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success with painting tools Our range of adhesives, fillers and decorating preparation products are trusted by professionals and consistently deliver superior performance. Building on the brands English heritage and market leading standards, we continue to make most of the products at our manufacturing facility in Morecambe, Lancashire.

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Ready Mixed Filler

3 + Specially formulated premium lightweight ready mixed filler + Spreads easily + Paintable in minutes + Won't shrink or crack + No sanding required + Interior and exterior use + Cleans up easily with water Code HBFOLN02 HBFOLN05 HBFOLN10 HBFOLN40

Description 250ml OneTime Lightweight Filler 500ml OneTime Lightweight Filler 1 Litre OneTime Lightweight Filler 4 Litre OneTime Lightweight Filler

Size 250ml 500ml 1 Litre 4 Litre

Barcode 5017396 067505 5017396 067604 5017396 067802 5017396 067703

Pack 12 12 6 2

Sealant / Superior Caulk

+ Excellent joint movement capability (±12.5%) + Resistant to mould growth + Internal and external use + No sanding required + Over-paintable Code HBFOLT01

Description 380ml One Time Professional Sealant

+ Adheres to most materials + Permanently flexible + Smooth, easy application + Simple water clean up Size 380ml

Barcode Pack 5025823 973695 12

Decorators Caulk + Permanent acrylic crack and gap filler + Outperforms traditional powder filler when used in areas that are subject to movement + Remains flexible to accommodate movement on doors and window frames + Suitable for interior and exterior use + ±7.5% Joint movement capability Code HBFCTW00

Description 370ml Caulk White (Trade)

Size 370ml

Barcode Pack 5017396 063705 12

Ready Mixed Filler + Versatile filler, strong, smooth and highly water resistant when set + Ideal for filling cracks and holes in most building materials + Surface dry in 60 minutes + Suitable for interior and exterior use Code HBFRAN06 HBFRAN10

Description 600g Ready Mix All Purpose Filler 1kg Ready Mix All Purpose Filler

Size 600g 1kg

Barcode Pack 5017396 066621 12 5017396 066720 12

Fine Surface Ready Mixed Filler


+ Ideal for filling the grain of new wood, hairline cracks and nicks + Provides a perfect surface for over painting + Suitable for interior use only + Surface dry in 30 minutes


Description 600g Ready Mix Fine Surface Filler

Size 600g

Barcode Pack 5017396 067024 12

Powder Filler + Provides a smooth and permanent repair on most building materials + Resists cracking and flaking and can be easily sanded for a perfect finish + Suitable for interior and exterior use + Ideal for filling cracks and holes in most building materials Code HBFPSN04 HBFPSN15 HBFPSN50 HBFPSNA1

Description 454g All Purpose Powder Filler 1.5kg All Purpose Powder Filler 5 x 1kg All Purpose Powder Filler 10 x 1kg All Purpose Powder Filler

Size 454g 1.5kg 5 x 1kg 10 x 1kg

Barcode 5017396 060100 5017396 060209 5014003 100075 5017396 060407

Pack 12 8 1 1

Paste Machine + For wall coverings and woodchip papers up to 560mm (22") + Paste is applied directly onto the material as it is pulled through the machine + Bottom drain and a cleaning tool to make cleaning easy

Code BL07170M

Description CB70 Paste Machine

Barcode Pack 4014001 020024 1

Special order only: 5-7 day lead time

Paste Master Machine + Perfect paste application right up to the edge + Quick and easy to use with sloped base for maximum use of paste + Suitable for all weights of wallpaper + Light and portable

Code BL07100M

Description Paste Master Machine

Barcode Pack 50173960 71007 1

Powder Wallpaper Adhesive + Suitable for all standard retail wallpapers including heavyweight, washable, vinyl, and blown vinyl + Quick mix in 3 minutes + Super strong bond and excellent slip to assist pattern matching


Description Size Barcode Pack 5 Rolls (6 Pints) All Purpose Adhesive 5 rolls /6 pints 5017396 040300 24 20 Rolls + 50% Extra Free (3 x 12 Pints) 20 rolls / 36 pint (+ 50%) 5017396 044704 24 All Purpose Adhesive

Vinyl / Light Grade Ready Mixed Adhesive + Formulated for all weights of vinyl wallcoverings + Using the easy to use dilution guide the adhesive can be diluted to exactly meet the requirements of the wallpaper + Provides high initial tack and excellent slip properties + Added PVA for a super strong bond Code HBDRLN45 HBDRLN90

