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Harley reports 5.4 percent motorcycle sales growth for 3rd quarter in USA


ARLEY-Davidson has reported continued strong improvement in earnings and dealer retail sales in the third quarter of 2011 and through the nine months of the year-to-date, compared to 2010. The company says that thirdquarter operating income from Motorcycles and Related Products grew 78.0 percent on higher shipment volumes and operating margin improvements, while operating income from its Financial Services segment grew 21.9 percent due to continued improvement in credit performance, compared to the third quarter of 2010. Retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles are said to have grown by 5.1 percent worldwide in the third quarter (to 61,838), led by a 5.4 percent rise in the US, with first ninemonth retail sales up 4.9 percent (worldwide) to 194,829. “We are pleased with our sustained progress and we continue to realize strong momentum in the transformation of our business,” said

Keith Wandell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson. “Two years ago we embarked on our strategy to focus solely on the Harley-Davidson brand, provide the flexibility required in today’s market and make Harley-Davidson lean, agile and more effective than ever at delivering remarkable products and extraordinary customer experiences. Today, we continue to see the positive results of the course we have charted,” Wandell said. “The changes underway in manufacturing, product development and retail capability involves a tremendous amount of highly complex, challenging work across every part of the organization. While much remains to be done, we are well down the road and everyone involved deserves much credit for bringing these changes to life.” Dealers sold 42,640 new HarleyDavidson motorcycles in the third quarter in the US, a 5.4 percent increase. In international markets, dealers sold 19,198 new HarleyDavidson motorcycles during the third quarter, an increase of 4.4 percent compared to the year-ago period.

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Through nine months US retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles increased 4.7 percent to 127,930 units, with international, retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles increasing by 5.2 percent to 66,899 units. During the same period industrywide US heavyweight new motorcycle (651cc-plus) retail unit sales are said to have increased 3.7 percent, again pointing to an above market performance. Revenue from Motorcycle Parts and Accessories (P&A) totaled $235.7 million during the quarter, up 7.6 percent, and revenue from General Merchandise, which includes MotorClothes Apparel and Accessories, was $69.3 million, up 8.2 percent compared to the year-ago period. The Financial Services segment recorded operating income of $62.0 million in the third quarter, compared to $50.9 million in the year-ago quarter. The increase was largely said to be the result of continued improvement in credit performance at Harley-Davidson Financial Services. Through nine months, operating

DEC 2011

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Victory Cross Country Tour launch test

Victory’s Mark Blackwell explains the Polaris takeover of Indian


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DECEMBER 2011 (#149)


News ..............................................................................6-11, 64 Cathcart Report: Victory cross country tour ..12-14


AC takes Victory’s new Cross Country Tour for a spin, and finds it an extremely competent package and potentially top of its class, well placed to take on Harley’s iconic Electra Glide ADVERTISING ASSOCIATE MARY BETH CROWE

Cathcart Report: Victory Indian ..................17-19


Polaris VP Motorcycles Mark Blackwell explains why Indian fits in so well with Victory, and gives some hints about the group’s plans for the brand in the future


Products: The new, the best and the must-haves ....................................20-45


Vance and Hines p.20

Custom Chrome p.24

Arlen Ness p.27

Motorcycle Storehouse p.33

Barnett Performance p.38

W&W p.20


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Show Review: Punta Bagna Bike Valfrejus ................49 The third annual Wild Magazine rally and custom show, sponsored by W&W, took place again high up in the French Alps, with the show’s French and International class winners Sturgis-bound…

Show Review: 30th Anniversary Faro Rally................49 The Moto Clube Rally in Faro celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011 with an expanded ‘Custom Village’ expo and the highest attendance ever, topping the 20,000 mark

Bike Review: ‘Bolide’ by Kraus Motor Co ............50-52 Californian Satya Kraus came third in the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building with this build, no show pony but a thoroughbred, built to be ridden hard…


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Better products at ever better prices S another month of uncertainty in Europe saps consumer confidence still further, the latest twist in the sorry tale of global economic mismanagement threatens us with an ever darker outlook. In the latest chapter, it would appear that Greece may be about to turn its back on the package of help that it has been gifted as a reward for its fiscal malfeasance. It would appear that good old fashioned concepts such as gratitude and responsibility have now largely passed out of the 21st century lexicon, especially where matters of macro-economics are concerned. Meanwhile, those on the receiving end of the lunacy, the small to medium-sized businesses in so many dozens of specialty markets such as ours, are left to pay the bill. Do I sound bitter? We all should be. But learning to be surprised at nothing and suspicious of everything is as much a rite passage out of the blissful naivety of youth as learning to listen to customers and selling them what they want to buy is a rite of passage from entrepreneurial promise to profit. In the custom parts and accessories market, those who have been able to capitalize on the low price-point bolt-on sweet-spot of cash-cautious consumers have prospered, and will continue to do so. Those who remain leveraged on the excesses of the custom-build years are like addicts who have had their fix withdrawn overnight – for some the cold turkey tough love is exactly what their businesses needed, but for others there will prove to be no adequate substitute. Those businesses who have been able to adjust through a combination of house-keeping and re-positioning are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. For those who haven’t, all that’s to be seen remains the relentless onrush of approaching doom. As the old saying goes, to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is delusional. Having transitioned from cult to cultural icon and from niche to mainstream, there is no way that the permanent state of revolution that is the dynamic of capitalism would, should or could leave the custom motorcycle market untouched. Those conservatives who seek to see the march of time rolled back and custom values and tastes restored to where they were 40, 50 or 60 years ago will be flattened by the change to a more premium-oriented market. Those who fail to understand that it is the natural evolution of consumer expectations that has always driven business fortunes forwards are those whose businesses are being driven backwards. After announcing that the focus had to be on a return to core values and core competencies when he became the first outsider to take on the role of CEO at Harley-Davidson, isn’t it interesting that now, three years on, Keith Wandell is openly admitting that if the Motor Company just keeps on doing what it has been


doing, it will fail to meet the expectations of the consumer new blood that its balance sheet requires. If it is good enough for Harley-Davidson to be finally facing the realities of the future, then it behoves all of us in the aftermarket to also realise that the motivations, expectations and hot-buttons that will open the wallet books of riders in the years to come just simply cannot be the same as those of the past. In 1984 the debut of the Evo was (initially) greeted with gasps of horror rather than the oil-tight reduced vibration delight that eventually saw the platform prove a solid enough foundation for the reinvention of the brand and rescue of the company. Yes, yes, “reduced vibration” is a relative concept where anything air-cooled is concerned, but that same cycle of progress had already been at play many times prior to then (softail frames, electric starters, and pneumatic tires to name but three) and since then, too, for that matter (fuel injection and effective brakes anyone?). Indeed the most surprising thing about the tension between past and future is that you’d think change was something dreadful and new. In fact change has always been with us, always been an essentially ‘goodthing’ and has always been the very stuff that fuelled the growth of our industry - so it’s hardly going to be our demise now! The inexorable march towards better products at better prices is what got us here, and it sure as hell is what is going to get us out of here too. In business terms, the differences between the past and the future are graphically defined by the differences between the characteristics of the products that have motivated consumers to part with their money in the past, and the characteristics of the products that will have them saying thank you on the way out of the door in the future. Just as hardtails gave way to suspension, kickers gave way to starter motors, and carbs are giving way to fuel injection, then so also must today’s aftermarket products offer characteristics to fully meet today’s consumer needs, tastes and budgets.

products must meet consumer needs

Robin Bradley Co-owner/Editor-in-Chief

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Harley-Davidson opens Latin America headquarters HARLEY-Davidson has announced the opening of a new regional headquarters to cover Latin America. The new operation has been established in Miami, Florida. “As part of its business transformation, HarleyDavidson is taking one of the world’s most iconic brands to the many roads of the world,” said Mark Van Genderen, VP and Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Latin

America. “This new regional headquarters is part of that transformation, and confirmation that HarleyDavidson is committed to fulfilling the dreams of customers in Latin America from Tierra del Fuego to the Rio Grande. “Our new location will help us better and more quickly respond to our Latin American customer’s needs,” added Van Genderen. “Harley-Davidson’s

increased focus on customers outside of the US is an exciting time for us, since many Latin American countries have wellestablished motorcycle cultures and thousands of avid enthusiasts.” The Latin America regional office (which had been based out of the Company’s global headquarters in Milwaukee) supports subsidiary operations in Brazil and Mexico, as well as operations in many other

countries through the region’s Latin America Direct Markets group. The Company established complete knockdown (CKD) assembly operations in Manaus, Brazil in 1998, to better serve the needs of its customers. Harley-Davidson motorcycles have also been sold in Mexico dating back more than 80 years.

Harley-Davidson sales revenue and production data… 3rd quarter 2011 Income statements in $1,000s (except share) <<< Continued from cover

income from financial services was $212.0 million, compared to operating income of $138.4 million in the first three quarters of 2010. For the full year Harley says it continues to expect capital expenditures to have been between $210 million and $230 million, which includes $70 million to $85 million to support restructuring activities. Harley-Davidson has lowered cost estimates related to the restructuring of its production operations and now expects all previously announced company-wide restructuring activities to result in one-time charges of $480 million to $495 million. The Company continues to expect to realize savings on a cumulative basis in 2011 of $210 million to $230 million from restructuring activities initiated since early 2009, and annual ongoing savings of $305 million to $325 million when the restructuring is fully implemented. During the third quarter, HarleyDavidson says it completed the consolidation of final assembly operations at York, Pa. Final assembly of all Touring, Softail, Trike and Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) motorcycles now occurs on a single assembly line. The Company repurchased 2.5 million shares of Harley-Davidson, Inc. common stock at a cost of $90.8 million during the third quarter of 2011. At the end of the third quarter, there were approximately 232 million shares of Harley-Davidson common stock outstanding and 22.4 million shares remaining on board-approved share repurchase authorizations.




SEPT 2011

SEPT 2010

SEPT 2011

SEPT 2010









Net sales revenue Gross profit Total operating income Net income Diluted earnings per common share













NET SALES REVENUE Figures are shown in $1,000s


SEPT 2010

SEPT 2011

SEPT 2010





H-D Motorcycles Buell Motorcycles Parts & Accessories General Merchandise MOTORCYCLE SHIPMENT DATA United States Exports Total H-D Total Buell PRODUCT MIX Touring Custom Sportster Total RETAIL SALES OF H-D MOTORCYCLES:

United States Canada Europe Asia Pacific Region Latin America Region Total



SEPT 2011 $212





























SEPT 2010

SEPT 2011

















SEPT 2010

SEPT 2011

















SEPT 2011

SEPT 2011

SEPT 2010

SEPT 2010









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50 years of Axtell AXTELL is marking 50 years of supplying big bore parts for American V-twin motors in 2011. The big bore cylinder and pistons that make up the kits were originally produced by a company named Dytch Sales, with the package being developed by ‘Doc’ Dytch while he still owned and ran a Harley-Davidson dealership in Des Moines, Iowa. In 1961 he had cylinder patterns produced for larger cylinders and the first catalogue offered a big bore cylinder kit for $245.00. Doc’s customers at that time included legendary notables such as drag racer Leo Payne, owner of the notorious drag bike ‘Turnip Eater’, and Warner Riley, the engine builder who built engines for Salt Flats racers. In

The first catalog from Dytch Sales in 1961, the company then went on to become Axtell Sales

New dealer site from CCI CUSTOM Chrome International has launched its new dealer website, which has been designed to provide a fully functional eCommerce site plus some unique dealer only functions. Features on the site include access to higher resolution images with the ability to zoom into product detail. Enhanced dealer self-services will include Order History Lookup and Favorite Item for easy ordering of most often ordered parts. Other enhanced features include Inventory Level

Visibility; Re-order Wishlist and real time Order Shipment Tracking through various carriers. The option of multiple users with different levels of access is

1970, when Cal Rayborn ran 265mph in Dennis Manning’s streamliner, it was equipped with Dytch components in the engine built by Warner Riley. Following Doc’s retirement in 1972, the business was sold to long-time friend and machinist ‘Shorty’ Axtell. He was joined at the company in ’74 by Ron Dickey, who, with Shorty’s wife Neva, continued to run the company and develop new products after Shorty’s death in 1975. Following Neva’s passing in ’86,

also now offered. “We feel confident that our dealers will find our new website and user interface system simple to use and another valuable tool provided to our Custom Chrome Authorized Dealer network, in order for us to continue to be the preferred industry partner,” said Holger Mohr, CEO of Custom Chrome. “Custom Chrome has long had a successful dealer-only site, but we decided it needed to change with the extraordinary growth of eCommerce being conducted worldwide and reflect the way people shop online at their own convenience.”

