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Danielle Orner on conquering cancer & finding her voice is there a


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In Jo’s Kitchen


Top Getaways with Your Health in Mind: Part II

45 Fit Over 50

with Danielle Orner How she overcame cancer, amputation, and more. BY CHRISTY MORGAN

37 Grab a Bench

Head outside and do this bodyweight workout. BY DI HICKMAN

91 Our Summer Must-Haves Cruelty-free picks for fun in the sun. BY BELINDA JANSEN


Bikinis Your Body will Love

Staples 04 Note from Christy 05 Our Team 07 Fuel for Your Body & Mind 17 #instagramlove 37 Bodyweight Workout 25 In Jo’s Kitchen 71 Lifting Workout 95 The Real Deal

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Summer 2015 » Vol 1 » Issue 6 FITNESS

09 Breaking Out of the Big Box Gym:

Finding Fun in Smaller Training Facilities & Outdoors

11 Redefining Fitness: Finding Yourself on the Rocks 37 More Than a Walk in the Park: Grab a Bench and do this Quick Workout 45 Fit Over 50: Six Inspirational Women (And One Man!) Prove You Can Be Fit and Fabulous at Any Age

71 Metabolic Training: Burn calories like you mean it NUTRITION

07 Fuel for Your Body & Mind 19 Watermelon: The summer snack that may keep muscle soreness at bay 25 In Jo’s Kitchen 89 Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss Tips on how to diet without dieting LIFESTYLE

14 L oving Your Summer Body: A Shameless Pep Talk from our Resident Health Coach

29 Getaways with Your Health in Mind: Part II 34 How to Stay On Track While Traveling: Tips from a Frequent Flyer 43 Like a Girl: Defining Femininity in My Own Way 61 Bikinis Your Body will Love 91 Cruelty-Free Summer Must-Haves TRANSFORMATION STORIES

21 From Sick to Able: An Interview with

Amputee & Yoga Teacher Danielle Orner

83 Interview with a Vegan Hottie: Luke Tan

On the Cover

This issue features Fit Vegans Over 50. Check out the article on page 45! Cover image by Melissa Schwartz.

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Note from Christy Gearing up for summer

As we gear up for summer, and subsequently wear less clothing, I get a little panicked. A small voice inside my head says it’s time to start eating better (because those New Year’s resolutions didn’t quite stick) and to start exercising a bit more. I hate that I’m conditioned to have these thoughts. I wanted our summer issue to address the struggle we, as women, have with our bodies. But more importantly, to celebrate our bodies at every size and every age. As I approach 40, it’s women in their 50s who inspire me to love myself at every step of the aging journey. At Healthfest in March, I was surrounded by my mentors and vegan women who inspire me daily, and who all happen to be over

I follow up with my Getaways With Your Health in Mind list to share some great vacations with you throughout the rest of the year. Not on the list is my wellness retreat happening in October in Mexico. If you are interested in that, let me know! It’s five days, four nights in Sayulita, Mexico, and will include yoga, cooking classes, wellness talks, and fitness classes. More

50. While age is just a number and you are only as old as you

details here.

feel, I have to give praise and recognition to these women who

You’ll find a lot more amazing things in this issue, so read on!

killed it during the 5k and ran circles around me. We have some pretty amazing women (and men) in our vegan community and I want to dedicate this issue to them. Find out more about them in our feature article, “Fit Over 50.” Their advice is truly priceless. Like every issue, we have a bodyweight workout, and since you’ll be getting outdoors more often this season all you need is a park bench for this one! We also share our summer must-haves from companies we know and trust. We know it’s important to you to go vegan beyond just your diet, so we help you find the cruelty-free products you need to make summer a success.

As always, thank you for your support. Your subscription gets us closer to our dream of taking this magazine to print next year. We couldn’t do it without you, so thanks for telling your friends about the newest magazine for women interested in health, fitness and fueling yourself with a plant-based diet. We hope you have a magnificent summer filled with laughs and good times!

