DECA Guide 2020-2021

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DECA’s Chapter Strategy provides the framework and resources to develop a chapter in a business-like context, helping members apply learning. DECA’s Elevate modules are designed to showcase the core elements of a high-performing DECA chapter and to provide DECA advisors with resources to prepare emerging chapter leaders. ■ DECA.ORG/ELEVATE

DECA LEADERSHIP STYLES Begin your rise as an emerging leader by understanding your leadership style. This tool will help you understand your style and the styles of your fellow leaders so collectively you can make greater contributions, recognize how to leverage the leadership of others and work cooperatively to positively influence people and situations to achieve value and growth.

DECA LEADERSHIP TEAM Learn how to build a leadership team that motivates your chapter members. DECA’s mission-based leadership positions reflect a corporate leadership structure. The positions are aligned with the DECA mission to ensure that each aspect of the mission is represented with great leadership.

DECA CHAPTER STRATEGY Learn the essentials of an effective chapter strategy. Determine DECA Goals, develop a Program of Leadership and plan and execute EPIC DECA Projects.

DECA LEADERSHIP TOOLS Great leaders need great tools to elevate their chapter. Learn how to keep yourself and your team productive and on the rise.

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