Dickey took on full ownership and retained the Axtell name for the company.

AXTELL SALES Des Moines, Iowa, USA Tel: 515 243 2518

CUSTOM CHROME INTERNATIONAL Morgan Hill, California, USA Tel: 408 825 5000

Illusion build SOA charity bike ILLUSION Motorsports has completed work on a Sons of Anarchy themed charity bike build commissioned by the show’s producer Kurt Sutter. The build, which was done in just 14

days, was filmed by FOX with the footage being included on the season three DVD of Sons of Anarchy. Much of the design influence on the bike was down to Sutter with further input from

both Rusty Coones and Rod Requejo at Illusion. The bike will now be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to The Wounded Warriors Foundation.

ILLUSION MOTORSPORTS Westminster, California, USA Tel: 714 894 1942 E-mail:



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European legislation changes planned PLANS are afoot in the European Commission and Parliament to introduce a raft of legislative changes that, if implemented, will have farreaching consequences for the motorcycle industry generally and the custom sector in particular. The proposed European regulations will not only cover the motorcycle market in Europe, but also trikes and quads, and will see changes to typeapproval, emissions, safety regulations and the option to modify equipment. Salient points include: measures to prevent selling and registration of certain vehicles, systems, components or separate technical units imported into the EU market which do not comply with the current type-approval requirements; more stringent emission

levels and additional evaporative emission controls; and mandatory advanced braking systems (meaning ABS and linked braking systems as standard on all new motorcycles). Unlike the CARB emissions controls currently in operation in the US marketplace, the European proposals will have much further-reaching consequences, as the proposals require measures to prevent any tampering with a vehicle’s power-train with the aim of preventing modifications that may prejudice safety or cause damage to the environment. In theory this could mean the bike’s drivetrain being sealed and only authorized dealers being allowed to carry out any work on it, or at a simpler level it might prevent the use of aftermarket air filters and

exhaust systems. Details of these measures are not included in the proposal and will be laid down later in a delegated act. What is known about the emissions controls are the reductions in the levels, which will be brought in over three stages, and which would be mandatory for all new machines on 1st January 2015, 1st January 2018 and 1st January 2021 respectively. Percentage reductions over existing standards vary depending on pollutant and vehicle category, however they are generally around 25 percent, 50 percent and 75 percent reductions at first, second and third stages. There are also suggestions that onboard diagnostic systems be included on new builds too, to further help with

emissions controls. However, motorcyclist’s activist groups fear that the diagnostics will be used by law enforcement authorities to police motoring offences, such as speeding, rather than for the proposed purpose of simply monitoring emissions. Changes to the single vehicle approval program already in place in the UK are planned too. Currently the approval schemes provide a route to national registration for people building their own vehicles or who import a single vehicle from outside the EU. New proposals could see an increase in the stringency of the requirements on such vehicles, placing a disproportionate burden on individuals and small companies, and significantly increasing vehicle costs.

Latest mini catalog from Rivera Primo RIVERA Primo now has its 2011/12 ‘Mini Catalog’ ready to ship. Now in its 36th edition, it is a small 5-1⁄4 X 7in size making it ideal as a customer hand-out for dealerships. Rivera Primo will ship copies of the catalog to all dealers that

contact the company requresting copies. RIVERA PRIMO Whittier, California, USA Tel: 562 907 2600

CSC Motorcycles expands global reach CALIFORNIA Scooter Company has expanded the range of countries in

which its motorcycles are now available. The company’s 150cc bikes

are now shipping to Kool Bikes of Beirut, which is selling them in

Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, and surrounding countries. “We’re delighted we are now represented in the Middle East,” said Steve Seidner, CSC’s CEO. “Our bikes’ classic US styling, based on the original Mustang motorcycle, has broad appeal. And our near-100mpg fuel efficiency is also quite appealing. Our motorcycles are designed and manufactured in the United States. We are a Californiabased manufacturer, we’ve created jobs here in the US, and we are exporting our products to other countries. This is good for CSC and good for the Middle East. We’re proud to have Kool Bikes take on the CSC line.” California Scooter Company’s 150cc street-legal motorcycles are now sold in all 50 US states, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Turkey, and Cyprus, and its machines are in the process of being certified for sale in Europe and Canada. CALIFORNIA SCOOTER COMPANY La Verne, California, USA Tel: 800 884 4173



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Strokers Dallas hires designer for new product line RICK Fairless, the proprietor of Strokers Dallas, has announced the hiring of Dylan Hoey, a

product designer and developer, who will work on a line of parts for Strokers due

to launch in 2012. Hoey, who has a history of aftermarket parts design and Dylan Hoey, Product Designer and Developer

development from some of the industry’s leading parts manufacturers, will be working with Fairless, Ford Stell and Gene Slater. “We are excited about the future of the motorcycle industry, and being a Victory dealer, it’s only natural that we focus our attention on Victory Motorcycles. We want to offer the Victory consumer a choice when it comes to customizing their bike and we want that choice to be the Rick Fairless ‘RF’ parts line,” said Fairless, when asked about the planned parts he has employed Hoey to help develop. STROKERS DALLAS Dallas, Texas, USA Tel: 214 357 0707

Polaris reports record results again VICTORY Motorcycles parent company, Polaris Industries, has once again reported record income. The latest figures relating to the third quarter financial results report net income of $67.6 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2011, up 43 percent from the prior year’s third quarter net income of $47.2 million. Sales for the third quarter 2011 totaled a record $729.9 million, an increase of 26 percent from last year’s third quarter sales of $580.1 million. “Despite challenging economic conditions, we are pleased to report another record quarter of sales, net income and earnings per share,“ said Scott Wine, Polaris’ Chief Executive Officer. “I am exceptionally proud of how the Polaris team continued to drive growth and productivity in the third quarter. Each of our businesses experienced strong sales growth in the period, primarily driven by sustained market share gains. North American consumer retail demand for Polaris products remains vital, increasing 16 percent. We also once again improved our profitability, with healthy gross profit margin and net income margin increases when compared to last year. “Additionally, integration of Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) and Indian Motorcycle Company is progressing according to plan, providing us with exciting new growth platforms.” Wine noted, “Looking ahead to 2012, we expect the overall economic

climate to remain challenging. However, we believe our business is well positioned to offset these headwinds, as we continue to execute our successful long-term strategy, invest in product innovation, and seize additional opportunities to sustain our momentum. While our current success means the sales and earnings comparisons will be much tougher in 2012, at this early stage we expect to have another year of increasing sales, net income and earnings per share.” On-Road Vehicle sales totaled $35.7 million, 77 percent higher than the same period in 2010, primarily due to Victory motorcycle sales increases. Sales of On-Road Vehicles to

customers outside of North America increased 74 percent compared to the prior year’s third quarter. Third quarter North American heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle industry retail sales were up mid-single digits percent over the prior year’s third quarter, while Victory unit retail sales in North America increased upper-teens percent during the same period. In addition, a modest amount of OnRoad vehicle sales related to the GEM and Indian Motorcycle Company acquisitions were recorded in the third quarter 2011. International sales totaled $97.9 million for the 2011 third quarter, a 59 percent increase over the same period

in 2010. All regions and product lines experienced growth during the quarter driven by higher volume, and increased sales of higher priced sideby-side vehicles and motorcycles. Year-to-date, international sales totaled $293.2 million, an increase of 37 percent over the same period last year. POLARIS INDUSTRIES Medina, Minnesota, USA Tel: 763 542 5000

Third Quarter Performance Summary (in thousands except per share data) Product line Sales Off-Road Vehicles

Three Months ended September 30 2011 2010

Nine Months ended September 30 2011 2010










On-Road Vehicles/Victory Motorcycles





Parts, Garments & Accessories





Total Sales





Gross profit





Operating expenses





Operating Income













Net income Diluted net income per share



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W r i t t e n b y A l a n C a t h c a r t - c a t h c a r t @ d e a l e r- w o r l d . c o m • P h o t o c r e d i t : B a r r y H a t h a w a y

Victory Cross Country Tour launch test As Victory continues to increase its sales, up 40 percent in North America for the second quarter of this year, it also expands its range of motorcycles. One of the new introductions for 2012 was the Cross Country Tour, which Alan Cathcart takes on a test ride HE new Cross Country Tour, introduced by Victory Motorcycles as a 1012, is a full-on touring version of its existing Cross Country that’s aimed at competing directly against Harley’s iconic Electra Glide. Essentially, the new model is the existing Cross Country platform, complete with its hard 40-litre side bags, which come equipped with chrome rails to provide tip-over protection, but with the addition of a large removable top box doubling as a passenger backrest, and containing two extra speakers for the onboard stereo system. Containing 67 litres of secure, waterproof, lockable storage just on its own this combines with the existing luggage and the small receptacles in the new, lower fairings, to offer a total of 41.1 US gallons of storage space, which Victory claims to be a class-leading figure. he Cross Country Tour shares the same essential mechanical platform as the existing Cross Country and Cross Roads pairing, with the 50degree V-twin engine solidly mounted as a stressed member in an aluminium frame design first delivered to the marketplace on the company’s Vision, four years ago. This departs from the



more conventional tubular steel chassis used on Victory’s cruiser line up, in comprising a pair of sand-cast aluminium castings bolted together to create an ultra-stiff modular chassis claimed to be 25 percent lighter than the Vegas cruiser’s steel frame, as well as allowing a money-saving lower parts count.

