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amy’s holiday Cookie tower

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Two boxes of Amy’s Cookies come stacked for a festive presentation guaranteed to delight. Nestled in the decorated boxes are sparkling sugar Polar Bears, Trees, Snowflake sugar cookies, gingerbread Ornaments, and chocolate–mint Trees with sugar sprinkles.

if it's fun you're after, THESE GIFTS ARE GUARANTEED TO GET A SMILE!

Thirty–nine cookies | #404428 | $85

the Ultimate holiday sweets gift Our tower of sweets is the ultimate treat. Packed in round Snowman and Ornament boxes are DEAN & DELUCA Chocolate Peppermint Pillows, Christmas Select Mix, Peppermint Shortbread Bites, and Chocolate Cherries & Almonds, and Peppermint Bark in our Commemorative Tin; a Prestat Santa Ornament filled with gin truffles; Salty Road Vanilla Salt Water Taffy; FIKA Salted Caramel Truffles; Fatty Sunday’s Holiday Sprinkle Chocolate–covered Pretzels; Pécou Jordan Almonds; and a BARU Peppermint Marshmallow Bar.

Coal stocking stuffer

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Being naughty has its rewards. This Christmas Coal from Three Tarts® Bakery is actually meltingly sweet and airy vanilla meringue, tinted black. It’s the nicest stocking stuffer possible for those who deserve a lump or two.

Set of fourteen | #404423 | $250

Set of two 6" tubes #372237 | $30

Chocolate gift tower

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. We believe Zoe’s Chocolates has created a chocolate tower for all gift giving needs. All three sizes of towers contain Butter Toffee, Peanut Brittle, and Peppermint Bark. Four–piece tower adds Chocolate–covered Almonds and Chocolate–covered Espresso Beans. Five–piece Tower adds a dozen Chocolate–covered Caramels. Five–piece Tower (shown), 2.05 lb total | #372350 | $119 Four–piece Tower, 1.46 lb total | #372351 | $79 Three–piece Tower, 12.71 oz total | #372352 | $49

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soft Coconut macaroons These from Di Camillo are made from preservative–free coconut to make these macaroons chewy on the inside with just a hint of crispness on the lightly golden exterior. Individually wrapped and presented in a hand–wrapped, bow–tied gift box.

gingerbread Chalet

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Our traditional gingerbread house from Monaco Baking delivers oodles of Old World charm with its snow–covered roof peak, arched red door, and simple candy and icing decorations. 11.5" x 14.5" x 7.75" | #404425 | $89

Twelve macaroons, 10 oz total | #402025 | $38

dean & deluca holiday Cookies

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. A magical winter woodland is depicted in our whimsically decorated cut–out cookies, iced to look like Gnomes, Fir Trees, Toadstools, Snowflakes, Candy Canes, and a Wise Old Owl. Eighteen cookies | #404441 | $55

fatty sundays gourmet Chocolate-Covered pretzel Collection Crispy pretzel rods are dipped in generous amounts of milk, dark, or white chocolate, then rolled in festive toppings. For the holidays, we’re serving up five of our favorites—Peppermint Crunch, PB&J, Salty Toffee, Sprinkle, and Pecan Pumpkin.

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Set of five, twenty five pcs. total | #372354 | $45 Requires

Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery


exquisitely rich fruitcake Stout Traditional English Fruitcake is infused with Ilkley Brewery’s award–winning Stout Mary—a deliciously rich malted stout that add flavors of butter toffee, dark chocolate,, and warm toasted malt to the batter. This dense, moist muffin–sized cake nestled in a tin, by Exquisite Handmade Cakes is loaded with raisins, dark cherries, and currants, slathered with apricot jam and topped with Belgian chocolate shavings.

a traditional gift is always right. ours are an updated twist with JUST THE RIGHT TOUCH.

Set of two, 3½" diam., 1 lb total #850496 | $70

jeni’s holiday ice Cream Collection Locally sourced and fair trade–certified ingredients along with milk from grass–fed cows make Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams the perfect holiday choice—we’re offering three of her rich, winter flavors: Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Pumpkin with Amoretti Cookies, and Triumph inspired by the classic Absinthe cocktail and made exclusively for DEAN & DELUCA. Three pints | #950304 | $49

sticky toffee pudding An updated approach to the great tradition of hot British puddings, these moist and scrumptious little desserts from the Sticky Toffee Pudding Co. are made with fresh dates, espresso, and vanilla, and served in a buttery toffee sauce. Shipped frozen. Set of two, 36 oz total | #950302 | $38

traditional holiday Cookies The artisans at Amy’s Cookies baked the rich flavors of the holidays into this sophisticated cookie collection. A white tin comes filled with pecan–laden butterballs, ginger–laced chocolate wafers, maple–infused cookies, and bittersweet ganache–filled peanut butter cookies. Fourty–eight cookies, 1.05 lb total | #402435 | $65

Glaze orange mount baum ring and matcha duo ring

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Originating in Germany, baumkuchen (tree cakes) are concentric layers of melt-in-your-mouth goodness topped with enticing glazes. These, made in the U.S. by Glaze, are baked in a traditional Japanese baumkuchen spit oven—the only one in the States. Mount Baum Ring is crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and drizzled with Cointreau. Matcha is layers of soft, gloriously original and green tea cake.

butter & scotch holiday pies The team at Butter and Scotch has been treating Brooklyn–ites to both classic and innovative pies for years. Now, their sweet creations are available outside of NYC exclusively through DEAN & DELUCA. Enjoy a classic Pecan Pie brought to life with a splash of bourbon, or a chocolate filled S’more Pie topped off with a layer of perfectly toasted marshmallow. Shipped frozen. Eight to ten servings, 10" diam. Bourbon Ginger Pecan | #950277 | $49 S’more | #950303 | $49

Set of two, eight to ten servings, 6" diam. ea. 1.5 lb total | #850560 | $65

4 deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714


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“mint to be” peppermint bonbons

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Cool and creamy, these dark, milk, and white chocolate bonbons from Chocolat Moderne are filled with intense dark chocolate ganache and scented with pure peppermint oil.


Fifteen pcs. | #372360 | $50

the unofficial flavor of the holidays— fun, refreshing, and always welcome. peppermint peppies Creamy white chocolate flavored with pure peppermint oil, cloaked in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with peppermint candy crumbles. Handmade in small batches by Droga Chocolates.

Holiday Mini Tote


Perfect for sweets’ lovers, young and old, our Mini Canvas Tote contains— DEAN & DELUCA Peppermint Shortbread Bites, Candy Cane Caramels, and Festive Milk Chocolate Milkies.

Set of two, twenty–four pcs. total #372339 | $42 

Set of four, 6" x 7" x 4" tote | #404391 | $36

salty road salt water taffy gifting Collection Chewy and creamy with a little bit of a salt crystal crunch, this collection of small–batch taffy from Salty Road includes four of their holiday favorites: Sea Salt Caramel, classic Peppermint, Pumpkin Pie, and Eggnog.

peppermint swirl Cake Charm City Cakes layered chocolate cake with peppermint–flavored Swiss buttercream, wrapped it in white fondant, and finished it with red fondant stripes.

Set of four, 14 oz total | #404413 | $39

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Six to eight servings, 6" diam. #850559 | $110

mcconnells holiday ice cream collection

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. This richly complex and unbelievably smooth ice cream from McConnell’s gets its creaminess from central California coast grass–fed milk and cream; cage–free organic eggs; and pure cane sugar. Enjoy five pints of their finest: Peppermint Stick, Olive Oil and Salted Almonds, Lemon and Marionberries, Double Peanut Butter Chip, and Egg Nog. Five pints | #950305 | $90

peppermint please! gift The most refreshing holiday flavor of all is elevated to hero status in this collection of Peppermint favorites. Enjoy DEAN & DELUCA Candy Cane Caramels, Peppermint Shortbread Bites, and our commemorative tin filled with Peppermint Bark; Salty Road Salt Water Taffy in both Peppermint and Vanilla; and Fatty Sunday’s Holiday Sprinkle Chocolate–covered Pretzels. Set of six | #404415 | $75

holiday whoopie pies Packaged neatly in a signature gift box from Cranberry Island, is rich, chocolate whoopie pies with a sweet, creamy organic vanilla filling—for extra holiday sparkle and crunch, a packet of crushed peppermint candy comes packed inside for you to adorn your holiday trees.


