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DECCO International:

Loyal to the Entire Family

DECCO Growth:

Leadership Planned & Gained

Since its founding, DECCO International subordinates all of its business activities to its mission:

DECCO International was established in 1992 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Satisfying the true needs and providing real beneďŹ ts to children, and helping parents in a demanding, yet beautiful challenge called parenthood.

After years of carefully planned gradual, phased and steady development, DECCO International has come to be the established leader in supplying the highest quality products for children and their parents in the region. Today, DECCO International delivers a wide range of merchandise from best international brands. Adequate illustration of DECCO International business achievements is the fact that its share exceeds 50 % of the respective market in Serbia. At this moment, DECCO International employs more than 150 devoted professionals in its branches in Serbia, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia.

These needs concern the quality, safety and design that support the child’s healthy and stimulated growth. The key ingredient of our policy in all aspects of our business is: Care for the happiness, health and safety of the entire family.


DECCO Branches:

DECCO Regional Network:

An Integrated Market

Reliable Partnerships

As a prospective importer, distributor and brand representative, DECCO International can offer its potential partners the swift, reliable and fully logistically prepared entry of their products and brands to a broad market in rapidly developing economies.

DECCO International is especially proud of its network of regional partners, including respectable companies in Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary.

Besides the Belgrade Head OfďŹ ce and its extensive distribution network in Serbia, DECCO International has its branches in Montenegro and FYR Macedonia, comprising an integrated market of more then 10 million people where it is directly present.

Our trusted partners and their own developed networks grant access to an even wider regional market in countries with cumulative population of more then 84 million.


Chicco: the represented brand

DECCO & the Product:

Dealing with the Brand When in a role of exclusive brand representative, DECCO International pays its foremost attention to the brand identity and value. Our professional and accountable relationship with international partners whose brands the Company represents is best reflected in: Full comprehension of the identity of the represented brands Dedication to the process of introducing the brands to the market (market research and preparation, research on existing brand presence, awareness, competition…) Understanding the importance of continuous reinforcement of the brands, as well as of the means for achieving that goal Constant reporting to the international partners on all matters regarding the status and success of their brands on the market where we represent them Our loyalty to the benefits of the represented brands and inclination towards the long-term cooperation with the principals on mutual benefit However, in case when DECCO International is no more than the importer and distributor, our treatment of the imported/ distributed brands also mirrors our professional and responsible approach.


DECCO & Chicco:

The Example of a Long-Term Partnership One of the brands that DECCO International exclusively represents is the Italian brand Chicco. DECCO International imports and distributes a wide range of products of this renowned multinational retailer company, including children fashion, baby bottles, pacifiers, strollers, baby and mother cosmetics etc, as well as products for the disabled (such as adult diapers). The leading position and strength of the brand Chicco in markets where DECCO International represents it are the best example of successful partnership that derives from the proper management and understanding of the essence of the represented brand.

DECCO Wholesale:

Network and Capacities One of the most significant resources of DECCO International is its highly experienced and organized wholesales. DECCO International has developed the close cooperation with the top forwarding and transport companies in the country, region and wider, all reliable and practiced partners in all phases and aspects of import, transport, insurance, customs and distribution. In line with our business policy, the efficient realization of all import, legal and distribution phases and issues includes the strict compliance with all domestic and international standards concerning the transport and storage management of sensitive goods, especially in terms of safety and healthcare.

The storage capacities of DECCO International include: 2,000 m2 storage space in Belgrade 200 m2 warehouse in Novi Sad 200 m2 warehouse in Niš 400 m2 warehouse in Podgorica, Montenegro 400 m2 warehouse in Skopje, FYR Macedonia 500 m2 of customs storage The storage capacity of DECCO International includes the special depository for medical goods designed and registered according to all relevant standards.

For both the interest of the principal and the satisfaction of our mutual clients/end users, DECCO International puts additional care on preserving the quality and aesthetic integrity of the product (“delivered as produced“).

DECCO: high quality wholesale operator


Retail chain of the represented brand

DECCO Distribution:

DECCO Retail:

Efficient, Timely and Reliable

Example of the Chicco Chain

With its efficient, timely and reliable distribution network DECCO International supplies more than 600 stores and shops throughout the country covering the entire market, including: Specialized stores for babies/toddlers, parents and parents-to-be Cosmetics stores Toy stores Retail stores Hypermarket chains The special place in our distribution network belongs to pharmacies – we are particularly proud of the fact that more than 80 % of pharmacies in the country (around 1,200) are our regular and satisfied clients.