While pursuing the same rational weight-saving mantra, the Cross Country Tour’s layout is quite different than the Vision’s, with its 22-litre fuel load carried in the conventional location via the wide, scalloped tank, rather than up front via dual fuel tanks wrapped round the steering head, as on the full-dress tourer. he larger of the frame castings, from which the engine is hung, serves a triple purpose by not only carrying the 43mm Kayaba forks, set at 29-degree rake with 142mm of trail and offering 130mm of travel, but also comprises the voluminous air box fed by a central forward duct. This in turn feeds the siamesed dual bore 45mm throttle body located between the cylinders, which has the mechanism incorporated in it for the cruise control fitted as standard. The rearwards chassis section consists of the seat subframe, plus the




pivot for the cast aluminium swingarm, and the mounting point for the single air shock with coil-over spring and rising-rate link. This is quickly adjustable for preload via a Schrader valve, for when you’re travelling light or loaded up with a passenger and/or luggage. The Tour’s Freedom 106/6 (as in, sixspeed and 106ci displacement) version of Victory’s established oil/aircooled motor runs a 9.4:1 compression ratio, and is fitted with lightweight ultra-slipper cast pistons, and cylinder heads with identical valve sizes to the smaller-capacity 100ci version used until last year in Victory’s cruiser line up. The fully-sequential closed-loop EFI system with twin lambda sensors, combined with the crossover-pipe catalyst exhaust, delivers Euro 3 emissions compliance. This eight-valve design with chainContinued on page 14 >>>

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driven sohc, hydraulic lifters and selfadjusting cam chains delivers 92bhp at 4,500rpm, with enhanced torque thanks to the longer stroke and revised valve timing obtained via altered cam profiles, peaking at just 3,250rpm, when there’s 109ft/lb on tap. he improved six-speed transmission with Gates carbonreinforced belt final drive introduced across the Victory range for 2011 is fitted, with a claimed 66 percent reduction in backlash, a neutral selection assist, and special attention paid to fourth and sixth gear ratios to reduce noise and vibes. It still incorporates a hydraulic clutch fitted with an anti-backlash gear on the drum, as well as a low first gear ratio for enhanced acceleration, and a long overdrive top gear for more relaxed distance riding. The cast aluminium seven-spoke wheels are shod with Dunlop Elite 3 rubber, a 130/70R18 front and 180/60R16 rear, with twin Nissin 300mm floating front discs with fourpiston calipers, matched to a 300mm fixed rear with twin-pot caliper. The Tour has the same 26-1/4in seat height as the existing Cross duo, which


Victory claims is the lowest on any Touring bike, and the adjustable floorboards allow a wide choice of riding stances when seated in the plush seat. The dashboard has big round analogue instruments that are easy to read and tastefully backlit in a soothing blue tint at night. On the left side of the handlebar – whose grips are two-stage electrically heated as standard, same as the seat - is the control box for the stock AM/FM radio, as well as for an iPod for which there’s a connector cable in the compartment in the left lower fairing, while the cruise control housing is mounted on the right handlebar. usually prefer to look over a windscreen rather than through it, but the new taller Victory screen is really well designed - and made, with minimal distortion - and it did a great job for a 5ft 11in rider like myself of deflecting rain and bugs, and keeping me snug. It provides an effective air pocket which completely eliminates any windblast cruising at 80mph with the tacho needle on the 3,000rpm mark. Victory’s smooth-running 106/6 V-


twin motor is torquey and flexible, as well as very willing – wind up the lightaction throttle, and the Tour picks up speed very briskly for such a big, heavy package, but with no undue vibration in any gear – there’s a little through the footboards, but put that down to character, since it never becomes a nuisance. Fuelling is good – the Tour will accept wide-open acceleration with no stutters and zero transmission snatch from as low as 1,600rpm, making it an easy bike to ride in town, where the hydraulic clutch’s light action is also helpful. hile there’s still a definite if subdued clunk as you hit each upward ratio, the revised gearbox’s change action is much improved over previous Victory transmissions. Although you do have to work back and forth between fifth gear and the overdrive sixth to keep momentum going on a freeway, five gears on the Victory transmission would really be enough to take on Tour, even loaded up with luggage and a passenger, with that totally flat torque curve which comes on strong at just 2,200rpm, and remains horizontal to nearly five grand, encouraging you to use the cruise control over the long haul. Even though solid-mounted in the frame, the counterbalanced engine feels very smooth, making a long day in the saddle much less tiring. The 106/6 motor is now really quiet in operation – there’s definitely less mechanical noise, plus it’s very smooth-running at all revs, and the rubber-mounted handlebars ensuring a relaxed, comfortable, mile eating stance, are permanently insulated from any remaining vibes, at any speed. o complaints about the Tour’s handling, which in spite of the long wheelbase, conservative steering geometry and hefty build, steered improbably well through tight, twisting Rocky Mountain roads, especially for such a big bike likely to


spend much of its life on four-lane freeways. No need to restrict it to such roads, though, for the steering is pretty neutral – it felt improbably light switching from side to side through a series of fast, flowing curves, and only pushes the front wheel a little in turns thanks to that rangy wheelbase. Ride quality is good – I’d already noticed how much better it rode over bumpy stretches of frost-affected tarmac up in the Rockies than the equivalent Harley might have, before Victory drew my attention to the fact that all three Cross models offer 120mm of rear suspension travel, up significantly on Harley’s 75mm. hat low 667mm seat height means it’s quite easy to navigate round parking lots at low speeds, with the wide bars making manoeuvring easy. The brake package is excellent, even though the front brake calipers aren’t linked to the rear like on the Vision, but ABS is standard, and not too aggressive – the pulsing through the lever when it cuts in isn’t too distracting. Rear brake action is quite powerful via the three-way adjustable lever, and offers respectable feel. Priced well beneath any of its rivals, Victory’s Cross Country Tour is a very capable motorcycle, a torquey, relaxed, comfortable long distance cruise that delivers what it promises on the label – the chance to cover big distances in comfort. An extremely competent package, with a high level of finish, and competitive real world performance, it has the credentials to go to the top of the class. All that’s missing, some will say, is the street cred of the Harley tank badge, and 108 years of heritage.





VICTORY MOTORCYCLES Medina, Minnesota, USA Tel: 763 542 5000

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MESSE ESSEN, Germany May 10-12, 2013 The European ‘Headquarters’ Expo for the International motorcycle parts, accessory, performance, tuning and custom industry

Featuring ... The European Championship of Custom Bike Building

Featuring ... The performance and custom ‘show-within-the-show’ for American exhibitors

Featuring ...

3 1 0 2 IN


The first annual International Custom Conference





The first annual International Motorcycle Industry Awards

Friday 10th - Industry Day Saturday 11th - Public Day Sunday 12th - Public Day E x h i b i t o r

e n q u i r i e s


C h r i s

G o t h a r d


c g @ b i g b i k e e u r o p e . c o m

w w w. b i g b i k e e u r o p e . c o m

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W r i t t e n b y A l a n C a t h c a r t - c a t h c a r t @ d e a l e r- w o r l d . c o m • P h o t o c r e d i t : B a r r y H a t h a w a y

Victory’s Mark Blackwell explains the Polaris takeover of Indian HE magic of the Indian name remains as strong as ever, representing America’s other great iconic bike brand founded in 1901, two years before H-D. But successive steps down the comeback trail ever since the historic Massachusettsbased company went broke first time around half a century ago, have all ended in disaster, none more so than the late-2003 collapse of the Gilroy, California based Indian Motorcycle Co., which had invested over $200 million building 12,000 bikes THE latest attempt three years ago to resurrect Indian via its new manufacturing base at aptly-named Battleground Road in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, seemed promising. Indian’s chief Stephen Julius, and his business partner Stephen Heese, had a proven track record of turning around other heritage brands that had gone under, like boat companies Riva and Chris-Craft. But in spite of seemingly diligent homework on creating a new Indian identity based on due deference to the marque’s past, including a tastefully designed dealership format, and a traditionally-styled Chief model


range using an uprated 105ci version of the Powerplus motor, Julius and Heese failed to repeat their boat brands’ success. Indian had a turnover of just $11million in 2010, representing sales of around 350 bikes priced between $26,500 and $36,500, at the high end of the marketplace. The lack of expected sales generated numerous layoffs, with the workforce at Indian’s Kings Mountain HQ slashed to around 25 people, some way from the 95 envisaged prior to the opening, when it was seeking financial incentives from the state of North Carolina to move there. This meant the company was living on borrowed time, and was a ripe candidate for acquisition. On April 19th, 2011, Minnesotabased powersports conglomerate Polaris Industries, owners of Victory, announced its acquisition of Indian, for an undisclosed sum. “We are excited to be part of the revitalization of a quintessentially American brand,” said Scott Wine, CEO of Polaris. “Indian built America’s first motorcycle. With our technology and vision, we are confident we will deliver the classic Indian motorcycle, enhanced by the quality and

The first Indian to be built at the Polaris facility with the team responsible for its construction

performance for which Polaris and Victory are known. We have no intention of living in the past, but the heritage and style Indian brings to Polaris will significantly expand our target customer base.” To properly understand the background to the Polaris acquisition of Indian, and its intentions for the historic brand, who better to ask than Mark Blackwell, VP of Motorcycles at Polaris Industries, and the man responsible for the success of Victory. Blackwell, 58, was America’s first 500cc AMA motocross champion back in 1971, and thereafter was a leading Husqvarna, Suzuki and Arctic Cat executive who was headhunted in 2000 to assume overall charge of Victory Motorcycles. AC: Mark, why did Polaris acquire Indian? MB: Polaris has been serious about a bigger, more global motorcycle business for some time. Indian didn’t just come up last week or last month, in fact we’ve looked at and talked about Indian numerous times over the last 10 years – it was an idea that finally happened. AC: You say Polaris had been tracking Indian for ten years, but how long had you actually been negotiating with the two Stephens, Julius and Heese, to purchase it? MB: Scott Wine and Steven Julius first talked as far back as a couple of years ago, and I and a few other folks from Polaris first visited them 18 months ago. AC: So, not long after Indian actually began production in North Carolina. MB: Yes, that’s so, and there’s been a dialogue ever since then. But sometimes things just start out as, hey, here’s who we are, let’s share information and share ideas, and you never know what may come of that.

Mark Blackwell

But as our CEO Scott Wine has settled in at Polaris after joining us three years ago, one of his key strategic objectives is for us to have a larger, more global motorcycle business. So when the idea came round that we could acquire the original American motorcycle, in the shape of Indian, and have two great brands in our motorcycle portfolio, there was a lot of confidence from our board which made it possible. AC: Was Polaris’ acquisition of Indian driven by a desire to own a trophy brand, with a history and tradition equal to or arguably greater than HarleyDavidson’s? If another relatively youthful company had come up for sale, like another Victory, say, would you have been interested in that? MB: I think the brand strength of Indian was clearly the main thing we were most interested in, and quite frankly even though we’ve come so far with Victory, we’re reminded every day just how difficult it is to build a strong brand, especially when you’re up against established names like HarleyDavidson and Honda. Victory is really making big strides now, the customer awareness is good, and it’s really starting to build confidence with more and more people knowing who we are, having faith in us. But we’re 12



AMD 149 Page 17-19_p17-19_AMD149 04/11/2011 12:36 Page 2

CATHCART REPORT years in now, and it’s taken time and money to come this far. With Indian, you have instant brand awareness. AC: One of the problems with Indian was that when the brand was re-launched by the two Stevens, they did it with an excellent platform in terms of styling and handling, and also with their wonderful boutique dealerships – but the engine is a disappointment. What does Polaris intend to do about this in the short term? MB: Right now, there are more questions than answers in terms of specificity, because our folks needed to get in and see what was going on in more detail, then get their plans together to deal with any problems. We’ll address each area we need to as and when we have the full picture. AC: Have you ceased Indian production in North Carolina? MB: Yes, production was suspended and that facility closed in early July, and the tooling moved to the Victory plant at Spirit Lake, Iowa. The first pre-production model to be assembled there was completed on August 29 in a standalone Indian factory unit separate from the Victory line. We’re moving very rapidly at setting things up in Spirit Lake to begin full production later this year. AC: Was there any unsold stock purchased as part of the acquisition? MB: Yes, there is some stock, but not huge quantities. The dealers have motorcycles, and as they sell those down we’ll be able to replenish them, so they can keep a healthy business. AC: Will these bikes be manufactured by Polaris according to your own manufacturing tolerances and quality standards? MB: Yes, that’s correct. I think the best way I can answer is that we’re going to produce the basic bike that you’ve seen and ridden, but according

to Polaris’ manufacturing stance. We’re not going to instantly reengineer the bike - we’ll use the current design, but Polaris purchasing people will take over acquiring components, and even if we don’t change suppliers, our processes will ensure that we get quality parts, and our manufacturing processes will ensure that what we produce will be of the highest possible quality. AC: Will Polaris integrate Indian into the Victory dealer network around the world, or will there be separate Indian and Victory dealers? MB: That’s a good question, and I can’t answer it yet. Right now, there’s about two dozen Indian dealerships around the USA, and five overseas, I believe. First off, the Indian dealers are really excited because they feel they have a much brighter future with Polaris owning the brand, and investing in it. Of course, they’d like a lot of things to happen fast, especially new models - but new models take time. They don’t happen overnight, but I think they do understand that Polaris is very committed to this business. We want to make sure that both Victory dealers and Indian dealers all know what our future strategy is. We’ve talked to the top 80 Victory dealers out of the 350 and growing we have here in the USA, and told them about Indian and let them know that there’s going to be opportunity over time. Many if not all of them were interested, and, of course, some of the Indian dealers are interested in having Victory. That’s fine, but then you have to go market by market and see is there currently a Victory dealer, is there currently an Indian dealer? Over time we’d like to end up with strong dealers, not everyone carrying both line-ups, but we think having the two brands together in a premium shopping experience is a winning idea. AC: We’ve only talked about the existing package, but what

