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A Letter from the Editor Dear Debu Sisters, Happy first birthday Debu!!!! I can't believe it, but it has now been a year since our first issue ran! I look back on this year and can't believe how much we have grown as a whole. The magazine has taken on a new shape, vision, and purpose. We have learned so much (a year ago I would have no idea how to do half of what it takes to put this thing together), we have grown in our gifts and talents. We have been stretched and molded into a body of young women, excited and passionate about serving Christ right now. I can't believe I have the opportunity to share my heart with almost 500 young women every other month. I am so blessed by the loving Father who has given me His words and then a place to share them. I am so thankful for the friends whom I have grown close to along this journey that the Lord has placed before us. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you girls who read this, I am so blessed and inspired by you. I pray for you all every day, you are all so very dear to my heart you have no idea. You are beautiful young women of God and I hope that this issue encourages you and inspires you to do big things! It is my prayer that you are spurred to jump out of your comfort zone and serve others with abandon. I encourage you to live in a way that sets you apart, a way that brings a smile to the Father's face. Do not let your time be wasted away, instead use it with intention for the glory of the King. Thank you for reading Debu over the past year. I hope that you are able to read and enjoy it for years to come. Your Sister in Christ,

Kendel Garcia Editor in Chief of Debu Magazine 6

Before the throne of God above I have a strong and perfect plea:

A great High Priest, whose name is Love,

Who ever lives and pleads for me.


Debu Inbox Your Questions - Our Answers

I love Debu, but I Hey Liz, We are so glad you like the have one question. ISSUU format! We didn't do it last issue Are you still going to but we will include a PDF version of the magazine accessible on make the issues in PDF We will also send format? I like the out a link to the last issue in, but I like PDF's PDF after this issue comes out :-) better because then I can I know some readers enjoy being save it to my computer and able to read the mag on e-Readers and other devices and we would love read it offline. Great to accommodate all of you magazine!!!! -K.G. -Liz

Dear Erika, Thank you so much for your encouragement! Thank our new Creative Editor Khloe Williams for the format! She took the formatting into her more than capable hands and she is doing a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S job! -K.G.

I love the new format for Debu! It looks so much more classy and attractive! Great job on all the articles to! I haven't read them all yet, but what I have read has been great! Love it! -Erika


Hey Hannah, We like Jane Eyre because it is a beautiful love story in which characters look beyond the external (Jane and Rochester are not "pretty people"). Jane and Rochester also show Hey Girls! great forgiveness in the story (we're trying not to spoil the I noticed story for those who haven't Jane Eyre on your list of read it) and love each recommended books. other no matter what. I love the story and have May I ask why you'd read it every year since encourage us all to read my tenth birthday. It's really it? a beautiful tale that makes you think beyond the story. We Thanks! understand that everyone has -Hannah different convictions and standards that they uphold regarding media and we encourage you to follow those standards above our recommendation. -K.G. We would like to thank Melanie Knapp for her amazing service in her position as Executive Editor. God is starting a new season in her life that has required her to step down from her position as Executive Editor. We all thank the Lord for her and are so blessed by her work with Debu. We ask that you continue to pray for her and her continued service for the King, wherever that takes her.

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Struggling with Contentment

by Nela Holmes

If you're a person whose not in great shape, and struggles to be "skinny"... If you're a person who desperately wants friends, but has no one to truly relate too... If you're a person whose impatiently waiting for "Prince Charming" to show up...

I should know. There are many areas in my life where I truly struggle being content. My life is by no means perfect. It's a spiritual fight that I have to face each and every day that I have here on earth, and yet I'm still learning. I will probably always be learning how to be fully content in the Lord.

If you're a person who struggles with contentment...

But throughout my struggles, I found a few tips that help me during my time of need. Tips that I wish to share with you.

then my dear, this post is for you.

Tip #1: Count your blessings

Let's face it, we all (including myself) struggle with contentment in this world. It shows up right on the doorstep of our minds and tries to convince us that we're not good enough. In fact, contentment is one of the biggest lessons anyone (especially girls) have to learn in their life.