Ten pcs. | #850521 | $72  Requires

Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery


because everyone

wheel of wellness tea Collection

wants something from

Kusmi’s health–giving wellness teas come beautifully packaged in a round gift box. Included are seven each of Detox, Boost, Euphoria, BB Detox, Be Cool, and Sweet Love teas. FRANCE Forty–two tea bags | #369983 | $75

Whiskey Collection Good whiskey elevates everything from cheese to chocolate. This sophisticated collection of whiskey–centric items includes Beehive Cheese Co. Fully Loaded Whiskey–rubbed Cheese, Creminelli Whiskey Salami, Mast Brothers Vanilla & Smoke Chocolate Bar, Teroforma Whiskey Stones, and an Isola NEAT Flask. Set of five | #404420 | $119

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Belgian Hot Chocolate Gift

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Direct from Barú of Belgium—a gift of their most popular Belgian Chocolate specialties. Ideal for the hot chocolate lover, each canister contains a 10–oz Barú Signature Mug that comes in different colors (blue, orange, yellow or pink), a tin of Fluffy Marshmallow Chocolate Powder and three Dark Chocolate–covered Honey and Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. Part of the fun is seeing what color of mug is in each canister! BELGIUM Set of three | #300022 | $48

holiday macarons Cocktail kit Shake up your own classic craft cocktails with this quartet of home bar essentials: Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters, Five by Five Tonic, Morris Kitchen Spiced Apple Syrup, and a glass Mason Shaker from WMP Designs. Set of four | #404429 | $109

Cocktail tote Every respectable home bar needs three tools to turn out perfect cocktails—a Muddler for mashing, a Jigger for measuring, and a Mason Shaker to mix it all up perfectly. This gift delivers all three in a navy W&P canvas tote with leather handles. Set of four

Nothing compares to the light and airy texture of a classic French macaron. Each of these kaleidoscopically colored, intensely flavored, ganache–filled almond meringue cookies has a delicious character all its own. Enjoy two each of Chocolate, Vanilla, Pistachio, Lemon, Coconut, Coffee, Violet Cassis, Almond Wedding, Raspberry, Earl Grey Tea, Passion Fruit and new Chocolate Mint—a DEAN & DELUCA holiday exclusive. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. Twenty–four macarons, 1.3 lb total #950306 | $60

whiskey lover stones & glasses set Crafted in Vermont from natural soapstone, the non–porous, non–melting stones from Teroforma replace ice cubes, and can be frozen again and again to keep drinks cool without diluting them. Contemporary old–fashioned glasses let you serve spirits in style.

holiday Chocolates by Christopher elbow More like miniature works of art than mere chocolates, these confections from Christopher Elbow’s signature collection include Fleur de Sel, Lavender, Vanilla Bean Caramel, Venezuelan Dark, Venezuelan Spice, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Macadamia Praline, Champagne, Coffee Ganache, Bananas Foster, Rosemary Caramel, Ghana, Earl Grey Tea, Strawberry Balsamic, Spiced Orange Caramel, Caramel Apple, Whiskey Aged Maple, Pear Caramel, Pecan–Vanilla Bean, and Lime–Cardamom.

Set of two glasses and six stones #102143 | $64

#404432 | $175

Twenty–one pcs., 4 oz total | #372235 | $55

gourmet assorted Caramel apples Tart and juicy Granny Smith apples are dipped in scrumptious toppings for a gourmet treat. Includes one each of Milk, Dark, Cinnamon, and Toffee. Gourmet Assorted Caramel Apples, set of four | #372196 | $58 Milk & Dark Chocolate Caramel Apples, set of four | #371198 | $58

robert lambert dark fruit Cake Inspired by his English grandmother’s recipe, this superb fruitcake from Robert Lambert is loaded with figs, raisins, prunes, dates, and pecans from small California farms, as well as home–candied citrus peel and ginger. Each loaf is wrapped in cheesecloth, soaked in Jack Daniels® bourbon whiskey, aged for two months and topped with a California bay leaf and candied blood orange peel.

holiday petits fours Lovingly made with layers of moist almond cake and apricot jam, these tiny cakes by Three Tarts® Bakery are coated with fondant and painstakingly decorated by hand. Sixteen pcs., 7 oz total #850489 | $50

Eight to ten servings, 1 lb, 6" x 2.25" x 3" | #401857 | $55

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Ultimate international gift We love traveling the world to find the finest foods so you can give the best from all four corners of the globe to those you hold dear. Our Ultimate International Gift includes: 1.05 oz of Osetra Caviar; New York Smokehouse Platter (featuring Citrus Gravlax Salmon, Traditional and mild cold–smoked Norwegian Salmon, Double– smoked Salmon and Cracked Pepper Smoked Salmon); Abbay de Belloc cheese; Comte St. Antoine cheese; and Vache de Chalais cheese; Manchego cheese; Knipschildt Chocolatier® Signature Chocolate Collection; Navarino Icons Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Flavo{u}r 21 Bomba!; Aceto B alsamico DOP Affinato; Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar; a tin of Cigare Rolled Butter Cookies; Marchesi di san Giuliano Orange Blossom Honey; Sel Magique Classic Blend; Dequmana Olives with Mixed Herbs; Mina Harissa Green; Caffe del Faro Espresso Italiano ground coffee; Le Palais des Thes My Tea for the Morning; and our DEAN & DELUCA Grilled Antipasti, Sun Dried Tomoatoes, Organic Mango Fruit Spread and Butter Caramels.

when only the best will do, choose lavish, luxurious and indulgent—choose the Ultimate dean & deluca gift What do you give the person who has almost everything? Everything else! We’ve assembled our most popular DEAN & DELUCA signature items along with the best sellers from some of our favorite purveyors to create a gift that is truly over the top!

Large (shown), set of twenty–one | #404437 | $1,000 Small, set of fifteen | #404438 | $625

Set of forty–one | #404421| $750

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happiest of holidays gift

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If you want to make someone truly happy, this is the way to do it. Our outrageously indulgent gift features nearly everything from our holiday catalog and the best of our SoHo store, including twenty–three DEAN & DELUCA signature items and thirty–eight best sellers from some of our favorite purveyors from around the world.

dean & deluca's best Give them a gift they’ll never forget with our very best selections in our signature gift box filled with our DEAN & DELUCA Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar, Apricot Mustard, House Blend Coffee, Greek Yogurt Cranberries, Mixed Nuts, Onion Mini Flatbread, Pepper & Tomato Bruschetta, and Grilled Antipasti; CreminelliTM Finocchiona Salami; Berkshire Serrano Style Ham; Bella Viva Orchards Dried Fruit; Heritage Lemon Infused Shortbread; and a box of Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

Set of sixty–one | #404422 | $1,900

Large (shown), set of thirteen | #404378 | $185 Medium, set of ten | #404379 | $135 Small, set of six | #404380 | $75

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2014 limited-edition holiday C ookie tins Tender, delicate, all–natural butter cookies from Yoku Moku come packaged in two sizes of collectible tins, both designed by Clyv, the feature artist at the Galerie Paris. Each tin contains five types of the Japanese bakery’s signature cookies: Cigares, Billet aux Chocolat au Lait, Billet aux Amandes, Bateau de Macadamia, and Pleine Lune cookies. JAPAN

every culture has its own holiday food traditions— DISCOVER A FEW OF OUR FAVORITES.

Large Tin, fifty cookies , 13.9 oz total | #404406 | $65 Small Tin, thirty–three cookies, 9.35 oz total | #404407 | $50

maison dandoy gift tins Maison Dandoy has been producing traditional spiced Speculoos cookies in Brussels since 1829. Now available in the U.S. for the first time exclusively through DEAN & DELUCA, enjoy two beautiful assortments: the Coffret Grand Place, with traditional and vanilla Speculoos tucked into a polka dot tin; and the Coffret Maison Dandoy, with Speculoos and Butter Sable cookies neatly packaged in a house tin. BELGIUM House tin | #404442 | $35 Polka Dot tin | #404411 | $45

Charbonnel et walker's

best of british hamper

Indulge a sophisticated sweet tooth with the finest confections from Charbonnel et Walker— A Union Jack Chocolate Selection Box and Heart Box, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, Port & Cranberry Truffles, 70% Dark Chocolate Batons, a White Chocolate Bar, and a Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Bar.

panettone Italy’s most beloved holiday cake is baked especially for us by the Di Camillo family. Made from a traditional recipe that calls for sweet cream butter, farm–fresh eggs and natural yeast, the dough is allowed to rise slowly for several days before being baked, making it especially light, airy and sweetly fragrant. It is hand finished with a glaze of hazelnut and almond egg white glassato. Gift–ready in a lovely silver mylar–covered box and bow. ITALY


marrons glaces

Set of seven

One of the most luxurious of traditional delicacies, these chestnuts are gathered one by one, then candied by hand. Individually wrapped so that they will be exquisitely moist and flavorful before being placed perfectly in a stunning gift box from Agrimontana. ITALY



1.3 lb | #401134 | $48

Sixteen pcs. | #403241 | $55

Dresdner Stollen This dense and sweet fruitcake is a holiday staple in its native Dresden, where a city–wide festival for the treat is traditionally held yearly. Our version comes in a decorative tin, and is the perfect end to a rich Holiday dinner. GERMANY Sixteen servings, 2.2 lb #371168 | $48

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imperial torte piccolo

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. For centuries, chefs at the Hotel Imperial Wien in Austria have been lovingly crafting this exquisite Torte. Delicate wafers of almond pastry are layered with an ethereally light cacao cream, enveloped in marzipan and coated with a rich chocolate glaze. Elegantly packaged in a wooden box and sealed by hand. AUSTRIA

Cha no ka

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Created through the collaboration of an expert in tea leaf production, a tea appraiser and a master pâtissier, Cha No Ka "cat’s tongue" cookies are tender green tea biscuits sandwiching white chocolate. Each individually wrapped biscuit is made with special Okoicha strong matcha green tea from carefully selected tea leaves. Best enjoyed with coffee, tea, and Champagne. JAPAN Ten cookies | #300025 | $28

Four servings, 10.5 oz in wooden presentation box #950177 | $85

sorelle nurzia torrone

limited–edition lebkuchen tin A Bavarian specialty, Lebkuchen is widely regarded as the finest gingerbread in the world. Our moist, dense and chewy version, handmade by Leckerlee in New York City’s Lower East Side, contains almond and hazelnut flours, marzipan, candied citron, orange peel, and nine different spices, and sits atop a traditional "oblaten" wafer bottom. In the Lebkuchen tradition of showing a city scene on the tin, this one features a nostalgic rendering of New York City, and contains two versions of the holiday treat: classic and chocolate.