As the exclusive representative of the international brand Chicco in Serbia, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia, DECCO International puts a continuous effort to further upgrade the market presence of the Chicco brand in its best form – through its own shops. The Chicco chain currently consists of 15 shops in ten cities throughout three countries, including the ones located in large shopping malls.

DECCO Multi-Brand:

The Own Retail Chain As the Company’s most recent endeavor, DECCO International initiated the opening of its own retail chain. It is a chain of multi-brand stores aimed to provide the best-buy offer through a combination of quality brands, satisfying the entire range of needs for both economical and first-choice products for newborns, toddlers, children and parents.

Retail chain of brand represented by DECCO International covers the area with population of more than 4 million citizens in 10 cities and their surroundings. DECCO International’s distribution network in Serbia supplies more than 600 stores, shops and hypermarkets, as well as more than 1,200 pharmacies.


Professional merchandising

DECCO Merchandising:

DECCO in Shopping Malls:

For the Sake of the Brands and the Consumers

Preferred Partner

When it comes to retail of a represented brand, DECCO International cares about every merchandising aspect: Positioning and display of products in shops / stock management / shelf layout Positioning of counter cards, mobiles, point-ofpurchase displays Organization and realization of not only promotional, but also informative and educational point-of-purchase events Providing information to consumers not only about every aspect of the displayed products, such as their purposes, features, benefits, but also about parenthood, nursery and family health as well DECCO International cooperates with professional merchandizing agencies whose experts and specialists realize point-of-purchase supervision and informing, education and control of retail staff, according to standards of the represented brands. In one sentence, DECCO International merchandizing motto is: Yesterday’s passer-by window-shopper – today’s well informed buyer – tomorrow’s educated friend of the brand.


Shops of DECCO International are opened in prominent shopping malls in the countries where DECCO International operates. Excellent service of personnel, wise selection of brands, wide assortment of high quality products, general outlook and aesthetics of shops, interesting promotional and educational events, great cooperation with owners and facility management – these are just few of the reasons which make DECCO International regular first choice of hypermarkets and shopping malls when parenthood and nursery shops are needed.

Educational website

DECCO Care for the Child, Mother and Family:

Efforts for Better Quality of Life According to Article 16 of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State“. Article 25 states that “Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance“. The main objective of DECCO International is healthy, safe, happy and satisfied child, mother and family. Therefore, all our commercial efforts are aimed at representing high quality nursery and family brands and importing and distributing the safest, the most user friendly age appropriate products. DECCO International is also socially active corporate citizen which initiates and takes part in non-profit actions dedicated to improvement of child’s, mother’s and family’s quality of life.

DECCO Education:

Every Situation Is Good Enough We use every opportunity to provide useful information and educational content about pregnancy, childhood and parenthood to future and young parents. DECCO retail personnel is educated to assist buyers not only with information about the offered products, but with advice and recommendations considering different parenting and health issues as well. Our printed and online catalogues of represented brands are not only sales & marketing tools: they also communicate useful information about children, customized to different categories of future and new parents – to pregnancy and to children of different age.

DECCO Feedback:

Business Driven by Consumers DECCO retail personnel is also trained to collect feedback about consumers’ satisfaction with products of represented brands, in verbal communication or through short written surveys, with regular buyers or during point-of-purchase promotions as well. Analysis of this feedback is highly important for adjusting our business policy and improvement of the brands’ representation. 8

Donation: clinic in Belgrade

DECCO Experts’ Network:

Up-to-date Consultancy Our cooperation with medical and health institutions, government and non-government organizations and relevant corporate partners made available organizing DECCO Experts’ Consultancy Network. Dozens of gynecologists, pediatrics, psychologists, nutritionists, toy designers, fashion creators, social activists, lawyers, marketing practitioners and other professionals in wide range of areas are pleased to provide us their expert opinion, which makes precious contribution to improvement of our business efforts.

