Models for the Afterlife

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9 March to 13 April, 2014

Amphora c4800BCE-3800BCE

Shoufay Derz

Fulli Andrinopoulous

Shoufay Derz

Cabinet One

Trent Parke

Shoufay Derz

Cabinets Two and Three

Tomb Guardian, Tang Dynasty

Frank Hinder

Stevie Fieldsend

Floria Tosca

Shoufay Derz Belem (detail) Clare Lett Nicholson

Storage jar, Western Zhou Dynasty

Maidens, Tang Dynasty

Cabinet Four

Cabinet Five

Lucas Davidson

Horse and soldier Han Dynasty

Musician Han Dynasty

Aaron Neolithic Seetostorage jar / Trent Parke / Tang Dynasty camel

Cabinets six, seven and eight / Shoufay Derz

Sally Gabori / Joel Beerden

Marketa Luskacova

Marketa Luskacova

Court entertainer, Han Dynasty Horse and rider, Tang Dynasty

Cabinet nine Stevie Fieldsend

Storage jar, Neolithic,Majiayao Culture, Machang type

Shoufay Derz

Exhibited works STEVIE FIELDSEND Cauter 1 - VII 2013 charred wood and glass 7 sculptures, from 40 x 18 x 20cm to 90 x 40 x 28cm each Courtesy of Artereal Gallery, Sydney SHOUFAY DERZ On the Other Hand 2013 natural indigo dye, blown borosilicate glass, gold plated brass, black granite, black Chinese ink Edge 1 - 4 2012 two diptychs, giclee print on cotton rag paper, edition of 5 88 x 73cm each Black Lake 2012 pigment print on cotton rag paper, edition of 5 107 x 107cm Depart without return 2011 HD video, 2’20” TRENT PARKE Untitled from the series To the Sea (The Lifesaver and Staircase to the Moon) 2013 pigment print, edition of 3 + 2AP seven prints, 26 x 18cm each Untitled (graveyard) from the series To the Sea 2013 pigment print 98 x 300cm Courtesy of Stills Gallery, Sydney

MARKETA LUSKACOVA from the series On Death and Horses and Other People 1998 - 2002 inkjet prints on Hahnemuhle paper 34 x 51cm each Courtesy of Stills Gallery, Sydney

Cultures & Dynasties in Ancient China Neolithic Hongshan Culture c. 4500-3000 BCE Yangshao Culture c.4800-3800B.C.E. Dawenkou Culture c. 4300 – 2400 BCE Majiayao Culture, 3,100BCE-2,700 BCE Majiayao type c. 3100BCE-2700BCE Machang type c. 2,500-2,000BCE Banshan type c.2600BCE- 2300BCE Qijia culture, c. 2500 BCE - 2000 BCE Xiajiadian Culture c. 2300 – 1600 BCE Xindian Culture c. 1200-500B.C.E. Shang Dynasty c. 1600 - 1000BCE Zhou Dynasty, c. 1000 BCE - 221 BCE Western Zhou Dynasty c. 1000 BCE – 771BCE Han Dynasty 206BCE - 220CE Western Jin Dynasty, 265CE-317CE Wei Dynasty Tang Dynasty, 618CE-918CE Sui Dynasty Ming Dynasty, 1368CE - 1644CE

Amphora Yangshao Culture, Banpo Phase Bronze food holder for altar Warring States period CABINET ONE Hill jar Western Han Dynasty Yueyao vessel in the form of a bixie Western Jin Dynasty A pottery head of a Lokapala Tang Dynasty Head of tomb figure Tang Dynasty Burnished jar with a single strap handle Qijia culture Small jug with strap handle Qijia culture Two courtiers Tang or Sui Dynasty CABINET TWO Coil built storage bowl Hongshan Culture Decorated basin Majiayao type Bowl with figure of person painted in interior Banshan type Tomb guardian Tang Dynasty Tripod storage jar with a cold painted design, Xiajiadian Culture

CABINET THREE Bronze Fu dish Zhou Dynasty, c.800 BCE Tripod cooking vessel Shang to Zhou Dynasty Tripod pot Zhou Dynasty Cord impressed small jar Han Dynasty Jade Huang Shang Dynasty Two small jade rings Zhou Dynasty to Warring States Jade disc Purple – grey storage jar Western Zhou Dynasty Set of five Tang maidens Tang Dynasty CABINET FOUR Painted earthenware cocoon jar Western Han Dynasty Painted earthenware cocoon jar Western Han Dynasty Jar with offset handles Xindian Culture Burnished tripod storage jar Xiajiadian Culture Machang jar Machang type

CABINET FIVE Camel Tang Dynasty Small burnished jar Majiayao Culture Sancai lugged jar Tang Dynasty Courtier Tang or Sui Dynasty Food altar Ming Dynasty Ceramic farmyard with pig and feeding troughs Han Dynasty Horse and soldier Han Dynasty Horse Western Han Dynasty Figure of a soldier Wei Dynasty Boar Han Dynasty Musician Han Dynasty

Large storage jar Machang type

CABINET SIX Large figure of a court entertainer Han Dynasty Horse and rider Tang Dynasty CABINET SEVEN Camel Tang Dynasty Horse Tang Dynasty Tripod vessel Dawenkou Culture “Fat Lady” Tang Dynasty CABINET EIGHT Banshan jar Banshan type Majiayao Jar Majiayao Culture Black storage jar Xiajiadian Culture large decorated storage jar Xiajiadian Culture CABINET NINE Coil built storage jar Hongshan Culture A large Qija burnished pottery ‘jug Qijia culture

An exhibition exploring mythology, ritual and the afterlife in Ancient Chinese grave goods and contemporary art. Curated by Catherine Benz Presented in collaboration with the Asian Arts Institute of Australia 9 March to 13 April, 2014 SHOUFAY DERZ STEVIE FIELDSEND MARKETA LUSKACOVA TRENT PARKE TOMB CERAMICS, JADE AND BRONZE FROM ANCIENT CHINA Installation photographs by Silversalt

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