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Five pcs., 1 lb total | #402787 | $39 Requires

Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery

A traditional Christmas sweet, Sorelle Nurzia has been producing soft, rich Torrone candy in the Italian province of Bologna since 1835. Collection includes three flavors— Gianduia Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond and Pistachio, and Soft White with Hazelnut. ITALY Set of three, 1.3 lb total | #404443 | $45 deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 13

taste of italy The Italian way of life always includes time to come together over a meal. It’s a tradition we love to promote with this collection of some of the finest foods Italy has to offer, including: DEAN & DELUCA Parmigiano–Reggiano, Grilled Antipasti, Rustic Artichokes, and Truffle Grissini; artisanal Creminelli® Tartufo and Casalingo salami; and Taralli Mediterraneo crackers.

WONDERFUL celebrate your holiday the italian way. italian pantry

Large (shown), set of twelve | #404388 | $140  Small, set of eight | #404389 | $95

Who wouldn’t want a pantry full of the essentials necessary to whip up delicious Italian pasta dishes at home? Our Italian Pantry gift comes with DEAN & DELUCA Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Traditional Italian Sauce, Alla Diavola Pasta Sauce, and Capers in Olive Oil; Benedetto Cavalieri Fusilli and Route Pazze pasta; Faella Caserecci pasta; Piennolo Tomatoes; and Oro Nero Balsamic Vinegar. ITALY

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Large (shown), set of nine | #404382 | $158 Small, set of five | #404383 | $70

italian essentials

dean & deluca dipping oils & dishes kit

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Before your next endeavor into the cuisine of Italy, make sure you have these essentials in the pantry. DEAN & DELUCA DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chianti, rich and aromatic Balsamic Vinegar, Dried Rosemary, and Basil. Packed in our signature DEAN & DELUCA gift box.

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. We blended Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil with chili peppers (Piccatina) and Mediterranean herbs (Mediterraneo) to create our two signature dipping oils. Set comes with two ceramic dishes sized perfectly for dipping. ITALY

Set of four | #411260 | $100

Set of four | #411557 | $42

duetto rustico balsamico gourmet gift set Let's talk Gifts! Call us at 800.221.7714. Our personal shoppers are at your service.

dean & deluca deluxe risotto kit

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Creamy, satisfying risotto has never been easier. We have everything you need, including our Italian Arborio Rice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tomato & Basil Pomodoro Spice Mix, and a Wooden Spoon for stirring it all to perfection.

Produced in Modena and aged in the famous Giusti family cask deposit, these two balsamic vinegars characterize the quality for which Giusti is renowned. Il Classico is aged eight years and has a sweet, harmonious blend of flavors. Il Denso is crafted from late–harvest grapes and aged twelve years to become an extraordinarily dense, full–bodied balsamic that is ideal for everything from barbecued meats to cheeses, fruits, and ice cream. Presented in a stamped wooden box. Set of two bottles, 16.8 oz total | #402854 | $75

Cestino di regalo This overstuffed gourmet gift basket comes packed with all of the things we would choose to bring home from a trip to Italy. A wonderful opportunity to explore new flavors, it contains our DEAN & DELUCA Sundried Tomatoes and Rustic Artichokes; Caffe del Faro Espresso Italiano; Amaretti Del Chiostro; Morelli Italia Pasta; Anforina Giusti Balsamic; Ligurian Pesto; Taralli Olive Oil crackers; Frantoio Muraglia, "Intenso" Extra Virgin Olive Oil tin; and Black Cerignola Olives.

Set of four | #411558 | $26

Set of eleven

#404390 | $275

italian taster tray Creminelli brings the best of Italy’s handmade salami to America. Our taster box features three of their finest: black truffle–laced Tartufo, garlicky Sopressata, and sea salt and black pepper Casalingo—the Creminelli family specialty. Set of three, 1.1 lb total | #751392 | $50 

parmigiano–reggiano In addition to being the ultimate grating cheese for pasta, our Parmigiano–Reggiano has a tremendous flavor that makes it a superb table cheese. Try it with a hunk of crusty bread, where its combination of nutty, salty and sweet flavors is enhanced by a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. 2.2 lb | #601458 | $60

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black & white Cake

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Inspired by New York’s signature black and white cookies, this cake from Aux Delices features a layer of rich chocolate cake, a layer of lemony butter cake, and buttercream filling, all covered in white and brown fondant.

blue and white and everything right

8" diam. | #950299 | $95

for your festival of light celebration. blue & white Cookies

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Blue is the new black when it comes to these NYC–inspired cookies perfect for Hanukkah and holiday celebrations. Each features lemony white icing on one half and royal blue icing on the other, separated by a glittery gold stripe down the middle. KOSHER.

black & white C ookies

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Ours have a soft, cake–like texture and buttery flavor. Coated in rich chocolate and vanilla icing— perfectly sized for snacking. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. Eighteen cookies, 1.5 lb total | #401068 | $35 Gluten–free | #404348 | $35

Twelve cookies | #404434 | $60

mini hanukkah houses

dean & deluca babka

Baked especially for us by the Monaco Baking Co., our hand–cut and –assembled sugar cookie Hanukkah Houses are decorated with blue Stars of David on the roofs and dreidels by the door.

Ours is a classic. Made from a special, enriched yeast dough rolled around a cinnamon or rich chocolate filling to produce a beautifully marbled bread, it’s the perfect treat to share. KOSHER.

Set of two loaves, 3 lb total Mixed | #400448 | $34 Chocolate | #400414 | $34 Cinnamon | #400415 | $34

Six pcs. | #404433 | $69

jordan almonds Whole almonds are encased in ultra–thin, matte white and super–shiny metallic candy shells. A traditional—and oh–so elegant— holiday confection. FRANCE Not available to California residents. Silver and White, 12 oz

#372366 | $34 Gold and White, 12 oz #372367 | $34

dean & deluca rugelach To honor a neighborhood "bubbe" we’ve taken a traditional rugelach recipe and faithfully recreated these special sweet, chewy pastries in cinnamon and raisin. Packed to the brim in our signature tin. KOSHER.

hanukkah mini tote We filled our signature DEAN & DELUCA Natural Canvas Mini Tote with Hanukkah favorites, including blue and white Hanukkah Maltballs, Dark Chocolate Almond Jewels, and lustrous gold and silver Festive Milk Chocolate Gems.

1.5 lb | #371098 | $60

new york smokehouse salmon platter

Set of four, 6" x 7" x 4" tote | #404435 | $36

Four of the finest offerings from the renowned New York Smokehouse— Citrus Gravlax Salmon with fresh dill and zested lemon rind, Traditional mild cold–smoked Norwegian Salmon, Double–smoked Salmon with a peaty Irish whiskey–like finish, and Cracked Pepper Smoked Salmon. Shipped frozen. Set of four, 1 lb total | #751316 | $65 DEAN & DELUCA gift cards make great gifts!

gourmet latkes hanukkah bites of goodness Created especially for Hanukkah by O’ My Goodness, these crispy vanilla butter cookies are decorated to resemble Gelt Coins, Stars of David, Presents, and Dreidels. Set of two, twenty–four cookies total #404272 | $45

16 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards


Perfect on their own or dressed with apple sauce and sour cream or with smoked salmon and a dollop of crème fraîche, serve these potato pancakes hot and extra crispy. Shipped frozen. KOSHER. Bite Size Latkes in Original, Artichoke, and Sweet Potato Set of three, forty–eight pcs. total, 1.5" diam. | #950285 | $59 Large Latkes, Eighteen pcs., 3" diam. Original | #950200 | $48  Gluten–free | #950233 | $55

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Chocolat moderne exclusive assortment

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. One dozen unique truffles, caramels, and pralinés handmade in small batches and enrobed in dark and milk chocolate. Enjoy Don Juan 72% Venezuelan Ganache, Lychee–infused Les Nymphes, Caramel Caresse with Poire Williams Pear, Parlez Pistache, Peanut Pizzazz, Banane Flambée, Marzipan Bazaar, Kashmir Spice, Mon Petit Kumquat, The Player with Bowmore Single–malt Scotch, La Dolce Grapefruit, and Madame 'X'tasy Soft Caramel with Illy Espresso and sea salt.

luscious confections from the world's finest chocolatiers. more winter Cupcakes Four frosty snowball designs from MORE® in Valrhona—moist Belgian dark chocolate cake, rich Valrhona mousse center, topped with Valrhona chocolate glaze and small white chocolate snowflakes; Chocolate Coconut—rich Belgian chocolate cake, fresh coconut buttercream topped with sweetened coconut; More—rich Belgian dark chocolate cake, light cream center, topped with decadent Valrhona chocolate glaze and a large white chocolate snowflake; and Lemon Meringue— moist Meyer lemon cake, fresh Meyer lemon center topped with light meringue;

Twelve pcs., 5.6 oz total | #372321 | $49

Casanova Chocolate

Twelve cupcakes, 2.2 lb total | #850493 | $99 

tasting box

MarieBelle has put together a special collection of three single–origin chocolate tablets from different regions of the world. Enjoy 65% Maracaibo, 70% Madagascar, and 80% Coeur de Guanaja.




