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USA contact info: For tax deductible contributions checks payable to: Jerry & Jana Lackey Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 1645 Friendswood, TX 77549 281.218.6857 office

Africa contact info: Love Botswana Outreach Mission P.O. Box 299 Maun, Botswana 267.686.2798 office

Love Botswana Outreach Mission Trust is a regional launch center and a multi-faceted Faith Based NGO impacting Southern Africa through its many programs.

 Launching leaders...  Building Nations...

As a ministry our mission shall be to inspire, build, and launch people through faith, integrity, relationships and excellence that will purify, transform and ignite individuals to impact the nations.


Faith Integrity Relationships Excellence

s missionary statesman Wayne Meyers says regarding world missions, “Some must go, some must help go and some must let go.” For those of us who are serving on the field, we are compelled to go. For those who help by prayer and finances, we couldn’t do it without you! You have an equal share in the eternal investment through your giving. And for those who have released children and parents to serve on the field, you have also had a part in the great commission by letting go of loved ones to serve! As we traveled around the USA in the New Year we were blessed to be with some wonderful people who believe in us and in the work of Love Botswana. Thank you for all who have had a part in any way in this great nation of Botswana. As a team, it is a small world and we can make a difference!


Botswana is a centrally located gateway into southern and central Africa with a stable, democratic government; a country that has never had a war. A thriving economy makes Botswana one of the most sought after and influential African nations. When Jerry and Jana came to Maun, there was no tar road, one store, 4 wheel drive vehicles only, no internet, no telephone, and was very far from anywhere. It truly felt like “the ends of the earth!” Now, Maun is accessible to all the surrounding countries within roughly one day’s drive to many of the nations in southern Africa. Today Maun is a “hub” to tourism and is developing at an accelerated rate. Located strategically in the center of southern Africa, Maun has become the home of Love Botswana Outreach Mission, which has become a hub of teaching, training, serving, and is a model for community service through the various programs that continue to be developed. Vision 2016 states Botswana’s goals as a nation by the year 2016. We are so glad to have each of these areas included in all of our programs at LBOM. For over 20 years Love Botswana has been serving in Maun and continues to see the fruit of that service all over Africa. Volunteers come from all over the world with local Batswana and other African nationals serving as paid staff. With a board made up of key leaders, LBOM continues to emerge as a unique organization where people of all ages are launched into their spheres of influence as emerging leaders. Love Botswana is a “Launch Center” in a strategic location, making a difference in the heart of Africa, and the impact is being felt on a Continent. 4

Botswana is roughly the size of France or Texas. Its surface is 581,730 sq km. It is entirely landlocked, bordered by its neighbors South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Botswana is 84% covered by the Kalahari Desert. Most of the population is settled in the east and southeast of the country. The total population estimated is 1.85 million growing at a rate of 2.4% per annum. The population is heavily weighted towards younger age groups. About 43% of the population is younger than 15 years of age. Over 50% of the population is settled in urban areas. Gaborone, in the extreme southeast, is the capital city. Its population is almost 250,000. It has good communications by road and air to South Africa. Other main towns are Francistown (105,000), Lobatse (60,000), Selebi-Phikwe (50,000), Ghanzi, Mahalapye, Maun and Kasane.

Summer: December to March: High temperatures average 30C to 35C with lows around 18C and rain particularly between December and March. Winter: June to August: Daytime temperatures around 23C with night-time lows averaging 5C. Air Botswana provides international flights from Gaborone to Johannesburg and Harare and internal flights to Francistown, Maun and Kasane. Batswana are the most numerous people in the country, forming about 78.2% of the population and speaking the Setswana language. (Batswana also refers to citizens of Botswana.) They have settled in nearly all parts of the country. The oldest ethnic group is the Basarwa (or San). Over 80% of the population lives in the eastern region. GMT plus 2 hours. The Pula is divided into 100 thebe. Notes are P100, P50, P20 and P10. Coins are P5, P2, P1 and thebe 50t, 25t, 10t and 5t. Five main commercial banks operate in Botswana as well as a number of foreign exhange bureaux. Banking hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am-3:30pm. Saturday 8:30am to 11:00am. Barclays Bank at Sir Seretse Kahama International Airport is open Mon-Sat from 6am-8pm and Sun 7am-8pm. International code + 267


s babies continue to be dumped and abandoned, we can make a difference. As we await final approval locally to open our doors, the baby house is ready and waiting to house young children who need shelter. Local businesswoman Tersia Stellenberg has provided a house and done all the renovations at her own cost so that we have a place to start our Shelter. Tersia is a stake-holder in Funeral Service Group PTY Ltd (FSG) and Managing Director of Kagiso Funeral Parlor which is a subsidiary of FSG. Kagiso Funeral Parlor owns 11 of the 18 branches of FSG.

Together we have buried babies who have been dumped and not survived. We want this to be a safe place where people can come for help. The house has been named Peolwane, which means Sparrow, named after Tersia’s daughter. Please pray with us as we go through this final stage. We are looking forward to the expansion of this program. A donor has already stepped up who is willing to support this expansion. Watch for more news about this exciting development next year.

Tersia and Peolwane

Baby House


One severely disabled and one, a devoted sister I met Kenaleone while visiting Maun General Hospital children’s ward. She was in the back of the ward and had been there for several months. Bedridden, she had no where to go. She was 15; no parents; no family to speak of, except a sister. The nurses told me that she had a dutiful sister who was a young teenager, a student who came to visit faithfully. The mission intervened to get her out of the hospital and into a rehab center. The care giver provided by the mission stayed with her for several weeks while she improved. She came to church in her wheelchair and you could see life returning into her eyes. Then the care giver, who was HIV+ became ill and died not too long after. Care became a problem as there was no place for her to go. Eventually her sister, Godiraone (Godi) took her into her care. Mercy Ministries Care department supported as much as we could but Godi was the one taking full time care of her. During the day she attended school while caring for her sister in between. With no mother or father to speak into her life, and no love received from anyone except a boy. She gave birth

to a baby during this time. Godi had to leave school for a few months. Eventually, Kenaleone departed this earth, having given up hope and the light in her eye grew dim. Godi has since gone back to school, given her life to the Lord through the ministry of Reach4Life and her baby is in good hands being raised at the cattle post by a distant relative. Godiraone receives support and love from the mission. A teacher from the church praise team, Neo has taken her into her home to help her with her studies and to mentor her. She was staying alone in the village in a little hut. Sometimes there was not even money for a candle to do her homework by - not to mention supervision to do so. This young lady has shown remarkable stamina and strength. Her greatest desire is to be a nurse so she can be trained to help take care of people like her sister. There have been 2 cases where we have had to bury children who were disabled orphans. In both instances, if we would have had an approved facility to house them, they might have lived. The house for babies will also provide care to some special cases of disabled orphans.

Baby Mpho turns 2 in November! After his mother found herself in such desperate circumstances to feel she had to give up her child, with the help of Mercy Ministries care department, she is now caring for him full time! Mercy Ministries assisted in his first year of life and still has a part in his life today. Sometimes, mothers just need help and need to know that there is someone there for them.

