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Jewish Theological Seminary of America ​hey future Dan don't you think that all cars are already self-driving cars like you know because I'm driving it by myself it's already a self myself I myself is driving the car no one cares work harder yeah you're right we've got plenty of work to do you're so wise future Dan what's up guys welcome to learning intelligence 20 a video log series where I document myself created AI master's degree and journey into the world of AI today's been all about convolutional neural memories so that's been the theme of probably the last two weeks or three weeks of learning intelligence I'll show you what I was reading this morning and this is a great blog post it's on the data science blog and it's an intuitive explanation of common all neural networks and I went through all of this this morning taking some pretty extensive notes I won't go through all of them here but some great takeaways I definitely have a much better understanding of CNN's after reading this so I'll be sure to link that in the description and then I went over to Suraj this video which is how to make an image classifier intro to deplane number six which is also on convolutional neural networks now I did watch this a while ago but I didn't know as much about neural networks and deep learning and convolutional neural networks since watching it and definitely after reading that blog post taking notes and going back over that video by Suraj I have a much better understanding of it and then once I got onto that once I had a deeper understanding I went back to my computer vision capstone project on the Udacity term to of the artificial intelligence nano degree and I went through a whole bunch of different iterations with different convolutional neural network architectures so here for example there's iteration 27 and what do we have here let's see if you can see it we have layer 1 convolutional layer max pooling layer 2 convolutional max pooling layer 3 same again and then we had a fully connected layer some drop out and then some flattened then some fully connected layers to finish it out and I'll show you what the project is it's essentially trying to use computer vision to recognize some key points I'll see if you can see on this face how calls their faces pretty shocked eh we got here seven major key points and what we're trying to do is map them as accurately as possible to those pictures and I'll show you here what my model accuracy is at the moment it's about 82% and I'm pretty happy with that I'm actually really happy with that and we see the validation loss is the loss is just just under 0.001 and if we look up here we have a very good model we'll achieve about zero point zero one five zero zero one five loss no it's possible to get better so I'm in the range of a very good model which I'm pretty proud of and I'm gonna keep iterating and try and improve it to put tomorrow that's my golfer for tomorrow and I've left myself some steps here of what to do next so go to revise and ruins lectures on overfitting and underfitting for one other questions there and then I'm gonna go through step seven and see what is actually being plotted on these to go up graphs kind of went through the blog post tutorial that they linked and didn't really have an in-depth understanding of what's happening here so you're gonna rego over that and then fix it up we'll see what that's like and I'll check back in tomorrow with my progress my first ever question on Stack Overflow I don't know how I have never used or I've used it to read it but I've never used it to ask a question so here's what I did I'm trying to crop some faces from an image using OpenCV in Python I posted some code and I don't know how quick it was but it was definitely within let's say 20 minutes or so I got a reply back with an exact solution for the problem I had so let me show you where I'm up to in the computer vision project that's something cool I've got to work on next so applying little filters this is how snapchat works it detects key points in your face and then it applies filters such as sunglasses to your face so maybe I could build a clone of snapchat this is where I got my model to do you see I could definitely do it with some improving around these points that point should be in the corner of the mouth same with that point that point should be on the edge of the eyebrow not below it same with this one here on Barack's face it needs to be down the bottom lip and that could be more in the corner so definitely some room for improvement I left myself a list of what to do for tomorrow that's what I do every day once I finish my work just so I have it some mentum and i can start the day off so right here comment over code and step eight what's happening rewrite it from scratch to further understand it see if CNN can be improved etc etc and I've also got a check list over here on the Trello board by the way the trailer boards in there in the description if you want to check it out of what I have to do so I finished all the eight steps all the eight steps that are required in the project I could submit it now because I've technically done it all but I want to go through and make sure it's robust so I want to see if the CNN architecture could be improved check to see if improved architecture improves the facial key point detection aka those points does it improve them and then I want to revise over each of the steps comment appropriately submit to Udacity and upload to github when it's complete so of course you'll be seeing it when it's on github and then afterwards once I've fully done it once it's

submitted and done I'm gonna be way ahead of schedule it's actually doing about a month from now so we're gonna have three weeks to play around with either the next stage of the AI nanodegree or to do up a tutorial video on how to build one of these facial key point detection models yourself as well as a blog post so I'm actually most excited about that rather than diving into the next stage that I own and a degree because if I write about it or make a video about it it means I understand it more and also you get the benefit of being able to watch the video and learn for yourself which is which is a ideally what I want to do as well I don't want to just show you what I'm doing I want to give back to you guys as well oh yeah check out that amazing photo guys if you haven't used this before this is a momentum Chrome extension and look at this you put in one major goal for the day for example mine was AI nano Dukey project submitted and we can tick that off because check it out we've got it on my github I'll put a link in the description a I know to do a IND see the facial key