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Welcome to ‘ ’ Welcome to the second issue of ‘2013’, the official magazine of the City of Culture year. It’s being produced by a unique partnership of the Derry Journal and Londonderry Sentinel, in conjunction with the Culture Company, and we’re delighted to be working together on it. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the great events lined up for 2013 on the banks of the Foyle. The stories, pictures and info inside highlight some of the key events of the city’s big year in the cultural spotlight. Our three-page reference guide will bring you up to speed with what’s happening month by month throughout the year - so keep it handy!

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The ‘Sons and Daughters’ gala concert screened by the BBC was a fantastic opener to 2013 and we couldn’t let this magazine pass without having a chat with some of the big local stars who were involved like Gary Lightbody, Roma Downey, Dana and Eva Birthistle. And there is still so much great stuff to come during 2013 when the eyes of the world will be on this special city we call ‘home’. Inside there’s a detailed look at the world-renowned ‘Other Voices’ taking place at The Glassworks in Great James Street on February 8-10. We also speak to Hofesh Shechter, the choreographer behind ‘Political Mother,’  the electrifying dance spectacle that has captivated audiences around the world, and will be rocking The Venue on March 8-9. It’s all shaping up to be an amazing year and ‘2013’ magazine will help keep you posted. It will be published free with the Journal and Sentinel on a regular basis, and available at outlets in the city and beyond. The next issue is due in April. You can also stay up-to-date with all the latest City of Culture 2013 news in the pages of the Journal and the Sentinel and at and This is your year so get out there and enjoy it!

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| February - March

Bernie Mullen

William Allen

acting editor, Derry Journal

editor, Londonderry Sentinel

Contents 4-5

Thanks Liverpool! Sean McLaughlin talks to Phil Redmond


Void - ‘Me, Myself, I’


‘I’ll be back’ - Gary’s pledge for 2013


Inishowen gets on board


Portrait of a City needs your pics!


The BT 2013 partnership

10-11 The master of movement to rock Ebrington


Bring a loved one home for City of Culture!



All you need is love


The Music Promise for 2013

Get your skates on for Starlight Express

14-15 From Malibu with love Erin Hutcheon catches up with Roma 16

Eva ‘just says yes’ for City of Culture


Derrys & Londonderrys around the world Eamon Sweeney checks them out


Pride in The Venue 2013


Maire - she’ll make you laugh and cry


Teatime for Dana in the Bogside


The Orange Order looks forward to celebrations Eamon Sweeney chats to Victor Wray


Waterside all the way


Feast of Friel

44-45 Phenomenal Other Voices 47

Just the ticket - Go get ‘em!

24-26 What’s On Guide for 2013

McDonalds Foyleside, Strand Road and Crescent Link Supporting the City of Culture 2013 February - March |


It will be a year like no other PHIL REDMOND, the driving force behind UK City of Culture, tells Sean McLaughlin that 2013 will be a ‘year like no other’ for Derry.


| February - March

Derry has many reasons to thank Phil Redmond. If it wasn’t for the Liverpudlian, there’s very little chance Derry would be City of Culture in 2013. Not only was it Redmond who originally pitched the idea of a four-yearly UK City of Culture but he also chaired the panel that eventually selected Derry to be the inaugural host city. The 63-year-old is looking forward to a ‘year like no other’ for Derry in 2013. And he should know - after all, he was the man behind Liverpool’s successful European City of Culture year in 2008. He agrees that Derry should be both excited and apprehensive as it stands on the cusp of culture year. “With great ambition comes apprehension but people should also be excited because it has all been put together by people in the city itself and, as we adapted as a slogan for Liverpool, it will be a year like no other,” says the celebrated writer and TV producer. “You have the excuse to try new things and enjoy yourself.” Phil Redmond is, of course, the creator, writer and producer of two of British television’s most enduring and influential series - Grange Hill and Brookside. He started his career as a quantity surveyor but was determined to succeed as a writer. In 1972, he took the brave step of giving up his post and setting himself a target of six months to achieve a commission. He sold a script for an episode of Doctor in Charge and then received a number of commissions including work as a comedy writer for ABC Television. In 1978, he developed the school-based series, Grange Hill, which earned him the Writers Guild Best Newcomer Award and went on to achieve a 30 year run. During the 1980s he set up Mersey Television which went on to become the largest independent television company in the UK, producing such programmes as Hollyoaks and Emmerdale - not bad for a boy from a poor working-class background in Liverpool. Turning to Derry’s City of Culture year, Redmond is well aware of the challenges which the city faces. “I think one of the biggest challenges is to resist the temptation to over-promise that the cultural events themselves will bring about instant change,” he says. “The lessons from Liverpool and Glasgow are

that the year serves to demonstrate to everyone that, regardless of their own views and backgrounds, they can work together in a collaborative way. It is about reminding everyone of that and about reminding everyone of the city’s cultural heritage and, through that, building confidence to face the challenges of the future. “That leads to another challenge, which is making sure that the year is looked upon as a springboard to the future. Getting there and delivering it is only the start the legacy will come from having done it, enjoyed it and realising that other things can be achieved in the future. “And the biggest challenge of all is to forget any inhibitions about the word ‘culture’. 2013, the City of Culture badge, is a great opportunity, even an excuse, to enjoy yourself through your own culture - and try something new. No one will mind this year.” The 2013 programme of events is, says Redmond, very strong and truly reflects the talent and heritage of the city: “I also think it may, perhaps, remind everyone of the people and things that have come out of the city and contributed to the cultural life and well-being nationally and internationally.” For Redmond, stand-out highlights from the programme include some of the ‘bigger’ events. “Obviously, there are events like the Return of Colmcille or The Turner Prize but, with my media background, I think they tend to look after themselves. “What I always find more interesting are projects like Portrait of a City or the Digital Book of Kells, perhaps, even Phil Coulter and Friends, because they come from the heart of the city and involve communities and young people, and, on Phil’s behalf, the young of heart. They are also the projects that tend to get everyone, through family members, involved and plant lasting memories and a belief that young people can go on and create culture themselves.” Redmond agrees that, for 2013 to be deemed a success, Derry must create something not only valued and admired by its own people but by people far and wide. “Like Liverpool, the city has lived with brickbats and criticism from far and wide for generations and they still come - but does it dull the spirit? It is Derry~Londonderry’s time and year. As 2008 was Liverpool’s. Then it was our party and we didn’t care what the neighbours thought!

“It’s your party - so the main aim is to enjoy it and, through that, build and leave behind, as a legacy, a feeling of well-being and confidence. “It’s not about how Belfast, London, Brussels, Rome or Paris feel about you but how you feel about yourselves. But, I suspect, they’ll all acknowledge what will be achieved. If only quietly!” The whole idea of 2013 and its legacy, says Phil Redmond, will require the involvement and active participation of the people of Derry. “Policy makers also need to remember that, along with the fact that not everyone will be inspired by the Turner Prize, many will be seeing and taking part in a local event organised by a community which just decides, as people did in Liverpool, that, if it is culture year, then why not? “But I come back to the point that the real legacy will be a confidence and an ambition to reach for more in the future. The year is not a panacea but it is a great start.” He adds: “I think it’s important to remind everyone that, while not all events will appeal to everyone, they will appeal to many and when people ask, ‘what’s in it for me/us?’, they should first ask their kids and grandkids if they have been involved through the schools and education programmes. “They may find a lot of things are going on that they just didn’t know about because the headlines never tell the whole story. “And from that , I suppose, is another lesson from Liverpool - the cultural organisers and media need to work together to make sure that people do get to hear about the small community projects as much as the crowd pulling staged events. The headline events are just that - they get the headlines and that allows all the other stuff to happen.”

February - March |


Lightbody ‘stays connected’

Despite working on projects with Ed Sheerin, Taylor Swift, the rest of Snow Patrol and a solo project in the coming months, Gary Lightbody has vowed to continue his association with City of Culture 2013. He took time out to speak to Laurence McClenaghan “I said I would be here and I’m a man of my word,” beamed singersongwriter Gary Lightbody, who was in town taking part in the Sons and Daughters concert at The Venue 2013 at Ebrington.  His connections go back a little further than that though as both his parents, Jack and Lynne, were born in Derry. The Snow Patrol frontman, whose mum is from The Fountain, spent his boyhood summer and Christmas holidays staying with grandparents in the city. Lightbody said: “I have a strong connection to the place. I am excited to be able to do some things for the City of Culture year. “We are fleshing out a few ideas for the

summer at the moment but I’ll be back”. Of course Snow Patrol’s links to the North West were strengthened further with the addition to their line-up of Derry man, Johnny McDaid on keyboards and the pair headlined at the first big concert of the Culture 2013 programme. Accompanied by Frank Gallagher’s Sons and Daughters Orchestra they delighted the audience with ‘Run’ and City of Culture anthem, ‘Just Say Yes,’ though as Gary explained on the night: “I’m very proud that it worked and here it is in a slightly different form.” The Snow Patrollers dedicated ‘Chasing Cars’ to “Peace and the man who helped create it, Mr. John Hume.” The crowdpleasing gesture cued a standing ovation for the Nobel Laureate at The Venue,

making it one of the added highlights of the Sons and Daughters extravaganza of music, song and dance. There is no doubt the Snow Patrol boys will be among the biggest draws this year. Little wonder as Gary Lightbody has already been nominated for a Mercury Music Prize, Grammys, MTV awards and an Ivor Novello for ‘Final Straw’. The band have sold over 12 million albums worldwide, had ‘Chasing Cars’ voted the number one song of the ‘noughties’ in a Channel 4 poll, and the track was named as the most played song of the decade by music licensing organisation PPL. All that AND his parents are from Derry!

February - March |


Walled City Marathon runners urged to join Team Macmillan

A leading cancer charity is calling on all runners to join its team for the Walled City Marathon and for all local children to join us for the One Mile Mini Marathon that takes place on Sunday 2nd June 2013. Macmillan Cancer Support is hoping to raise thousands of pounds from this special marathon and is urging those who fancy a challenge, to join Team Macmillan. Maria McGleenon, Fundraising manager says: “Macmillan relies almost entirely on donations to fund our vital cancer services so we want as many people as possible to take part and run for us. “By joining Team Macmillan you’ll get fantastic support before the event with your training and fundraising, and on the day there will be people there to cheer you on.


| February - March

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from runners who tell us that at their lowest points, it was their Macmillan team-mates and Macmillan cheerers in the crowd who kept them going, so we know runners get a lot from being part of our team.”

couldn’t do the work it does. “Taking on a challenge like this will make you feel good. However doing it for Macmillan will make you feel fantastic.”