This helps me whenever I'm not in a grateful mood. When I feel let down, I begin to count my blessings from the small things to the big things (Lord, I'm thankful for the bed that I'm lying on, I'm thankful for the fan blowing on my face, I'm thankful for the fingers that are allowing me to type this post, etc.) You get the idea. ;)

For girls, it's hard because with the media (Hollywood, magazines, and other worldly devices) trying to set the mindset that getting things NOW is better, rather than having to WAIT. It's easy for us to be distracted from what the Lord has blessed us with, and therefore struggle with contentment.

Tip #2: Pray to God It can be hard when you don't see what's ahead in your life. So what I do is begin a conversation with God, telling him how I feel and repenting of my lack of


contentment. I can honestly say that I feel a lot better after I pray to Him. Because He alone can truly understand what I'm going through, and can listen better than any BFF. Not to mention provide what I actually need, as opposed to what I want.  (Proverbs 18:24) Tip #3: Read the Bible I've heard stories of people who were "down in the dumps" picking up a Bible, praying to God to guide them, opening up the first page they came too, lay eyes on the first verse that they saw and have it instantly transform their whole day for the better. Now I don't believe this is generally a good method of Bible study, but one day I decided to give it a try. Wouldn't you know, it actually worked! It truly is amazing what can happen after reading an encouraging verse from the Bible that the Lord wanted you read. :)

Tip #4: Take A Break From Social Connections It doesn't help when you see other people having something that you want. So taking a break from that network for awhile (whether it be Facebook, Blogger, Youtube, Twitter, or anything else out there) can be a good idea. Now would be a good time to step back, relax and focus on other things in life, (like going through the Scriptures to help strengthen you perhaps?) and then once you get stronger in His Word, you can decide whether or not you should go back to that social connection again. The choice is ours.  I pray that each and every one of you would take these tips to heart and find the true comfort that you need through the Lord Jesus Christ, who sustains us in all things. (Hebrews 13:5)

(and last but not least)




{ 30 } Good Reads you won’t be able to put down


One Night With the King by Tommy Tenny Room of Marvels by James Bryan Smith Epicenter by Joel Roesburg When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends by Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Sterns Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally God Came Near by Max Lucado Living Water by Brother Yun One Girl Can Change the World by Claudia Mitchell and Kim Goad Make it Real by Point of Grace Daughter of Prophecy by Miles Owens The Restoration Series by Terri Blackstock The Nativity Story by Angela Hunt Revolution in World Missions by K.P. Yohannan Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver The Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George George Muller by Janet and Geoff Benge The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley Red Letters by Tom Davis Not Like Me by Eric Michael Bryant Sacred Singleness by Leslie Ludy 7 by Jen Hatmaker 3:16 Numbers of Hope by Max Lucado Passionate Prayer by Catherine Martin Kisses From Katie Katie Davis Fireproof by Eric Wilson



for Prince Charming

by Simone Weaver


Earlier this year, salty tears lay on my coffee colored cheek. I couldn’t believe this drama had hit home to me. Some girlfriends of mine had been through this fire before, but I didn’t know how to speak to them in their difficult situation. I lay on my bed with a pen and paper. I started scribbling out a letter of my thoughts to God. I have inserted a segment of my letter, below:

fact, life is better when we balance the friends we hang-out with. What happened to me? That particular guy was becoming way too important to me. I would stay up chatting with him on the computer over iced coffee, when I should have been having devotions with my Best Friend. My relationship with God suffered greatly from being wrapped up in the relationship I wanted for my own satisfaction.

“You are a girl’s Best Friend. That is when a guy leaves you in a thorn patch of a beautiful rose garden. The two of us were best friends, God. Why did he have to get all upset at me? Why did he say he doesn’t want to be friends with me? In the lonely hours of the evening, you came and rescued me with your compassionate arms. Tonight, this is where I stand. You knew this guy would end the relationship before I was even born.

I feel like a crushed piece of clay. I want this nightmare to end! I want this drama to be shut off! My wish is that we could get back together. I realize, God, you’re the one who holds the keys to my life. I want you to turn me in the direction; you want me to go in. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the thoughts I think toward You, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not for evil to give you an excepted end.” God, I trust you with the rest of my life, even if it is a little difficult right now.”

