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IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS... Ideas & Inspiration for a Handmade Wedding ISSUE 1, SPRING/SUMMER 2011

Summertime! Strawberries & Lemonade Wedding Inspiration

EASY BRIDE DIY’s Cute and Crafty Do It Yourself Wedding Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Moss In The Trees

A Woodsy Northwest Wedding Fantasy

Plus, wedding makeup tips, howIt’sto get great photos, ring All In The Details... Spring/Summer 2011 selection and more inside!

It’s All In The Details... SARAH BETH SMITH




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In this day and age it’s hard to find great quality items. When it comes to

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weddings, - it’s even harder to find something that’s well made, unique and


that won’t break the budget!

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This magazine is designed to feature

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beautiful and carefully handcrafted goods: items that are easy on the eyes as

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well as the wallet that you will treasure for


years to come. Heirloom quality items you know were

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made with integrity, hard work and love we want to help you discover for yourself the beauty and meaning behind a


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It’s All In The Details... Spring/Summer 2011


It’s All In The Details...  Spring/Summer 2011


FEATURES Strawberries & Lemonade, page 18 Moss In "e Trees, page 6

Tutorials Feather Boutonniere, Page 14 Paper Flower Box Favors, Page 5 Bath Salt Favors, Page 16 DIY Jam Labels, Page 28 BLOOM Tag & Bottle Centerpieces, Page 30

INSPIRATION Wedding Rings, Page 4 Hankie Garland, Page 5 Woodland Wedding, Page 15 Sweet Ideas, Page 27 Makeup Tips for Brides, Page 32 Wedding Photographer’s Advice, Page 25

ETC. Where to shop and buy, Page 40

It’s All In The Details... Spring/Summer 2011


WEDDING RINGS HANDMADE WITH LOVE Not every girls dreams of a big diamond in a platinum setting. Rings can represent so much more than just the fact that you’re married - they reflect who you are. Some of us look for a bit of practicality as well as beauty. Some of us want to reflect on our history with a vintage ring. All of us want something that speaks of our personality!

Choose rings that are full of personality - handmade with love, heirlooms to pass on for generations to come. Above: 14k Tree Bark Ring set, $1,145. Beth Cyr Weddings. www.bethcyrweddings. Right: Tooled With Love 14k Palladium White Gold Ring, $1,015. Beth Cyr Weddings. www.bethcyrweddings. Left: Diamond Slice Heart Ring. It’s All In The Details... Spring/Summer Priyanka 2011 Sodhi.


PRETTY PAPER FLOWER GIFT BOX FAVORS MATERIALS: • Gift Boxes • Various Round Paper Punches • Scrapbooking paper in the color of your choice • Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun • Exacto blade and tweezers 1. Punch out 5 circles for each flower. I made three sized flowers, the smallest with a standard 3 hole punch and



the largest using a 1.5 diameter inch punch. 2. To make the petals, gently fold each circle and pinch one side to make a crease.


3. Layout the petals on a piece of paper to get an idea how you will arrange them before


gluing. 4. Glue each petal on to your gift box. Use the blade and tweezers to clean off any extra glue. See more of Sarah’s DIY Projects at!

HANKIE GARLAND Starch and press your favorite vintage hankies and hang them with wooden clothespins on some garden twine in the trees, along a wall or above a doorway for a sweet vintage touch at your reception. It’s All In The Details... Spring/Summer 2011



Magic is in the air. Moss grows in the trees. Wildflowers, woodland elements and elegant simplicity. Soft and sweet this earthy wedding fantasy.

It’s All In The Details... Spring/Summer 2011


MOSS IN THE TREES A Woodsy Northwest Wedding Fantasy For the Hippie Gypsy in all of us. PHOTOS BY OPEN DOOR PHOTOGRAPHY Styled by Sarah Beth Smith & Dee Jones



Opposite: Flowers, Metropolitan Market Tacoma. Dress, Dee Jones. This page: Heirloom rings emphasize tradition and timeless beauty. Handcrafted Ring Nest, MacKensley Designs. Refinished vintage brooch & brides earrings, Parisienne Girl Designs. Bandeau Veil & Flower Clips, Deeds & Petunia.

