

Dinner only - drinks not included


Lunch • Everyday 11-3pm Dinner • Sun-Thur 5-9pm Fri-Sat 5-9:30pm

Call for Reservations



and peppermint extract in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended and smooth. Spread evenly over cooled brownie. Refrigerate 30 minutes. 4. Microwave chocolate and remaining 8 tablespoons (1 stick) butter in large microwave bowl on HIGH 2 minutes or until butter is melted. Stir until chocolate is completely melted. Spread over top of chilled brownie. Sprinkle with crushed peppermint candies, if desired. Cut into bars.

baking chocolate, coarsely chopped Crushed peppermint candies or candy canes (optional) 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare brownie mix as directed on package. Spread in greased foil-lined 15 x 10 x 1-inch baking pan. 2. Bake 15 minutes or until toothpick inserted into center comes out almost clean. Cool in pan on wire rack. 3. Meanwhile, beat confectioners’ sugar, 7 tablespoons butter, cream

Present coupon to server


35-875 Date Palm Drive, D-8 - Date Palm & Gerald Ford - Mission Plaza - Cathedral City

13450 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240


Bea At Your Service! Beatrice Lubel

Personal Assistant Personal Errands: • Dry Cleaning drop off/pickup • Paying bills • Prescriptions drop off/pickup • Post Office (packages, stamps, etc)

• Movie Rentals • Special Occasion Shopping • Grocery Shopping • Packing/unpacking for a move • And lots more... If you have questions,

please call (760) 835-0686

December 13, 2012



Miracle Springs

Christmas Day Specials Turkey Dinner


Served with Stuffing, Green Beans Almondine, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy And your choice of Harvest Soup or Mixed Green Salad Child $6.95 or Senior $9.95

Ham Dinner


Served with Yams, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy And your choice of Harvest Soup or Mixed Green Salad

Prime Rib 12oz


Served with Au Jus, Horseradish, Sour Cream, Green Beans Almondine, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy And your choice of Harvest Soup or Mixed Green Salad

760 329-6833

10625 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs 92240

Indoor & Outdoor Dining Tuesday, December 25th 12 Noon to 9pm



December 13, 2012

SocietySTAR Humana Challenge Mickey Rooney at Wright Golf Tournament Design Group Photo and Story by Pat Krause

The Humana Challenge golf tournament held its media day on Wednesday, Dec. 5 at PGA West. Members of the media from all over the U.S. were guests of the golf course. An informational meeting was held after breakfast at the club house. The media was told the main focus was going to be wellness with many programs and vendors working to that end. The media was then invited to play a round of golf at the Palmer Course at PGA West. There will be a Clinton Conference on Tuesday where leaders in the field of wellness and health will give seminars to business leaders, fitness experts and the media. They expressed the idea of Health as President Clintons desire for this tournament. They told of the many fitness parks being built around the country. A new one to be dedicated soon in Desert Hot Springs. Golfer Phil Mickelson is

Athena Awards

Margaret O’Brien, Mickey Rooney and Randal Malone

PGA Golfer Mark Wilson and Bob Marra returning again this year along with last year’s winner Mark Wilson and they are looking to have the biggest field of top players. A larger number of celebrities will be announced soon. The new changes to the tournament brought more

golfers and fans to the golf classic. The purse is larger for the players which means the donations to local charities is greater that ever before. The Humana Challenge, formerly the Bob Hope Celebrity Classic, will be held on Jan. 14 – 20, 2013.

PALM SPRINGS, CA - Fans were able to meet legendary actor and artist Mickey Rooney at a meet and greet event held at the Wright Design Group and The

Wright Image in Palm Springs on Sunday, Dec. 2. Rooney’s acting career started at age five, still continues at age 92 with more than 350 films and too many awards to list. Rooney’s art paintings were on display for sale and a silent

auction was held including some of his Hollywood memorabilia with all proceeds going to AIDS Assistance Program of the Desert. Celebrity friends, actress Margaret O’Brien, actor Randal Malone attended along with local celebrity Joey English.

ALTERATIONS & TAILORING B Y G U M E Dress Maker • Tuxedo Rental

760-321-4921 M-F 9-5

Photo and Story by Pat Krause

PALM SPRINGS, CA - The 26th Annual Athena Awards were held on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel. Honorees included Barbara Sinatra who was awarded the Community Icon Award, Annette Bloch who won the Jackie Lee Houston Angel Award and Sgt. Melissa Desmarais garnered the ATHENA Award. Sinatra was unable to attend so her good friend Nelda Linsk accepted the award for her. Awards were presented by Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet and Brooke Beare.

Photo and Story by Pat Krause

Sat 9-1 pm

69036 E. Palm Canyon • Cathedral City, CA

Take a Vacation from Cleaning! Honest and Affordable Home and Office Cleaning Honoree Anette Bloch and Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet On stage to witness the award ceremony were Andy Jessup Sr., Andy Jessup Jr., and Dan Jessup. The Founding Sponsor was Jessup Auto Plaza. Rabbi Sally Olin

gave the invocation and Andrew Stark, President of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce welcomed the guests and made opening remarks.

December 13, 2012

Capri Cleaning Natasha Avila:

760-409-2891 DesertSTAR


STARAt the Movies

Let’s Get

Animated With Christmas just around the corner all sorts of interesting DVDs are being released, many of them animated. Of course Disney is in the lead with goodies like “Finding Nemo” and the two movie collection of “Cinderella II and III.” “The 15th Season of The Simpsons” from 20th Century Fox is also available. Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

“Finding Nemo”

Disney.Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” can come swimming into your living room this holiday season with all kinds of extra features in this must ‘sea,’ must own, Oscar -winning u n d e r w a t e r adventure starring Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks), his forgetful blue tang fish friend Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres) and Nemo, Marlin’s little son who has been carried far from his ocean home to a fish tank in a dentist’s office in Australia. Immediately after the abduction the overly cautious clownfish Marlin sets off on an epic journey to rescue his only son. Along with the clownfish there are many other fish

in the cast like Gill (Willem Dafoe) and Bloat (Brad Garrett) who live in the aquarium. There is also a helpful pelican, Nigel (voiced by Geoffrey Rush) plus many, many migrating sea turtles. Many extras are included in the 5-disc Ultimate Blu-ray Collector’s Edition and there is an added bonus, the animated theatrical short, “Knick Knack”.