Do you ever feel the need for a boyfriend? Do you let guys play with your heart? Don’t let any of that stuff happen. The time will come when a boyfriend is good for you. For some of you, that could be your season now. For other supposed to be our True Love. Treat Him with as much attention as you would with the certain guy. He knows the plans for each of the girlfriends reading this article. He already has that perfect guy for you picked out and you need to prepare your heart for him.

Girlfriends, you can see the beautifulness of my life was crushed or turned into an ugly black color. Life felt like the earth was caving in on me. Girls, guys do not have to be the “center” of our lives. We don’t have to have a boyfriend to make us happy. We don’t have to My challenge for you is to guard your heart hang out with guys all the time. They don’t now. When I was dealing with this drama, my have to be the only people to text or call. In


friend said, “Simone, do not get too involved with him. He could be faking this. You want to save your heart for the Prince-Charming that comes along, the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Be careful. I love you, but God loves you more.” Girls, my prayer is for you to remain pure in every area of this, and to hold out for that good guy. Remember, God has him picked out for you now. You just hold on a little longer for him. He will be great, because God doesn’t make mistakes in picking a perfect match. If you guys are curious, the guy is no longer in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still think about him from time to time. He isn’t the type of guy God wants me to have in my life, right now. Right now, I believe it is critical to listen to God’s heart for my directions in life. Right now, I need to fall in love with my Best Friend. Right now, I am content

with the place God put me. Right now, I am holding out for Mr. Right! For now my mission statement is: Be the best Simone I can ever be-- don’t fake who I am, change a person’s day (even with a smile), fall in love with our God, and prepare myself for my great guy. I challenge you to make a statement like that, and you can work on it everyday. I love you girls, and want the best life for you. Keep sticking out for your future husband. You go girlfriends!!! Keep falling in love with God, because

He will never fail you.


The kingdom of God is like

a treasure hidden in a field 19




Yet the number of the

children of Israel shall be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be

measured or numbered. And in the place where it was said to them, “You are not my people,” it shall be said to them, “Children of the living God.” - Hosea 1:10 23



in the

Mayhem by Kendel Garcia


You roll out of bed (after hitting the snooze button four times) and brush your teeth. Throw on some clothes, not bothering to pay too much attention to the fact that your shirt is missing a button. Scarf down some "nutritious" sugar cereal. You jump in the car, hop out of the car. Throw on your sports equipment, hustle through practice. Hop in the car, jump out of the car. You're running late! You skid into class just on time, the teacher calls your name and you shout, "Here!" out of breath. You run out of one classroom, and fly into another. Eat a sloppy lunch, then rush through the rest of school. You jump in the car, hop out to the car. At home you throw a stick of gum in your mouth and slave through your homework.  You eat a late dinner then brush teeth. Exhausted, you slip on some pajamas and fall into bed.   Repeat. When summer ends and life hits, our days can often look like this. Busy and hectic, leaving little time to catch your breath, let alone stop and smell the roses. All too often, we are more concerned about getting to our destination and checking things off our To-Do lists than we are about experiencing real and fulfilling joy among the mayhem of our busy schedules. Often these times of business, though we get a lot done, are the times when we are the most discouraged and depressed. Sometimes we need to feel a little extra of God's love and support. In this article I don't hold the magical secret to being fulfilled spiritually during times of business, but I will be sharing a few tips and tricks that I use to connect with my Savior when I am overwhelmed by the world. 1. Seek a moment of silence There are many opportunities for moments of quiet. You just have to look for them. Keep your

eyes and ears open for moments where you are disengaged from the people and activities going on around you. Last semester, I had to take the bus to school everyday. I hate the bus. But, it was a time in my day where I had nothing to do for two or three hours. I had the option to spend that time with an impatient andu ngrateful attitude, or I could take the time to relax, pray, listen to worship music, or read my Bible or a Christian book. To be honest, some days I wallowed in the bad attitude, other days I made the better choice and relished the moments of silence. The days that I did the later I was enriched and encouraged in my faith. I didn't allow myself to dwell on the negative moment, but instead made the most of it. Though I will by no means miss my bus ride this semester, I will miss the moments of silence that it afforded me. When I think of choosing moments of silence I think of the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42,