All the money raised from taking part will be used locally to fund Macmillan’s vital cancer services, from specialist nurses and doctors, to help and advice for people who have financial problems as a result of their cancer.

To find out more about running the Walled City Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support contact or call 077 1137 2621.

Maria added: “The support Macmillan provides people affected by cancer is essential and many people would struggle to cope without it. However without people like you Macmillan really

If you have any questions about cancer, need support or just someone to talk to, call free, Monday to Friday 9am-8pm (interpretation service available) 0808 808 0000

Compiling one of the largest community archives ever put together is just about the most ambitious project in the entire City of Culture 2013 programme. When it is finished, it will leave a rich legacy for future generations to explore, painting an in-depth study of the city, past and present, as Peter Hutcheon reports. To make this happen, it will be the contributions from the people of Derry~Londonderry and its hinterland which will be crucial. It is those photos which have perhaps lain unlooked at in attics and basements for years or even decades which will make all the difference. The team is looking to unearth these gems which will form the backbone of the project.   They are looking for photos, film and other printed material which will be digitised and added to the archive. As well as their base at the Rath Mor Complex in Creggan, they have set up a number of drop-off points including all five local libraries in the area, Central, Shantallow, Waterside, Strathfoyle and Creggan. Volunteer groups have already been established at the Strathfoyle and Shantallow libraries and similar groups will be set up at Central, Creggan and Waterside. Details of the times and dates for drop-offs at the libraries will be announced shortly.

Digital training is being made available to community groups across the city and its rural hinterland. The courses on offer include basic computer skills, advanced Photoshop and film-making and tend to be based on generating digital material that looks at a community’s heritage.  The team has already delivered a successful oral history and film project with Pilots Row community centre.   “BT Portrait of a City gives us a unique opportunity to document the people’s story of the city by collecting and digitising old photos, film and memories,” said Kirsty Osborn, project manager. “We want the archive to be a real reflection of people’s everyday experiences, past and present, and hopefully by the end of 2013 we will have created an amazing resource full of history and anecdotes about this diverse and vibrant city.”   It’s not just personal and private archives which will make up the archive. Unique and rarely seen material from the photographic archives of Libraries NI, Derry City Council, local newspapers, Guildhall Press and National Museums Northern Ireland will be digitised and made available to the public for the first time.

From corner boys and factory girls, dockers and department store workers, BT Portrait of a City will open up the city’s photo album to the rest of the world, presenting the lives of vibrant communities right across the city. As well as the workshops and archive, artists from across the globe will bring the project to life with the ambition of turning the city into a gallery, re-imagining our city spaces, making art from images of the city’s past, present and future. BT Portrait of a City will be brought to life with a citywide art exhibition on a massive scale, with interactive new technology, open-air projections and new public art transforming the vision of our city’s lives.   Whether it be an outdoor exhibition of aerial photographs of the city re-imagined as a toy-town miniature scene, or a large-scale project where the public can digitally paint images of the past onto the present, the city itself will become a gallery with a series of innovative public art projects celebrating some of the iconic imagery, and examining the personal histories and stories from the BT Portrait of a City archive.

February - March |


Political Mother Derry~Londonderry Uncut

One of the undoubted highlights of 2013 will be the staging of dance spectacular ‘Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut’ on March 8 & 9 at Ebrington’s stunning new Venue. Julieann Campbell spoke to the acclaimed choreographer behind the phenomenon, Hofesh Shechter.


| February - March

This huge show will feature international musicians and dancers from the Hofesh Shechter Company and a live band including 20 of Derry’s finest musicians.  “This performance will be on such a massive scale - 30 musicians in total and 15 or 16 dancers – I’m really looking forward to it all,” Shechter says. “It’s very exciting to be bringing this to new audiences in Derry, it’s something so tribal and so new and there is a very strong family feeling among all of us.” The master of movement will be in Derry for around a month perfecting the piece while his musicians work with their local counterparts.  “We chose 20 local musicians to be part of the show and actually be on stage, so that’s really exciting. The musicians we chose are all so talented and I hope they will enjoy being a part of this new experience.” Reflecting Derry’s rich musical heritage, Shechter’s vision of oppression, resistance and existence has been described as “a massive slab of heavy rock riffs, booming drums, fast-cut cinematic lighting and committed, inspired dancing.” It’s a heady mix which will no doubt prove electric in the expanse of The Venue. While in Derry, the Company will work

alongside local groups to create new dance pieces, culminating on March 9 with a number of free performances at landmarks throughout the city. Shechter says the dancers can’t wait to get started. “They’ll work with young dancers to put on smaller pieces called ‘Shortcuts’ in different locations with local youth groups, Irish dancing groups, schools and university students who have already been selected and booked to take part. The dancer’s choreography will be inspired by ‘Political Mother’ and using some of the same movements, so that’s a good way to get the young people interested and involved.” Shechter is particularly looking forward to this Derry production. “Political Mother’ is actually one of my favourite shows,” he admits. “Normally I don’t enjoy my own shows, so it’s a pretty big thing for me to actually look forward to something I am working on. Honestly, when I first saw the staging of it I thought, my God that’s massive!” “The dancers are looking forward to getting to Derry and getting involved with young people and creating a buzz and hopefully inspiring them a little.  It is the core of what art is and what I do - to come to a place and try to inspire young people that is amazing.” 

Having visited the city before, the Israeli choreographer already feels an affinity with the North West. “I’ve been to Derry a few times now to meet with people and look at locations, it’s a very powerful place and I felt a lot of emotions the first time I visited,” he reflects. “I felt there was a sense of a city with some stress and tension still in the air - a sense that something is not fully resolved here. I was born in Jerusalem and I feel a similar feeling when I visit the Old Town in Jerusalem, I think maybe there are many parallels in my own life. What I have chosen is art, and art is soothing, comforting and inspiring and to bring that to Derry is the best thing I can do. Derry is a special city.” This reimagining of Shechter’s renowned work ‘Political Mother’ promises to be one of the most dazzling visual and aural experiences of Derry’s Culture year. Commissioned by Culture Company 2013, the show is presented by LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) - one of Europe’s leading arts festivals. Tickets for ‘Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut’ at The Venue on March 8 & 9 are now on sale – book online or telephone the Box Office on: 7126 4455.

February - March |


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Starlight Express rolls into City of Culture This month’s City of Culture programme gets off to a flying start when Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End hit musical Starlight Express rolls into town. Laurence McClenaghan spoke to the star of the show, Amanda Coutts ...

You’ll have to get your skates on if you want to be light years ahead of the rest at the Millennium Forum for Starlight Express. This futuristic tale about love and hope in the face of adversity pulls into the Forum on Tuesday, February 5 and it will be two hours of speed, spectacle, energy, daredevil stunts and turbo charged excitement, combined with an electrifying soundtrack, dazzling sets and costumes, extraordinary rollerchoreography and some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most memorable musical hits. Star of the show Amanda Coutts, who plays Pearl, spoke about her “joy and delight” at playing the lead role in the Lloyd Webber musical which will run for four nights before its departure on Saturday, February 9..  “I love it. I just love the show, it is a brilliant musical. Everything about it is exciting from the lights, costume, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music, the trains and carriages. Kids adore it; they just light up, which is great to see.” Amanda has starred in the musical before, having spent two years in Bochum, Germany working on the production from 2005. 

“Working on an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical does bring extra pressure,” admitted Amanda. “He  is Lord Webber, everyone looks up to him and his genius. I have progressed through the ranks of the show from playing understudies to the lead. I am thrilled but it is a hard role.” Essex-born Amanda said: “I love Pearl but she is unlike myself. She is very Disneyesque, that makes me versatile. I was in ‘We Will Rock You’ for three years and I’m a bit of a rocker at heart, so I loved that as it suited me down to a T - a rocking Cockney character. This role means I have to work harder,” she laughed. Not surprisingly, the most challenging aspect of the role is the skating. “I’m on stage for 35 minutes non-stop in the first act. Pearl has two solo numbers in 35 minutes and her dances with the ensemble are challenging. The whole cast are exStarlighters from around the world so it is a very, very high standard. “It is a brilliant show and I’m very proud to play it.” Tickets for Starlight Express are available from the City of Culture Box Office.  Telephone 7126 4455 or visit for bookings.

February - March |


All roads lead to Derry


For your Keepsake aerial print PLUS a copy of the Derry Journal (5th March) h) 1. Pay an extra £1 when registering for this event with the Foyle Hospice 2. Text: DJL (space) ANNIE (space) followed by your name and address including postcode, and send to 61500 (texts will cost £1.50) 3. Drop in or post £1 (along with your full contact details) to ANNIE Aerial Poster, Derry Journal, 113-118 Duncreggan Road, BT48OAA 14

| February - March


She’s been gone from the city a long time but Hollywood actress Roma Downey hasn’t forgotten her Derry roots. The Derry woman has sponsored an attempt to break the world record for the number of people singing and dancing to a song from the musical ‘Annie’ - due to be held in Ebrington in March as part of the City of Culture programme. She tells Erin Hutcheon why she’ll always think of her home town as the ‘City of Dreams.’

Outside her Malibu home Roma Downey has an Irish signpost leading the way to Derry. While the views of the gorgeous blue ocean and the warm sunshine might be a world away from the harsh winters of the North West, for Roma, there’s no place like home. Roma lives in Malibu with husband Mark Burnett, creator of the hit show, The Apprentice. “When it rains here I have a melancholy homesickness and a longing for Derry,” she said. “I miss Derry but I do love waking up to the sunshine every morning. I’m like Annie, the sun always comes out tomorrow for me. “But I try to get back to Derry at least once a year and see the girls that I went to Thornhill with. “I’ve been following everything that has been happening on the City of Culture website and I am excited for the city. “I am, and always will be a daughter of Derry. I’ve always tried to be a good ambassador for the city. I love Derry. I left my hometown with a dream but that dream was born in a community that supports dreams. “I still have that hint of a Derry accent despite the efforts of numerous vocal coaches. ”I even had one called the ‘Brogue Basher’, but throughout all my years on Touched

by an Angel I spoke with a Derry accent.” Unfortunately a hectic filming schedule prevented Roma from attending the ‘Sons and Daughters’ concert at ‘The Venue’ at the end of January. “It was a shame I wasn’t there,” she said. “But I was able to send a video message.” Roma’s just completed a mini series called ‘The Bible’ which will premiere on The History Channel in the US at Easter. In it, Roma takes on the role of Mother Mary. “We’ve been working on it for the last three years and it has been the most wonderful work bringing it to life,” said Roma. “It really is an epic mini series. We hired a team from London and they added a new level of effects to the scenes. In it you can see Jesus walking on water and Moses parting the Red Sea.