Description 4.5kg Vinyl Ready Mix Adhesive 9kg Vinyl Ready Mix Adhesive

Size 4.5kg 9kg

Barcode Pack 5017396 023709 4 5017396 023907 2

Medium Grade Ready Mixed Adhesive + Specially formulated liquid adhesive that will not shrink textiles or fabrics + Perfect for speciality wallcoverings and providing an excellent strong final bond + Contains fire retardant for critical surface spread of flames + Added PVA for high initial tack and strong final bond + Excellent slip for pattern matching Code HBDRMN25 HBDRMN50 HBDRMNA1

Description 2.5kg Medium Ready Mix Adhesive 5kg Medium Ready Mix Adhesive 10kg Medium Ready Mix Adhesive

Size 2.5kg 5kg 10kg

Barcode 5017396 020500 5017396 020807 5017396 021002

Pack 6 4 2

Ready To Use Adhesive + Easy to use consistency that requires no mixing or dilution + Contains additional PVA for a strong bond + Excellent slip for pattern matching + Good open time making it ideal for retail paste the wall wallpapers Code HBDRRN50 HBDRRNA1

Description 5kg Ready To Use Adhesive 10kg Ready To Use Adhesive

Size 5kg 10kg

Barcode Pack 5014003 100006 4 5014003 100013 2


Prepared Tub Paste


+ Prepared wheat based adhesive + Specially formulated for speciality wallcoverings such as hand printed and fine textiles + Hand printed wallpapers, fine textiles and flock wallpapers


Description 10kg Prepared Tub Paste

Size 10kg

Barcode Pack 5017396 021309 2

Overlap & Repair Adhesive + Specially formulated ready mixed adhesive for adhering overlaps on seams and for applying borders + Ideal for repairs to damaged or torn wallpapers + Suitable for most types of wallpapering including vinyl to vinyl


Description 250g Overlap & Repair Adhesive 500g Overlap & Repair Adhesive 1kg Overlap & Repair Adhesive 2.5kg Overlap & Repair Adhesive

Size 250g 500g 1kg 2.5kg

Barcode 5017396 050705 5017396 050804 5017396 050903 5017396 051405

Pack 12 12 12 6

Primer Sealer + Specially formulated product designed to promote adhesion to a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces + Promotes adhesion to emulsion painted surfaces + Reduces seam splits, raised edges and bubbling of wallcoverings + Provides a key for non-absorbant surfaces e.g. metal, gloss paint, glass etc


Description 2.5kg Primer Sealer

Size 2.5kg

Barcode Pack 5017396 030400 6

Size 5 Litre

Barcode Pack 5017396 032206 4

PVA Adhesive & Primer + Universal adhesive, primer and bonding agent


Description 5 Litre PVA Adhesive & Primer

Fungicidal Wash


+ Water based concentrate, strong effective formula that kills mould, removes algae and prevents new mould growth + Suitable for use on plaster, brick-work, cement, stone and concrete


Description 1 Litre Fungicidal Wash

Size 1 Litre

Barcode 5017396 030103

Pack 12

Handklenz + Hand cleanser for hard working hands + A waxy paste consistency that removes all types of paint whether wet or dry + Very economical to use, a little goes along way! + Does not contain harmful solvents and is free from alkali and phosphate


Description 300ml Handklenz 1 Litre Handklenz

Size 300ml 1 Litre

Barcode Pack 5017396 037508 6 5017396 037607 4

Sugar Soap + Prepares and cleans surfaces for repainting + Removes greases, grime and nicotine stains + Suitable for cleaning ceramics, wall tiles, painted walls, woodwork, vinyl flooring and wallcoverings


Description 450g Sugar Soap (Standard) 1.35kg Sugar Soap (Large)

Size 450g 1.35kg

Barcode Pack 5017396 030905 12 5017396 031001 8

White Tile Grout Powder + Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and shower areas + Suitable for interior and exterior use + Water resistant and easy to use


Description 500g White Tile Grout Powder 3kg White Tile Grout Powder

Size 500g 3kg

Barcode Pack 5017396 069103 36 5017396 069158 6

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Produced in February 2014

All products are supplied subject to the standard "Terms and Conditions of Sale" of Ciret Limited. Due to continual product development, the products and information in this catalogue may change without prior notice. All figures stated in this catalogue are approximate.

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