Desert & Delta Safari staff contributed to a special fund that will be used to help the Peolwane baby house on an ongoing basis. The first expenditure from this fund was for the purchase of a water geyser and an air conditioner!

OVC Preschool Program gets funding One of our long-term dreams has been that of providing a support services program to families with orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s). This program would include an early childhood development program that would give those children getting ready to enter 1st grade a “jumpstart.” Last year this program supported 16 children and 120 total individuals in families with food, clothing, psychosocial and spiritual support as well as assistance in accessing government and health

services available to them. The early childhood program operated informally under trees and in a tiny room. In order to continue and receive formal support, we needed operational funds as well as funds for equipment and expansion of facilities. Several generous donors have come forward to make this dream a reality. Watch for news as this program develops in 2008.

Semakaleng, that is what her name means. She’s been with us for 4 years now! She lived in the Government hospital from 3 years old for almost 9 years. She faces many challenges, including being deaf and orphaned. She came into the care of Love Botswana and was placed in a School for the Deaf. Semakaleng continues to grow stronger and happier every year. Her sign language skills are growing and she is such a blessing to all of us who are privileged to be a part of her life!

Thanks to the staff of D&D for your part in this project! 7

Reach 4 Life LBOM Mercy Ministries


LBOM is in partnership with the International Bible Society, South Africa who founded the R4L as a program of Abstinence by creating a New Testament which was specially designed by African youth for African youth. The first section covers “Suicide sex”. This takes youths through a Sexual Revolution. The second section is the New Testament which includes the four journeys of Finding Faith, Getting Growing, Loving Life and Choosing Change. Here youths are encouraged and equipped with relevant messages which help them relate well to this new youth Bible format. In the next section, there are 40 lessons or stops to help them grow in their faith, thus giving them the tools needed to live a life of abstinence until marriage. In the final section “Reach4Life,“ young people are taken through a Spiritual Revolution, and answering many youth related questions, God’s way. To date IBS has donated 15,000 Reach4Life books and provided training and support to the program.

Bibi appeared on national BTV show “Talk Back” and spoke on abstinence 8

A mural was made of the handprints of the young people who were making a commitment to abstain from sex until marriage. The mural is entitled “The Palm of Victory” and represents the willingness and commitment of each student to both abstain from sex and depend on Christ’s power in order to abstain. The Ministry of Education is showing great support for the R4L program. Schools are wide open to the program. They are helping with transportation, facilities and the District Aids Office is even catering for some of the functions and showing great assistance in many ways. In the Ngamiland district eight Reach4Life clubs were mobilized and meet weekly in four different schools. On September 21, 2007, 300 young people marched down the streets of Maun to make public their stand for abstinence till marriage. The evening followed with award presentations for outstanding students, teachers and schools in the program, a time of reflection with candles held high to show individuals’ fresh commitment to purity and a pause as we remember those infected and affected by the HIV virus.

R4L Radio programs are being broadcast on National radio! The program is sending out a national message of the gospel along with choosing Life by choosing to abstain from sex until marriage.

Despite the program’s lack of funding, the staff of R4L have made the little bit that is there stretch in many creative ways. This program is so far reaching and impacts the very future of Botswana.Budget costs for year 2008 - $100,000. ** Breakdown available upon request

R4L club member testimony: “Reach4Life really changed my life a lot and it also made my dream come true. I have always wanted this kind of club where I will get to meet different people to discuss issues that affect us as youth. This also gives us that chance to know Jesus and be committed to him. I feel that I am important and I have to stand up and be a responsible somebody. The Bible says ‘We are the salt of the earth and the light to the world.’ I will never give up because God is always with us and He will take control of everything. Reach4Life helped me to keep my promise of abstaining and I am able to stand confidently for myself and knowing that God really loves me and cares about my destiny. Reach4Life has taught me to have a good relationship with others and prepared me to serve God’s love to humankind.

I have learnt about abstinence and I will wait because it is worth the wait. I imagine on that day when I will tell my husband to be, ‘I loved you before I met you and made a decision to wait.’” Bibby Ntheetsang, Form 3, Moeti Junior School

The Ngami Census 2001 (the area where R4L is being piloted), showed that 79% of the population in this district are youths 19 and under.


Under the diligent leadership of Head Mistress Mrs.. Rhondda Strugnell our school continues to grow and have an impact on the entire nation! 2007 has been another very positive year for Okavango International School with increased enrolment, particularly in our senior school, thanks to the excellent reputation our school has earned throughout the country. OIS is a registered Cambridge Examination Centre, and of the ten students who wrote the Form V examination last year, eight students passed with Merit, two of these students attaining Distinctions. All of last year’s students have moved onto university and colleges, locally and in South Africa and Malaysia. Twenty students will be taking the exams this year. Because of our outstanding results the Ministry of Education took the unprecedented step of sending a team of school inspectors to do a full inspection of our school, which is not normally the case for private institutions. They were very impressed with our school administration and commented on the excellent discipline and 10

general ethos they observed amongst our school community. Such reports are very encouraging! Okavango International School celebrates its 5th year with its high school addition and 15 years of Preschool and primary! Okavango International School is a Christian based, multicultural school offering English medium education to students from K4 to Form V. Our Pre-School department gets the children off to a wonderful start and the little ones are very eager to come to school each day. Apart from the curriculum which offers a wide range of core subjects, students also have a choice of two additional languages, Setswana, the national language of Botswana, and French. We are very proud of our French department and amongst other special activities, Bastille Day, the French national day, is celebrated annually. Information Technology is a new subject which was added to our range of subject choices this year. This department has been ably run by Jon Heller and we are grateful for the computers which were donated to the school, which have made it possible to have

internet access in all our classrooms. This has proved invaluable for research for project work. Art is another very popular subject and our young artists have excelled in local art competitions. The boarding facilities at our school make OIS a very popular choice for students from Orapa Diamond Mine, which is 300 kilometers east of Maun, and those whose parents manage safari camps and live in remote corners of the Okavango Delta. Such is the demand that our hostels are fully booked until 2009! We desperately need more school accommodation. Our most pressing need is for two additional buildings, to house laboratories and an environmental center, as well additional classrooms. With growth come challenges! We have the opportunity to impact daily on the lives of the future leaders of this great nation. The building will cost $300K each.