Christy Morgan Editor-in-Chief

Belinda Jansen Art Director

Vegan chef, author, educator, personal trainer, world traveler, cat snuggler, tea drinker, dumbbell slinger. One bodybuilding show, two adventure races, and two triathlons under her belt with more adventures on the horizon.

Passionate about nature, art, running, and health & fitness. Her sport is distance running, but when she’s not hitting the pavement, she’s in the gym lifting heavy things.

The Blissful & Fit Chef » Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Brooke Rosenfeld Writer & Recipe Creator

Di Hickman Writer & Fitness Expert

Vegan Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. Became vegan not only for the love of animals but also for the significant health benefits that come along with it. Nutrition and fitness are the two most potent forms of medicine.

Plant-based personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach and all round health and fitness nut. Obsessed with fitness since her first certification back in 1995, Di is passionate about selfdevelopment, continuing education and making fitness fun.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Website | Facebook | Twitter Instagram | YouTube

Emily Segal Writer

Erin Fergus Writer & Fitness Expert

Board-certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, the founder and owner of Triumph Wellness, an international nutrition counseling practice. Specializing in plant-based nutrition, sugar and food addictions, emotional eating, and sustainable weight loss.

Trainer of personal trainers, Virgo, alpha female who plays piano, devours books, bakes cupcakes, and journals. Figure competitor and member of the PlantBuilt team. She trains like a beast (without eating any) to look like a beauty!

Triumph Wellness » Website | Facebook | Instagram

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Esther Oakley Writer

Heather Shenkman MD FACC Writer

Vegan personal chef, baker, instructor, lifestyle coach, menu consultant, speaker, rock climber, triathlete, hiker, and sun lover! She loves seeing others get out there and find a way of moving that makes them say “Yes, I love this!”

Interventional cardiologist practicing in the Los Angeles area. While she performs complex angioplasties, she prefers to help her patients reduce their risk of heart disease through not only medication, but also a healthy lifestyle, including a plantbased diet and regular exercise.

ABC Vegan » Website | Facebook | Twitter Joy of Vegan Living » Website 5

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Vegan Heart Doc » Website | Twitter summer | 2015 |

our team Jo Hodson Writer & Recipe Creator

Kat Sisler Writer & Yoga Expert

Sweet toothed but sugar-free UK based recipe developer and creator of the fitness food brand Wholeplus and health & wellness coach behind the holistic health website Including Cake.

Austin based yoga instructor, University of Texas grad, beagle momma, writer/ blogger, and lover of big hair, Kat adopted a vegan diet in 2012 after her father was re-diagnosed with cancer. Yoga and a cruelty-free lifestyle have shaped Kat’s world.

Including Cake » Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Laura Kaplan Writer & Assistant Editor Curly haired, lover of words, learning, animals, and people. Lost about 70 pounds with a vegan diet and a new love of fitness. Has a vegan food blog, Banana Curl, Vegan Girl and is in the process of starting a vegan mentor program in Rhode Island.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Lindsay Morgan Writer Certified yoga instructor, figure competitor and CrossFit enthusiast and competitor on the PlantBuilt team. Her pursuit of health and physical excellence has been fueled by a vegan diet since 2011. Website

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Lori Graham Writer & Fitness Expert Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Holistic Nutritionist certified in plantbased nutrition and currently studying for her certificate in optimal sports nutrition. It is her goal to equip each of her clients with the knowledge and power to instill life changing habits. Website | Facebook | Instagram

Nicole Axworthy Editor & Photographer A writer, editor, cookbook author and photographer, Nicole is passionate about following a healthy lifestyle. Vegan since 2000, she is certified in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University and blogs at A Dash of Compassion. A Dash of Compassion » Website | Facebook | Twitter Instagram | Pinterest

Tara O’Reilly Graphic Designer Tara spends her springs snowboarding and summers camping and mountain biking (mostly downhill). Year round, Tara practices yoga, meditation, and plays with energy. She’s vegan for the animals and for spiritual reasons. Website | Twitter | Google+ summer | 2015 |


