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DEANMORE PRIMARY An Independent Public School Newsletter No. 1

Friday 8th January 2013 Email:

The Principal’s Pen, Deanmore Primary School

Dear Parents, Welcome back to the 2013 school year which has commenced in the smoothest way we could ask for. Planning began in early January to cater for the increased enrolment and lack of expected transportable accommodation. Special thanks to Registrar Sharon Stewart, and Deputies Greg Downes and Jo Marwick who missed out on many early morning swims as they assisted me to have the school ready for business for the staff on 31 January and students on 4 February.

All of the students are so excited to be back and Deanmore is once more a sea of smiling faces and high energy endeavour. Staff members prepared their rooms well for the first day of learning and also had lots of great holiday news to share. Congratulations to Dan Rodgers who has announced his engagement to his lovely fiancé in a snowy setting in the UK and to our School Officer Rebecca Shields who was whisked off to the Sistine Chapel in Rome for a most romantic proposal. I hope you enjoy reading the stories from Room 8. It shows how committed the students have been to demonstrate their skills. Mrs Katrina Hunter’s students have also created outstanding art projects. Great Work!

21 Deanmore Road Karrinyup WA 6018 Telephone: Fax: Start Recess Lunch Finish

9341 1610 9245 2405

8:50am 11:00 – 11:20am 12:20 – 1:00pm 3:00pm

Dental Clinic 9245 2664 Canteen 0406 736 053 (Monday, Thursday & Friday) School Board 2013 Jeanette Metcalf Jo Marwick Bruce Johnson Lisa Dunstan Suzie Croston

Michelle Poilly Dan Rodgers Deb Siney Samantha Maddern

P & C Committee website: President: Bruce Johnson Vice President: Suzanne Croston Secretary: Sally Tyers Treasurer: Alison Murphy P&C Bulletin Editor: Karen Sawyer T: 9245 6668 E: Advertising: Suzanne Croston T: 9341 7226 E:

Welcome to Deanmore! We have been delighted to welcome many new families to Deanmore and several new staff members. We will introduce the new staff at our first assembly on 22nd February, hosted by Mr Morgan’s Year 5/6 class, but in the meantime please welcome Mrs Sue Dwyer Year 3/4 , Angela Williams Year 1 , Meena Raval Year 1/2, Molly Burfield K/P and Leanne Gray Librarian . We also welcome the return of Wanda Tingley as a tandem in Year 4/5. Shade Structures Due to the hot weather we are using our portable shade structures to shade the Year 7 lunch area and the Junior Primary sandpit. Obviously this is only a short term measure but over the holidays we looked at the possibility of creating that long awaited Naturescape in the Junior Primary area. I will be discussing this proposal with the P&C at the first meeting on 25 February 2013. Annual General Meeting of the Deanmore Primary School Parents and Citizens Association Inc. (P&C) The Annual meeting will be held at 7:30pm in the Deanmore staffroom on Monday February 25, 2013. All members of the wider school community are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Second-Hand Uniforms Fridays 8:15am – 8:45am Lisa Dunstan 0422 975 907 New Uniform Sales Tuesdays 8.15 - 9.00am Building & Grounds Committee Bruce Johnson Blake Willis Nicole Buschgens

Ivan Dixon Janet Pettigrew

Term Dates Term 1 4th February 2013 – 19th April 2013 Term 2 7th May 2013 – 5th July 2013 Term 3 23nd July 2013 – 27th September 2013 Term 4 15th October 2013 – 19th December 2013

Deanmore P&C This is the association that is the lifeblood of our wonderful school. In 2013 thanks to the amazing work of many sub committees we enjoyed a wonderful year that resulted in a huge amount of additional resourcing across the school. Many of the “old chums” have now moved on from Deanmore and we need new people to take over the good work the long term stalwarts commenced. Please come along to the P&C Meeting and AGM and offer any degree of support you are able. We are a pleasant group, mindful of peoples’ busy lifestyles and if you take on a role you will be supported. Deanmore School Board In 2013 we will commence with a several new School Board members all eager to drive the vision of this fine Independent Public School. Please note the Board Membership in the column that appears in each newsletter. Samantha Maddern is the latest parent representative to be appointed to the Board and we welcome her to the position with her valuable skills and deep knowledge of all things Deanmore.

