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Press release no. 2 from the Abode of Chaos on the Grenoble Appeal Court’s decision of 16 December 2008 (the fourth legal pronouncement since 1999). Well, I finally understood the 25-page decision drafted by the Grenoble Appeal Court. After five readings, this decision - incompre­ hensible to anyone with less than two decades of academic studies (including of course a Doctorate in Law) – can ultimately be sum­ marized fairly simply. According to the Grenoble decision, art­ works have no independent right of existence in public spaces. They must comply with existing landuse plans and other town plans. They must comply with the region­ al colour “swatch”, indeed with the monochrome tone of local exterior walls. The artwork must be in per­ fect harmony with the bungalows built in the 1980's and with local golden stone. And let me tell you… there was 12 pages of nonsense like that and worse! In short, anything that could pos­ sibly differentiate artworks from urban furniture is denied: its sin­ gularity, the mark of its author, its distinctive features, its shape, its medium, its subject. In fact, to be honest, I truly believe that I've never seen written as deadly a text on the conditions of existence of artworks in France.

a bunch of hateful reactionaries This decision, in response to which As for the Public Prosecutor who out to destroy 4,509 artworks cre­ I have launched a second appeal to describes me as an “intellectu­ ated since 1999 and who, by the the Supreme Court is nothing less al terrorist”, her relentless two same stroke, totally ignore 139,401 than an death sentence for the sta­ hour indictment reflects an abso­ petitioners and 828,128 visitors tus of artworks in France. Malraux lute rejection of any artistic sen­ since the Abode’s opening to the must be turning in his grave. And sibility, or worse, of any form of public - free of charge - as a muse­ freedom of expression. European it is precisely because this fourth um in 2006. and fo­reign journalists follow­ trial in Grenoble is a masterpiece of legal technicality, devoid of any ing the case were astonished that France can, for several days, in the As I have said on television and human feeling, that it is so dan­ newspapers, “it is better to die for framework of a historical court gerous. We are talking about a ones ideas than betray ones philos­ case, extinguish all form of de­ precedent that prepares the way ophy.” It may be no for the anni­ coincidence that hilation of all Reactionaries, enemies of the Abode of Chaos… we have painted forms of artis­ do not rejoice too soon! I will make hell for you! it will be tic creation. “The Crimson Rivers” (in full respect of French law of course) with Cart'1 a ­giant 7-metre ­picture of the “Trial of And when it Socrates” by the comes to free­ Extract from the blog Protestant Temple. dom of ex­ bate on artworks and their ­legal pression, the decision goes even As I have already said to TV com­ status, and focus uniquely on the further. Again, I'll make it short: panies, the fascists, the reaction­ Yes Mr. Ehrmann, you can express testimony of the DDE’s or the ABF’s Director of Criminal Affairs, aries and the enemies of the Abode yourself inside your home; but whose statements and general sad­ of Chaos… Do not rejoice too soon: please do not disturb the public I will make you know hell inch by ness could have prompted suicide or the eyes of others. It's a bit like in even the most positive-minded inch, second by second… it will be asking a musician to give a con­ “The Crimson Rivers” (in full re­ hypomaniac. cert in the desert. I have already specting of French Law). It is obvi­ said and I repeat… the Supreme This historical case is unfortunate­ ous that the history of the Abode Court is the history of art, and of Chaos will ultimately result in ly quite in tune with the times: this Court has already judged the a judgment in our favour against the Tarnac 9… emergency laws… Abode of Chaos, a decision that the Grenoble Appeal Court may be tougher press laws… Internet sur­ France at the European Court of veillance…putting the population Human Rights. I am becoming not able to accept with humility. highly acquainted with case his­ on file, etc.; ... I nevertheless ob­ serve that this decision vindicates tory concerning Article 10 of the

European Convention on Human Rights, on freedom of expression and the whole ECHR procedure. Ultimately, this process reveals a French society in agony, worn out by a deadly standardization where any form of expression or artistic creation is considered a felony or a misdemeanour. I therefore call for resistance.

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Captures d' écran du film d'Eric Soudan, Cour d'Appel de Lyon (2006) Images from the movie report by Eric Soudan on the appeal trial Abode of Chaos vs the municipality of St Romain (2006)

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Thierry Ehrmann à la sortie de son audience en Cour d'Appel de Grenoble le 16 décembre 2008 Thierry Ehrmann after his Court hearing on December 16th, 2008 at the Court of Appeal of Grenoble

  Confrontation entre thierry

Ehrmann et Françoise Revel (Maire de Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d'Or), lors du procès en appel de Grenoble Face-to-face between thierry Ehrmann and Francoise Revel (Mayor of Saint-Romain-au-Montd'Or) during the appeal trial in Grenoble

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