5.4 oz | #372318 | $46 

pecan turtles

A classic confection delightfully re–imagined. Soft, creamy caramel and perfectly roasted pecans are covered in chocolate and topped with grey sea salt from France. Six milk chocolate and six dark chocolate. Set of two, twelve pcs. total, 1.03 lb total | #372330


eclat box for dean & deluca

les Champignons Caramel filled mushrooms Confectionary mushrooms from chocolatier Michel Cluizel are meticulously made by hand by forming the stem from caramel, adding an almond nougatine top, and coating with dark chocolate. FRANCE

DEAN & DELUCA gift cards make great gifts!

Set of two, ten pcs. total, 6.3 oz total | #372338 | $44

Hand–crafted by Eclat Chocolate—these chocolates are perfect for elegant parties to share with family, friends and loved ones. Pairs well after dinner with coffee or dessert wines. Delightful holiday flavors in Pear, Single Malt Whisky, Pave de Tour Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and 73% Dark Chocolate. Twenty pcs. | #372348 | $52

snowball fight truffles

V intage ganache Cake

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Hand rolled, award– winning truffles from Fika are made from scratch daily using the finest white chocolate and fresh cream from an upstate New York dairy.

Nested in a limited edition box resembling an antique book, this rich and decadent dark chocolate cake from Maribelle is carefully crafted with the finest dark chocolate ganache and European wafer.

Twenty–four pcs., 10 oz total

#372362 | $60

holiday truffles

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Rich, creamy, and completely addicting, these holiday truffles from Fika are completely handmade and uncompromisingly good. Enjoy seven each of Peppermint, Gingerbread, and Salted Caramel.

5.25" x 6.5" x 2.25" cake, 1.39 lb #372224 | $54

Set of three, twenty–one pcs. total, 8.9 oz total

#372365 | $42 


Requires Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery



Ultimate snacker gift When you’ve got a big group to acknowledge (or you need to thank an individual in a really big way), nothing does it better than our Ultimate Snacker Gift. Our signature white gift boxes come packed with: DEAN & DELUCA Sanded Pink Grapefruit, Greek Yogurt Pretzels, Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies, Savory Seasoned Pretzels, Rosemary Mini Flatbread, Cajun Mix, Crème Brûlée Almonds,® Hickory Smoked Almonds, Diced Fruit, California Apricots, Milk Chocolate Raisins, Risk Taker’s Chocolate Bars (one each of milk peanut butter, cookies and cream, milk toffee and sea salt, and dark sea salt caramel), Milk and Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites, Fleur de Sel Caramels, Black Licorice Scotties, Sweet Fish,® Gourmet Jelly Beans, Candy Blox, and Original Mints; Heritage Shortbread in Original and Lemon Infused; Steve & Andy’s Candied Orange Peels and Candied Lemon Peels; Anna’s Daughters Chocolate Covered Rye Bark; Palmier Mini Elephant Ears; Bazzini’s ® Pistachios; Sir Francis Bacon Toffee Chocolate Bar,™ POP! Gourmet Almond Roca; 479 Popcorn in White Cheddar & Black Truffle.

when you give a gift from the

signature collection,

they’ll know they’re getting the very best. snacks on the run

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. It’s easy to see why we consider this diverse and delicious mixture of premium nuts, gourmet chocolates, and scrumptious candies to be the absolute pinnacle of snackdom. Available in 3–, 6–, 12– and 18– tin sets.

Set of thirty–four | #404377 | $300

18–tin set includes: All of the sweet and salty snacks in our 6– and 12–Tin assortments. The perfect gift when you want to give the very best in snacking. Packed in our signature DEAN & DELUCA gift boxes.

indulgence trio

(shown) We’ve got the cure for everyone’s cravings with three signature DEAN & DELUCA gift tins that satisfy sweets enthusiasts, salty snack lovers, and chocoholics.

Set of eighteen | #404373 | $118 12–tin set includes: Hickory Smoked Almonds, Salted in Shell Pistachios, Cranberry Nut Mix, Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts, New York Chocolate Espresso Beans, Cheesecake Caramels, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Dark Chocolate Rum Cordials, Island Mix, Candy Blox, Sanded Starfish, and Licorice Allsorts. Packed in our signature DEAN & DELUCA gift box.

Eighteen pkgs., 6.15 lb total | #401499 | $130

nut indulgence gift tin DEAN & DELUCA Hickory Smoked Almonds,

Set of twelve | #404374 | $78 6–tin set includes: Mixed Nuts, Sonoma Mix, Milk Chocolate Maltballs, Black Forest Caramels, Gummi Bears, and Gourmet Jelly Beans. Packed in our signature DEAN & DELUCA gift box.

dean & deluca deluxe snack box

Six pkgs., 1.65 lb total | #402789 | $45

Seven of our most popular gourmet snacks—a thoughtful mix of sweet and salty—packed in our signature white gift box. Enjoy DEAN & DELUCA Onion Mini Flatbread, Olive Oil Grissini, Sonoma Mix, Mixed Nuts, Chocolate Gourmet Nut Mix, Tiramisu Caramels, and Sanded Fruit Salad.

Set of six | #404375 | $42 3–tin set includes: Roasted Cashews, Sanded Fruit Salad, and English Toffee Caramels. Set of three | #404376 | $18

movie night Tell them that they’re stars in your eyes. This assortment contains the right amount of sweet and salty, including DEAN & DELUCA Kettle Popcorn, Milk Chocolate Peanuts, Red Licorice Wheels and Mixed Nuts; Dark Chocolate Toffee by Dottie’s; Cocomel Sea Salt Caramels; 479 Popcorn in Toasted Coconut Caramel; and Bissinger’s Raspberry Yumberry Gummy Pandas all packed in our signature tin.

Set of seven | #402802


Large (shown), set of eight | #404371 | $70 Small, set of five | #404372 | $38

dean & deluca savory Cracker & Chip gift If crispy, crunchy, salty and savory is what they crave, this gift really satisfies—Includes DEAN & DELUCA Potato Chips in Sweet Potato and Sea Salt, Olive Oil Grissini, Onion Mini Flatbread, Aged White Cheddar Popcorn, and Black Truffle Sea Salt Pretzels. Set of six | #404346


snacks to share This gift comes with so many delicious snacks, there’s more than enough for everybody. Our signature gift box comes fully loaded with DEAN & DELUCA Mesquite and Stout Ale Mustard, Savory Seasoned Pretzels, Fleur de Sel Caramels, Crème Brûlée Almonds,,® Sweet Fish,® Dark Chocolate Squares, California Apricots, Mint Chip Maltballs, Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies, Diced Fruit and two tins of our Original Mints; Bazzini’s® Pistachio Nuts; Yumnuts Cinnamon Almonds; Banoffee Oatie Bites; Lark Polenta Pennies; Pop! Gourmet Firecorn Jalapeno Popcorn; BeesKnees Chipotle Lime Peanuts; and Bissingers Blueberry Acai Gummy Bears. Large (shown), set of nineteen | #404369 | $160 Small, set of eleven | #404370 | $95

20 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards

Sonoma Mix, Salted Pistachios, Roasted Cashews, Salted Peanuts, and Butter Toffee Pecans.


Second Day Delivery

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sweet indulgence gift tin Selection comes with DEAN & DELUCA

Napoleon Sours, Rainbow Gummy Frogs, Sweet Fish,® Sanded Fruit Salad, Gummi Bears, and Sanded Gummy Peaches. Six pkgs., 2.5 lb total



Chocolate indulgence gift tin Packed full with DEAN & DELUCA Milk Chocolate Maltballs, Chocolate Gourmet Nut Mix, Chocolate Covered Cherries, New York Chocolate Espresso Beans, Triple Chocolate Toffee, and English Toffee Caramels. Six pkgs., 2 lb total | #404399 | $50 deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 21

help is on the way

sweet & savory tote

Here they come to save the day! Just when someone needs them most, our delicious candies, delightful cookies and flavorful popcorn show up on the doorstep. Our signature gift box comes filled with DEAN & DELUCA Black and White Cookies in our signature tin, Dark Chocolate Almonds, Gummi Bears, Black Licorice Scotties, Cajun Mix, Risk Taker’s Chocolate Bars (one each of milk toffee & sea salt, cookies & cream, milk peanut butter, and dark sea salt), Dark Chocolate Squares, and Savory Seasoned Pretzels; Sir Francis Bacon Brittle; Gary & Kit’s ® Toasted Coconut & Cashews; Dreamy Chocolate Hippos; and a bag of 479 Popcorn in Sea Salt Caramel.

Not sure if they crave sweet or salty? Our signature Black Canvas Tote comes chock full of plenty of each. It includes our DEAN & DELUCA Extra Sharp Vermont Cheddar bar, Black and White Cookies in our signature tin, and California Apricots; Finocchiona Salami; Sir Francis Bacon Toffee Chocolate Bar;™ Matiz Pecado Chocolate Fig Bar; Eclat Toasted Corn Chocolate Bar; and Yumnuts Cinnamon Almonds. Set of nine, 14.25" x 5" x 10.5" tote #404345 | $135

Large (shown), set of fifteen | #404394 | $130 Medium, set of twelve | #404393 | $100 Small, set of nine | #404392 | $70

tea time gift When the clock chimes 4:00, be ready with DEAN & DELUCA Earl Grey and Peppermint Teas, black tea–rubbed TeaHive Cheese from Beehive Cheese, Savannah Bee Co. Honey for Tea, and Reids crunchy Banoffee Oatie Bites.

