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October 2023

Transforming Forward

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October 2023

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By Gen. Jaqueline Van Ovost, USAF



By Sharon Lo


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12 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

As the Foundation is funded by voluntary donations, with your support, the Foundation will be empowered to help students for decades to come. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to help our future professionals have a future. Visit to find out more. GIVE HAPPY - The NDTA Foundation is now a vetted charity listed in Combined Federal Campaign! CFC charity code #94212

PRESIDENT’S CORNER Safety—Service—Accountability— and the Mission VADM William A. Brown, USN (Ret.) NDTA President & CEO It is hard to believe we are three-quarters of the way through 2023, hosting the Fall Meeting with US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) in Orlando— and planning for 2024. This issue of the Defense Transportation Journal will provide insights from leaders in the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise and prep us to hear directly from leadership at the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting. I hope many of you take the opportunity to learn, engage, and develop relationships at this important gathering. At the Fall Meeting, we will recognize NDTA awardees including board, corporate, and military awards. It is important to take some time to honor these individuals and entities for their outstanding service to-

wards ensuring this vital logistics enterprise continues to support our Nation and allies. This year at the Fall Meeting our theme is Advancing U.S. Power Projection with Allies & Partners. Please embrace our key coalition partners at the Fall Meeting—and learn from the several international keynotes and roundtable and panel speakers we have for the general sessions and Transportation Academy. As a Nation, we do not go to war without allies and partners—and many of those important countries will be represented by senior leaders at the Fall Meeting. Please engage with them at every level. Additionally, I encourage you to attend the all-important NDTA Committee and Subcommittee meetings which will be held


SUSTAINING • JET Infrastructure • Paxton Van Lines • ReloQuest • The MITRE Corporation • Thinklogical

on the last day of the Fall Meeting. These meetings are attended by NDTA industry members, DOD, and government representatives, and are open to all Fall Meeting participants for observation. The Committees serve to bring issues to the table so that challenges of mutual concern can be worked on and resolved. If you want to find insight and business intelligence in a certain logistics sector, these meetings—in addition to the general sessions and Transportation Academy—are essential. Furthermore, NDTA and our Young Leaders Committee will host a Young Leaders luncheon and social See Pres. Corner pg. 38




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Gaining Decision Advantage,

TOGETHER By Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost, USAF Commander, US Transportation Command


he world came together after World War II to establish the greatest period of growth and prosperity in recorded history. The subsequent institutions we built have lasted nearly eight decades and continue to promote peace, education, trade, and support for the common good. Nevertheless, these institutions are aging, and the rules-based order they created is strained. Look no further than Russia’s continued, unprovoked aggression against Ukraine for an example of the changing strategic environment. We must recognize that our work to preserve peace will never be complete. Preserving peace is a result of coordinating all instruments of power on a global scale. Powerful nations do not rely on military strength alone to overcome challenges. Rather, military strength is best used to deter war, or to provide a credible last resort should all other methods fail. Military credibility relies on a strong foundation of logistics—our fundamental ability to deploy, sustain, and redeploy a combined force to and from anywhere in the world. The National Defense Transportation Association is an indispensable teammate in the logistics community and critical to providing the credibility our senior leaders rely on. The men and women of the United States Transportation Command (US14 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

TRANSCOM) and across the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) depend on this relationship to accomplish their missions. But again, our institutions must evolve to remain effective. We must look to the future, identify its broad outlines, and determine what needs to change. With the Joint Warfighting Concept as our guide, and in concert with our allies and partners, we must shape our current systems, processes, and authorities while we have the opportunity to act. Then, as the future emerges, we can provide our most senior leaders with more time and better options to secure a lasting peace—A Decision Advantage. THREATS TO THE LOGISTICS COMMUNITY

The twentieth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley, stated we are witnessing a “seismic change in the character of war, largely driven by technology.” Pervasive sensors with mass data processing have accelerated the ability to understand the operational environment. Low-cost platforms, long-range weapons, loitering munitions, and powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tools with large language models can near-instantly close kill chains on maneuvering formations. Gray zone tactics further complicate the environment, including lawfare, psychological operations,

digital and intellectual theft, and predatory economic partnerships. This new character of war is especially dangerous for the logistics community, both military and commercial. The People’s Republic of China (PRC), our “most consequential geopolitical challenge,” employs over 5,000 commercial sealift vessels—the largest fleet in the world and growing. They control approximately 70% of the ship-to-shore cranes used at global ports, and their logistics management platform, LOGINK, is widely used across the globe. They have demonstrated the ability to disrupt shipments and manipulate supply chains, confirming these are not simply tools of economic prowess but pose considerable risks to defense logistics and international commerce. Our organic and commercial transportation capabilities are as crucial as ever in projecting and sustaining military power, and therefore must be protected. 85% of the joint force required for great power war resides at home in the United States. In conflict, 90% of all cargo would be transported via sealift and 90% of personnel delivered via commercial airlift, and every mission relies on our increasingly vulnerable commercial transportation infrastructure. Using kinetic and non-kinetic means, adversaries can reach well inside our borders to disrupt these forces before they even deploy from the continental United States. Our shared | 15

ability to deliver requires strong partnerships and continued attention to the capabilities, processes, and agreements that have shaped the JDDE so far. Deterring Great Power war in this future environment demands a different way of thinking. We simply cannot sacrifice future modernization for current readiness…we must do both. The technology, lethality, and speed we anticipate will challenge our current authorities, stands to paralyze our operating systems, and break down our antiquated command and control processes. We must characterize the future operating environment and then develop the systems, processes, and authorities that will live up to the test. The result will be more accurate risks, better options, more time, and ultimately favorable outcomes. DECISION ADVANTAGE: THEN AND NOW

Decision Advantage improves decision quality across the competition continuum—from peace to armed conflict—to preserve time and create better options. Decision Advantage is data-informed, but reliant on people to execute. The USTRANSCOM Warfighting Framework will guide our actions on this path. First, we must shape our Global Mobility Posture—ensuring our agreements and infrastructure are resilient enough to provide Joint Force Commanders with the necessary access to maneuver at will; our Global Mobility Capacity—the multi-modal lift platforms, including those from allies, partners, and our emer-

US Army photo by SSG Evan Lane/Released.

Creating Decision Advantage might be a modern term, but it is not a new concept. It was practiced at the onset of the technological revolution of the 90s as we improved systems and processes before Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. We achieved success due to the unprecedented cooperation between allied militaries and commercial partners, but also because of the previous years of work designing the then new Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES). JOPES was created because the legacy systems and processes of the time would not support planning and command and control requirements of large-scale joint operations. Despite having never been tested in a real-world conflict, and far from perfect, JOPES facilitated a deployment of over 500,000 troops to the Middle East and helped coordinate successful military operations for the United States and 40 allied nations.