"As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. She had a sister called Mary,  who sat at the Lord's feet  listening to what he said. But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, 'Lord, don't you care  that my sister has left me to do the work by myself ? Tell her to help me!' 'Martha, Martha,' the Lord answered,  'you are worried  and upset about many things,  but few things are needed—or indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.'" 26

Mary took a moment of silence to listen to the King, she stopped the busyness and listened. Martha chose busyness over silence and did not receive the wisdom that Mary heard from the lips of the King. 2. Choose what's the first to go When you are busy, often quiet time gets shortened or shoved to the side altogether. Sometimes it seems easier just to log on Facebook or Pinterest (both of these I love by the way) than to spend time in God's Word. It's not, the easier choice is often not the best choice, and we often pay later for making the easier choice. So, I encourage you to choose what's first to go. If you have to set aside watching a movie, going on Facebook, doing a craft, or taking a shower (no…..never mind….don't skip the shower. That never works out well) to spend a few minutes listening to the Voice of God through His Word, then skip it. Decide in advance what is important and what can slide. The world will not collapse if a picture of my lunch is not uploaded to Instagram, but my world will collapse if I don't cultivate my faith. 3. Stop whining! As great as it is to share with our friends our struggles and what's going on in our lives, we need to keep a careful watch over our mouths when whining is concerned. Proverbs 16:24 says "Gracious words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Keep a guard over your tongue and check your heart. Share in truth, don't whine in self putty.

4. Find a confidant Many different people serve as confidants in our lives. But you should have one or two whom you can share everything with. Search for a person who will give you Godly advice, who will listen to what's going on, and pray with you and for you. I encourage you to have a confidant who is going through the same season of life as you, like a good girl friend, and also a confidant who has been through your season already, like your mom or a church leader. Take time to share with them what's going on in your life; send them a text asking for prayer when you are struggling. Connect with them. Also, be sure to return the favor; ask what's going on in their life and how you can be praying for them. Be their person as well. 5. Make some time for Pauses Sometimes I wish life had a pause button. Sadly, God didn't make one of those when He created the Universe (Stink!). But, I do encourage you to schedule some pauses in your schedule. Find an hour or two every once in a while (at least once a month) where you can be alone to rest and relax. Turn on some worship music, draw up a bubble bath, read a book. Rejuvenate yourself physically and spiritually. Pamper your body and your soul, you'll be thankful you did. 

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." -Matthew 6:33 NIV


Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.� - Matthew 11:28-30


I sought the Lord, and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4



coming home: life after missions by Christina Polk



My pastor tells us it’s a powerful thing to remember, to look back and see what God has done for us, what God is doing in our lives. As I return from a mission trip to Guatemala, I am not having trouble with the remembering, but with what to do with the memories that I have so carefully written down and told to anyone who will listen. It’s a hard thing to connect the dots between countries, to see how a lifestyle observed in another corner of the world and the glory of God that was displayed for me over in Guatemala can translate into my average, American college student life. How in the world do I bring about changes in my life that will make me like those people who seemed to worship every time they decided to breathe? I am a lifeguard, for goodness sake. I am a sophomore in college, about to move out on my own, scrimping on every penny I make to pay the bills.

I am nothing special, but then neither are these servants of Jesus that I was able to work with for the past eight days, at least according to the world’s standards. They are drivers, teachers, mothers, students, sellers in the market, and God uses them in spite of their averageness. Nancy likes to teach, and she offers lessons to those in poverty in order to further their education. Antonio gives our team rides around the city for the week we’re in Guatemala. Iris is a mother who has five children, and she knows how Jesus has shown love to her, so she teaches Sunday school every Sunday morning without fail or thought to how tired she might be. Nareyda is a student at a local university and is so grateful for the chance to learn English that she volunteers to translate a whole sermon brought by one of our youth leaders so that the people in her country might have an opportunity to soak up learning from the book of Esther. These people are simply living their lives, and they worship without even thinking about it. To simply live while following hard after Jesus is to worship; to sacrifice time and talents and the riches of the world to be in the midst of those seeking to find light and purpose in their life is what it means to come alive.