“Throughout the years I have been grateful for my faith. This series to me, was a great opportunity to glorify God, and remind people of how amazing the stories in the Bible are.” The show has already opened in the US and will finish on Easter Sunday with episodes featuring the crucifixion. “I am very proud of it,” said Roma. “Viewers in Derry will be able to see it, but as yet I don’t have a date for when it will be shown over there.” As part of City of Culture Roma has sponsored all the T-shirts for a world record attempt by Sandra Biddle for the largest group of people singing and dancing to a tune from Annie. Roma said Sandra, an old school friend, is a woman who “inspires dreams.”

“We also have the most amazing score. It is a beautiful series.”

“I am a great believer in giving back,” she said. “All the money raised will go to the Foyle Hospice which makes such a difference.

And it’s clear that Roma’s faith has been instrumental not only in her life but also in her work.

“I recently saw Sandra’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ video and it reminded me of how creative she is.

“I have great faith,” she said. “My faith has been important to my whole life and was a great comfort to me when my mother Maureen Reilly died when I was just 10.

“It was not only a good dose of Derry humour but reminded me of the great Derry talent that is in the city.

“My mother was my sun and my moon. She was a great ‘Feis’ mother. It was her love of the stage and shows that inspired me to become an artist. I named my daughter Reilly after her.

“I would love to be involved on the day but I am so busy I can’t be there. “At least this way I was able to take part.”

February - March |


Eva on welcome break home Eva Birthistle will be returning to our screens in RTÉ drama ‘Amber’ later this year. She spoke to Laurence McClenaghan during a trip home last month to take her place on the Sons and Daughters bill at The Venue. Derry actress Eva Birthistle explained that her “immediate reaction” was to ‘Just say yes,’ when asked to participate at the Sons and Daughters extravaganza which opened the City of Culture 2013 concert programme.  Ms. Birthistle, who appeared in both Bloody Sunday movies said: “I knew the Gala night was going on but I only got the call a few weeks previously. Before they even mentioned what I might be doing I said yes as it means a huge amount to me personally. I am delighted to have been asked.” Looking ahead to the City of Culture celebrations Eva said: “I think it is a really exciting time for the city, there is FSD DVCB Supplement Advert a wonderful programme for the yearPRINT.pdf


| February - March

ahead. “So many talented musicians and bands are taking part as well as actors and presenters. “It has always been clear to me how much talent is in this city. It is very important to me to sing about how good the city is. There are so many talented people from here. To be part of all this is great; I just hope I can do a good job,” said Eva before taking to the stage. “I have performed at nothing like this venue, it is a great space. This evening is a nice way to be involved.” Speaking ahead of the concert Eva explained: “I can’t wait to see the Undertones, I know Paul McLoone from way back in Derry but I haven’t seen the 1 25/01/2013 band in ages. I am14:19 excited about everyone,

there are just so many good acts.” In terms of her own career, 2013 seems set to be another bumper year for Eva. There is TV drama ‘Amber’ and a Pat Short movie, ‘Life is a Breeze.’ The Derry actress plays Amber’s mother Sarah. Did the part make her long for a move back to Derry or to her family who are now based in Dublin? “My home is London, I’ve been there for 12 years now. I would never say never about moving home as 12 years in London does take a toll. “As much as I love it, it can be hard but I always welcome a break to get home to Derry or Dublin.”

Huge pride in The Venue When tens of thousands of revellers join the City of Culture party this year, Padraig O Duinnin will be the man pulling the strings behind the scenes. Ian Cullen discovers more about the team behind the new performance arena that’s the talk of the town .....

The Culture Company’s Events Manager Padraig O Duinnin and his team are laying the preparations to ensure that Derry delivers in spades as a cultural events destination. Having staged a highly successful City of Culture opening celebration, as 2,500 people enjoyed the Sons and Daughters extravaganza at the city’s new performance arena, Padraig and his team believe 2013 will only get better for Derry. “For the team and me the concert was a real watershed, now it has all become very real for us. After months of anticipation it’s finally arrived and there’ll be many more good days and nights to come in 2013,” he says. A team of more than 350 people ensured that the party at The Venue kicked off the city’s big year with a bang. He adds: “The Sons and Daughters concert was a great way to kick start what is going to be a classic year for the city. You could feel the sense of pride coming out of The Venue not only from the audience but from the performers as well. Amongst the audience there was pride in the fact that these performers are from here and

secondly there was the sense of belief that now the city has a world class venue in which to stage big name acts.” The Venue can hold 4,000 standing, 2,500 seated and around 1,000 banquet style. With many thousands of people set to flock to Derry’s streets for massive city-wide events such as the Fleadh, the Colmcille Pageant and Lumiere, Padraig and his team will certainly have their hands full. “Those are certainly the big events which are expected to attract tens of thousands of people and a lot of work will be going on in preparation for them,” he said. The Co Louth native, who ‘cut his teeth’ during seven years as operations manager for the Belfast Festival, admits that nerves were jangling a bit before the first big televised event at The Venue. He adds: “There were definitely questions over The Venue beforehand. Would it work accoustically? Would it meet the demands of performers? It was quite nervewracking. In the end the response from the audience and the artists was so positive - it really is an arena to be proud of.”

February - March |


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Dana returns for ‘All Kinds of Everything’  She had the same feelings coming home for the ‘Sons and Daughters’ concert as she did on that glorious day she flew back to Derry after her triumph in the Eurovision Song contest 42 years ago. Dana Rosemary Scallon tells Megan O’Kane that in its year of culture, people will get to see the real Derry.

For Eurovision winner Dana, nothing could beat taking part in the Sons and Daughters concert and having a nice cup of tea back in the town where she grew up. The Derry songstress was certainly a crowd pleaser at the concert singing ‘All Kinds of Everything ‘, the song that captured the heart of a nation when she won Eurovision in 1970. “It’s lovely being home,” said Dana speaking the morning after the concert when she took time out to reflect on the night’s events and reminisce about her time growing up in the city. Dana was visiting the Abbey Tea Rooms and meeting local people in the Bogside. “The concert was a night that I won’t forget for the rest of my life. It was one of the most special whole days that I’ve ever been involved in. “It was my first time to see the renovated Ebrington Barracks, somewhere I have looked at across the river all of my life.” “There were two very special things that came from the concert for me. First of all, it was extraordinary how many different types of age groups and talents that were on display. Secondly, the friendship between everybody involved in it was so lovely.” “Being here (Abbey Tea Rooms) is very special to me. My granny lived in Union Street, that is where my mother grew up and then my uncle used to own a wee shop on Abbey Street and I used to play along here when I was younger so the Bogside is very special to me. “I had the same feeling coming home for the City of Culture concert as I did coming home after the Eurovision 42 years ago. “There was a real happiness on show. People are used to seeing the violence and horrible things associated with Derry but I feel that the concert showed the real Derry - the talent, the music and the good people. It felt like we were saying to the world this is who we are.”

February - March |


Waterside Theatre on culture journey The thousands who will make the journey across the Peace Bridge to Ebrington to take part in the hotly anticipated City of Culture events have been invited to travel a little further and enjoy what’s on offer at the Waterside Theatre. Ellen Barr checks out what’s in store ... The Waterside Theatre first opened its doors almost 13 years ago. For 2013, staff there are gearing up for a busy year.

They’re also promising to deliver what they have, consistently, since 2000 - a solid mix of community based drama combined with some unique international material. While several other shows are set to entertain Derry audiences over the coming months a number of major projects have been planned to ensure the theatre plays its part in the City of Culture celebrations. In May, the Hidden Treasures Children’s Theatre Festival is set to enthral local young people, aiming to introduce them to theatre at the youngest age possible. It’s something the theatre has always seen as vital,” says Marketing Manager Roisin Clifford. “A lot of what we do is breaking down the walls around theatre so that everyone can enjoy it. Some people grew up thinking the theatre was something they couldn’t have access to. The Waterside Theatre has a rich heritage of young people coming here at the very beginning and growing up with theatre in their lives so that it becomes something they’re very comfortable and familiar with.” Also in the programme for 2013 is an International Youth Peace summit led by The Waterside Youth Theatre Forum at The Venue in September.

Arcade Open 10.30am - Late

BINGO Mon - Sat Daytime 11:50am main session at 12:30pm Evening 6:30pm, main book at 8:20pm

Free Tea / Coffee / Light Refreshments

Strand Bingo, 70c Strand Road Telephone 02871 288883 20

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“The summit will run over a one week period and will involve young people from across Europe who will be hosted by our young people here. We’ll deliver the summit in partnership with our parent company, the International School for Peace Studies. The summit will focus on young people from areas of conflict and we feel it will be a big part of what’s going on here during our year as City of Culture,” says Roisin. A number of other events are planned for the theatre during 2013, and for Roisin and her colleagues the message to local people and visitors is loud and clear. “We see the Peace Bridge as a really significant development in terms of footfall for us. It’s really opened the city up and we want to say to people to come and see what we have here. If people walk over the Peace Bridge we’re just a few more minutes from Ebrington so when people come that far, we want them to come a bit farther and visit us. We have a packed programme this year and we’re confident there’s something to suit every taste!” For more information visit 

Inishowen, Ireland’s Wonderful Peninsula

Things that make it a must-visit destination are its friendliness and laidback charm, genuine hospitality and some of the country’s best coastlines, beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent scenery. Inishowen Gateway Hotel only 15 minutes drive from city of Derry. Making it the perfect destination while visiting Derry. With our excellent facilities and convenient location, it is not just a place to relax and unwind. It’s also full of activities both outdoors and within the hotel itself. • Seagrass Wellbeing Centre • Leisure & Fitness Suite • Planet Active-Kids Play Area • Planet Imagination- Kids Arts & Crafts Workshops

Bedrooms from ¤35.00 p.p.s Bed & Breakfast.