DEAN & DELUCA gift cards make great gifts!

a gift from the

corporate gift program

is enjoyed and remembered always.

fresh from the C ountry

Set of five | #404436 | $60

The best artisanal foods from the world’s countrysides. Enjoy one each of DEAN & DELUCA Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka bread, Onion Mini Flatbread, and Organic Raspberry Fruit Spread; Creminelli® Wild Boar Salami; Promontory Cheese by Beehive; and TruBee’s Seasonal Vintage Honey all packed in a large DEAN & DELUCA Color Block Tote. Honey drizzler not included.

Coffee break gift Make everybody’s favorite hour a little better with this collection of coffee essentials, including DEAN & DELUCA Manhattan Blend Coffee, a red Bodum Eileen 3–cup French Press, and Chocolate–dipped Biscotti from Boncora.

for more information, product ideas or to speak with a member of our corporate gifting team, please contact us at

877.826.9243 or via email at

corporatesales@deandeluca .com

Set of eight, 16" x 23" x 6" tote

#404365 | $135

Set of three | #404430 | $89

something for everyone Crate

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Eight of our most popular snacks, this gift truly is something for everyone. Includes our DEAN & DELUCA Fleur de Sel Pistachios in shell; Island Macadamia Mix; Dark Chocolate Almonds; California Apricots; Hickory Smoked Almonds; New York Espresso Beans, Chocolate Covered Cherries, and Cranberry Nut Mix. Set of eight, 4.9 lb total #402788 | $85

best of the U.S. gift tote sweet & savory seagrass basket Designed to cure all cravings, our thoughtfully curated sweet and savory collection contains our own DEAN & DELUCA Fanciful Fruit Mix, Black Forest Caramels, and Onion Mini Flatbread; Nueske Summer Sausage; Urban Oven Creek Cheddar Chive crackers; Salty Road Sea Salt Caramel Taffy; and Steve & Andy’s Candied Orange Peels.

Set of ten, 12" x 12.5" x 6" tote | #404381 | $125

Set of eight, 16" x 12" x 7" basket | #404410 | $95



Second Day Delivery

If you want to give a gourmet gift that reflects true American pride, you can’t do better than this. DEAN & DELUCA Savory Seasoned Pretzels, Pear Vinaigrette, and Private Reserve USA Extra Virgin Olive Oil; complemented by Boncora Biscotti in Almond; Chukar Dried Rainier Cherries; Snaps Ginger Cookies by Bunches & Bunches; and The Jam Stand’s You’re My Boy Blueberry Bourbon Jam.

Requires Next Day Delivery

deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 23


Only at DEAN & DELUCA—flown in for us once a week in order to be the freshest possible.

our chefs have put together gifts

fresh black truffles The black truffle, tuber melonosporum, adds an unmistakable perfume to practically any dish. A classic when tucked under skin of chicken or turkey for roasting. ITALY

guaranteed to please your favorite chef.

full moon oil & V inegar gift

Limited availability from November to February.

Full Moon oil and vinegar gift Mythology says those who partake of the Full Moon will be fortunate in love, enjoy good health and will have luck on their side. Full Moon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested under the influence of October’s Full Moon, has an outstanding fruity flavor obtained by pressing Arbequina olives within hours of harvest. Pair with two exceptional Gran Reserve Balsamic Vinegars, aged for twelve years in American Oak Barrels. The transparent balsamic vinegar is especially unique and used by 3–star Michelin Red Guide Chefs. SPAIN

1 oz | #702003 | market price 1.75 oz | #725006 | market price Our recommended pairing: Truffle Shaver | #101369 | $22

organic truffle sampler gift

Set of three, 20.2 oz total | #403205 | $100

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Tartufi di Fassia brings the best, and most flavorful aromatic organic truffle products to the U.S., including their White Trufle Oil, Black Summer Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Sauce, White Truffle Sauce, and Acacia Honey with Black Summer Truffles. Honey drizzler not included. Set of five | #404395 | $150

DEAN & DELUCA gift cards make great gifts!

fresh white truffles The rare white Alba truffle, tuber magnatum pico, is Italy’s finest. These truffles show extraordinary depth when shaved on risotto, pasta or mild fish. You owe it to yourself to try the best. ITALY Limited availability from October to December. 1 oz | #702002 | market price  1.75 oz | #725003 | market price 

sel magique gift Hand–harvested fleur de sel from Guerende, France is batch blended with herbs and spices to create seasonings that elevate and enliven every food they touch. Gift includes a bag of Classic Blend with Herbs de Provence, a bag of chili pepper–infused Spicy Blend, and a Mill No. 1 Classic Grinder. Set of three | #404431 | $75

Let's talk Gifts! Call us at 800.221.7714. Our personal shoppers are at your service.

jacobsen sea salt gift Hand–harvested on the Oregon coast using traditional methods, Jacobsen Sea Salt is a lively addition to anything sweet or savory. Enjoy our assortment of Salty Caramel, Salty Black Licorice, Smoked Salt, and Flake Finishing Salt.

dean & deluca metropolitan rack Serious cooks will delight in this convenient way to display their favorite spices. For counter or wall, these racks are made of heavy–gauge wire shelving and, needless to say, our signature spice tins fit perfectly.

Set of four | #404440 | $89

paella kit

Large rack (shown) with thirty–four tins | #172003 | $195 Large rack with seventeen tins | #172002 | $145 Small rack with twelve tins | #172001 | $95

Everything you need to make a deliciously authentic Spanish classic. Includes Spanish chorizo from Olympic Provisions; Valencian paella rice from Matiz; Paella starter stock from Aneto; floral Spanish saffron from Bacstrom; Dequmana Gordal Olives; and a traditional round paella pan. Set of 5 | #404418 | $145

dean & deluca spice tube racks An efficient and stylish way to display your favorite DEAN & DELUCA herbs and spices neatly arranged in clear test tubes in a stainless–steel spice rack. Comes with a specially designed spoon. Refills available. Forty tubes | #171009 | $175 Twenty–one tubes | #171008 | $105

24 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards


let’s get roasting kit

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Add some flavor with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Grigliata Italian salt and herb blend, White Meat Spice Blend, and Basting Brush. ITALY Set of four | #411556 | $26

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deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 25

pumpkin Cinnamon rolls Perfect for sharing—Traditional fall flavors combine to create these soft cinnamon rolls with a delicate pumpkin flavor and delicious vanilla icing. Shipped frozen.

make the morning easy with FAVORITES EVERYONE WILL LOVE.

Set of two, twelve rolls total #950286 | $25

blackberry farm gift breakfast bread pudding Simply pop this just-sweet-enough bread pudding into the oven and serve it warm with a berry compote. Shipped frozen. 1.8 lb | #950301 | $48

Situated in the heart of Tennessee’s idyllic Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Farm is a luxury resort with a working farm producing beautiful artisanal products. Our Holiday gift assortment features Magnolia cow’s milk cheese, Singing Brook sheep’s milk cheese, Pickled Ramps, Apple Butter with Pecans, Smoked Onion Jam, Blackberry Jam, and biscuit mix in a beautiful wooden box. Set of eight | #850561


Smokehouse Sampler

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. For the past three generations, Virginia’s S. Wallace Edwards & Sons has been producing some of the South's finest quality meats. This sampler includes their "Big Three"—old–fashioned, hickory–smoked Virginia Sausage Links (2 lb); sliced, hickory–smoked Virginia Bacon (12 oz); and pre–sliced, country–style Virginia Ham (12 oz). Shipped frozen. Set of three, 3.5 lb total | #701339 | $70

breakfast strata Holiday brunch made easy by Perfect Bite Co. This savory blend of eggs, onions, and potatoes bakes up hot, fluffy and satisfying with a minimum of fuss. Shipped frozen. 30 oz | #950300 | $48

Let's talk Breakfast! Call us at 800.221.7714. Our personal shoppers are at your service.

dean & deluca organic fruit spread gift Toast and crumpets are exponentially better when topped with our own DEAN & DELUCA organic Strawberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry spreads.

Packed in a giftable wooden crate, they make a delightful gift.

sunday brunch

Set of three | #404165 | $26

Our Sunday Brunch comes with Atlantic Salmon that has been mildly cold–smoked in fruitwood, Crème Fraîche from an artisanal family producer in Northern California, a jar of DEAN & DELUCA Italian Capers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a hearty loaf of classic Rye Bread to serve it on. Set of four | #701435 | $85

hamptons brunch gift basket sweet breakfast Our scrumptious Sweet Breakfast comes with everything you need to make the most important meal of the day. Start with our DEAN & DELUCA Oat and Honey Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Small Silicone Spatula and Vanilla–infused Maple Syrup. Add six fluffy and tender Blueberry Biscuits and four gooey, traditional Sticky Buns loaded with pecans. Blueberry Biscuits and Sticky Buns. Shipped frozen.

