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Urban Landscape Drawings | Christian Rothenhagen

Metropolitan 2|3

Metropolitan Urban Landscape Drawings | Christian Rothenhagen

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Metropolitan Index NEUE BERLIN... 7 Some recent drawings based on my beloved city of Berlin MY BERLIN 23 A series of 30 drawings based on Berlin / Plus animation collaboration with AUTO64 on DVD DAILY DOODLES / COLOR (DDC) 53 A drawing series on Tornonto / Ontario / Canada DAILY DOODLES / BLACK (DDB) 103 Minimalistic b/w drawings on Toronto / Ontario / Canada SF 2012 (SF12) 131 San Francisco drawings

THANKS 153 DVD Animation Films / Collaboration with my friend and fellow artist AUTO64

Neue Berlin 6|7

Neue Berlin... Some Berlin drawings I just did lately. I am constantly working on my beloved city Berlin. So this is just a little selection of quite a big bunch of Berlin drawings I did recently.

Neue Berlin 8|9

Neue Berlin 10 | 11

Neue Berlin 12 | 13

Neue Berlin 14 | 15

Neue Berlin 16 | 17

Neue Berlin 18 | 19

Neue Berlin 20 | 21

My Berlin 22 | 23

My Berlin A series of 30 drawings based on my beloved city Berlin. Please see the DVD for a *My Berlin* animation film by AUTO64.

My Berlin 24 | 25

My Berlin 26 | 27

My Berlin 28 | 29

My Berlin 30 | 31

My Berlin 32 | 33

My Berlin 34 | 35

My Berlin 36 | 37

My Berlin 38 | 39

My Berlin 40 | 41

My Berlin 42 | 43

My Berlin 44 | 45

My Berlin 46 | 47

The following few pictures were taken in my Berlin studio and at BLOOOM ArtFair / Cologne / Germany, 2011. I had a booth at BLOOOM – showing the *DOODLE series* the first time to the public.

My Berlin 48 | 49

My Berlin 50 | 51

DDC 52 | 53

Daily Doodles / Color (DDC) A series of 48 color-drawings I did during my two months stay in Toronto / Ontario / Canada, 2011.

DDC 54 | 55

DDC 56 | 57

DDC 58 | 59

DDC 60 | 61

DDC 62 | 63

DDC 64 | 65

DDC 66 | 67

DDC 68 | 69

DDC 70 | 71

DDC 72 | 73

DDC 74 | 75

DDC 76 | 77

DDC 78 | 79

DDC 80 | 81

DDC 82 | 83

DDC 84 | 85

DDC 86 | 87

DDC 88 | 89

DDC 90 | 91

DDC 92 | 93

This is where I lived during my two-months-stay in Toronto. Surprisingly it turned out being a super small and quite shitty flat - very noisy. Ground floor with a cocaine addict / party animal landlord above and a poor and lonesome alcoholic / listening to country music all day and night below. It was a typical canadien wooden house. Unfortunately quite worn out / actually pretty fucked up, but part of the whole house swapping thing and all in all actually pretty funny (in retrospective). Reminds me of the fact how gifted I am - being able to live an artists life in my beloved hometown Berlin with an art studio in walking distance and a proper and spacious flat in the heart of the city - still kind of reasonable. Besides from that I really had a blast spending those two months in Canada. Thanks to Janine for showing me her city. While looking for some working space in an art studio I got in touch with the awesome peeps at AKIN Collective / Toronto, where I spent lots of time doing arts. I met a whole bunch of wonderful people there, some of them are still good friends. I also spent a week in Montreal - crushing my buddy Chris Dyer‘s guest room. Thanks, bro! Plus - I definitely need to mention, that I never ever in my life met so many friendly peeps - Canada is a friendly and awesome country. I will definitely come back! Thank you all loads!

DDC 94 | 95

The following few pictures were taken at BLOOOM ArtFair / Cologne / Germany, 2011. I had a booth there - showing the *DOODLE series* the first time to the public.

BLOOOM 96 | 97

BLOOOM 98 | 99

BLOOOM 100 | 101

DDB 102 | 103

Daily Doodles / Black (DDB) This is a series of 23 very minimalistic black-drawings I also did during my two months stay in Toronto / Ontario / Canada, 2011.

DDB 104 | 105

DDB 106 | 107

DDB 108 | 109

DDB 110 | 111

DDB 112 | 113

DDB 114 | 115

DDB 116 | 117

DDB 118 | 119

DDB 120 | 121

DDB 122 | 123

DDB 124 | 125

And again - a few pictures taken of them in *real life* at BLOOOM ArtFair / Cologne / Germany, 2011. I had a booth there - showing the *DOODLE series* the first time to the public.

DDB | BLOOOM 126 | 127

DDB | BLOOOM 128 | 129

SF12 130 | 131

SF 2012 (SF12) A bunch of different sized drawings I did while being in the beautiful city of San Francisco / California / USA, 2012.