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As part of the 2013 Culture programme the public can look forward to three performances from Brian Friel, highly regarded as one of the world’s greatest living dramatists. We look ahead to three unmissable performances of theatre magic from this past pupil of Long Tower Primary School and St Columb’s College...

Triple helping of Friel in February and March Theatre-goers will be treated to three plays by world renowned playwright Brian Friel as part of the City of Culture 2013 programme. ‘Freedom of the City’ will run in the Millennium Forum from February 11 -12, ‘Performances’, directed by Adrian Dunbar and featuring the Brodsky Quartet can be seen at the Great Hall, Magee from February 14 - 23, and ‘Translations’, also directed by Adrian Dunbar will be at the Millennium Forum from March 13-16. First produced in 1973, ‘Freedom of the City’ is Brian Friel’s most overtly political play. Set in Derry in 1970, in the aftermath of a Civil Rights meeting, it conjures the events of Bloody Sunday. In this production An Grianán Theatre returns with the play in the context of the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and the recent revelations from the Saville Inquiry. The event will be held in the Millennium Forum. The second dose of Friel magic can be seen on February 14 when the Millennium Forum brings a brand new production of

Brian Friel’s “Performances” to the Great Hall in Magee. Directed by acclaimed actor and director, Adrian Dunbar, ‘Performances’ is the bittersweet story of a young woman’s need to know that love and romance were at the core of “Intimate letters”, Czech composer Leoš Janáček’s beautiful and final master work for string quartet. 

to translate place names in the area from ancient Irish Gaelic to the King’s English. This clash of cultures results in a series of misunderstandings and misinterpretations that indicate that without a shared method of communication, chaos will prevail and instability will rule the day.

Friel, the master of convention, uses this wonderful caprice to gather up the past for scrutiny with the help of the dead Janacek and a string quartet. Performances is a musical box where Friel winds the key to the past and lets the music do the talking.

“Translations” was first performed at the Guildhall in Derry in 1980. It was the first production by the Field Day Theatre Company founded by Tony Award winner Friel and Stephen Rea.

The third performance from Friel’s pen, is his prolific play, “Translations”, which opens in the Millennium Forum on March 13 before embarking on a UK/Ireland tour.

Don’t miss your chance to see this new production of this renowned play from one of the greatest living English-language dramatists. A fourth Friel play ‘The Enemy Within’ comes to The Playhouse in September.

Set in a hedge school in Ballybeg, in Ireland in 1833, “Translations” sets the scene for the appearance of members of the British Army who have been tasked

Tickets for the first three productions are now available from the City of Culture Box Office. Telephone 7126 4455 or visit for tickets.

February - March |


City of Culture Year at a Glance January Tower Museum reopens Academy of Irish Dance St Colmcille Community Sculpture (to June) 5 Tea Dances 9 - 11 Spaces and Places of Culture MeCCSA Conference 11 Home Grown Paul Casey, Bronagh Gallagher & Paddy Nash 14 - 19 Over the Wire by Seamas Keenan 20 Sons and Daughters Opening Concert 21 - 24 Ulster Elite Amateur Boxing Championships 25 Burns Night 26 My Heart’s in the Highlands Burns Event with the Ulster Orchestra 31 Epic Awards

March Millennium Forum & Waterside Theatre Eden Place Arts Centre The Venue 2013 University of Ulster Millennium Forum The Playhouse The Venue 2013 The Venue & Du Pont Club Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin Millennium Forum Verbal Arts Centre

February 1&2

Maire, a Woman of Derry by Brian Foster 3 National Intermediate/Masters & Juvenile Cross Country Championships 5-9 Starlight Express 9 - 16 Chinese Culture Week 7 - 10 Feile Chaoimhin Ui Dhochartaigh 8 - 10 Other Voices - with live streaming by BT Infinity 9 - 23 Me, Myself, I 10 Jimmy Carr 11 & 12 Freedom of the City 15 - 17 Cinesonika 16

Nelson Drive Estate Anniversary Launch 14 - 23 Performances directed by Adrian Dunbar feat. The Brodsky Quartet 19 - 23 Amore by Ken McCormack 22 - 24 Scouting Weekend 22 - 25 Living legacy: Archaeology & the Early Modern Town 23 All Ireland Junior Scór Finals 27 - 1 Fulgurite Chamber March


| February - March

Millennium Forum Gransha

Millennium Forum Citywide Citywide The Glassworks, Great James St. Void Gallery Millennium Forum Millennium Forum University of Ulster & Nerve Centre Waterfoot Hotel

1&2 1&2 1-9 1 - 30 2 2-9 4&5 4-9 5 - 17 7 - 10 8&9 9 - 16 13 - 16 14

The Playhouse

Millennium Forum Citywide Waterside Theatre Gordon Gallery Ebrington Square

Millennium Forum

Citywide Citywide The Venue 2013 Citywide Millennium Forum


22 - 24 World GAA Congress 30 & 31 Royal Ballet & Ulster Orchestra

The Venue 2013 North West Regional College The Venue 2013 Millennium Forum

16 & 17 St Patrick’s Day Spring Carnival Music for the Big Screen London Symphony Orchestra 19 Primal Scream & David Holmes 20 & 21 Music Skills NI Foyle Theatre




The Venue 2013 Void Gallery

City Factory

North West Regional College Queen’s Quay & Guildhall Square The Venue 2013

Great Hall, Magee The Playhouse Guildhall & St Columb’s Park Verbal Arts Centre

Picturing Derry BT Portrait of a City vent partners Derry Credit Union Ltd. and Seagate Connecting with Derrys & Londonderrys Around the World The Age of Change Conference City Hotel Tommy Tiernan Eigse Cholm Cille City of Derry Drama Festival Blackshaw at 80 Annie at Ebrington Guinness Book of Records attempt Derry~Londonderry CityLAB Divided City Schools Musical The Maidens’ City: A Herstory of the Walled City Irish Language Week Humdinger! Children’s Literature Festival supported by Tesco Hofesh Shechter: Political Mother International Women’s Weekend Translations directed by Adrian Dunbar Off The Cuff Fashion Show

The Place Names of Derry City Connecting with Derrys & Londonderrys Around the World Feile Dhamhsa Dhoire Feis Dhoire Cholmcille

Citywide The Playhouse Cultúrlann Uí Chanáin St. Columb’s Hall, Millennium Forum & The Playhouse Everglades Hotel

City of Londonderry Highland Dance Festival 12 & 13 Annie Londonderry Musical Society The Venue 2013 13 IRFU Ulster Branch Referees’ Dinner City Hotel 20 Record Store Day Cool Discs

Year at a Glance continued... 21

Londonderry Batallion Boy’s Brigade 24 - 27 Factory Girls by Frank McGuinness 27 All Ireland Scór Sinsir 27 Lark In The Park

Ebrington Square


City Factory The Venue 2013 St. Columb’s Park

15 16


2-6 4 5 7 - 11 11

The Conquest of Happiness directed by Haris Pasovich Arts Care Here and Beyond Thirsty Dust Field Day Theatre Company One City, One Community, One Journey to a Better Place City of Derry Jazz & Big Band Festival Grand Vintage Ball Liam Ball Triathlon James and the Giant Peach All Ireland Club Sevens Final

10 - 12 Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration 11 - 19 Voluntary Arts Week 12 Far & Wild’s Wild Walls Cycle 13 - 18 Re-energize by Gary Mitchell 16 UEFA Grassroots Day Festival of Football 16 - 23 Hidden Treasures Children’s Theatre Festival 18 Bright Brand New Day 19 - 25 Earhart Festival 24 - 26 Rotary Club International Peace Conference 25 & 26 Carnivale of Colours 30 2D Festival 1 June 31 - 29 59th Texaco Children’s Art June Competition

Outdoor theatre performance The Playhouse Oakgrove Integrated College Citywide The Venue 2013 Derry~Londonderry Millennium Forum City of Derry Rugby Club Ebrington / All Saints, Clooney Citywide Derry~Londonderry The Playhouse Ebrington Square Waterside Theatre Citywide Citywide The Venue 2013 St. Columb’s Park Verbal Arts Centre Gordon Gallery

June Official reopening of the Guildhall / Launch of Plantation Exhibition On Your Street City Centre 2 Walled City Marathon 7-9 The Return of Colmcille 7 - 16 Colmcille Summer School 9 Columba Canticles 10 - 24 The Big Weave Community weaving project

Phil Coulter & Friends Wheelie Big Festival launch Air in the Square 17 - 22 The Mousetrap 18 Maiden City Criterium 18 Fidelio Trio City of London 21 Music City! with event partner Firstsource Solutions 22 Feile Grianan Ailagh 22 Status Quo 23 City of Culture Sprint Triathlon 24 Brodsky Quartet City of London Festival 26 - 30 Celtronic 27 Elvis Costello & The Imposters 28 & 29 City Hotel Visual Arts Competition 28 - 30 Féile Peile na nÒg 30 Indra Congress

Cowley Cooper Fine Art Ebrington Square Derry~Londonderry Millennium Forum Derry~Londonderry Festival Venue TBC Citywide Grianan of Aileach The Venue 2013 Derry~Londonderry Venue TBC Citywide The Venue 2013 Across the County The Playhouse

July The Glass Album 3 5&6 5&6 6

At Sixes and Sevens British One-Act Drama Festival Graffiti Jam 68th All Ireland Pipe Band Championship 7 Dominoes Outdoor visual arts spectacular 8 - 13 Nelson Drive Estate Anniversary Festival 12 Twelfth of July Annual celebrations 19 - 28 Walled City Music Festival 19 - 21 Glasgowbury Music Festival 19 - 21 Judo/Wrestling Championships 20 - 27 Waterside Community Links Festival 22 - 27 Hughes Insurance Foyle Cup

27 30 Derry~Londonderry Citywide Doire & Limavady St Columb’s Cathedral St. Augustine’s Church

Summer Group Show


Roaring Meg Custom Bike Show Play at Our Place National Youth Orchestra Music Promise event Inspire Day National Youth Orchestra Music Promise event