DECCO Donations:

Assistance Where Most Needed DECCO International supports different kinds of medical and social institutions, whose work benefits nativity, childhood, parenthood and healthier and happier children and family life in general, such as: Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Belgrade, Niš and Subotica Neonatology Department in Belgrade Clinical Center Hospital Center “Dr Dragiša Mišović”, Belgrade 24/7 Emergency Counseling Center “Halo Beba” Centre for Children and Youth Care in Zvečanska street, Belgrade In every moment, there are several DECCO donations planned to be realized in the region. 9

Donation for Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Belgrade In May 2005, DECCO International made a donation to Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Belgrade. This donation was logical consequence of our long-term cooperation with this institution. It included: Renewing, equipment and interior design of “check -out room”, the room where new mothers prepare their babies for the first contact with the outer world Renewing, equipment and interior design of room for prematurely born babies New uniforms for gynecologists, nurses and other medical and assisting staff Successful cooperation with GOC Belgrade continues, and this donation became modus operandi for our future support to gynecology and obstetrics clinics in the region.

Donation for Counsel Center “Halo Beba” DECCO International supported 24/7 Hours Emergency Counsel Center “Halo Beba” which is located in Belgrade, in a project realized by City Agency for Health Protection Belgrade and National Agency for Health Protection and Improvement. Primarily, “Halo Beba” is the telephone call-center which immediately provides accurate information, advice or recommendation to future and young parents about pregnancy and about their new born babies.

Consultations with the experts

Having in mind the Internet usage among young parents, DECCO International recognized the need for: Adequate presenting of the Center on the web Online placement of more extensive educational content about parenthood issues 24/7 hours available advice for parents online, through e-mail, forums or chat with the experts Therefore, DECCO International donated production, web design and uploading of “Halo Beba” Internet-presentation. DECCO International also supported and organized education of gynecologists, pediatrics, children psychologists and nurses for website administration. By that, we provided experts with the ability to update their presentation in real time and we helped “Halo Beba” to become a self-sufficient online entity.

Donation: “Halo Beba” website


Promotion: ads for represented brand

Advertising & PR DECCO Promotion:

Intensive, Informative and Ethical DECCO International is frequent, professional and responsible promoter of represented brands in markets of its operation. It means that local and regional promotion of international brands successfully communicates all qualities and benefits emphasized in international marketing strategy and promotional concept, in a way, of course, adapted for the best possible promotional impact on local markets. On the other hand, DECCO promotion of represented brands is responsible towards internationally established standards and expectations of both users and general public considering advertising and promotion of products for mother and child, such as “International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes”.


In cooperation with full-service advertising and PR agencies, specialized graphic design and A/V studios, as well as freelance advertising and PR highly professional practitioners, DECCO International successfully produces local adaptations of advertising items and realizes PR activities. It covers a wide range of communication channels: TV commercials, promotional films, news reports from promotional events, guest appearances of brand representatives in TV shows, sponsorships, all of them broadcasted on popular TV stations with both national and local coverage Radio-jingles, radio reports from promotional events, guest appearances of brand representatives in live radio shows, sponsorships, all of them broadcasted on popular radio stations with both national and local coverage Ads, advertorials, PR texts, interviews, news reports and regular expert’s advice columns in daily newspapers and in general and specialized weekly and monthly magazines Print advertising, such as billboard-posters, indoor posters for hospitals, gynecology and obstetrics clinics…

Event: kids’ fashion

Online Promotion

Promotional Events

DECCO International corporate and brands’ promotion is present in web space, too. It that field, DECCO International cooperates with experienced web developing and web design studios.

DECCO International organizes represented brands’ promotional events on regular bases.

It includes, among others: local Internet-presentations of international brands, produced and uploaded by DECCO International and its partners Presence in different general, consumers’ and business directories and browsers Promotional web-banners, with hyperlinks to brands’ websites

It includes, among others: Point-of-purchase presentations Local official openings of new brand shops VIP presentations Press-conferences Kids’ fashion reviews Seasonal kindergarten playgrounds…

Direct Marketing DECCO International permanently updates its databases of contact data of both its actual and potential corporate partners, and, on the other hand, of regular and one-time buyers and interested visitors whose data are gathered by questionnaires in shops and in promotional events. These databases are very important for postal sending of catalogues, newsletters and other news about the offer or brands represented by DECCO International.

DECCO online promotion


Profile for Dejan Vulin

Decco International, B2B Brochure, 2006  

B2B brochure of Decco International, Belgrade, Serbia; copyright by Gistro Advertising, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006

Decco International, B2B Brochure, 2006  

B2B brochure of Decco International, Belgrade, Serbia; copyright by Gistro Advertising, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006