Inside our sturdy wicker Hamptons gourmet basket is everything required for a stellar brunch: DEAN & DELUCA Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka Bread, Breakfast Blend Coffee Blend, Earl Grey Tea, Oat and Honey Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Strawberry Organic Fruit Spread, and Diced Fruit Blend; Savannah Bee Company® Wildflower Honey; and Crown Maple Medium Amber Syrup. Set of ten, 21.5" x 14" x 12" basket #404364 | $195

Set of five | #402878 | $65

26 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards


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deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 27


California wine Country Cheese plate



Three of our favorite cheeses coming out of California right now. Truffle Tremor—a pasteurized cultured goat cheese with woodsy earthy tones; Bay Blue—a crumbly traditional blue; and Carmody—a hard, mild pasteurized cow’s milk cheese that resembles Gouda and cheddar.

for gifts or gatherings,

Set of three, 1.4 lb total | #601674 | $70

nothing’s more pleasing


than cheese. Ultimate U.S. Cheese plate Cheers to the amazing artisanal cheeses made right here in the U.S. Our All–American Cheese Plate features a DEAN & DELUCA 2–year Cheddar Bar, Beehive Barely Buzzed, Point Reyes Original Blue, Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze, Sartori Raspberry Bellavitano, and Pleasant Ridge from Uplands Cheese Co. Set of six, 2.75 lb total | #601682 | $90 Just Slate 2–tier Stand, hand–crafted natural slate with stainless steel handle, SCOTLAND. Top 9.75" diam., bottom 11.7" diam. #102130 | $99

Set of four, 1.9 lb total | #601678 | $70 

fig & walnut panforte


Panforte—or "strong bread" is a Tuscan specialty that dates to the 13th century. Ours is a traditional thick and chewy recipe from family–run Pasticceria Marabissi, and is loaded with dried figs and walnuts, and flavored with honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg.


12.35 oz | #402211 | $35 D.

Cracker C ollection


Three of our favorite flatbreads, perfect for pairing with cheese or spreads but flavorful enough to enjoy on their own: generously sized Castleton Crackers in Windham Wheat; Fig flavored Fine Cheese Crackers; and Handmade Toketti de Pane Carasau crunchy Sardinian Flatbread bites.

stilton gift Collection Enjoy an English Christmas classic with rich and peppery blue Stilton cheese from Long Clawson Dairy, served in a decorative and reusable ceramic crock. Includes California apricots and mixed nuts for a perfect pairing.


Set of three, 1.1 lb total | #404367 | $29 E.

french Cheese plate

No one does cheese like the French as evidenced by this luscious quartet. Abbaye de Belloc—a hard, pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese with a milky, wholesome flavor; Comte St. Antoine—cave aged for 14 months with a big flavor and a long finish; Cantalet Petit Cantal—a sweet, semi–hard, aged round similar to young cheddar; and Saint Nectaire— fruity fresh and creamy soft with hints of mushroom.

Set of three | #601696 | $35

Set of four, 1.7 lb total | #601676 | $75



Cheese connoisseurs will swoon over this gift of accompaniments chosen for their ability to bring out the very best in cheese. Enjoy our DEAN & DELUCA Olive Oil Grissini, Rosemary Mini Flatbread, Fanciful Fruit Mix, and Raw Almonds; Green Cerignola Olives; Bonvallis Fig and Almond Cake; and Honey for Cheese by Savannah Honey. Set of seven #404368 | $55

28 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards

italian Cheese plate

Robiola due Latti—soft–ripened made from pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milk; Podda Classico—aged and pungent; Fontina Fontal— mild and creamy; and Raschera—semi–hard, moderately sharp made with raw goat’s, cow’s, and sheep’s milk.


spanish Cheese plate

Compromised of three standout cheeses, each unique. Manchego—a firm sheep’s milk cheese with a slightly tangy, nutty flavor; Monte Enebro— a soft, lightly acidic and salty pasteurized goat cheese; and Idiazadbal—a pungent raw sheep’s milk cheese with a full distinctive flavor with smokey undertones. SPAIN


Set of three, 1.3 lb total | #601675 | $60  G.

Cheese Cloche

Hand cut in Scotland, our slate cheese plate from The Just Slate Company comes with a petite glass cloche topped with a stunning rope knot handle. Ideal for cheese, canapés, or pastries. Inside dome 6.6" x 8.5" diam. #102129 | $109


Second Day Delivery

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deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 29

these delightful bites are

C omfort appetizer C ollection

the best way we know to

Lobster Mac and Cheese individual servings of cheddar– and mascarpone–rich lobster mac and cheese with Champagne and tarragon; Artichoke Cheesecakes— flavored with sundried tomatoes, basil, pine nuts, and Parmesan; and Creamy Cheese Soufflé Cups— in herbed pastry shells. Shipped frozen.

bring people together.

grand tasting by Chef elias Cairo

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Oregon’s first USDA–approved salumeria, Olympic Provisions, specializes in crafting pork salamis and pâtés with Old World textures and flavors true to the region from which they originate. Here are seven of their best: Spanish–style Salchichon Salami—with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, black pepper and garlic; earthy, coarse–ground Italian Salami Nola—with pepper, chili and allspice; pub–style Saucisson d’Alsace—flavored with clove, nutmeg and cinnamon; Pork and Pistachio Pâté; creamy Pork Liver Mousse; Pork Rillette—a confit pork shoulder ideal for crostini; and for dessert, Saucisson au Chocolate—French–style dark ganache with nuts, ginger, red wine and spice.

Thirty pcs. | #950162 | $65

appetizer trio Mini Burgers—Beef burgers with Gorgonzola cheese and grilled onions; Savory Gougères— traditional cheese puffs with tender–crisp outsides and silky–smooth centers; and Ham and Swiss Arancini—balls of creamy risotto blended with smoked ham and green onions, stuffed with Swiss cheese and rolled in crispy panko crumbs. Shipped frozen.

Set of seven | #751338 | $125

Thirty–six pcs. #950124 | $60 

brie en Croute A wheel of whole double–crème brie is topped with sweet black mission figs and caramelized onions before being enfolded in flaky, buttery puff pastry. Ready to heat and serve, this Brie en Croute is a sweet and savory crowd pleaser, appropriate for a casual brunch or a formal dinner alike. Shipped frozen.

french–st yle Charcuterie Enjoy silky and rich smoked duck breast; all–natural Rosette de Lyon; garlicky hand–made Saucisson Sec, and perfectly spiced Pork and Duck Pate with Black Pepper.

1.5 lb | #950308 | $49

Set of four, 2.1 lb total | #751397 | $95

Classic hors d’oeuvres C ollection

antipasto perfection

Mediterranean Shrimp Bites—garlicky blend of shrimp, ricotta salata, fresh scallions and herbs; Spicy Crab Rolls—with toasted coconut and seasoned with mildly hot Asian spices and black sesame seeds; Smoked Swiss and Bacon Cups—mini quiches filled with farmstead smoked Swiss cheese, crisp bacon and fresh parsley butter; Swiss Cheese and Spinach Crescents—Buttery, flaky crescents filled with Swiss cheese, spinach and sesame seeds. Shipped frozen.

We pulled together our favorite Italian hors d’oeuvres including: DEAN & DELUCA Grilled Antipasti and Sundried Tomatoes packed in extra virgin olive oil; Black Cerignola Olives; Fine Cheese Crackers in Olive Oil; Norcino Salamini; and Creminelli® Tartufo Salami—made with black truffles. Set of six | #404400 | $80 

Forty–six pcs. | #950213


iberico sampler The pigs of Spain’s Iberian peninsula forage solely on acorns, which results in the most tender, marbled and flavorful pork in existence. Discover what everyone is talking about with two ounces each of Fermin’s best: Ibérico Jamón—the world’s most prized ham; intensely flavored Chorizo Iberico—traditional dry–cured sausage made with pimenton and garlic; Salchichon Iberico—a simply seasoned ground pork salami; and vibrant red, Lomo Serrano—pork loin marinated in olive oil, paprika, garlic and sea salt that has been air cured for four months. SPAIN Set of four, 8 oz total | #751330 | $55

C heese lovers’ appet izer C ollect ion

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Fresh Apple Chutney and Brie Bites are crisp little phyllo purses filled with a delicious blend of Granny Smith apples, jalapeños and Brie. Spicy Fig Bites combine sweet brandy–macerated Black Mission Figs with tangy goat cheese and creamy mascarpone in a round phyllo pocket. Stilton and Cranberry Crescents marry plump, juicy cranberries with mellow Stilton cheese in a tender pastry crust. Shipped frozen. Thirty–four pcs. | #950128 | $74

30 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards

31 Requires

Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery

lobster pot pies

brooklyn piggies

Juicy chunks of lobster in a sherry cream sauce, topped with crispy puff pastry crust. Arrives in ready-to-bake ramekins. Shipped frozen.