“Cinderella 2”

First came the re-release of Disney’s classic “Cinderella” in October and the story continues in the 3-disc special edition 2 Movie Collection “Cinderella II” (“Dreams Come True”) and “Cinderella III” (“A Twist in Time.”) In “Dreams Come True” Cinderella, the newly crowned princess, discovers that her responsibilities are more challenging than she had ever expected. In three different story sequences she enlists the help of her Fairy Godmother and her beloved little animal friends to make her dreams a reality. In “Cinderella III” Cinderella’s storybook life is disrupted when her stepmother gets her hands on the magic wand that belongs to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother and uses it to erase the prince’s memories of the beautiful, sweet girl he met at the ball. Will her happy life be ruined as a result or can her mouse Theda Kleinhans Reichman friends Jaq and Gus save their “Cinder Ellie” before time runs out?



“The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

Another Disney holiday release is “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” starring Jennifer Garner and Diane Wiest. This is a live action fairy tale about a happily married couple who are unable to have children, but they envision what their child might be like. Then on a stormy night, after they have written a wish list describing their “dream” child’s characteristics, a mysterious young boy comes knocking at their door and is the answer to all their hopes and prayers. The film is rated PG.

“The Simpsons”

Grownups on your “not naughty” list will appreciate the 15th season of “The Simpsons.” They will also get a kick out of the 3-D Collector’s box it comes in. Check it out. The special 4-disc set contains the complete 15th season with all 22 episodes and there is a feature on the creator of this yellow family called “All Aboard with Matt” plus audio commentary on every episode as well as deleted scenes with commentary. This deluxe edition is a must for avid Simpson fans. From 20th Century Fox.

Have a happy, animated holiday.



December 13, 2012

LA Auto Show


Debuts Over 40 New Cars As the first major North American auto show of the season, the L.A. Auto Show is hosting some of the most important new vehicle debuts and set the tone for the rest of the year. The show is going on now through December 9 at the LA Convention Center. In addition to the auto show, there are also activities for the family and test-drives of the new cars. The LA show is one of the best attended public auto shows in the world.

brands, including models from Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Toyota. Toyota has unveiled its all-new RAV4 at the show, which has a distinctive new look, and its trademark rear-mounted spare tire is now hidden underneath. The RAV4 appears larger that prior models. BMW showcases its i8 Concept, which also is a peek into the overall future design language of BMW. A popular introduction is the all-new Chevrolet Spark, likely one of the greenest and efficient

The Motor Press Guild presented the 2013 Cadillac ATS sedan its “Car of the Year” award. This award is decided by the

emerging technologies that are dramatically changing the modern driving experience and making it safer. These technologyladen vehicles share the media spotlight with a wellrepresented lineup of luxury and performance models underscoring Southern California’s status as the largest market for these segments in the country. Of the 40 debuts slated, at least a dozen will come from these two categories, including unveilings from the likes of Acura, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Porsche. “As the first major North American show of the season, L.A. sets the tone for 2013 and

Chevrolet Spark the automakers have pulled out all the stops to excite newcar buyers. In virtually every category from the greenest electric vehicle to highhorsepower performance models, the technological advancements we are seeing today eclipse all previous automotive eras,” said Andy Fuzesi, general manager

established as a global center for alternative fuel and advanced technology innovations, it should come as no surprise that the L.A. Auto Show is a prime venue for breaking news on all the latest developments. For more information about the show, visit

of the L.A. Auto Show. With California

By Vince Bodiford

Toyota RAV4 More than 40 vehicles have made their debut at the show. The debut lineup this year also promises a compelling mix of the hottest trends and cuttingedge innovations driving today’s resurgent automotive industry, including world firsts from Chevrolet as well as European automakers such as BMW, Fiat and Volkswagen. Show-goers also will see global unveilings of new designs from Asian

new cars from General Motors. Cadillac’s hot new entry-level ATS sedan makes a run for entry-level luxury sport buyers, hoping to woo buyers from the European imports. Mitsubishi’s new Outlander made its debut, with larger overall body, and longer, flat hoodline and new nose. These and the other all-new cars are completely new from the ground-up, and they are packed with the latest in new technology.

several hundred member automotive journalists from around the country. Green and alternative fuel technologies, such as hybrids and all-electric vehicles, are featured in several world debuts at the show. There are also an increasing number of high-mileage internal combustion vehicles, including clean diesel, on display. Additionally, several automakers have unveiled

BMW i8 Spyder concept

December 13, 2012



STARAround the Valley Desert Hot Springs – The Desert Hot Springs Boys & Girl’s Club and KaBoom are setting up a playground on Jan. 12, 2013 and they need your help. It cannot be done without the communities help and efforts, as this is an “equipment only” donation. KaBoom playground equipment is to be installed on Jan. 12, 2013 at the club located at 11-750 Cholla Dr. Volunteers can call 760-329-1312.

Sunrise Way. Early packet pickup is Friday Dec. 21 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Running Wild, 611 S. Palm Canyon. Early registration by Dec. 19 is $30 (limited to the first 500 participants). Late registration is $35 at packet pick-up. Race Day registration begins at 6:30 a.m. The $30 entry fee includes a Santa Suit, T-shirt, souvenir, photo, goodie bag and milk and cookies at the finish. For information call Molly Thorpe, 760-413-6508 com/running/palm-springsca/santa-paws-5k-run-walkstroll-2012.