Derry~Londonderry / Donegal Guildhall The Playhouse Guildhall Square St. Columb’s Park / Ebrington Citywide Nelson Drive Estate Derry~Londonderry Citywide Sperrin Mountains The Venue 2013 Citywide Derry~Londonderry, Strabane, Limavady & Donegal Derry’s Walls Venue TBC Venue TBC

August City of Derry Regatta

Lough Foyle

February - March |


Year at a Glance continued... Titus Andronicus Gasyard Wall Féile Streetlevel National Youth Orchestra 3 - 10 Maiden City Festival 8 National Youth Choir of Great Britain & National Youth Orchestra Concert 10 324th Annual ‘Relief of Londonderry’ Commemorations 12 - 18 Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2013 20 - 25 Foyle Pride 22 Daniel O’Donnell 24 - 25 Irish Walled Towns Day & Walls 400 (400th anniversary events) 22 - 25 City of Derry Guitar Festival 1 - 15 3

28 - 30 30 - 1 Sep 30 - 1 Sep

The Playhouse Citywide Venue TBC Citywide

Derry~Londonderry Citywide Derry~Londonderry Millennium Forum Citywide

Walled City Tattoo Music for a New Revolution

North West Regional College Ebrington Square Nerve Centre

International Basketball Tournament

Templemore Sports Complex

September The Enemy Within Pits and Perverts The Blue Eagle George Farquhar Theatre Festival 2 - 30 St Columba Photographic Exhibition 6-9 72 Hour Urban Action with event partner Parkes Hire 12 - 15 Culture Tech 14 & 15 European Heritage Open Days 20 International World Peace Day 20 - 22 On Home Ground Poetry Festival 26 - 28 Two Windows on the World Early Years Irish Language Conference 30 - 5 Roctober Metal Fest Oct

The Playhouse The Playhouse Citywide The Playhouse Citywide Citywide Citywide Eden Place Arts Centre Laurel Villa, Magherafelt Tower Hotel Citywide

October Three Monologues by Jennifer Johnston The Rape of Lucrece Royal Shakespeare Company Willie Doherty ‘Unseen’ Voices Now The Importance of Being Earnest


| February - March

The Playhouse Venue TBC Venue TBC Derry~Londonderry, Omagh, Enniskillen Millennium Forum

2-4 5

Boy Blue Poetry Month with Carol Ann Duffy, UK Poet Laureate 4 - 26 Parallel Visions Exhibition from St. Columb’s College 11 - 13 The 24th Charles Macklin Autumn School 23 Turner Prize opens 24 - 27 City of Derry International Choral Festival 29 - 2 Banks of the Foyle Nov Hallowe’en Festival

Millennium Forum Waterside Theatre & St. Cecilia’s College Gordon Gallery Culdaff, Co Donegal / Derry~Londonderry Ebrington Citywide


1-9 6-1 Dec 28 - 1 Dec

Home For Christmas Echo Echo Dance Festival Foyle Film Festival / Teaching Divided Histories Conference Teenage Kicks - A Punk Musical Two Roads West

Waterside Theatre Citywide Brunswick Moviebowl & Nerve Centre Millennium Forum Fountain & Bogside

Lumiere with principal partner NIE


December 2 6 7 20

Turner Prize winner announced The Trial of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Lundy Do Gach Leabhar Shaun Davey - The Relief of Derry Symphony Closing Concert - lead partner JTI

Ebrington Guildhall Venue TBC The Venue 2013

Out in the Streets Portrait of a City Music On the Stage Dance Art & Exhibitions Children & Young People Our Festivals Literature Film & Moving Image Entertainment Sporting Events

The full programme is available to download at

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‘Still here…’ at Void 1 guildhall street

Evolving from the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) and Rainbow Project’s joint project, ‘Me, Myself, I’ - an exhibition of unique photography and video works by its eleven participants - will run at Void Gallery from February 9-23.  Funded by the Arts Council NI Lottery and The Atlantic Philanthropies, the project examines identity in older age. This year WEA, based in Magazine Street, offered the project to older LGB&T people aged 50 plus. 

Best Coffee in the City Local Delicious food Artwork and gifts from local people

Older people are still one of the most marginalised sectors in society and within this it is known that older lesbian, gay and bisexual & transgender people are more marginalised again. Current research has shown that older LGB&T people face further isolation as they age. Many older LGB&T people live a hidden life, lose connection with their own families and retreat back into the closet when faced with residential care.

See the Undertones wall Happy ambience Friendly welcome Ofcial point of information and suppliers of City of Culture merchandise

Eleven participants have examined issues of identity in a series of photographic images and video installations, working alongside Emmett McSheffrey, an emerging arts photographer from the city. This project has encouraged the participants to examine their own identity and world exploring the themes: A Self Portrait, Transitions, My World and My Dreams. The resulting exhibition entitled ‘Still here….always have been’ will open on February 9 at the Void Gallery, Patrick Street, Derry, and runs until February 23 inclusive.  For more information on ‘Me, Myself, I’ or other programmes under the Learning Age Project please contact Sinead Devine at WEA on: 7136 9947. 

Warehouse No. 1 ltd, 1 guildhall St. Derry/Londonderry, BT486BB

telephone: 028 71264798 | February - March 28

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Tourism opportunities For Derry & Inishowen

It is no coincidence that Derry and Inishowen have a natural affinity, as two contrasting locations they have been eternally linked geographically and by their shared historical past. The island of Derry was formally part of Inishowen until the 1600s when boundaries were established for Inishowen as part of the Plantation era. Even today Inishowen is part of the Derry Diocese. Other landmark events that entwine both destinations include Columba’s journey to Iona and John Newton’s visit to St. Columb’s Cathedral after coming ashore in Buncrana, to name but a few.

The legacy of City of Culture 2013 for Inishowen Tourism will be to develop a joint promotional strategy with Derry to continue marketing Inishowen and Derry as a unique two-centre destination that offers visitors the contrasting experience of a vibrant historic walled city and stunningly beautiful peninsula. For more information on the Inishowen Peninsula please log onto or contact Jennifer O’Donnell, City of Culture Liaison officer on

This is why the City of Culture presents a great opportunity for Inishowen and Derry to explore all these cultural and historical links and to identity and develop joint tourism promotional opportunities. The stories that link Derry and Inishowen are fascinating and coupled with the varied visitor experiences both destinations offer, the historic walled city with the cosmopolitan urban centre and the naturally breathtaking peninsula with endless white sandy beaches, visitors will be compelled to stay longer in the region. To start to make this happen, Inishowen Tourism have teamed up with the City of Culture Team and taken the unique step to appoint a dedicated resource to interface between tourism representatives and businesses in Inishowen and Derry to take full advantage of opportunities presented by the upcoming events in 2013. Jennifer O’Donnell, City of Culture & Trade Liaison Officer will work on establishing key strategic tourism development and marketing opportunities between the city and peninsula. Jennifer is currently working closely with key partners in Derry such as Derry Visitor and Convention Bureau, Derry City Council and the Culture Team, with a view of identifying shared cultural and business links, engaging key stakeholders in Inishowen and fully integrating them with trade partners in Derry during 2013. Commenting on the dedicated City of Culture resource in Inishowen, Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of the Culture team, said: “We are delighted Inishowen Tourism are supporting City of Culture 2013. The Inishowen Peninsula’s connectivity with Derry~Londonderry as its natural, social and economic hinterland means Inishowen stands to benefit by being part of something that will reach a worldwide stage. It also offers a unique opportunity to explore the shared history and cultural links that Derry has with Inishowen and will forge a partnership, between the city and peninsula, that will resonate for years to come.”

February - March |


Joanne has designs on success for 2013 All of us will experience a ‘light bulb’ moment at some time in our lives. We come up with an idea we think could be the next big thing, then forget about it until we see that JML are rolling it out in 200 stores across the country. We think ‘oh well’ and move on - but not one local woman. Newly established entrepreneur Joanne Doherty is currently in the process of refining a new craft product which she hopes to launch during the city’s Culture year. And thanks to support from various local agencies, is now well on her way to seeing her ‘Piece Makers’ product displayed on the shelves. For most busy mums the idea of starting up a new business is daunting to say the least. But after discovering an ad for a new programme being set up by Derry City Council in conjunction with Invest NI, Joanne decided to take a chance. “Well I came up with the idea after receiving a gift representing some of London’s most iconic landmarks,” she explained. “I realised that Derry didn’t really have any craft sets representing the city, and that a product featuring some of our most iconic landmarks could be really popular as a gift during 2013. And that was essentially the basic premise - how to go about producing a high quality product that showcased Derry-Londonderry in an affordable, transportable format. “From there I had no idea where to go until I saw the newspaper ad for the Business Opportunities Programme, so I spoke to one of the Business Officers, Tara Nicholas, who immediately set the ball rolling for me. The next thing I knew I was talking to Invest NI about export potential and


| February - March

CE marking, and the Derry Visitor and Convention Bureau about other formats that could appeal to the tourist market.” Having previously worked as a store manager for Specsavers in Coleraine, Joanne had useful experience of marketing and retail, but none regarding product development. “I had no idea how to go about sourcing materials and how to get a prototype together. My husband designed up the templates for the pieces, which represent some of the city’s most historic sites. So then with the advice and contacts provided by the Council I was able to go about producing my prototype. “They put me in touch with Brian O’Neill at Business North West, and he provided me with information about the Fab Lab at the Nerve Centre, where I’ve been able to produce some actual pieces. Paul and Nimm at the Fab Lab were fantastic in evolving the idea, and once I had something in my hand that I could use to sell the concept, things started to really progress.” Joanne then came up with the idea of ‘Piece Makers’, a company name she felt had dual significance for the city. “Well I wanted something that reflected DerryLondonderry, and something positive like Piece Makers seemed appropriate. As well as a nod to the historic aspect of peace building, there’s the reference to taking a small piece of a place home with you. And I think what’s really positive and unique about the product is that it has all been sourced locally. “There’s no doubt about it, the time and effort that has gone into this project has

been well worth it. There is support out there for anyone hoping to tap into the City of Culture market, and for anyone with something new to bring to the scene. The Business Opportunities team played a big role in getting my foot in the door with other relevant agencies, where I could enquire about funding and further support. I’m now really looking forward to seeing where it will all lead in 2013.” The Business Opportunities Programme is being rolled out by the Council over the next year, offering mentoring and support to entrepreneurs like Joanne, and existing businesses hoping to make the most of new business opportunities throughout 2013. Funded by Invest NI and the European Regional Development Fund, the programme is geared towards creating a business legacy in tandem with the planned cultural reformation of the city. Programme Manager Louise Breslin, said that it is an opportunity for local SME’s to really maximise their potential over the coming months. “We get excited when we see people like Joanne coming through the door, as we can help them to see beyond that initial idea, and equip them with the advice and resources they need to realise their vision. Often it just takes a few phone calls to get the ball rolling, or a chat with someone who has been through the same experience, which we can offer through our mentoring programme.” For more information on how you can boost your business by developing new skills and availing of expert advice, contact the Business Opportunities Team at businessopportunities, or e-mail, or telephone (028) 7136 5151.