Our school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities apart from our sports program, which include chess, debate, drama, creative club, philately, Scripture Union and environmental education. Situated on the threshold of the Okavango Delta, our students are encouraged to take an active part in conservation issues and environmental education is an important part of our programme. Every year we commemorate World Environment Day hosting activities for students from various other schools in Maun. The theme this year was “Global warming, a hot topic” and a workshop was convened in collaboration with the University of Botswana’s Harry Oppenheimer Research Centre. 11

Layne Prescott spent three months at OIS and assisted in English language teaching and helped to catalogue the school library. She and Jon Heller ran very popular dance classes two afternoons a week and the students were able to learn the latest dance steps. Our sports program is headed by Justice Dipeba, who twice represented Botswana in the Olympics as a track athlete. He conducts the physical education lessons and is responsible for organizing our sports which includes hockey, soccer, basketball, cricket, netball, aerobics, volleyball and swimming. Our students took top honors in ball sports when competing at the northern interschool high schools weekend held during the second term. We now have a multipurpose all weather court which is used for hockey and basketball and we are very excited that construction is about to begin on a 25m competition size swimming pool on our campus.


The school’s Life Skills program is another very important aspect of what we do at OIS. In line with Botswana’s Vision 2016 we aim to guide our students into being caring and compassionate young people and through regular fund-raising the students assist a young disabled boy named Gift, to attend school. Students have also benefited from being part of the Reach 4 Life program and have participated in the Studio 7 interviews which are aired on the national radio RB2. Led by our Youth Pastor Gary Pelotshweu, the Friday night Power House “Fire by Nite” Youth Club, is also doing invaluable work in guiding young people into adopting Christian life styles and becoming the leaders of tomorrow. For more information about Okavango International School please view our website or by email at

Help empower future leaders in Botswana by donating to the OIS scholarship fund and help a student through this school, whose aim is to raise up strong leaders with godly character to lead the next generation. Students await funding to attend. OIS is a licensed Cambridge Examination Centre and is from K3 to Form 5 (12th grade). We will need 30 scholarships for our OVC students who will be attending our newly funded “Head Start” program. Additionally, we would like an ongoing scholarship fund for 10 worthy but needy children each year.

Caroline Kibakaya, OIS student, has completed 2 years in Houston, TX at Houston Community College and Houston Baptist University. She made the national deans list every term and is now doing Pre-Med at Tennessee State University. ........................... Israel Bugere, OIS/LBBI graduate, second year at Texas Bible Institute. ............................ Kabelo Mashumba, LBBI grad is completing one year at Christ For the Nations Institute, School of Worship and Technical Arts and will return for 2008 to work with our LBOM Studio 7, VC worship team and youth. ............................ Louise Weskob, OIS graduate has graduated with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. We are so proud of Louise and all of her hard work! ............................ Irene Obatre, former teacher in our primary school, completed 2 years at CFNI, is studying at Dallas Baptist University and is completing her Degree in Music. ............................ Advent Monyatsiwa, who attended our primary school, is continuing studies in Texas at Texas Bible Institute and attends Community College. ........................... Each and every one of these students has expressed their gratitude for LBOM’s part in helping them further their education. 13

At long last, the half Olympic size competition quality swimming pool has been funded by a generous donor who was here on Safari and wanted to leave something behind! The school is buzzing about it and grounds are preparing for this wonderful addition to our school and community! A new school trailer (caravan) was bought to accommodate our increasing student enrollment. Two more school domes are badly needed to allow for growth in the school and help reduce the number of temporary buildings as classrooms. (Each dome will cost $300,000.) We welcome the arrival of another school bus for which we are truly grateful! The enrollment of the school continues to grow as we have opportunity to daily impact the lives of the future leaders of this great Nation.

his year has been an exciting one with a new dormitory being constructed. The New Boarding Facility is in the finishing stages of construction. The interior has been painted and the cabinets are in place. The dome is ready to be thatched and the furnishings need to be placed inside. Students will occupy this dorm by the beginning of 2008. The dorm will house 40 students as well as special events during holidays. Thanks to Resurrection Life, Grandville, Michigan for this wonderful facility for OIS and Bible school students! The slab was laid for the multi purpose arena which is now used for hockey, basketball and various sports activities for our school and other schools for intramural sports. Once the facility is funded to be covered from the scorching sun it will serve many other functions as well! 14

, Jeremiah- Village Church Property Manager, Evangelism/Discipleship Team Leader, Prison Ministry, Head Usher; Patricia- Director Village Church Nursery, Women’s ministry worship leader and stay at home mom; Tshiamo 2 years; Libby 6 months; one on the way! Chief Operations Officer, Mission Administrator; LBBI Instructor and is an Ordained Pastor. Linda serves voluntarily as the NGO Representative on the District Multi-sectoral AIDS Committee, on the District AIDS Annual Planning Committee and as Secretariat for the Ngamiland Council of NonGovernment Organizations. IT Manager, OIS IT Instructor, OIS Dance Teacher, Sound Engineer VC, Violin player on praise team. He is leaving us to marry the girl of his dreams and one day return to Africa to serve the Lord together!

Teacher OIS, LBOM photographer, Finance assistant, babysitter - servant of all! Airynn finishes her term in December and will be returning to Michigan. She will be missed!

For more information on supporting individual missionaries see our web site at

Outreach Coordinator and Administrative support in many areas.

Norway as their time of serving with Love Botswana has come to a close. They developed the Mercy Ministries department from scratch and laid the groundwork for many years to come. Their family was pivotal in developing the HIV/AIDS care and prevention programs that we will continue to use for many, many years. Alf was the director of our Mercy Ministries department and Siw piloted the care program for the preschool for vulnerable children. They have 3 adorable little boys ages 4-8. They will continue as partners with Love Botswana, in our Care and Prevention Programs, from their homeland of Norway. We want to wish Godspeed to these dear friends and faithful servants to Christ and to the hurting. Botswana, Africa and the World will never be the same because of the work they put into the land and the people here. Goodbye Alf and Siw and boys.

A person sent by a church into an area to carry on evangelism or other activities, as educational or hospital work. Random House, Inc. 2006

It is never easy to see missionaries leave Love Botswana, even when we know they are going on to fulfill the destiny God has for them. Our dear friends, the Eikaas family who have been the directors of Mercy Ministries for the last 3 years, are returning to

One who is sent on a mission, especially one sent to do religious or charitable work in a territory or foreign country. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Someone sent on a missionespecially a religious or charitable mission to a foreign country WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University

Missionary Kids (left to right) Front Row: Liberty Bryant, Mason Lackey, Andrew Witt, Josiah Walker Second Row: Beracah Walker, Jordan Lackey, Judah Walker Third Row: Charssma Walker, Mmapula Lackey, Tshiamo Bryant 15



Each and every LBOM Missionary gains their own financial support from their home country and devotes their time in Botswana with no financial remuneration in the country. They are here to serve and devote their lives through their terms of service to the work of LBOM.

are the Co-Founders of LBOM. Both are Ordained Ministers, sent out from Lakewood Church, Houston, TX. They both oversee the programs and developments of LBOM, Pastor the Maun Village Church and are responsible for fund-raising for the mission. Remick18; Jordan16; Mason 10; Mmapula 4; (Remick and Jordan will be at Christ for the Nations in Dallas, Texas in ‘08.) Remick attended Texas Bible Institute in ‘07-’08. Jana and children will be in the states in early ‘08 to get both older boys settled in College. Jerry will join them for part of that time.