Photo by MSgt Kevin Young/Released.

gency preparedness programs, that can rapidly mobilize to achieve operational objectives; and our Command, Control, and Integration—shaping our systems to reliably transform data into knowledge and provide senior leaders with realistic options with time to act. 16 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

More recently, in support of Ukraine, the world witnessed how quickly the transportation industry could source and transport munitions and equipment from locations across the United States to multiple ports of embarkation. The agreements our transportation industry made with trucking

companies, rail companies, and the ports of embarkation before crisis had an outsized effect on our ability to respond in crisis. The data available, the systems in use, and relationships in place provided our senior leaders with more time and multiple options to deliver security assistance for Ukraine. Additionally, we continue to develop our systems and processes for managing and synchronizing global bulk fuel. We developed a Bulk Fuel Feasibility Assessment to determine the optimal way to prioritize global demands during any scenario, from humanitarian assistance to armed conflict. Starting in the Indo-Pacific, we are evaluating each region’s contingency plans, focusing on their bulk fuel capabilities, capacity, and supply chains from refinery to the point of need. Our assessment is ongoing but has already energized initiatives across the Department of Defense and commercial industry to close theater distribution gaps for the entire Joint Petroleum Enterprise. Finally, Decision Advantage applies to more than pure warfighting. We can and must use it to support our warfighters and their families. We are transitioning away from the previous system that helped us manage a member’s move from one duty location to another. MilMove, our modernized IT system, provides USTRANSCOM leaders with enhanced decision-making capability across our portfolio of systems. The system will support the Global Household Goods Contract and was designed completely by USTRANSCOM developers. It delivers more, cleaner data on a modern software code and enables countless opportunities to improve the military relocation program and bring much-deserved improvement to the quality of life for our service members and families. CALL TO ACTION

USTRANSCOM has achieved much and learned many lessons over our 36-year history. Our systems, processes, and authorities

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have served us well, and together with commercial industry and like-minded nations, we have successfully met all of our Nation’s deployment and distribution requirements. When we look to the future, however, the path looks different. Should deterrence fail, it will be a challenge to even get to the battlespace, and “iron mountains” will not be an option—there will be no fully permissive environment to build combat power. Formations will be smaller, dispersed over large distances, and partially autonomous. They will require constant movement until a limited window opens for a desired effect. That window will quickly close, and formations will disperse, moving to the next location in accordance with their commander’s intent. Just as we have shown in the past, we must be ready to meet that future. We must develop platforms that can move, deliver, and communicate at relevant speeds. We must refine command and control structures that support mission command while still understanding enough to present viable options to senior leaders. We must rigorously evaluate innovative authorities and processes during wargames, employ what works, and throw out

18 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class George Cardenas/Released.

what doesn’t. We must seek Decision Advantage at every turn. Our work is already underway. We continue to review the Mutual Airlift Support Agreement with the Republic of Korea, facilitating access to Korean Air aircraft to transport US troops and equipment in a contingency. We are testing modular port management teams to reduce combat units’ reception footprint and time at ports of debarkation. We are also working closely with the Navy to acquire used sealift vessels from the commercial market and

supporting the Secretary of Defense with additional authority to purchase foreign-built used ships to immediately regain readiness. This is a start, but much more is needed. We must do the hard work now to preserve time and options later…our Nation depends on it. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the 2023 NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting. I look forward to meeting you in Orlando to discuss more opportunities for Decision Advantage. Safe travels! DTJ


NDTA Joins Ranks of the Combined Federal Campaign Charities By Sharon Lo, Managing Editor, DTJ & The Source


he Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) initiative, is one of the largest and most successful workplace fundraising campaigns in the world. Through the CFC, members of the Military and Federal community go beyond their call to public service by contributing to thousands of vetted charities that work to improve the quality of life for all. NDTA is honored to now be included among the CFC’s list of vetted charities. Since its founding, one of the missions of NDTA has been “to support, conduct and assist programs of transportation education, science, research, and development, among private, industrial, educational and governmental agencies…” The Association needed funding to accomplish this mission, so in 1961, it established the NDTA Foundation to support educational endeavors. THE NDTA FOUNDATION THEN AND NOW

During its first twenty years, the Foundation sponsored many different activities. Among others, it funded research projects driven by specific requests from US Government partners, published industry reports, and underwrote administrative costs of Industry Advisory Committees (IACs) set up to advise military commanders on transportation issues or challenges.

In 1983, a new focus emerged for the Foundation with the establishment of an academic scholarship program. Initially, scholarships were awarded to enrolled college students studying or majoring in the field of transportation. Qualifying fields of study were later expanded to include logistics, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services. The program was then opened to college-bound high school graduates interested in careers in these fields. In recent years, to address the needs of deployed personnel, the program was further expanded to include students enrolled in distance-learning college programs. And, in 2022, NDTA added the Denny Edwards Graduate Scholarship for those seeking graduate degrees in logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services. In its first year, the awards consisted of two $500 scholarships. As a result of generous contributions, judicious investments, surplus operating funds, and fundraising activities the value and number of scholarships steadily increased. The amount available for annual scholarships increased from $20,000 in 2007 to $68,000 this year. Likewise, the average annual scholarship award went up from $870–which today might cover, at most, one semester’s worth of textbooks and a couple of fees–to $4,500. These larger scholarships have enabled the Foundation to achieve its goal of making a significant, rather than just a token, contribution toward making college affordable for students. Furthermore, 100% of all donations go directly to the scholarships.

But NDTA’s ability to continue giving at this level is not a given. Reductions in Defense spending that began in the early 2010s have affected the Foundation. The Association has seen a reduction in donations, as well as reduced proceeds from its events and fundraising activities. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the situation—and of course, we are not the only ones who have experienced financial challenges. STUDENTS IN CRISIS

As the cost of attending college has risen astronomically in the past 10-15 years, so has the amount of debt students have had to take on to earn a degree. In 2021, student loan debt surpassed $1.7 trillion, making it greater than credit card and auto loan debt in the US. The Class of 2021 graduated with an average debt of $36,900, which has been increasing at an annual rate of 7.8%. Student loan debt at graduation has grown 76% since the Class of 2000, a rate of increase that outpaces the rate of inflation by 41%. Furthermore, a 2020 survey by the educational company OneClass of 10,839 college students attending 255 schools across the US, found that a staggering 56% of the students are no longer able to afford tuition. This is an unsustainable trend. Easing the burden of a college education for the future leaders of our profession is now a major priority for the Foundation. It is clear that now, more than ever, the Foundation and the Scholarship Program are going to need much support from our members. This is a very important program that helps our next generation of leaders afford a college education without having to mortgage their future with debt. We are hopeful that NDTA’s partnership with the CFC will make it even easier for those wishing to support the future of the transportation and logistics community. | 19


It’s amazing to see how giving even a little out of each paycheck or a few hours a month adds up as part of a collective effort. In 2022 alone, the Federal community pledged $72.6 million in monetary gifts and volunteer time for local, national, and international charities. That includes monetary pledges totaling more than $70.5 million and volunteer hours valued at $2.1 million. Federal and military retirees contributed more than $4.2 million in 2022, about 13.6% more than they gave the prior year. Retirees now make up 6% of overall donations. And, all of these amounts do not include more than $600,000 pledged earlier in the year as a part of the Special Solicitation for the humanitarian needs arising from the war in Ukraine. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A VETTED CHARITY?

CFC Charities are organizations with status as tax-exempt charities as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, under 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Code, that provide services determined to be eligible for participation in the CFC.

20 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

Organizations may apply and be listed in the CFC Charity List as either a local, national or an international independent organization or as a member of a local, national or international federation. Charities that apply to receive funds through the CFC are required to submit to an extensive review of their financial and governance practices prior to acceptance. This eligibility review has helped set standards for participation in giving initiatives that transcend the community. HOW TO PARTICIPATE

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the CFC, here’s how Federal employees and retirees can make a difference for their favorite causes: 1. Choose your cause. Whether you care about finding cures for diseases, supporting military families, or promoting equality for all, the CFC has vetted charities for any cause you are passionate about. You can even give to multiple charities with one pledge. To donate to NDTA, you can search for National Defense Transportation Association or enter our CFC number 94212.

