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Le Temple Protestant de Saint-Romain de Couzon The Protestant Temple of Saint-Romain de Couzon

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Sculptures dans le Temple Protestant Sculptures in the Protestant Temple

Propagation of the Faith "for the instruction of persons who, born into Protestantism, wish to em­ brace Catholicism." This creation was confirmed by letters patent in 1677 under the name "Company of the Propagation of the Faith." This Company managed to convert 380 people in Lyons between 1659 and 1682. Neuville’s initiative was supported by the implementation of a system of purchasing conver­ sions which produced very poor re­ sults. But what particularly upset the Protestants was the introduc­ tion of a number of trade and oc­ cupational restrictions and many

either converted to Catholicism or emigrated to Switzerland and oth­ er Refuge countries. Finally, in 1685, impatient to com­ pletely eradicate Protestantism, Louvois wrote to the Archbishop about pushing the greater part of the religionists of the city of Lyons to convert by deliberation and threatening them to send troops to force them if necessary; but those who are Swiss or German were not involved. This was done, as in Paris, and Lyons thereby avoided the Dragonnades that the government did not wish to im­

plement and could thank Louvois and the Archbishop: The king was pleased to learn, by the addition you put in the letter that you took the trouble to write to me on the 13th of this month, of the delib­ erations made by the main reli­ gionists of the city of Lyons and which His Majesty attributes to your efforts, and he has command­ ed me to make sure that you know how grateful he is. I am pleased to share in your satisfaction and re­ main, as ever, your..." As a result of the Edict of Fontainebleau of 10 October 1685,

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revoking the Edict of Nantes, the Temple of Saint-Romainde-Couzon was demolished and Protestantism formally prohib­ ited. The discovery of the Protestant Temple (1630-1685) and its under­ ground rooms was the secret or­ igin of my conflict with the local town hall because the loans ex­ tended to inhabitants of SaintRomain by the Protestants were never honoured ... Mayor Pierre Dumont coincidentally start­ ed the conflict with the Abode of Chaos a few weeks after the dis­

covery of the Temple. Old SaintRomain families have told me that for generations they kept on bury­ ing the Temple under about 900 cubic metres of earth in order to hide what we can now call the se­ cret of Saint-Romain-au-Montd'Or. In 2012, the local town hall continues to deny the existence of the Protestant Temple in spite of the historical writings instant­ ly available at the Municipal ar­ chives of Lyons, and it continues to lie brazenly, suggesting that the Domaine de la Source was a coach­ ing inn, which is absolute fiction.

thierry Ehrmann © Histoire des Protestants à Lyon des origines à nos jours by Roland Gennerat. Editions Au Jet d'Ancre. Camille de Neuville (Rouen 22 August 1606 - Lyons 3 June 1693) was also Lieutenant General in the General Government of the Lyons region. On this topic, see the excellent work of Odile Martin: La conversion protestante à Lyon (1659-1687) In: Histoire du Lyonnais par les textes. Pages 140-141.

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Opus IX: Abode of Chaos / La Demeure du Chaos 1999-2013  
Opus IX: Abode of Chaos / La Demeure du Chaos 1999-2013  

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