The Chief is one of the modern Indians that Polaris has taken over production of

comes next? What’s the strategy for future new Indian models under Polaris ownership? MB: The future is very exciting. Let me back up a second and say that the reaction to this announcement has been wildly positive, way more than what we were expecting. AC: Except in Milwaukee, presumably? MB: Perhaps! But the response has been incredible, even better than we imagined. The dealers are excited, consumers are excited, the press is excited, and the same message comes up over and over again that finally, this time around, Indian has a real chance to make it all the way back as a major brand. People seem to have recognised right away that Polaris has the engineering processes, the manufacturing capabilities, the supply chain, and the robustness and commitment as a company, to make it happen. But what this has also done is to enhance confidence in Victory, too, because it shows that Polaris is really serious about the motorcycle business. Really serious. AC: Do you intend to develop a range of Indian models in the same way as Victory, which have a modern integrated styling and design package, or will it be as other US manufacturers have done, presenting the bike as an old-style assembly of engine and transmission components

wrapped in distinctive styling? MB: That’s the question we’re debating inside the company at the moment. But we’re moving at a really rapid pace. There’s been a fair amount of research done in the past few weeks - some of it was done before the acquisition was complete, of course, but since then all the product development and industrial design folks have been working really hard to understand the Indian brand, and to translate that into some design criteria for future Indian models. They’re moving really rapidly, they’re doing all kinds of different design possibilities, but no clear design direction has been selected yet, and we’re not going to rush into doing so. We need to get this right for the long term, not just to have something new with the Indian name on it tomorrow. AC: Do you have a target date when you expect the first Polarisdesigned Indians to be on sale? MB: No, because the first part is to understand what the next generation of bikes ought to be like, and how the model line-up should be. We know that we’ll have to be more specific in the future, but we don’t have the answers yet. You know as well as I do that most manufacturers take between four and six years, from a blank piece of paper, to bring an entirely new motorcycle to production. If you’re doing a chassis upgrade but not an engine, some people can do that in a 36-48 month period. We think we’re faster than our competitors, we’ve demonstrated that already, but still what we have to do very quickly is to decide what it’s going to look like, and we’re being very careful about that. That’s one thing that Scott Wine has been adamant about - he’s a very hard-charging guy, in many cases he’s an impatient guy who wants results, but on this topic he’s made it clear to us that Indian is a crown jewel, and we’re not to rush it, we’re not going to screw it up. AC: Unlike other American companies, Indian has a variety of different engine platforms in its historical backpack - it’s made four-cylinder bikes, paralleltwins, V-twins, and singles. Is it

AMD 149 Page 17-19_p17-19_AMD149 04/11/2011 12:37 Page 3


Indian Motorcycle history ndian’s acquisition by Polaris marks the latest chapter in 110 years of turmoil representing the fortunes of America’s oldest and most historic motorcycle marque. The company was founded in 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts, by George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom, making Indian America’s oldest motorcycle company, established two years before Harley-Davidson. Hedstrom designed and built the first Indian prototype, which led to two customer versions being built and sold in 1901. The company’s Springfield factory opened in 1913, building a range of models, which from 1907 onwards carried Indian’s trademark 42-degree V-twin motors. Oscar Hedstrom left Indian in 1913, and George Hendee followed him in 1916. This was also the year the Powerplus was introduced, whose side-valve 61ci, 42-degree Vtwin engine was designed by Charles Franklin. Indian used the Powerplus as the basis of the 41,000 military bikes it produced under fixed-price contracts from 1917-19, a deal which turned sour for the company as raw materials escalated in price. n 1919, Franklin, introduced the 37ci Indian Scout. This was followed in 1921 by the Indian Chief, essentially an enlarged version of the Scout with a 61ci motor. The Big Chief was then introduced in 1924 with a 74ci Powerplus motor. Another milestone was the introduction of the Indian Four in 1927, featuring an inline four-cylinder engine which the company had acquired in a buyout of the Ace Motorcycle Company. Indian production picked up during



presumed that any Indian must be a V-twin? MB: No, that’s certainly not presumed. I think we’re pretty open about what a future Indian range of models can encompass. We’re trying to make sure we don’t narrow the description too quickly of what an Indian is. Indian has a very rich history, with an incredible racing background, a stellar performance background. It’s been successful with all different kinds of engines. I’m not suggesting that we’ll have 27 different platforms, it’ll probably be a clear one or two or three tightly defined directions. But over time we think that the Indian brand can really appeal to a very broad audience.

the ‘30s and from 1940, all Indian models were fitted with the large skirted fenders which became a company trademark. But Indian’s renewed financial problems post-WW2 meant that few bikes were built, and sporadic production of the Chief ended in 1953. In October 1945, an investor named Ralph B. Rogers purchased a controlling interest in Indian. Under Rogers’ control, Indian wound down manufacture of the V-twin Scout, and began to develop lightweight motorcycles such as the 13ci Arrow 149, the 26ci Super Scout 249 and the 30ci Warrior. Rogers then began to import various British brands for sale in the USA, a strategy which failed with the devaluation of British sterling in 1949 meaning that the bikes could be sold for less in the USA than locally-made Indians. All Indian production was halted in 1953, leaving Royal Enfield bikes to be imported from England, then re-badged and sold as Indians. Indian went finally into liquidation in 1962. loyd Clymer, a one-time Indian dealer in Denver, Colorado began using the Indian name in the mid‘60s without purchasing it from the last known legitimate trademark holder, and attached it to motorcycles developed and built in Italy by Italjet owner Leopoldo Tartarini. After Clymer’s death in 1970 his widow sold the purported Indian trademark to LA lawyer Alan Newman, who continued to import 50-175cc two-stroke minicycles either made by Italjet, or in Indian’s own assembly plant in Taiwan. But sales dwindled and in January 1977 the company was declared bankrupt. The trademark was then awarded to Murray Smith’s California Motorcycle Co. in 1988 by a Federal


AC: To the extent that, with its competition history, Indian could also be Polaris’ entry into the modern sportbike market? An Indian Superbike - is there anything to stop that? MB: Absolutely not, and I think that’s the point. We don’t want to too tightly define what an Indian can be, because we think that it can have a pretty broad appeal to a lot of different customer groups. We’ll go step by step - we don’t want to take a shotgun approach, and do too much too quickly, but we also don’t want to too narrowly define what it is, and what it should be. AC: Is it a reasonable comparison to say that Indian

Although well known for its V-twin motors, Indian also built bikes powered by an in-line, four-cylinder engine

Oscar Hedstrom co-founded Indian as well as designing and building the first Indian prototype motorcycle

bankruptcy court in Denver. Smith established a factory in Gilroy, California, where the Gilroy Indians produced from ‘99-‘03 under the Chief, Scout and Spirit labels originally featured off-the-shelf S&S engines. Soon after the completion of an all-new dedicated Indian engine design, the 100ci. Powerplus, the company succumbed to bankruptcy in September 2003. ritish entrepreneur Stephen Julius’ Stellican Limited private equity business acquired the remnants of the company from the liquidator, including the vital undisputed rights to the Indian trademark. In company with partner


could in fact be more like Triumph than Harley-Davidson, in the sense that Triumph has many different and very distinctive engine platforms, and covers several different model families? MB: I don’t know about that Triumph analogy. In time, I suppose, that’s possible, but right now when I go back to the research team exploring what Indian stands for, they’ve been out in the field visiting museums, and talking to owners, and reading anything we can get our hands on, and then discussing and debating it internally. There’s been lots of sketches done, lots of image boards of who the customer is, who the target audience is – what’s exciting about it

George Hendee was one of the co-founders of Indian Motorcycles

Stephen Heese, Julius developed a restyled version of the Gilroy Indian platform powered by an uprated 105ci version of the Powerplus motor, and relaunched Indian production in December 2008 in a new factory in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Only around 800 bikes being built there before, in April 2011, ownership of the brand was acquired by Polaris Industries, which shifted production to its existing plant at Spirit Lake, Iowa.

is that we can appeal to a much larger audience with the two brands if we treat them right, and keep them separate and distinct. It’s really, really important to keep Indian and Victory separate, and I think that each can compliment the other. It’s a very exciting moment, to be thinking how to plot the future for the original American motorcycle – and we don’t intend to fall short in responding to the challenge. INDIAN MOTORCYCLE COMPANY Medina, Minnesota, USA Tel: 888 704 5290



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HTP America Invertig 221 In DC pulse mode, the Invertig 221 can be used on mild steel, 4130, stainless, inconel and titanium. There are three models of Invertig 221 to choose from, air-cooled, water-cooled or dual voltage and each version has a threeyear warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

HTP America’s latest AC/DC inverter welder is its Invertig 221 that offers 220 amps of welding power, yet only weighs 40lbs. The company claims that the Invertig 221 is the only welder in its class with independent AC amperage adjustment, which provides control over the heat input to both the work piece and the tungsten by allowing the user to separately adjust the electrode negative and electrode positive amperage. The 221 also offers the ability to adjust the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 HZ – the high AC frequency gives a more focused arc with greater arc control.

HTP AMERICA, INC. Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA Tel: 847 357 0700 E-mail:

2012 Big Radius pipes VANCE & Hines has released two new versions of its Big Radius 2-into-2 exhaust system to fit 2012 model Softails and Dynas. Both of the new pipes options have been designed with a new flat plane mounting panel for the 12mm oxygen sensors employed across the two

model ranges, which positions the sensor deeper into the exhaust stream, providing a claimed enhanced data feedback to the ECM. All of the pipes feature radius curved louvered baffles and full coverage heat shields. The Big Radius 2-into-2 is not available to fit the 2012 Dyna Switchback model. VANCE & HINES Santa Fe Springs, California, USA Tel: 562 921 7461

K&N Aircharger K&N has released a version of its Aircharger high-flow air intake assembly, which has been designed to work with both ‘08-‘11 H-D Dyna and Softail models and ‘01-‘07 Twin Cams. Installation of the Aircharger is claimed by K&N to offer a performance increase of up to 10hp. The K&N Aircharger provides the power increase by replacing the restrictive stock OE air cleaner with a custom mandrel bent aluminum intake tube fitted with an oversized K&N high-flow air filter. The new intake tube mounts to the throttle body via a billet aluminum mounting flange that has an integrated internal run breather system. The intake can be

ordered in a choice of polished finish or black powder coat and the filter element is washable, reusable, and pre-oiled ready for installation. The intake system is covered by K&N’s ‘Million-Mile’ limited warranty and while it is street legal in most states it is not legal for use in California and other states adopting California emission standards. K&N ENGINEERING Riverside, California, USA Tel: 951 826 4000 E-mail:



AMD 149 Page 20-21_p20-21_AMD149 03/11/2011 13:52 Page 2


Hannigan V-Rod trike conversion HANNIGAN Motorsports has extended its range of trike conversion to include the V-Rod. Like all of Hannigan’s trikes the V-Rod conversions is based upon the company’s independent suspension set-up. It utilizes twin trailing arms with Progressive IAS (Inertia Activated System) gas shocks and is said to have longer suspension travel than most other trikes available. The V-Rod’s original swingarm is retained as a structural member and further stability is provided by the 60in track width and use of an antisway bar. Braking is taken care of by disc brakes mounted on each of the 15in rear wheels. An upgrade option is the choice of 16in wheels and tires. Further upgrade options include; a ‘SteerLite’ kit, said to reduce steering effort by 60

percent, a Hannigan Motorsports V-Rod fairing and a fully-wired trailer hitch. The trike body work used in the conversion is hand-laid fiberglass and it has been designed to work with the bike’s existing lines. The taillights are frenched into the separate rear fenders.

