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For Today’s Woman

92NSV 50cm ext. incl. R105.00 N$106.00 10EJS 48cm R161.00 N$164.00

0106PDSV R124.00 N$126.00

0106PSV R179.00 N$183.00

413PSV R108.00 N$110.00

319PDSV R208.00 N$212.00

10EJS 48cm R161.00 N$164.00

0098PDSV R141.00 N$144.00

0098PSV R143.00 N$145.00

0105PSV R128.00 N$130.00

0098BSV 24cm ext. incl. R334.00 N$339.00

48EJG 48cm R84.00 N$85.00

488G Chocker R135.00 N$137.00

0098PDG R141.00 N$144.00

0104PD R108.00 N$110.00

0098PG R143.00 N$145.00

0104P R124.00 N$126.00

0104B 23cm ext. incl. R283.00 N$288.00

0098B 24cm ext. incl. R334.00 N$339.00

0047NSV 60cm ext. incl. R276.00 N$281.00

0066NSV Chocker R137.00 N$139.00

0891PDSV R207.00 N$211.00

Special Offer Purchase the necklace and earing set and save R41.00 N$42.00 0047SETSV R343.00 N$349.00

0047PSV R108.00 N$110.00

98NSV 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

6NSV 48cm R268.00 N$273.00

0890PDSV R246.00 N$250.00

0900PDSV R130.00 N$132.00

6BSV 20cm R209.00 N$213.00 0094PSV R139.00 N$142.00 2323PSV R91.00 N$92.00

10EJG 48cm R161.00 N$164.00

6NG 48cm R268.00 N$273.00

0881PDG R177.00 N$180.00

6BG 20cm R200.00 N$204.00

10EJG 48cm R161.00 N$164.00

98NB 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

301PDB R168.00 N$171.00

271PB R109.00 N$111.00

0889PDG R262.00 N$267.00 * Look was created with two strings of pearls 10 EJG

402NB 55cm ext. incl. R309.00 N$315.00

0040NB 54cm ext. incl. R194.00 N$198.00

083PB R105.00 N$106.00

318PB R97.00 N$98.00 318PDB R204.00 N$207.00

0066NB Chocker R137.00 N$139.00 10EJG 48cm R161.00 N$164.00

0888PDG R227.00 N$231.00

0097PG R139.00 N$142.00

0099PDG R193.00 N$197.00

0097BG 23cm ext. incl. R339.00 N$345.00

0066NSV Choker R137.00 N$139.00

318PSV R97.00 N$98.00

318PDSV R204.00 N$207.00

98NSV 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

0092PSV R159.00 N$161.00

0099PDSV R178.00 R181.00

0066NSV Choker R137.00 N$139.00 98NSV 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

0093PDSV R204.00 N$207.00

0097PSV R139.00 N$142.00 0887PDSV R213.00 N$216.00

0097BSV 23cm ext. incl. R340.00 N$346.00

0066NB Chocker R137.00 N$139.00

11NG 78cm ext. incl. R273.00 N$277.00

0886PDG R240.00 N$245.00

0092PG R159.00 N$161.00

261BSV 23cm ext. incl. R176.00 N$179.00 0094PG R139.00 N$142.00

0093PDG R204.00 N$207.00

0105PG R128.00 N$130.00

0066NSV Chocker R137.00 N$139.00

0885PDSV R205.00 N$208.00

0906NSV 50cm R290.00 N$295.00

98NSV 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

292PSDV R179.00 N$183.00

306NSV 55cm ext. incl. R285.00 N$290.00

Special Offer Purchase the necklace, bracelet and earings and save R49.00 N$49.00 306SETSV R559.00 N$569.00 306BSV 24cm ext. incl. R213.00 N$216.00

