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The Scoop Kristine W's highly anticipated debut studio jazz album, Straight Up with a Twist

Dear Robby

“then we broke up again mostly cause he was detached and not into being together”…….

Uncle Tom’s Crabbin’ OUR COVER

These three brave souls have managed to compile a unique and strong sound


“Families provide the manure in which bullshit thrives. They’re the psychosocial breeding ground wherein lies”…….

Read My Lips “I have to admit that it is fascinating, delicious, inspiring, and just the right amount of naughty “…..

Snap! “I decided to take my month of hell and turn it into a positive, and I am moving forward “


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Nov 1, 2010

Dennis Heer


Abriana Foster

Creative Director Edward Okuda


Tom M., William, Robby,

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Hello LVGN Little Black Book Readers! I am very excited to be a part of the new Little Black Book staff. As the new editor and contributing writer, I will help to bring delightful and entertaining content to you, our valued readers. Our new creative director will inspire your eyes with the new layout and designs that he creates. The Little Black Book will feature some of your favorites such as Uncle Tom’s Crabbin , the Homoscopes, and Dear Robby as well as newer columns, such as Read My Lips. The Little Black Book staff always welcomes your input and suggestions. Soon the Little Black Book site will have an editor’s blog where you can get feedback from me. Thank you for choosing the Little Black Book as your source of Gay Entertainment and the Las Vegas Gay News site as your number one source of news!

Abriana Foster

Kristine W's

highly anticipated debut studio jazz album, Straight Up with a Twist, releases to all major digital outlets and retail stores worldwide on September 14, 2010. In the 30-track, double-cd set, the dance music icon transforms several of her #1 club hits into smooth jazz ballads. Reworked hits include “Wonder of it All”, “Save My Soul” and “Stronger”. The jazz version of “Feel What You Want”, Kristine’s first career release and first Billboard Dance #1, will be the debut single from the album. “Straight Up with a Twist took four years to complete,” explained Kristine W from her home in Las Vegas. Much of the delay was due to the high cost of producing a double-cd album; Kristine W financed it herself. “I insisted on bringing in the best musicians to the project. Scheduling studio time with these busy artists was complicated.” “This was my first foray in recording a Jazz album,” she continues. “I figured if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right. The end result is proof positive the wait was well worth it.” David Paich from the seventies rock band Toto is featured on the single "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". Other contributing talent include Myron Dove, Ricky Z , Ed Roth, Eric Tewalt, Jason Hahn, Dave Hart, and Lance Lee. “These are musicians that have toured with Carlos Santana, Marc Anthony, Paulino Rubio, Diana Ross, Jeffery Osbourne, and Paul McCartney,” said Kristine W. “It was an honor to work with such a high caliber of music professionals.” “My new jazz projects will be exciting because this style of music will allow me to be heard during the chilled moments in life. My audience has been so supportive of my music; I want to be in the mix for them anyway I can. I am blessed to be living my dream.”

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Yo Robby, my bo and I were together for like a year and broke up. Guess we just did not communicate much and things fell apart. At first I thought cause I am Latino and he is white. After a month he wanted to get back together and since I still had feeling for him I said yes. Another month went by and then we broke up again mostly cause he was detached and not into being together. Some time has gone by and I am not getting over him. Maybe I should try and patch things up with him and see about getting back together. I’m really torn up!


Yo-Yo relationships never work! My take is that this guy lost interest cause he could not keep his dick (or ass) in his pants. Anytime there is a shift in dedication, communication or involvement of a partner I always wonder if they have dipped their stick in another. See, once they get a taste for a dick or an ass - aside from yours - then they want more. It is like a vampire who refrains from sucking blood then finds a victim and needs it constantly. We may be sucking dicks instead of blood but I think the analogy works well! Be happy that you actually had something with someone for a whole year! That is impressive! One year equals like 5 in gay years! Gay men are infamous for short…very short-term commitments. Well, I applaud you! I suggest you forget about this guy and move onto more FRUIT-ful endeavors. Hmmmm…you are Latino…yummy…well…if you are sexy, have a job (part-time minimum) and a car then hit me back…

Got a Question for Robby?

