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Text © Stewart Pearce 2011 Illustrations © Richard Crookes 2011 All rights reserved. Photo credits: Hanael/Willpower: René te Witt, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Jophiel/Liberation: Gary Rothstein (NASA KSC-06PD-2063) Metatron/Miracles: baby by Anna Cervova Raphael/Communion: Micro Jay (public domain) Raphael/Earth Force: Necrothesp GNU Free Documentation License Raphael/Empathy: Raziel/Faith: Lorna Charter Raziel/Retreat: Than217 (public domain) Sandalphon/Intention: Stewart Pearce Shamael/Serenity: Sawyer, Wilbur A. (public domain) Uriel/Abundance: Lars Sundström Uriel/Friendship: Mohammed Asif Akbar Uriel/Trust: Pål Anders Martinussen Zaphkiel/Surrender: Mohammed Asif Akbar ISBN


Box and cards design by Richard Crookes Booklet edited by Catja Pafort and Thierry Bogliolo, typeset by Thierry Bogliolo Printed in China Published in 2011 by Findhorn Press

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What are the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards? Since meeting the Twelve Archangels of Atlantis during the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987, I have been taught many wonders by their grace, truth and wisdom. This information has shaped my consciousness to prepare a conduit for the energy that flows from the field of the Great Sound at the core of the Cosmos. The Angels create this connection through their Sona (sound) and Doxa (glory). Their role is to inspire and uplift us, to bring forth a Divine Song that we may speak and chant. For this special purpose they are paramount in the evolution of the Temple of Sacred Sound Healing known as The Alchemy of Voice. Such temples existed in ancient Atlantis and Egypt, where the intelligence and compassion of the heart, moved by the vibrations of the soul’s note, brought great harmonic power to the people. Sound and its myriad resonances, like sparkling light from crystal, moves us to the prize that is above all other: a connection with the Divine.

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For many, many moons, the people of Atlantis lived lives of such well-being, facilitated by the vibrations of sound, color and crystals. The Angels suggest that during the Golden Age of Atlantis, people lived for thousands of years, thanks to their 12-strand DNA maintained by the power of light and sound. This civilization existed between 250,000 and 15,000 BC. The 44 Oracle cards depict the sacred master number of Atlantis, for ancient numerology indicates this master code as a gateway to spiritual purity. During this time, the Archangels lovingly served the twelve communions of Atlantis, and their unique splendour was specifically generated through twelve crystal skulls, secreted within each temple. These temples stood at the centre of each communion, and the crystal skulls therein amplified the intergalactic energies that poured through the angelic witness. During specific planetary cycles, the Archangels would meet at the great Temple of Poseidon in the Atlas Mountains, which housed the Amethyst Crystal Skull (the thirteenth crystal skull) and transmitted supernal energies from the seventh dimension, the kingdom of the

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Archangels. These energies were directly aligned with the Source and the Hall of Records, known as the Akasha, which taught the people about their divinity. Towards the end times of Atlantis, the great priest-scientist Thoth, with the help of the Archangels, took the Amethyst Skull to the Sphinx in Giza. To this day, eleven of the crystal skulls exist in unspecified etheric locations around the globe, not counting the one which was discovered deep in the rainforests of Belize at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Angels of Atlantis inspire us to proclaim the same acts of heart-felt love, using the gift of alchemy for transmutational healing, pranic upliftment, and spiritual empowerment. Thence we reflect the Angels’ love of sound. During the Italian Renaissance, artists conceived Angels as human beings with wings, blowing trumpets, and proclaiming openmouthed loving anthems in glory of the Divine, so we have become used to ‘seeing’ them as such. However, the twelve Archangels have always appeared to me as orbs, since they are quanta light emissions formed directly from the Source, and so in these Oracle Cards they are depicted as

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orbs. It is the Angels that have woven together the cards, allowing us to see them as they always have been, and similar to the way they appear in contemporary digital photography. Angels are thoughts of God who love for the sake of loving, and who assist through the service of grace. They are not restricted by space or time, as their non-gendered power arises from quantum force and is ubiquitous, extending throughout the whole cosmos. Wherever they may be, they are helping whoever calls them to extend into the divine matrix of planet Earth. Currently, we are moving through a time of accelerated evolution into the Golden Age of Aquarius marked in our consciousness by December 21st, 2012. Experiencing this shift of transformation can be challenging, and so the Angels have given us oracular maxims, formed from their own divine responsibilities, in order to help create healing and love in our lives.