Natural Northwest elements in every detail. Custom invitation by Big & Mighty. Printed bamboo place markers by Simply Pretty Prints. Lemon cupcakes by Hello, Cupcake. Calligraphy sand dollar favors by Belles Lettres.



Rhinestone Jewelry Suite, Parisienne Girl Designs. Tulle and Raw Silk Bow Veil, Deeds & Petunia. Reconstructed Dress, Dee Jones.


Vintage tulle and satin ribbon bow shoe clips dress up peep 11 toes and lacy stockings, by Deeds & Petunia.



SIMPLE, ELEGANT & FANCY FREE MAKE IT YOUR OWN. Weddings don’t have to be over the top. Opt for meaning and intimacy over fuss and tradition. Let a few details add the wow on your special day, so you and your guests can relax and have fun at the party. Opposite: Simple, fresh, delicious whole foods with an air of indulgence. Mouth watering honey drips from the comb; paired with buttery parmigiano reggiano on antique china. Olives, glazed hazelnuts, plump strawberries and the freshest herbed goat cheese. Food provided by Metropolitan Market Tacoma. This Page: Soft bohemian gypsy. A vintage lace neckline accents sweet vintage jewel necklace by Parisienne Girl Designs. Pouf veils add a modern twist to the traditional veil, all by Deeds & Petunia. All dresses by Dee Jones. Garters by Swan Clothing. Flowers by Anna Stahl, Metropolitan Market Tacoma.

Here Comes The Groom Easy Feather & Raw Silk Boutonniere A very handsome and economical boutonniere that will last forever. You can embellish by adding a small fresh flower or a bit of greenery, or distinguish the groom by using a different shade of fabric.  Materials: Feather picks A fat quarter of raw silk  Scissors Clean fingers 1. Make a snip at the selvage edge of the raw silk and tear an inch wide strip, 8-12 inches long.   Remove any long strands that get in your way along ripped edges. 2. Remove plastic loop at the bottom of the feather pick.  If you have too many feathers or they are too long, pull out or snip and shape the feathers to the size you desire. 3. Wrap the strip of silk tightly around the bottom of the pick a few times to hide the florist tape.  Tie in a simple knot, not too tight, not too loose. 4. Trim the ends of the knot to the desired length. 5. Fray the ends a bit with your finger tips. Cost: about $5 for raw silk, $1-$4 per feather pick. More money saved for honeymoon mai tai's!




Photo by Open Door Photography


Sarah Beth Smith is the crafter behind Deeds & Petunia, an online shop where she sells handcrafted vintage style veils and fascinators. Visit her blog for more DIY projects!


WONDERLAND CUSTOM DRESS, $165 Amanda Rose Bridal,


BRIDAL CLOCHE HAT Behida Dolic Millinery,

EDIBLE CANDY SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS, $53 Andie’s Specialty Sweets,

SoapMama’s Bath Salts & Bombs Tutorial Bath salts and bombs are super easy and you can make lots in a short amount of time! These make great gifts for wedding helpers and fun favors for guests!

Floral Fizzy Bath Salts

Supplies: • Large bowl • Mixing spoon Ingredients: • 2 cup Epsom Salt • 1 cup Baking Soda • ¾ cup Citric Acid • ¾ cup Light Oil, such as sweet almond, canola, shredded cocoa butter, etc. • 10-15 drops, or desired amount, essential oil or fragrance (optional) • Flower petals, such as rose, lavender, etc. (optional) In a large bowl add dry ingredients, mix well. Add oil and mix. Add desired amount of essential oil/fragrance. Mix well. The fizzy bath salts can harden a bit after a day or so - so remember to loosen them up before giving away. Makes 4 cups.

