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January 11 – 15, 2017 WEDNESDAY Jan 11, 2017 Opening Night Gala at the Walled Garden Theatre, Barbados Museum, Garrison Historic District 6:00PM BEYOND GLORY (USA) G A Red-Carpet Event and Reception with VIP guests including with Actor/Producer Stephen Lang (AVATAR, BEYOND GLORY, DON'T BREATHE)

HIGHLIGHTS: Festival Honorary Award to be presented to MACHEL MONTANO, renowned singer, actor, record producer and songwriter. Screening of BEYOND GLORY, a gripping portrayal of 8 war heroes.

THURSDAY Jan 12, 2017 Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI Cave Hill Campus, St. Michael 6:00 PM LANDFILL HARMONIC (USA/Peru) G documentary with Director Brad Allgood Kids living in a slum in Paraguay create The Recycled Orchestra. Unable to afford traditional instruments they create all their instruments from trash. Screening followed by Q& A with filmmaker Brad Allgood 8:00 PM ALL THE BEST (NR) (Croatia) A romantic comedy with singing. Christmas is around the corner – four lonely people, poisoned gingerbread cookies, and four unfortunate destinies which by the end of the film turn for the better.

Limegrove Cinemas 6:00PM LAMB NR (ETHIOPIA) with Director Yared Zeleke Young Ephraim, a half-Jewish, Ethiopian boy is sent by his father to live among distant relatives after his mother's death. When his uncle decides that his beloved sheep must be sacrificed for the next religious feast, he will do anything to save the animal and return home. Screening followed by Q& A with writer/ director Yared Zeleke.

8:00 PM KEEP IN TOUCH R (USA) with Writer/Actor Michael Covino & Director/Writer Sam Kretchmar A man attempts to track down his “first love,” only to discover she was killed many years ago in a car accident. Stumbling upon her younger sister online, a musician who bears a striking resemblance, he obsesses and begins a relationship without disclosing his true identity. Screening followed by a special Q&A with Filmmakers.

FRIDAY Jan 13, 2017 Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI Cave Hill Campus 6:00 PM

“H20” (2015) A Barbados & Caribbean production. The film, a documentary is a creative informative work of visual art, shot on location in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. The scope of the project through “Water cooperation” is an attempt to highlight and introduce awareness to the impact of water sources, and its management. A Film by Clish Gittens

CATCHING THE SUN G (USA) with Panel Discussion including filmmakers

Award-winning filmmaker and eco-activist Shalini Kantayya’s documentary broadens the often-faceless climate change debate to include people of color and explore the possibilities of social and economic justice in a soonto-be solar-powered world. Followed by a Panel Discussion on Barbados’ renewable energy sector

FRIDAY Jan 13, 2017 8:00 PM SCI-FI THRILLER DOUBLE FEATURE WITH FILMMAKER Q&AS TO FOLLOW EACH FILM COSPLAY G (BDS) A film documenting the costume play of Animé enthusiasts in Barbados. Features personal interviews with the costume performers and showcases this unique subculture of committed Caribbean Cosplay enthusiast by Kota Jewel Forde Cumberbatch.

HERE ALONE PG13 (USA) with Filmmakers Rob Blackhurst, David Mandel & Noah Lang - A young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has decimated society and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.

DIVERGE NR (USA) The survivor of a deadly virus is given the chance to reclaim his lost life by stopping the man responsible for the disease!

Limegrove Cinemas, Holetown, St. James 6:00 PM A MONSTER WITH A THOUSAND HEADS PG13 (MEXICO) with Director Rodrigo Plá A woman resorts to desperate measures against an insurance company that refuses to cover her husband’s treatment. This film can be categorized as a thriller, but it shouldn't be pigeonholed with a plot synopsis or a genre tag. Enjoy a discussion with the filmmaker following the film.

8:00 PM POP-UP NR (AUSTALIA) with Director Stuart McBratney “Pop- Up” is a drama-comedy told in three interweaving parts. Shot on location in Newcastle, Australia, and Transylvania, Romania. It explores the lives of three strangers from different backgrounds. When a random encounter throws all three lives off balance, their worlds collide in more ways than one.

SATURDAY Jan 14, 2017 Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, UWI Cave Hill Campus FEATURE FILMS 12:30PM ZORA’S DREAM NR (USA/BDS) with Director Andrew Millington Zora’s Dream is the story of a young African American woman Zora and her struggle to care for her ailing grandfather, Alfred Bowes who suffers from the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease. But her job becomes more difficult as she discovers that the grandfather has repressed secrets of a traumatic past; memories begin to surface that motivate strange behaviors. It is only when, attempting cure the forgetting, they make a

journey to the South to allow the grandfather to return to the place of his childhood, does Zora truly learn the true extent of the trauma. Festival Give Back!

2:30PM SWEET BOTTOM (NR) (BDS) Roy Ashby, immigrated to Brooklyn as a child returns to Barbados a deportee. A chef by trade, Roy cannot get a job without a Police Certificate of Character. In Brooklyn, Roy’s mother changed her name and cut off contact with her family. When she died in an automobile accident, Roy grew up knowing nothing about his family. Roy is destitute and finds himself in a strange environment. He will do anything to get back to New York. Festival Give Back!