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How to Use the Oracle Cards The Three Card Spread

Remove the Oracle Cards from their box and consecrate them by placing them on your altar. Burn incense and light candles for purification, before you say a prayer of thanks for their loving witness and light-filled guidance. Breathe deeply, imagine a golden laser light open within your spine, and hold the Oracle Cards in your hands. Place the intention of love in your heart, and feel it moving through your left hand into the cards. Finalize this by breathing love onto the Oracle. Ask the Angels to bring the gift of oracular counsel through the cards, shuffle the cards face down, before opening them into three piles. Shuffle them again three times, opening them into three piles, before once more shuffling. When you become used to working with the cards you will be able to call upon a specific Angel to help clear a life challenge. Bring the three piles together and spread the Oracle, fanning the cards equally so that you see

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them very clearly, but face down. Pause and, using your left hand, generate your question into the cards from your heart, and choose three cards. Set the cards before you, turn them over, and breathe deeply. Place your question in your breath, and then breathe out the request over the cards, or through your left hand which is connected to your heart and the intuition of your right brain hemisphere. (I call this ‘heart dowsing’.) This makes it easier for the Angels to truly help you, for feeling is the language of the soul. The first card indicates the immediate past, the circumstances that have led you to this moment. The second card indicates the present, and what is impinging on your vision of this moment in your life. The third card indicates the immediate future, or the possible result of the action you choose. In truth all is the now, yet placing the cards thus will give you information about the different aspects of your question. Don’t worry: you can’t make a mistake, for the Angels will guide you. When you turn over the cards you will receive the depth of the Oracle’s wisdom. Know that whatever you are offered is within the scope of the Angels’ power.

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The One Card Spread

This is particularly useful when you desire a certain direction for the day, or if you require an immediate oracular answer to a challenge. Shuffle the cards face down, holding your intention or question in your heart. Fan the Oracle open and pass your hand over the cards seeing each one clearly. Blow your breath and therefore your spirit into the cards, and let yourself be guided to pick one.

The Twelve-Card Spread

If you wish to explicitly call upon the might of the Twelve Archangels of Atlantis, this would be a wonderful Oracle spread. Trust that the angelic communion is working through your intention, and simply open yourself to whatever area of angelic responsibility emerges. Although you are choosing only one characteristic, which may be dedicated to Metatron for example, all the Angels will gather. This spread is particularly useful if you are looking at the evolution of a project through twelve days or twelve months. Each card will represent a single step.

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Shuffle the cards face down, breathing your desire for clarity into the cards, and then spread the Oracle open as a fan. Pass your left hand over the cards, heart dowsing, and again ask the Oracle for guidance. Then intuitively choose your twelve cards.

Angel Characteristics What follows is the meaning of each of the Oracle cards. Please refer to these after you have chosen/picked your Oracle card or spread.

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Gabriel — The Divine Messenger

Balance Gabriel wants you to know you have been too busy and wishes you to become more earthed, to take stock of past actions that have resulted in your life process becoming out of equilibrium. Whenever our yin-yang dualistic force moves out of balance, our energy drops. Gabriel asks you to create harmony by yielding to meditation and stillness, so that the divine messengers may remove your burdens. Gaze at the wonderfully integrated intelligence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s art, and you will feel an altogether different state emerging. Then, Om Mane Padme Hum chanted three times will re-balance your process, as this mantra opens compassionate yielding in our hearts.

Benediction Gabriel wishes you to know that many blessings are sent to you from the angelic kingdoms. Simply yield to this, don’t resist, just let go. The joy and love you will receive, as flow directly

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from the Source, will surpass anything else you may experience. These feelings are the virtues that will always be received in the holy instant of benediction. The Angels’ service is to be a loving conduit for the Divine, lifting away any challenge you may experience. Fear makes us unaware of the Angels. Surrender the grip of fear and your blessings will accrue. Say a prayer like Hail Mary, Full of Grace as a song to the Divine Feminine illuminating the nature of your connection with the Holy Ones.