And yet, this is easier said than done. Our church worked as a team for eight days painting Sunday school rooms, doing VBS activities around Guatemala City, singing in some of the churches and giving seminars on how to do practical things like start a library and incorporate social media into the church. Life was so vibrant and full of God that I could scarcely take it in. It has been a week since I returned home, and I feel empty and tired. I’m tired of living in a world that stops at surface level, where I get up, go to work, come home, check email, read a couple chapters of a good book, read my chapter or so of the Bible, and fall into bed, just to get up and repeat the routine again the next day. God is so much easier to see in places where I can’t go through a day without needing Him. Americans like me are fond of being self-sufficient, confident people who have a plan to go somewhere and take the necessary steps to accomplish their goals. It is rather difficult to live in this country with the philosophy of planning the days with whatever the Lord wills as the daily agenda, and yet, this is the calling we have. As is generally the case with mission trips, our team was blessed and overwhelmed by the magnitude of service that the people in the growing churches of Guatemala were willing to invest in their congregation. Jesus is not just a piece of their lives; Jesus is their life. They are fascinated to learn about how to disciple the young people in the church, eager to set up a church web site to further reach the community, curious about how libraries are set up in America and how that would work out as an outreach program for the neighborhoo ds surrounding the church. So many times in church here in America there is the belief that one has a role in the church that they are good at, and the unspoken rule that they should just stick to whatever their talent is to bring glory to the Lord. This makes for nice, neat, precise churches where everything works out in cookie-cutter fashion, but God is a God of a spontaneous nature, prone to working through peoples’ weaknesses. If we are only open to intervention, how will our eyes be opened to His power when He decides to work a miracle?


Of course, these Guatemalan people have roles that they usually perform in the church, but they are so open to learning anything new that they can put into practice. They are willing to step up to the plate, and despite minor imperfections, they follow God’s voice when He calls by putting one foot in front of the other to complete tasks that look too daunting at first. As I settle back to life in the States, it is all too easy to fit back into my prescribed role, and it makes me feel trapped. During the past eight days, I have helped lead a Bible Study, twice sang in front of a church, tried to speak in Spanish to multiple people, prayed in front of our group, and taught little girls and boys a lesson for Sunday school. Let me just say this: I am not an extrovert. Doing all of the things listed was not easy, but this is how God’s children grow, by stretching their abilities and allowing God to fill in the gaps where all we feel is an overwhelming sense of inadequacy.

Anyone who knows God knows that He has an ironic sense of humor. There are so many people who I would have thought better fitted to the jobs assigned to me, and yet, I did as He asked, and I’ll never be the same. Perhaps God knew that if a person more experienced at the tasks He gave to me had done them in my place, the sense of wonder and awe that I had felt after accomplishing His work would have been lost. For a girl who barely manages to squeak out responses in Sunday school, God was going to have to come through for me with some ideas in order to teach 20 children about the prodigal son on Sunday morning. For me to sing in front of a church, I knew God was going to have to slow down my racing heart and steady

my voice in a way that he wouldn’t have to for someone used to singing in front of crowds on a regular basis. It wasn’t that I had to change who I was for this mission trip; the fact that I came home in awe of God in the first place was a result of God shining through my weaknesses, my shyness, my initial reservations about going because I believed I wasn’t capable enough to tag along with people that had gone around the world multiple times before. On the night when our team taught the youth in Guatemala, a girl named Mackenzie from our group taught the girls about finding our identity in Christ. “Think about what the world sees you as,” she said, pausing. “Do they see God in your heart, or do they just see you as an athlete, a student, a hard worker?” Later I mentioned the comment that God and our daily life should be so intermixed that separating them would be impossible, that this life we live is about incorporating God into everything we do. As an amendment to that statement, after watching God pull me through situations that normally would have scared me out of my wits, I can say that life is truly about letting Him have the reigns of our life and watching Him map out the course that we travel. Living is an adventure. It's seeing how God stretches me and pulls me out of my comfort zone, and then asking Him to guide me as I desperately seek to adjust to the new “normal” that He provides. It is not up to me to define what my normal life is; that is a decision that God makes if we live open-handed lives.