4:30 PM (USA) A PLASTIC OCEAN NR With Filmmaker Introduction

Journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste in what should be pristine ocean. In this adventure documentary, Craig uncovers alarming truths about plastic pollution, and reveal working solutions that can be put into immediate effect. With introduction by filmmaker Craig Leeson. Presented by Dean& Deluca

Festival Shorts (Festival Give back) 10am to 12:00p.m. One More Time (BDS) PG Best Friends Amanda and Fiona reluctantly meet to discuss a dangerous proposition; a final wish from an apologetic companion a NIFCA Award Winning Film by Romario Hunte Art Connect (T&T) is a feature length documentary film that that reveals and illuminates how creativity has inspired and changed the lives of ‘at risk’ kids, aged twelve to sixteen, living in the disenfranchised and volatile area of Laventille — Port of Spain, Trinidad. Never (BDS) PG Tells the story of a young man named Mark’s journey through selfdestruction to possible hope, and it is told through intense visual metaphors. Hurt and alone Mark sits waiting. He is a broken man looking back at the tainted and distorted path he walked throughout his life a NIFCA Award Winning Film by Jamal Weekes. 12pm to 2pm Ti coq (Mart.) G Josué a Roguish kid has developed a special relationship with his cock, strongly convinced that he could turn him as a dreaded fighting cock! But for the life of him, helped by his grandmother, who raise him with love and caring, a succession of unexpected events will invariably frustrate his plans… Papa Machete (Haiti/BDS) G "Papa Machete" is a glimpse into the life of Alfred Avril, an aging subsistence farmer who lives in the hills of Jacmel, Haiti. He also happens to be a master of the mysterious martial art of Haitian machete fencing, also known as Tire Machèt. Teaching about the practical and spiritual value of the machete—which is both a weapon and a farmer’s key to survival—Avril provides a bridge between his country’s

traditional past and its troubled present. The film documents his proud devotion to his heritage and his struggle to keep it alive in the face of contemporary globalization *Zora’s Dream starts at 12:30p.m.

Walled Garden Theatre at the Barbados Museum 8:00 PM World Preview of A CARIBBEAN DREAM PG This beautiful re-imagining of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale A Midsummer’s Night Dream is set in modern day, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival in Barbados. This special preview screening al fresco in the Walled Garden Theatre will be followed by a champagne and dessert reception with the filmmakers.

SUNDAY Jan 15, 2017 DOVER BEACH SHORTS ON THE BEACH & BIFF AWARDS FREE EVENT 4:00 PM BIFF Awards Ceremony At dusk, screening of short films that celebrate our oceans, featuring Bajan Surfer Girl, Saving Our Turtles, H2O, Aloysius. Barbadian Filmmakers of the evening are Penny Hynam, Clish Gittens and Jason Russell. Beach goers can look forward to stunning visual short shorts followed by BAZODEE featuring Machel Montano and Beach Party. Open to the public. Food and Drink for purchase. Free giveaways!

The Festival Gives Back!

We are pleased to announce that actor Stephen Lang will be hosting a workshop at The St. Michael School on Wednesday January 11th 2017 from 9am.

Along with free screenings on Saturday and Sunday the Barbados Independent Film Festival is committed to ensuring the community’s involvement and have included in their schedule a free family film day at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination at the UWI Cave Hill Campus. The day of film will feature films by Young, Emerging and Professional Caribbean Filmmakers.

Our Guest Directors, Producers and Actors will be hosting Workshops over the Festival Weekend. Please visit our website for the details over the weekend.


Saturday January 14, 2017 Limegrove Cinemas 10:30am to 12:30pm Noah Lang, Yared Zeleke Rodrigo Pla, Stuart McBratney, Shakirah Bourne

A Candid One on One with Award winning Independent Filmmakers who against all odds and challenges made locally, internationally acclaimed films. This 2 hour presentation will look at making films on a limited budget, in limited locations and with limited equipment. The panel will include Noah Lang USA (Here Alone & Diverge) Yared Zeleke Ethiopia (Lamb) Stuart McBratney Australia (Pop Up) and Shakirah Bourne Barbados (A Caribbean Dream)

Saturday January 14, 2017 Capital MediaHD, 99.3FM Limegrove Lifestyle Centre 1:00pm to 3:00pm Stephen Lang & Andrew McCarthy

The opportunities are borderless. Acting on Stage can take you to screen or vice versa or even take you behind the scenes to become producers or even Directors. This workshop is a candid discussion on how actors transition to other roles in the film industry. Hosted by Stephen Lang and Andrew McCarthy. Stephen Lang and Andrew McCarthy both have had full careers in the film industry, acting for stage and screen, writing and Directing. Andrew McCarthy has acted in films and for television From St. Elmo's Fire, Weekend at Bernies in the 1980's to Lipstick Jungle, Law & Order, Royal Pains and now is a Director of The Blacklist to Orange is the New Black in the 2000's to name a few. Stephen Lang an American actor and playwright. Starting Broadway Theatre, but is more widely known for his film roles in Gods and Generals, Avatar and Don't Breathe.

Sunday January 15, 2017, St. Michael Radisson Hotel, Aquatic Gap, Bay Street 11am to 1pm A One on One with Filmmakers Brad Allgood, Andrew Millington, Noah Lang, Rob Blackhurst, David Mandel An eclectic collection of local and international filmmakers of the festival sharing their toolkits to making films.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP HOSTED BY THE FILM COMMISSION OF BARBADOS The Barbados Museum & Historical Society The Garrison Historic District, St. Michael

A One on One with Yared Zeleke hosted by Annette Nias Yared Zeleke was born in Ethiopia in 1978. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Development from Clark University in Massachusetts and studied cinema at New York University, majoring in writing and directing. Yared has written, produced, directed and edited several short documentaries ( Allula) and fiction shorts (Housewarming). He has also worked with the director Joshua Atesh Litle on the documentary The Furious Force of Rhymes, which received a number of awards. His first feature film, Lamb was screened at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. It is the first film from Ethiopia to have been officially selected in the festival’s 68-year history. Yared will do a Q&A following the screening of Lamb and participate in a filmmaker workshop.

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