Grace The Oracle of Gabriel wishes you to receive the heavenly gift of grace. This is always given when we most require it. Therefore, consider how you may have miscreated an aspect of your life, and are therefore experiencing an absence of this divine elixir. Gabriel is asking you to unfold your wings and fly like a swan to cleaner water. There you will sample a renewed state of being, sensing the purities of life, and truly recognizing your soul as a gift of grace. Chant Om three times and you will feel grace surging through every neural pathway.

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Inspiration Take a deep breath and visualize your breath force as a beautiful blue light filling you. Gabriel will guide you to connect with the flow of the universe, with God’s breath. When flow occurs thus, Gabriel removes the tensions and holding points that have prevented you from creating love and joy in your life. Inspiration means to ‘to be influenced by the Divine’, and if you can take several moments to enjoy Gabriel’s breath as your breath, relaxation will abound, and creative ideas will swiftly flow into your consciousness. Therefore, allow stillness to facilitate the flow. Pushing doesn’t allow, it merely creates resistance. Chant Ra Amen three times for the channel of angelic inspiration to remain open, and yet protect yourself with a golden light around your aura as you move through the business of life. Thereby you will protect the exquisite vulnerability of your soul’s truth.

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Hanael — The Sacred Warrior

Courage It seems you have recently felt your force dwindling, and that you need to call upon this Oracle for support. Hanael’s shield of humility will allow you to feel fully protected as you face the situation. Which part of you feels thwarted – or what thought suggests that you cannot move bravely through this current experience? Trust the courage of the wise Hanael, see yourself covered by the shield, and drenched in the angelic presence of the ruby ray arising from Hanael’s beautiful presence. Please do not doubt your truth, find strength in your convictions, and allow them to guide you to be a spiritual warrior. Chant Om Namah Shivaya three times and the Divine will illuminate your way forward.

Hope When we feel deeply and are affected by ‘the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’, we may despair, until the dove of peace enters our lives, and once more lifts us to hope. If this is a

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moment of such challenge, reach out and the Angels will carry you to this virtue by allowing you to observe a beautiful scene in nature, another soul filled with joy or success, or a child whose innocence lifts your spirits. Within this form, you will see a manifestation of the Oracle like a dove allowing your spirit to fly in peace. Please repeat three times: Hope is the elixir of the Divine.

Integrity There is a need for you to take a look at the essential parts of your life, and the notion of integration. The force of integrity within Hanael turns untruthful challenges into opportunities for truthful acceleration, just as the eternal compasses of life teach that truth brings us to integration and centeredness in life. The ancient scales will always weigh your heart for truth. Please say a prayer to Hanael, who will help to clarify any illusion, and move you to what is absolutely pure within your soul. Say Ra Ma Ti Ma Ra three times. This is an ancient Atlantean chant that will strengthen you and bring sacred clarity, and you will feel blessed.

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Willpower Just like the great whales of the oceans deep, swimming in Mother Earth’s tears, you are asked to bring willpower to your life in order to achieve the possibility of glory. The ancient souls of these beautiful sea creatures bring them to the flow of the Universe: this reminds us that all is well in the divine matrix, and so take heart from their example. If your will is not currently flowing for you, ask Hanael for loving assistance, and you will feel the ruby ray force flooding through you, giving you such strength of purpose and healing that you will once again feel clear to emit your magnificence in the world. Chant Om three times for greater clarity.

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Jophiel — The Holy Liberator

Forgiveness When you draw this card, Jophiel asks you to release the negative feelings of the past, to let go of the substance of the pain that stops you from living a life of unlimited joy and love. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you accept inappropriate behavior towards yourself. It means that you no longer are prepared to carry the pain of reaction within you. When we hold unforgiveness in our hearts, we may be stabbed by bitterness. Let Jophiel take this burden from you. By chanting Ha three times, your heart chakra will feel changed and enlivened.

Joy The card you have chosen brings forth a ray of joy. Remember we come from the Source, which is a place of total well-being, an infinitely unfolding creative possibility. Explore the playfulness of life’s joy, and soak in the effervescence of play. The dolphin’s truthful force reminds us of the carefree energy we felt as children. Ask

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Jophiel to surround you with joyous elementals to help you in your journey, and chant Hee from the crown chakra to assist the release of joy.