The decision that I have to make every day, despite how I feel about where God has placed me, is whether or not I will seek after His face with everything that I am, in all that I do, whether it is comfortable and natural or awkward and going against what I think my personality is. There are so many things I can write about from


Guatemala, so many ways that God sharpened my awareness of who He is and always will be. I can talk about the gang members who draw psalms and pictures of Jesus on the graffiti walls lining the edge of the city, men who seek a way to share the Gospel even when they are forced to stay in a group that will kill them and their families if they seek a way to escape. I can tell stories about Gabby and Jamie, two precious girls who survived my jumbled attempt at speaking Spanish and hugged me anyway, telling me that they loved me and that they will remember me, always. I can write the story of Jonathan, who has

learned to laugh in a neighborhood that most in America would turn up their nose at. There is much to be said for a community that has learned to smile not because they live in the midst of beauty, but because the beauty of God’s grace survives and grows and flourishes in the depth of who they are. These people live lives open to learning what God would have for them. It is beautiful to watch life upon life touched by His hand, hearts opening up wider to different plans than they would have had for themselves and the joy that comes from knowing that the purpose of life is simply to live with the intention of being open to change.Â

*Note: The first two pictures for this article are from the Wikipedia page for Guatemala. The last picture (the one this note is on) is from Kendel :D


Before the Throne 35

Back to School Buys 5 things to make your year easier


#1: Notebook

Buy a notebook, and write dates of the week across the top. Create a section for each class you have and list all the homework you have due. Next to each assignment write the date the homework is due, draw a square around that date. Next to the due date, write your goal completion date, circle that. Leave a space for you to write the date you finish the project. This will keep you organized. If you own an Apple device you might want to download the free App iProcrastinate, it is very helpful in scheduling homework.Â


#2: Day Planner

Though it may be nerdy, it is a priceless tool that will help lower your stress level. Use it like a maniac, every appointment, class, babysitting job, work shift, sleep over, party, etc. should be in that book. Never leave home without your handy dandy day planner :-)

#3: Book Bag

Buy a book bag that will fit everything you need for school in it. Try shopping at discount stores (i.e. Ross, Marshalls, Khols) for the perfect behemoth that will hold all your textbooks, computer (if you take it to school), lunch bag, and anything else that needs to come with you on the track to the building of learning.


#4: Lanyard A lanyard is something you can pick up for a dollar at the super market. You will be pleasantly surprised that it will probably be the best dollar you ever spent. Put all your keys on the end of that baby (most have a detachable clip for your phone too!)Â

#5: Water Bottle

Find a great water bottle or cup that is absolutely yours. Find one that is hard and insulated. Don't waste time and money buying plastic water bottles. Buy one you can take to class every day and refill whenever you are feeling a little bit parched.Â

Word hard and study diligently. We hope you have a good year! 38




like a Fountain

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” ~ James 1:2-3 “I am creating something new in you: a bubbling spring of Joy that spills over into others’ lives…Don’t try to control the streaming of My Spirit through you. Just keep focusing on Me as we walk through this day together.”  June 13, Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young. Do you remember that Bible sing-a-long song, I believe it was called “Peace like a River.”  Well, there is a verse in that song that talks about having "Joy like a fountain."  So when I read the above sentences my mind immediately went back to when I was a little girl, who giggled and skipped and ran around with so much energy…and Joy.  I was smiley, I had innocence and a “bubbly personality.”  And then I grew up... I know, that sounds so corny right.  I’m sitting here laughing.  But isn’t it funny how true the corny things sometimes are.  When you get older it’s inevitable, you learn more about the evil in the world, you see more suffering in people, you take on more pressure that comes with new responsibility.  And then a seed of worry gets planted.  Small, but it starts to take root.  From worry blooms doubt, fear, pity…  And those feelings take up a lot of room in a person’s heart.  They demand attention.  And there is only One Person who

by Tiffani Hockings

can stop those feelings in their tracks. And what a blessing it is for us that the One Person is also living inside of us…just waiting to be called upon to come to our rescue.  {John 16:23-24} The Holy Spirit is like a vibrant beam of sunshine, and instead of helping the worry seed to grow, in His light blooms the Fruit of the Spirit.  He can overwhelm even the deepest roots of fear and doubt; leading the charge against such emotions is Joy, shining with such radiance that worry, doubt, fear and pity cannot possibly stand. Joy goes deeper than happiness; anyone can be happy, but only by the knowledge that you have been saved from death by the blood of Jesus Christ who lives within you, can you find true Joy.  Joy that overflows from your soul, that “spills over into others’ lives.”