Desert Hot Springs – The Desert Hot Springs Spa Tour tickets are now on sale. Spa enthusiasts will want to visit the 4th Annual “Spa Tour” on Thursday, Feb. 7 from 5 - 9 p.m. Visitors will have a chance to view the beautiful “Hidden Boutique” spas and hotels of Palm Springs – American DHS, enjoy the wonderful Veterans General Membership views of the valley and “Feel Meeting is being held on the Power of Nature” which is Dec. 15 starting at noon. The unique to this meeting is being held city. Tickets can at American be purchased Legion Post through the 66 located at Chamber of Commerce 400 S. Belardo office Monday Road. Guest Speaker’s through Friday Lisa Freeden by calling 760and Therese 329-6403, or Jacobson, in person at community 11-999 Palm Jennifer Braun s e r v i c e Drive. counselor’s will do a Post Seminar on Palm Springs – Meet & Greet Veterans Burial Benefits. Luncheon for CongressmanSpouses and partners are Elect, Dr. Raul Ruiz will be held encouraged to attend. The on Tuesday, Dec. 18 starting at 11:30 a.m. at the Hilton, 400 American Legion Post 66 Tahquitz Canyon Way. Tickets extends invitations to the are $40 per person, register American Legion Post 519 online at and the Disabled American Congressman-Elect Ruiz will Veterans Chapter 66 to join share vision and take questions them. from the audience. Indian Wells – The Hyatt Palm Springs – The Regency Indian Wells has Inaugural Santa Paws 5k is partnered with local nona dog-loving fun run/walk profit, FIND Food Bank to host benefitting the Guide Dogs of a canned food donation dropthe Desert. Each participant off at Agua Serena Spa, located receives a five-piece Santa suit at 44600 Indian Wells Lane that must be worn during the through Dec. 21. FIND Food run/walk. Strollers and Doggies Bank provides food to nearly welcome. Awards presented to 80,000 individuals each month first three men and women in in the Coachella Valley and is a each age division. Trophies proud partner of the nationally awarded to top three male and known organization “Feeding female finishers overall. The America.” Hyatt Regency run/walk will begin at 8 a.m. Indian Wells will be providing at the Mizell Senior Center, a special gift to those who corner of Ramon Road and donate to the drive.


Art Events Briefs

Palm Springs - The World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum opened its traveling exhibition “Bob Hope: An American Treasure” to the public on Dec. 12 at the Palm Springs Air Museum and will run through April 2013. Tickets and information visit





Palm Springs – “Forever Marilyn” Palm Springs will be hosting a free weekly concert on Sunday’s at 6:30 p.m. at the corner of Tahquitz Canyon Way and Palm Canyon Drive. Participants are encouraged to bring a blanket or lawn chairs. Palm Springs - The Palm Springs Art Museum is proud to present free second Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission and all activities are free. The Palm Springs Art Museum is located at 101 N. Museum Dr. For more information on this and other events and exhibits call 760-322-4800 or visit them online at Palm Springs - Award-winning artists will present a variety of original art including paintings, mono-prints, drawings, assemblages, collages, photography, sculptures, glassworks, candles, books, jewelry, greeting cards and more at the Artists’ Christmas Blow-out Sale to be held Saturday, Dec. 15, from noon to 6 p.m. at Savage Gallery in Palm Springs (870 Research Dr.). Nothing over $100, all sales are final. Cash only. December 13, 2012

Palm Springs - Lifework Gallery presents Kenny Irwin: Robolights and Beyond – artist reception on Saturday, Dec. 15 from 2 to 6 p.m. The gallery is at 333 N. Palm Canyon (at the back of the Amado Shopping Center). Kenny Irwin Jr.’s Robo Lights spectacle can be viewed at his home located at 1077 E. Granvia Valmonte (on the corner of N. Arquilla Rd.)

Yve Evans

Rancho Mirage – Coachella Valley Repertory Theater is hosting Yve Evans, Jazz Musician of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award-winner, for a “Snazzy, Jazzy” Holiday Concert held on Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. The CV Rep is located at the Rancho Mirage Atrium, 69-930 Highway 111. For more information and tickets call 760-296-2966. Palm Desert – “A Gift of Love II,” a concert given by Barry Manilow will benefit several local charities. The concert is Dec. 11-16, starting at 8 p.m. at the McCallum Theater. Tickets and information at or call 760-340-ARTS.

Palm Desert – “A Tribute to Elvis,” featuring Elvis tribute artist Greg Miller at the Indian Wells Theatre Cal State San Bernadino campus on Jan 11 at 7 p.m. Miller’s tribute performance captures the voice, energy, youthful good looks, physique and the warmth of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” at his peak. Indio – Indio Performing Arts Center presents Charles Dickens, “A Christmas Carol,” on Dec. 14-15 at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 16 at 2 p.m. Indio Performing Arts Center is located at 45175 Fargo St. Tickets and information at or call 760-775-5200. Indio – Second Annual Rhythm, Wine and Brews Festival featuring American blues icon B.B. King and R&B artists, Paul Thorn, Penny Unniversity and “Alex A and the Fermented.” This year, the selection of wines has been expanded. For a list of participating wineries and breweries visit the website. The festival will be on Sat., Feb. 23, 2013 at the Empire Polo Grounds. Tickets are on sale online at www. La Quinta – The City of La Quinta is hosting a free nature adult walk, which is inspired by poetry, “Winter Palette” and is provided by the Stewards of the Fred Wolff Nature Preserve. The nature walk begins at the shade shelter on the Bear Creek Nature Trail at the corner of Calle Ensenada and Avenida Montezuma in the La Quinta Cove, Saturday, Dec. 15 at 8 a.m. Various Art Walks - Art-walk at the Backstreet Art District (off Cherokee Way) in Palm Springs takes place every first Wednesday at 6 pm. Art Walk at Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs (across from the Hyatt, downtown) takes place on the first Friday. Open till 9 p.m. The El Paseo Art Walk is held on the first Thursday of the month from 5 to 9 p.m. El Paseo is located in Palm Desert off Monterey Blvd.