Liberation We all seek spiritual liberation. When we achieve it, our soul soars like an eagle with the intoxication of divine love. This card suggests this may be a moment when you seek Jophiel’s supernal help, and it invites you to meditate on the beautiful yellow ray of this powerful Archangel’s force. The vibration of this bright, supernal frequency will always allow you to feel detached. Jophiel will lift the challenge from you and lead you to into discernment. Consequently, liberation will enrapture you, springing you from whatever confine you feel your spirit is caught in. Chant Hah three times through your heart chakra and you will seal the promise of liberation.

Meditation Finding stillness in ‘detachment’ helps us towards the angelic freedom evoked by meditation. Jophiel provides us with his yellow ray to

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soar with. All we need do is quieten our mind, then we may hear the Angels sing. So, at dawn and at sunset, practice meditation: breathe deeply, listen intently through a relaxed state to the divine Om, and then be still to hear the music of the Angelic Kingdoms. This will bring your own oracular messages. Please be aware of your solitude, stillness, and silence.

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Metatron — The Supernal Teacher

Divine Intelligence Metatron, as a conduit of the Divine, is speaking to you through your thoughts and feelings. This card asks you to notice and to follow your instinct and inspiration. By drawing this Oracle, you are bestowed with the powerful presence of this Teacher Angel, because you are a wonderful human being who can receive the frequency of this call. All genius arises from the Source, and in this moment you are receiving holy manna, because your soul is a temple for the Divine. Therefore, you may dispense the glory of the Divine through each of your creations. Please rest in silence as you receive Metatron’s teaching.

Mercy The Oracle of Metatron beseeches you to explore ways of being merciful, within yourself and in relation to fellow human beings and nature. Mercy is God-given, and therefore channeled through the Sovereign Leader. It is then allowed

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to flourish through the garden of the meek. Therefore, if you harbor any negative issues, such as anger, let go and live the life of your full power, your sovereignty, and express the implicit power of compassion. Be silent as you meditate on this Oracle, and Metatron will bring you inspiration.

Miracles ‘Miracles’ are changes of perception, and Metatron wishes you to know that like the miracle of newborn life, you are bringing your creative force to the fore. Do anticipate a miracle occurring, for when we open ourselves to miracles, we relinquish our fear to God, to Metatron – who stands on the right hand of the Divine. Therefore, open your mind to the possibility of any challenge you may have being lifted from your shoulders, and when you have let go, the Source will gift you with unexpected joy. Please chant Hi from the throat chakra to enhance Metatron’s magic.

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Wisdom The Sphinx has always created within us the wonderment of ‘enigma’, for within its being lies the wisdom of the centuries, the knowledge of bygone civilizations. Therefore, your choice of this Oracle brings to you knowledge of your own divine wisdom. Through eons of time, and the quest of many lives, you have wrought such beauty and knowing, within your soul. Metatron wishes you to be still, to meditate on your own innate wisdom, and to act with the honor of an Angel. Please chant Ha to feel these energies moving through your heart as the seat of the soul.

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Michael — The Cosmic Leader

Enchantment Michael asks you to remember the magic of your life by connecting with the path of the enchanted. Is magic missing from your life or are you aware of a lack of imagination in your creative purpose? Allow the divine joy of the child within you to reconnect with the free-flow fun that was once present in your innocence – this is a doorway to the numinous. With this card, the unicorn’s magical horn touches your soul with the love of its perspicacity – compelling, eternal, and especially wise about that Divine light within you. When it shines, the charisma of your soul magnetizes all people to you. Chant Hee through your crown chakra to resonate with the higher frequencies of enchantment.

I Am Pr esence This card reminds you that the throne of your spiritual sovereignty is awaiting you, and that you have all of the power of the Creator within you. When we discover our soul’s purpose and

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allow ourselves to be initiated into the world as a spiritual seeker, we are often disregarded by others, simply because the Divine can be missing from other people’s lives. Michael wishes you to sit on the throne of your true power, in the universal wisdom of the One Mind, the I Am Presence. This is the moment when divine compassion moves through you and alerts you to the fact that what you see without is also within. Feel your throne as the seat of empathy, and chant Haw through your base chakra to support this energy.