People Came From All Over the country and neighboring countries to help Ms Pat celebrate her 75th birthday! It was “A night at the Oscars” and she won all the awards!

known as “Ms Pat”– LBOM Primary School Founder, Children’s Pastor, Music/Drama Teacher OIS, LBBI Instructor & on the field Grandmother!

Michael– Bible Institute (LBBI) Director, Pastor Branch Churches, Heather– Pastor Women’s Ministry, LBBI Worship Leader, Instructor. Children: Beracah14; Judah 13; Josiah 10; Charissma 3 18

Jerry and Jana receive their Permanent Residence in Botswana The Lackeys have been awarded Permanent Resident status by the government which residents only receive if they have lived in the country for over 10 years and have made major contributions to the Nation.

(the Lackey’s have served in Botswana for over 20 years)

Kevin– Director of Operations, Sarah– Human Resources Manager/Hospitality and Recruitment: Andrew 8 months (Born January 24, 2007 on the field!)

is the Stateside Administrator for Jerry & Jana Lackey Ministries, Inc. in Houston, TX, which is the funding arm of LBOM. Carol handles all inquiries and business on the US side regarding the work in Africa. Her husband Barry supports her in all of her work and contributes much of his time to the mission work. They are a vital part of LBOM through their work stateside! We are honored to receive Prof. Serara Selelo-Mogwe as the Patron of Love Botswana Outreach Mission. She is the “adopted” Motswana mother to both Jerry and Jana, and even gave them Setswana names! She said there is no way all could have been accomplished without it. Prof. Mogwe is a legend in the country. She founded the School of Nursing at the University of Botswana, was the first degreed (Doctorate) woman in the country, served internationally on many efforts on behalf of medicine and humanitarian causes and is a role model in the Nation. She brings a strong covering to the Mission through her guidance, advice and oversight.

“Jerry and Jana Lackey have proven themselves with years of pioneer outreach in rural Botswana. Their zeal and joy for the work of the Lord and missions is infectious. They will be an asset to any church where they preach, teach and share their vision for missions.“ Freda Lindsay Cofounder and CEO Emeritus, Christ for the Nations, Inc.

encourage any opportunity to be involved in their ministry, because it is reaping very strategic fruit for the Kingdom of God.” Ron Luce Founder & President, Teen Mania Ministries

“In 1987, Jerry and Jana Lackey were ordained by my father, Pastor John Osteen, who commissioned them into the harvest fields of Africa. Jerry and Jana have confidently demonstrated faithfulness and integrity in their fervent commitment to reach southern Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We at Lakewood Church are committed to helping them fulfill their vision.”

“I have been very involved in working together with Jerry and Jana in Botswana and I am incredibly impressed by their desire to serve the Lord and their ability to grasp the initiative in strategic ministry. They are raising Joel Osteen Pastor, Lakewood up a young African generation Church, Houston, to have a heart for God. They Texas USA are reaching people in areas where many have never had a chance to hear the Gospel. I have “Jerry and Jana Lackey are being used a wholehearted confidence in by the Lord to empower and impact Jerry and Jana, and would Batswana nationals both spiritually and in the natural. They have touched the hearts and lives of many and are committed to venture into areas where many locals hesitate to go. What impresses me most about Lackey Ministries Board: them is that there is no problem Doug Stringer, Ken Yowell, too small for their attention and no Carol Ellis, Morris Ruddick, problem too big to deter them.”

Jana Lackey, Jerry Lackey, Dawn Stallings, Doug Sluiter, Dr. Todd Price, Linda Madeksho

LBOM Board Jerry and Jana Lackey, Linda Madeksho, Beauty Bogwasi, Fanuel Kibakaya, Pearl Kupe, Patron, Prof. Serara Mogwe, Rev. John Phillip

Pearl Kupe Labor Law Specialist, Attorney, Formerly Principal State Prosecutor in the Attorney Chambers, First Registrar of Labor Court, UN Labor Law/ Dialogue Specialist, Currently Corporate Executive with Transet, LTD and LBOM Board Member 19

A word from the directors, Michael & Heather Walker “Launching Leaders, Building Nations.” This is the vision of the mission and the vision of the Bible school. We have students from over nine different nations that have passed through this Bible school. Even though we are still quite young as a bible school we are seeing a great impact. Churches from the surrounding towns and countries are requesting to send the leaders in training to our bible school. Our focus is not just to educate but to train up and equip men and women to start a ministry, a church, or to be leadership support in an existing ministry. Our goal is to create, ignite, and impassion our students with the wonderful Gospel of Christ. We want to train students to open their eyes, ears, and hearts wide to receive vision from God for their lives, and to have the courage and faith to walk it out.

Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX sent Sandi Geldenhuys to come and help us take our bible school to the next level through her sharp administrative skills, and expertise in international bible school development. Sandi is a long time friend of the Lackeys and Special Projects manager for CFN President, Dennis Lindsay.

“Messenger International, John and Lisa Bevere”. For the Second year, John & Lisa Bevere have contributed several courses and many resources from their ministry. The practical teaching of both these passionate ministers has enriched our students so much!


This year brings the 57th student to graduate from LBBI. As facilities are built, giving more space, we plan to open up LBBI as a full time Bible Training Center to continue in our call to Launch leaders into the nations. Worship, The Word of God, and The World are pillars in LBBI’s launching of ministers from the nations. Students participate in corporate worship, preparing their hearts for high impact teaching and Biblical revelation.

Pastor Mmeke, second year Bible school student, is a strong leader and is committed to the call of God on his life. He helps with translation of Bible School exams and materials for our rural pastors who speak the Humbukushu Language. At the Bible School I feel blessed with an understanding of God’s Word. I’m revived in spirit and looking forward to live a fruitful life in the body of Christ. The lives of the teachers here are serving as a great example to me. I am being equipped for the Lord’s ministry and my prayer is for effectiveness in the rural churches ministry and for trained leaders to have a heart to serve the remote population.

Over the Easter weekend Love Botswana Bible Institute, Fire By Night youth program and our Reach4Life team partnered together to host an Easter conference in the delta village of Shakawe. It was a tremendously successful time of ministry.

