Dennis Haggerty

Burr Ridge, US

Dennis Haggerty has long been known for his strong work ethic and ability to predict industry trends. This instinct is what propelled him to prominence in the advertising industry. Politicians and businesses must consider not only how their voters and customers make decisions today, but also what types of cultural changes will emerge in the future. Haggerty knew how branding and repetition would resonate with different demographics when he became his own boss. (Just because two people earned the same amount of money and lived on the same street didn't mean they'd respond to the same message on the same platform.) He needed to be aware of when and why people tuned out information. He also needed to know what would compel them to pay attention once more. This would prove to be the defining moment of his career. Not only did he have a natural talent in this area, but he also had the persistence to return to a problem until he solved it for himself.