For Your

Summer is the best time for more play than work. This summer, however, you’re putting in just as much work (on your body and health) as play. You want to earn that play, and this playlist can get you there. We start strong to get you moving and working, breathing and sweating, then slowly begin to settle down the beat until you could swear you’re lazing on the beach. Go ahead, earn that play time!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls by Nicole Axworthy

Summer Lovin’ Playlist by Kat Sisler

Raw cookie dough is a pretty amazing thing, especially when you can

Bad Habit – The Kooks

eggs. This version has been created specifically for those times when

First Things First – Neon Trees Up We Go – LIGHTS Skinny Love – TEEMID Remix Birdy Everlasting Light – The Black Keys Always Alright – Alabama Shakes Work This Body – Walk the Moon Ink – Coldplay Islands – The xx

eat as much as you want without the worry of getting sick from raw you need a sweet treat—pronto. Using powdered peanut butter in place of regular peanut butter cuts the fat content by 85%! Ingredients: 1/2 cup (55g) powdered peanut butter (such as PB2) 1/4 cup (60ml) unsweetened almond milk 3 tablespoons (45ml) maple syrup 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml) vanilla extract 1/3 cup (40g) whole grain oat flour 2 tablespoons (12g) flax meal 1/8 teaspoon (0.75ml) ground cinnamon Pinch of salt 2 to 3 tablespoons (25-40g) mini chocolate chips


Lost in the Light – Bahamas

In a medium bowl, whisk together the powdered peanut butter, almond milk,

La Mar – The Beautiful Girls

mon and salt and stir with a spoon until well combined. Fold in the chocolate

maple syrup and vanilla until very smooth. Add the oat flour, flax meal, cinnachips. Refrigerate dough for about 15 minutes. »

summer | 2015 |

Scoop out level tablespoon-size mounds of dough and roll into balls with your hands. Place on a small cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Refrigerate or freeze until firm. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Want more ideas? Add more protein by replacing half the oat flour with your favorite plant-based protein powder. Makes 12 servings  • Nutrition per serving : Calories: 86 Carbohydrates: 11 g Fiber: 3 g Net Carbohydrates: 8 g Protein: 4 g Fat: 3 g Find Kat and Nicole Online: Check out the Our Team page! Photography by Nicole Axworthy

summer | 2015 |


Breaking Out of the Big Box Gym Finding fun in smaller training facilities & outdoors by Heather Shenkman, MD, FACC When I was younger, and before becoming a triathlete, the

There are many benefits to joining a smaller training facility:

focus of my exercise was “the gym.” I dutifully went to the gym four to five days a week, did 30 minutes of cardio on a treadmill, stair stepper or exercise bicycle, followed by 30 minutes of weights. I would say I was in reasonable shape, wasn’t over-

Guidance A small specialty gym provides guidance that one will

weight, but I definitely wasn’t getting stronger or fitter.

typically not get at a big box gym. At a large gym, all the

Now, as a triathlete, my routine is very different. I exercise

people come in to the gym and do the same routine every

six days a week. Strength training is done at TruFit Bootcamp, where classes either involve lifting heavy weights or some form of high-intensity interval training. I swim with my team at the local pool, with a masters group at another local pool, or during the summertime in the ocean. For my cycling, I will either ride my bike outdoors in Malibu through the Santa Monica Mountains or at Griffith Park; if it gets too hot I frequent a local spin studio. My running is in a park or the mountains. To balance it all out, I do yoga either at Black Dog Yoga where I can take my favorite restorative yoga class, or at CorePower Yoga for a great Bikram or hot yoga class.

machines are there, but no one tells you what to do. So many time. With no guidance, there’s no challenge, and when you aren’t challenged, you don’t get results. When you are part of a smaller local studio for cycling or yoga, for example, there is someone providing instruction and feedback on your exercise, and results will follow.