On Good Friday “The Passion of the Christ” was shown in the open air and approximately 700 to 900 people attended and approximately 60 people gave their life to Christ. Love Botswana Bible School students, along with the rural pastor, assisted with follow up of new converts. Twelve out of the fourteen rural churches change to Branch churches. Churches that were represented were: Maun, Sehitwa, Gumare, Etsha 1, Etsha 6, Etsha 13, Nxamasare, Shakawe/ Mohembo, Ghani, Kaxau, Kauxwi, and Popa Falls (Namibia). We had people from age twelve to 90+ in attendance! Counting the people who gave their life to Christ on Friday night we had over 80 commitments to Christ. Numerous rededications were made. The bible school students did a wonderful job leading worship, translating, and assisting with Altar ministry, acting as adult sponsors for the youth, and helping out in any way as needs arose. It was wonderful to see LBBI students apply the things they have learned in class. The conference was a great inspiration to the rural pastors. They feel more connected and reaffirmed in the calling and ministry.


nder the new leadership of Maureen Milham, and her team of 6 wonderful summer staff/interns and Graham as the chief cook, Outreach season was a great success! With various teams coming to spread God’s Word all over Northern Botswana, we were able to serve in many different villages including some of the remote villages of the Okavango Delta- Xakao, Kauxwi, Tsao, Etsha 6, Etsha 13 and Etsha 1. For the 15th year, Teen Mania brought teams in June and July. The young people passionately reach out to the people of this beautiful land and in turn experience the joy of giving of themselves in practical ways. The first team was able to spend most of their trip in the bush ministering in 2 remote villages. Village Discovery Week touches children through music, drama, games, and HIV/Aids health talks all directing them to the truth in the gospel. Teams showed the Jesus film and enjoyed hut-to-hut ministry. The second team was able to stay in Maun, hosting the Vacation Bible School at the Village Church, which touched many children. They also spent time in the bush doing Village Discovery Week, the Jesus film,

“Taking our family to Love Botswana was a trip of a lifetime. It made Missions come alive to us and changed our family forever. Our children have a heart for the world now and especially for Africa. They want to save and work to send money to missions because it is real to them. We will go on another family missions trip.” 22

Lori and Bill Wortz

“Before I traveled to Botswana, I thought of Africa as a place with lots of animals. Now I have Africa in my heart for its people. I want to go back.”

Gwyneth 11 years old

and hut-to-hut ministry in the villages. Some Teen Mania missionaries choose to stay in-country for the whole 2 months. This year those young people were able to spend some time working in the Refugee Camp in Dukwi. This is a camp filled with the lost and desperate people of many of the surrounding nations who have been exiled as a result of the danger in their own country. The average African refugee spends 15 years as a refugee and we were humbled and grateful for the opportunity to minister the love of Christ to this gathering of foreign refugees. This year, LBOM had the opportunity to be a part of the World Race. The World Race is a mission trip experience for adults that is sponsored by Adventures in Missions Org. This small group of fourteen was able to do market place ministry, ministry here with LBOM staff, prison ministry in both Maun and Boro prison and hut-to-hut ministry in the town as well as serve in many other areas. In early April Thrive Africa sent a team of 13 young men and women to Love Botswana for a week to serve the mission in whatever way possible. We were tremendously blessed by their intense willingness to serve and passionate, hard work. What would have normally taken us weeks or months to

Consider a family mission trip. This is a great way to give your children a heart for missions and more of a world view. It is a life-changing trip for all who come! Please contact us at for more information. We look forward to partnering with you and impacting a nation!!

UCB Africa partners with Love Botswana- Dr. Roelf Petersen founder of Radio Pulpit South Africa and Director of United Christian Broadcasters of Africa (UCB Africa) visited the Mission to discuss further developments in partnership.

complete, this team of world changers accomplished in a few days. They also ministered in the Village Church for our Thursday evening service, and Sunday morning in the Children’s World. Thanks to the gift from a generous donor, we were able to purchase another Outreach vehicle. This helped tremendously in being able to effectively minister to more people.

Every Christmas Americans all over the country put together small shoeboxes full of goodies for girls and boys. Churches, schools, work offices, and families from all different walks of life participate in this awesome adventure. The boxes get sent to the home office of Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, then are shipped ALL OVER THE WORLD! For some children, this is the only present they will receive all year.

We literally receive thousands of these precious gifts (about 4000 a year). When teams come over and go out to the remote areas to minister, we take the boxes with us and give them out to the children in the villages, as well as many children in Maun. The children participate in a week-long program, with the last day being distribution day. If you could see the looks on these kids faces, and the joy that accompanies that days, people would NEVER stop filling those boxes and sending them out! Here is a quote from one of the teachers at a school in the village of Tsao, where we passed out the boxes this year. She said, “You have no idea what you’ve done here. You have blessed every member of this village by making our children smile.”

The equipment and contributions towards the building were provided by UCB Africa and its partners. LBOM Studio 7 is developing into a broadcast training center which is in line with our mission statement “Launching Leaders, Building Nations”. Dawn Stallings, a Lackey Ministries founding board member, came and ministered in various areas. Her primary reason for coming was to assist in the development of Studio 7 whose aim is to one day to be a national broadcast station. Dawn accompanied Jerry Lackey and Linda Madeksho to the UCB conference in South Africa. Dawn founded “Golden Rule Broadcasting” an innovative ministry which reaches the elderly in the USA through Radio/Television. The R4L Radio spots are airing on National Radio, RB2, spreading the message of the gospel along with choosing Life by choosing to abstain from sex until marriage. The Wortz Family

Studio 7 is a UCB Africa partner


All Nations Camp Meeting 2007 Church growth is multiplying here at the Village Church. Every Sunday people are coming and finding hope in Christ Countless testimonies of how God is helping people in their every day lives is so encouraging. Our children, youth and adult services grow in size each week. Sometimes we wonder if we will all fit in the service the following Sunday! It is such a blessing to be a part of the ever expanding family of God!

All Nations Youth Ministry Update The youth Ministry has grown from 25 around mid 2006 to well into a hundred on Sundays and in our weekly outreach meeting “Fire By Nite”. In fact when we had the HIV/AIDS focus at Fire By Nite, there were 215 young people pledging abstinence till marriage. We have a lot of activities for the youth this year - we have had games, preaching, ministry time, AIDS Night, Movie Nights, Holy Spirit Night, Hip-Hop Night and guest nights (we had Frazier Buchanan, son of preacher who the movie Faith like Potatoes is about and the Hip Hop couple - Soul Fire).

Our annual Camp Meeting with the theme “The Outpouring” was held in early September. More than 150 members of our northern branch churches participated with a total attendance of 700 to 1000 each evening. It was an amazing weekend as Dr. Goodwill Shana, Pearl Kupe, Love Botswana Board Member and favorite of our congregation, and Pastor Jerry ministered each evening. Dr. Shana from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, pastors a church of over 4000. The Holy Spirit was present as the Lord touched many lives. It was a great time of commitment and renewal as a church body. Many Pastors attended from the community and were encouraged to take the Outpouring back to their own churches! Over 50 people from the remote areas were baptized in water. Most of these churches meet under trees.

The youth travelled to Shakawe to attend a Camp organized by the Church alongside the Rural Churches Conference. The theme of the Camp was P.U.R.E. which stands for Pursuing Uncompromising Righteousness Earnestly. About 140 young people attended from all the Village Churches and our Reach4Life Clubs. God ministered to the young people and some of them even met the Lord for the first time and committed their lives to Christ. The camp was filled with praise, worship, games and teachings on youth related areas like addictions, faith and purity. A lot of lives were turned around.


Women’s ministry held a retreat where 100 women attended. The monthly meetings are growing steadily. We have had guest speakers from the mission and from visiting missionaries, practical outreach, craft classes, food, and wonderful fellowship as the women are growing closer together as sisters, mothers and daughters of the church.