Bath Bomb Eggs

Bath bombs are the same ingredients as the bath salts. The difference is you need to add water via a spray bottle to saturate the salts in order to form into your desired shape. Spritz salts with no more than 2 sprays. Mix well and spray again until the salts stay together when pressed between your hands. Mold into desired shape. For eggs, fill each half of a plastic Easter egg slightly more than you think you should. Press both sides together with all of your might and let set for a minute or so. Slowly take the egg part off of the bomb without twisting. Packaging: Bath salts and bombs look beautiful in cellophane bags, cute jars and containers that hold roughly ¼- ½ cups of salt. Personalize with coordintating labels, ribbon, etc. Visit Kristine’s shop at where she sells handmade soaps online, as well as her blog at


A vintage country inspiration wedding chock full of summery handmade goodness

Photos by Rosemary Photography Styled by Sarah Beth Smith & Rosemary Wagner Location: Genesis Farm & Gardens, Enumclaw, WA

Sitting Pretty: Reconstructed Bridal Gown by Twice Blushed, Jewelry by Parisienne Girl Designs, Bridal Hat by Deeds & Petunia.

Sweet Tooth Above: A table set for the sweetest of occasions with old-fashioned candies, dipped fruit and fresh lemonade. Gluten-Free Cake by Blackberry Bakery. Right: LOVE Wedding Cake Topper by The Funky Shack.

Made With Love Sweet vintage style is showcased in these pretty red and yellow handmade goodies. Clockwise from top left: Handcrafted birdie boutonniere by LaLaLaurie. Battery powered paper lamps and pretty little yellow jars hanging from simple garden twine. Flowers by Judy Wall. Basket Place Markers by LaLaLaurie. Vintage Hankie Ring Pillow by Lillian’s Garden.

L*O*V*E*: Recycled Orangina bottles with copper foil letters that spell LOVE, inspired by the tutorial on page 29. Gluten-Free Wedding Cake by Blackberry Bakery. Bottom Right: Fresh lemons and ribbons dress up chair backs.


An adorable dress found on consignment and vintage shoes look fresh and fun and won’t break the budget! Vintage Tulle Pouf Fascinator and Merrywidow Veil by Deeds & Petunia. Vintage button jewelry and bride’s earrings by Parisienne Girl Designs. Fresh flower bouquet by Judy Wall. Handmade Paper Bridal Bouquet by LaLaLaurie.

A Punch of Color Add an element of fun with a lively punch of color! Try a colored sash or flavorful hairpiece to give your look some wow and tie your wedding colors together. Want to be more subtle? What about your shoes? A little peep of blue, green or red from your little peep toes will surely bring a grin to your groom’s face as you stroll down the isle! Not for the ceremony? Then a vintage floral getaway dress will do just the trick!

Rainbow Chenille Vintage Style Birdcage Veil, Merrywidow Veil and Vintage Tulle Pouf Fascinator by Deeds & Petunia. Reconstructed Wedding Dress with red bow sash (model’s own) by Twice Blushed. Paper Flower Bride’s Bouquet by LaLaLaurie. Fresh Flower Bouquet by Judy Wall.

Photographer’s Advice Tips on getting great wedding shots from photographer Rosemary Wagner.

1. Take time for “Blue Sky Dreaming.”   You’ve been working so hard planning your day, but when it comes to images, it’s important to take some time to imagine yourself there and what it will look like. 2.  Get creative.   Think of clever props or favors you can use as part of your portraits. 3.  Peek a Boo. Most Brides and Grooms see each other before the wedding.  Come up with a creative idea for your first peek. 4.  Stylize. Choose a photographer that fits you, as well as your budget.   Ultimately your images are what you have to remember your day for years to come. Veil, fascinator, shoe clips by Deeds & Petunia. Chalkboard sign by The Funky Shack. Basket Favors by LaLaLaurie.

Just The Beginning: Flowers by Judy Wall. Just Married Sign by Wedding Girl.


Lemon Yellow Tie, $45

Edible Sugar Strawberries, $145

Strawberry Fields Felted Clutch, $120

Collette Gown, $395

Inspired treats from Etsy Sellers add some delicious flavor to your wedding day. Custom Letterpress Invitations

Wedding Shower DIY Inspiration!

Photo by Rosemary Wagner Photography

These cute custom invites and recipe cards from Wedding Girl make a great idea for a berry theme bridal shower. Guests can bring their favorite recipes to share with the bride-to-be. And as a thank you, give your shower guests your favorite homemade berry jam. Use the printable DIY labels on page 28, provided by Brenda from Wedding Girl. Simply print out on sticker back paper and cut out with a 2.5” inch circle punch. Adhere to the top of your canning jars - Brenda used Bell® Canning Jars and Lids in her photo to the right. Visit Brenda’s Blog for more great ideas and inspiration, and see her adorable paper goods at the Wedding Girl online shop!