Tr ansmutation The oracular wisdom of Michael reminds you of the great Master Alchemist, the God Thoth. This priest-wizard has been seen through the millennia working intimately with the magic of Archangel Michael. Therefore, drawing this card means you are moving through a rapid period of spiritual growth, and are reminded of the need to employ the art of alchemy. Attempt to turn your base metal into gold, turning the negatives that come from your shadow into positivity, and ultimately ascending into heaven for the

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supernal treasure – Love. Sound Hah through your heart for Love.

Patience Michael’s Oracle suggests that you have been rushing to create, to make manifest. Work to ‘allow’, dear one, then you will truly see patience as an active force in the time-distance between visualization and manifestation. Meditate on stillness, so that you may consider your desire without attachment. Contemplate the splendour of the three great pyramids at Giza, that took a large number of years to build, yet no one ever doubted that eventually they would stand. Indeed, they have stood for the last 4,500 years. Remember that ‘three’ is the number behind all manifestation, and this is the principle virtue of Michael’s teaching. Ponder on this in stillness and silence.

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Raphael — The Holy Healer

Cleansing Water and fire are the forces brought by the Oracle to draw you into the harmony that Raphael wishes for you. Perhaps you have recently experienced situations that evolved beyond their creative potential, and now need purifying. If so, use these strong elemental forces to cleanse them, by drenching the substance in water, or by burning the idea in fire. Both measures literally release the energy to the elements, thus transforming them from negative into positive. We need these initiatory forces when we move from one important condition to another, as we see in the ceremonials that use fire and water, joining together in faith. Chant Hee to provide mental clarity.

Communion Raphael’s Oracle reminds you of the great Islamic tradition of the Hajj, an annual pilgrimage to Mecca, where pilgrims celebrate a communion with their earthly brothers and sisters, in

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face of the Divine. The objective is the two-fold rite of collective petition and praise of the Divine. Therefore, observe where communion is not apparent in your life. Know that the Source is within you, ever present and all wise, wishing you to reveal the joy of your life in your heart, which possesses true insight. Chant Om three times to align with the communion of the holy Angels, and Raphael will show you the way.

Earth Force Raphael lovingly suggests that you are in need of grounding. Here he reminds you of the beautiful energies that course through centers like the Glastonbury Tor (the heart chakra of the world). If you have been moving too fast – physically or emotionally – as a consequence of stress, take a moment to breathe and find stillness, and to connect with Mother Earth. Gaia is always present to hold you and help you, and just like unconditional motherly love, she gives account of who you truly are, in all of your beauty and purity. Let Gaia hold the stress for you and all will be well. Chant Haw three times to open your connection with the Earth element within.

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Empathy Raphael brings to you the Oracle of the ‘empathetic’ and reminds you of the simplicity of the beautiful lotus. The lotus is the symbol of enlightenment, which sinks below water during the night, to be reborn in the light of the day. Perhaps your empathy has waned recently, and needs to be restored by the new light of compassion. Be with the sun, allowing its energies to warm and nourish you. Try to move through the challenges that you face with empathy, humor and love – chant Ha through the heart chakra and Raphael’s energy with fill you as an aid.

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Raziel — The Divine Mysteries

Dreams Your dreams are one of the most powerful oracles you access, and Raziel illustrates that messages are filtering through your dream kingdom at present, which will help you with your next important life decision. Don’t worry if you cannot remember your dreams, as your unconscious has them in store for the Higher Self or Ka to interpret. Try to keep a dream journal to develop the ability to read the metaphors of this part of your consciousness. Sit in stillness to assist the interpretation of your consciousness.

Faith Faith wishes to be present at this time of your life, and Raziel similarly desires to help you. Make a sacred call to this Archangel as you make your leap of faith, when courage is needed to flee from all that is familiar. As you embark on your new adventure, the subtle vapors of the universal mysteries will support you. Ask yourself: what is it that needs releasing from my life?

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If you hang on to a thought, feeling or situation that needs releasing, it will only worsen. Let go and let God in; chant the sacred syllable Om to bring in the divine.