2. Make your pledge. GIVE HAPPY by donating a little from each paycheck or pledging a few volunteer hours a month. It adds up to so much happiness when we give together. The online pledge portal allows you to easily renew your pledge each year and offers the full range of pledge options: • Payroll deduction (the most popular!) • Credit/debit card • E-check/bank transfer • Volunteer hours (Federal employees only) Other options include paper pledge forms, the CFC Giving Mobile App, and Text-to-Donate. 3. Get happy. Studies show that when you GIVE HAPPY, you get happy too! Thank you to each of you who have already or will now help support the NDTA Foundation. It is our great honor to be chosen to participate with the CFC and we take very seriously both the stewardship of your donations, as well as the duty to encourage, develop, and enable the future of the greater transportation and logistics community. DTJ





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22 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

NDTA has a number of awards that recognize individual and corporate members, as well as chapters and military units, that have excelled in fostering the goals and aims of the Association. We congratulate this year’s award winners and thank them for their contributions to the Association, and to the greater logistics and transportation community. JOSEPH A. TORSANI MEMORIAL AWARD FOR LIFETIME SERVICE & ACHIEVEMENT Over the course of decades, COL Joseph A. Torsani, Jr., USA (Ret.), dedicated his time, leadership and logistics expertise to the National Defense Transportation Association. COL Torsani served tirelessly in key positions at the state and national levels, and truly embodied NDTA’s values and commitment to education, knowledge sharing and fostering the next generation of professionals. In his memory and in the spirit of his many contributions to the Association, NDTA proudly presents the Torsani Award, the highest honor the Association can bestow, on a special basis to recognize many years of service to and advocacy for NDTA.

M Mr. C.N. (Pete) Seidlitz

President, Bristol Associates, and former Chair, NDTA Finance and Audit Committee

r. C.N. (Pete) Seidlitz is awarded the 2023 Joseph A. Torsani Award for Lifetime Service and Achievement by the National Defense Transportation Association. Over the past forty-plus years, Mr. Seidlitz has devoted himself to serving and supporting the national defense of the United States of America as a Life Member of NDTA and through his work in the transportation aviation industry. His work on the NDTA Board of Directors as Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee from 1993 through 2017 provided key guidance and support to the NDTA Chairman, President, and Board of Directors for over twenty-five years. As an NDTA volunteer, Mr. Seidlitz was repeatedly voted into office as the NDTA Chair of the Finance Committee. During the time of his service, he participated in quarterly NDTA Board meetings and met annually with NDTA leadership and the Finance Committee to review, comment, and challenge the annual NDTA annual budget. His important work, attention to detail, and strategic vision helped to ensure the financial health and wellbeing of the Association and the NDTA Foundation’s future. Most significantly, Mr. Seidlitz was instrumental in guiding the growth of NDTA investments from about $700K to over $6 million. Wanting to capitalize on his aviation expertise, Mr. Seidlitz was an active member of the Military Aviation Advisory Committee (MAAC) where he devoted himself to tirelessly working to solve many aviation-related challenges of the day to improve the deployment and sustainment of our military forces. Mr. Seidlitz selflessly provided his personal financial support to the committee, covering costs and helping to support whenever he saw a need. There is no doubt, he was a champion for NDTA and fully supported the organization with his time, money, and personal involvement. Mr. Seidlitz’s exemplary service in the aviation industry and his lifetime of dedicated support to NDTA’s goals and objectives are in keeping with the highest honor NDTA can bestow and provide an example for all members to emulate. | 23



r. Randy Martinez is awarded the National Transportation Award for his truly profound contributions to aviation logistics and transportation in building and maintaining a strong relationship between the Department of Defense and the aviation community, helping to maintain a strong national defense. Having served in the US Air Force as a command pilot and retiring as a Colonel, Mr. Martinez has been a C-suite executive and board member providing key leadership to several public aviation, aerospace, and defense corporations. As the NDTA Board Chair of the Military Aviation Advisory Committee (MAAC), he has led the MAAC alongside the Commander, Air Mobility Command for eleven years. MAAC members repMr. Randy Martinez resent scheduled and charter passenger and cargo airlines, Part 135 operators, Original Equipment Board of Directors: Plexus Corporation, First Class Aviation Manufacturers (OEMs), after-market service providers, freight forwarders, fixed base operators, leasHoldings, Acorn Growth Companies, ing companies, and academia. Under Mr. Martinez’s leadership, the MAAC focused on many promiand Chair, NDTA Military Aviation nent issues affecting the military aviation community related to the aerospace industry, Civil Reserve Advisory Committee Air Fleet (CRAF), cybersecurity, blockchain, dangerous goods, tall rigid cargo, and much more. The MAAC is one of many NDTA platforms that enables our collective aviation community to be ready to meet the challenges of an unpredictable world in support of our national security. For his truly distinctive service to industry and our Nation, Mr. Randy Martinez is awarded the NDTA National Transportation Award. NDTA SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD


TG Kenneth R. Wykle USA (Ret.)—retired Army officer, former civil servant, and past president and CEO of NDTA—is awarded the NDTA Special Achievement Award for his significant contributions to the Nation through his 32 years of military service primarily with the United States Army Transportation Corps, culminating as the United States Transportation Command Deputy Commander. LTG Wykle distinguished himself as the Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration during the second Clinton administration, where he worked to secure passage of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century (TEA-21) providing billions of dollars for the Federal-aid Highway Program. He championed intelligent transportation systems and worked to enhance efficiency for LTG Kenneth R. Wykle, USA (Ret.) freight shipments by road and through improved intermodal connectors. Former Civil Servant, and former He then served as the President and CEO of the National Defense Transportation Association for President and CEO, NDTA twelve years from 2002 through 2014. Through his leadership, NDTA brought government and industry together through NDTA Forums, SDDC Symposiums, and various other events across the nation to work on the challenges associated with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Hope. Always thinking about the future development of leaders, LTG Wykle wisely grew the NDTA Foundation’s corpus through a disciplined investment strategy ensuring scholarships would be available for future generations. For his lifelong service to the Nation and support for NDTA goals and objectives, LTG Kenneth R. Wykle is presented with the NDTA Special Achievement Award. DOD DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD

V VADM Michelle C. Skubic, USN

Director, Defense Logistics Agency

ADM Michelle C. Skubic, USN, is hereby presented the NDTA DOD Distinguished Service Award for her more than 35 years of active-duty service in the United States Navy. As a flag officer, she has served in numerous critical positions involving logistics and supply chain operations at the Joint level—to include operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the Director of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), she led much of the Department of Defense’s response to critical supply chain issues impacting the Nation. This included the procurement of muchneeded medical supplies and equipment, including COVID-19 vaccinations. When industry associations were called upon to assist the Department during the pandemic response, VADM Skubic made sure NDTA represented the transportation and logistics industry at DLA Headquarters. In addition, at the Joint and strategic level, she led her DLA team, together with USTRANSCOM, to enable the all-important transfer of Global Bulk Fuel Management under the auspices of USTRANSCOM. Due to her collaborative leadership, the fighting posture relative to fuel supply will be greatly enhanced during wartime and peacetime operations. The Department of Defense’s ability to support every operation to protect the homeland and support forces deployed forward has been enhanced under her leadership. For her truly distinctive service to our Nation and DOD, VADM Michelle C. Skubic is hereby awarded the NDTA DOD Distinguished Service Award.