HANNIGAN MOTORSPORTS Murray, Kentucky, USA Tel: 270 753 4256 Fax: 270 759 4576 E-mail:

Flag mount for Air Wing rack

PRO Pad’s latest flag mount has been created specifically to fit on the 1⁄2in round mounting legs on the Harley-Davidson Air Wing rack. The mount takes up no space on the rack because it mounts underneath it, nor does it interfere with the LED brake light and allows full use of the rack for luggage. The stainless steel mount is supplied complete with an American Flag, Allen keys and a lifetime warranty. PRO PAD INC. Mooresville, North Carolina, USA Tel: 704 660 1084 E-mail:

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Wizards Aggressor and Bendi-Buff foam buffing pads WIZARDS Products has created a range of foam buffing pads that feature a convoluted design which is said to provide greater control, eliminate pad chatter, reduce product splatter and waste and decrease surface heat. The Bendi-Buff pads have a Velcro grip back with an alignment ring, to help make pad changes easier on the Wizards 6in Bendi-Backer backing plate. Bendi-Buff foam buffing pads are available in a 7.5in size for cutting, light cutting/polishing, finishing and ultra finishing. The new Aggressor foam compounding pad, from Wizards, offers the fast cutting action of a wool pad but in a convoluted foam design. The aggressive

Velcro-backed pad is compatible with the Wizards 7in Bendi-Backer backing plate.

foam material is said to offer the fastest cut available from any foam pad currently on the market. The 8in,

WIZARDS MOTORCYCLE PRODUCTS Hanover, Minnesota, USA Tel: 800 356 7223 E-mail:

Supreme Legends’ Gold Digger controls SUPREME Legends latest forward controls introduction is the Gold Digger series. The new controls are manufactured from American-sourced billet aluminum and then finished in chrome or black anodizing with brass accents. The controls are shipped with an 18 month warranty.

SUPREME LEGENDS USA Anaheim, California, USA Tel: 714 504 0715 E-mail:

Power, lighting control modules and wiring harnesses WIRE Plus has become aware of the electrical issues owners of bikes built by low-volume manufacturers in the mid-‘90s to mid-’00s are now experiencing. In response to these issues the company is now promoting itself as a ‘one-stop’ shop for electrical requirements. Wire Plus sells its power control, lighting control and auto cancel modules separately or as part of a complete kit and they can be plugged into the existing harness. Their power modules are submersible, waterproof and compact sized with harnesses that are engineered to be smaller than any other on the market. The company’s lighting control module controls

the operation of the front, rear turn signals, and provides load equalization and auto cancelling. It also operates the rear turn signals as brake lights and running lights with one wire hook-up. Pre-assembled wiring harnesses from Wire Plus are designed for bikes with and without stock or aftermarket ignitions, electric or kickstart and can be used with or without turn signals and a variety of other options. The mid-frame harnesses are for completely rewiring any manufacturer’s bikes, including older Harleys. The replacement modules Power Control Module

Lighting Control Module

Mid Frame Wire Harness

Ecosse, Edmondson Custom Built, Hellbound Steel Motorcycles/HBS, Ironworks, Legends, Minneapolis Custom Cycles, Ness Bikes, Orange County Choppers, Paramount Custom Cycles, Patriot, ProOne, Proper Chopper, Pure Steel, Raven, Red Hot, Red Horse, Ridley, Spencer Bowman Customs, Steed, Swift, V8 Choppers, Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles, and Ultra Cycles. and wiring harnesses work on all of the following: American Iron Horse, American Performance Cycle/APC, Apollo Choppers, Big Bear Choppers, Big Dog, Brass Balls Choppers, CCI Kit Bikes, Confederate, Covington Cycle City, Create A Custom Cycle, Custom Works, DD Customs, Eagle, Echelon,



WIRE PLUS Winfield, Kansas, USA Tel: 620 221 2417 E-mail:

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Paughco dished tanks

Samson Powerflow III 2-into-1 exhausts SAMSON Exhaust claims that its Powerflow III series of exhausts are the most powerful 2-into-1 exhausts ever made. The company states that the power is generated through a series of chambers, the ‘Power Chamber’, which is said to help condense and intensify exhaust flow, resulting in high horsepower and torque. Samson claims that independent dyno testing has shown that installation of the Powerflow III exhausts can result in 20 percent increases in both horsepower and torque. Versions of the Powerflow III are available to fit ’95-’08 and ’10-12 Dresser and Road

King models, ‘12 Softail and Dyna models and ’04-‘12 Sportster models (forward or mid-controls). The pipes feature O2 sensor ports that accept OEM or aftermarket sensors, interchangeable baffles and full coverage heat shields. Offered in a choice of chrome or black ceramic finishes, they are supplied with a one year warranty. SAMSON MOTORCYCLE PRODUCTS Brea, California, USA Tel: 714 518 2480 E-mail:

PAUGHCO has taken some of its tank designs and given them dished sides, to create a look reminiscent of custom tanks of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. The tanks, which include integrated mounts, are fitted with bungs for cam-style caps and late model 22mm petcocks and are available in four capacities; 3, 3.5, 4.5 and 5 gallons. PAUGHCO Carson City, Nevada, USA Tel: 775 246 5738 E-mail:

New CCI introductions CUSTOM Chrome International (CCI) has a range of new lines available to its dealers which include RevTech 97/106ci big bore kits with KB forged pistons. The kits feature 4in big bore cylinders with matching forged and coated KB pistons and Cometic gaskets. Once installed, the kits will take the displacement of an 88ci Twin Cam to 97ci and a 97ci to 106ci, both without the need to machine the engine cases. It is recommended that both cams and carb/EFI are upgraded at the same time to gain maximum benefit from the kits. Available in raw or black finishes the 88ci kit fits ’99 – ’06 Twin Cams and the 96ci kit fits ’07 – ’11 engines.

Roller rocker arms to fit ’84 – ’11 Big Twins are now available at CCI

The RevTech big bore kits from CCI use 4in KB forged and coated pistons

Staying with engine internals, CCI is now carrying its own roller rocker arms. Sold in sets of four, to fit ’84 – ’11 Big Twins, the arms are said to reduce valve train friction providing more performance and less wear. Moving to the outside of the engine and CCI has exhaust wrap kits from DEI available. Each kit contains two 2in x 15ft rolls of pipe wrap, eight 8in stainless steel locking ties, four 14in stainless steel locking ties and a 12oz can of HT silicone coating spray (black, aluminum or white). DEI’s silicone coating spray helps to create a seal against oil, grease, dirt, harsh abrasives, and road grime and can be used on exhaust headers, pipes, and engine blocks



DEI Exhaust wrap kits include wrap, silicone spray and stainless steel zip ties

CUSTOM CHROME INTERNATIONAL Morgan Hill, California, USA Tel: 408 825 5000 E-mail:

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Arlen Ness bolt-on parts ARLEN Ness has released a wide range of parts which are bolt-on pieces. The range of parts begins with the Ness Deep Cut Comfort grips. Designed for touring and custom applications, they feature machined conical bodies with rubber inserts that are said to offer a soft air cushion feel. Ness also offer matching design foot pegs. The Arlen Ness Deep Cut Comfort grips feature rubber panels set in aluminum housings

A second grip option being offered by Arlen Ness is the Soft Touch Billet. The rubber that covers the majority of the grip surface is available knurled or dimpled, while the CNC machined aluminum end caps match other Ness design products. Like the Deep Cut grips matching Soft Touch pegs are available.

flashing independently. Both options are available in chrome or black anodized finishes and fit ‘83onward FLHT, FLHX and FLHR models and ‘93-onward FLST Softail models with 7in diameter headlights. The Ness Fire Ring headlamp trim can function as running lights or turn signals

A Fire Ring trim is also available for Factory turn signal housings. Options include the choice of amber or red glass, black or chrome trim, and turn signals are available in dual filament or single filament applications. The dual function LED design includes seven exposed white, amber or red LEDs to work as running lights. Behind the lens features a cluster of LEDs for turn signal and or brake light functions. These fit all front and rear applications with a light socket for an 1157 type bulb. The single filament design has the Fire Ring LEDs and the cluster of LEDs behind the lens light as one for rear turn signal applications with a light socket for an 1156 type bulb.

Footpegs are available from Arlen Ness to match the Soft Touch Billet grips

One of the easiest parts to change on a bike is the shift rod and there are now three new designs from Arlen Ness. Designed to work on all H-D models except FXD, FXR and XL, they are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, feature specially designed, pressed in, spherical bearings and can be ordered in black or chrome finishes.

The Deep Cut Turn signals include a Fire Ring trim with LED lights

Another turn signal option offered by Ness is its Deep Cut Factory style turn signals. The Deep Cut signal housing, in a choice of chrome or black anodizing, is combined with a Fire Ring with the same range of options as listed above.

Engraved is one of three new designs of shift link now available from Arlen Ness, which feature pressed in spherical bearings

The Fire Ring from Arlen Ness is a trim ring for stock 7in headlamps fitted with LEDs. The billet headlight rings are available with two different LED configurations; one design features daytime running lights and the second option is the turn signal version featuring amber LEDs with left and right sides

The bike’s turn signals can be relocated to the triple trees using the new brackets from Ness

Riders of Dyna, FXR and Sportster models who want to relocate the bike’s turn signals from the handlebars can do so with the Ness billet aluminum mounts that bolt directly to the triple tree pinch bolts on wither the upper or lower triple tree. Offered in black or chrome finishes they work with stock 39mm and 49mm forks.

Fire Ring turn signals for stock light housings are available as single or dual filament lights

ARLEN NESS ENTERPRISES Dublin, California, USA Tel: 925 479 6350 E-mail:



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Adaptiv radar detector ADAPTIV Technologies has now launched version 2.0 of its TPX motorcycle radar and laser detection system. Talking about the new launch Adam Gold, Adaptiv’s CTO, said: “The second generation includes several significant improvements based on customer feedback. Aesthetically, Version 2.0 maintains the same basic look as the first version. The brains of the system, however, have been completely revamped resulting in drastic performance increases. In independent testing, the new version performed on

par, or better than, all the top end automotive detectors. Version 2.0 also has new, sturdier cable connection, and the ability to filter out X and K bands independently in both city and highway modes to better combat false alerts.”

