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P age 75

Pierrick aka Cart'1

  Yining Zhao  Laurent Courau M arc del Piano

perfusées de psychotropes pour laisser des traces indélébiles en­ tre le temporel et le spirituel par le pouvoir de l’Art. Le Golgotha est aussi à mes yeux une cathédrale de lumière.  Page 74

Thomas Foucher, Marc del Piano, Kurt Ehrmann, thierry Ehrmann, Pierrick aka Cart'1

 thierry Ehrmann et Goin  Th  omas Foucher  t hierry Ehrmann

La damnation par la folie se trans­ met par la voie du sang, trois gé­ nérations de Ehrmann portent cette légion d’honneur des psy­ chopathes, dont la Rédemption ne peut s’inscrire que dans l’Art Royal.

L’Alchimie et l’Art sont indisso­ ciables pour accomplir notre Grand œuvre dans la nuit la plus som­ bre après que les derniers humains nous ont quittés, nous apercevons dans la voie obscure de la folie au loin une lumière divine et là com­ mence le début de l’Oeuvre...

my sultry mistress, the shadows that accompany me in my descents into hell, my sublime and eternal Muse, that have burned in me over the decades, destroying all m ­ etals, manifestation of madness; but the medical community still cannot all Republican honours and all decide if it isn’t just the disease of vanities. intelligence, the eternal price to pay for staring wide-eyed straight For over 30 years, my body, auto­ psied by mandarins and magistra­ into the eyes of the Sun God. tes, has been irrigated with every It is therefore necessary to say imaginable molecule inven­ted by good-bye to the world of the liv­ the psycho-pharmacology of our ing, veritable army of beings sub­ era. MDP is for me the supreme

thierry Ehrmann (31 juillet 2010 : le temps de la Renaissance)

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ject to the social contract, and to daydream, haunted by hallu­ cinations and dizzying nights perfused with psychotropic sub­ stances, in order to leave indelible traces between the temporal and the spiri­tual through the power of art. Golgotha ​is also in my eyes a cathe­dral of light. Damnation by madness is transmitted through

the genes; three generations of Ehrmanns have carried this heavy load... whose redemption can only be through the Royal Art. Alchemy and Art are inseparable to ful­ fil our Great Work. In the darkest night after the last humans have left, we see, far away, on the dark path of madness, a divine light... and that is where the beginning of the Oeuvre commences... thierry Ehrmann (31 July 2010: The time for Rebirth)


Opus IX: Abode of Chaos / La Demeure du Chaos 1999-2013  

thierry Ehrmann: we put all our passion and folly into preparing this French-English Collector, the book of the decade: 504 pages / 4.5 kg /...

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