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BIG BIKE EUROPE adds ‘Custom America’ NOVI S S U2E0#11 418 show-within-a-show concept to European headquarters expo formula NEWS 2012 models Following September’s announcement of an all new ‘headquarters’ expo for the European parts, accessory, performance, custom and tuning industry, BIG BIKE EUROPE is announcing the addition of another unique feature to the package of expo initiatives that is sure to make this event a success when it opens its doors on May 10th 2013. ‘Custom America’ will be a unique new opportunity for Europe’s leading dealers and large displacement motorcycle riders to see the latest performance, custom and tuning parts and accessories, presented directly in Europe by the American manufacturers and vendors themselves. With a dealer/VIP visitor ‘trade’ day followed by two public/consumer days, BIG BIKE EUROPE is being staged at the heart of Europe’s large displacement rider and dealer market at Essen in Germany. The feature-packed BIG BIKE EUROPE schedule already includes many unique show features that are guaranteed to attract a great crowd and make a lasting contribution to the businesses of Europe’s dealer community. The return of the four-class AMD European Championship of Custom

Bike Building has been widely acclaimed by Europe’s custom and performance bike builders, the first annual International Custom Conference will see the parts, accessory and custom industry in Europe having a professional and independent business forum for the first time, and the first annual International Motorcycle Industry awards are to be staged at AMD’s International Night industry reception. BIG BIKE EUROPE will be first expo in Europe to cater specifically for an emerging ‘premium’ motorcycle market in which consumer demands of the ownership and riding experience are much changed. The show will cater specifically for the specialty parts, accessory and performance interests of large displacement motorcycle riders, in a market where existing expo projects are either very broad based or very narrow in their profile. BIG BIKE EUROPE will bring together the performance and custom markets from air-cooled platforms right through to liquid-cooled performance,tourer and commuter street bikes, and do so in a technical and targeted environment that will showcase all aspects of the activities that drive dealer workshop profits. From servicing and tuning, through repair, replacement, performance and

custom, BIG BIKE EUROPE will be a show with the WOW! Factor that has so far been missing from events where the high value custom and performance parts and accessory markets have been overshadowed by OEM motorcycle model ranges, apparel vending and other exhibitor communities whose offers are ‘off-message’ for this new venture’s target market. A sophisticated, target-market centric consumer marketing and promotion campaign will get under way a year before the first annual show opens its doors. A program of ‘bikerfriendly’ expo initiatives that is being developed to set a new benchmark for how the motorcycle expo industry embraces the unique needs of motorcycle riders. The AMD European Championship of Custom Bike Building will feature four competition classes: the now world famous FreeStyle Class, the recently refined factory-geometry based Modified Harley-Davidson Class, the Championship program’s all new multiplatform Performance Custom Class, and a ‘Production’ Class, for stock, prototype or customized examples of bikes that have been developed to meet the very specific needs of volume productionization.

launched by Victory




Following its success at the London International Custom Show in February this year, Larry Houghton’s much admired 1951 500cc BSA Gold Star scooped second place at this year’s AMD World Championship. Full story pages 47-49


NOVEMBER 2011 (#148)


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As Polaris continues to report good news for its investors, it isn't doing so at the cost of product line development - as evidenced by its acquisition of Indian this year. Its Victory Motorcycles division has a strong line-up for 2012, including the much anticipated Cross Country Tour ADVERTISING ASSOCIATE MARY BETH CROWE

Cathcart Report: CR&S DUU road test ........12-14


Roberto Crepaldi's CR&S operation in Italy continues to press ahead with its S&S X-Wedge engined 'Duu' - Alan Cathcart gives the Custom cum Cafe Racer the road test thumbs-up, saying the company have produced something "very distinctive and worthwhile"


Industry Extra: Sturgis Motorcycle Museum ....17-19


Since the City of Sturgis re-established its presence in the 'museum market' with the Sturgis Motorcycle museum a decade or so ago, a previously checkered story has been turned around, and now ambitious plans have been unveiled for a brand new state-of-the-art museum experience FRANK SANDER DESIGN & PRODUCTION MANAGER

Products: The new, the best and the must-haves ....................................20-43


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Bike Review: ‘Son of a Gun’ by Lamb Engineering ....47-49 After winning the London International Custom Show in February this year, Briton Larry Houghton's much admired 1951 500cc customised BSA Gold Star had been among the fancied contenders for success going into this years AMD World Championship