Living LongerSTAR Black Boxes In Autos:

Big Brother Is Watching Us

a related area, California (Calif. and high-profile accidents. My concern with being Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy healthy and living for hundreds Murray initially said that he of years is very much connected wasn’t speeding and that he was with my desire to live those years wearing his seat belt when he in a democratic society. Therefore, crashed a government-owned I read with great interest a news report last Friday, Dec. 7, 2012, that car last year. But the Ford Crown Victoria’s data recorder told a the federal government’s National different story: It showed the car Transportation Safety Board was traveling more than 100 mph (NTSB) has proposed to put event and Murray wasn’t belted in. data recorders – better known as In 2007, then-New Jersey “black boxes” -- into all new cars Gov. Jon Corzine was seriously and light trucks beginning Sept. 1, Art Kunkin injured in the crash of an 2014. Civil rights organizations all SUV driven by a state trooper. over the U.S. immediately began Civil Code § 1936) and New York Corzine was a passenger. The to protest the possible invasions (New York Gen. Bus. Law § 396SUV’s black box showed the of personal privacy that may z) have passed laws prohibiting vehicle was traveling 91 mph occur if these black boxes are rental car companies from using on a parkway where the speed installed into all automobiles. electronic surveillance or global limit was 65 mph, and Corzine However, the fact is that positioning devices to impose didn’t have his seat belt on. automakers have already been fees, charges or penalties relating Privacy complaints have installing early versions of such to the renter’s use of the vehicle. gone unheeded so far. About a devices into most new cars for “Right now we’re in an dozen states including California years even without government environment where there are no have some law regarding data requirement. These black boxes rules, there are no limits, there are recorders, but the rest do not. automatically record the actions no consequences and there is no Concerns include government of drivers and the responses transparency,” said Lillie of their vehicles. Coney, associate director When a car is of the Electronic Privacy involved in a crash or Information Center, a when its airbags deploy, privacy advocacy group. inputs from the vehicle’s “Most people who sensors before impact are are operating a motor automatically preserved. vehicle have no idea this That’s usually enough to technology is integrated record things like how into their vehicle.” fast the car was traveling “Basically your and whether the driver car is a computer now, applied the brake, was so it can record all steering erratically or kinds of information,” had a seat belt on. said Gloria Bergquist, The NTSB proposes vice president of the to collect information that Deborah Hersman, Chairman National Transportation Safety Board Alliance of Automotive can help investigators Manufacturers. “It’s a determine the causes lot of the same issues you have tracking of the movements and of accidents and lead to safer about your computer or your locations of private individuals. vehicles. But privacy advocates In 2004, California became the smartphone and whether Google say government regulators first state to enact legislation (Calif. or someone else has access to and automakers are spreading the data.” The alliance opposes Vehicle Code § 9951). requiring an intrusive technology the government requiring manufacturers to disclose to without first putting in place recorders in all vehicles. customers that event data policies to prevent misuse of The National Transportation recorders are installed in vehicles. the information collected. Safety Board has been pushing for The law also prohibits download Data collected by the recorders in all passenger vehicles of that data without the owner’s recorders is increasingly showing since the board’s investigation permission or a court order. In up in lawsuits, criminal cases

Mr. Life Extension

December 13, 2012

of a 2003 accident in which an elderly driver plowed through an open-air market in Santa Monica, Calif. Ten people were killed and 63 were injured. After ruling out other possibilities, investigators ultimately guessed that he had either mistakenly stepped on the gas pedal or had stepped on the gas and the brake pedals at the same time. Some automakers began installing the recorders when there were complaints that air bags might be causing deaths and injuries. They did so to protect themselves against liability. Rep. Michael Capuano, D-Mass., has repeatedly introduced legislation to require that automakers design recorders so that they can be disabled by motorists but has been unsuccessful in his efforts. “Many of us would see it as a slippery slope toward big government and Big Brother knowing what we’re doing and where we are,” said Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., who is slated to take over the chairmanship of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in January. “Privacy is a big concern for many across America.” Art Kunkin is the 84-year young journalist who founded, published and edited the Los Angeles Free Press in the 60s and 70s. He later became president of the Philosophical Research Society and now lives in Joshua Tree. A free download of a magazine cover story interview with Art about his research into stopping aging and living for hundreds of years is available at www.alchemyrevealed. com. Please come to Art’s Thursday “Circle of Friends” from 7 to 9 pm at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center where discussions are held about such subjects as developing personal power and achieving enlightenment more easily during an increased life span. For more information, please email Art at artkunkin@ or phone the Retreat Center at 760-3658371. Copyright 2012 by Art Kunkin, all rights reserved.



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STARBody, Mind & Spirit

strolog y A Dec. 13-19, 2012

Darkness Verging on Light

Thursday’s Sagittarius new moon - the last of 2012 – prepares us for Winter Solstice and the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers. Uranus becomes stationary direct (4.37 Aries) Thursday. The New Age is right on schedule. In the sky Thursday and Friday are the Geminids meteor showers (possibly 50 an hour) dropping light into the minds of humanity, building the Rainbow Bridge. Anticipation, expectancy, hope is everywhere.


STARS Risa Goodwill

Monday, Mercury in Sag opposes Jupiter in Gemini, a most important event. Sag and Gemini, mutable signs, signify change, needed periods of reorientation activated prior to the emergence of new developments for humanity. Mercury streams forth Ray 4, a new harmony after chaos. Gemini, sign of duality (and later synthesizing duality) is connected to the heart of the Sun and thus the pulsation of life that sustains us. Gemini, Ray 2, radiates to Earth Love/Wisdom. Jupiter (also Ray 2) in Sag points to our long journey into our galaxy’s night (Dec. 21, the depths of darkness verging on Light). Jupiter expands us. During Festival week (Week of Impact), we will be expanded by a Love falling to earth and by revelations impressed upon our hearts and minds from the Galactic Center. Showing us the way toward the Light. The ancient commentary concerning Gemini and Sag: “When the two (Gemini & Sag) become One (Sag), the 4th (humanity) becomes the 5th (Soul). The Soul