Personal connections When I come to swim practice, I know I’ll see my coach and my teammates whom I swim with every Tuesday and Thursday morning. When I walk into my yoga studio or bootcamp,

As active as I am, do I still go to the gym? I have a member-

my instructor greets me by name. It can be hard to connect

ship at a large national gym chain, but I only visit a couple

with others in a large gym. Connections with others, whether

of times a month. While the gym used to be the center of

it is an instructor or coach, teammates or others working out

my fitness activities, I find myself gravitating more toward

with you, helps motivate you to keep coming back.  »

specialty, single-sport facilities or team workouts. Moving away from the traditional gym helped me discover a world of smaller group fitness that pushed me further than before. 9

summer | 2015 |

Specialized Training A large chain gym has a very diverse clientele. They may have several different classes throughout the week in a variety of sports. But, what if you have a particular focus, like yoga, and your large gym only offers two yoga classes over an entire week? A yoga studio, on the other hand, may have upwards of 30 classes in a week. Fitness classes at a large gym are tailored to a large population. You will most likely not get special instruction on how to modify an exercise and could even injure yourself.

Accountability No one knows if you show up or don’t show up to your large chain gym. On the other hand, when I took a week off from TruFit Bootcamp for a calf strain injury, my trainer was texting me to ask how I was and when I was coming back. Personalized service like that is hard to find in a corporate gym setting.

So, what do I use my gym for? My gym has an indoor pool, which is great for those days when I want to get in a recovery swim and there’s no scheduled team workout. Or, if I find a yoga, spin or body pump class that fits into my schedule at the right exact time—but this doesn’t happen often. If the weather is terrible and I can’t run outdoors, the treadmill at the gym is waiting for me. While your large chain gym can serve a purpose, it is a good idea to look elsewhere for opportunities to become fitter and stronger, or try taking your workout outdoors during the summer. You never know what you might discover if you challenge yourself to something new.  • Find Heather Online: Check out the Our Team page!

summer | 2015 |


Photography by: Brian Cruikshank

REDEFINING FITNESS Finding yourself on the rocks by Esther Oakley I experiment with many different and challenging activities like pole, triathlon, and acro yoga. They all come back to the same core idea: conquering the I can’ts that plague my brain. These activities help me believe, “Hey, if I can do that (whatever the latest challenge was), I can do anything.” Rock climbing was one of the first of these activities that challenged me to the core. I’ve kept with it all these years because it not only quiets the voices, it is social, provides ever increasing new challenges to conquer, and builds full­-body strength in muscles you didn’t even know you had! Every day on the rocks (or plastic holds on the climbing gym wall), provides one more building block to gaining inner and outer strength. One of my first climbing partners gave me two valuable insights into the power of climbing: “ Climbing isn’t a competition between you and anyone else. It’s a competition between you and the wall.” Yes, you climb with a partner to hold your rope and keep you safe, but he or she is there for safety and support, cheering you on to tackle your next challenge, and providing advice and encouragement as needed. Climbing isn’t a competition between you and your partner or anyone else climbing that day; everyone is at his or her own level. It is simply a competition between you and the wall, pushing yourself to new levels that break past your own physical and mental blocks. You stare up at the wall and see what you can tackle that day, then you attempt it. When you’re on the wall, everything else fades away and you focus only on what you can do.  » summer | 2015 |

To see the full article purchase this issue here. 12



When you meet Danielle Orner, her energy and her words are so uplifting and inspiring you would never know she spent 10 years of her youth in and out of hospitals for treatment of bone cancer. Just looking at her, you wouldn’t know that at almost 16 years of age she had part of her leg amputated. Danielle is the “healthy” one in her friend crowd: she drinks green smoothies every morning, has glowing skin and energy, teaches and practices yoga, and eats a whole food vegan diet. People often forget that at one point in her life she was very, very sick. Growing up in Southern California, Danielle dreamed of being an actor. Before the cancer came, she was a varsity track and cross-country athlete. She noticed the lumps on her leg and her running times starting to plummet. Though she thought it was just a running injury, a trip to the doctor revealed that it was a tumor. When she was able to get back to school, running was no longer an option so she threw herself into acting. She scored a theater scholarship for college, but she still continued to go in for scans and treatments every six months or so.  » Photo credit: Stephen Crowley

To see the full article purchase this issue here. 13

summer | 2015 |

featured athlete

Photo credit: Paul Gallaher

summer | 2015 |


Find Jo Online: Check out the Our Team page! Recipes and Photography by Jo Hodson.


summer | 2015 |

Want more ideas? Add sun­dried tomato and a little nutritional yeast for a rich Italian flavour. Swap veggies for green beans or peas.