24 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023


M Mr. Timothy Burke, SES

Director, Office of Travel, Employee Relocation and Transportation, Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration

r. Timothy Burke, SES, Director, Office of Travel, Employee Relocation and Transportation, Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration (GSA), is hereby presented the NDTA Distinguished Government Service Award for his outstanding service to the Nation in the field of transportation. Under Mr. Burke’s leadership, the GSA Transportation Freight program achieved Government-Wide Category Management Tier 2 designation in 2019. He achieved this goal by successfully engaging the Office of Management and Budget and the Transportation and Logistics Category Manager on the value of the program and its government-wide potential to increase spend under management goals for Government-Wide Category Management. From 2016–2019, Mr. Burke led the transition of small package and worldwide delivery services from GSA’s Domestic Delivery Services (DDS2) to USTRANSCOM’s Next Generation Delivery Service (NGDS), laying the foundation for its current Governmentwide Category Management optimization. During the pandemic, Mr. Burke’s Transportation Freight team leveraged their emergency response expertise to assist the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in response to the Administration’s commitment to ensure transportation, warehousing, and delivery of COVID-19 medical supplies and infant formula. As an active participant in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) program, managed by USTRANSCOM and Air Mobility Command, Mr. Burke successfully facilitated the key partnership between the City Pair Program and CRAF, ensuring the readiness of commercial air industry to meet government traveler requirements. For his exceptional inspiration and leadership, Mr. Timothy Burke is presented with the NDTA Distinguished Government Service Award. NDTA PRESIDENT’S AWARD


he National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) Board of Directors has selected Col Roger Neumann, USAF (Ret.) to receive the 2023 NDTA President’s Award for his incredible contributions to NDTA for over a decade of service as the NDTA Central Region and Texas State President, and President of the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter. During this very turbulent period, NDTA along with many other associations across the United States, experienced dramatic decreases in membership and chapter participation. Yet, through Col Neumann’s leadership and personal efforts, all three Texas Chapters continued to be actively engaged—even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Col Neumann tirelessly and creatively led the way, working with NDTA Col Roger Neumann, USAF (Ret.) Headquarters and encouraging chapter presidents to find ways to keep going. Col Neumann sought Vice President of Contingency solutions to bolster NDTA membership. In June 2018, he authored a white paper titled, “White Paper Plans, The Exchange, and former on NDTA National HQ Engagement with Corporate Members to Drive Local Chapter Participation.” NDTA Region, State, and Chapter President His white paper provided timely and valuable insights and recommendations and shaped the NDTA Headquarters approach to collective interactions with NDTA Corporate Members at the chapter level. Col Neumann’s excellent support over many years while serving in the Air Force, at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service Headquarters, and with NDTA was outstanding. Col Roger Neumann is a credit to himself, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, and NDTA, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to maintain a strong US national defense.

T COL Chris Heibel, USA (Ret.)

Senior Vice President, American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected COL Chris Heibel, USA (Ret.), Senior Vice President, American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier, as a recipient of the 2023 NDTA President’s Award for his dedicated support to the National Defense Transportation Association. As a lifelong transporter and logistician, COL Heibel drew upon his expertise to provide dynamic force projection solutions for commercial industry to augment and enhance military organic lift capabilities when the requirement exceeded what was immediately available to support the deployment or redeployment need. His military and industry experiences around the world established him as a transportation subject matter expert and a go-to contact for advice and collaboration. Understanding the value of developing our future leaders, COL Heibel actively sought to mentor and educate those he served with in the military and those he worked with in government and industry. COL Heibel has been active in NDTA for decades both as a corporate and individual member, and during that time tirelessly built relationships, educating those he worked with, helping NDTA promote a strong national defense. COL Chris Heibel’s accomplishments as a soldier, industry leader, and NDTA member are in keeping with the finest traditions of the National Defense Transportation Association and he deserves to be recognized and honored for all that he has personally done to advance NDTA’s mission and to develop our future leaders. | 25


T Mr. Jonathan (Jack) Svoboda

Strategic Transportation Planner, US Transportation Command J5/4, and Command Lead, NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected Mr. Jonathan “Jack” Svoboda, Strategic Transportation Planner, US Transportation Command J5/4 and the command lead for the NDTAUSTRANSCOM Fall Meeting, to receive the 2023 NDTA President’s Award. For eleven straight years, Mr. Svoboda successfully devoted himself to planning, preparing, and executing the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting. His diligence and hard work created an annual event based on education and learning that brought together thousands of logistics and transportation government and industry executives and leaders with the purpose of building relationships and working together to identify and solve today’s and tomorrow’s toughest challenges. Through his individual efforts along with the efforts of his team, the Fall Meeting built relationships that improved readiness and the ability of our nation to globally deploy and sustain our military forces. Mr. Svoboda’s work on the Fall Meeting was continuous over the course of a year and included aligning educational events with USTRANSCOM priorities and ensuring representation and participation from across DOD, Government agencies, allies, industry, and academia. He helped create a first-class educational program that included Senior Executive meetings, general sessions, an 80-class Transportation Academy, and numerous relationship-building activities. Mr. Jack Svoboda is a credit to himself, the US Government, and the National Defense Transportation Association, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to maintain a strong US national defense.

T Mr. Donald Jones

Former Account Manager Government, Norfolk Southern

he National Defense Transportation Association Board of Directors has selected Mr. Donald Jones, former Account Manager Government, Norfolk Southern, to receive the 2023 NDTA President’s Award for his many contributions to NDTA over the course of his career in the rail transportation industry. For many years Mr. Jones acted as Norfolk Southern’s key contact for NDTA Headquarters, participated in the NDTA Rail Subcommittee and coordinated the participation of the Norfolk Southern band, “The Lawmen,” providing entertainment to the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting reception program. Mr. Jones was known as an excellent transportation logistics leader who found solutions that met the operation requirements and helped government and industry achieve mission success. Working with the DOD, he understood infrequent equipment shipping sometimes created areas of inefficiencies when deploying some assets with new military team members. Mr. Jones took a handson approach to overseeing rail shipment loadings, helping with load planning, load securement, transportation billing, tracking and tracing, and most importantly, communicating throughout. Mr. Jones’ role as Account Manager and key point of contact to the Department of Defense for Norfolk Southern led to Norfolk Southern receiving the NDTA Corporate Distinguished Service Award for four years in a row, most recently in 2022. Mr. Donald Jones is a credit to himself, Norfolk Southern, and NDTA, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to maintain a strong US national defense.

T Mr. Francis (Mickey) Frank Chair, NDTA Foundation Scholarship Committee

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected Mr. Francis (Mickey) Frank, NDTA Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair, as a recipient of the 2023 NDTA President’s Award for his dedicated support to NDTA and the NDTA Foundation. Mr. Frank has been a loyal NDTA Member for over 50 years, joining in 1971, and serving as the Young Leader Action-35 Chair for a period, and then later as the NDTA Scholarship Committee Chair for over thirteen years. For the last five years, Mr. Frank selflessly donated his time and talent as one of NDTA’s star volunteers during the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting and the NDTA-DTMO GovTravels Symposium. As the Scholarship Committee Chair, Mr. Frank guided the committee’s efforts in the selection of over 300 scholarship awards worth over $500,000. His efforts ensured the NDTA Foundation scholarship award standards were upheld while promoting the development of the future government and industry logistics and transportation leaders. He was personally involved in the development and implementation of The Denny Edwards Graduate Scholarship for graduate degree students. Mr. Mickey Frank’s accomplishments as a long-time member, A-35 Chair, NDTA Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair and NDTA Volunteer are in keeping with the finest traditions of the National Defense Transportation Association, and he deserves to be recognized and honored for all that he has personally done to support NDTA’s efforts to advance education and to develop our future leaders.