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… HERE’S no question that parts and accessories sales have been better this year, even if only modestly so, and there’s also no question that profits among vendors have recovered, in ratio terms at least. However,with a lot of this improvement being entirely due to careful housekeeping, reduced inventory in the channels and, at best, bottoming out of the downturn cycle rather than bounce as such, the fears stalking the financial community and the confidence-sapping reportage of the 24 hour news cycle are again threatening to undermine all the sacrifice, hard work and determination that got us this far through the post-Lehman apocalypse. With institutional investment funds responding to the uncertainty surrounding sovereign debt by fleeing from stocks and seeking the (relative) safety of government bonds and the US Dollar, it is tempting to fear that the cycle of 1929 through 1933 may well indeed be about to play itself out again – which is something way beyond, and not to be confused with, the contemporary euphemism of a ‘double-dip’. If we were to swallow the current reporting intact (most of which is woefully poorly informed and superficial) then there really wouldn’t be too much point doing anything other than switching off the lights and going fishing! Yet all this comes at a time when, as Fred Fox said in August, “the worst appears to be behind us”.Well, defining “worst” is the question, I guess. While it appeared that the 2008 recession was working through the system, the fact that there are as yet no signs of real growth ahead mean that standing still could rapidly emerge as the ‘new growth’ for a lot of businesses. he last thing we needed at this time was again to be approaching another new season cycle with the stench of uncertainty hanging around. In truth, the dynamic of capitalism is such that growth, as conventionally defined, is a chimera anyway, and building an entire system on the basis that growth is the only verity is to build a system that is inflexible and mono-dimensional. Doing business creatively and profitably, doing business well, may indeed result in individual businesses growing,but the underlying dynamics of capitalism don’t require it as a necessary condition of sustainable and viable enterprise. They require it as a mechanism through which to provide return on investment and regeneration of the investment capital cycle, but the primary mechanism of successful trading is the production of surplus relative to cost, regardless of whether that is being achieved in a growth, static or negative environment. So yet again we find ourselves in a place that we are all being led to believe is ‘bad’, and yet again the preachers of that gospel are going to be the primary authors of the all-important consumer response to the messages.


Tragically it comes at a time when regardless of whether or not Greece will default, the Euro crash and burn or Obama get re-elected,umpteen business communities such as ours have pulled themselves up by the bootstraps despite what our politicians have been doing and saying, not because of. Which points to other real issues that I don’t hear anybody championing outside of the radical free market disciples of Hobbes,Bentham and Mill - namely that if we have a problem in our system of free market economics, it isn’t that it is wrong to seek to turn poor people into viable consumers, but that it is wrong to use regulation rather than market forces to do so. That it isn’t wrong to seek to ensure that our populations are well provisioned in weapons of work such as good health and education, but that it is wrong to create a system in which it costs up to $3 to administer the delivery of every $1. That it isn’t wrong to ensure employees are treated fairly, but it is wrong to treat employers unfairly by regulating corporate governance rather than allowing market forces to tune business behaviour in response to supply and demand of suitably qualified and productive labor. e have over-regulated,over-constructed,and over-sophisticated to a point where our markets are far from free, far from flexible, and therefore far from being able to be fixed.The infrastructure of our economic system is no longer fit for purpose. Rather than trying to find yet more cock-eyed schemes with which to try to steer a ship that needs to be allowed to be rudderless, the financial snake oil salesmen and women that are our politicians, bankers, regulators, analysts and economists need to stop subverting the freedom of choice that underpins the capitalist model. I am writing this after seeing German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the News looking very pleased with herself that she and her party have rail-roaded through yet another scheme to throw away her electors’ hard-earned money trying to shore up the crumbling Euro. But isn’t the problem that there simply isn’t enough money to go round at the moment? So how about giving back what there is to those who earned it,and let them spend it themselves to revive the economy? Politicians of all persuasions have convincingly proven that they do not have the answers, so it is about time someone took the keys to our safe away from them.

our economic system is no longer fit for purpose



Robin Bradley Co-owner/Editor-in-Chief


Sudco moves to new location SUDCO International has moved its distributing operations from Commerce to a new, larger facility in Compton, California, still in the greater Los Angeles area. The company says the move will allow it to better serve its dealers and to continue to grow in the future. The business is claimed to be one of America’s oldest and largest importer/ distributor of motorcycle replacement parts and high performance

accessories. Product lines distributed by Sudco include Keihin, Mikuni, ART, JE, NGK, Vesrah, RK, Sunstar, Nology, Dyna, Pingel, K&N, Motion Pro and others.

SUDCO INTERNATIONAL Compton, California, USA Tel: 310 637 8330 E-mail:

Wheel Jockey’s new ‘Retail Package’ WHEEL Jockey is now available to ship to dealers in new packaging that has been designed to highlight the unique benefits and value of the compact Wheel Jockey 0055 Sport model. The Sport model is described as being ideal for owners of all sport bikes, naked bikes and middle weight cruisers. It is claimed to be easy to operate single-handedly and is small enough to fit under the seat or in any

size luggage. The Wheel Jockey allows for easy chain maintenance, wheel cleaning, tire inflation and inspection on the road or in a shop. Constructed of high quality steel, aluminum and sealed ball bearings, Wheel Jockey measures 4in x 4.5in x 1.5in and can accommodate bikes up to 650lbs. Wheel Jockey’s dealer program has small volume incentives and no

minimums. Clear plastic ‘Clam-shell’ packaging for slat wall hangers is also available alongside the new box packaging. WHEEL JOCKEY Wesley Chapel, North Carolina, USA Tel: 704 56 4049 E-mail:

New President named at VP Racing Fuels VP Racing Fuels has announced that over the coming months current company owner Steve Burns will sell his interest in the company to Alan Cerwick, former executive at Valero Energy. Cerwick will assume the position of President, while Burns will remain as CEO and continue to direct all research and development for race fuel products. “VP remains committed to

leading the industry in race fuel technology and we’ll continue delivering the leading edge fuel products racers have come to expect,”

said Burns. “We have an opportunity to take the VP brand to the next level, and Alan’s depth and breadth of experience in the industry will prove invaluable as he undertakes this new initiative.” VP RACING FUELS San Antonio, Texas, USA Tel: 210 635 7744


2012 models launched by Victory V

ICTORY Motorcycles has released details of the 15 motorcycles which make up its 2012 models. The line-up includes the new for 2012 Cross Country Tour and three Ness family signature models. Across the entire range the company’s proprietary 106ci Freedom 106/6 V-twin engine is used. In the cruiser models it produces 113ft-lb of torque, while for the touring applications it has been detuned to provide 92hp and 109ft-lb of torque. In all applications the motor is matched to a six-speed over-drive transmission. Braking on all of the 2012 models is via 300mm floating discs with fourpiston calipers at the front and 300mm floating discs with two-piston calipers at the rear. Additionally, the models in the touring range have ABS as standard and on the two vision models the brakes are linked. The new model joining the line-up in 2012 is the Cross Country Tour. It is a hard bag touring model with, what the company claims to be, the greatest cargo

capacity of any production motorcycle at 41 gallons spread across the bags, trunk and fairing lowers. feature of the Cross Country Tour is the Victory ‘Comfort Control System’, which has upper air controls that allow the rider to control the volume and direction of airflow to the upper body. Mounted at the base of the bike’s protective fairing, these controls pivot to provide cooling airflow where the rider wants to direct it or block air from reaching the upper body. The lower air controls allow the rider to control the volume of airflow to the legs.When fully open, they allow cooling airflow to reach the legs and when closed, they block airflow to keep the rider’s legs warmer. Both the upper and lower air controls can be adjusted with gloved hands. In addition to the lower air controls in the hard lower faring section there are covered and lockable storage compartments (one-gallon capacity per side). The compartments include an iPod cord that connects an iPod with the bike’s integrated audio system and an


A diamond-cut engine and a selection of parts from the Ness catalog have been added to a Cross Country by Cory Ness to create his 2012 Signature Series model for Victory

integrated 12V power outlet for electrical devices such as GPS or chargers. The lowers are mounted on chromed tubular highway bars that provide tip-over protection. bove the lowers there is a new windshield, which is taller than the previously available accessory tall windshield for use on Cross Country models. Further rider comfort is provided by the standard fitment heated grips and seats. The Cross Country uses the same hard bags as the Cross Country Tour, but does not have the trunk and also has smaller lower fairing panels and a shorter screen. Integrated into the upper fairing is an AM/FM radio and


an iPod cord and satellite radio are available as factory accessories. Victory continues its Touring range with the Cross Roads, which has cruise control and for 2012 features ABS as standard. The bike also features in the Victory ‘CORE Custom Program’, where buyers select the bike’s color and any additional equipment, and those elements are installed at the Victory dealership prior to delivery. An example of what can be achieved with the CORE program can be seen with the Cross Roads Classic

The Cross Country is one of the bikes that makes up the 2012 touring range and as such it includes hard bags and a forkmounted fairing as standard

The new for 2012 Cross Country Tour features what is claimed to be the greatest cargo capacity of any production motorcycle at 41 gallons



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Wide white tires on 16in spoked wheels add to the traditional Bobber look of the High-Ball Wire wheels and a light bar are among the additions that make the Cross Roads LE a limited edition model for 2012

LE, a limited edition version of the Cross Roads, which features special black and white paint with red pinstripes, custom stitched leather seat and saddlebags, wire wheels, a windshield and a light bar. Completing the touring range from Victory is the Victory Vision., which carries over from the 2011 year range unchanged for 2012. ictory’s cruiser range of motorcycles includes the Vegas, which features a scalloped gas tank and a raised spine running along the tank and on to both the fenders, with the front fender covering a 21in wheel. The Hammer S takes its styling cues from ‘60s muscle cars and highlights include the use of a 250-section rear tire, blackedout components and an inverted front end. The Vegas Jackpot features billet wheels, the front being


Victory’s Cross Roads can be accessorized from the factory using the company’s CORE Custom Program