“ The business opportunities programme analysed our needs and requirements and gave us training specific to our business


Derry City Council’s Business Opportunities Programme will provide a series of tailored training, mentoring and development initiatives, ensuring busin esses can build on capabilities and take full advantage of growth opportunities.


To register for Derry City Councils Business Opportunities Programme W: E: T: 028 7136 5151 (ext. 6927)

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0% APR























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Official Government Environment Data. Fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100km) and CO2 emissions (g/km). Chevrolet Range (includes Camaro, Corvette and Volt): Urban - 13.1 (21.6) - 313.9 (0.9), Extra Urban - 26.2 (10.8) - 217.6 (1.3), Combined - 19.5 (14.5) - 235.4 (1.2), CO2 emissions 342g/km - 27g/km.

Accepting the opportunity to become Derry~Londonderry UK City of Culture’s principal partner was simply a nobrainer for BT. The company’s Director of Corporate Services Peter Morris says the city has long played a pivotal role in their operations in Ireland and the partnership opportunity was a perfect fit. “It was such great news that the city was to be recognised as a City of Culture, for so many different reasons,” he says. “The North West region and Derry~Londonderry in particular are very important to BT, both in terms of our commitment to the number of our own people who live and work in the area but also our thriving business and consumer customer base. “BT has also invested significantly in bringing fibre broadband technology to all of the street cabinets serving customers within Derry City ahead of any other cities in UK and Ireland. To meet that challenge for the UK’s first City of Culture was very important for us, and from there it was a very short step to becoming the principal partner for 2013.” Connecting local Communities has also been a key theme for BT for some time now and again Derry is playing a pivotal role in their thinking. The BT Connected Communities programme is a major initiative, which was launched in a number of cities and towns across Ireland in 2011 to establish on-theground IT support and resources in a bid to tackle online social exclusion. BT now

supports 16 community groups with no less than a quarter of them here in the city. “That demonstrates the level of our commitment to Derry,” adds Peter. “The idea of working with the community groups and helping them to make the most of the technology available was very appealing to us. “In Derry we began working with a number of community groups and the Gasyard project was the first one of those to go live. “The idea was not only to provide the technology and the fibre infrastructure in each of the community centres but we also make available teams of volunteers who go along and help out with the training and any additional support they need to make everything run as smoothly as possible.” Involvement in community projects then became the driving force behind the decision to back the BT Portrait of a City project to compile one of the biggest digital archives of a city the world has ever seen. “Again, it was a perfect match for us,” explains Peter. “We were very excited at the prospect of being at the forefront of a project aiming to deliver a digital archive on a scale never seen before. Recognised as a leading digital technology company, that appealed to us greatly.

“People perhaps see BT as a large multinational company, but really it is very much a local company working very hard to help local communities and businesses. “It is tremendously rewarding to work so closely with community groups and to get people of all ages involved. BT Portrait of a City will help to take the City of Culture to every single person in the city.” Peter feels that the community projects in the 2013 City of Culture programme will make a real lasting difference as the city moves forward. “When you look at the full programme of events for the year, there are obviously headline events like the Turner Prize, the Fleadh coming to Derry for the first time, the big concerts at Ebrington, the Return of Field Day. “But I think it is the grass roots projects and events which will really reach out and touch people’s lives and make a real difference. That to me will have the biggest impact during the City of Culture year. “At the same time the City of Culture accolade will be helping to support small businesses in the city as well. One of our key aims is to help businesses improve their connectivity to communicate worldwide. That is going to help not just the city of Derry going forward, but also leave a lasting legacy that can make a very real impact on Northern Ireland and beyond.”

February - March |


Bring a Loved One Home for City of Culture! To celebrate Derry~Londonderry 2013 UK City of Culture, Etihad Airways has teamed up with Culture Company 2013 to ‘Bring a Loved One Home for City of Culture’. Starting in February 2013, Etihad Airways will bring a member of a Derry~Londonderry family currently living abroad – in the vicinity of Johannesburg, Sydney, Manila, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi or Mumbai - home for the City of Culture celebrations.

The prize: One winner will be flown from an Etihad Airways destination to Dublin airport, transported to Derry~Londonderry by City of Culture’s Public Transport Partner Translink and offered tickets for themselves and their family to a City of Culture event of their choice. City of Culture media partners the Derry Journal and Londonderry Sentinel will profile each winner and their families, recording their visit, how they’re getting on abroad and their experiences at City of Culture.

How to enter:

1) Send us a photo of the loved one you would like to nominate – striking and humorous photos encouraged! Entries of your loved one could include: • Doing the things they love/ are passionate about • • • •

Out and about on their travels With friends and family Baby photo Embarrassing passport photo

2) Tell us where they are currently residing and a little bit about what they are up to. 3) Pick the event you would like to bring them home for and why. • The competition will open on Friday 1 February and entries will close on Thursday 28 February.

Visit the City of Culture Facebook page at

• The winner will be decided through a public, online vote on the City of Culture Facebook page.

Using the ‘Bring A Loved One Home for City of Culture’ app which you will find there:

• Terms and conditions apply – please see for further details.

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‘All you need is love!’ Author and playwright Ken McCormack talks to Sean McLaughlin about ‘On the Subject of Love – A Proposito di Amore’, his eagerly anticipated new one-man play on the colourful and enigmatic Frederick Hervey, the famous Earl Bishop of Derry. Ken McCormack’s new play on Frederick Hervey, the Earl Bishop, will be staged at The Playhouse in February. It’s a highly atmospheric piece and, while the setting is historic, it deals with the theme of love in a way that links it with modern times. “I wanted something to break the mould in drama,” says Ken. “The Earl Bishop was just the character for that task. We use atmosphere and music in a unique way.” ‘On the Subject of Love’ portrays Hervey over the years in very classical settings with specially composed music. London-based Catriona McLaughlin will direct the show which stars West End actor Howard Teale and includes the creative talent of brilliant young American composer Adam Burnette who has travelled to Derry to write and arrange the score. ‘The Spectator’ magazine was fulsome in its praise of Catriona and Adam’s work when they combined their talents at the Wexford Festival in November of last year. ‘On the Subject of Love’ will be staged at The Playhouse, Artillery Street, from Tuesday-Saturday, February 19-23. “It’s a very exciting prospect,” says Ken as he surveys The Playhouse auditorium wondering what Derry folk will make of his Earl Bishop brought to life. Frederick Hervey arrived in the city in 1768 as Protestant Bishop and in an odd twist of fate became 4th Earl of Bristol in 1779. He was a man of immense stature - highly intelligent and compassionate and with the desire to see all the religious traditions get a fair deal. Derry folk loved and admired him. Yet there was another side to Hervey. He was a restless soul condemned to travel the highways of Europe for 50 years and became eccentric, mercurial and outspoken. He could down a bottle of Madeira and shock polite company but, just as quickly, could give the most eloquent sermon ever heard. The Earl Bishop also became a great collector of art

works and a builder of magnificent houses. “He would have been a star in today’s world,” says Ken. “Many loved him but he often shocked society with his outbursts and his amorous liaisons.” ‘On the Subject of Love’ is set in Rome during the last few days of Hervey’s life but also rolls back the years to find him at home in Ireland. The play focuses on the outlandish love entanglements that dogged his final years – a time that saw scandal with his young cousin Fridiswide Mussenden, a giddy spell with Emma Hamilton - later Horatio Nelson’s mistress - and an outrageous romp with the highly disreputable Countess Licthenau. “I have heard the Earl Bishop described as a notorious womaniser,” says Ken.”But I don’t think that’s fair – perhaps better to say he had a few rather bizarre affairs in his latter days.” The strands of love that haunt Hervey in the play really touch on an age-old theme that argues women are stronger than men when Cupid draws his bow. The charms of youthfulness, beauty and allure that Hervey searches for melt away before his eyes; all is failure in his search for ideal love. “It is disenchantment with love” says Ken, “but it is the lack of resolution at the end of his life that makes him live on - the eternal wanderer. The Earl Bishop has never gone away.” Ken says he likes to leave his work for people to draw their own conclusions. “Yes, I want folk to think about it and, so, I leave it opened ended. I find it very rewarding when people come afterwards and tell me they’ve really enjoyed what they’ve seen.” As long as the message is adhered to, Ken says he does not mind actors, directors, or other writers adding to or developing his writing. “What I put forward is a framework,” he says. “Catriona McLaughlin, the director, brings wonderful insight to her stage production.

She marries the energy of the writing, the actor, the music and the stage space magically,” says Ken. So, how did the play come about? “Well, Pauline Ross, the Playhouse Director, and I were taking a break from some other drama one day when suddenly the Earl Bishop became a talking point. In that moment we decided on a one-man play. I wrote the draft and Pauline read it when she was on the way to a seminar in America and liked it. Once Pauline was back, and with Catriona McLaughlin on board, we did several workshops in London with actor Nigel Betts. In fact, we even got as far as Keats House in Hampstead and the Bristol Rep when looking at possible settings for performances.” Pauline Ross has, says Ken, worked tirelessly to see the play staged. He also expresses thanks to Derry writer Sean McMahon for his encouragement and insight into the themes of the play. Derry actress Mary Murphy spent weeks reading through the play with Ken, Sean and Pauline at The Playhouse and actor Seamus Ball also worked through the script. “It’s taken quite a few years to bring it this far,” says Ken, whose personal belief is that the shape of modern drama must change with the times. “Folk are now used to high-octane shows in the movies and on TV and I think writers for the stage have to take note. Personally, I don’t think we need strong language and the like for drama to work. Modern realism doesn’t seem to last five minutes on the stage these days. For me, writing has to be about human issues and be subtle and have a psychological undercurrent. I certainly hope folk enjoy ‘On the Subject of Love.’ “

Ken McCormack is currently working on the book version of the play ‘Sunset in Albano’ - and hopes to have it finished for later in the City of Culture year.