Village Church hosts National Aglow Conference Village Church opened its doors to host the 2007 National Aglow Conference where many lives were touched and changed through the ministry of Dr. Irene Baker of Australia, Ginger Carman of the USA, Pastor Nduzo from Botswana, and Pastor Daylight from Zimbabwe. Jana Lackey was honored as the founder of Aglow Botswana and rejoiced to see Aglow being carried on by the Women of Botswana. Aglow International is a worldwide ministry to women in 168 nations of the world with over 200,000 in membership and reaching an estimated 17 million people each year. The mission statement of Aglow International is: “To help restore and mobilize women around the world; To promote gender reconciliation in the Body of Christ as God designed; To amplify awareness of global concerns from a Biblical perspective. “ Aglow National Board President, Beauty Bogwasi and Segametsi Mothibatsela, Aglow Vice President, led the conference. Beauty is a Sr. Education officer for the North of Botswana for the Ministry of Education and serves on the board of LBOM trust. Segametsi is the former acting Deputy Attorney General and also has a powerful testimony of how God healed her of the HIV virus. Both of these special women have been groomed and mentored for ministry through the work of Aglow in Botswana. Special Guests Dr. Rob Carman and Dr. Graham Baker visit following a trip to the DRC with Jerry Lackey. They ministered at a National pastor’s conference to over 3500 pastors. Aurthur Mawemba of the DRC and VC member spent weeks preparing the conference before their arrival. Dr. Carman ministered at the VC on the following Sunday morning and challenged the church to “stretch forth your hand” and begin reaching out to the world around us. Dr. Baker and his wife Irene, are veteran Missionaries of over 35 years to the country of Papua, New Guinea, where their work continues to impact an entire nation.

The discipleship ministry at the Boro Prison has been extremely moving. The intense desire in the inmates, to know more of God and the commitment to absolute holiness. inspires everyone who sees them. Each week on Wednesday morning our small team enters the prison and is greeted by smiling men who are eager to hear what God would speak to them that morning. There were a few weeks when our team was unable to go and the discipleship was cut off for a short while. Upon returning, the team arrived to find the men in the prison already gathered and praising God and ministering to each other. These men were not willing to wait for our team to arrive before they entered the presence of God. They decided to press in with or without our team and seek the face of God no matter what! Before these men are released, they find themselves released from their own prison and find freedom in Christ Jesus.

Hospital MinistryMothers receive hand-made blankets made with love. Hospital visitation is ongoing as so many people and their family members are sick. Toiletries, snacks, juice, prayers and tears are shared in these visits. One of the great times of joy is when we are able to take gifts to new mothers in the maternity ward. Twice this year we have been able to distribute beautiful handmade quilts, bringing joy to these mothers, some who never had any gifts for their babies. We pray with them and share with them how to receive Christ and the results are wonderful. Not only do they get a new blanket, but a new life in Christ! Blankets were made by the women of First Baptist Church, Sparks, Nevada, where Lackey friend, Eddy Duffer is a deacon!




Among the Many pastoral duties that our team finds itself involved in, the most difficult, by far, are the many funerals that make their untimely way into our lives. There is not a person who has not been affected by death in some way. Not only HIV/Aids take lives, but countless road accidents and other illnesses. We are privileged to be grafted in to the rich African culture and be included in these times. A funeral is not just a day or two in Botswana. It can be as much as a week or two. Time is given for friends and family to arrive from all over the country and pay their last respects. Nothing reveals the culture of community quite like an African funeral. Time is given to the grieving family. The whole village participates and contributes to those who are grieving. Every evening services are held just before sundown. Prayers, songs and with Word of God are brought for encouragement of all. Then an appointed elder of the

family gives a daily report of the progress of the plans and gives a briefing of events that have occurred regarding the one who has passed on. The evening before the burial, the body is brought to the home and a candlelight vigil begins for the night. Services are held until late, and in some cases all night. On the day of the funeral everyone participates in the burial. After the burial everyone gathers back at the home to share a meal together. The family gives public thanks to all who helped. People disperse, but a small group stays around to help the family transition back into “normal” life. Only through God’s great love, peace and grace working in a person’s life can one ever return to life as it is now. Death is a part of life in Africa. Stark and real. Not sugar coated services, such as we have in the states where services are designed to “protect” the grieving, lessen the pain, only to be left with all the grief after everyone has departed. What a rich privilege we have as missionaries serving in a nation where there is so much to be learned. (from Jana Lackey)

Beautiful Baptism Service! T

here is no where for many of the people in the remote villages to be baptized, so we organized for there to be a huge baptismal service for them in Maun. The singing filled the air as over 50 people, who had given their lives to the Lord in the previous months, were baptized in public profession of their new found faith. Most of those baptized were from the Byei and Humbukushu tribes of Northern Botswana.

Lives Transformed! A year and a half ago Brother Graham attempted suicide several times. Several of these attempts should have succeeded but God’s mercy and grace kept him from being

successful. Graham was a man with a lot of hurt and anger. He was a drug addict and alcoholic. Losing everything, including his family, he saw no hope or purpose to his life. Then one morning he was attempting suicide, he heard a knock on the door. It was from one of our pastors from Sehitwa who had come to pay him a visit. Once Pastor Sonny realized what was going on, he immediately felt that he was over his head, but he felt strongly he was to stay. The two ended up having a very lengthy conversation which resulted in Graham committing his life to Christ. Graham wanted to attend our bible school but had no money to attend. He prayed about this and a

person from the community gave him a check for his full tuition. Graham is now in his third term of Bible school. He is active in the prison ministry of LBOM, works for the mission and faithfully serves in many areas of the ministry. We recently brought 180 members in from our rural churches for a conference. We were in desperate need to have someone head up all the cooking (all cooking is done over an open fire in large

black pots). He was also the chief cook for Teen Mania this winter. Graham stepped up to the challenge. Graham loves bible school. He has a hunger for the word of God and a passion for the lost, especially the down and out. A year and a half ago Graham was fortunate just to make it through the day but now he is training to be a pastor. God is good!


OIS Cleaning Staff:

Andrea Murray came on a scouting trip for 3 weeks to look at full time missions. She will be joining us full time in January 2008 as a teacher and boarding matron in OIS.

(left to right) Gabanathuso Olebogneng, Onnalenna Keonnetseng, Maria Kamanga, David Kaliyati- Supervisor of LBOM Maintenance, OIS cleaning and grounds (not pictured, Kelly Johannes)

Shannon and Lindsay Shores came on a scouting trip and have a rap ministry. They plan to return full time in 2009. Other special mission guests were: Ramsey Bell, Michelle Theobald, Bernie Doherty from Ireland, Donna Palmer, Michael Walker’s mom, Linda and Leanna Witt, Kevin’s Witt’s mom and sister, Vicki and Dan Heller, Jon Heller’s parents, Sarah Brickman, former LBOM missionary, Rich Franzen, Reggie Goodin, LV Hansen, Rich Franzen, Reggie Goodin, LV Hansen, Dr. Rob and Ginger Carman, Dr. Graham and Dr. Irene Baker, Pastor Charles and Petunia Chiresere, Dr. Goodwill and Maureen Shana, Segamesti Mothibatsela, Dawn Stallings.