21in, a fully chromed front end and the taillights frenched into the fender to create a custom look. The 2012 Kingpin has a low seat height of 25.5in and foot controls set back by 2in for increased comfort. The two entry level models in the 2012 Victory range for 2012 are the Vegas 8-Ball and Hammer 8-Ball. Both models have a solid black paint work and blacked-out components throughout. Originally launched at the beginning of 2011 as an early 2012 model, the High-Ball is Victory’s take on classic Bobber

styling. The bike rolls on 16in spoked wheels, which carry 130 front and 150-section white wall tires front and back.The ape hanger bars fitted to the High-Ball are adjustable and can be set in the upright position or laid back and are legal in all fifty states and in all of Canada. fter first introducing the Arlen Ness Signature Series Vegas in 2004, Victory has continued to work with the Ness family on special edition models. For 2012 Zach Ness has created a Signature Series Victory Vegas 8-Ball. Changes from the stock 8-Ball include suede titanium


The Vegas 8-Ball is one of two entry level models being produced by Victory in 2012

metallic paint with custom Ness graphics, matt titanium metallic frame and swingarm, Ness handlebar crossbar, Ness custom billet wheels, Ness custom mirrors, Ness Holeshot billet handgrips, footpegs and engine covers, chrome exhaust and custom stitched leather seat. For the Cory Ness Signature Series Victory Cross Country Cory has added Boardwalk blue and black paint with custom Ness Continued on page 11 >>>

NEWS graphics, a custom handlebar, Ness chrome grips, custom mirrors, billet passenger pegs, chrome shift and brake pegs, engine covers, radio display and oil line cover, a diamondcut engine, chrome driver floorboards, chrome shift and brake levers, custom highway bar, custom suede seat, billet wheels and Kicker premium audio speakers. To complete the 2012 Victory Motorcycles range and the Ness family editions Arlen has produced the Arlen Ness Signature Series Victory Vision.To create this model he has specified Nuclear Sunset paint with custom Ness flamed graphics, Hot Rod Ness billet wheels, Flamed Ness engine covers, chrome grip ends, Ness flamed

chrome billet grips, Ness chrome flamed billet shift and brake pegs, chrome driver and passenger floorboards, chrome shift and brake levers, diamond-cut engine, Ness windshield graphic, Ness ignition key graphic, Ness radio display, Kicker premium audio speakers, Ness oil line cover and leather stitched seat.

VICTORY MOTORCYCLES Medina, Minnesota, USA Tel: 763 542 5000

Zach Ness is continuing the Ness family tradition of working with Victory with his Ness Signature Series Vegas

A Victory Vision is the latest model from the manufacturer to be reworked by Arlen Ness as his Signature Series bike in 2012 after he first began creating the Series in 2004

The Victory Vision continues into 2012 without any changes from the previous year’s specification The Freedom 106/6 Stage 2 motor used in the Kingpin is said to produce 113ft-lb of torque



Written by Alan Cathcart - • Photo credit: Kel Edge (except Studio – CR&S)

CR&S DUU road test Lots of car companies have linked American engineering with European vehicle design to create a crossover culture series production hybrid, but for various reasons it’s rarely happened on two wheels. Now, though, comes the debut in the marketplace of the CR&S DUU that’s been under development in Italy for the past three years, and after extensive testing is now entering production O concoct a two-wheeled powercruiser equivalent to the iconic AC Cobra Anglo-American sportscar, Roberto Crepaldi and his partners at Milan-based CR&S Motorcycles have followed Cobra creator Carroll Shelby’s formula of combining a reliable, low-stressed, large-capacity American pushrod engine with a light, good-handling European chassis. They didn’t just shoehorn an aircooled V-twin motor into a superbike frame and wrap the result in the Italian tricolore. Instead, CR&S designer Donato Cannatello has been given free reign to create one of the most innovative and certainly most individual-looking motorcycles in today’s marketplace. “I wanted to make a big-engined bike that looks muscular and aggressive, but is also beautiful, which seems like it’s jumped off the screen of a computer game, but in reality is as fresh and distinctive to ride as it is to look at,” says the former Aprilia and Borile stylist. Launched at the EICMA Milan Show in November 2009, the DUU is a V-twin with attitude. The bike is the creation of Italian boutique bike manufacturer CR&S (standing for Cafe Racers & Superbikes), a company founded in 1992 and owned today by three wealthy individuals from Milan who are all ardent bikers. n fact, although CR&S President Roberto Crepaldi admits to being an upmarket white van man with a Vito panel truck to haul his bikes around in, he doesn’t actually own a car as well, preferring to ride everywhere year-round on a




