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9:30-13:30; 15:00-18:00


3rd Informal CCP meeting


Design exibition

Design student’s exibithion

3rd Informal Culture Contact Points from different countries for the program of EU Culture 2007-2013 , with Internal CCP meeting (follow up from Sweden CCP meeting.

Culture Contact Point Macedonia (CCP)

EU info center

Showcasing EURM students’ work from the recent 2008/09 production. Location: Entry hall and corridors at the Euopean University.

Gordana Vrencoska (MK)

European University-Entry hall

Unique opportunity to meet some of the greatest musicians in the world today, lecturing about modern world music, jazz, improvisation …and much more . Sharing their wonderful music experience and knowledge with the artists from the Biennial.

Emin Dzijan. Mentors: Frank London -trumpet, Amir El Safar - trumpet , Bob Stewart – tuba, Gianluca Petrella - trombone

Creativity House - Concert Hall

Gordana Vrencoska (MK)

European University- Auditorium

Prarthana Purkayastha (UK Young Artist)

Macedoninan National Ballet Theatre

John Goto (UK Young Artist)

Creativity House - Conference Room

Michelle Teran and Mat Trivette, Trampoline / Radiator Festival (UK Young Artist)

EU info center

10:00 - 15:00

Music Workshop

Conspiracy – Modern Music


Public lecture

Davor Bruketa - Graphic Design

Davor Bruketa is a real star of the Croatian graphic design. He graduated at the Faculty of Design in Zagreb where he has taught for several years. Together with Nikola Zinic he founded “Bruketa&Zinic” advertising agency which won more than 300 international awards. Their works are published in all major international magazines and books on graphic design.

The seminar and workshop will focus on the theme of Dance and Community. This session will engage participants in discussion and activities relating to Dance as a tool for community engagement regarding issues such as education, health and social inclusion. The seminar/workshop will be complemented by a practical movement class where participants will experience ideas relating to Dance and Community in practice.

11:00 - 13:00

Dance Workshop

Dance and Community

11:00 - 12:30

Public lecture and seminar

Is there power in critical art?

13:00 - 19:00


13:00-15:00; 16:00 18:00

15:30 - 17:00

Can critical art make a difference? In the lecture, John Goto will discuss his own work and that of some historical predecessors, especially artists who have used satire in their work. The lecture is open to all. He will then hold a seminar for a group of 10 students max. They will discuss the work students have brought with them that relates to the theme of Critical Art. Students should bring a laptop to show their work, or files on a memory stick or cd, or hard copy prints.

Challenging Space in the Era of Google Maps

Challenging Space in the Era of Google Maps The 6 hour workshop will present practical, participatory and theoretical examples of the way that the use of advanced location based technologies in cities has given rise to an emergent form of physical terrain that we can call hybrid space. Trampoline’s Mat Trivett will introduce ‘Fusing Frames’, a location based story mapping project in Nottingham, England while Canadian artist Michelle Teran will move from examples of her own practice to exploring the hybrid space of Skopje, taking participants on an exploration of the city (via the internet and via a city walk) in a hunt for local broadcasts tracked via YouTube and Google Map. Finding them, mapping them, understanding the narrative - Michelle and Trampoline’s Mat Trivett will weave together a new mesh of ideas from the threads connecting hybrid spaces. The participants are invited to bring their digital devices.;

by Gordana Vrencovska (MK)

European University -Auditorium

Public lecture

BASAK SENOVA - Art curator

Basak Senova is an art curator, writer and designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds an MFA in Graphic Design and a PhD in Art, Design and Architecture from Bilkent University, and is active internationally with art and technology related projects. She has been publishing papers, writing in art magazines worldwide on art, technology and mass media since 1995, and frequently gives lectures in various institutions and universities. She curates the Turkish Exhibition at Venice Biennale 2009.

Debate panel

“Trends, the role of media, its importance and critics on and from journalism”

The role of media in cultural sector: how cultural events can be much intersting for media and why, cooperation and transparency by the institution for culture, place for culture in Macedonia, specialised journalism. The role of media in general, censorship and press freedom, Journalisam and criticism, investing in journalism.

Timothy Spence- IPI (USA)

Public Room

Networking and meeting of policy makers and representatives of local/regional authorities

Meeting of representatives of local/regional /national authorities and other policy makers that are member of BJCEM and guest to Biennial in Skopje. The main goal of meeting is networking with purpose to find a common interest and models for cooperation in future.

City of Skopje (MK)

City of Skopje - congress room of the

Elena Bylund, Peregrino and RAI (SP)

Council of City of Skopje


Networking and meeting

16:00 - 19:00


Goal of the laboratory is strengthening the “web” interactions between local Institutions and University, already working, to realize research and experimentation on the fields of poetry languages, performing arts, writing, music, dance, and theatre. To realize the project a working team has been organized by a strict selection. The members have settled plans and constructed hand made goods, using the traditional techniques of “old” performing arts and the “new” ones suggested by the contemporary research.

Antonio Utili, Municipality of Ferrara University of Studies of Ferrara, Faculty of Architecture (ITA)

Creativity House - Concert Hall


Presentation of wor- BIKAMOMUPI, namely: places of kshop doing and contaminating


Presentation of project

Italia Creativa in Venice

The project aims to enhance the role of the young art curator, through the documentation of original and innovative curator practices. Two Venetian associations of young curators - “Attivarte” e “6000/Centro Culturale Il Boldù”, are planning some art events to be performed in Venice concerning the two matters: Industrial Design and Video-Documentary. The second part of the project will display a Forum in Venice November 12 – 13 2009, where young curators will compare their experiences.

Municipality of Venice (ITA)

Creativity House - Conference Room



How to improve the creativity? How to do a good project?

Partecipants: Natasha Jovicic (Executive Agency); Snezana Manceva (Macedonian National Agency)

EACEA, National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility

Creativity House - Conference Room

Gesture Drawing Laboratory

Gesture Drawing Laboratory for performing artists and plastics. The core of the research is the intersection of theatre, dance and meditation, the improvisation of our emotions and the investigation of the movement of our body, weights, motor, balance, collapse, walks, silence, environments, immobility and stillness. Working from various topics such as textures, colours, sounds, incorporating objects.

bjcem program  

bjcem program