26 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023


T Mr. Tim P. Ringdahl

CGI Federal, USTRANSCOM J5/4, Deputy Command Lead, NDTAUSTRANSCOM Fall Meeting

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected Mr. Tim Ringdahl, CGI Federal, USTRANSCOM J5/4, Deputy Command Lead for the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting, to receive the 2023 NDTA President’s Award. Mr. Ringdahl’s direct involvement in the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting for eight years running has ensured the NDTA was able to bring government and industry executives and logistics and transportation thought leaders together to improve deployment readiness and solve challenges impacting US national security. Over the course of a week, the Fall Meeting supports over 1,600 government and industry attendees and features general sessions, a Transportation Academy consisting of up to 80 classes, networking sessions, and many Service and senior executive-level meetings. Mr. Ringdahl participates in all aspects of the event planning, preparing, and execution, and worked tirelessly to make sure every detail was executed to perfection. Mr. Ringdahl’s ideas and initiatives continue to improve the Fall Meeting program and his dedicated support to this effort has been fantastic. As part of the Transportation Academy program, Mr. Ringdahl coordinated hundreds of instructors, speakers, moderators, and panel members focused on educating government and industry on a wide variety of especially important topics. Mr. Tim Ringdahl is a credit to himself, the US Government, CGI Federal, and the National Defense Transportation Association, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to build a strong US national defense.

T Col Josh Lundeby, USAF

Deputy Commander, 18th Wing, Kadena Air Base, Japan and former Chief, Distribution Division, Joint Staff J4

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected Col Josh Lundeby, USAF, the former Chief, Distribution Division, Joint Staff/J4, and current Deputy Commander, 18th Wing, Kadena Air Base, Japan, as a recipient of the 2023 NDTA President’s Award for his dedicated support to US Department of Defense and the NDTA. Colonel Lundeby served as the Joint Sourcing/Movement Coordination Board Chair where he integrated air, land, and sea movements with all COCOMs, Services, and commercial air and sealift partners, arming the warfighter with 345 million pounds of materiel via 977 flights, 61 vessels, and 143 trains. He was the Joint Staff lead for movement of all Ukrainian aid, directing on-time delivery of 37 security forces assistance packages worth $29+ billion. He was hand-picked to build and lead high-vis interagency teams, including the complex multi-modal transport of systems for Taiwan’s defense, orchestrating NSC, OSD, and Army requirements. Col Lundeby led a $53 million Department of Energy (DOE)-procured energy infrastructure movement to Ukraine, aiding 9 million without power, and was singled out by DOE as the lynchpin for success. As J4 2024 Program Budget Review lead, he mitigated tanker and sealift shortfalls, expediting tanker recap and securing funds for continued sealift recap beyond the three vessels procured in 2023. In his NDTA liaison role, Col Lundeby aided in the preparation of J4 leadership for six NDTA Board of Director Meetings, one Transportation Advisory Board, and two NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting presentations. Understanding the important role of NDTA Committees in solving challenging logistics and transportation issues, he acted as the Joint Staff representative to NDTA’s Logistics and Distribution Committee, helping to revise the charter to include four subcommittees (Energy, Finance, Industrial Base, and Technology) and expanded working-level liaisons from solely US Transportation Command to now include USTRANSCOM, DLA, and JS J4. Col Josh Lundeby is a credit to himself, the US Air Force, and the National Defense Transportation Association, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to serve the Nation. | 27


T COL Charlie Elliott, USA (Ret.)

Director of Military Operations, Freeman Holdings Group/Million Air

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected COL Charlie Elliot, USA (Ret.), Director of Military Operations, Freeman Holdings Group/Million Air, as a recipient of the 2023 NDTA President’s Award for his dedicated support to the National Defense Transportation Association. COL Elliott is a combat-wounded, Vietnam attack helicopter pilot, a veteran, and a retired colonel, who has won numerous medals during his service. He was also awarded the US Coast Guard’s Meritorious Public Service Award following Million Air’s participation in the relief efforts of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He served as the general manager of the Alexandria operations of Freeman Holdings of Louisiana for 12 years and then took on the role of Director of Military Liaison and Marketing. Early on, COL Elliott recognized the significant role NDTA played in building relationships between government and industry, and it was for that reason that company leadership committed to becoming active members and supporters of NDTA’s mission. COL Elliott was instrumental in Freeman Holdings participating in the NDTA Transportation Advisory Board and becoming an active participant in the Military Aviation Advisory Committee. COL Elliott is an excellent example of the many NDTA members who work quietly in the background, establishing professional relationships and making friends to get things done. COL Elliott is a credit to himself, the Freeman Holdings Group, and the National Defense Transportation Association, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to maintain a strong US national defense. YOUNG EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR AWARD

T Mr. Garrett McGregor

Manager Customer Success, Southwest Airlines, and former Chair, NDTA Young Leaders Committee

he NDTA Board of Directors has selected Mr. Garrett McGregor, Manager of Customer Success at Southwest Airlines and the former Chair of NDTA’s Young Leaders Committee, to receive the National Defense Transportation Association Young Executive of The Year Award. New to NDTA, Mr. McGregor sought out NDTA leadership wanting to know how he could make a difference in the organization. When offered the opportunity to take on the Young Leaders Chair position that placed him on the Board at NDTA, he never hesitated—in fact his first question was, “When do I get started and what do you want me to do first?” Mr. McGregor brought energy, a positive attitude and fresh ideas to his role as the NDTA Young Leaders Chair. Over the course of two years, Mr. McGregor reestablished the Young Leaders program, implemented Young Leaders professional development sessions at the NDTA-USTRANSCOM Fall Meeting and the NDTA-DTMO GovTravels Symposium, and was intimately involved in the NDTA Industry Connect Program (ICP). As part of the ICP program, he played a key role in connecting NDTA Foundation scholarship awardees with NDTA industry mentors to help them bridge from college to career. Mr. McGregor is a leader who exemplifies what it means to be a member of NDTA. He is a credit to himself, NDTA, and Southwest Airlines, and deserves our thanks and recognition for his efforts to build a strong US national defense.