Magical Wheel Lights

KewlMetal long boards

CUSTOM Dynamics new ‘Magical’ wheel lights feature 12 LEDs in an oval disc providing 360 degrees of coverage. Due to Custom Dynamics use of ‘TruMAGIC’ technology users have the option of choosing one of seven preprogrammed colors, or one of thousands of custom colors with just a click. Users can also choose from one of three different color morph speeds to get the exact effect they desire. The wheel lights feature 7ft wire leads, lifetime LED warranty, and a choice of chrome or black case, which is pre-taped with 3M die-cut automotive grade adhesive and fully waterproof. The units mount on the inside of the brake caliper and fit all H-D brake calipers (except: narrow glide front ends (Sportsters, and some Dynas), and ‘06 and up V-Rods).

ADAPTIV TECHNOLOGIES Santa Monica, California, USA Tel: 646 722 0253 E-mail:

KEWLMETAL has created its new long boards to fit not only Victory models but also Harley-Davidsons. The boards, CNC machined from billet aluminum, are 171⁄2in long and 61⁄2in wide and feature custom artwork in several different designs with the option of personal design cuts. Finished in black powder cut or chrome, the boards fit Victory Vision, Cross Country, Cross Roads, Kingpin, Hammer, Jackpot and Vegas and Harley-Davidson Road Glide, Street Glide and Road King. KEWLMETAL Prescott, Arizona, USA Tel: 623 298 7181 E-mail:

CUSTOM DYNAMICS LLC Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA Tel: 919 554 0949 Email: AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - DECEMBER 2011


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Bad Dad shaved saddlebags

Hawg EFX running boards

BAD Dad’s Shaved Saddlebags provide Baggers with clean lines by using a custom lid that operates on hidden hinges and has no visible locking system. The bags, which are stretched by 41 ⁄2in compared to stock, are supplied in a ready to paint primer finish and include the lids hidden hinges, locks and keys. They are available to fit ‘93-‘10 Touring models and can be ordered in different exhaust combinations to accommodate dual, 2-into-1, or no exhaust setups.

LEHMAN Trikes has extended its line of Hawg EFX running boards to now include fitments for 2012 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide and Street Glide trikes. Previously, the boards where only available to fit ’09 – ‘11 models. The composite construction running boards fasten to the fenders and are supported by a steel subframe to make them weight-bearing. Factory color matched paint is available for all colors.

BAD DAD CUSTOM FINISHES Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA Tel: 260 407 2000 BAD


LEHMAN TRIKES USA, INC. Spearfish, South Dakota, USA Tel: 605 642 2111 E-mail:

SuperTrapp SuperMegs for Softails Supertrapp now has two versions of its SuperMeg 2-into1 exhaust system available for use on ’12 Softail models. The SuperTrapp SuperMeg is a tunable pipe, which is said to provide a 15 percent bolton horsepower gain. Twenty 4in discs and a ‘Closed End Capp’ are included with the exhaust. Adding discs increases the horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Subtracting discs reduces the sound and increases low-end torque. The Kerker branded 2-into-1 SuperMeg is a non disc-based version of the same design

of pipe. Both the SuperTrapp and Kerker 2:1 feature a rebuildable core and packing. SUPERTRAPP INDUSTRIES Cleveland, Ohio, USA Tel: 216 265 8400 E-mail:



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Latest additions to MCS range MOTORCYCLE Storehouse (MCS) has once again extended the range of parts it has available for dealers to order. Among the company’s own range are two new styles of air cleaner. Both designs – Motorcycle Storehouse’s Skull air cleaner is made from die-cast and chromed aluminum

the Teardrop and the Skull – are made with chrome plated, die-cast aluminum. The Skull is supplied with hardware to fit ’99 – ‘06 Twin Cam models with CV carb or Delphi fuel injection and the Teardrop will fit all ‘93 – ‘99 Evo Big Twin and ’99 – ‘06 Twin Cam models, but the appropriate hardware and carb adapter bracket must be purchased separately. A second private label piece from MCS is a range of sissy bar kits. All of the kits are model specific and consist of a set of side plates (to mount the sissy bar) and a choice of three sissy bar lengths. The size options are Shorty, Low and High bar and they will fit most ’57 – ‘11 Sportsters and several ’84 – ‘11 Big Twin models. Alongside its own parts Motorcycle The sissy bar kits offered by Motorcycle Storehouse can be ordered in a choice of three heights

Storehouse has added lines from other companies and these include the MMB Classic mini speedos. Based on the technology used in the original 48mm diameter MMB Ultra Mini speedo, this latest version features distinct retro styling with the choice of a black or ivory face. It has an electronic drive and come with a small LCD display that offers various read-out options. A matching tacho is also available. While well known for its line of air filters K&N also

Weld-in O2 sensor bung fittings from K&N can now be purchased through MCS

for an increase in horsepower, Motorcycles Storehouse now has the Keith Black forged piston as a stock item. The pistons are sold as a complete piston and ring kit and all pistons have an offset wristpin, which is claimed to relieve the engine from excessive piston to cylinder wall thrust. The Keith Black piston kits sold by MCS include matching rings

Ivory is one of the face finish options on the ‘Classic’ MMB mini speedo

produces oxygen sensor fittings and MCS has them available. The weld-on fittings, for use on the bike’s exhaust headers, will accept all 18mm threaded sensors. Catering for those that are looking

MOTORCYCLE STOREHOUSE Bedum, NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 (0)50 303 9775 E-mail:

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More new lines at Drag Specialties

Drag Specialties continues to work with Russ Wernimont Designs and the latest part stocked by the distributor is the company’s newest air cleaner. The cleaner uses a ‘Double Shot’ air filter system, which features a molded backing plate said to improve air flow. The stock H-D vent system is used with the cleaner and a K&N filter is also included.

DRAG Specialties has expanded the number of parts it has available with the addition of the Roland Sands Design clip-on handlebars. The CNC machined, 1in billet aluminum bars can be mounted to 39mm, 41mm or 49mm front forks, below the top triple tree to create a café racer style riding position. The bars are adjustable to any pullback and any height between the top and bottom trees, they have a fixed five-degree down angle, and will accept stock or aftermarket H-D hand controls.

Russ Wernimont Designs have created an air cleaner that features a ‘Double Shot’ air filter system

Saddleman’s saddlebag lid organizers, now available through Drag Specialties, fit into the lids of Harley-Davidson ‘93-‘12 FLHT style hard saddlebags. The organizers feature various closed, mesh seethrough and elastic bands that keep the stored items in place and easily accessible. They install in the saddlebag lid with the included hook-and-loop fastener strips at the factory hardware points.

Drag Specialties continues to expand the line of Roland Sands Design parts it carries with the inclusion of clip-on handlebars

A new addition to Drag Specialties is Akrapovic exhausts, a brand that is better known for it’s metric systems, which is now manufacturing H-D pipes and included among them is a 2-into-2 system for Sportsters. Built from Austenitic stainless steel, the pipes feature Akrapovic’s in-house designed and tested, high-performance silencer insert design. The exhaust package includes removable silencer inserts and heat shields.

Saddleman’s saddlebag lid organizers fit into the lids of Harley-Davidson ‘93-‘12 FLHT style hard saddlebags

Akrapovic, better known for its metric exhausts, is now manufacturing pipes for Harleys including a 2-into-2 system for the Sportster

DRAG SPECIALITIES Janesville, Wisconsin, USA Tel: 608 758 1111 E-mail:

Raked Nacelle HEADWINDS has taken note of the increased number of Baggers being fitted with over-sized front wheels or that have had the front ends raked out to accommodate larger wheels and that now have the nacelle mounted headlight at the wrong angle. To provide a simple solution to this problem the company has introduced a headlight bezel

with built-in rake. Designed to fit HarleyDavidson FLH and most after market fairings and nacelles, the bezel is available in 6, 8 or 10-degree angles (with other rakes possible). HEADWINDS Monrovia, California, USA Tel: 626 359 8044 Fax: 626 359 6544 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - DECEMBER 2011


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New additions to Zodiac range ZODIAC has reacted to the trend for increasing large front wheels being fitted to Baggers with the introduction of the Getraked neck rake kit to its product line. The kits allow the front end of a Touring model to be raked while maintaining the correct trail with 16in, 17in, 18in, 23in and 26in diameter front wheels.

The Getraked neck rake kits maintain the correct trail when a 16in, 17in, 18in, 23in or 26in diameter front wheels is used with stock forks

The kits do not just change the rake of the front end, but also change the height of the headstock. This change of height in combination with the stock forks and triple trees in 16in through 23in wheel applications maintains correct trail. Kits for 26in front wheels include ‘Getraked’ nine-degree triple trees, to provide a total of 19 degrees rake over stock. All kits for use with 23in and 26in front wheels also include fork travel limiters. Installation requires removal of the headstock from the frame and the Getraked weld-on headstock features an opening to keep the VIN visible and is ready to take stock size steering bearings. All kits are designed for use with stock through 2in under rear shock absorbers or stock length shock absorbers in conjunction with a shock lowering kit. Versions of the kit are available to fit all ‘80 – ‘08 FLH and FLT series Touring models and a second version for all ‘09 to present FLH and FLT series Touring models. Continuing the Bagger theme, Zodiac now has fender tip lights with a choice of either a 12 Volt 10 watt wedge base bulb or LEDs. In addition the company has various colors available other than the stock red and clear lens. Both front and rear early style versions come with a single pin insulator style plug installed. Front late style comes with the two-

expansion under extreme heat conditions preventing disc wrapping. The carrier of 11.5in rotor is also made out of stainless steel in a choice of polished or black finishes. The rotors fits ‘00 to present Sportsters, ‘00 – ‘05 Dynas, ‘00 – ‘07 Touring models, ‘00 to present Softails and ‘02 to present V-Rod (except VRSCA and VRSCAW). For builders looking for custom bodywork options, Zodiac has Mustang style gas tanks which feature a raised rim along the center, running front to back. The tanks hold 3.3 gallons, and are 17in long, 11-1⁄2in wide and have a 2in wide low tunnel. Universal brackets are included and the tank has a Zodiac has fender tip lights available with either a traditional bulb or LEDs to light them

place socket housing as used from ‘00 to present installed. The rear late style comes with the threeplace socket housing as used from ‘98 – ‘08 installed. Front fender lights fit all ‘80 to present FLHR, FLHT, FLHTC, FLHTCU and FLT Touring models, ‘86 – ‘08 FLSTC Softail and ‘93 – ‘96 FLSTN. For the rear the lights fit all ‘80 – ‘08 FLHR, FLHS, FLHT and FLT Touring models, ‘86 – ‘08 FLSTC Softail and ‘93 – ‘96 FLSTN Softails. To help improve the bike’s handling Zodiac now has chrome fork braces for Wide Glide forks available. Machined from aluminum the brace fits 41mm stock front forks on ‘93 – ‘05 FXDWG Dyna Wide Glides and ‘84 to present FXST Softails (except FXSTD Deuce).


screw bung to take a stock or aftermarket ‘82onward style vented gas cap, or it can be ordered to take a pop-up style gas cap. To match the tank, Zodiac also has a ribbed front fender. It is supplied complete with a mounting bracket to fit Narrow Glide front forks with 18in, 19in or 21in wheels. It can also be installed in Wide Glide front ends when fender spacers are used. The ribbed front fender from Zodiac fits Narrow Glide front ends

Zodiac’s chromed aluminum fork brace fits 41mm diameter fork legs

As well as the brace to improve handling Zodiac has an option to help improve braking. The STX floating discs are manufactured in Europe from a high-carbon stainless steel. The ‘wave’ design used for the disc is claimed to enables better radial

STX disc rotors are made in Europe using highcarbon stainless steel

Barnett Extra Plate clutch kits BARNETT has now made its ‘extra plate’ clutch kits available for Evo Sportster, Evo, Twin Cam Big Twin and V-Rod applications. The kits feature the company’s carbon or Kevlar segmented friction plates, tempered steel drive plates, and are said to provide an increase in clutch surface area of 11 – 28 percent dependant on kit/application. The V-Rod kits also include heavy duty clutch springs. The segmented friction material design used by Barnett in the extra plate clutch

Zodiac is now offering Mustang style gas tanks with a raised rib running along the center

kits is claimed to increase oil flow through the clutch and provide a smoother, more consistent performance and extended clutch life.