The following three black & white drawings are a little series whithin itself. Way bigger than most of my other drawing runs and with more detailing. I am sometimes kind of impatient - so these three brought me into the right mood - for weeks.

SF12 132 | 133

SF12 134 | 135

SF12 136 | 137

Thank you Kelli for letting me use your art studio! A wonderful, spacious and quiet place in the vibrant heart of the Mission / San Francisco.

SF12 138 | 139

SF12 140 | 141

SF12 142 | 143

SF12 144 | 145

SF12 146 | 147

*A view from the hill* - that was the view down on the city from my temporary flat up on the hill in Pacific Heights / San Francisco. Plus - the first artwork I did being in in SF this year.

SF12 148 | 149

SF12 150 | 151

Thank You 152 | 153

Thank You! Thank you Mom for everything, for your help through all the years, for your believing in me big time! I love you - always and ever. Thank you Annette - my love and better half. Thanks to all my friends and family, to everyone who ever had a kind word and believed in me. You guys know who you are. Thank you to all the galleries I ever worked with, especially Yasha Young and the whole team at STRYCHNIN gallery / Berlin, Jen and Kerri at VARNISH Gallery / San Francisco, Shilo at KAYO Gallery / Salt Lake City, Oli and Uwe at NEONCHOCOLATE Gallery / Berlin, Andy Howell and the ARTSPROJEKT team, the whole team at KEEP A BREAST (Especially to Shaney Jo Darden for being so awesome and such a good friend through all the years!)... Thank you to everyone I ever worked with; The OYSTER PIRATES , AKIN Collective, UNDENK, Klaas & the EASTPAK ARTIST STUDIO, Marinho and Jรถrg at CARHARTT... every single artist taking part in the deerBLNproject or any other of my art projects. Thank you to my buddy and fellow artist AUTO64 for the amazing animation films he magicly did based on my drawings (see the DVD!) and for being a true friend and inspiration. Thank you to my long term studio mate Noomi. Thank you to everyone who contributed photographs; Paul, Arnaud, Sophie, Tom. Thank you Kelli for letting me use your SF studio. Thanks to my buddies Brian Greer, Shawn Webber & Chris Dyer and everyone who ever gave me a host while being on the road and everyone I ever ran into who gave me a smile. And finally a thank you to my beloved city of Berlin. Christian

Me 154 | 155

„Christian is a new world artist, creating a graphic language which helps him decode and combine virtual and physical elements. The result is an up-to-the-minute guide and safe haven for those seeking fine art while inundated with commercial graphic imagery, which resonates from Berlin to LA.“ Andy Howell / Artist / Professional Skateboarder / Los Angeles „At first glance Christian‘s work looks like architectural drawings, but under closer inspection you realize that these real places are full of creative energy. Fantastic absorbing art.“ Elmer Presslee / Artist / Salt Lake City „Ich habe mit Christian mehrfach zusammenarbeiten dürfen und schätze sowohl seine urbane Kunst als auch das inzwischen freundschaftliche Verhältnis sehr! Seine Frühstücksbrettchen und kleinen Kachel-Kunstwerke bringen täglich auch ein kleines Stück Berlin nach Köln! 1000 Dank, nicht nur dafür!“ Klaas Schröder / EASTPAK Marketing / Köln „Christian schafft Heimat. Trotz einer Distanz von 850 km ist der Hackesche Markt auch am Schwarzwald präsent. Eine wunderbare Skizze der Rosenthaler Str. erinnert an gemeinsame Ausstellungen. Hierbei standen nicht nur die Bilder im Vordergrund; Vielmehr die Gewissheit einer freundschaftlichen und verlässlichen Zusammenarbeit. Danke deer!“ Marinho Weber / Carhartt / Weil am Rhein „Christian liebt sein Berlin! In filigranen Zeichnungen von Häusern und Straßenzügen zeigt er uns die vielen Facetten dieser Stadt. Er ist ein Chronist mit wahrlich besonderem Blick!“ Oliver Thoben / Neonchocolate Galerie / Berlin „Christian is a global ambassador for LOVE, he takes his heart and pours it into everything he does“ Shaney Jo Darden / Founder Global CEO / The Keep A Breast Foundation / Los Angeles „Christian‘s work is so beautifully unique and stunning in its simple, clean lines. His cityscapes bring order to chaos and suck the viewer in.“ Shilo Jackson / KAYO Gallery / Salt Lake City „We live, love, work and die in them. Cities are our home and our life. They surround us everyday 24/7 and yet we do not really look at them anymore. Christian Rothenhagen‘s cityscapes drawings and work capture the beauty and silence of structures, streets and moods that lay hidden beneath the cold steel and concrete. His views on street corners, walls and the stories they tell make me often think of urban legends I find myself waiting for the silence to be broken or to discover a hidden pathway to another world.“ Yasha Young / Gallerist / Strychnin Gallery / New York / Berlin

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