When they told me this was to be the friends and family issue, I thought, “Great. This’ll be an easy one. Family issues are everywhere. No social unit is more interpersonally inept than the family.” Then I was told I could max out at 450 words. Could? Could? Like it’s some sort of privilege? I can’t write an introductory paragraph in 450 words, much less a coherent magazine article. But in order to understand the thinking, you must understand editors, which involves flipping the cerebral switch to a more reptilian mode. Then you have to learn to move around on your belly. It isn’t pretty. Family Day, Family-friendly, for the whole Family, the American Family Council, Family restaurants, the Family vacation, Focus on the Family – do you think maybe the word is used just a wee bit too much to be genuine? Don’t you sense a measure of phoniness whenever someone starts yammering about “the family?” I think everybody does, but they intentionally ignore it in an “Emperor’s New Clothes”-like way. In fact, I bet everyone knows – deep down – that families are completely screwed up. But it’s not socially acceptable to speak the truth in twenty-first century America, so they lie. It’s evident that they’re lying by how often and with how much false reverence and disingenuous joy they discuss “the family.” Remember Shakespeare? Remember, “Methinks thou doest protesteth too much?” Families provide the manure in which bullshit thrives. They’re the psychosocial breeding ground wherein lies, manipulations, deceits and hostilities reside. They’re an incubator for human pathologies, from jealousies to abuses to assaults to grudges to downright hatred. Yet they’re held up as an ideal. A building block of society. An institution. There’s a reason for that, of course: All the neuroses passed around within families would land anyone in an institution. It’s where irrational fears are spread. It’s where mythologies are perpetuated. It’s where comments like, “We’re not coming for Thanksgiving if Harold and Eileen are going to be there” are rationalized. It’s where proclamations such as, “Tyler, you need to get your 16 year-old self the hell out of the house because you like other boys” are justified.

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Families, my ass. I think it’s an ancient, foolproof method of control, of keeping order in society, of demanding conformity. It’s one of several big lies – right in there with God and Country – that has beat the average Joe into submission so those with all the power can keep it. The next time you hear some politician or activist blathering on about “the family,” realize it’s an emotionally loaded word designed to make you agree with whatever agenda lurks beneath the surface. Also realize they’re talking not about this harmonious group of joyful individuals, but a dysfunctional cauldron of repressed misery that exists solely because people are afraid of dying alone.

By: Abriana Foster

A new sensation from Atlanta, Georgia has come to Las Vegas and has mesmerized all audiences. These three brave souls have managed to compile a unique and strong sound that is memorable and spellbinding. Their mission is to reach out to the Las Vegas Community through musical education and to maintain a positive image as role models and musicians. Black Rose Drive is the band’s name and community outreach is their game. Last Thursday, Black Rose Drive performed at the College of Southern Nevada West Charleston Campus for the One Love “Love Revolution� Concert. The Love Revolution Concert was created to show the CSN LGBT community that they are loved and to pay respect to those who have recently died or who have been injured as a result of gay bashing in the community. The band performed voluntarily at the event and was also the main act to support this cause. Black Rose Drive has made it their mission to support community organizations and has not only held concerts in Vegas, but In several cities in the United States. BRD was formed by Mauricio Arguello three years ago. Jorge Arguello is the vocalist, Sean Hellekson is the guitarist, and Mauricio is the percussionist of the group. Together the group has traveled to present youth with positive opportunities and possibilities as well as provide a dynamic sound. 10 |

A favorite activity that BRD does in their spare time is to visit elementary and middle schools and teach children how to play diverse instruments. Along with awesome collaboration, the band maintains a great level of diversity. Although the genre of music that they sing is punk rock, they are able to creatively blend various styles of music into their songs yet maintain a style that is all their own. Devotion and integrity are values that every band and organization should have and Black Rose Drive has perfected these. The brothers honor each other and are always focused on community involvement. All of them take turns writing lyrics, composing music, and organizing marketing efforts. For a glimpse of Black Rose Drive, their performance schedule, and their music, visit

Upcoming Shows Nov 22 Feb 22 Feb 23 Feb 24

6pm 3pm 3pm 3pm

area 702 skate park N. Las Vegas CSN Campus Las Vegas CSN Campus Las Vegas CSN Campus Las Vegas

