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PIP’S FIRST DAY A Story about Positive Attitudes

Story and Illustrations by Paul Webb

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Building Confidence in Children If children have a healthy level of self-esteem and feel good about themselves, they are more likely to make friends and succeed at school. A child’s confidence influences their social behaviour and learning and those with low self-esteem are less likely to step out of their comfort zones to extend themselves and try new experiences. Having confidence refers to the image or picture of ourselves that each of us carries around in our heads. This image or picture is constructed through our experiences and is strongly influenced by the messages that others send. The way we as adults interact with children on a daily basis influences the positive picture that they construct of themselves. Let them know through our language and our behaviour that they are capable and worthwhile and they will begin to believe it. The messages we send to children influences the way they see themselves as well as our relationship with them. Children with a healthy level of self-esteem and confidence generally: • Feel worthwhile (and lovable) • Believe they are capable • Extend themselves as learners.


Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach? Not real butterflies! I’m talking about that wobbly feeling that you get in your belly when you do something for the first time. It’s not quite being nervous or jumpy or uncertain… It’s a mixture of all of those feelings, bubbling around in your belly, making you feel like it’s full of butterflies.


It was Pip’s first day at school. To begin with, his rather round panda belly didn’t have any butterfly-feelings in it whatsoever the other pupils had given him such a warm welcome. 5

As you may remember, his journey to Battenberg’s Academy for Inquisitive Minds had been full of ups and downs (quite literally – he’d had to climb a lot of mountains!)...

...but all his classmates had tried to make him feel at home immediately. 6

Sorry… did I say all? When I said all, what I really meant was most. Most of his classmates had tried to make him feel at home. But, I’m afraid to report that there was one exception. A hairy exception with a wrinkled snout and two tusks… Louie, the warthog. 7

Now I’ve got nothing against warthogs. I’m sure they’re a helpful enough bunch once you get to know them, but Louie wasn’t the easiest warthog to get to know and he wasn’t in an encouraging mood today. Pip looked around the playground for a friendly face and someone to talk to. Unfortunately the first pair of eyes he met was Louie’s. 8

“What’re you gawpin’ at?” the warthog asked gruffly. Pip glanced around and realised Louie was talking to him. “Er… n-n-nothing,” he stammered. “It’s just my first day and I don’t know anyone here.” His stomach began to feel a little queasy.


Don’t worry, he thought. It’s just first-day nerves. Keep being positive and remember what Mum always told you. To have a friend you’ve got to be a friend! 10

He smiled at Louie and put out a paw. “I’m Pip,” he grinned. Louie stood and stared at Pip’s outstretched paw. Clearly he had never heard of shaking hands… Either that or he wasn’t feeling very friendly. “I’m Louie,” he muttered. “Not that anyone cares.” “Oh,” said Pip. He’d thought that the Academy would be a friendly place.


“Yeah,” continued Louie. “You made a mistake coming here – to this miserable school. If you wanted to enjoy yourself, you can think again!” The fluttering in Pip’s stomach became worse. Talking to Louie wasn’t helping his butterflies.


“I’m sure it can’t be that bad,” said Pip. “Can it?” “No…” Pip breathed a sigh of relief. “…it’s worse!” Louie carried on. “You wait ‘til you see the homework we get forced to do.... a pile of impossible sums every night!” 13

Now the butterflies really got going. I’ve got to get away from Louie, thought Pip. This isn’t helping me settle in. The positive attitude that Pip had arrived with had almost disappeared, thanks to Louie. It’s funny how sometimes all it takes is one or two negative words from someone else to dent your confidence.


Feeling thoroughly fed up, Pip dumped his large frame on a nearby bench and groaned. 15

“You look like I feel!” The squeaky voice came from beside Pip. He glanced down and saw a small owl wearing spectacles. 16

“Sorry?” said Pip. “I said you look like how I feel!” the owl repeated. “Like you wish you were somewhere else!” Pip nodded thoughtfully. 17

“I did want to be here…” he said. “But I’m not so sure anymore.” “Me neither,” said the owl. “I’m just not the studying type.” 18

Pip was surprised. “You? But you’re an owl!” he said. “I thought owls were clever birds. Always got their head in a book… Using ridiculously long words in conversations…”


“That’s the problem,” the owl said. “Everyone thinks that. Even my family think that.” He sighed before continuing. “All my family think that I should because they’re all clever owls then I should be one too and get fantastic grades. But that’s not me…”


He looked up at Pip with tearful eyes. “I’m just stupid old Ossie the stupid old owl,” he muttered. “I’ll never do well in this place.” 21

“Now hold on…” interrupted Pip. “I don’t want to hear you talking like that. You’re not stupid.” “But I am!” cried Ossie. “My family always say my grades should be like theirs...” “You want to know what I say?” asked Pip. He didn’t wait for a reply. He was going to tell Ossie what he thought whether liked it or not! “I say they’re wrong.” Ossie began to shake his head.