Keto Cauliflower Risotto We put a summer twist on this classic comfort dish, but we make it keto-friendly by using cauliflower instead of rice. This light and creamy alternative will save you time in the kitchen and have you out by the pool in no time! Ingredients:


1 small onion, diced

Sauté the onion and garlic in the coconut oil for 4 to 5 min-

2­to 3 cloves garlic, minced

utes until softened. Add the grated cauliflower and continue

2 teaspoons (5g) coconut oil

to sauté for a couple more minutes. Add the vegetable stock,

2 heaping cups (350g) grated cauliflower (~1 small head)

hemp seed butter and salt and stir through while simmering

1/2 cup (75ml) vegetable stock

gently for 5 minutes.

2 tablespoons (30g) shelled hemp seed or cashew butter 1/2 teaspoon (2g) sea salt Handful pitted sliced olives 4­to 5 leaves fresh basil, chopped

Topping: 1 teaspoon (5g) coconut oil 1 teaspoon (3g) mixed dried Italian herbs (or other herbs) 1/2 medium aubergine (eggplant), sliced 1 medium courgette (zucchini), sliced diagonally

Meanwhile, make the topping by melting a little coconut oil in a griddle or frying pan, toss in the dried herbs and fry the sliced aubergine (eggplant) and courgette (zucchini) for a few minutes on either side until cooked through, lightly browned with griddle marks. Stir the olives and fresh herbs into the cauliflower mix just before serving and top with the griddled vegetables. Makes 2 servings Nutrition per serving: Calories: 277  Carbohydrates: 28.2 g  Fiber: 10.4 g  Net Carbohydrates: 17.8 g  Protein: 9.0 g  Fat: 17.2 g

summer | 2015 |

To see the full article purchase this issue here. 16


summer | 2015 |


Grab a bench and do this quick workout by Di Hickman

During the summer months when the days are longer, we tend

One excuse we hear time and time again is “I don’t have

to spend more time outdoors. You are hitting up outdoor con-

time to work out.” Well, multitask! If you’re at your kids’

certs, picnicking in the park, attending ball games or sneaking

ball game, school picnic or play date, all you need is to look

in your workouts while taking a stroll around your neighbor-

around and see what you can use for your workout. Going for

hood. Don’t spend an hour cooped up in a gym! Throw your

a run? Add 10 minutes on the end for some bodyweight exer-

sneakers on and head to your local park for your workout.

cises that will give you some strength along with the cardio.

You’ll get some free vitamin D (no supplement required) and, if you’re lucky, you’ll make some fitness friends too.

Time and cost are no longer a factor when you do a bodyweight workout. In fact, taking your workout outdoors can be

You don’t need fancy (and often expensive) equipment, gym

quite versatile as many parks now have specific workout areas,

memberships or the latest fitness DVD to get in excellent

with specialized fitness equipment enabling you to do sit ups,

shape in the warmer months. All you need is, well, you! As

chin ups, push ups and more. See those rings and monkey

the saying goes, “You are your own gym.” In fact, there is a

bars? Go have a swing! Some may even have ropes to climb

whole fitness movement dedicated to working with your own

up, so you can embrace your inner ninja.

bodyweight to improve your fitness. The beauty of bodyweight workouts is they can be done absolutely anywhere.