calls to us, the New Age begins, the New Era Community beckons. We must prepare. Here is the YouTube for the Festival of the New Group of World Servers. Everyone can join us. watch?v=VbBQuZAVgUI ARIES: You’re curious, even more than usual. You need to study and learn things. You want to exchange philosophies and ideas with others. You feel enthusiastic and even inspired by your community and by communication. It’s not a time for details. Only the big picture will do. Offer no advice. Be practical and seek out different lands, peoples and cultures. The world is uniting. You are the facilitator. TAURUS: You’re interested in how people think, what motivates them, all their subtle mysteries and secrets. This is Taurus’ Scorpio side. You’re able, after time and pondering, to understand and analyze people and their strategies. You are the Illumined Mind from the Pleiades. A mind that can work medically, scientifically and astrologically with penetrating authority. Your communication skills are being heightened. GEMINI: You love to discuss two different sides of a conversation simultaneously. You play, understand, decide upon both, knowing all sides are true on different levels. Most important to you is someone who listens and hears your thoughts, ideas and communications. You’re skilled at tidbits of information and ideas. Boredom often assails you. You must learn sincerity, truthfulness, and then love – your purpose. CANCER: Everyone’s forgetting lots of things these days. But you aren’t. You remember everything, from way back in time to the present day. Often, however, you’re worried and nervous. Things around you seem disorganized. However, you’re so useful with everyone these things matter less and less. One day you will begin to clean, clear, order and organize. For now do whatever eases nervous tension. Rest more. For headaches, grow and tincture feverfew. LEO: Something has lifted you from the deep intensity you live with


into a lighter and brighter world of creative expression. You engage others in conversations filled with playfulness and fun. You become entertaining (an entertainer) when interacting with others. You find those with intellectual capacities to be very attractive. You’re proud of what you’ve done, proud of your children and/or pets. Proud of your creativity. And yourself. VIRGO: Usually your mind is set upon order and detail. But something new has come into your life. It’s imagination setting up ideas and plans that are unusual and unexpected. All thoughts of separation and demarcation have left. You begin to change your home to reflect the new persona you’ve become. More lively, colorful, imaginative, intellectual. An atmosphere of experimentation. Embrace this. Like a wild flower garden a ‘bloom.

interacting with people, learning about community events, being on teams, creating trends, and introducing ideas that eventually become ideals within humanity. You’re future-oriented, you play fair, you’re unselfish and you have great hopes and dreams. The moon hiding Uranus rules you. Sometimes you’re sad, seeking people like yourself. There are few. They’re in community. PISCES: It’s how you communicate with others that makes you loved by strangers. There’s authority in your words. Many activities are involved in your work these days. Is your desk piled high with various aspects of your life? Is it like an archeological dig? Multiple places, people, settings, events, conversations, travel, ideas and the arts are needed for your work. Without them, you feel dry, like a wasteland. Negotiate for them. Risa, Founder & Director Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School for the study of the Tibetan’s teachings in the Alice A. Bailey books Email: risagoodwill@ Web journal: www. nightlightnews.comFacebook: Risa’s Esoteric Astrology

no one multi-tasks. Scorpio knew this first. They are the great researchers. S AG I T TA R I U S : Yo u r appearance is that of tallness, like a mountain, sturdy and supportive. You are these things. However, you’ve also become a bit more like the planet Mercury, a messenger on a bike in San Francisco. Fast, nimble, adaptable, changeable, versatile and quick like a flash (of light). This image is why many Sags are photographers. They catch the in-between realities that no one sees. You do. With great curiosity and emotional interest. C A P R I CO R N : Yo u’re experiencing silence at this time. Having become a bit of a Pisces these days. Not so quick to respond as a new level of trust is developing. It’s not quite time to express yourself yet. People tell you secrets, things they can’t tell others. You maintain their secrets. Good. Don’t overanalyze. Ask yourself questions and wait for the answers to appear. This is intuition, impressions from the Raincloud of Knowable Things. It doesn’t involve analysis. You are learning to communicate differently. AQUARIUS: Curiosity impels you to go out and about in the community, town and villages

LIBRA: You do many intelligent interactive things - read, teach, exchange ideas, understand the news (Rachel Maddow), talk with friends ceaselessly, think about having parties, are active outdoors, garden and current with the many and varied lives of your many and varied friends. You could feel a bit nervous these days concerning money and finances. To curtail worry, tend very carefully considering the long term. Tell me what you would do if you had only one day to spend your money. And then money was gone? SCORPIO: Though many think they fear Scorpios, they have it wrong! Scorpios are very practical and intelligent. They see obstacles and find logical answers. They see conclusions before anyone else and shy away from them. They work according to their own timing and schedule. Because they know time’s relative. Scientists have proven that

NEW! WordSearchSTAR Find these words: AGN Alpha Centauri Angular diameter distance Apoapsis Asteroid Astronomy Callisto Celestial longitude Cluster Coma Comet Cosmic dust Dark matter Earth Eclipse Epoch Equinox Europa Galactic plane Galaxy Io Jupiter Kepler’s law Mars Mean time

Mercury Meteoroid Milky Way Moon Nebula Nebulus Neptune Oort cloud Orbit Phase Pleiades Pluto Quasar Red dwarf Red giant Red Planet Red shift Satellite Saturn SETI Star Sun Universe Uranus Venus


December 13, 2012

































CommunitySTAR Mario Pikus

Unveils Sculpture By Rebecca Pikus

CATHEDRAL CITY, CA - More than 80 people attended the Opening of the Agnes Pelton Sculpture Garden in Cathedral City on Saturday, Dec. 5. The historic Agnes Pelton Estate is now owned and was lovingly restored by Fine Art & Celebrity P h o t o g r a p h e r, P e t e r Palladino, and Lifestyle Photographer and Yoga Guru, Simeon Den. The afternoon event included the unveiling o f M a r i o P i k u s’ n ew sculpture, “Clouds in the Desert” donated to the new Agnes Pelton Sculpture Garden. Pikus is a renowned sculptor and painter, winner of

Mario Pikus presents his work at the opening of the Agnes Pelton Sculpture Garden in Cathedral City

‘The Falls’ Interview with Writer/ Director By Alejandro Pais “I fell in love with the process,” said writer/director Jon Garcia, about his new film, the beatific, compelling and heartbreaking love story,

Jon Garcia “The Falls,” to be released on DVD on Tuesday, Dec. 11 from Breaking Glass Pictures. The film, about two 20-year-old Mormon men who fall in love while on their Mission