SCHOOL TIMES As advised our school times are now slightly different with all days having equal hours of instruction. It is essential that students are ready for the commencement of school at 8.50am and are collected promptly at the dismissal time at 3.00pm Commence Morning Recess Lunch Finish

8:50am 11:00am – 11:20am 12:20pm-1:00pm 3:00pm

Deanmore Dogs Pooches that accompany families to school MUST be tethered to the perimeter fences whilst parents are on school grounds. We have a huge student population now. Not everyone is comfortable with being close to a dog. Some dogs cannot be relied upon to only interact with family members and any dog may bite or jump up if excited or provoked. The safety of our school community members must be considered at all times. Wheeled Devices Students are NOT permitted to use wheeled devices eg. scooters, bikes, skateboards on school property. If parents allow children to ride these devices to school they must be stored in the bike racks. This is a safety rule that protects all staff and students from injuries. We strongly suggest they are chained or locked. Australian Curriculum - Sustainability Program Staff Member Graeme Morgan generously spent some holiday time planning our Sustainability Project that will focus on our School Farm. At the Staff Development Days he presented ways in which staff may integrate sustainability across the curriculum and tabled the proforma for applying for a plot in the farm. This way of managing our new resource will ensure all classes have the opportunity to grow a variety of produce, include the community and share their sustainability experiences. Annie Willis was once again successful with her Sustainability Submissions and late in December we heard we were among a select group of Australian schools that had secured a generous grant of $2,500 from Teachers Mutual Bank. School Accommodation We are still waiting for two transportables to be installed on site and our latest advice is that we are looking at mid February. Mrs Plichta and Mrs Dwyer’s classes are occupying the Art and Music room until their new accommodation is ready. These Specialist rooms are generous in size and well equipped with all technology. Car Parking As our school expands so does the pressure on perimeter parking. It is vital that drivers exercise great patience near school drop off zones and consider the safety of students at all times. We have lots of parking across the park from the Early Learning Centre and it is only a short walk to the classroom door.

Swimming Program Year 4-7 The in term swimming program is going well with all students happy to be improving their skills and keeping cool at the same time. Payment for these lessons must be made to allow participation. Thanks to Greg for his organisation of this aspect of our Physical Education program. Jeanette Metcalf School Principal Parent Teacher Information Afternoon Information sessions are currently being organized for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon of week three. Meetings will be conducted by your child’s teacher to discuss their teaching philosophies and expectations for 2013. Further details will follow.

Children’s Personal Property Please check that your child has the required pencils, rulers, erasers, scissors, etc that they will need for completing all educational activities. Please check that your child has their name on all of their items that they bring to school.

Assembly nd The first whole school assembly will be held on Friday 22 February. It will be hosted by Mr Morgan’s Year 5/6 class. All parents and friends are welcome.

Behaviour Management Policy Deanmore Primary School has a robust behaviour management policy which includes procedures for dealing with bullying, cyber-bullying and poor behaviour. Copies of the BMIS policy are available from the office.

Faction Captain Elections The election for the Year 2013 Faction Captains will be held next week. Year seven students may nominate for election. Student Reports Please contact the office if you did not receive Term 4 2013 reports. Absences If your child is absent from school please contact the office. A written note addressed to the class teacher would also be appreciated. Early Arrivals Children should not be at school before 8:15am. Supervision of your child cannot be guaranteed before that time. Sports equipment should not be used before school due to safety concerns. Sun Protection With summer upon us, the wearing of broad brim hats is encouraged. Children must be in the shade of a school building if they do not have a hat on their head. Change Of Contact Details Please inform the school if you have changed or will be changing your address, telephone number, email address or any other contact details. Lost Property Please check the Lost Property box and take anything that belongs to you or your children.

Completion of and Updating Medical Forms If your child has any form of medical condition whether it is minor, mild or severe please ensure details and action plans are given to the office as soon as possible. It is vital that the school has the appropriate information and action plans on file in order to deal with your children in an emergency. If you have already provided information, we ask that you confirm the details we have are current and still valid. New forms are available from the Front Office at any time. For further information please contact us on 9341 1610 as soon as possible.

