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New Medicines

The way you start a new medicine can determine how well it works for you so don’t leave it to chance…

a new Medicine? At Tesco Pharmacy it is important to us that you understand your medicines and how they the can improve your quality of life. Ask your Pharmacist for FREE advice as part of our New Medicine Service.

• Always read the instructions on the patient information leaflet carefully and thoroughly. Keep the leaflet in a safe place for as long as you are taking your medication. • Create a routine that works for you. The Pharmacist can help you with this, for example, if you forget to take your medicine at bedtime keep it beside your toothbrush to jog your memory. • If you have trouble swallowing tablets, speak to your Tesco Pharmacist about alternative formulations. • Keep a brief journal for the first two weeks. Write down the date, time and description of any side effects you notice. Then, when your Pharmacist contacts you, mention anything that you have written down. • When you are given a new, additional medicine, always check with your Tesco Pharmacist that it does not interact with other drugs or herbal remedies you are taking. • Many side effects go unreported, should you experience anything unusual when taking your medicines, always report this to your Tesco Pharmacist or GP.

If you have any further questions relating to this or any other Tesco Pharmacy service, please speak to your Tesco Pharmacy team.




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New Medicine Service do for me? At Tesco Pharmacy we understand that coming to terms with a diagnosis and dealing with taking medicine regularly can be hard. (You are not alone, in fact between 30% and 50% of medicines are not taken as recommended). But taking a new medicine needn’t be daunting. Your Tesco Pharmacist can offer support and advice to help you adjust to your new routine after you have left the doctor’s surgery. • Recommended reminder techniques (e.g. use of alarm on mobile phone). Your Tesco Pharmacist can explain what your medicine is for and how it works. They can • Information about support groups who answer any questions that you have and understand what it is like living with a provide solutions to common problems such condition. as getting the timing right for regular doses. • An opportunity to ask questions or Do I need an appointment? talk about any concerns you have. Not always, a member of our Pharmacy • Support once you have started taking team may be able to see you straight away. your medication, at a time that is What should I expect? convenient for you. • One-to-one advice in a private Will my GP be informed? consultation room from our We will only inform your GP if you are Pharmacist. experiencing any problems with your


Personal care… A one-to-one chat with our Pharmacist in a private, consultation room before you start taking your new medicine.

Why go to your Pharmacist for advice?

• Advice about how and when to take your medicine to make sure that you get the most benefit from it. • More information on your medicine (such as written or web resources).


Follow-up advice… Your Pharmacist will call/see you in 2 weeks to check how you are getting on with your new medicine. This is your chance to talk about any problems/side effects you are experiencing. Your Pharmacist will offer help and advice on the spot.


After care…

A second follow-up call/appointment with your Pharmacist will offer another opportunity to ask questions or talk about any problems you are having.

medicine so that we can resolve these for you. All services at the discretion of the Pharmacist. This service is funded by the NHS.

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