Benjamin Farmer and Nick Ferrucci in “The Falls”

away from home, has been winning raves at film festivals and stellar reviews upon its release. Garcia, who is gay, originally was heading in a different direction with the story, writing about a young gay man in Idaho coming out to his family, but after learning of the strong Mormon contingent in Idaho, he shifted the direction of the story and started researching and attending the Mormon church to fuel the writing process. As it turns out, there are more gay Mormons in our country, open and repressed,

than he imagined. “I’ve now spoken to a lot of men who went on Missions and have stories similar to RJ and Chris (the two leads) in “The Falls” says Garcia. “A few gay missionaries that fell in love with their straight mission companion and came out to them, some missionaries that had a love affair with their companion, and some that came out during their marriage. I think the coming out process is very fragile and people choose to come out when the time is right for them unless they are forced due to the circumstances. For Mormon Men and Women, the mission is usually the first time these kids have left home so I think it can make a person embrace their selfcontrol or make repressed emotions rise to the surface.” As a gay filmmaker, Garcia connects with his characters because they are nuances of himself. “However, I started to build a stronger personal relationship to the story

December 13, 2012

“Best in Show” at both the Palm Springs Art Museum and the City of Palm Springs 14th Annual Juried Art Show. Pikus recycles and builds unique metal sculptures out of discarded Harley Davidson motorcycle parts and airplane parts. He is also a subject of numerous documentaries of his work and has been exhibited in national museums and galleries worldwide. Wo r l d A I D S D ay, Friends of the Rainbow Coalition gathering, and A Memorial Tribute to all the loved ones lost through AIDS by Simeon Den, a lifestyle photographer who trained at the Alvin Ailey Dance Center. In an amazing performance,

Simeon danced on the flat rooftop for all to see, with his arms open to the sky, and striking dance movements, all accompanied by renowned Opera Singer Susan Benkin, who sang “Amazing Grace” -- there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. Champagne, wine a n d fo o d a s we l l a s camaraderie and appreciation of these three art forms -Sculpture, Dance, & Music -- was shared by all in attendance. The gathering included artists, writers, photographers, musicians, politicians, filmmakers, fashion designers, and international Snowbirds. The Desert is the new New York and L.A. Art Scene!

Nick Ferrucci in “The Falls” and the script when I found out the amount of suicides there are due to the dilemma of some Christian denominations and their stance on the gay and lesbian community.” Next up for Garcia is the wonderfully original romance “Tandem Hearts”

which will be released in February of 2013, and he is currently in post-production on the horror film, “The Hours ‘til Daylight.” With such an eclectic filmmaking sensibility, Jon Garcia is looking to become a major new talent in American cinema.



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December 13, 2012

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Broadway Nutcracker Christmas Curtain Rises For


By Bill Marchese

PALM DESERT, CA - When the curtain rises at the Annenberg Theater for the holiday classic, The Nutcracker, the passion of a troupe of young dancers will rise with it. The annual Christmas concert at the Annenberg Theater directed by Catherine Demonchaux-Botwin of the Desert Dance Academy will feature 60 dancers from Coachella Valley, ages four to adult, who have rehearsed for months for the Dec. 1516 weekend performance. Many dancers have spent three days a week in classes or rehearsals, about 25 hours a month or more since September. They love it. It’s their passion for dance, DemonchauxBotwin said. Along with the applause, the dancers get lifelong benefits from dance. They gain poise, confidence and build a strong mind and body, she said. Some dancers start lessons at age two, still in diapers, and continue into

adulthood. The lead dancer starring as Clara is Kate Antonov, 13, from Beaumont, who began ballet lessons at age three. Kates mother, Yelena, was born in St. Peters, Russia, where the The Nutcracker, with music by Tchaikovsky, was first performed on Dec. 18, 1892. Ballet is very common in Russia, almost like going to the movies, Yelena said. Guest artists include Desert Dance Company member Steve Rizzo, of Palm Springs, who has performed professionally with the Chicago City Ballet, playing the role of the evil Drosselmeyer. Eight other professional dancers will join him. Angela Monetathchi of Palm Desert will perform the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Gilbert Bolden of LaQuinta will perform the role of the Nutcracker. Sofia Blustein of Cathedral City plays the Mouse Queen. Lynn Lockwood, professional harpist from Palm Springs, will accompany the ballet with her extraordinary gold-laced harp. Tickets cost $18 - $25.

The Nutcracker stars, from top left, are Steve Rizzo as Drosselmeyer and Lynn Lockwood, harpist, both of Palm Springs; Gilbert Bolden of LaQuinta playing the Nutcracker; Sofia Blustein of Cathedral City as the Mouse Queen; and Kate Antonov of Beaumont, seated, starring as Kate. The performance is set for Dec. 15 and 16 at the Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs Art Museum.

at the Annenberg Theater PALM SPRINGS, CA - L.A.’s famed Upright Cabaret returns to Palm Springs kicking off a new series Friday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m., marking its seventh annual holiday revue, A Broadway Christmas, starring Tony Award® and Emmy Award® winner Lillias White, singer James Tormé and more, with American Idol’s David Hernandez hosting and singing! This show is the first of three productions Upright Cabaret is bringing to Palm Springs’ Annenberg Theater this season. In this holiday revue, watch stars and snowflakes glitter together as Upright Cabaret combines the best of Broadway with the carols of Christmastime. Cozy up next to your someone special, and be warmed not by an open fire, but by yuletide joy and the sweet standards of Mel Tormé, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald - and more! With brassy horns and sentimental strings, Upright Cabaret creates a wonderland of the cheerful arrangements and airy melodies that make Broadway and Christmas all aglow. Under boughs of holly, bathed in multi-media of silver and gold, our celebrity singers use their suave voices to turn the stage into a true town of tinsel – and make this highly anticipated season’s event the perfect way to put you in the holiday spirit. Allstar cast additions will be announced soon. If disco was your thing, shake it at Upright Goes Disco on Friday, February 1, 2013. You were seventeen – it was Saturday night – and the place to be was Funky Town! Move ‘n groove with us as Upright Cabaret does DISCO – and does it right in full sequined pride! Backed by a flash of insane multi-media, the shimmering songs of Donna Summer, ABBA, the Bee Gees – and more! – will flash you back into dancing queens and strutting machines. Melt under the pulsing lights and pulsating beats as our Upright performers sing the greatest dance hits that will have you poppin’ your hips and pointin’ your fingers into the air. Hustle ‘n jive your way to this show because Upright’s disco fever is sure to be infectious. And on Friday, June 7, 2013, Upright Cabaret’s Leather and Lace brings back the 70’s, a time of fragile love and acoustic guitar. No artist embodied that California sound better than Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, and Neil Young.