succession of R1200GS BMWs that have now been replaced by the prototype DUUs. Roberto was formerly for 14 years the Ferrari distributor for northern Italy, and at one time was that country’s Rolls-Royce and Bentley importer, as well as a major Jaguar dealer. However, his love for bikes was underlined when he became the late John Britten’s first customer in Europe, purchasing the V-1000 racer which Kiwi Stephen Briggs rode to second place in the 1995 BEARS World Series in black-and-yellow CR&S colors, behind Andrew Stroud on the Britten factory bike. Today the CR&S Britten can be found at rest in the private museum of the second partner in the company, Milanese engineer Giorgio Sarti, who rides everywhere on a succession of maxi-scooters, and also hasn’t owned a car for the past ten years either, while the third partner, Giovanni Cabassi, is a noted photographer and bike collector who races on the Bonneville Salt Flats each year. “People like singles, but nobody wants to buy one!” admits Roberto Crepaldi. “We were building a couple of bikes a month, but if we wanted to keep CR&S alive, we had to make a DUU. So we did!” The problem was sourcing an appropriate motor, but a chance sighting of the S&S X-Wedge engine at the Padua Custom Show in January 2009 set the ball rolling, and thanks to fast work by designer Cannatello, the prototype was launched at the EICMA Milan show in November that year. “I had four paid orders in the first hour,” says Crepaldi with a smile.“That’s when I knew we’d hit the bullseye in terms of what our


customers were looking for.” So far, 196 bikes are under deposit, meaning the first year’s production of 200 motorcycles is already sold out, all for Europe where CR&S have so far appointed a total of 11 dealers, except for four Australians who’ve booked places in the queue, dependent on Crepaldi appointing a Down Under importer by the time their bikes are ready to be built. “We’ll only sell bikes to countries where we have dealers who can look after our customers properly,”he says.“Even where we sell An early conceptual drawing of the CR&S DUU, which shows how closely the finished model is to the original idea

A bare DUU awaiting completion to the customer’s required individual specification

Alan Cathcart sets out to put CR&S’s DUU through its paces in the Italian countryside Continued on page 14 >>>

CATHCART REPORT direct via the website, we’ll always protect the local dealer, so he can give a good after-sales service.” CR&S intend to appoint importers in Australia and Japan, but may build the DUU in the USA as well as Italy in due course. “Each DUU will be a totally tailormade motorcycle – I’m certain no two will be the same,” says Crepaldi. “Lots of things are different about it not just the design, but the philosophy behind it, too, including the way we market it. I know from my previous experience selling exclusive motor cars and custom motorcycles that the direct link between the client and the manufacturer is all important. We can tailor each bike to suit the customer, in a hundred different ways. We have a menu of suggestions the customer can order from - it’s all for them to choose by logging on to our website, which we prefer to call a motorcycle configurator. It’s the key to our link directly with him, or her – even where we have CR&S importers, they simply act as a conduit to us. We’re the mothership!” was looking forward to making friends with the S&S X–Wedge motor again, having gained a favourable impression of it after


borrowing TV talk show host Jay Leno’s Mobil 1 powercruiser a while back, which was the first customer bike ever to be delivered powered by it. Once you fire up the X-Wedge powerplant, it settles to a 900rpm idle that’s quite devoid of the rattles and shakes of other American air-cooled V-twins, and it’s quiet, too, with a muted but pleasantly potent-sounding roar emanating from the twin slashcut side-exit exhausts issuing on the right of the bike, just under your foot. In spite of the fact that S&S decided not to fit any counterblancers, it’s also very smooth by air-cooled American Vtwin standards, pulling cleanly off idle thanks to the huge amount of torque available.The S&S motor’s happy zone is between 1,500-3,500rpm as shown on the specially developed Acewell combined digital speedo/analogue tach parked just behind the handlebar clamp, and while it’ll run as high as 6,000rpm, there’s no earthly point in revving the X-Wedge anywhere near that. Instead, surf that so-strong torque curve and remember that while 3,000rpm in top/fifth gear is already 100mph, it takes you very little time to get there thanks to those incredible reserves of grunt. By American V-twin standards, it’s very refined in terms of

Alan Cathcart proves that it is possible to build a good handling, naked sports bike around an American V-twin engine

Roberto Crepaldi (right), Giorgio Sarti (center) and Giovanni Cabassi are the three motorcycle enthusiasts responsible for establishing CR&S



operation, practically civilized. Though the surprisingly light-action S&S clutch barely needs to be troubled accelerating out of even the tightest turn from little more than walking pace, you’re best off keeping the revs dialled up above 1,500rpm to avoid any hint of transmission snatch. But there’s acres of torque from there on up to the 5,100rpm power peak, where the triple-camshaft motor delivers 97hp at the gearbox. he change action of the Baker gearbox was quite positive on the five-speed version, but rather harsher than the smoother-action shift of the six-speeder, two of whose ratios are, however, completely superfluous with all that torque – even if you end up looking for any excuse to blip the throttle changing gear, just so you can make music via that great-sounding exhaust, and you must use the clutch all the time for smooth changes in either direction. The Pirelli Diablo Rossi II rubber really builds confidence, because both tires warm up fast and grip well, whether carrying turn speed through fast sweepers with the front, or putting all that torque to the ground via the 190-section rear, cranked over out of tighter ones. Ground clearance is excellent on the right and okay on the left, with just the easy-to-find-at-rest sidestand grounding out occasionally. And unlike on the Confederate Wraith with its similar exposed tubular backbone frame design, which you don’t feel confident in riding too hard on because there’s nothing to grip with your knees, the DUU has enough contact area that you feel in control of the bike, and can ride accordingly. It steers well, too, thanks partly to the leverage from that wide ‘bar helping on turn in, but also because the bike feels well balanced. The DUU stops brilliantly from high speed thanks to the great bite delivered so controllably of those