BARNETT PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Ventura, California, USA Tel: 805 642 9435


ZODIAC INTERNATIONAL Mijdrecht, NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 (0)297 288 621 E-mail:

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Digital signage VITAL Media, a digital signage specialist, has updated its website to include a section dedicated to the needs of motorcycle retailers

at The aim of the new webpage is to educate readers on the benefits of using digital signage to draw attention to specific brands in a crowded showroom environment. “We are reaching out to our vertical markets, like motorcycle retailers and dealerships, and giving them information tailored to their industry up front when they visit our site,” said Chris Beatty, Vital Media’s Business Development Manager. “Our new pages not only describe our capabilities for our vertical markets, but show them with samples of content for digital signage programs in their industry.” Vital Media’s website updates feature informative pages for each of their vertical markets, including motorcycle, automotive aftermarket, powersports, outdoor power equipment and advertising agencies. Each page has a demo video of content for digital signage in that market. The company offers co-op and franchise programs that allow brands and retailers to take advantage of digital signage.

Twin Slash 2-into-1 slip-on

VITAL MEDIA Charlotte, North Carolina Tel: 866 863 3426 E-mail:

MAG EUROPE Denton, Manchester, UK Tel: +44 (0)161 335 9955 E-mail:

MAG Europe now is carrying a stock of Vance & Hines’ Twin Slash 2-into-1 slip-on mufflers for the 2012 Dyna Switchback. The new slip-on was not expected to be available until 2012 but the European distributor has managed to get supplies earlier than expected. Designed specifically to fit the 2012 Dyna Switchback, the muffler features a 4in body with the twin slash end treatment that gives it its name. A maintenance-free baffle is included with the chrome finish slip-on.

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W&W’s new product releases W&W Cycles continues to cater for the needs of owners of older Harley-Davidson models with the addition of PEEK (polyetheretherketone) intake manifold seals to its stock line. PEEK is a thermoplastic with a melting point of 650 degree Fahrenheit and compared to brass seals this material has superior creep resistance and seal. The seals are sold in pairs and are available for all ’30 - ‘54 V-twin applications.

The PEEK intake manifold seals are available to fit all ’30 - ‘54 V-twin applications

Cast or polished are the finish options on STD’s cast aluminum rocker boxes

Continuing the old school theme, W&W Cycle is now carrying stock of STD’s cast aluminum rocker covers for use on Panhead motors. The new covers do not need D-rings and are claimed to not flex when bolted to the heads improving oil tightness. The covers are available in cast or polished finishes. For riders using Springer forks W&W now has chrome finish fender mounts to fit the forks.

The new brackets from W&W Cycle allow easier mounting of a fender to a Springer front end

LSL’s line of aluminum handle bars have a 4mm wall thickness

Proving that it caters for all types of riders and not just those on old bikes, W&W is stocking the LSL line of aluminum handlebars. The 1in bars have a 4mm wall thickness and are supplied complete with TÜV-approval paperwork. Styles available include the Sport Tour (total width 70cm, center width 12cm, height 3.5cm, depth 9cm) in a choice of dull black, gold or satin silver; Flat Track in gold (total width 84cm, center width 10cm, height 9cm, depth 17cm) and Street Bar in black or dull black (total width 81cm, center width 13cm, height 5.5cm, depth 10cm).

W&W CYCLES AG Wuerzburg, GERMANY Tel: +49 (0)931 250 61 16 (011931 250 6116 from the US) E-mail:

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Sinister handlebars and crash bars JOHN Shope’s Sinister Industries has a range of handlebar options available, which include its Wicked Street Glide bars. They have been designed with a bend in the upright section that allows users to get close to the fairing. They fit all ’89 onward Street Glides, Electra Glides and FLHTs and are pre-drilled for internal wiring. The TIG welded bars, in black or chrome, measure 12in tall, 38in wide and have 61⁄2in pullback.

fit ’99 and onward Baggers and come in a choice of black or chrome. Made from 11⁄4in tubing they have bolt in inserts; either Web or Holy. JOHN SHOPE’S SINISTER INDUSTRIES Phoenix, Arizona, USA Tel: 623 465 5263 A web insert is one of the options for Sinister Industries’ rear crash bars

’89 onward Street Glides, Electra Glides and FLHTs can be fitted with Sinister’s Wicked Street Glide handlebars

The Holy rear crash bar is made from 11⁄4in tubing

A second Wicked option is a bar designed for use on Road Glides and Road Kings. These bars are also TIG welded, pre-drilled and offered in chrome or black. They are also compatible with throttle-by-wire and they measure 10in tall by 31in wide and have a 4in pullback.

The Wicked bars for Road Glides are compatible with throttle-by-wire controls

Claimed to be a first for the Bagger Market, Street Glide Drag bars from Sinister are 7in tall and 35in wide. The bars pre-drilled, in black or chrome, and with 7in of pullback fit ’89 onward Street Glides. Along with the handlebars, Sinister Industries has also created a line of crash bars. Designed for use on Baggers built from ’99 onwards, the Gnarly front crash bars are offered in a choice of black or chrome finishes. To match the Gnarly, two variations of rear bar are available; the Holy and the Web. Both versions

Sinister’s Drag bars have been developed for use on Street Glides

The Gnarly crash bar mounts to the front of all ’99 onward Bagger models



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Punta Bagna Bike Valfrejus THE third annual Wild Magazine rally and custom show held in the mountainous Haute Savoie region of France was this year sponsored by W&W Cycles, and again offered two World Championship affiliate ‘Sturgis’ prizes – one for the best French builder and the other going to the best ‘international’ guest competitor. The French win went to Antoine Bigel of Blue Line Chopper ( who will travel to Sturgis in 2012. The ‘International’ win was taken by Carlo Colombo of Asso Special Bike in Italy ( for his 199R, his lightweight street bike project weighing only 199kg, featuring his own 16kg aluminium frame, hand made titanium exhaust, carbon fibre gas tank and fenders and 110in RevTech engine. Upon winning his prize, Carlo took the bike straight to Frankfurt for transportation to Sturgis, where he finished in 19th place in the Freestyle class.

Carlo Colombo celebrates winning the Sturgis prize with the crew of Abnormal Cycles

Distributor W&W sponsored the class prizes for the event this year

French winner Antoine Bigel of Blue Line Chopper will travel to Sturgis in 2012

Malicia Indigena wins Sturgis prize at 30th Anniversary Faro Rally THIS year’s 30th annual Moto Clube Faro Rally on the Algarve in Southern Portugal saw record crowds in attendance. The affiliate custom bike show, in its 20th year, was won by Jhomba Tapasco of Malicia Indigena from Spain, becoming the first double winner of a World Champs Sturgis prize at the event, having taken the prize in 2009. Despite the economic situation in Portugal, the “Custom Village” area saw an increased number of custom shops and associated

Spanish builder Malicia Indigena won their second Sturgis prize at Faro in three years

businesses in attendance, with Parts Europe participating for the first time. The Portuguese market is a small one, but has been growing steadily since the mid 1990’s when the first custom shops and parts distribution emerged there. Moto Clube Faro is one of Europe’s most respected motorcycle clubs and stage an event that attracts in excess of 20,000 riders each year.

Franco Klinzmann and Manuel Oliveira Aires of Parts Europe reported good business during their first participation at Faro

The 30th anniversary of the Faro rally saw record crowds in attendance AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - DECEMBER 2011


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Words by Duncan Moore - / Photos by:

In the world of custom bike builders there are a growing number of younger builders, such as Jesse Rooke and Roland Sands, who bring race bike influences to the designs they create. Now there is another name to add to the list – Satya Kraus. Kraus will now be getting a lot more recognition for his bike builds having placed third at the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building ATYA Kraus has competed in the World Championship of Custom Bike Building in the past but it was the 2011 event that really saw the young bike builder from Cazadero, California really shine when he finally broke into the top three places with his latest build Bolide. Rather than being an out and out show bike built just to take to shows and compete for trophies, Bolide was commissioned by one of Satya’s customers who wants a bike he can get out on and ride hard. The customer, a racing driver who is based in Puerto Rico, contacted Satya to begin the build after seeing one of his Previous World Championship entries. Talking about the thinking behind the building of Bolide, Satya says: “We don’t build bikes to go touring on. We build bikes that you take out for a few hours and have a lot of fun on as a performance piece.” To ensure that Bolide is fun to ride Satya began the build by securing an S&S Cycle 93ci Shovelhead style motor that has been built up with high-compression pistons and a custom stainless steel 2-into-1 exhaust that is finished off with custom heat shields. On the induction side the air cleaner is a prototype that Satya is preparing to put into production that features a specially developed K&N filter element. The motor was then




wrapped in a one-off frame that features a mono shock sprung swingarm, with a Fosse shock, and 28 degrees of rake. Rather than using D.O.M. steel tube throughout the frame, Satya transitions the downtubes to flat plate by the front motor mounts to offer greater ground clearance. A second concession to greater ground clearance is the choice of open belt drive. Here Satya has specced a 1-3 /4in BDL item that allows the bike a greater degree of lean angle going into corners than a wider belt would have done. The drive belt is shielded from the rider’s leg by a custom aluminum cover. Behind the BDL drive is a six-speed Baker Powerbox that connects to the 17in Alpina wheel via a chain final drive. A 170x60-17 Metzeler tire is used at the rear with a 120x70-17 Metzeler used on the matching front wheel, which is connected to the bike by a modified Yamaha R6 front end. Braking on the wheels is taken care of by a combination of a Beringer six-piston caliper and matching floating rotor at the front and a fourpiston Beringer at the rear. To match the brake calipers, Beringer hand controls are used on Bolide too, while the foot controls are one-offs from Satya’s workshop. Also completed in the Kraus workshop was the extensive aluminum bodywork, along with the gas tank, seat unit, oil tanks and front and rear fenders

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Scan using camera/QR-Code reader on your smartphone or mobile device for more information on the AMD World Championship and its partners

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custom fork gaiters, a headlamp surround and instrument binnacle have all been crafted. To showcase the quality of his metal working skills, Satya has left the metal work unpainted with the exception of a red stripe running along the length of the bike. The lack of paint has been extended to the frame too. It has instead been finished with a brass coating that has been artificially aged to give it a patina. While Satya has said of his bikes in the past that: “When it comes to building the bikes have everything they need and nothing they don’t.” However, on this particular build he has modified his thinking slightly, as he explains: “I tried to go the extra distance with this bike and put everything on it. It’s got fenders, speedo, tacho, turn signals and big brakes.” The addition of these parts may be a departure for Satya but it is one that was worth making as the Bolide was named the third best bike in the Freestyle class at the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis. KRAUS MOTOR CO Cazadero, California, USA Tel: 707 632 6252 E-mail:



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Parts Canada Tel: (403) 250 6247

New Zealand Australia

AUSTRALIA East Coast Custom

Performance Cycle Wholesale-NZ Tel: 006493081634

East Coast Custom Distributing Pty. Ltd.-AU

Mongoose Machine &

Tel: 0061732524633


Motovan Corporation

Neo Factory

CANADA Engineering

Tel: 0081432128082

Parts Canada

Three Miles Trade

Tel: 0081252312811

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This INDEX is a complete listing of all the items in this edition. It includes all our advertisers and the product, feature and news items published this month. The INDEX will act as a quick reference guide, and will be useful when searching this and other editions either for contact details for a particular company, or for a specific item that has appeared. The INDEX appears in every edition of AMD .