Intuition The Oracle wishes you to turn inwards to your in-tuition, to the natural laws of your soul, which will guide you through the pulsations of eternal love. Trust this inner wisdom, oh dear one, as it is the abundance of your spirit that speaks to you. Listen carefully to these inner murmurings, for when we are called to a teaching, a guide, a vision, a book, a piece of music, or a natural landscape, it means there is something powerful that will be communicated to us. Raziel is at one with your profound inner intelligence, and wants you to be awake to these whisperings. Sit in silence for the oracular proof of Raziel’s love.

Retreat Raziel suggests you are pushing yourself too hard, and thus this all-seeing Archangel wants you to rest and retreat. The great temple of Abu

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Simbel was probably built around 1,240 BC and was intended to amplify inner stillness for those who were drawn there. Being in retreat will allow you to feel your heart’s desire, for love is the vibration that the Angels are witness to, and it is the guidance of your loving heart that the Angels will inform you of. This is the card of divine orientation, for Raziel stands on the left hand of God, and administers many secrets directly to your soul. Chant Hi to feel the mysteries of Raziel move through your throat chakra.

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Sandalphon — The Sacred Guardian

Evolution Sandalphon wants you to know that this is a light-filled time in your life. You are evolving by leaps and bounds, so this is a time to fill your heart with gratitude. Also, remember that if manifestation is not fully apparent just yet, destiny will soon be knocking at your door, summoning you to reach new heights and new visions. Prepare by relinquishing anything of the past that stops you from emerging as the creative genius that you truly are. You will see twelve orbs emerging through the Oracle, representing the Universal Resonance frequency. Therefore, see how twelve aspects of your own evolving nature are present at this time. Chant Om to channel the creative presence of the Universe and to fully initiate the promise of future glory.

Intention Drawing this card means Sandalphon is asking you to make a list of your many expectations,

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as these are the seeds of your intentions. Thought creates reality, and so, by revealing this card, you are being asked to truly specify what you intend, and to place a purpose to that intention. From clearly defined purpose your experience is wrought. The Angels want you to experience love, joy, and success. Therefore, visualize yourself and your intimates in gratitude, joyously experiencing the outcome of your intention – this is the kernel from which abundance grows. Chant Hay in praise of the joy that you feel.

Love Beloved, you are a child of God and a peacelover at heart. This angelic Oracle comes to you as a signal that new love, or a renewed love is dawning for you. See life through the compassionate eyes of your guardian Angel who emanates the Christos, and perceive that love as being uncompromisingly beautiful. Look to the beauty that you will create for all, in radiance of your love, which is a prism of the Divine. Shifting your perspective to the angelic realm means you become a human Angel, and start to spark

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miracles all around you. Chant Om Namah Shivaya to enliven your peace.

Planetary Cycles Sandalphon, as the Angel of the earth element, is completely interwoven with the swiftly flowing changes of Earth’s planetary structure. Many changes have been prophesied, and many changes are now occurring. This card invites you to look to your own natural cycles, and see that you are an organic being, living on an organic planet. If you are currently enjoying a birthday or anniversary, see it as a crucial cycle marker in this life on Earth, and ask what aspect of your authentic self you are allowing to emerge at this time. Sandalphon is asking you to reveal how awe-inspiring you are, and how you can allow the Angels to carry you to a new level of inner peace, letting your true self come forth. Chant Haw to stabilize the Earth element within you. This will help you to ground yourself as you move through this cycle change, and thence to easily incorporate the many changes.

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Shamael — The Divine Guide

Beginnings Extraordinary new opportunities are dawning for you, drawing you to new people and new places and new projects. Shamael wishes to lovingly assist you and, as anxiety often precedes change, asks you to call upon the might of all the Angels of Atlantis to help, in order to arrive just where you would like to be. Before this fruitfully occurs, it may be appropriate for you to release old projects, old patterns of behavior, old ideas, or old acquaintances. See the ‘new’ as a time to be met by the sun of the Source with renewed vigor and well being, just as you greet the new dawn, the new day, with love, hope, and joy. Chant Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha – the beginning of the famous Gayatri mantra – to bring the new energies dancing through.

