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Music Magazine Ideas

Name Ideas for My Music Magazine • • • • • •

Rising Stars Music First Replay MM (Modern Music) Todays Stars The Beginning

Slogan Ideas for My Music Magazine • • • •

Stars of tomorrow today The Stars are Rising The beginning of the… Stars from the heavens that are beginning to shine

Slogan Style Ideas

Mast Head Style Ideas

Front Cover Flat Plan

Contents Page Flat Plans

Double Page Spread Flat Plans

Photos Mood Board

•The reason I like these images is they represent the idea for my main image front which is a female singing in a mid or full body shoot.

Interview Mood Board Ideas The reason I like Q&A style interviews is I feel you get more out of the interviewee as interviewer so this may make me do a Q&A style interview but then again i might go with a normal style interview where only one question is asked and is answered in detail.

Design and Layout Mood Board

• These give the general idea of the design and look my magazine will have. Its a bit unconventional with some format which i hope my magazine will have.

Early Examples of Photoshop Design Work Me Using the polygonal lasso tool

Me using the Gaussian Blur tool

Me using the history brush

Photo Shoot Ideas

My Magazine is‌ • My magazine is about new upcoming stars with also current stars. It will be directed at both sexes. People who enjoy gigs, new music stars and current stars will enjoy my magazine. There will also be plenty of pictures and interviews. There will be a gig list at the back as most people I asked have been to gigs. The layout and design is traditional with bit of a twist. My magazine will be a monthly magazine as this will make more glossy and I will have more content for my magazine this way.


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