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You’ve got the mortgage approved, spend hours with the real estate agent, have put substantial extra miles on your SUV and looks like you have managed to zero down on the house that you intend to turn into ‘home sweet home’ for you and your family. The next logical thing is to gather your bags and move in right away- No! Before you do that there are a few precautionary steps that you must always take. It’s always good to inspect every inch of your new prospective home yourself and even to include your friends in this process however it’s a much better idea to employ the services of a professional housing inspector who can see things that a novice eye won’t. For example, a professional could tell in a jiffy whether the cracks in the foundation are serious or merely cosmetic.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing A House Purchase

You must do your own personal inspection as well. Did you look up at all the ceilings? Are there any cracks, brown stains, or any problematic drips and leaks? Similarly do you see any damp spots? Have you opened all the cupboard and looks behind doors for them? Likewise you must open and close all the doors and windows of the house to make sure that they are in working condition. Remember you are paying the seller a large chunk of money and the last thing you want is spending more on fixing things around the house. You also must make sure to inspect all the plumbing. This means not just opening the taps but also looking at showerhead, toilets and even under the sink to make sure that the plumbing is not old and rotten. Imagine what a bummer it would be to move into a new house and faced with a plumbing situation immediately after.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing A House Purchase

Similarly have you checked all the power points? Do all of them work? Spot any other electrical troubles? Short circuits can prove a fatal hazard at times and if you can’t figure it out for yourself then get a professional who can find the faults so that you can ask the seller to fix them. Updating electrics is a massive expense that you want to avoid as much as you can. The security of your house is of utmost importance and you must make sure to check all the locks and security systems that the seller has installed. Are the windows adequately protected too? Do any of the doors have any signs of damages? Whether it takes using a binocular or a magnifying glass- make sure that you take a closer look at everything. Better safe than sorry. Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing A House Purchase

Lastly make sure to take a drive around the neighborhood to make sure that this is the kind of place where you want to live for a long time to come. South Woodford is one such delightful neighborhood that is in demand for families and couples. To see some properties that are available in the area, click here. []

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