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Feeding the bodies, minds, and spirits of vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa Prayer Guide

October 2013

Pray for the Pastors * Spiritual, emotional, and physical protection for the Pastors and their families. They are the front line warriors fighting each day. * Teachers for their Creches and potential after school program. Current ratio is 30:1! * Pastor Paul Exploring the start of a Drop-in Center for school age children. This is a before and after school program that is a Safe Zone. Resources and municipal favor. * Pastor SilasBalance as he goes to school to learn how to teach children in the Creche. He is still Pastoring his congregation.

Pray for Us Personally

Pray for the Ministry * Pastor Amos - Praise that he completed his program in Early Childhood Center Management. Pray for financial provision for his wife Emma to continue her nursing courses. She works in a hospice center. * Pastor Jeffrey -

Wisdom and guidance as he leads his church. He is a young Pastor in the footsteps of the founding Pastor. A home for his family. They are currently living on the church property in a home but need space and privacy for family. * Pastor George Balance as he works full time and leads his church. Crop success for agriculture project.

*Prayer of Thanksgiving for the many donations the Lord has provided. He sees the needs and provides in advance. Board of Director established for Abba’s Pride. *Wisdom and discernment - decisions in dispersing donations; identify creative ways to assist in paying ECD workers; building sustainability into programs; ability to remain laser focused on God’s purpose for this ministry in the midst of so many needs; developing a ministry plan to present to potential donors. *Finances- to continue feeding the children; drill a well so a church can garden and grow food for creche and congregation ($5,000); books in home languages of children ($400); sleeping cots so children are off the floor ($1000)

Provision, Health and Safety for the ChildrenChildren will be safe and protected from evil; Those that should go to Grade 1 in January will be able to enroll; They will experience each day the love of Jesus. New Relationships- Our ability to build relationships with Pastor Joshua and Pastor John. Discernment in the process. Board of Directors Protection over Abba’s Pride’s Board of Directors. Wisdom as we dream together God’s desire for Abba’s Pride and how to accomplish His will. Unity as we learn to work together despite the difference in cultures. Members are Donna Brooks, Annie Moses, Katie Abramson, Riaan Niemand, John Robertson, Shann de Smidt

* Praise for Debbie’s recent doctor’s report that her CLL is not aggressive and she is doing wonderfully with no symptoms. * We will continue to choose to exercise our bodies and maintain prayer time as a couple and as ministry partners. Specifically for our children* James as he leads a growing student ministry. Kelsey’s life coaching business, Fuzion Coaching, to increase in clients. * Michael as he settles into a new job and life in Quincy, Ill. * Rebecca and Josiah will know God’s desire for them following this school year. The Lord will give them insight, provision, and the desires of their hearts as missionaries. Rebecca’s health. * Health of our parents. Jim Warren and Sherleen Payne to remain good.

Arise, cry out in the night...pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at the head of every street. Lam. 2:19 Do you see her? She is sitting on the ground next to the Individual in the wheelchair. They are begging on a busy four lane road. Pray for her.

Waiting for a taste of cake from a Spar (grocery store) donation.

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Prayer October 2013  
Prayer October 2013  

Your prayers are important to the success of this mission. Voicing even one request a day is powerful.