306PSV R110.00 N$112.00

98NSV 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

06EJ 48cm R201.00 N$205.00

0897PDSV R274.00 N$279.00

0902PSV R91.00 N$92.00

645B 18cm R117.00 N$119.00

0882PDSV R166.00 N$169.00

422NSV 55cm ext. incl. R213.00 N$216.00

08NSV 50cm R116.00 N$118.00

422PSV R85.00 N$87.00 0091PDSV R135.00 N$137.00

0091PSV R145.00 N$147.00

0091BSV 24cm ext. incl. R314.00 N$319.00

422BSV 23cm ext. incl. R139.00 N$142.00

0904NSV 58cm ext. incl. R337.00 N$343.00

11NSV 78cm ext. incl. R273.00 N$277.00

0894PDSV R205.00 N$208.00

0905PSV R113.00 N$115.00

0895PSV R122.00 N$124.00

0066NSV Chocker R137.00 N$139.00

0095PDSV R177.00 N$180.00

98NSV 50cm ext. incl. R184.00 N$187.00

694NSV 55cm ext. incl. R285.00 N$290.00

301PDSV R168.00 N$171.00

570PSV R104.00 N$105.00

0108PDSV R155.00 N$158.00

0103NSV 50cm ext. incl. R290.00 N$295.00

0102NG 50cm ext. incl. R238.00 N$242.00

0103PSV R110.00 N$112.00

0102PG R112.00 N$114.00

0102BG 24cm ext. incl. R238.00 N$242.00

with GOD Cross of Grace R220.00 N$222.00 (Strings not included)

Many women feel that they should earn God's grace and forgiveness. They struggle to accept His grace for themselves. Maybe you have feelings of guilt because of mistakes you made. Feeling guilty about what you have done will not set you free. You have long been forgiven. This cross will remind you of God's mercy and grace. You cannot do anything extra to be saved; it is by His grace alone.

The Lord’s Prayer Watch R650.00 N$653.00 We live in a instant, fast-passed society and things like fast food and instant coffee keep us on our fast-passed track. We are “I'm so busy”, “hurry up”, “we're late” and “mommy's in a hurry” people! But when it comes to our relationship with God we have to slow down. If we don't make time for Him, soon we will no longer have time for Him! I longed for a deep relationship with God and wanted to grow spiritually. I realized that it would costs time with God. Even Jesus made time to pray, we read that He isolated Himself early in the morning to pray or even sometimes prayed though the night. He gives us the model to pray, The Lord's Prayer. Each charm on the watch represents a line in the Lord's Prayer: • Figure praising God - Hallowed be thy Name • Pearl -Thy Kingdom come • Heart -Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven • Fish - Give us this day our daily bread • Cross - And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us • Dove - And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory, For ever and ever. Amen

Time for prayer, time for God! Rev. Liesel Krause Wiid Let your Prayer Watch remind you to pray while waiting in front of the school for your kids, while standing in a long cue at the bank or when waiting to pay for your groceries. Every time you look at the time, let it remind you of the importance of making time to be still and pray.

Elegant Range

Heritage Range

Timeless Pewter Range



Each elegant piece is individually handcrafted and styled by design. Ideal as a special gift to cherished friends and family or simply spoil yourself by owning this beautiful designer cutlery. * Pewter cutlery not dishwasher safe

130 190 200 180 170 230 150 160 250 260 140 120 100 110 270 240

Cake Lifter Steak Knife Gravy Spoon Soup Spoon Dessert Spoon Serving Spoon Table Fork Table Knife Fish Fork Fish Knife Butter Knife Cake Fork Tea Spoon Sugar Spoon Salad Set Letter Knife (gift box incl.)

Gift boxes available

R296.00 R221.00 R260.00 R151.00 R148.00 R324.00 R151.00 R181.00 R148.00 R169.00 R159.00 R 92.00 R100.00 R114.00 R669.00 R216.00

N$301.00 N$225.00 N$264.00 N$153.00 N$151.00 N$330.00 N$153.00 N$184.00 N$151.00 N$172.00 N$161.00 N$ 94.00 N$102.00 N$116.00 N$681.00 N$220.00

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Willa Krause Essentials Jewellery  

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