“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, My

soul shall be joyful in my God; For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness…” ~ Isaiah 61:10 Joy is probably my favorite Fruit, and not just because it’s my middle name. :) No, the


real reason is because Joy is an infectious Fruit. It’s impossible to be around someone with real Joy from the Lord and not know it.  Joy makes you smile; gives you energy to move and confidence to live in the world with boldness, because you house the Living God…the ONLY Living God.  Doesn’t that just make you excited?!  I know I’m about ready to leap out of my chair right now!  =P Joy keeps the worry and fear out, even when it seems like you’re walking through the fire.  That’s the biggest difference between Joy and Happiness.  Happiness is just an emotion, the result of something good that’s happened.  But the Lord commands us to be joyful…continually!  {Philippians 4:4} “Though the fig tree may not blossom, Nor fruit be on the vines; Though the labor of the olive may fail, And the fields yield no food; Though the flock may be cut off from the fold, And there be no herd in the stalls— Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

“The Lord God is my strength; He will make my feet like deer’s feet, And He will make me walk on my high hills.” ~ Habakkuk 3:17-19 Joy is a gift that you receive from our Abba Father, that you can give and that you can use no matter what is going on in your life. Joy is one of the greatest blessings in times of trial.  Joy reminds us why we’re on this earth, who we’re living for, it gives us a reason to push on towards the upward goal.  {Phil. 3:12-16}  Before I say "Au Revoir," I would like to encourage all of you lovely ladies to pray.  Pray for your families, your friends, and your fellow sisters in Christ.  Colossians 1:9-12 is what I pray for y’all, and I hope you will start praying the same for each other as well.  

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” ~ Romans 15:13 42


Serendipity by Khloe Williams

serendipity |ˌserənˈdipitē|

noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way Football season is about to begin, ladies! The men in your lives are about to get crazy... and maybe you are too. :) Here’s some ideas for fun food to feed your sports lovin’ family. If you don’t enjoy the sports, and the exuberance of your family is annoying, endeavor to invest in those you love. Stick around for the food... it’s the best part anyway :)

Popcorn: My family love homemade popcorn. Yes, I pop it on the stove in a pot... it’s delicious!! There are many different ways to adjust popcorn to your liking: carmel, kettle, salty, parmesan cheese, plain, extra salty, butter, movie theater style, however you like it. Here’s an idea... when you add the sugar, carmel of anything else sticky, throw the popcorn on a bar pan in the oven for a few minutes. Heat the oven to 350˚F. Once you’ve popped the popcorn on the stove and tossed it in the desired wet topping, spread the popcorn on the bar pan and bake it for about 5 minutes. I would suggest not walking away from the oven... you really don’t want to burn the deliciousness you are about to enjoy!

Ice cream: As a ice cream lover, I love to get imaginative with my toppings. Just for fun, my family and I sometimes get all the toppings we would possibly want, basic ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate, coffee, etc.) and celebrate ice cream parlor style. Personal favorites (and other ideas) are: gummy bears (sour and regular), cookie dough (all kinds), Skittles, Reece Cups, Crunch, Twizzlers, pretzels, peanut butter, raisins, fruit, syrups (carmel, strawberry, chocolate, etc.) and fruit jam/ preserves! You would be surprised how good fruit jam will taste in vanilla ice cream!! Girls, watch out!... you will get addicted! :D

Pizza: Have you seen the new Pizza Hut commercial where they advertise Garlic Bread Pizza? Seriously, garlic bread pizza is one of the best things on the planet!! It’s as easy as bread, butter, garlic, salt, tomato sauce and pepperoni, or your favorite topping(s) and cheese. LOTS of cheese :) Bake it on 350˚F or 400˚F. Watch out that you don’t burn anything!


good quotes from wittier people “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Life is a game, play it. Love Like you’ll never be hurt, Life is a promise, fulfill it. Sing like there’s nobody listening, Life is sorrow, overcome it. And live like it’s heaven on earth.” Life is a song, sing it. -Williams W. Purkey Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. “There are only two ways to live your Life is luck, make it. life. One is as though nothing is a Life is too precious, do not destroy it. miracle. The other is as though Life is life, fight for it.” everything is a miracle.” - Mother Teresa - Albert Einstein




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