28 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023




Office of the Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment Industry Policy


he Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) for Acquisition & Sustainment (A&S) Industry Policy is selected to receive the NDTA Innovative Logistics Service Award for their efforts to open and maintain a new line of communication with industry associations representing tri-associations, products, services, communities, sector, and small business. During the COVID-19 pandemic, OSD Industry Policy established a weekly conference call with industry associations. This call brought together OSD with the Defense Contract Management Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, Domestic Policy Council, military Services, USTRANSCOM and the associations representing the industrial base to share information, identify challenges, express needs, provide business opportunities, and communicate about upcoming events. These meetings built relationships, increased engagement opportunities, and helped to strengthen the industrial base. Armed with information flowing from these meetings, NDTA is enabled to share pertinent information with its logistics and transportation corporate and individual members. OSD A&S Industry Policy is recognized by the National Defense Transportation Association for its excellent work and deserves our thanks and recognition for its efforts to strengthen the defense industrial base. NDTA PRESIDENT’S SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD

James Blesi, Oklahoma State University Benjamin Davis, University of California, Berkeley Ryan Edmister, Cal Maritime Abigail Freeman, The University of Tennessee Knoxville Harry Murphey, University of Pittsburgh Dan O’Leary, Maine Maritime Academy Teleri Wilt, Massachusetts Maritime Academy PROGRAM B

Zachary Hardy, Maine Maritime Academy Justin Jaworski, Clemson University Charlie Krebs, Marshall University Alyssa Lacroix, West Coast Baptist College Tyler Longwell, University of Tennessee Knoxville Alexander Populoh, Christopher Newport University Sejal Sekhar, Cornell University Alyssa Stoner, Walsh University CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SECURITY SCHOLARSHIPS

Naquoia Meister • Corrine Ruocco • Daniel Shelton NDTA ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS NDTA offers four scholarship/tuition assistance programs to NDTA members and their financial dependents, as well as one scholarship program for students at Christopher Newport University. • •

• •

TOTE Maritime Alaska


OTE Maritime Alaska is selected for the NDTA President’s Special Achievement Award for its commitment to innovation and long-term solutions in sustainable shipping, and continued support of the national defense of the United States and the domestic supply chain. TOTE Maritime Alaska successfully completed commissioning with the US Coast Guard for its ORCA-Class Alaska fleet to run on dual-fuel liquified natural gas (LNG) in April of 2023. When it comes to investing in environmental solutions and advancing the use of LNG as a fuel, TOTE Maritime Alaska and its parent company TOTE Group are recognized as leading the way.

ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM A: To encourage good college students to study the fields of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM B: To assist high school graduates achieve their academic goals in the fields of business/ management, logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM C: To encourage good distance learning college students to study the fields of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM D: The Denny Edwards Graduate Scholarship: For graduate degree students majoring in the fields of logistics, transportation, supply chain, physical distribution, and passenger travel services; to provide college scholarship opportunities for NDTA members. CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SECURITY SCHOLARSHIPS: This scholarship will provide financial assistance to students studying in a field that supports the US national defense. Up to three scholarships will be awarded annually to students studying in US national security studies, who are junior fellows in the Center for American Studies at Christopher Newport University.

NDTA scholarship/tuition assistance funds can only be disbursed to an academic institution on behalf of the successful applicant. If the institution is not known at the time an application is submitted, the successful applicant must submit documentation showing that he/ she has in fact been accepted by an institution as a full-time student before disbursements can be made. | 29

NDTA FOUNDATION AWARDS The NDTA Foundation fosters the growth and development of our next generation of logistics and transportation professionals by providing annual academic scholarships. The NDTA Foundation Awards recognize corporate and individual donors who have made a significant and lasting investment in the NDTA Foundation, as well as for contributions on an annual basis. The 2022-2023 award winners are: PATRON

Enterprise Holdings Kalitta Air LLC Matson, Inc. Paramount Enterprises International ADVOCATE

American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Group Inc. Bristol Associates, Inc. Morrisette Family Foundation LTG Roger Thompson, USA (Ret.) NDTA INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD In conjunction with the senior logistics chiefs from each of the Services, the NDTA Instructor of the Year Awards honor instructors from the service transportation schools. Criteria for award selection are established by the military services and include such measures as the individual’s technical knowledge, teaching skills, selfdevelopment, and general leadership abilities.


CW3 Derek Collins

Primary Instructor, United States Army Transportation School’s Marine Engineer Warrant Officer Advanced Course Fort Eustis, Virginia


Mr. Tyler Ward

Navy Supply Corps School Newport, Rhode Island

30 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

NDTA CORPORATE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS This award is presented annually to corporate members that have provided outstanding service in support of NDTA’s goals and programs at the local and national levels.

AAT Carriers, Inc. Accenture Federal Services Agility Defense & Government Services Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. Amazon American President Lines, LLC American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC) Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Bennett BNSF Railway Bristol Associates C5MI Carlile Transportation Systems, LLC CGI Federal Choice Hotels International Construction Helicopters, Inc. (d/b/a CHI Aviation) Crowley CWTSatoTravel Deloitte DHL Express Drury Hotels Company, LLC Enterprise Holdings Ernst & Young FedEx Freeman Holdings Group Global Logistics Providers LLC Hapag-Lloyd USA, LLC ICAT Logistics International Auto Logistics Kalitta Air LLC Landstar System, Inc. Liberty Global Logistics Maersk Line, Limited Matson Move One Logistics National Air Cargo, Inc. Norfolk Southern Corporation Omega World Travel Patriot Maritime Port of Beaumont Port of San Diego Reify Solutions, LLC Sabre SAP SAP Concur Schuyler Line Navigation Company LLC Sixt rent a car Southwest Airlines The Pasha Group The Port of Virginia TOTE Trailer Bridge Transportation Institute Travelport Tri-State Motor Transit Co. U.S. Bank United Airlines US Ocean, LLC Waterman Logistics Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Honored to Serve Our Military The Pasha Group offers versatile roll-on/roll-off and container shipping services to deliver cargo needs with specialized service you can trust. Pasha is dedicated to supporting military unit movements with professional terminal stevedoring, flexible vessel schedules, and a focus on customer service. | 31


Since 1966, NDTA has honored units of the military services that have performed outstanding service in transportation or a related field. These units are selected for this recognition by each of the services.


ment of 400 exercise participants to various forward sites. Additionally, they coordinated the onward movement of 25 pieces of equipment and 15 pallets of medical supplies via military aircraft.

Charlie Company (C. Co) 39th Transportation Battalion 16th Sustainment Brigade Kleber Kaserne, Germany


The 39th Transportation Battalion (39th MCB) is the largest movement control battalion in the Army’s inventory, consisting of a headquarters and headquarters detachment, six transportation detachments, one inland transfer cargo company, two medium line haul companies, and 19 movement control offices across Europe. With 645 Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, and local nationals combined, the unit is responsible for coordinating the movement of commodities, forces, and equipment across 51 countries in Europe and Africa. From 24 January until 17 June 2022, the 39th MCB ensured a shared understanding of operational requirements for United States Army in Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF) priority exercise, DEFENDER 22. The Battalion hosted a movement control academy, which provided detailed European-specific training and assistance for all movement-related activities. The initiative proved instrumental during the execution of 30 convoys across 66 serials; three port operations in the Netherlands, Greece, and Denmark; 21 rail missions pitching 640 pieces; the pitching of 2,508 pieces via linehaul; and 17 air operations for 3,249 personnel. Between 1 February and 31 December 2022, the 39th MCB directly supported Assure and Deter and APS movements in Europe by coordinating the movement and integration of 2,400 pieces of equipment across five countries with the 405th Army Field Support Brigade. Simultaneously, the Battalion movement control teams assisted with the reception and onward movement of over 5,000 CONUS-based personnel and 200 pieces of equipment from five different organizations forward deployed in Europe to bolster NATO’s eastern front. In Africa, the 39th MCB participated in Justified Accord 22 in Kenya. 39MCB successfully planned and facilitated the move-

During 2022, the 1644th Transportation Company (1644th TC or 1644th) was in their mission-ready year of the Regionally Aligned Readiness and Modernization Model (ReARMM) and completed 39 convoy missions totaling over 127,300 miles. The 1644th Transportation Company demonstrated sound transportation excellence during Operation Patriot Press (OPP) annual training. The unit executed 39 convoys supporting the movement of ammunition containers throughout multiple state territories accumulating over 127,000 miles during fiscal year 2022, transporting and delivering over 1,200 short tons of CL V with zero accidents or injuries. The unit maximized their training by partnering with an Illinois Army National Guard Security Force Advisor Brigade (SFAB) team to train on basic rifle marksmanship drills per the updated TC 3-20.40, land navigation, and advanced driving skills such as night drivers training, backing with a trailer, navigating tight turns, ground guiding, and trailer stacking procedures. Over 30 new Soldiers were licensed to use NVGs while driving the M915. Each Soldier experienced 20 hours of advanced driver training and 10 hours of AWT training during annual training. Unit efforts to involve every Soldier in training activities and preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) improved mission readiness and unit morale.