Donato Cannatello, a former stylist at Aprilia and Borile, was responsible for the design of the DUU

highly effective Brembo brakes, with no lack of stability thanks to the long wheelbase.The Sachs forks are sprung stiff enough so that the substantial weight transfer doesn’t collapse them, yet they give good damping over rough surfaces, and ride quality from the cantilever rear shock is good. oberto Crepaldi and his partners in CR&S have produced something very distinctive and worthwhile in the DUU – a bike combining stylish Italian design flair with muscular American V-twin performance, to deliver an invigorating and completely unique riding experience, combining custom cool with café culture.


CR&S MOTORCYCLES Milan, ITALY Tel: +39 02 365 287 40 Email:

Roberto Crepaldi, CR&S co-owner (right) explains the thinking behind the DUU to Alan Cathcart

INDUSTRY EXTRA Among the plans being made for the future of the Museum are a move to a larger site and purpose built premisesas shown in this image

Preserving Sturgis’ history Written by Duncan Moore -

The City of Sturgis may be mostly associated with motorcycling for one week a year in August when the annual Rally and Races take place. However, there is one place in the city that celebrates motorcycling every day – the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame TURGIS is famous for its annual Rally, and the event’s history is celebrated at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, which not only houses a collection of historic motorcycles, but also Rally memorabilia and general motorcycling collectibles. Christine Paige Diers, Executive Director of the Sturgis Museum, takes up the story of the early years of the Museum. “The Museum’s Board of Directors, the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club, local students and members of the Sturgis community gathered on March 10th, 2001 to clean and paint the old church building next to the Pyramid Bar on Main Street. The building’s owners, Gene and Nancy Flagler, generously set the rent at $1.00 a month, which helped to make the first year of the Museum easier.” The museum that opened on that location came into being after an earlier motorcycle museum based in Sturgis, the National Motorcycle Museum, moved to Anamosa, Iowa. A selection of locals gathered together and created the first Board of Directors, and it was they who established the museum on Main Street, which first opened its doors in June 2001. One year later and the City recognized how important the Museum was to the city, attracting visitors outside of the Rally week and bringing more business to the community, and so donated the former post office building to the Museum as its new larger home in 2002. The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame has been on the same site at the corner of Main Street and Junction Avenue ever since. n that time the collection had grown, and by 2003 the lower level had been opened up to house more exhibits. The basement level had been divided up into various areas to allow different displays to be put in place, as Christine explains: “Part of our mission is to preserve the history of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, so



re-arrange everything every year to keep things looking fresh. When I first started here, even after four months or so, I was looking around and saying ‘Hey, I didn’t know we had one of those.’ There is so much here, that even when people come visit for a second or third time they still see something new.” s the Museum’s name suggests, it is not only bikes that are housed there, there is also the Hall of Fame. The list of names included in the Hall of Fame now extends to 112, and it includes all the entries from the original museum who were inducted when this version opened in 2001. New members are inducted each year at a celebration breakfast during the Rally, as Christine explains: “Usually, it is around six or seven people we induct into the Hall of Fame each year. We take nominations so people only get in if they are nominated. I often get people saying to me so and so should be in your Hall of Fame, so I tell them why don’t you nominate them? Each year the Board of the Museum makes the decision as to which of the nominees is going to be inducted. “The people we have in the Hall of Fame range from racers to industry folk, to builders, to people who are good liaisons for the sport. It’s a lot of different people that are inducted. We also have a Founders Award, but we don’t give that every year, it is for people who have been instrumental in helping the museum.” While the Hall of Fame is a central part of the Museum, Christine feels that it deserves more recognition, saying: “The Hall of Fame isn’t as good as I’d like it to be simply because we don’t have the space to display it how we’d like to. However, to help with that particular issue we are planning on developing an electronic Hall of Fame. That will be on the website, and we will also have touch screens in the museum so that visitors can easily find out more about our Hall of Famers.” With regard to the Board of Directors, which