BLOOM TAGS Recycle those bottles and easily create these cute tags to use as an informal and interesting table centerpieces. DIY adapted from Andrea at Charcoal & Crayons




Supplies: • • • • • • • •

scissors hole punch glue gun (no gluesticks required) craft paint, paintbrush, water in little dish pen or pencil cardstock string or jute sticky back craft foam sheets

Directions: 1. Trace and cut out circles approximate 1-2” in diameter out of craft foam. Round the edges. 2. Etch into the foam - a hot glue gun becomes an improvised heated etching tool to carve letters into the foam. {Disclaimer: Please understand that your hot glue gun was not intended for this purpose. Take all safety precautions and do so at your own risk.} 3. Make tiny foam circles with the hole punch. Partly peel away the larger circle's backing. Place the tiny circles, face down, along the edge. Be sure to let them overhang. This treatment gives the illusion of a pretty scalloped edge. Remove the backing from the tiny circles and place onto sheet of cardstock. 4. Punch a hole in the cardstock - this is where the string will be tied. Draw a curved shape around this hole. Cut out around your foam shape. No need to be perfect... imperfection adds character and charm! 5. Use Burnt Umber paint and dry brush into the cracks and crevices. Next, dry brush Titanium White paint to soften the look. 6. Tie on your favourite string or ribbon. Rustic jute twine was used here. 7. Showcase tags on simple green bottles filled with fresh blooms.




10 Steps to a Beautiful Face

Wedding day tips from Seattle area makeup expert Holly Holman. 1. For your wedding day you want your skin to look flawless, but like you aren’t wearing anything. For flawless bridal makeup always start with a clean face. If you are getting your makeup done later in the afternoon it’s a good idea to freshen up with a face wash followed by another dose of moisturizer. 2.To make sure the eye area is puff-free I recommend using a little under eye cream before makeup application. I like Clinique’s All About Eyes De-Puffing Eye Massage. I like to keep mine in the refrigerator. 3.Always make sure to use a primer before using any foundation. Foundation primer acts as a buffer to your makeup. It helps keep your foundation color true all day. I recommend Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer. It comes in oil free, hydrating and basic formulas. 4.Be sure to pick a foundation that fits your skin. There are many great foundations out there and most department stores will give you a sample to try out before you buy. Always start with a little on a sponge or foundation brush and build the color (It is easier to add more rather than trying to wipe any off). 5.To set your makeup choose a translucent powder. A translucent powder won’t change the color of your foundation, it will instead set your makeup without adding more color to your face. Photos by Rosemary Photography

6.Blush is a must for wedding photos, picking the right one can be difficult but there are a few that work with any skin tone. I like Laura Mercier’s Crème Cheek Color in Oleander, and NARS Orgasm blush - it looks great on anyone! Bronzer is also a nice alternative to blush and can be worn all over the face. 7. For a dramatic eye, start with an eye shadow primer to keep shadow from creasing throughout the day. Add a lighter color all over the lid and up to the brow bone. Choose a nude with a little shimmer like Laura Mercier’s Guava shade (hints of gold). Next add a dark shade like dark grey, deep purple, navy, black, or brown to the outer corners of your eye, just in the crease. Make sure to blend well toward the middle part of the eye. For a more natural look, skip the dark and add a softer color to the corners of the lid to add some depth to the eye. 8. For eyeliner add Laura Mercier’s Cake Liner liner to the lash line through the bottom part of the lashes. It fakes a full lash and looks amazing! Liner can also be added to the top of the lash line start very thin (again it is easier to add then try to wipe off) and build if you want a thicker line. Another trick is to take a brush and smudge the line with some shadow to give a more natural look. 9. I recommend either curling your lashes or wearing fake ones for the day. If you aren’t used to fake lashes, practice first. You can start with the “clusters” to add a bit of drama to your lashes. Put a few drops of the lash adhesive on a piece of foil, take the lashes out of the tray, dip the end of a makeup brush into the glue and line the base of the lashes with a SMALL amount of glue, (less is more!) Let the glue get tacky for about 10-15 seconds before applying. Get close to a mirror and holding the lashes by the lash part, slowly apply. Aim for the base of your lash line. I like to start from the middle and lightly press out to the corners. Let your lashes dry before applying anymore eyeliner. 10.A beautiful lip finishes any great bridal look. If you are doing a more dramatic eye stick with a more natural lip…but something still with color so it stands out in pictures, like a soft pink or golden nude. If you choose a more natural eye, then go for a bolder lip. Bright coral is big for Spring/Summer, and plum or red is beautiful. Don’t forget a lip liner! Line the outsides of your lip and color your lips very lightly with the liner to help the lipstick stay.