32 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

1644th Transportation Company 232d Combat Sustainment Support Battalion Rock Falls, IL


1174th Deployment & Distribution Support Battalion 1179th Transportation Surface Brigade Fort Totten, NY

The 1174th Deployment & Distribution Support Battalion (DDSB) is a high OPTEMPO unit with multiple teams deployed simultaneously across the globe in support of large-scale training operations. During

2022, our Deployment and Distribution Support Teams (DDSTs)—a total of 24 personnel)—mobilized at ports in Charleston, SC; Beaumont, TX; and Tacoma, WA, where they conducted real-world operations and received accolades from their active-duty counterparts. Their 301st Expeditionary Terminal Operations Team (ETOE) completed a year-long mobilization to Germany, where they displayed exceptionally meritorious service in support of Operation Spartan Shield and Atlantic Resolve. The 1174th DDSB provided world-class transportation support to units across the US European Command and US Northern Command. Over the course of 2022, the 1174th DDSB successfully conducted seven Active Component / Reserve Component - Integration (AC/RC-I) missions and simultaneously deployed four units forward to execute port operations encompassing the movement of over 16 thousand pieces of cargo. The team always executes operations with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. There is no mission or port operation that this unit cannot handle. The 1174th DDSB’s contribution as the single port manager during Defender 2022 in Klaipeda, Lithuania, helped ensure the mission was a resounding success. The event showcased the 1174th’s ability to work with sister services and our allies to project specialized transportation capabilities across the globe.


Navy Cargo Handling Battalion FOURTEEN Commander, Fifth Navy Expeditionary Logistics Regiment Point Mugu, CA

Navy Cargo Handling Battalion FOURTEEN (NCHB 14) headquartered in Port Hueneme, CA, with outlying companies in Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Alameda, CA, is comprised of 321 reserve, active, and training and administration reserve service members. NCHB 14 Sailors are highly motivated to train, operate, and equip expeditionary forces to support Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group missions at home

and abroad. The battalion’s maritime forces ashore will continue to provide expeditionary surface and air cargo handling, air terminal operations support, tactical fueling, and ordnance handling in support of worldwide naval, joint, interagency, and combined forces. As “World Famous FOURTEEN”, NCHB 14 led the way in 2022 leaning forward into the new Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group Force Design structure. In total, NCHB 14 distinguished itself in supporting Navy expeditionary operations and exercises worldwide. The Battalion is poised to continue its momentum for years to come. For calendar year 2022, the levels of readiness achieved, and support provided were exceptional. These accomplishments prove the Battalion’s merit and are worthy of the 2022 National Defense Transportation Association Military Unit of the Year Award.


Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Japan

Through unparalleled mission accomplishment and commitment to Marine Corps Installations Pacific Command (MCIPAC), III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF), and United States and allied partners throughout 2022, the Marines, Sailors, and civilians of Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron (“MAGIC”), Marine Corps Air Station Futenma set the standard for Operation Support Airlift (OSA) squadrons in the Marine Corps and as one of the foremost operational aviation transportation providers. Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron Marine Corps Air Station Futenma operates two UC-35D (Cessna Citation Encore) and two UC-12W+ (Beechcraft King Air 350) from Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, and prides itself as the only multiplatform and largest Operation Support Airlift Squadron in the Marine Corps. During 2022, “MAGIC” supported over 2,580 passengers and 84,486 pounds of cargo in over 12 countries, transiting over 14,916 nautical miles. Throughout the course of the past twelve months, “MAGIC” supported five largescale multilateral exercises including Resolute

Dragon in Mainland Japan, KAMANDAG and BALIKATAN in the Republic of the Philippines, Combine Command Post Training (CCPT) 22.1 & 22.2 in the Republic of Korea and numerous unit-level training (ULT) events across the INDOPACOM AOR. Throughout every single exercise, “MAGIC” served as a critical lifeline to unit commanders, facilitating the expeditious movement of vital aircraft repair parts and maintenance equipment from home station to the point of need. The flexibility that “MAGIC” afforded to exercise planners and operational units was readily apparent and undeniably impactful. “MAGIC” aircraft was also responsible for transporting medical suppliers to military hospitals, and directly supported missions of COVID-19 relief. The year 2022 was a challenging and rewarding year for “MAGIC”. The unit excelled in service to both Marine and joint forces, while epitomizing what it means to be a part of Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron Futenma: “Servire Exitamus - We Exist to Serve”. Through the ethos of the 12 station pilots and 12 augment pilots, the maintainers of “MAGIC” aircraft, and the Airfield Marines of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, “MAGIC” has proven itself to be an unparalleled contender worthy of selection for the 2022 National Defense Transportation Association Military Unit of the Year.


support across seven NATO countries. Additionally, the Aerial Transporters made history as the first-ever all-female joint inspection team for exercise REAL THAW, directing tactical transport for 14 critical missions. In response to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Fuels Management Team faced a record 600% increase in operations. They delivered 18 million gallons of fuel to 7,000 aircraft that flew 8,000 fighter, 194 tanker, and 642 electronic warfare sorties, resulting in 6,000 flight hours and the interception of four Russian aircraft intercepts, culminating in winning the 2022 USAFE American Petroleum Institute award. The vehicle management team projected support by deploying 46 assets to five forward operating locations, including supporting the first-ever MQ-9 mission in Estonia. Additionally, they authored the first ever USAFE-AFAFRICA Joint Light Tactical Vehicle course aimed at revolutionizing field operations for maintainers anytime, anyplace in the EUCOM theater. The Materiel Management Flight was vital to the success of ATLAS GUARDIAN by arming 230 personnel and supporting six fighter jets for 103 missions. Additionally, they processed 400 MICAPS and twelve thousand requirements in support of 27,000 flying hours. The 52d LRS “Lynx” family has dedicated countless hours, long nights, and weekends to ensure the mission was accomplished. That mission is to Deliver— Anytime…Anywhere and in 2022 the 52d LRS proved what it is capable of!