Lesbians are awesome and because of this, Katy Perry devoted a whole song to us! As a new lesbian I am still discovering all of the hot spots to meet “the one” or “the one for right now”. I am currently embarking on a journey to find out what makes lesbians lesbians and how I can make my experience absolutely delightful. Apparently there are different types of lesbians. Before I became one I didn’t have a clue about the lesbian world. I have to admit that it is fascinating, delicious, inspiring, and just the right amount of naughty to have my head spinning. The one thing that inspires me to be one is this – I know who I am and what I am going to become. My sexual orientation is not the only factor of who I am – it is only one of many factors that complete me. It is the spark that ignites my inner fire and drives me to explore the realms of my sexuality. Surprisingly enough, I act like a woman now more than when I was straight! And I am beyond sexy. I owe lesbianism a big high five and then some. In the next few articles I am going to journey to new hotspots and I dare all of you to get a taste of my world, enjoy it, and embrace it. I know I will. Feel free to email me about lesbian and gay hotspots that you frequent and watch for my views on those very spots. Happy reading and remember to keep reading my lips.

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Latin Night Noches Latino 10-6a

Latin Night Noches Latino 10p-6a

Noches Nortenas Country Night 9p-2a

$5 Liquor Bust 7p-12a

$5 Beer Bust 7p-12a

$3.50 Beer Bust 9p-12a

$5 Beer Bust 9p-1a

Happy Hour 12p-2p 5p-7 $2well 1.50beer

$2.25 Bloody Mary's 9a-2p

$1.75 Happy Hour 7p Liquor Bust 9p-12a

$1.75 Happy Hour 7p $5 Beer Bust 9p-12a

$5 Beer Bust 4p-7p $2 Teas, 7p-12,

Kitty Liter Show Drink Specials

Happy Hour 2p-7p 2-4-1 well/Draft

Happy Hour 2p-7p 2-4-1 well/Draft

DJ Fantasy/GoGo Boys

DJ Fantasy/GoGo Boys


Confessions W/Jewdi Vine

Check for Specials

Bloody Mary’s 7a-3p

Happy Hour 3p-7p

Packed all night!

$5 Beer Bust 6p-9p

Beer Bust 8p-1a Drag Show

Beer Bust 8p-1a Drag Show

Karaoke Happy Hour 4p-8p Beer Bust 8p1a

Latino Night 10p $10 Liquor Bust

Noche Caliente 10p

Liquor Bust 8p

$5 drinks till 1AM

Party all Night!