These unparalleled cocktail franks take pigs-in-a-blanket to new heights. Each sausage is created in the traditional European style with no artificial ingredients, additives, fillers or MSG, then wrapped in light and flaky puff pastry. Enjoy mildly seasoned beef and pork Original, garlic– and paprika–laden Spicy, and Chicken flavored with oregano, basil, fennel, and Parmesan. Shipped frozen. Thirty–six pcs., 3 lb total | #950212 | $90

Set of four

#704198 | $99

devils on horseback

Gourmet Lobster and Seafood Specialties from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. A culinary treat dating back to Victorian England, our Devils on Horseback are served with sweet, tender pitted dates, stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in fully cooked apple–smoked bacon. Ready to bake. Shipped frozen. Twenty–four pcs., 11 oz total | #950125 | $50 

lobster mac & Cheese Succulent chunks of sweet Maine lobster are blended with pasta and creamy mascarpone–cheddar sauce topped with a crunchy crust of bread crumbs, herb butter, lemon zest, and Parmesan cheese. Ready to bake in two reusable ceramic ramekins. Shipped frozen. Set of two, 1.1 lb total | #704222 | $60  Gluten–free, set of two, 1.1 lb total | #950201 | $60 

daniel boulud smoked salmon in wooden box

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Daniel Boulud Kitchen Atlantic Salmon is hand trimmed and has been mildly cold–smoked in fruitwood and perfectly paired with a wooden presentation box. Shipped frozen. 1 lb whole, 9.25" x 20.5" x 2.75" box #751399 | $65

fondue set Embrace the winter weather and warm up a classic Swiss fondue, served in a perfectly compact miniature fondue pot from Boska. Includes one quarter–pound each of Emmentaler and Gruyere cheeses, tart and crispy Cornichons, sweet white Garlic Cloves, and our DEAN & DELUCA Olive Oil Grissini, and Onion Mini Flatbread. Set of seven | #404416 | $95

Classic marinara arancini Our traditional, stuffed Sicilian risotto balls are made the old–fashioned way— coated in crunchy bread crumbs, pre–fried, and ready to reheat. Shipped frozen. Twenty–four pcs., 1.5 lb total #950280 | $46

Domestically Farmed:

Internationally Farmed:

siberian Caviar

osetra gold label Caviar

Sustainably farmed by Mote Marine in Florida under natural conditions in an attempt to reduce overfishing, this caviar from Siberian sturgeon is one of the most prized varieties. All–natural and sea-salt-cured, this is a medium–sized, dark gray caviar with a soft, buttery flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. 1 oz | #761392 | $90  4.4 oz | #761394 | $350 

2 oz | #761393 | $160  7 oz | #761395 | $550 

spoonbill Caviar

The Spoonbill, or Paddlefish as it is sometimes known, is a freshwater sturgeon that thrives on the nutrient–rich food in the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers. Its small, silvery caviar is rich, robust and remarkably delectable. 1 oz | #761370 | $50  4.4 oz | #761372 | $190 

2 oz | #761371 | $90  7 oz | #761373 | $300 

salmon roe Caviar

Vibrant, golden–orange, pearl–sized roe from Alaskan chum salmon has a firm texture, a low salt content, and a strong salmon flavor offset by a natural, honeyed sweetness. 1 oz | #761388 | $15 4.4 oz | #761390 | $39

lobster risot to on half shell Scallop shells are topped with lobster risotto made with Maine lobster, mushrooms, and Swiss Cheese folded into a rich beurre blanc then topped with lemon–herb butter and panko crumbs. Shipped frozen.

A true "setra" caviar produced by the eggs of Russian sturgeon, boasting medium–sized pearls, often tinted dark olive green to golden yellow. A slightly earthy and pleasingly nuttiness flavor, they are instantly appreciated by caviar aficionados. 1 oz | #761403 | $180  4.4 oz | #761405 | $700 

2 oz | #761404 | $290  7 oz | #761406 | $1,400 

galilee osetra Caviar

Farm–raised in Israel using water from the nearby Dan River, this is a true Osetra caviar raised from Russian brood stock. It embodies all the same qualities as the coveted wild "Royal" Osetra: medium–sized eggs, dark gray to golden brown color, uniquely nutty flavor and a creamy clean finish on the palate. 1 oz | #761362 | $150  4.4 oz | #761364 | $600 

2 oz | #761363 | $250  8.8 oz | #761365 | $1,225

2 oz | #761389 | $25 7 oz | #761391 | $60 

sea trout roe

Set of six | #690050 | $79

This beautiful bright–red roe comes from sea trout sustainably raised in the cold, deep fjords of Norway and fed a natural protein diet free of chemicals and antibiotics. It has a crisp and delicate pop and an explosive citrus and peach finish.

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1 oz | #761396 | $14 2 oz | #761397 | $28  4.4 oz | #761398 | $55 7 oz | #761399 | $90 


Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery


whole smoked turkey More flavor, less work. The whole Heritage turkeys from Indianapolis’ Smoking Goose Meatery are humanely raised and pastured on local farms. Each turkey arrives fullycooked and loaded with smoky flavor, ready to heat, slice and serve. Shipped frozen.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to serve a festive and flavorful holiday dinner in no time flat.

13.5 lb | #751331| $250

piedmontese beef standing rib roast

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. All–natural, grass–fed, free–range Piedmontese cattle from Fossil Farms are humanely raised in Montana, and produce a lean, tender USDA certified beef that is high in protein, low in cholesterol, and loaded with flavor. Shipped frozen. 5–rib Roast, 8 lb total | #751395 | $425

spiral sliced half–ham Renowned S. Wallace Edwards & Sons smokehouse calls this bone–in ham their "City Ham" because it’s milder and sweeter than their famous salt–cured Virginia Country Hams. Smoked over smoldering hickory wood, baked to perfection and spiral cut, it comes with a packet of Edwards’ secret glaze made with honey, brown sugar, and a touch of orange. Shipped frozen. Ten to twelve servings, 7.5 lb #701344 | $90 

“world’s best ” mac & Cheese Beecher’s Handmade Cheese ® is famous for their Mac and Cheese—tender penne pasta smothered in their award–winning Flagship cheese sauce. Shipped frozen.

sweet Corn pudding

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Tender, farm–fresh corn kernels and blended with cream, whole eggs and seasonings to create a sweet and savory pudding that is an especially delicious complement to pork or beef. Shipped frozen. 1.75 lb | #950231 | $35

Creamed tuscan kale with parmesan Crust

metallic taper Candles Hand–dipped pair of candles is made from a blend of paraffin and beeswax with a 100% cotton wick and designed to be both smoke– and drip–resistant. Not available to California residents. 12" pair, Gold #101935, Silver #101934 | $20

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Fresh Tuscan kale by The Perfect Bite Co. is cooked to tender perfection, blended with smoked mozzarella and Gruyère cheeses, sautéed shallots and peppers and folded into a buttery cream sauce. A crispy Parmesan–panko crumb topping finishes the dish and adds just the right amount of crunch. Shipped frozen.

Set of two, 2.5 lb total

smoked scallop & lobster bisque

"World’s Best" Mac and Cheese #704184 | $35

Smoked Flagship Mac and Cheese #950199 | $35

32 oz | #950013 | $42 

Let's talk Entertaining! Call us at 800.221.7714. Our personal shoppers are at your service.

Cream Cheese biscuits

1.87 lb | #950229 | $38

A combination of simple ingredients and a complicated hand–folding technique give our 72–layer, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits a rich, buttery flavor and a flaky, puff pastry–like texture. Shipped frozen. Original, set of two, twelve pcs. total | #950043 | $25 Herb Parmesan, set of two, twelve pcs. total | #950171 | $25 Biscuit Duo, set of four, twenty–four pcs. total | #950182 | $48 

beef wellington

garlic mashed potatoes

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. A holiday classic—Tender yukon gold potatoes are mashed with whole milk, butter, cream, black pepper and just the right amount of garlic. Shipped frozen.


1.87 lb | #950077| $35

Gluten–free "World’s Best" Mac and Cheese #950195 | $40 

This rich, creamy bisque is loaded with fresh Maine lobster and smoked scallops. Shipped frozen.

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. From Culinaire this USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin is seasoned and seared to lock in its flavor before being topped with a savory mushroom filling and wrapped in flaky puff pastry. Ready to thaw, bake and serve. Shipped frozen. Four pcs., 3.5" x 3", 2 lb total | #950228 | $80

dahlia placemats

truffle roasted boneless ham

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. Aromatic black summer truffles and a touch of sea salt enhance the sweetness of sustainably raised heritage Duroc pork in this succulent boneless ham from Creminelli. Try it sliced on sandwiches. Shipped frozen. 6.5 lb | #751398


Add a little sparkle and shimmer to the holiday table. Set of two, 15" diam. | $20 Gold #102138 Silver #102139 Requires

Second Day Delivery

Requires Next Day Delivery

deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 35


dean & deluca pecan pie


Inspired by the time–honored Southern tradition of serving an out-of-this-world pecan pie at the finish of a memorable meal, we made this one by folding whole, candied pecans into a rich, decadent filling, served atop a flaky and buttery pâte brisée. Shipped frozen.

finish every holiday meal with a little something sweet.