If all else fails, one thing all parks have is a park bench. Often

With a bodyweight workout, you can do them at home, at

underutilized, a simple park bench can be all you need to add

work, or even in your hotel room while on vacation. We take

some oomph back into your workout routine.  »

to our local park to get in this issue’s workout. Find Di Online: Check out the Our Team page!

summer | 2015 |

To see the full article purchase this issue here. 18

Photo credit: Melissa Schwartz

summer | 2015 |




by Laura Kaplan


Age is just a number. Like it or not, we all get older. But who says we have to fall apart as we age like so many Americans today? We sought out to find vegans who were crushing the aging stereotype and thriving, to see what their secrets are. These seven inspiring vegans, all over the age of 50, are at the height of their careers doing amazing work: writing books, blogging, appearing in documentaries, running businesses, teaching, cooking, and moving their bodies to stay fit and healthy. They lead by example and show how beneficial veganism and regular physical exercise can be for living long, fulfilling, active and energetic lives. Some of them have been vegan and active for multiple decades, while others have recently made the transition. All of them are using fitness, and a healthy vegan diet, to enhance their well-being. In total, these individuals have completed a Tough Mudder Race, three triathlons, one Ironman triathlon, one half marathon, several marathons, two 545-mile-long bike rides, and a number of world and national Jiu Jitsu competitions. You can’t get more badass than that! Whether training for athletic events or impressing people with their strength and beauty, these vegans are certainly proof that it’s never too late to start your fitness journey and excel at it.  » Find Laura Online: Check out the Our Team page!

summer | 2015 |

To see the full article purchase this issue here. 20

DR. PAM POPPER AGE: 58 VEGAN FOR: 10 years, pescatarian eight years prior FAVORITE PRE-WORKOUT FUEL: Depends on time of day and varies due to schedule. Breakfast is the Wellness Forum health smoothie, which includes vegetable powders, foodgrade green tea, flaxseeds, brewer’s yeast, plant milk, a banana and frozen fruit; and two slices of Ezekiel bread toast with fat-free hummus FAVORITE POST-WORKOUT FUEL: Bananas, or Wellness Forum multigrain cereal with almond milk, raisins and a banana after a harder workout SUPPLEMENTS TAKEN: Vitamin B12 two times a week, Juice Plus capsules

Dr. Pam Popper’s accomplishments include starting and growing the company Wellness Forum. She worked on and appeared in Forks Over Knives, and co-authored the companion book to the film. She is also proud of herself for, as she describes, “transforming myself from a cheese-eating overweight couch potato into a fit vegan princess.” Fitness makes Pam “feel better, calmer, more focused, and nicer.” Like many vegan powerhouses in our community, she could not do her demanding job if she were not fit. Exercise helps her stay lean, gives her energy, and she loves the feeling she gets from both the results and the process. The healthier she eats, the stronger and faster she gets. This is definitely helpful for the several marathons Pam has completed, though right now she is simply running for fitness and enjoyment.   »


summer | 2015 |

In order to age well and to remain independent, humans need to develop balance, coordination, strength, stability and many other attributes that can only be achieved with exercise. Her company owns a gym and a hot yoga studio, which can make it easier for her to fit exercise into her schedule. She teaches hot yoga classes and trains clients in the gym, and will often take the yoga classes herself whenever she gets the chance. “Aggressive strength training” is something Pam does on the regular and sometimes does boxing twice a week. Pam hopes that, in focusing on her health through nutrition and exercise, she can achieve longevity. “In order to age well and to remain independent, humans need to develop balance, coordination, strength, stability and many other attributes that can only be achieved with exercise,” she says. “I’m planning to live for a very long time and to be active until I die!” Health, according to her, needs to be a priority “so you can live until you die.” Some of the ways in which she advises others to do this is to write their workouts or exercise classes in their planners or appointment books and to hold themselves accountable to them as though they would an important meeting with someone else. “Make taking care of yourself every bit as important as the other things you do every day.” For women her age, Pam says there is often an idea that “women cannot become athletic; that it is hard to become fit; that you can put it off for another undetermined time (you can, but there is a high price to pay for this) and that exercising is a luxury rather than a requirement for health.” She points out that many women her age did not have the opportunity to participate in sports, and perhaps that is one contributing reason as to why this is the case. Pam says it’s important to “be intentional and proactive about health, instead of reactive.” She was advised from her friends not to wait until she got sick to work on her health. Taking their advice, she embarked on her journey towards greater health and has never looked back. “I had no major health issues when I started to turn my life around 18 years ago,” and considers herself lucky that she did not experience a health crisis in order to get to the wonderful place she is at now.   Find Pam Online: Website

