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Let's face it: All transformational speakers are not created equal MEET DEONDRIEA CANTRICE You have the ability to accomplish anything and succeed in all of your endeavors. The secret to walking in your greatness is having confidence. Deondriea Cantrice, the Confidence Empowerment Officer, is here to inspire you to achieve greatness. Instead of complacency, mediocrity, and uncertainty, Deondriea empowers you to be courageous, exceptional, and self-assured. As a well-known speaker, author, and facilitator, Deondriea has presented her life-changing tales of true life too many multifaceted groups. She is now using the power reflected in her writing and speech delivery to transform your ordinary existence into an extraordinary adventure. Deondriea does this by instilling confidence deep within your soul. Through her signature style of motivation, she equips you with the necessary beliefs, behaviors, and affirmative attitude to achieve dreams you thought were only fantasies. All it takes is the confidence to believe in yourself. HER PURPOSE. “I exist to serve by giving permission to people with self-imposed limitations the confidence and courage to live with purpose and the motivation to embrace their greatness.� ~Deondriea Cantrice HER PASSION Deondriea has a passion for watching others discover their innate confidence to succeed by living life to the fullest. She believes that greatness resides in everyone. Some people simply need to give themselves permission to unleash their greatness with courage. This passion is what drives Deondriea to instill confidence within everyone she meets. HER MISSION Living confidently is something you need to practice every day. To do this you must believe in and appreciate your unique abilities and talents. WWW.DEONDRIEA.COM

Deondriea encourages you to step out of your comfort zone – to look past your own self-induced fears – to take your dreams and create action steps that will turn them into a reality. Through her Run~Rise~Rule formula, Deondriea will show you how to live a self-assured life. Run- Take action. Inaction fosters doubt and fear. Taking action fosters confidence and courage. Rise- Adopt an assertive way of speaking. You will feel your self-esteem begin to rise. Your selfconfidence will be elevated, too. Rule- Think and act positively to triumph over complacency. By focusing on the can-do side of any situation, you will become filled with confidence. The leader within will radiate from you. And so the once downtrodden teen parent turned celebrated storyteller, fabulous facilitator, and award-winning business woman, wants to give you the confidence to be your best self. Deondriea leaves people feeling renewed, uplifted, and excited– and teach them how to be confident in themselves and bring out confidence in others – how to get from where they are stuck, to where they want to be – celebrating their special talents the whole way! As a speaker Deondriea has delivered keynote addresses and facilitated workshops to AVID Students, Church Youth Groups, Junior Achievement and Rites of Passage on subjects such as teen parenting, abstinence, etiquette, personal branding and more. She is able to engage the students and create a fun interactive atmosphere. Deondriea has also delivered motivational talks and inspirational presentations to professional women’s’ groups, corporate leadership candidates, and various women’s conferences As a person that has been overlooked, discounted, and endured more than her share of disappointment and pain, Deondriea is able to inspire audiences at various empowerment conferences and programs. She delivers motivation in a manner that is in depth and thought-provoking, transforming the thought process of attendees. Deondriea is committed to transformation, not just temporal euphoria. WWW.DEONDRIEA.COM

An Unparalleled Approach to Life Celebrated Author and Transformational Speaker, Deondriea Cantrice Will Keep Your Audience on the Edge of Their Seats from Beginning to End! As an inspirational author and speaker, Deondriea Cantrice supplies unparalleled energy, encouragement, and entertainment as your opening or closing keynote speaker. She’s adept at instantly engaging your audience, reengaging them after breaks or lunch, and then sending them home remembering and hailing all the key points of your event. Deondriea, a widely acclaimed author, brand architect and facilitator, is also available to deliver her signature keynote presentations on branding to audiences who want to transform their meetings, morale, and productivity in order to attract opportunities and increase revenue. Whatever the needs of your group or organization, Deondriea will customize the event to your attendees, objectives, and theme, delivering an event like no other!

Keynote Presentations: “Keys to Complete Confidence” "After the Rain" This powerfully effective keynote speech will allow your attendees to see and experience the importance of being confident is every aspect of their lives, and how to possess the courage to pursue their purpose with passion. “Brand New, Brand You” This engaging and informational keynote speech teaches you how to build and maintain a personal brand. It will demonstrate to your attendees the importance of being visible in order to gain a promotion or increase their salaries by being visible and creating their unique promise of value. “Being a Teen Parent is Like Being a Criminal” Being a teen parent is just like being a criminal. You are judged, and your sentence is a lifetime of permanent change. Did you know: It feels as though you are locked in a cell of stereotypes and statistics, while your merit carries no value? Teens and their children are our future. They need to know they are not destined to lead a success-less life. They need to know they are worth an investment of empowerment and inspiration. The best way to do this: Hire me to facilitate your workshop or speak at your next meeting dedicated to empowering at-risk youth. I am Deondriea Cantrice, and I have transitioned from being a teen mother to a successful author and speaker. That is why mentoring and inspiring teen mothers and women to be confident is so important to me. I was one! I know how they feel, and understand the adversity they are facing. But that’s not why I am good at what I do. I am a highly sought after transformational speaker because of my special talent for easily connecting with at-risk youth, creating im-mediate feelings of trust and integrity.

Here’s what happens when we work together. -Your audience will be challenged to overcome stereotypes. -Your audience will realize they are capable of being more than a statistic. -Your audience will see their future as bright and rewarding. -Your audience will be enriched with research-based communication principles that teach them to embrace their self-worth. -Your audience will be engaged and motivated through the use of active participation. As a dynamic speaker and celebrated author, Deondriea Cantrice has impacted many multifaceted audiences throughout the country with her life-changing message and award-winning programs. Deondriea is an expert at transforming organizations and individuals by inspiring them to live their lives at a higher level of purpose. A single mother at the age of 14, Deondriea overcame teen parent stereotypes, realized she was capable of being much more than a statistic, and saw her future in a positive light. Earning a bachelor’s in communications with a minor in psychology and an emphasis in conflict management, Deondriea never gave up on her dreams. She has since graduated from several leadership programs. Deondriea has become certified in Six Sigma Green Belt, customer service training, and stress and time management, becoming an expert on personal branding, communications, writing, and motivation. Audiences connect with Deondriea through her interactive style and approachable manner. Her deeply profound insight and perspective coupled with her vivacious presentations have made her a highly sought after speaker. Deondriea has a special talent for easily connecting with her audience, creating immediate feelings of trust and integrity. She greets everyone she meets with a smile and endeavors to have a positive impact on everyone she encounters through effective communication, veracity, and affirmative interaction. She believes that, “with discipline and, direction accomplishment is attainable.” She is the author of several books, including Rhythm Can’t Keep Time, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough; When Emotions Lie; You! Branding Yourself for Success; and Tiptoes, Steel-Toes and Stilettos. She is the host of the popular podcast Catch the Rhythm, and co-host of creativeBiz Ideas and has been named as a finalist for the Stiletto Woman in Business Award (SWIBA) for the 2014 Author of the Year and the recipient of the 2014 SWIBA Distinction of Excellence Award Book the Confidence Empowerment Officer and transformational speaker, Deondriea Cantrice, if you are looking for a presentation that will leave people feeling renewed, uplifted, and excited– and teach them how to motivate themselves and others – how to get from where they are stuck, to where they want to be – celebrating their special talents the whole way.

WWW.DEONDRIEA.COM PO Box 813 Addison, Texas 75001-0813 972-292-7221 See Deondriea Speak

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