points aka facial key point detection system from start and is now live on my github I've submitted the first iteration of the project to Udacity and it is currently being reviewed check this out your project is currently being or is currently in review by Udacity review are it's been a big day and I'm very happy that I've got it submitted there is a whole bunch of extensions that I can I haven't gone through them yet so what I'm doing is making sure that I've got the requirements fulfilled and then once the requirements are fulfilled I'm going to get move on to the extensions and once the extensions are fulfilled or once I sort of dive into it deeper and try and build something build something fun out of it maybe even try and replicate a snapchat filter or something like that or or something along those lines I'll show you it when it when it comes out you'll see it in the near future I'm really stoked to have submitted that tomorrow's plan will be a whole bunch of reading and what I'm going I've put some aoi papers I want to catch up on even Alan Turing's original artificial intelligence paper I want to educate myself on these things and learn about kind of a history of AI saw and can use that as a foundation to build upon in the future I'm gonna go to gym and work out my brain needs a reset actually I think about yogurt tonight yes check it out guys look at this mean specifications on the facial keypoint detection and real-time filtering system oh yeah so I just got the email that said that my project had been reviewed and I checked it out I passed the first project of the artificial intelligence don't agree term 2d planning for computer vision to detect facial key points I'm stoked to get this already looking through it there is such valuable information here from the reviewer so thank you to latisha from Udacity Letty Rodri on slack Letty Rodriguez helped me out in the past on the forums before as well so thank you so much lady guys I'm really really stoked so that means what that means is I can go on to the next chapter of that artificial intelligence allegory but before I'm going to do that I'm going to go back through the project that I did and do a blog post slash video on how you can implement a simpler a similar story not simpler maybe simpler I'm not sure I might refine my model similar model to what I did for the project so you can work on these things as well so that'll be my project over the next few weeks or so stay tuned for that otherwise a really cool thing just came out as well we look on here Lex just dropped a video on artificial general intelligence so I'll leave a link in the description to that and apart two days I checked out these videos computer vision and deep learning for human sensing both very valuable from MIT and free on YouTube make sure you check both of those out one last thing my boy Andrew and the team at deep learning AI deployment a I so I have just released course five of the Coursera deep learning course this is a sequence models course so it goes through NLP speech recognition all that sort of good stuff so look recurrent neural networks what else do we have here let's find out natural language processing word embeddings all this all these goodies sequence models and attention mechanism it's exciting times guys exciting times there's so much available on the internet to learn you just have to put yourself out there and give it a go start building these models I know I myself I need to improve my model building ability my ability to take a data set and extract features from that before using deep learning on it cuz and putting deep learning on a clean data set is probably the easy step so I need to step up my game in terms of the data cleaning skills and the data extracting skills but I'm having so much fun and now that's gonna be it for learning intelligence 20 what a week it's been next week I'll let you know what my next steps are I probably will go through the NLP section on the Coursera course as well as start building out a blog post last video for computer vision pipeline that's what I'm came for time for some [Music] alrighty then so these beautiful people reached out to me by one way or another on YouTube or email I think all of these actually were YouTube comments so thank you so much guys if you want to leave a comment ask me a question wish me good luck I really appreciate it really drives me forward to keep making these videos if you'd like to reach out to me you can find me at daniel at mr deburr comm or on twitter at mr. Dubourg i'll respond to you as soon as I can and do my best to answer any questions you have first of all in no particular order thank you to tamil tamil nadu now i'm hope as always i pronounce these names for correctly tomorrow your a 15 year old web developer that is incredible as well as working on machine learning and you've built your own social media network that's incredible i checked it out briefly and you've you've blown me away you're definitely inspiring me too to keep progressing own learning journey and build things like you are kill thank you

so much and in answering to your question so everyone else knows I wake up about 6:30 to 7:30 between that I don't usually set an alarm because I go to bed at a certain time and I know I'll wake up in a in a rough window of that hour period I spend the first couple of hours of my day reading at the moment I'm reading a few books Charles Bukowski ham on rye and homo Deus by avail Noah Harare this is an incredible book I'll put both links to these in the description this is a fictional book on Charles V cap from Charles Bukowski amazing writer and this one is look at it you see the thumbprint that's essentially it's what's next for the species of Homo Sapien are we going to create our next evolution stay tuned after reading I jump into coding and I go through my daily routine of at least doing three to four hours of deep work which means focusing on one task at a time taking no breaks and not looking at my things like my phone or whatever so I'm strictly focused on what's in front of me Jaden Graham thank you thank you so much for watching guys and as you heard previously next week's video probably jumping into the deep learning Dada a specialization to finish that off that's the final course in that specialization I'm really excited in Jurong as such a great teacher and it's all about sequence to sequence models which is also another project coming up in the future in the artificial intelligence nanodegree program term - oh of course I'll show you guys what I'm building then otherwise all the links i've talked about in the show will be in the description and you know what to do keep learning messed up didn't I you you Parsons School of Design.