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Fall/Winter 2011, Issue 2

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Open Door Photography

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Deeds & Petunia Handcrafted Vintage Style Veils & Fascinators

Parisienne Girl Designs Vintage Jewelry Re-Imagined for the Modern Bride



Nature In$ired Accesso%es

Bird Cage Card Holders, Ring Bearer Birds Nests, Moss Wedding Accessories, Banners, Berry Flower Girl Pomanders & Much More!

Custom Wedding & Bridal Shower Products

BUYER’S GUIDE Where to find all these fabulous handmade goods...

COVER PAGE Paper flower bouquet, LaLaLaurie, Merrywidow veil, Deeds & Petunia, Jewelry, Parisienne Girl Designs, Dress, Twice Blushed, Hair: Tara Quinn. Makeup: Holly Holman. Photo: Rosemary Photography,

MOSS IN THE TREES, PAGES 6-13 Flowers and Food: Metropolitan Market Tacoma, Cupcakes: Hello, Cupcake, Dresses: Dee Jones, Ring Nest: MacKensley Designs, Jewelry: Parisienne Girl Designs, Hair accessories and shoe clips: Deeds & Petunia, Invitations: Big & Mighty, Sand Dollar Favors: Belles Lettres, Bamboo Place Markers: Simply Pretty Prints, Sock garters: Swan Clothing, Photography: Open Door Photography,

STRAWBERRIES & LEMONADE, PAGES 18-28 Photography: Rosemary Photography, Stylists: Sarah Beth Smith & Rosemary Wagner. Location: Genesis Farm & Gardens, Enumclaw, WA, Hair: Tara Quinn. Makeup: Holly Holman. Bride’s Dress: Twice Blushed, Flowers: Judy Wall. Jewelry: Parisienne Girl Designs, Veils, Hair Accessories, Shoe Clips and Decor: Deeds & Petunia, Cake: Blackberry Bakery, Decor, Boutonniere and Paper Flower Bouquet, LaLaLaurie, Cake Topper and Chalkboard: The Funky Shack, Wedding Shower Invitations and Just Married Banner: Wedding Girl, Ring Pillow: Lillian’s Garden,

ETC. Page 15, Woodland Wedding Inspiration: Wonderland Custom Dress, Amanda Rose Bridal, Long Blossom Necklace, Blossoms Belt, Mignonne Handmade, Edible Candy Shittake Mushrooms, Andie’s Specialty Sweets, Bridal Cloche Hat, Behida Dolic Millinery, Page 16, Wedding Rings: 14k Tree Bark Ring set, and Tooled With Love 14k Palladium White Gold Ring, Beth Cyr Weddings, Diamond Slice Heart Ring, Priyanka Sodhi, Page 29, Sugary Sweet Ideas: Lemon Yellow Tie, Handmade by Emy, Edible Sugar Strawberries, Andie’s Specialty Sweets, Strawberry Fields Forever Felted Clutch, TianaCHE, Collette Gown, Love June,, (Love June photo by Letterpress Invites, Color Quarry,

Howard & Marcy, 1944

These I Can Promise Author Unknown I cannot promise you a life of sunshine; I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold; I cannot promise you an easy pathway That leads away from change or growing old. But I can promise all my heart's devotion; A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow; A love that's ever true and ever growing; A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.

It's All In The Details  

Online Magazine for a handmade wedding. Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2011

It's All In The Details  

Online Magazine for a handmade wedding. Issue 1, Spring/Summer 2011