$5 drinks all night W/ text @ door. DJ PA

3430 E. Tropicana 702-458-8662

Underwear Night 10p-3a Free wells/ Beer

$5 Well/Beer Bust 12-5p & 10p-2a

$5 Well/Beer Bust 12-5p & 10p-2a

LV Lounge

Check for Specials

Check for Specials

Check for Specials



Latin Night Drink specials

Coxxx Fridays with DJ Chris cox

Hard Saturdays GoGo Boys

Check for Specials

Happy Hour 2a-4a & 2p-4p

$5 Beer Bust 9p-12a $6 Liquor Bust

Happy Hour 2a-4a & 2p-4p

$5 Liquor Bust 1p-4p $5 Beer Bust 8p-11p

Jock Night 12a $5 Beer Bust 12-3p

$1.50 Bloody Mary’s 8a-4p Bust 4p-7p

Events Guide Backdoor Lounge 1415 E. Charleston 702-385-2018

Badlands Saloon 953 E Sahara #22 702-792-9262

Buffalo 4640 Paradise Rd. 702-733-8355

Charlie’s 5012 Arville 702-876-1844

Crews N 1000 E Sahara #105 702-731-0951

Escape Lounge 4213 W. Sahara Ave. 702-364-1167

Flex 4371 W. Charleston 702-385-FLEX

Fun Hog 495 E. Twain 702-791-7001

Free Zone 610 E. Naples 702-794-2300

Good times 1775 E Tropicana 702-736-9494

Krave 3663 Las Vegas Blvd 702-290-0436

LV Eagle

900 E. Karen 702-737-9350

Piranha & 8 1/2 4633 Paradise Rd. 702-791-0100

Secret 3750 S Valley View 702-253-1555

Snick’s Place 1402 S. Third 702-385-9298

Spotlight 957 E. Sahara 702-696-0202








Karaoke 2-4-1 Drinks 10p-4a

Happy Hour 2-4-1 Drinks 10a-12p

Underwear Night 2-4-1 Drinks 10p-4a

Happy Hour 2-4-1 Drinks 10a-12p

Happy Hour 2-4-1 Drinks 4p-7p

Happy Hour 2-4-1 Drinks 4p-7p

Happy Hour 2-4-1 Drinks 4p-7p

$5 Liquor Bust 7p-12a

Happy Hour 12p-2p 5p-7 $2well 1.50beer

Happy Hour 12p-2p 5p-7 $2well 1.50beer

Happy Hour 12p-2p 5p-7 $2well 1.50beer

Happy Hour 12p-2p 5p-7 $2well 1.50beer

Something Different w/Ginger Grant 10p

Drag Bingo @ 9p Happy Hour 2a-10a

SkinUnderwear Night GoGo Boys free pool

1/2 Price Drinks 912 Line Dance lesson7p

Happy Hour 2p-7p 2-4-1 well/Draft

Happy Hour 2p-7p 2-4-1 well/Draft

Happy Hour 2p-7p 2-4-1 well/Draft

Happy Hour 2p-7p 2-4-1 well/Draft

Check for Specials


$2 Drinks/Beer 8a-4p Happy Hour 3-5a p-7


Check for Specials

Underwear Island 10p

Grand Tea Room 1am

The Boom Room 11p With DJ K

Happy Hour 3p-7p $1.50 TEAS 9p-2a

Happy Hour 3p-7p $5 Beer Bust 9p-2a

Happy Hour 3p-7p $1.50 Margaritas 9p2a

Happy Hour 3p-7p $5 Beer Bust 9p-2a

Karaoke Happy Hour 4p-8p Beer Bust 8p1a

Ladies Night Happy Hour 4p-8p Bust 8p1a

Beer Bust 8p-1a

Beer Bust 930p-2a $7 Liquor Bust

Check for specials

Check for Specials

Karaoke W/ Sheila 9p-1a

$10 Liquor Bust 10p

Meat Market Mondays

$3 wells & $5 premiums drinks with text

WTF? Wed 11p Locals Free, $10 for tourists

Back to the 80's

Check for Specials

Karaoke Liquor Bust

Underwear Night 10p-3 Free wells/Beer

$5 Well/Beer Bust 12-5p & 10p-2a

Check for Specials

Check for Specials

Check for Specials

Check for Specials

Circus Dink specials

Latin Night

Glamorous Life $1 well & $1 Draft

Bad Boyz $10 Liquor Bust CalendarContest

Check for Specials

Check for Specials

Check for Specials

Cabaret, $5 Drinks all night 1/2 price bottles

Happy Hour 2a-4a & 2p-4p

Happy Hour 2a-4a & 2p-4p

Happy Hour 2a-4a & 2p-4p

Happy Hour 2a-4a & 2p-4p

$5 Beer Bust12p-4p

$5 Beer Bust 12p-4p

$1.50 screwdrivers or Margaritas 8a-4p

Check for Specials

Most of us have had to overcome difficult obstacles in our lives. I have had some challenging life’s obstacles that I have had to overcome over the past 2 months. I f you have been wondering which rock I crawled under, it has been the health rock. Unfortunately, I had to miss putting out an issue in September. Once I got well I quickly put out issues October 1st and 15th. I decided to take my month of hell and turn it to a positive and I am moving forward with a new attitude and a new, re-invented Little Black Book. Some changes have been made to Little Black Book. The big change is that I will publish a new issue on the 1 st and the 15th of every month. This new change will give our community fresh current and more timely information. Another big change is the new team members added to LVGN. Abriana Foster has joined as Editor, and Edward Okuda is helping out as Creative Director. I look forward to their fresh new outlook, and seeing their ideas come to life in the future pages of Little Black Book. Just because we are changing things don’t mean you won’t find some of your old favorites. We are still bringing the great photos from around the city. Boozy Bitch will pop up from time to time, and I have convinced Uncle Tom to pop out of his hole to give us his crabby outlook on life. I hope you like the changes, and I would like to thank those people in my life that helped me through my difficult time. I would love to hear from our readers too. Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments to me. It feels great to be back out in the community and I hope to see you all out there.

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LVGN Little Black Book Nov 1  

LVGN Little Black Book November 1st issue. Features Black Rose Drive. LGBT event information for the Las Vegas area. Pictures from around to...