“LBOM missionaries host the US Ambassador and guests at the mission.” 28

Executive Staff:

Botlhe Mauchaza, from finance had this to say: “Working here is like drinking fresh water, like coming to an oasis and finding fresh perspective in my life. I have found every answer that I need.“Trust and Obey, that’s it”.

(left to right) Front Row: Rachel Njonjo- Director of Mercy Ministries, Jana LackeyCo-founder and VP of LBOM, Jerry Lackey- CEO of LBOM, Mercy RamokwenaExecutive Assistant to CEO Back Row: Stacy PelotshweuExecutive Assistant to COO, Linda Madeksho- COO of LBOM, Sarah Witt- Human Resources/ Recruitment Manager, Kevin Witt- Director Operations

Finance Department: (left to right) Gosekamang Dzebedze, Johnstin OcranFinance Manager, and Bothle Mauchaza, Mpopi Sipatela

Human Resources/Maintenance/Finances The HR dept. of LBOM served over 70 staff (employee, volunteer, and missionary) in 2007. An Employee/Mission policies handbook was completed. Jackie Fron and Linda Madeksho made this book possible.

LBBI Instructors:

(left to right) Front Row: Jana Lackey, Jerry Lackey, Michael Walker, Heather Walker Back Row: Linda Madeksho, Avumile Dube, Maureen Milham, Patricia Lackey

OIS and LBOM Maintenance: (left to right)

Transportation (left to right) Robert Kamanga- Bus Driver, Kelvin Sipatela- Transportation Manager, Pastor Sonny SeaneRelief Driver

Boarding House Staff (not pictured:) Graham Devries- Head Chief, Gorginah Molathiwa, Gaikeipone Philip

Front Row: David KaliyatiOIS Cleaning/Grounds, LBOM Maintenance Supervisor, Kesebonye Serome, Bruce Eyedo, Gaonyadiwe Keile, Molekane Mpabanga- Supervisor of OIS maintenance, construction and welding projects Back Row: Petros JohannasHead of Welding, Realebogha, (not pictured: Lawrence Samuel- Head of OIS Maintenance)

Mercy Ministries Department: (left to right) Zhie Mogotsi, Amashi Smartt, Rachel Njonjo, and Munya Katumba

Grounds of OIS: (left to right) Lenyaletse Phillip, Sibongile Mangthatela, and David Kaliyati- Supervisor of LBOM Maintenance, OIS cleaning and grounds

Information and Technology Department: (left to right) Jonathan Heller, Adrian Lottering 29

Juby Peacock: Through her support of R4L, summer outreach and other mercy ministries programs, Juby has been a role model for the young people of Botswana. She Miss Botswana 2004 is a graduate of the University of Botswana with a degree in Social Work.

Faith Erastus was Jana’s Personal Assistant for almost 2 years. She was a great blessing and has gone on to pursue further studies.

(left to right)

(left to right) Back row : Mr. Rennie Mvula, Mr. Henry Sawerengera, Mr. Justice Dipeba, Mr. Lubinda Kwaleyela and Mr. Elson Murisa Middle row : Ps. Gary Pelotshweu, Mrs. Adelaide Bauleni, Miss Erin Adams, Mrs. Michelle Venter, Miss Lucy Galeakangwe, Ms. Wilma Mattheson, Mrs. Chiedza Soza, Mrs. Kirsty Huskisson, Miss Ikwatlhaeng Monnaatsie, Miss Harmony Mosetho Front row : Ms. Marjorie Nyaguse, Mrs. Suzanna Ramberg, Miss Angela Masisi, Mrs. Rhondda Strugnell (School Principal), Mrs. Patricia Mwansa, Mrs. Beverley Fuller and Mrs. Verona Kuwani 30

Jeremiah Bryant, Stacy Pelotshweu, Gary Pelotshweu, Avumile Dube, Linda Madeksho, Jerry Lackey, Jana Lackey, Benjamin Makwaza, Patricia Lackey, Heather Walker (not pictured: Michael Walker, and Patience Ngwako)

(left to right)

Top: guest Reggie Goodin, Tara Dixon, Sam Adams, guest LV Hansen

Middle: Rishelle Jabury, Dave Schaefer, Jamison Dye, Maureen Milham Bottom: Andrew Smith

2007 Partners/ Donors/Stakeholders/Implementing Partners Bana Ba Letsatsi–at risk children’s project in Maun BNYC–Botswana National Youth Council BOCONGO–Botswana Council of Non-Governmental Organizations BONASO–Botswana National AIDS Services Organization BOFWA–Botswana Family Welfare Assoc. Botswana Ministry of Education–support to abstinence clubs DHT (District Health Team)–District HIV/AIDS Health Team District Social & Community Department Ellis, Carol & Barry–Stateside Office, Lackey Ministries, funding arm of LBOM Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana Face The Nation, Open Baptist Church, Gaborone, Botswana Francistown School for the Deaf Golden Rule Broadcasting International Bible Society, South Africa Lakewood Church–Houston, Texas Lutheran Evangelicals, Maun Maun Counseling Centre Maun Prisons Maun General Hospital Messenger Ministries, John and Lisa Bevere Ministers Fraternal of Botswana Ngami DMSAC–Ngami Sub-District Multisectoral AIDS Committee Tebelepele Testing Centres Teen Mania Ministries & Global Expeditions The Jesus Film Project Thuso Lutheran Rehabilitation Center, Maun, Botswana True Love Waits, Africa Radio Pulpit, South Africa, Dr. Roelf Petersen Reach For Life, Johannesburg, South Africa, Colin Bishop Samaritan’s Purse–Operation Christmas Child UCB Africa–United Christian Broadcasting of Africa Women Against Rape (WAR), Maun Women’s Affairs Department, Maun Word to Africa, Lobatse, Botswana YWAM–Youth With A Mission, SA & Zimbabwe

2007 Donors: ACHAP–through the Ngami District AIDS Coordinator’s Office All American Classics, Inc. Donnie & Jana Owens Allison, Janna Allison, J.P. & Anna Allison, Mark & Julia Anchor Foundation, Herman Kanis Angelo Christian Ministries, Inc. Arellano, Mike Ark Family Church, Conroe, TX Bok, Edward & Mary J Borgman, Claudia Brezik, Steven & Kim Brickman, Sarah Brunt, Ted & Ella Bundschuh, Brian & Annette Burchfield Ministries Cast, James & Jana Christ For the Nations–Student Scholarships Christian Ministries, Hot Springs Arkansas Coates Ministries Inc., Randy & Becky Coates Coates, John and Vicki Cornerstone Church–San Francisco, CA Cornerstone Church, Liberty, TX Dearmond, Stephanie DeBose, Michael & Bette