February - March |


A Music Promise for 2013! More than 7,000 children will have the opportunity to access weekly music sessions by the end of 2013. How exciting is that? The Musical Pathways to Learning (MPL) team has embarked on an ambitious project to deliver the music-based programme to every 3-8 year old in the Derry City Council area. MPL was first introduced by the Western Education and Library Board (WELB) Music Service in September 2008, and is a structured programme of listening, performing and composing through songs, rhymes, musical games and stories.

The Music Promise is one of the most important elements in the City of Culture 2013 as it marks the Culture Company’s commitment to involving young people in the year’s activities.  The MPL team is delighted to have been given the responsibility of delivering music to children from nursery through to the end of KS1, and are currently visiting nursery/pre-school settings and primary 4 classrooms, where they have received a great response.  After Easter the programme will move into P1, 2 and 3 in schools throughout the Derry City Council area. By the end of 2013, MPL will have delivered

enjoyable and exciting music lessons in 89 educational settings, including Irish medium schools, special schools, nursery/ pre-school settings and primary schools. An important part of any young musician’s experience is the chance to perform. MPL will give every child this opportunity, through a variety of events that will be open to parents, family and the wider community. Although MPL is aimed at children, their teachers have not been forgotten; they too can take the musical limelight! The programme will provide a wonderful musical adventure and a thrilling musical legacy.

LPC STATIONERY 5 Bishop Street, Derry BT48 6PL Tel: 02871 261921 Stockists of a large range of

• Arts & Crafts • Wedding Stationary • Primary/Secondary & Higher Education School Needs • Office Furniture & Stationary • Free Next Day Delivery 36

| February - March

Soft & Hard Back Binding & Laminating service available

Connecting with Derrys & Londonderrys around the world Eamon Sweeney delves deeper into the global associations with the city’s namesakes ...

The city’s Playhouse will host this far reaching event on two occasions, in March and April. Spearheaded by Foyle Civic Trust in partnership with the new Archaeological Historical Society the project will connect places called Derry and Londonderry around the globe and reveal the story of this city’s legacy -social and cultural - as its diaspora settled on other continents in past centuries. The result of the project with be the creation of a rural heritage trail map and booklet which will be launched in April. A conference and exhibition will be held in The Playhouse on July 10 and will then tour other venues until the end of the UK City of Culture year. Connecting with Derrys & Londonderrys Around the World will also evaluate the contribution the Ulster-Scots diaspora made in particular to the USA and indeed other nations. Places called Derry or Londonderry are

scattered across the globe. Closer to home, there are in fact two Londonderrys in England, one in Yorkshire and one in the West Midlands. Further afield you will find a Londonderry in Nova Scotia, Canada, as well as in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The most remote location is Londonderry Island which is located off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Street names in Durban and Capetown in South Africa also bear the name Londonderry. But it is in the United States where the name of Derry or Londonderry has left its most enduring mark as it was to the North American continent that most Irish or Ulster Scots emigrants travelled from the 1700s onwards. The name of Londonderry again pops up in US states such as Alabama, Ohio, Texas and Vermont. Three townships in Pennsylvania also bear the name and another four in that state have the name Derry. The name of Derry is also captured forever in American horror literature as famed

author Stephen King has used the name many times in his novels and short stories as a fictional town in the state of Maine. However, it is in New Hampshire that Derry~Londonderry is best known. Londonderry, in Rockingham County, was inhabited in 1718 by Ulster-Scots settlers fleeing religious wars and persecution and is credited as the place where the first potato was planted on North American soil in 1719. Londonderry, New Hampshire is bordered to the east by, Derry, New Hampshire, established as a separate town in 1824. The town is nicknamed ‘Spacetown’ because it is the birthplace of astronaut, Alan Shepherd. Derry, New Hampshire also has a strong literary connection as it was for a time home to poet Robert Frost and his family. The Robert Frost Farm is now a National Historic Landmark in the USA. The town is also the location of two of America’s oldest private schools, Pinkerton Academy, founded in 1814 and the now defunct Adams Female Seminary.

February - March |


Carr’s got a ‘Gagging Order’ International comedy star Jimmy Carr will bring his popular stand-up show, ‘Gagging Order’ to the Millennium Forum this month. The 40 year-old’s trademark acerbic humour and deadpan delivery will be in high demand during his City of Culture 2013 performance. Carr is a regular fixture on TV as a celebrity panelist and guest on some of the leading talk shows in Britain and the United States as he takes a wry look at society. His popular, ‘8 out of 10 Cats’ and the annual ‘Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ are some of the most watched shows on Channel 4. He also put his political sciences

degree from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, to good use when he presented Channel 4’s ‘Alternative Election Night’ at the last general election. He broke new ground in 2007 when he became the first stand-up comedian to perform a gig to an audience in cyberspace, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of Records. He also branched out to new audiences when he toured with Las Vegas band, The Killers, as part of their stage show in 2009. Jimmy Carr will be performing at the Millennium Forum, Newmarket Street, Derry, on February 10. For tickets and information contact the Box Office on 7126 4455.

Millennium Forum Productions Presents

Translations by

Brian Friel directed by

Adrian Dunbar


Great Hall Magee Thurs 14th - Sat 16th Feb & Tues 19th - Sat 23rd Feb Box Office 71 264455 38

| February - March


Wed 13th to Sat 16th March Box Office 71 264455





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Laugh With Her, Cry With Her - MAIRE Returns! It’s travelled the world, been on many a stage and is coming home for the City of Culture year. Iconic Derry actress Carmel McCafferty tells Erin Hutcheon why Maire means so much to her... It was perhaps Carmel McCafferty’s late husband Kevin McCallion who first saw the potential of the great Derry play ‘Maire - a woman of Derry.’ “Carmel,” he said. “You’re going to go places with that.”

role of Maire the way she has. “That’s a bit silly,” she says. “It’s like telling someone they couldn’t do a Shakespeare play because Richard Burton had already done it. I’d love to see someone else take on the role of Maire, someone else could do a different slant on her.

And he was right. While Brian Foster’s acclaimed play has gone global and been seen across the world, Carmel says there’s no place like home and she couldn’t be happier to be bringing the role back for Derry’s City of Culture 2013. From its first night at The Playhouse in 2002 right up until now, and with more than 150 performances under her belt, Carmel has made this play her own. “When I first did it in The Playhouse, it was a reading,” she explained. “They had to bring extra chairs in for people and Kevin, my husband, said to me: ‘You know, you are going to go places with it.’ “Kevin was so supportive of ‘Maire’, at the time he was well known for playing Packie in ‘Packie’s Wake’. Often Kevin and I would go walking and people would point at us and say: ‘There’s Packie and Maire’, instead of Kevin and Carmel. “My son said I destroyed his street cred by having my face on posters for Maire drinking a bottle of vodka, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I then went on to do ‘Vagina Monologues’!” But the Derry woman shies away when people tell her no-one could take on the

“Plus I’ve never seen the play, and I want to see what it is like.” Maire tells the ‘warts and all’ story of a woman who falls into alcoholism and eventually ends up living on the streets of Derry. Be prepared to laugh and cry with Carmel, who has made the character of Maire as iconic as any you’ll find from this neck of the woods. It’s been more than four years since Carmel performed the role but the Derry actress has a novel way of relearning her lines: “I take the script to bed with me, and read it while I am going to sleep,” she revealed. “In fact if I get stuck I ask the wanes what the lines are; they know the script better than I do.” While Carmel is relishing the chance to perform Maire back on home ground she says the story is not unique to Derry. “When I performed it in San Francisco women came up to me and told me their own story,” she said. “The Derryisms weren’t really a barrier, they translated well. “Brian did a sheet explaining what all the Derryisms were, but they didn’t all translate. After the show a guy came up to me and asked me what a ‘winda’ [window] was?”

Two hours can be a lonely place on stage when you’re doing a one-woman show. “It can be intense and lonely when you are up there on your own,” said Carmel. “Especially when you are in the Forum, that stage can be very big. It can be lonely and overwhelming but you have to get into the story. The whole audience is listening intently to me and it is almost as if they are all leaning forward to catch my next word. The blackness of the play makes it deep and soul- wrenching. “Maire is very funny, but you need the laughs to break the tension. Maire can be crude because she is drunk but she isn’t ‘crude crude’. She never watches what she says but people know that she speaks the truth. “The play is about a woman who drinks too much but she is not a person to be laughed at.” Hailed as ‘unmissable’ by the critics, ‘MAIRE – A WOMAN OF DERRY’ is a theatrical triumph. If you haven’t seen it yet, this may be your last chance. If you have, then you’ll want to book to see it again! NB: This play contains strong language throughout and is unsuitable for under 14s. Please do not come to be offended! The play runs at the Millennium Forum on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 8pm. Box Office 7126 4455 Tickets: £10.00, £12.50, £15.00.

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Courtauld Way, Clooney Road, Eglinton


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Orange Order glad to be part of UK City of Culture 2013 By EAMON SWEENEY

An integral part of this summer’s UK City of Culture celebrations will be the Twelfth of July parade hosted by the City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge, who spoke to Eamon Sweeney. Former City Grand Master of the Loyal Order Victor Wray, has been a member of the institution since 1964 and presided over the lodge’s 175th anniversary in 2009. He says that the whole organisation is looking forward to playing its role in the celebrations with great enthusiasm. In something of a coup for the Orange Order he revealed that the Grand Masters of England, Scotland as well as Ireland will take part in the parade on Friday, July 12 this year. “This will represent the entire jurisdiction of the UK,” said Victor. The parade itself will incorporate up to 70 lodges with accompanying bands and all in all the Orange institution anticipate that

around 3,000 people will take part. Victor Wray said: “The parade will start in the Waterside and the Coleraine, Macosquin and Limavady districts will also take part. From the Waterside it will pass through Clooney Terrace, Spencer Road, across Craigavon Bridge, Carlisle Square, Carlisle Road, Ferryquay Street, into the Diamond, Bishop Street, London Street, down Wapping Lane, back across into the Waterside, through the Bonds Street area and out the Limavady Road and into the field at Wilton Park. In the field there will be a religious service and then a fun day for children. “This will be a carnival atmosphere and we hope the parade itself will be the same. The parade will be open to all sections of the community to come out and watch. “The Orange Order is glad to be a part of the UK City of Culture as we are glad to be a part of the city. Our headquarters are on the West Bank in the Memorial Hall where we have eight lodges regularly meeting

there as we do at Culmore. We have many members on the West Bank who want to stay there as well as being part of the UK City of Culture.” The leading Orangeman also said that there is already a great sense of anticipation from the membership about this July’s parade. “There is great enthusiasm from everyone, from the Grand Masters right down. We have been working on getting the Grand Masters here for a couple of years now,” said Victor. As a precursor to the main event in July, in June the Orange Order will hold a small parade as well as a series of cultural workshops in various venues in the city explaining the history of the organisation, culminating in a fun day run by the Orange Order.