summer | 2015 |



When we decided to feature swimwear this issue, we wanted to find suits that were classy and stylish but also sporty and would look good on all figures. Fit chicks need to move around comfortably in their summer gear but also look beautiful. Here are a few of our favorite swimsuits modeled by some badass vegan women in our community. Grab your sunscreen and take a dip with us!  Photography by Belinda Jansen    Makeup provided by Lippygirl g y p p i l t a 10% off t e g s r ITION N I Reade F E D e with cod

suit Koru Bay of Islands Top in White with Coral Accent $80 Bay of Islands Bottom in White with Coral Accent $80

lauren miranda DM: How long have you been vegan? 4 years DM: Why did you go vegan? I watched a documentary about the way animals are mistreated on factory farms. After that, I made a decision that I was no longer going to give my money to corporations that exploit and abuse animals. I first went vegan for the animals, but then I noticed all of the health benefits that came along with it (mentally and physically). Veganism is more than just a diet; for me it evolved into a mind, body and spiritual connection. DM: Are you into fitness and what is your favorite kind? I’m definitely into fitness. I love hot yoga and running. I also lift weights too. I think it’s all about balance. I try to listen to my body. DM: What’s your favorite song to rock out to right now? Gooey - Glass Animals (it’s stuck in my head) DM: What vegan females inspire you? That’s a hard question because I know a lot of beautiful vegan women who inspire me, but I’m a foodie so I’m going to have to say Mary Mattern. Her recipes are out of this world. And Shannon Radke, owner and creative genius of Cinnaholic.   »

To see the full article purchase this issue here.

Metabolic Training

Burn calories like you mean it

by Lori Brannen-Graham

Have you ever wondered what type of training burns the most calories in the least amount of time? Look no further than Metabolic Training. This style of training is a quick way to torch body fat while building muscle and is effective at improving overall fitness. But be forewarned: You will achieve results if you combine this style of training with a goal-specific nutrition plan. If you can handle knowing that, then read on. Metabolic training is a high-intensity, high-volume style of interval training designed to maximize caloric expenditure (calories burned). It is typically a full body workout performed as a circuit (with little to no rest) with compound exercises, often using multiple joints and muscles (for example, performing a squat with a shoulder press). A metabolic workout integrates cardio with weight training and is known to increase metabolism for an efficient “bust your ass” workout. Due to the high intensity of this type of workout, it is typical to keep the weight(s) lighter and to perform more repetitions than a traditional bodybuilding training program. By including metabolic workouts in your training repertoire, you can bring your fitness level to new heights. It can be incorporated as part of any traditional bodybuilding program to improve your tolerance of higher volume work or as the main focus for a short timeframe, depending on set goals. Due to its ability to burn fat, it can be a smart approach to a summer-ready training program or as a cutting phase, such as competition prep, an upcoming photoshoot, holiday, or special occasion. It is common in a traditional bodybuilding program to break your training into mesocycles (two- to six-week time periods). By including two to six weeks of metabolic training, you can ramp up your fitness level, break through a plateau, promote fat loss, or create variety in a current program. Beginners can incorporate metabolic training one to two times each week as part of their regular weightlifting or cardio sessions. Intermediate to advanced trainees could easily incorporate three to five metabolic training sessions each week, but this would take careful planning of individual workout sessions to ensure proper rest occurs between trained muscle groups. There are many different styles of metabolic training programs that are effective. The following sample workout is designed as a circuit, one of the most popular forms of workouts using this technique.  »


summer | 2015 |

featured lifting workout

Metabolic Training Guidelines

(for the sample workout)