“Hang on,” said Pip. “Let me finish… You might not be as clever as them, but you’re good at other things. Even if you’re a regular owl, you’re special.” “Special?” Ossie looked surprised. “For a start you’re the first owl I’ve met who I’ve had a proper conversation with!” laughed Pip. “You use everyday words and you’re bothered to be actually interested in me rather than just talking at me! You’re a great communicator!”


Ossie puffed his chest out proudly. “Thank you,” he said. “That’s the kindest thing anyone’s said to me. I feel better now.”


Pip sat up too. He’d noticed something. His first-day butterflies had gone. Louie and his pessimistic comments were forgotten. “You know what?” he said. “So do I! I’m not going to listen to people telling me I won’t be able to do the work either… I’m just going to do my best.”


A deep voice came from behind them. “I’m glad to hear it!” It was a walrus! “I’m Professor Battenberg,” he said. “And this is my academy. I always tell my pupils to remember that if they want to triumph at something they need a lot of ‘TRY’ and a little bit of…” “… UMPH!” said Pip and Ossie together. “And with that positive, inspiring attitude I’m sure you’re going to be big successes here,” said Professor Battenberg. “As long as you can always say that you’ve done your best that’s all I ask for.”


Pip smiled. He picked up his bamboo and walked with his new friend, following their new teacher to their new classroom. Life at Battenberg’s Academy was going to be fun!


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Thank you for choosing the first book in the ‘Mind Magic’ series. We hope that you find helpful and informative. Dear Educator/Parent,

Thank you for choosing the second book in the ‘Mind Magic’ series. We hope that you find them Discuss/Share helpful and informative. This story has a very special message in it – Can you tell me what the message was? WhatDiscuss/Share would you have done in Pip’s situation? HaveThis youstory done youinfeel proud ofwhat andthe it boosted your Confidence? hassomething a very specialthat message it – very Can you tell me message was? What Whatwould was you the have problem thesituation? story? Have Howyou diddone Pip something solve thethat problem? done ininPip’s you feel very proud of and it boosted your Confidence? What was the problem in the story? How did Pip solve the problem?


Pip’s First Day It’s a new day at a new school. New possibilities… New things to learn… New friends to make… Pip the panda has a bright future ahead of him and is brimming with new-found confidence. But, when the first classmate he meets is a hairy warthog with a pretty negative attitude, it isn’t long for nerves to set in. It takes a chance encounter with a miserable owl with no belief in himself for Pip to realise that things are not as bad as they seem.

In this first book in the Mind Magic Series, Pip (Positive Inspiring Panda) decides to take the Plunge and leave his village and follow his dream of going to school. He encounters a few problems on the Find on for earth portlyPing’s panda can inspire timidstill owlbewho doesn’t cut outbear for way andout if ithow wasn’t old aPanda wise words, Pip awould looking like afeel big brown covered from head to paw in mud! Despite all obstacles – Pip never gives up and finds the school Programs Confidence Building series. and manages to boost his Confidence at the same time!

school in this second book in the Life Skills

Creators of Life Skills Programs, Kathy and Debbie are both spirited passionate life coaches who help people get what they want through the power of clarity and connection. Their core value of being of service to make a difference in a simple way shines through as their work and programs deliver essential elements necessary for life in today’s ever-changing dynamic world. Creators of Life Skills Programs, Kathy and Debbie are both spirited passionate life coaches who help people get what they want through the power of clarity and connection. There core value of being of service to make a difference in a simple way shines through as their work and programs deliver essential elements necessary for life in today’s ever-changing dynamic world.

Mind magic Story Book - PIPs first day  

A story about positve attitude

Mind magic Story Book - PIPs first day  

A story about positve attitude