A THIS MONTH’S ADVERTISERS Avon Grips (US) Air cushioned grips................................................................................25 Bad Dad Custom Finishes (US) Summit rear fender ........................................................21 Barnett Performance Products (US) Clutch kits, distributor network............................44,59 Belt Drives Ltd (US) Clutches & kits, GMA Brakes, Distributor network ..................25,53,60

THIS MONTH’S EDITORIAL ITEMS Adaptiv Technologies (US) TPX v2.0 radar & laser detector..............................................29 Arlen Ness (US) Deep Cut Comfort & Soft Touch Billet grips, Fire Ring headlight trim ......27 Axtell Sales (US) Celebrates 50th anniversary....................................................................8

Biker’s Choice (US) Twin Power gaskets ..........................................................................57

Bad Dad Custom Finishes (US) Shaved Saddlebags ........................................................31

Colony Machine (US) Hardware ......................................................................................58

Barnett Performance Products (US) Extra Plate clutch kits ..............................................38

Colorado Custom (US) Wheels ........................................................................................60

California Scooter Company (US) Now distributed in Middle East......................................9

CV Performance (US) Carburetor & intake parts ..............................................................58

Custom Chrome (US) Revtech big bore kits, roller rocker arms & exhaust wrap kits ........24

Cycle Kraft (US) Motorcycle products ..............................................................................59

Custom Chrome International (US) New dealer website....................................................8

Darkhorse Crankworks (US) Crank assembly balancing & rebuilds ..................................31 Daytona Twin Tec (US) Twin Tuner 2 FIC ..........................................................................28 Designs By Novello (US) 2-tone covers............................................................................58

Custom Dynamics (US) Magical LED wheel lights............................................................29 Drag Specialties (US) Clip-ons, exhausts, air cleaner, lid organizer ..........................................35

DNA Specialty Inc (US) Greed wheels..............................................................................63

Fat Baggers Inc (US) Expands into bike production..........................................................64

DP Brakes & Clutches (US) Brakes & clutches ..................................................................47

Hannigan Motorsports (US) V-Rod trike conversion ........................................................21

Drag Specialties (US) 2011 Fatbook, Oldbook, Street, Offroad & ATV/UTV catalogs ........32

Harley-Davidson (US) Reports 5.4% motorcycle sales growth in USA for 3Q ..................1,6

Easyriders Events (US) V-Twin Expo 2012........................................................................10 Fehling (DE) Parts and accessories ..................................................................................58 Feuling Oil Pump Corporation (US) Bulletproof camchest kits, Distributor network ....42,59 Free Spirits (IT) Street and race parts ..............................................................................29

Harley-Davidson (US) Opens Latin America headquarters ..................................................6 Headwinds (US) Raked nacelle........................................................................................35 HTP America (US) Invertig 221 AC/DC inverter welder ....................................................20

Goodridge (US) Sniper Hide-A-Line components ............................................................60

Illusion Motorsports (US) Builds Sons of Anarchy charity bike ............................................8

Harley-Davidson Motor (US) World Championship Modified Harley class winner ............56

Indian Motorcycle Company (US) Cathcart Report: Mark Blackwell interview ............17-19

Helmet City Inc - HCI Helmets (US) D.O.T. & novelty helmets, Distributor network ......26,59

JayBrake (US) Acquired by Supertrapp ............................................................................64

JIMS (US) Welded handcrafted covers, Big inch flywheel assemblies ................30,58,59,60

K&N Engineering (US) Aircharger high-flow air intake ....................................................20

Joker Machine (US) Parts & accessories ..........................................................................27

KewlMetal (US) Long boards ..........................................................................................29

K&N (US) Become an authorized K&N dealer, Wrench-Off Performance oil filters ......30,53 K&P Engineering (US) High performance oil filters ..........................................................61 KewlMetal Inc (US) Bolt on 13 Degree Rake Kit ................................................................4

Kraus Motor Co (US) Bolide bike feature....................................................................50,52 Lehman Trikes (US) Hawg EFX running boards for 2012 H-D trikes..................................31

Kibblewhite (US) Valvetrain components, distributor network................................46-47,58

MAG Europe Ltd (GB) Vance & Hines Twin Slash 2-into-1 slip on ....................................40

Küryakyn (US) Parts & accessories ..................................................................................34

Moto Clube de Faro (PT) Malicia Indigena wins at 30th anniversary Faro Rally................49

Kustom Tech (IT) Parts & accessories ..............................................................................64

Motorcycle Storehouse (NL) Air cleaners, sissy bar kits, MMB classic mini speedo ............33

Le Pera Enterprises Inc (US) Seats ..................................................................................48 MAG Connection (FR) Distributor....................................................................................13

Paughco (US) Dished tanks ............................................................................................24 Polaris Industries (US) Reports record results again ........................................................11

MAG Europe Ltd (GB) RSD Gear Drive LED Gas Cap ......................................................16 Medallion Instrumentation Systems (US) Gauges and stereo products ............................61

Pro Pad (US) Flag mount for Air Wing rack ......................................................................21

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts (US) Parts and accessories ....................................................45

Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas (US) Hires designer for new product line ............................11

Milwaukee Bagger (US) Saddlebags................................................................................61

Rivera Primo (US) 36th edition Mini Catalog ....................................................................9

Motorcycle Storehouse (NL) Distributor, International Sales Offices ..36-37,40-41,42-43,60

Samson Motorcycle Products (US) Powerflow III 2-into-1 exhausts..................................24

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products (US) Wiring harnesses & fluid lines ..................................42

Sinister Industries (US) Handlebars and crash bars ..........................................................45

PB Germany (DE) AGM Motorcycle Bags & Accessories ..................................................35 Pro-One Performance (US) Billet bagger accessories........................................................33 Renegade Wheels (US) Phantom Cut wheel ......................................................................2 Revolution Performance (US) Precision EMS....................................................................46

SuperTrapp Industries (US) SuperMeg 2-into-1 exhaust for Softails ................................31 SuperTrapp Industries (US) Acquires Jaybrake..................................................................64 Supreme Legends (US) Gold Digger controls ..................................................................22

Rivera Primo (US) Parts & accessories, Distributor network ........................................36,58

Vance & Hines (US) 2012 Big Radius 2-into-2 exhausts ..................................................20

Rush Racing Products (US) Exhaust systems....................................................................39

Victory Motorcycles (US) Cathcart Report: Victory Cross Country Tour launch test ......12,14

Saxon Motorcycles (US) New Bagger model....................................................................43

Victory Motorcycles (US) Cathcart Report: Mark Blackwell interview ..........................17-19

Supreme Legends (US) Forward controls ........................................................................59 Tech Cycle Performance Products (US) Belt drives & starters............................................46

Vital Media (US) Digital signage ....................................................................................40 W&W Cycles (DE) PEEK intake manifold seals, STD rocker covers, LSL handlebars............41

TecMate (BE) Optimate Pro-S..........................................................................................37 Trask Performance (US) V-Rod Turbo Systems ....................................................................5

Wild Publishing (FR) Punta Bagna Valfrejus 2011 show review ......................................49

Vance & Hines (US) Exhausts ............................................................................................7

Wire Plus (US) Power, lighting control modules and wiring harnesses..............................22

Zipper’s Performance Products (US) ThunderMax EFI Module ..........................................44

Wizards Products/RJ Star Inc (US) Aggressor & Bendi-Buff foam buffing pads ................22

Zodiac (NL) Parts & accessories, Issue 38 Bikers Book, European offices ....................23,59

Zodiac (NL) Getraked rake kit, fender tip lights, chrome fork braces, STX floating discs ....38



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FBI expands into bike production FAT Baggers, Inc. has established itself as one of the primary suppliers of Bagger parts and accessories after beginning business creating wide tire kits for Touring bikes. Over the years the company has increased its product line and it is now producing a range of four complete production models; three bikes and one trike. The plan to offer complete bikes was part of company owner Gary Chipp’s plan from the very beginning when he was working in his family’s H-D dealership and now that idea has come to fruition with the Razorback range. The complete line is Razorback, Razorback Ultra, Razorback Limited and

Razorback Trike. While the Razorback may be the enter model in the range the specification is any thing but entry level. The starting point is a 120ci FBI Engine by JIMS USA (with the option of a 131ci upgrade). The motor is dressed with an RC Components Airstrike air cleaner kit, Fuel Injected Thundermax AutoTune ECM and a 2into-1 exhaust. This package is matched to a six-speed Screamin’ Eagle transmission. Carrying the motor and transmission package is a frame that features 36 degrees of rake (four degrees more than a stock Bagger) and a dropped seat, and it wears chrome forks with FBI single sided legs and flush mount axle and 12in adjustable air shocks. This suspension package is matched to a pair of RC Components wheels, 21 x 3.5in front and 17 x 6.25in rear, with matching rotors and pulley, HHI brake callipers and Avon tires. Bodywork on the Razorback is made up of a Batwing style fairing with

Harmon Kardon radio/CD player and 6-1 /2in speakers for the four-channel 250 watt ARC Audio amp, stretched 5.5-gallon gas tank, 21in FBI Wrap front fender, color matched chin spoiler and Stretched 5.5 Gallon Gas Tank, 21in FBI Wrap front fender, color matched chin spoiler and Taildragger style rear end, long bags and fender. FBI’s 2012 model Razorback Ultra builds on the specification of the base model Razorback with the addition of a detachable trunk, a Batwing style fairing with inner FBI I fairing, Dakota Digital gauges, a 4-Channel 500 watt ARC Audio amp and fairing lowers with 6-1/2in Focal Polyglass Speakers Moving on to the 2012 Razorback Limited ands changes include a 240scetion tire mounted on an18in rim with a 26in wheel at the front of the bike. Rear suspension is taken care of by a Legend Air Ride system, while other changes include 12in handlebars, billet floorboards and shifter assemblies and power opening and closing bag lids. Based on the specification of the Razorback, the trike version features 17 x 6.25in rear wheels from RC

Components. The complete line of 2012 models are 50-State and Canada compliant, are listed in the N.A.D.A. publication under FBI Motor Co. and are supplied with a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty. FAT BAGGERS, INC. Chariton, Iowa, USA Tel: 641 774 7499 E-mail:

SuperTrapp acquires JayBrake NOTED Cleveland, Ohio based motorcycle exhaust manufacturer SuperTrapp has acquired the popular JayBrake brand and product line from Horschel Motorsports of Springville, New York. Founded by Jay Brainard in 1981, JayBrake is one of the best known custom V-twin and Harley-Davidson aftermarket brake component and controls manufacturers, with a reputation for robust quality and innovative design.

Speaking of the acquisition SuperTrapp President Kevin Berger said: “We are excited about the addition of the

JayBrake line and are confident that the combined talents and resources of the two brands will be of great benefit to our customers and the market place. “We look forward to continuing the high-level of quality, product development and customer service that JayBrake customers have come to expect over the last 30 years.” Jay Brainard will be working closely with SuperTrapp in the

coming months to assist with product development and the transition of manufacturing to SuperTrapp’s Cleveland facility, and effective immediately all JayBrake orders can be placed with SuperTrapp at: SUPERTRAPP INDUSTRIES, INC Cleveland, Ohio, USA Tel: 216 265 8400

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