Delta Property Admin Trust II Mr. Patmon –OIS Swimming Pool Desert and Delta Safaris, employee support to Peolwane House Donald, David Eikaas, Alf & Siw Eikaas, Kebaabetswe Eleos Trust, Norway Fabian, Kenneth Faith Family Church Fallesen, Gary & Elaine Ferguson, K.W. & Mrs. First National Bank of Botswana Foundation Foster, Dianne Franzwa, Frederick & Melinda Fron, Jacqueline Frontline, Pastor Joe Martin Geesing, Ron & Julie Gillen, Thomas & Cathy GL Alliance Company, LTD. Global Assistance–Norman and Linda Young Global Network Ministries Golden Rule Broadcasting Granger III Foundation, Inc. –School Bus Granger, Lisa & Keith Gray, Jennifer Greystone Foundation, Molly Brooks Greater Harvest Community Church, Pasadena, TX Greer, Lee & Donna Hackett, Joseph & Mary Ellen Harrington, Christopher & Alissa Herold Women In Mission–LBBI Hestilow, Janet Hodgson, Daniel & Danielle Holland, Carol Houston All Things Are Possible Houston Worship Centre, Houston, TX International Bible Society, South Africa Island Church, Galveston, TX Jacobs, Gary & Felicia Jerry & Melinda Davis JMM Charitable Lead Trust Jolly 60s Club, Bay Area First Baptist Church, League City, TX Kelly, Thomas Kimble, Holly Kimble, Katie R. Kimble, Kevin & Laurie Koke, Rob & Laura Kraft, Judith Kupe, Pearl Kyriakou, Mary Lou–Village Church Children’s Ministry support Life Community Church, Laporte, TX Living Water Ranch, Inc.–Missions Mabee, Bryan Malecki, Thomas & Cynthia Marilyn Hickey Ministries McDonald, Cindy McGlotten, Kyle McNiece, Mary Morgan White Group–scholarships for students at LBBI, Branch church pastors, support & computers for OIS computer lab Mountain Top Ministries, Renee Bransen New Covenant Fellowship Church, Hondo, TX O’Connor, Teresa Orchard Road Christian Center–Denver, Colorado John & Marianne Packer Passmore, Joe & Ellen Pender United Methodist Church, Fairfax, VA Plank, Brenda Preik, Reinhold & Jennifer Baby House ’08 and OVC Preschool Program Purvis, Rachel Reenders, Howard & Barbara Reenders, Scott & Julie Resurrection Fellowship–Loveland, CO

Resurrection Life–Newaygo, MI Resurrection Life Church–Big Rapids, MI Resurrection Life Church–Cadillac, MI Resurrection Life Church–Chattanooga, TN Resurrection Life Church–Grandville, MI –Resurrection Life–Dormitory Resurrection Life Church–Richland, MI Richards, James & Judy Road To Life Church–St. Joseph, MI Santa Fe Christian Church, Santa Fe, TX Schans, Calvin Scott, Hayden & Joy Shoreline Christian Center, Austin, TX Sims, George & Ann Sluiter, Doug & Linda Stallings, Dawn Stellenberg, Tersia, Peolwane House Stricker, Barbara Stringer, J. Doug Texas Bible Institute–Student Scholarships The Great Commission Evangelistic Association, Wayne & Martha Myers The Oasis Church, Nashville, TN The Saranese Culture, Inc., the non-profit ministry of Sarah Brickman Thrive Africa, Neil & Alece Van Rensberg, South Africa Tree of Life Church, San Angelo, TX Trinity Christian School, Lubbock, TX Trinity Fellowship Church, Dallas, TX Trottier, Trustee, Jon C. Turner, David & Lydia United Christian Broadcasters of Africa, Support to Studio 7 Underwood, Russ Vereecken, John & Karla Victory A Christian Community Church Victory Christian Center, OK City Victory Life Church, Battle Creek, MI Victory World Missions, Dr. Rob & Ginger Carman Wadley, Bill & Amy Wagoner, Christopher Ward, Lee & Jan Weimert, Carol West Houston Christian Center, Houston, TX White, David & Lynn Whitten, Charles & Jeannine World Children’s Fund, Sarah Bowling World Outreach Center, Katy, TX World Child, Intl. Denver, Colorado Wortz, Bill & Lori–Sports Kits for OIS Yowell, Ken & Carol

This 1st Edition is dedicated to Linda Madeksho, “Missionary Extraordinaire” and COO of LBOM for the last 5 years. She has left family, friends, houses and lands over the age of 50 to come and fulfi ll God’s calling on her life to serve in Africa.

reigning Miss Malaika, represented Botswana in the Miss Global International Competition in Jamaica. A Ministry partner in the USA assisted in sponsorship of her to attend. She won first princess - 2nd place! She is a voice in Botswana for her faith in the Lord and a positive role model for young girls all over the country. 31

Missionary/Volunteer/some subsidized opportunities at Love Botswana Outreach Mission

Mission Immersion Definition: “concentrating on one course of instruction, subject, or project to the exclusion of all others for several months; intensive: an immersion course in missions!” (from

Full time Posts Commitment of 2 or more years Business Director Human Resources Manager Information Technology Web Developer Multi Media Computer Technician Radio Production Broadcasting Boarding House Parents Educational Missionaries (teachers) Office Managers Executive Level Administrative Assistants Auto Mechanic Transportation Manager General Repair/Maintenance Manager Youth Ministry Director Children’s Ministry Director Outreach Finance Managers Building Site Manager/Project Director Short Term Positions - Available Now!! Commitment of 2 weeks-3 months. Elementary Education Teachers for OIS Administrative/Office Positions Radio/IT/Web Department Maintenance Positions Children’s Ministry with All Nations Village Church

2008 Opportunities Assistance with Childcare for Baby House Social Workers Pre-school and Early Childhood Education Teachers for OVC Educational School, working with orphans and vulnerable children in a “head start” type of program to get them ready for school. Summer Staff May-August positions open!

Target your group in these areas to make an impact in your team and a nation! Personal Evangelism (hut to hut) Hospital and Prison Ministry Open Air Events (Jesus Film etc.) Children’s Ministry and VBS Teen Ministry Branch Church Work in the Villages Building Teams Work with Orphans and Vulnerable Children Offer practical helps in many areas, whatever your gifts and abilities, you can serve at LBOM To end the trip go on a world class African Safari and see Victoria Falls.

website: email: USA contact info: For tax deductible contributions checks payable to: Jerry & Jana Lackey Ministries, Inc. P.O. Box 1645 Friendswood, TX 77549 281.218.6857 office


Africa contact info: Love Botswana Outreach Mission P.O. Box 299 Maun, Botswana 267.686.2798 office

Love Botswanna Outreach Mission 2007  
Love Botswanna Outreach Mission 2007  

As a ministry our mission shall be to inspire, build, and launch people through faith, integrity, relationships and excellence that will pur...