52 Logistics Readiness Squadron Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, USAFE-AFAFRICA


The 52d Logistics Readiness Squadron at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, is the second largest Logistics Readiness Squadron in the United States Air Force European command with 451 military and civilian personnel. The mission is to Deliver—Anytime…Anywhere! In 2022, the Deployment and Distribution Flight enabled ACE operations for F-35, F-22, EA-18, KC-135, and F-16 aircraft for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) endorsing Air Shielding missions in support of the Eastern Flank. They were recognized as the USAFE winner for the Department of Defense Packaging Innovation Excellence Award for providing innovation, skill, and warfighter

The 126 Supply Chain Operations Squadron’s (126 SCOS’s) transportation team enables the 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing’s (SCOW’s) Transportation Cell, better known as the Airlift Clearance Authority (ACA) to perform its mission. The 635 SCOW’s ACA provides air clearance for all Air Force shipments into Air Mobility Command’s channel airlift system from CONUS to overseas, averaging over 2,500 shipments weekly. In addition, the ACA provides clearance for AFCENT locations and on a case-by-case basis for other government agencies such as the FBI, NASA, DARPA, and DOE.

126 Supply Chain Operations Squadron Scott Air Force Base, IL

See Awards pg. 38 | 33

WHERE HERoeS HEROES SHOP All honorably discharged Veterans can shop tax free at In addition, the Department of Defense expanded in-store military exchange and commissary shopping privileges as well as MWR resale facility use to all Veterans with service-connected disabilities.

The Exchange is a Department of Defense Organization | 35


These corporations are a distinctive group of NDTA Members who, through their generous support of the Association, have dedicated themselves to supporting an expansion of NDTA programs to benefit our members and defense transportation preparedness.

AAR AAT Carriers, Inc. Accenture Federal Services Agility Defense & Government Services Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. ALARA Logistics Amazon American President Lines, LLC American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Bennett Family of Companies C5MI Carlile Transportation Systems, LLC CGI Federal Chapman Freeborn International Ltd. Construction Helicopters, Inc. (d/b/a CHI Aviation) Crane Worldwide Logistics, LLC Crowley Deloitte DHL Express Enterprise Holdings FedEx Freeman Holdings Group Hapag-Lloyd USA, LLC

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PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE AEG Fuels Air Charter Service American Maritime Partnership Amerijet International, Inc. Berry Aviation, Inc. BNSF Railway Boeing Company Boyle Transportation Bristol Associates Choice Hotels International CSX Transportation 36 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

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Cont’d from President’s Corner pg. 13 event. Many thanks to all who lead these Committees! NDTA is also providing a full Exhibition Hall. The Exhibit Hall is part of the educational experience of each Fall Meeting. Any professional logistician (in uniform or otherwise) will want to do some key things: Become a member of NDTA; soak up information all year-round from our publications the DTJ and The Source, attend the Fall Meeting, participate in local chapter events, learn from the committees—and be a leader in the organization. In another milestone for the NDTA Foundation, we were recently approved by the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to participate in the annual federal giving program as an eligible charity. The work NDTA does to award scholarships to students pursuing degrees in logistics, transportation, supply chain, and passenger travel-related career fields was key to our approval to participate. CFC enables individuals in DOD or government to donate to an approved charity and now NDTA is on the list for the 2023 giving campaign! In the case of the NDTA Foundation, 100% of all donations go directly to support undergraduate and graduatelevel scholarships. Again, please participate in this worthy foundation—and by all means—encourage students to apply for our scholarships. We have many great testimonies from those involved in our scholarship and mentoring programs! I was always taught some key things to remember which applies to everyone on the team, no matter what level they might be in the chain of command. Remember each day: Safety—Service—Accountability—and the Mission. An understanding of how each of these applies to your job or role is very important. DTJ Cont’d from Awards pg. 38 The 126 SCOS is part of a successful Total Force classic association between its parent wing, the 126th Air Refueling Wing, and the 635 SCOW. Colonel Ryan Bakazan, Wing Commander for the 635 SCOW, stated, “The success of the 635 SCOW is due in no small part to our Air National Guard (ANG) team members, who continue to provide effective support for the Air Force’s global supply chain, including the ACA mission. I can’t say it any better than what the evaluation team wrote 38 | Defense Transportation Journal | OCTOBER 2023

in our most recent Total Force Integration assessment, ‘of the 40+ assessments we’ve conducted, this one showed the highest level of mission execution.’ I could not be prouder of the partnership the 126 SCOS and 635 SCOW have forged.” Colonel Steve Olson, Wing Commander for the 126 ARW, lauded 126 SCOS personnel, “It’s impressive to see the collaboration between our wings, and to see how the 126 SCOS integrates with the 635 SCOW in support of the [Air Force] supply chain. We’ve got a wealth of experience in the Guard, and our folks continue to adapt in this environment of strategic competition.” Key accomplishments performed during the previous year by the 126th Supply Chain Operations Squadron included: Serving as approval authority for emergent cargo increments and managing subsequent reprioritizations of all Air Force cargo. Managing clearances and coordinating delivery between aerial ports and ground transportation functions for global munitions and explosive shipments. Providing customer support as Air Force Materiel Command’s Special Assignment Airlift Mission validator. Performing Next Generation Delivery System contract analysis for commercial carrier transit times; providing Fastest and Most Reliable Carrier data to shippers around the globe. And, providing Tracer Action for in-transit visibility of high-priority aircraft parts for Air Mobility Command airframes worldwide. AIR FORCE RESERVE COMPONENT

56 Aerial Port Squadron 452 Mission Support Group, 452 Air Mobility Wing March Air Reserve Base, CA, AFRC

The war fighting 56th Aerial Port Squadron (56th APS) of the 452 Mission Support Group, 452 Air Mobility Wing, March Air Reserve Base, deployed 79-unit members to two different Areas of Responsibility (AOR) locations, as well as members deployed within the CONUS during their recent Fiscal Year 2023 mobilization. The 56th APS also expedited the largest United States airlift operation standing up housing for 16,500 Afghan refugees at Joint Base McGuire-Dix for Operation Allied Welcome. While assigned to the 386 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron, members oversaw the support to Ukraine with the delivery of 170 Switchblade munitions, 12 Patriot Missile Elements, and 455 Improved Outer Tactical Vests—part of the US president’s $40 billion dollar AID package. Deployed

members mobilized to Ali Al Salem Air Base, organized Wing support for German repatriation, airlifted 37 widowed Daesh, saved 227 minors from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and arrested four terrorists. The 56th APS team also quarterbacked PROJECT CONVERGENCE, joint inspected 10 UH-60 and UH-64 helicopters and supporting cargo, as well as, processing 300 soldiers. They also codified 832 flight hours for the US Army’s number one mission. The 56th APS supported OPERATION AGILE FALCON, accelerated joint inspection of 66 tons of cargo, 3 HIMARS, and 3 rolling stock, and postured $15 million dollars in equipment for Joint Task Force being forward deployed. The 56th APS also uplifted the OPERATION ALLIED WELCOME supply chain, eliminating bottlenecks and prepped for an additional 5,000 health kits, bolstering capability by 7% for 11,000 Afghan evacuees. The 56th APS spearheaded 256 annual tours, 175 training reports, 84 end of tour reports, and 27 unit information listings, enabling over 7000 Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members downrange. The 56th APS directed the artillery regiment movement of six HIMARS and 10 MLRS worth $33 million dollars. It lauded and awarded plaques by Command for superb support. The 56th APS bolstered the 332 Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron Air Terminal Flight operations by inspecting 655 assets, saving 550-man hours and allowing the airlift of 1.1K ton of critical cargo for PACAF mission. The 56th APS truly deserves recognition as the US Air Force Reserve Component NTDA Military Unit of the Year. DTJ

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