Six to eight servings, 8" diam. #850366 | $35 D.



dean & deluca hazelnut pear frangipane tart

Perfectly poached Williams’ Bon Chrétien pears are the garland atop the hazelnut and almond cream custard. Baked in a rich and crumbly pâte sablée crust. Shipped frozen. Six to eight servings, 8" diam #850359 | $40

Opposite page: A.

dean & deluca apple pie

The quintessential all–American dessert gets a French twist when Golden Delicious Apples are flambéed with Calvados, a French apple brandy, before being crowned with streusel. The thick, luscious filling is the perfect textural contrast to our flaky, traditional pâte brisée crust. Shipped frozen. Six to eight servings, 8" diam. | #850365 | $35 B.

dean & deluca original Cheesecake

The ideal dessert for any holiday gathering, this light and luscious Original Cheesecake has a smooth filling of cream cheese, sour cream, and eggs spread over a traditional graham cracker crumb base. Shipped frozen.

oversized C ookie C ollection There’s always a line at the cookie counter in our SoHo store and for good reason—our oversized Chocolate Chip (with sea salt), Triple Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Cookies are the best of the best. Enjoy four of each.

Six to eight servings, 8" diam. | #850497 | $38

dean & deluca almond Cream pistachio with Cranberry tart


Tender pâté sablée crust is, layered with a smooth and luscious almond cream filling and topped with agrume crumble, made with fresh orange and lemon zest, then topped with plump whole cranberries and toasted pistachios. Shipped frozen. Six to eight servings, 8" diam. | #850510 | $38 

Twelve cookies, 2.6 lb total #850408 | $45


dean & deluca Chocolate raspberry tart

Features a rich, 64% dark chocolate nougatine and raspberry puree atop a buttery pastry crust. A perfect ending to any holiday meal. Shipped frozen. Six to eight servings, 8" diam. | #850484 | $38 



brownie & blondie gift tin This heavenly combo includes two customer favorites packaged in our signature DEAN & DELUCA tin. Dense chocolate Brownies with fine Valrhona® chocolate and chewy Blondies with a butter–toffee flavor and chunks of Belgian dark chocolate. Shipped frozen. Twelve pcs., 2.2 lb total #850362 | $45

dean & deluca Coffee Crate Three bags of our whole bean coffee— full–bodied Manhattan Blend, smooth and sweet Espresso and bold and sophisticated House Blend—in a wooden crate, ready for giving. Set of three, 2.25 lb total 4½" x 8½" x 2½" crate #404190 | $55

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Second Day Delivery



dean & deluca mini tart Collection

Nothing beats our collection of four individual dessert–size Mini Tarts. Includes: Apple Crumble Tart —thinly sliced Gala apples atop an almond–flavored crust; Chocolate Raspberry Nougatine Tart —64% dark chocolate and raspberry puree atop a butter crust; Hazelnut Pear Tart —Williams pears with a touch of cinnamon on a hazelnut flour crust; Pecan Tart—rich, gooey filling with candied pecan halves in a pâte sablé crust. Shipped frozen. Requires Next Day Delivery

Set of four, 3.5" diam., 1.2 lb total | #850549 | $42

deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 37

house party Open box, start soirée. This gift has everything you need to get the party going including a 2012 Carrier SLH Pinot Noir, 2012 LIOCO Russian River Valley Chardonnay, 2011 Priest Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 Solace Sauvignon Blanc, our DEAN & DELUCA Nut Indulgence tin, and Aged White Cheddar Popcorn; Vermont Natural Summer Sausage; Fallot Extra Fine Gherkins; and Castleton Windham Wheat Crackers.

the perfect wine and food pairings FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES A GOOD PARTY.

Set of nine | #HOUSE14

grand Cru Cabernet lovers


The king of red wines deserves to be treated royally, so we paired three of the best with a host of bold noshes that can stand up to big flavor. Gift includes a 2010 Skipstone Oliver’s Red Blend, 2011 Realm Farella Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011 Memento Mori Cabernet Sauvignon, our DEAN & DELUCA Deluxe Nut Tray; Black Cerignola Olives; Hot Peppers Stuffed with Anchovies; and Onion Taralli.

winter wonderland (above) When the weather outside is frightful, we say treat yourself to a party inside. Start with a 2011 Switchback Ridge Merlot, 2013 Arrow & Branch Sauvignon Blanc, and a 2012 Vineyard 29 Cru Cabernet Sauvignon, accompanied by DEAN & DELUCA Grilled Antipasti, Rustic Artichokes, Onion Flatbread, and Harvest Nut Tray; Fig & Walnut Panforte; and Steve & Andy’s Candied Orange Peels.

butter, jam & toast Two exceptional bottles from JaM Cellars are the heart of this gift that includes their smooth and creamy 2013 Butter Chardonnay and their 2012 JaM California Red, as well as 2010 Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs Brut, Toasted Coconut Marshmallows, Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, and our own DEAN & DELUCA Morello Cherry Fruit Spread.

Set of nine | #WINTER14


Set of seven | #GRAND14 | $470

Set of six | #BJT2014 | $125

happy endings Celebrate the season in style—Any gift that starts with wine and ends with chocolate and port most assuredly is a perfect way to ring in the New Year. Enjoy 2011 Kamen Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 Somerston Everest Port, and our Chocolate Indulgence tin.

Available only at DEAN & DELUCA:

nut trays Our sustainable–bamboo tray comes loaded with healthful nuts and dried fruits. Harvest Nut Tray contains DEAN & DELUCA roasted and salted Pistachios and Cranberry Nut Mix. The larger Deluxe Nut Tray comes loaded with DEAN & DELUCA roasted and salted Pistachios, roasted and salted Cashews, deluxe Mixed Nuts and Cranberry Nut Mix. Both come gift ready. Deluxe Nut Tray, 1.7 lb total | #402748 | $45

fruit tray

The glorious dried fruit in this tray from California’s Central Valley is so luscious you might just forget that it’s good for you, too. Plump and vibrant cherries, nectarines, apricots, pluots, peaches, pears, plums, and Moyer prunes are beautifully arranged in a wooden tray made from reclaimed peach trees from Bella Viva Orchards.

Set of four | #HAPPY14 | $155

the taster wine club kerrin laz's endless wine club

1.75 lb, 12" x 7" tray #401860 | $49

Harvest Nut Tray, 13.5 oz total

#402747 | $24

Access and timing is everything when seeking out any product to bring to market, especially wines that are unique, compelling and taste incredible. I'm truly excited to share some of those great finds with you. —DEAN & DELUCA Wine Director,

38 don' t forget dean & deluca gi ft cards

the cult wine club

Kerrin Laz

Whether you want to expand your tasting knowledge or you’re new to the love of wine our Taster Club is for you, offering the best of the best relative to production, price point, and balance. Every quarter you will receive a selection of six wines guaranteed to satisfy and ready to hold their own at any table on any occasion. Enjoy the newest releases from wineries such as Scribe, Matthiasson, Gentleman Farmer, Copain, and Rossi Wallace. #TSTR12WC | $900 yearly #TSTRENDLES | $250 quarterly

With our wine division based in the heart of California wine country, I'm able to gain access to new, exciting wines on a regular basis. It's those offerings that I'll share with you in my DEAN & DELUCA wine club. Each quarter, you'll receive six wines that you wouldn't typically find outside of California because they're just that special. And if that weren't enough, shipping charges are included. —Kerrin #KERI12WC | $1,800 yearly #KERIENDLES | $500 quarterly

This club is the club for the most discriminating palate. We source those rarest of California wines and offer them in our Cult Club. A minimum of three ultra–exclusive wines will be shipped out each quarter. Offerings such as Bryant Family, Abreu, Scarecrow, Screaming Eagle and Dana Estate are just a few wines we’ve included in past shipments. Due to limited allocation on many of the selections, membership is limited. #CULTYEAR | $3,800 yearly #CULTENDLES | $1,000 quarterly

deandeluca.com | 800 .221.7714 39



2526 East 36th Circle North | Wichita, KS 67219 | 800.221.7714


or current occupant

For the store nearest you, visit DEANDELUCA.COM. SFI-00603

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Whether you are placing an order, need assistance finding the perfect gift or have a question, our Personal Shoppers are at your service. Call us at 800.221.7714 and let us share with you our knowledge and passion for food.

hot Chocolate on a stick gift tin

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. At the end of each stick is just enough Belgian milk, dark or hazelnut–flavored chocolate to make one perfect cup of cocoa. Simply stir into a cup of hot milk and allow the chocolate to melt. The result is the creamiest, most scrumptious hot chocolate. BELGIUM

Nine pcs., 9.84 oz total | #372233 | $35

Color me! holiday Cookies Loads of fun—Eleni has flooded a dozen of her famous butter cookies with smooth white royal icing that you can decorate yourself with five edible markers. NUT FREE. KOSHER.

Ten cookies, 11 oz total #404412 | $39

DEAN & DELUCA gift cards make great gifts!

Chocolate truffle ornaments Considered among the finest in England, Prestat Chocolate Truffles have legions of loyal fans. For the holidays, they come packaged in these charming ornaments, ready to hang on the tree or give as gifts. Snowman, Santa and Reindeer Truffle Assortment, set of six, thirty–four pcs. total | #372337 | $99 Reindeer Red Velvet Truffles, set of four, six pcs. ea. #372336 | $72  Santa Gin Truffles, set of four, five pcs. ea. #372335 | $72  Snowman Coconut Truffles, set of four, six pcs. ea. #372334 | $72 

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DEAN & DELUCA Holiday Catalog 2014  

A Toast! to a season of giving. Shop for gifts of impeccable taste at DeanDeLuca.com this holiday season.

DEAN & DELUCA Holiday Catalog 2014  

A Toast! to a season of giving. Shop for gifts of impeccable taste at DeanDeLuca.com this holiday season.