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DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR LOAN INVESTIGATION 1. If you still have the loan documents in the title company folder, please send or scan and e-mail a copy of everything in the folder. Generally, these are the documents that you may find in that folder. It is not all inclusive, but if you’re not sure, send it anyway. Loan Application (Form 1003) Good Faith Estimate Deed of Trust Note Truth in Lending Disclosure HUD-1 Settlement Statement Affiliated Business Disclosure

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2. Visit your recorder’s office or clerk’s office to get a copy of everything recorded against the property since you obtained the current loan on the property at issue. 3. If you are in a judicial foreclosure state, please send a copy of all court papers filed in your lawsuit, especially the Complaint/Petition, which is first thing the bank must file to start the lawsuit against you. 4. If you are in a bankruptcy proceeding, be sure to send the Motion to Lift Stay and all exhibits to that document. If you have the Proof of Claim from the bank, please send it. Otherwise, I will obtain the relevant bankruptcy filings from PACER. Remember, we don’t start on your file review until we receive ALL documents from you AND the executed Client Agreement.

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Documents Required for Loan Investigation  
Documents Required for Loan Investigation  

This is a list of documents required to investigate your loan.