Kids Helpline Children who believe they are being cyber bullied should discuss the situation with their parents and if need be the Police. Children can also ring the Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 to discuss their concerns. Internet Use Agreement Please ensure all Internet Use Agreement forms have been completed and returned to the classroom teacher. Children will not be permitted to use the internet until the documents are completed. Staff Car Park The car park at the front of the office is for staff only. For safety, children and parents should not walk or ride through the car park. After School Care Please notify the classroom teacher if your child will be going to After School Care. Children are to wait on the grassed area near the Deputies’ Office until the bus arrives. School Watch If you see any unwanted visitors on school grounds out of school hours please contact the Police on 131444 or School Security on 92644771 or 92644632. Greg Downes Deputy Principal

UNIFORMS AT DEANMORE Welcome back to the school for 2013 for all existing and new families. This short note is to clarify uniform arrangements for second hand and new uniforms for the year. New Uniforms are supplied by JFE and sold from the uniform shop in the undercover area every Tuesday morning from 8:15- 9:00. As these new uniforms are the property of JFE, no one at the school is able to sell them at other times. Please phone Imelda at JFE on 0434128777 or 94436007 with new uniform queries or to check if they have stock at the warehouse in Osborne Park as most stock is now held at the school. Winter uniform items are available late in first term and second term. New hats (bucket style) are sold from the canteen when it is open ($15) and the second hand uniform shop. These and the caps are the only new item the second hand shop sells, as it is run by the P and C, not JFE. Please note there is a school cap for Years 4-7, but that we encourage the wearing of the bucket hat still for those years too. All sizes of bucket hat are available. The cap is a one size fits all item. Parents, please stress to your children the importance of wearing their hat and using sunscreen before coming to school. Consider sending them to school with a small supply so they can reapply it at lunchtime as for allergy reasons, the school is unable to provide a single supply for each class. The second hand uniform shop is open every Friday morning between 8:15 and 8:45am in the undercover area next to the canteen, or at other times by appointment. Please phone Lisa on 0422 975907 with queries. We sell a range of polo shirts, year seven shirts, skorts, shorts, dresses and windcheaters/jackets as well as new bucket hats and caps. Prices vary between $5 and $15 depending on item/quality. For the second hand uniform shop to function and benefit families, we rely on donations of uniforms in good condition no longer required. Donations can be left at the uniform shop on Friday mornings or at the school office at other times. All money raised goes into P and C funding and benefits your children. Goodluck for the year, and please phone Lisa with any questions on 0422 975 907.

Our fabulous Art program has got off to a magnificent start for 2013, with Mrs Hunter and our lovely students creating many a masterpiece. We hope you enjoy these colourful creations from Rooms 8 and 9.

Dates for the Diary 19th,20th,21st Feb Parent Information Evenings Whole School Assembly Rm 4 22nd Feb 25th Feb P&C Assoc. Annual General Meeting Healthy Eating – Tip of the Week Limit TV and Computer time!

Public Holidays in Term 1

When you do, you'll avoid mindless snacking and encourage activity. Research has shown that kids who cut down on TV-watching also reduced their percentage of body fat. When TV and computer time are limited, they'll find more active things to do. And limiting "screen time" means you'll have more time to be active together.

Please be aware there are a number of public holidays which fall within our first term. On these dates children DO NOT attend school. Monday Friday Monday Tuesday


4 March th 29 March st 1 April nd 2 April

Voluntary Contributions Can be paid at the front office by cash or cheque, at your earliest convenience.

After School Care Some children attend After School Care centres and are collected from Deanmore Primary School. To ensure the safety of the children and to assist the after school care workers I would like to reiterate the procedures in place for the collection of children in the afternoons. Parents, please let the classroom teacher know in writing if your child is attending after school care. Please include the name of the care facility and the days your child is attending. If you change the arrangements or if your child is absent please let the school/teacher know as soon as possible. All children, that are being collected by after school carers (except Pre-Primary and Kindergarten children that are collected from the classroom) should wait on the chairs outside the office to be collected. Please talk to your child/children about the importance of not wandering off after school or going home with other children if they are going to after school care. If you have any questions please contact the school on 9341 1610

Community Notices Parents – please note that any advertisements of a community nature are only placed in our newsletter if there is space. The school takes no responsibility for the quality or value of any goods or services offered.

ARTY PANTS Term 1 PAINTING DRAWING CLAY 8 WEEKS $185 ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED Fun and creative after school art classes on Tues 3.15PM4.45PM or Thurs 3.15PM- 4.45PM in the artroom at Deanmore PS. * We will be in the Junior Pod wet area for the first week or 2 then back into the artroom as usual. Start dates Tues 19th Feb and Thurs 21st Feb. Suit chn 6 yrs and up! PLACES AVAILABLE IN BOTH CLASSES! BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL! All enquiries Della mb 0400232912 THANKYOU! visit our website to see what great artwork the children have created.

Newsletter No. 01 - 8-February-2013  


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