Serenity Shamael brings you peace of mind, one of the great angelic gifts. It is from the state of serenity that you can always feel the abundance of the

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Source, providing for you – as it always will. Serenity means that we offer our challenges to God, for the Divine will always bring us a resolution in the form of the miraculous. Allow yourself to develop visionary faith in the ideal of serenity, instead of blindly following the ego paradigms that led you to challenge. Serenity is our natural state of mind, when we yield to grace, and so chant Ra Ma Da Sah, Sah Say So Hung to bring the elements of your being into the beauty of this serenity experience. Just like the exquisite energy of the Taj Mahal, our love for the serene in life will last forever.

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Uriel — The Divine Companion

Abundance The tree of life brings abundant flow into your life at this very moment, and this is why you have singularly chosen Uriel’s Oracle of abundance. The core of all abundance is the Source. When you totally believe in the flow of this divine nectar, the bounty of God is responding in like measure. Develop the muscle of your faith by the positive regard of all your amazing achievements. Fill your life with gratitude for the abundance you are receiving, and speak/ chant I am inf initely abundant in spirit, I have plenty of wealth, and my riches increase every day!

Freedom The drawing of this card illustrates that the Oracle is asking you to free up your thinking and feeling, for you are the only jailer that may be keeping your consciousness prisoner. Every aspect of your consciousness is a choice, and if you have made an inaccurate choice, choose again – that is the meaning of the word ‘mistake’

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– if this is what you ‘missed’, ‘take’ again. This time, by liberating the conviction of your love for self, you will spring your soul from its prison. Ask Uriel to show you alternative choices. Because they resonate of pure love, they will also free you from your ‘thought jail’, and take you to consequences you may never have dreamed of. Uriel wants you to chant Hee, and thence to release the feeling of being held back – the Hee will literally clear your mind. Place it in your forehead, or vestigial third eye, the sixth chakra. Guidance is imminent, and once more you will dance with the Infinite.

Friendship Our relationships signify part of the deeper fabric of our lives as they evolve through our life’s growth. Uriel wishes you to know that the rapport you have with some of your friends is changing at this time, in order to reflect the changing inner core processes that are evolving within you. These changes are very natural, and Uriel asks you to surrender all feelings to the notion of companionship offered by this exquisite Angel. Indeed, the twelve Angels of Atlantis

angels-of-atlantis-booklet_oracle-booklet 08/11/2010 19:43 Page 39

will watch over you and your relationships, and will help all of you to make easy, love-filled transitions. At the same time be ready to receive new friendships that mirror the many interests blossoming through your creative outpouring. To help with this unfolding chant Hoo through the second chakra, and your relationship zone will be healed by angelic elixir.

Trust Disappointment often takes us to a state in life where the erosion of our faith in self, others, or the Source occurs. Uriel is gently reminding you to practice belief, faith, and trust – for they are the three concomitants of love. Simply say a gentle prayer to Uriel, to the Source, asking to develop the muscle of trust, and to take away the fever of the un-trust. Just like the soaring summits of wonderful, trusting Everest, you will once more spring forward with joy in your step. You may always trust the Angels, for they love for the sake of love. Chant Hah through your heart chakra to stimulate ‘heart tingles’, and a resurgence of trusting fibers to fill your life.

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Zadkiel — The Divine Comforter

Gratitude You have chosen this card to remind you of the bounty recently received, and how important it is to be grateful for gifts. In truth, our planet is filled with such fruits of grace, if we allow ourselves to see them. Zadkiel teaches us to open our hearts and to reveal generosity and kindness to others. There is no scarcity in the place of ultimate well-being and joy we know as the Source. Loss is only a condition created on planet Earth, in our constant desire to possess more. Therefore, allow your own gifts to inform others on your path, bestowing the refined sense of your joy wherever you are. Chant Ah to release the conviction of love from your heart chakra.

Security The Angels wish to assure you that they unite you with their powerful benevolence. Zadkiel in particular overlights your journey with comfort at this time. If you are disconcerted, angelic

angels-of-atlantis-booklet_oracle-booklet 08/11/2010 19:43 Page 41

elixir will surge through you. If you are fearful, you will hear whisperings about your connection with the Source. If you are dis-eased, Zadkiel will comfort you with manna from heaven. Chiefly, the Angels will remind you that true ‘security’ means ‘self-cure’, and so you will be returned to the well-being of the Source. Additionally, the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life will drench your life in its wisdom, reminding you to reveal all to God as well as to ask the Angels to take all challenges from you. Chant Hoh to bring stability into your emotional centre.