December 13, 2012

Their musical grit meshed the smooth tone of Folk with the cool edge of Rock ‘N Roll. The Upright band re-imagines the retro hits of these profound singer-songwriters with newfound soul. Our young voices add a clarity to the haunting timbre of the time that made those magnetic harmonies and tenacious lyrics so heartfelt. With a backdrop of multi-media, setting the stage with memories of the greats, this evening not only captures the nostalgia of folk rock – but turns classic into timeless. Starring Star Search Grand Champion and Oprah favorite Jake Simpson. Tickets for A Broadway Christmas are priced at $35, $45 and $55. Subscription prices for all three shows are $79-145 (Up to 25% off). Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the Annenberg Theater box office at (760) 3254490. More info at The Saguaro is a proud sponsor of A Broadway Christmas. See the show and spend the weekend in Palm Springs! For reservations, call 877-808-2439.



STARetc… Parade Route Parade Begins HERE

Santa & Party HERE By Jennifer Braun and Dave Christensen DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA - The Desert Hot Springs Community and Cultural Affairs Commission has successfully brought back the Desert Hot Springs Holiday Parade, with KNews afternoon

host David Wilson as Grand Marshal. The popular local talk show personality can be heard weekdays from 3 to 6 p.m. on 94.3 KNews. After a four year absence from the holiday calendar of events in Desert Hot Springs, this year’s parade promises to be bigger and better than

ever before, with more than 50 organizations represented in the event. We’re “Bringing it back” in style with Holiday Parade Queen Consuelo Gonzalez, Zumba dancers, three high school marching bands, holiday floats, a parade contest with judges, and not to forget, for the children, jolly ole St. Nick himself, with MIX 100.5 DJ’ing the event. The Parade ends at the corner of Two Bunch Palms and Palm Dr, with a Santa Claus photo shoot for the children. Holiday Parade judges Stan Adams, Christine Portella, Jose Pena, and Ernesto Guigieres will present the parade winning trophies in an award ceremony, hosted by Grand Marshal David Wilson. Also attending the parade and ceremonies will be our beloved Mayor Yvonne Parks, (who cast the deciding vote authorizing the parade) Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit, and Congressman-Elect Dr. Raul Ruiz. The Holiday Parade event kicks-off at 11 a.m. Traffic and parade participants are advised to use Indian Ave. to Pierson Blvd. to avoid delays. For more information call the Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce (760) 329-6403.

We incorrectly spelled Singer Reba McEntire’s name in the photo caption on page 13 of last week’s paper. We also incorrectly attributed a photo caption on Page 5 under “Betty White Honored by Guide Dogs of the Desert” as Dr. Albert Mialuskas, instead the man in the photo was Author Tom Sullivan. We regret the errors and corrected them on our website

DESERT HOT SPRING POLICE DEPARTMENT On Thursday, Dec. 6 at 2:14 a.m. officers from the Des ert Hot Springs Police Department responded to a shooting at Indian Canyon Road north of 20th Avenue where they found a male victim suffering from a single gunshot wound to his upper body. The victim has been identified as Craig Maddy, 21, of 29 Palms, California. Maddy is an active duty Marine stationed at the 29 Palms Marine Corp Bas e. Maddy remains in s erious condition at an area hospital. Maddy was sitting in the back s eat of a four-door s edan when another car pulled up from behind and fired s everal shots through the back windshield. One bullet struck the victim who was transported to a local hospital by ambulance with life threatening injuries. Anyone with information related to this crime is asked to call Detective Raul Sandoval at (760) 329-6411 Ext. 330 or Crime Stoppers at (760) 341-STOP.

INDIO POLICE DEPARTMENT On Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012 at 12:52 a.m., two California Highway Patrol Officers conducted a DUI investigation in the City of Indio of a driver on Cabazon Road west of Dillon. They were assisted by a U.S. Border Patrol Agent when numerous rapid gun shots were fired from east of the officers‘ location. The officers sought cover while insuring both the driver and the passenger they had stopped were also safely behind cover. A light colored suspect vehicle was obs erved at the inters ection of Dillon Road where the gunfire came from. It was determined the gunfire was directed towards all three law enforcement officers. Indio Police Detectives and the Indio Police Special Enforcement Team took over the criminal investigation of the incident. Indio Police Detectives were able to identify a suspect responsible for the shooting. The suspect was arrested without incident on Wednesday, Nov.

28 at 8 p.m., at the intersection of Ave 48 and Jackson Street when he was seen in a vehicle and a traffic stop was done in the shopping center parking lot in the City of Coachella. The suspect was identified as David Hurtado, 34 of Indio. Hurtado was booked into the Riverside County Sheriffs Jail facility in Indio for attempted murder of the three law enforcement officers and conspiracy charges. The Indio Police Department would like to thank the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Riverside County Sherriff’ s Department and the Coachella Valley Gang Task Force for their assistance in the investigation. This is still an ongoing investigation and police are asking for anyone who has information about the incident to call the Indio Police Department at (760) 391-4057 or call Coachella Valley Crime Stoppers at (760) 341-STOP with anonymous information.

Solar Installation continued from 1

Founded in 1968 by Al LaSalle, Gary’s father, LaSalle Electric and La Salle Solar Systems have earned and maintain the best reputations in the Valley for attention to detail and quality service. With a fleet of 20 trucks,

and more than 45 employees, the company continues to be a major factor to the local economy while always looking for new ways to provide energy solutions. Learn the whole story at

Ruiz Visits DHS continued from 1

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On Dec. 17 at 1 p.m. Congressman Elect will “It is exciting to have our newly-elected be attending a MSWD water program put on by the congressman attending an educational water District general manager. Congressman Ruiz may program to learn more about important water issues stay for a portion of the board meeting that follows. impacting the Desert Hot Springs community.”