•  Perform each exercise back to back with little to no rest •  Each exercise should be timed for 60 seconds (there are apps available to help track timed intervals) •  Complete as many repetitions as you can of each exercise in the given time •  When all exercises are completed, rest 60 seconds before starting the circuit over •  Repeat circuit a total of three to five times •  Never sacrifice form for speed  »

summer | 2015 |

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Luke Tan is a beautiful human being with incredible strength, flexibility and compassion. When I met him for the first time at Melbourne’s World Vegan Day festivities, he was sweet as can be. All these things make him hot. Like many vegans in the fitness realm, it’s important to him to spread the message that you can be fit and healthy without killing innocent lives. Luke sets that example through his personal coaching business and the Evolved Generation team of athletes. As their website says, “Activism is being the best version of yourself.” We couldn’t agree more! We sat down with Luke to learn about his vegan awakening, how he trains and eats, and more. CM: Tell us a little bit about how, when and why you went vegan?

My wife first introduced me to the book The Food Revolution by John Robbins. The book opened my eyes to the politics of food consumption and production. It was a great insight into how a plant-based diet is healthier, more ethical and sustainable. Shortly after, I was encouraged to watch the film Earthlings. The film was an eye opener. It showed how animals are exploited as commodities simply to feed the ever-growing demand of meat and their by-products. The film also made me realize my own carnistic belief system. I literally turned vegan overnight. So what is carnism? “ Carnism is the belief system in which eating certain animals is considered ethical and appropriate. Carnists—people who eat meat—are not the same as carnivores. Carnivores are animals that are dependent on meat to survive.  » 29

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Carnists are also not merely omnivores. An omnivore is an

the works of doctors Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard, Caldwell

animal-human or non-human that has the physiological

Esselstyn, Colin Campbell, John McDougall, Neal Barnard

ability to ingest both plants and meat. But like carnivore,

and Michael Greger, and found that a plant-based diet has

omnivore is a term that describes one’s biological consti-

been proven to halt/reverse chronic degenerative diseases

tution, not one’s philosophical choice. Carnists eat meat

(diabetes, cancer, heart disease). To me, the choice was crys-

not because they need to, but because they choose to, and

tal clear.

choices always stem from beliefs.” –Melanie Joy, PhD Following the switch, I read the book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness by Robert Cheeke, and realized that not only was

CM: Have you always been into fitness? Why is it an important part of your life?

it possible to be a vegan and build muscle, but it was opti-

When I was a little tyke, I used to watch my dad working

mal. I discovered there are many athletes across the globe

out in his home gym, doing bicep curls, the bench press and

thriving on a vegan diet. Through the book, the message

sit ups (he used to pride himself at doing 1000 in one go!).

was clear—the best way to increase awareness is to spread a

I suffered from various chronic illnesses (asthma, epilepsy,

positive message and lead by example. I further researched

kidney issues) in my younger years. The daily medication left me borderline obese up until the age of 14. When I was fully cured, I followed in my dad’s footsteps and started weight training. Fast forward to where I am now, as a strength and conditioning coach specializing in plant-based nutrition, and author of the book Awake and Alive: Harness your physical and mental potential through a plant-based lifestyle. I am passionate about spreading the plant-positive message to the world. Fitness and embracing a plant-based perspective, has given me a purpose in life. Through my own journey, and helping others achieve their own physical and emotional goals, I have been on a neverending path of self-discovery. Being in a position where I actively contribute positively to someone’s life while making a difference to the planet, I feel extremely privileged.  »

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Summer has arrived! Whether you’ve got a full season of travel plans or are just planning to spend your time at the beach, there are a few items you simply must have in your personal care collection to help beat the heat. From cruelty-free sunscreen and nourishing lip balm (sans beeswax) to mini ice cream bars (hey, it’s all about balance, right?), we’ve got you covered.  summer | 2015 |


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disrupting chemicals. And sadly, most

summer | 2015 |

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