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Zaphkiel – The Sacred Lover

Compassion Zaphkiel is aware of the deep level of compassion that radiates from your heart at this time. The Oracle of compassion is one of the highest vibrational influences in the forty-four card representations, and is only chosen when there is a notion currently formulated within the individual who beseeches something from the Oracle. Is this because you sense the depth of compassion exuding from yourself at this time, as you elevate the suffering of others? Or are you in need of developing this soulful quality in relation to self or other? Wherever you may be, whatever the myriad situations of your life may be revealing, know that the Angel of Sacred Love is supporting you and drawing the cosmic ray of unconditional love and compassion through you. This is a high calling, and only occurs when the individual is duly ready for the accruing of blessings, or for feeling compassion as a blessed virtue. Look at the lives of the Holy Ones. For example, what does his Holiness the Dalai Lama teach you through his compassion?

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Chant Om Mane Padme Hum while identifying compassion in your heart as it radiates throughout the world.

Ecstasy Zaphkiel wishes you to know that divine ecstasy may come in any moment, as a deep feeling of passion for your spiritual growth, or as an aspect of your love, whereby your whole being is transfixed with the choice you have made to join the mystical pathway. The two gatekeepers on this path are awe and joy, both of which are closely aligned to ecstasy. As you experience this heightened state, be aware of the whispers of the Angels. As you see in the Oracle, Angels use this high-frequency opportunity to impart sacred loving information to us about our journey. They give our Higher Self information about a choice we need to make or how to open vistas of consciousness about our ethical existence. Trust the Angels, for they will always have your heart-felt interest in their hearts. Chant Hah in the heart chakra to open this channel of lightfilled inspiration from the angelic realms.

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Romance Zaphkiel is aware of the yearnings that currently exude from your heart, and intuitively receives the strong desire in your emotional body for the joy of romance, whether this be in new love or in an existing relationship. This stirring is often related to the fact that an ideal of love has not been experienced for some time. Explore this notion, truly identifying what that could be. The Angels are returning you to a higher vibration of love, so don’t cling tightly to the idea of love from your past, and be prepared to embark on a new way of loving. This is a time of wondrous change in your loving propensities. Trust that Zaphkiel will work this out for your highest good. Chant Hee in your eighth chakra to stimulate the opening of your universal heart chakra. This will allow your force to envelop all aspects of your ideal love, in service of the unified field of light, for we are all interconnected.

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Surrender The Angels want you to know that you are holding too tightly to a part of your life, and that you need to relinquish that hold. Trust that healing will swiftly come, for it always does. Resistance only intensifies the aspect of life that we are holding on to, whether this be a relationship, our career, or our health. Zaphkiel wants you to surrender to heaven and let the Angels carry you. This lover Angel wants you to learn how you may release all notion of control, substituting such action with a yielding to the ‘management’ of life. It is an illusion that any part of life may be controlled by pre-determining the outcome – let go and let God in! Remember, everything that you surrender will be replaced by something better, thus allowing miracles to fully happen. Chant Haw to allow your groundedness to be vibrationally opened.

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About the Author Stewart Pearce has been an internationally renowned voice coach, sound healer and Angel medium coaching at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and many centres around the world. Stewart has worked with numerous celebrities and statespeople including Simon Callow, Vanessa Redgrave, Diana, Princess of Wales and Anita Roddick. He is the author of The Alchemy of Voice and The Heart's Note (both published by Findhorn Press). His CDs are available from the website (also available as mp3s from

About the Illustrator Richard Crookes has been working as a full-time freelance artist for nearly 30 years, providing illustrations for the publishing industries, as well as exhibiting, selling fine artwork and working on commissions. Early watercolour work taught the importance of retaining luminosity and atmospherics within the new disciplines of his digital artwork, which he also now uses as a new tool in reanimating traditional calligraphic techniques for new medias. Discover his art on

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Angels of Atlantis booklet  

Guidance on how to use the Angel of Atlantis Oracle Cards

Angels of Atlantis booklet  

Guidance on how to use the Angel of Atlantis Oracle Cards