Home Delivery continued from 1

“Believe it or not, many publishers today struggle with choices related to product distribution and delivery, especially considering escalating costs associated with an economic downturn,” he said. Perry also stated that the Desert Star Weekly newspaper is still a free publication and he cites other important elements in the company’s expansion plans. “Home delivery will essentially double our weekly

December 13, 2012

pressrun, which is good for building readership, but I anticipate a much stronger partnership with Valley advertisers due to increased market saturation and penetration. “As we prepare to expand our scope of influence through the cities of the southwestern Coachella Valley, we must recognize the importance of providing this portion of the Valley with a much-needed community specific newspaper,” Perry said.

Gardening GuruSTAR

What is

with My Plant? By Chris Hermann, ASLA CLARB Certified Landscape Architect There are countless occasions that we hear this question and usually a customer is holding a branch from their plant, a photo or a plastic bag with some leaves to examine. In order to do a proper analysis of the situation, we usually need all three of these items and a book written by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth, “What’s Wrong with My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?). This book presents a diagnostic system with easy-to-use flow charts. The diagnostic flow charts consist of a series of simple questions, presented in pairs. Each pair is illustrated and each question can be answered yes or no. By observing symptoms on your plant and answering questions,

you can follow the flow charts to a diagnosis. The diagnosis gives you the cause of the problem. My training and experience as a landscape architect did not include a great deal of plant pathology, botany and horticulture. Therefore, when customers come in to Aunt Effie’s we go through the diagnosis together using the step-by-step flow charts. Our experience has been that most issues we are dealing with relate to over-watering and nutrient deficiency. These problems can be resolved readily through adjustments to irrigation systems and fertilizing the plant according to its needs. Other issues typically are related to aphids, mealy bugs, scale, powdery mildew, grubs, white flies, weevils and psyllids. Citrus trees coming into the Coachella Valley have to be sprayed for the Asian

Agave snout bettle

psyllid disease, as this insect can be absolutely devastating to citrus trees. Date palms and any other phoenix palm species must be locally grown in order to prevent fusarium wilt fungus from being transported into the valley, as this fungus will cause death in the date palms and can wreak havoc on the date industry. There are several products that we recommend to combat and prevent infestations of pests and other related fungus and disease. Bonide- Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control –Liquid form: Soil Drench as directed on the instructions on product. Merit – Granular systemic: Apply on soil as directed by instructions on product. This product is generally available by commercial distributors. These two products are especially good to control weevils that attack the Agave species and Yucca species through the soil. The key component for control of the weevil is an ingredient called Imidocloprid. Both are systemic and work through soil drenching. Soil drenching should be done two - three months before the expected pest infestation or if there is evidence of the weevil, soil drench prior to replanting a new agave and then maintain application once in the fall and once in the spring. The Bonide product is a liquid product that can be diluted for foliar spraying insects directly to

provide contact control and should be applied as soon as the pests are observed. It can also be used as a systemic measure to prevent infestation through soil drenching. Other products that we have found to be effective in controlling other plant oriented ailments include:

Asian citrus psyllid nymphs Green Light - Neem II - Controls insects, diseases and mites on fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, flowers and shrubs including: Aphids, spider mites, scales, mealy bugs, whiteflies, leafminers, leafrollers, armyworms, webworms, tent caterpillars, fungus,

gnats, leafhoppers, cabbageworms, squash bugs, squash vine borer, stink bugs, thrips, tomato hornworm, lace bugs, boxelder bugs, grasshoppers, crickets, ants, fleas, ticks, earwigs, cockroaches, mosquitos, chinch bugs, chiggers and many others. Neem II prevents fungal attack of plants’ tissues. This should not be applied to newly transplanted material, wilted or stressed plants. DO NOT use this product on spray sensitive plants such as: impatien flowers, fuschia flowers, hibiscus flowers, some rose flowers, ornamental olive trees, and red maples. Neem oil is an effective fungicide for the prevention and control of fungal diseases including powdery mildew, blackspot, downy mildew, anthracnose, rust, leaf spot, botrytis, needle rust scab, and flower twig and tip blight. Apply this product on a seven to 14 day schedule by thoroughly spraying all leaf surfaces wet, but not dripping. Bonide - Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew - This product contains Spinosad which is derived from a naturally occurring soil swelling bacteria that was collected from a rum distillery on a Caribbean

Island in 1982. The bacteria were defined as a new species when it was discovered and it has never been found anywhere else in the world. Since being discovered, Spinosad has become a leading pesticide used in agriculture worldwide in the production of organic produce. This product will control worms, borers, leafminers, thrips, leafrollers, and a number of other pests. At Aunt Effie’s Gardens we are always happy to help our customers with their plant issues. It is best to come in with the elements stated previously: a branch, a picture of the affected area, and a plastic bag with leaves reflecting the insect or fungus. Sometimes our only option is to refer you to a local arborist if the problem is beyond the power of the products we carry. Chris Hermann is part owner of Aunt Effie’s Gardens in Palm Springs located at 2393 N. Palm Canyon Drive. Herman has been a landscape architect for 30 years and is also a CLARB certified landscape architect. Additionally, he heads up Hermann Design Group in La Quinta and can be reached at chris@aunteffiesgardens. com or at 760-777-9131 (HDG) or 760-778-6030 (Aunt Effie’s).



WEDS 9:30 AM - 6 PM & SUN 1:30 – 6 PM NW Corner of Country Club X Monterey


M, T, & TH, FR, SAT 12 – 6 PM Ramon ½ block East of Monterey


4693 E. Ramon Road PALM SPRINGS, CA 92276

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December 13, 2012






Reallys ING hooo Zydepho lk’n JaZ & D.J. W z Group ayne

Buffet 8 – 10 pm Party 8 pm – 1 am

• Baron of Beef Carving Station • Blackened Catfish • Jambalaya – Gumbo • Red Beans – Dirty Rice • Shrimp – Cajun Crab Dip • Fruit & Cheese Platters • Salad Bar- Bayou Cole Slaw • Corn Bread – Bacon Collard Greens • Southern Sweet Potatoes • King’s Cake- Chocolate Festival Cake • Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce • Sweet Tea – Lemonade

Includes: Party Favors & Champagne Toast at Midnight!

$49.95 Per Couple $29.95 Per Person $19.95 Per Child 11 & Under


760 329-6833



10625 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs, CA December 13, 2012

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