February - March |


Other Voices goes global

Excitement is building ahead of the world renowned Other Voices music show which spreads its wings and migrates to Derry on February 8, 9 and 10 for the City of Culture 2013 celebrations with the support of the British Council and Arts Council England. You’ll be impressed by the stellar lineup which includes home-grown talent like Bronagh Gallagher, Neil Hannon and Soak - and other big name acts like Marina and the Diamonds and Damien Dempsey. Grainne Devine has all the gen.


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Other Voices (OV) moves North from Dingle in Co Kerry to the singing city of Derry this year, but the story doesn’t end there.

And don’t forgot, Other Voices is a spontaneous affair conducive to creative collaborations, songs and tunes can and do happen at the drop of a hat.

The East End of London will host a special recording in April, produced in association with the Barbican, completing the triangle and underlining the strong music and cultural links North, South, East and West across these islands.

The Derry~Londonderry leg of the Other Voices event will form an exciting part of the musical element of the City of Culture celebrations 2013, which kicked off last month with the BBC Sons and Daughters concert. The eclectic programme will go on to include musical takeovers such as the Music City which will include a Sky Orchestra of music playing from hot air balloons and Celtronic, Ireland’s premier electronic music festival. The city is delighted to see a host of home-grown talent returning to Derry for Other Voices, including Neil Hannon, Two Door Cinema Club and Soak.

Like Dingle in December, Derry will be seen and heard across the world via social media and online streaming courtesy of BT Infinity. Described by The Guardian as ‘Ireland’s secret festival’, for a decade Other Voices has been attracting big names such as Jarvis Cocker, The National and Richard Hawley to the tiny Dingle church with an audience of just 100. Amy Winehouse’s performance in 2006 was billed by the London Times as the 17th best gig of all time. The Other Voices triangle will forge a new chapter in the musical narrative of these islands, bringing together a swathe of musical genres and generations, from downright dirty rock’n’roll gangs to celestial traditional music-makers, cutting edge electronic kids to proud warriors of world sounds. Other Voices Dingle, Derry-Londonderry and London will continue to applaud originality and embrace divergence and in doing so, create three very special and authentic celebrations where music remains at the heart of the matter. Exciting line-up additions for The Glassworks in Derry have just been announced and the Other Voices team are delighted to welcome James Yorkston, Daughter and Beth Orton to the Derry stage! The full list of bands confirmed now looks like this:

Beth Orton Bronagh Gallagher Damien Dempsey Daughter James Yorkston Jesca Hoop Marina and the Diamonds Neil Hannon Savages Soak Two Door Cinema Club

Neil Hannon said: “As an alumni of Other Voices Dingle, it was lovely to receive an invite to appear at Other Voices Derry. Not least because Derry-Londonderry (the city that dare not speak its name) is the city of my birth! It is also the UK City of Culture this year which I am keen to show my support for.” Jesca Hoop added: “I am genuinely excited to play Other Voices this year and am so happy to be invited to play in Derry. I played OV in Dingle a couple of years back and I can honestly say that it was my year’s highlight!” For those who don’t make it to the Glassworks to see the live Other Voices gigs, fret not, because courtesy of BT Infinity there will be live streaming to a number of venues around the City of Derry including: An Cultúrlann/Nerve Centre/Grand Central Bar/Derby/Tinney’s/ Gweedore/ Masons/ Bound For Boston/ Icon Bar & Grill / Sandinos / Bennigans / Live Screen in Waterloo Place.

The Other Voices Music Trail will also follow on from Dingle to DerryLondonderry this February. Over 40 bands will play across city venues including the streaming venues above plus Café del Mondo / Foyleside Shopping Centre/Verbal Arts Centre /Apprentice Boys of Derry Memorial Hall/St. Augustine’s/ Ebrington Sq/ Legenderry Cafe/Craft Village. So, no matter where you are in the city, you will only be a stone’s throw away from the action and the unique events that make up the overall Other Voices experience. The IMRO Other Room will be filmed at Memorial Hall and some of the first acts to be announced are Riptide Movement, George Erza, Katharine Philippa, Ryan Vail and Best Boy Grip. As always, The Other Room showcases some of the freshest and finest new talent around at the moment. Once again, there was an open call to bands to apply to play The IMRO Other Room and this year there were over 300 submissions! The shortlist will be announced and will be live on the site at 7pm on February 1. The Banter Salon at Other Voices made its debut in Dingle with great success and will travel to Derry for the event. Banter, hosted by Jim Carroll, will feature a number of discussions (some heated!), conversations, performances and talks on the Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free, see for more details. A number of tickets for The Glassworks will be made available through competitions on Other Voices social media (Twitter: @OtherVoicesLive & Facebook: ‘Other Voices’) as well as on national radio shows. Please see Other Voices website for more details:

Other Voices is supported by Derry-Londonderry 2013/Culture Company 2013 Ltd, The Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure Northern Ireland, the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Ireland, Arts Council England, British Council, BT Infinity, RTÉ, Tourism Ireland, and IMRO.


Other Voices Competition To be in with a chance of winning tickets to Other Voices, just answer the following question:

Q. Which town is the usual home of Other Voices? Text your answer to: NI Text DJL (space) VOICES (space) followed by your answer, name, address including postcode and send to 61500 (£1) ROI Text COMP44 (space) followed by your answer, name, address and send to 57199 (€1)

Lines Close 10am Thursday 7th February 2013.

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8ú—10ú Fe

abhra / 8th —10th


“Other Voices After-Party” le

Four Men & a Dog 8ú Feabhra / 8th Feb, 11pm, £5 Leibhéal 1: Bunrang / Beginners (Fearghal Mag Uiginn) Leibhéal 2: Fáinne Airgid (Pól Mac Giolla Eoin) Leibhéal 3: Fáinne Óir (Malachy Ó Néill)

Dianchúrsaí Gaeilge Intensive Irish Courses 9—10ú Feabhra / 9th-10th Feb, 11am-4.30pm, £25

Ceardlanna Ceoil Music Workshops 9—10ú Feabhra / 9th-10th Feb 10.30-4pm, £10 Cláirseach / Harp (Laoise Kelly) Giotár / Guitar (Steve Cooney) Fidil / Fiddle (Josie Nugent, Siobhán Peoples) Fliúit & Feadóg Stáin / Flute & Whistle (Eamonn Cotter)

Mórga, Gino Lupari, Dónal Murphy, Steve Cooney 9ú Feabhra / 9th Feb, 7.30pm, £12

Bronnadh na Sparánachtaí Bursary Awards 10ú Feabhra / 10th Feb, 3pm, Saor in aisce

Just The Ticket! Disappointed at missing out on tickets to the Sons and Daughters concert? Well, worry not – there are plenty of opportunities coming up to sample the unique atmosphere inside The Venue 2013. Coming up over the next few months are the London Symphony Orchestra, Primal Scream and David Holmes, Londonderry Musical Society’s ‘Annie’ and one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the entire calendar Hofesh Shechter’s Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut. A heady mixture of heavy rock contemporary dance, Political Mother has stunned audiences all over the world and took Irish audiences by storm when it was performed at the Galway Arts Festival a couple of years ago. Hofesh Shechter’s team has been in the city for several weeks now, working with the 20 local musicians who will be performing with Hofesh in The Venue 2013 on March 8 and 9. As well as that, they have been working with local dance companies and will be performing Political Mother Shortcuts at different venues all around the city on Saturday March 9.

“I want to give the musicians and dancers from Derry a sense of what is out there, what it is to be part of a huge show, part of something that is dance and music and nothing else,” says Hofesh. “No agendas, just being part of a really powerful performance which brings people together. What matters by the end of Political Mother are the very simple human qualities we share, a feeling for what’s right and what’s wrong. “What matters is the connection between the people. I can’t wait to be there in Derry to do it.” Political Mother: Derry~Londonderry Uncut is presented in conjunction with the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), one of Europe’s leading arts festivals, which has a 30-year history of creating ground-breaking international performance. It is also one of the best value-for-money events on the entire City of Culture 2013 programme with tickets priced at just £11.50, including the booking fee. Tickets are selling quickly for many of the main events in The Venue 2013 including Primal Scream with David Holmes and Music for the Big Screen, the Music of John Williams with the London Symphony Orchestra. There is great interest too, in the three Brian Friel plays coming up – Translations and Freedom of the City at the Millennium Forum and Performances with the Brodsky Quartet at the Great Hall, Magee. Tickets have just gone on sale for the Buena Vista Social Club and the Grand Vintage Ball at the Venue 2013, Pink Martini at the Millennium Forum and The Walled City Tattoo at Ebrington Square. Tickets for more shows will be going on sale shortly. Keep checking to stay right up to date.

Thanks to -

Waterloo Street, Derry - 028 7137 1898 Buncrana Road, Derry - 028 7136 2634 Foyleside Shopping Centre, Derry - 028 7126 8484 Abercorn Square, Strabane - 028 71 885734

Erin Hutcheon, Claire Allan and the reporters and photographers at the Derry Journal and Londonderry Sentinel for weighing in behind the project; Caroline Morris and the advertising staff at the Journal for making this free magazine possible!; Marty at Lermagh - it’s all his good work - and Kevin the boss; the team at Culture Company, including Chris, Peter and John; the big guns at Johnston Press and Culture Company, including Jean Long (JP), Shona and Fiona; and all those who contributed in any way to the second magazine. See you again in April!

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