we have a room dedicated to the rally. We work to preserve the history of the Rally in particular and the history of motorcycling in general,and as such we have around 90 bikes on display at any one time.” he vast majority of the bikes currently on display do not belong to the Museum, the prohibitive cost of collectable motorcycles being an issue for the collection, which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. They are mostly on long-term loan from various collectors and owners with one or two exceptions. One bike that has been gifted to the Museum is the very first police motorcycle used in Sturgis. However, by a strange quirk of fate that machine is not currently in the Museum. “We did a trade with the National Motorcycle Museum,” says Christine, “the fiftieth Anniversary Rally motorcycle (built for Nace Panzica by John Reed) which is one display that came from there, and we loaned them the Sturgis police motorcycle as the National was doing an exhibit on working bikes, and they asked if they could borrow it, and so we did a temporary trade.” Making such trades with other collections is one of the ways in which Christine works to keep the displays looking fresh as visitors return each year during Rally week to visit the Museum. Christine says: “We do try and get new exhibits whenever possible, such as when an owner asks for a bike back, we will try and get another bike to replace it. “We would like to rotate the displays more often and we do have offers of bikes, but it takes far longer to build a new exhibit up that I ever think it will. We




INDUSTRY EXTRA On loan from the National Motorcycle Museum, the 50th Anniversary Sturgis motorcycle was commissioned by Nace Panzica while at Custom Chrome and built by John Reed

chooses the nominees each year from those submitted, this is made up of 11 volunteers. While some of the Board have Rally related businesses, others are involved in related activities like H.O.G. or are simply interested in the history of motorcycling. In fact, a couple of the members are previous city councilors, who joined as the city’s reps and then stayed on afterwards, such was the impact of being actively involved with the Museum. hristine explains how new Board members are selected when an opening becomes available: “We discuss what it is we need from a new member. Our most recent addition to the board was a

C Tin toys are included in the motorcycling memorabilia on display at the Museum

construction engineer as we are looking to the future and how we can grow physically, and so it made sense to involve someone with construction experience.” Expanding on the plans to expand the Museum, Christine says: “We are looking to expand in some way in the future. We have a building fund and we are looking at ways in which we can get bigger.We’re out of space as it is at the moment. Due to that lack of space we don’t always do justice to some of our exhibits. The Hall of Fame isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, simply because we don’t have the space to display it how we’d like to. “The expansion will probably mean a move to a new location. This lot we’re on is very small and there’s no land around for us to expand on to, and we can’t go up on this building.” t the 2011 Hall of Fame induction ceremony Christine was able to reveal and artist’s impression of what the Museum could look like when it moves to a new, larger location. Indeed, she already has plans of what she would like to put in place when it is built and ready to open, saying: “When we get into a bigger space a couple of things I would like are to feature more recent examples of custom motorcycle builds, the type of thing showcased by the AMD World Championship. I’d really like to have more of that, but we just don’t have the space right now. “On my personal wish list, I’d love to have a WLA from the war, things like that that would round out the collection. I know they are around, I just don’t have one yet. People are very interested in old military motorcycles, so it would be great to have. One that had seen actual military service would be


An unrestored Indian shows that a bike does not have to be in pristine condition to deserve its place in the Museum




Having traveled over a million miles, Senator Dave Zien’s Harley has now found a resting place at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame

A 1999 Excelsior-Henderson Super still in its original crate is one of the most modern machines currently on display

great to have in the collection and on display.” While there are currently very few custom motorcycles on display in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, it does house a display dedicated to the World Championship of Custom Bike Building, about which Christine says: “It’s fabulous to have a display recognizing the World Championship because we don’t currently have the space to display many contemporary custom bikes. It gives people a taste of what is out there, showing what is being done and having the photos of every year’s winners is a great feature enabling people to realize what is happening around the world. Each of the winners offers something different.” It is that type of diversity among the machinery and memorabilia on display that makes the Museum such a popular destination for bikes, and not only during the time that the Rally is taking place in Sturgis. While around a third of the Museum’s 35,000 visitors do attend during the Rally, the rest make their way to the Museum throughout the year as they realize the Black Hills are a holiday destination and that the Museum is one of the many highlights in the area, and as such it is open seven days a week all year round.

Films recounting the history of the Sturgis Rally are shown in the lower level of the Museum

STURGIS MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM & HALL OF FAME Sturgis, South Dakota, USA Tel: 605 347 2001

The Dave Perewitz-built ‘Pandemonium’ is one of the custom bikes on display

The World Championship of Custom Bike Building is recognized by a permanent display in the Museum that commemorates each year’s winner





California spec chain oiler SCOTTOILER is continuing its growth in the US market with the introduction of its new Scottoiler vSystem CARB EO kit. The latest in the company’s line of automated chain oilers has been specifically designed for American consumer use and has been issued with an Executive Order from the California Air Resource Board (CARB) to exclude it from anti-tampering regulations.As a result of the EO, the Scottoiler vSystem CARB EO can be fitted to any California specification motorcycle directly into the EVAP system. Grant Hemple from Scottoiler said: “We wanted to eliminate any confusion when answering the question: “Can I install this accessory into my California spec motorcycle?”, and by being granted the Executive Order, we have successfully achieved this. Fitting a Scottoiler is perfectly safe and legal. The vSystem is also suitable for non-California spec bikes.” Additionally, Scottoiler has recently established fulfilment

in Atlanta, Georgia, due to the growing demand from the US dealer and wholesaler network. Nick Muddle of Scottoiler explained: “This is great news for dealers and customers as we have made our products much more accessible. Now we can ship to most parts of America within five days.” SCOTTOILER Glasgow, Strathclyde, UK Tel: 866 995 9340 Email:

Supreme RAM mount SUPREME Legends USA has created a new RAM mount reservoir cover, available for H-D touring models. It leaves the bike’s handlebars clear by bolting on to the fluid reservoir. Covers are available in chrome or Bright Dip black anodized finishes, with or without RAM ball. SUPREME LEGENDS USA Anaheim, California, USA Tel: 714 504 0715 E-mail:

Von Braun Roadster Tri-lines VON Braun’s latest exhaust launch are the Roadster Tri-lines slip-on mufflers. The Tri-lines feature domed mesh end-caps which are compression formed from 550 gauge stainless steel. The ends fit into 4in muffler bodies that are fitted with three handbeveled trim accents. Roadster Tri-lines are available in four color options and are a direct bolt-on for all Harley-Davidson touring models.



VON BRAUN EXHAUST West Tisbury, Massachusetts, USA Tel: 774 563 8296 E-mail:


MAXFlow air cleaner upgrade kits ZIPPER’S MAXFlow Stage I air cleaner upgrade kit includes a specially designed, washable, pleated fabric filter made from multiple layers of surgical-quality cotton gauze material that traps dirt while providing increased flow. The element, which is 5⁄8in deeper than the factory performance filter it is designed to replace, is said to yield over 60 percent more surface area than the Stage I filter. The kit includes required longer mounting hardware. One version of the kit has been designed for use on Twin Cam engines equipped with H-D Screamin’ Eagle Stage I air cleaner and the standard Twin Cam cover, which makes 360degree contact between the cover back and the rubber gasket on the filter. A second option is an upgrade kit for Evo style covers. While similar to the Twin Cam version, this option is designed with the filter tapering outward towards the air filter cover, allowing use of 8in diameter EV-style round covers. It can be used on Evolution or Twin Cam engines if the appropriate EV-style cover is used. The specially designed 7in outer diameter filter is said to increase air flow while reducing intake turbulence.

Joker Machine racing levers JOKER Machine originally developed its high performance cable lever assemblies for speedway race bike riders in Europe before making them commercially available to a wider audience. The levers feature CNC machined billet aluminum bodies and blades, with the blades having a contoured finger grab area. ‘Oilite Bronze’ pivot bushings and stainless steel pin assemblies provide a smooth action and allow the levers to be rebuilt if necessary. The pivot pin features a slotted top that can be easily serviced with the use of a blade screwdriver, or a speedway mechanics clutch adjustment tool for quick removal of the lever from the perch. Cable free-play adjustments can be fine-tuned due to the use of a fine thread, solid brass adjuster knob and lock nut feature, which allows tuning of clutch cable pull. The levers have been designed to work with both 7 ⁄8in and 1in handlebars. This is made possible through the use of a semi-slip polymer reducer

ZIPPER’S PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS Elkridge, Maryland, USA Tel: 410 579 2828 E-mail:



bushing (included) for 7⁄8in bars, that doubles as a pivoting-slip feature in race applications should the bike be crashed during a race. Right-side lever assembly is available with a brake light switch option for street bike use. The perch has a standard mirror mounting hole that accepts most mirrors with 5⁄16in or 8mm mounting studs or bolts. The levers can be ordered in ‘two-tone’ (hard black perch and clear lever), or ‘mono-tone’ (all clear) anodized finishe.

JOKER MACHINE La Verne, California, USA Tel: 909 596 9690 E-mail:

Two-tone, hard black perch and clear lever version

Mono-tone, all clear anodized finish


Latest releases from Drag specialties A quick and simple solution from Drag Specialties to change the look of a bike is to use its black 7in headlight to replace the stock chrome item. The smooth, gloss black finish housing has a 60/55W headlight bulb and low-intensity running light, and a mounting block is also included with the ECEapproved light.

The black finish headlamp from Drag Specialties is a direct replacement for the stock chrome item

Replacement steel rear fender for use on ‘82-‘93 XL models

times the impact-resistance and abrasion-resistance of acrylic (Lucite) to resist fading, scratching and peeling. The screens are available in 6in or 8in heights to fit ‘96-‘11 FLHT and FLHX models and Harley-Davidson FL Trikes. The line of Predator two-up seats from Drag Specialties use solar-reflective leather in the seating area and automotive-grade vinyl on the sides to prevent them from getting too hot to use when the bike is parked in direct sunlight. The patented process is claimed to reduce surface temperature by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit for a cooler seat, higher durability and longer life over conventional leather or vinyl seats. The seats use molded polyurethane foam on a 3⁄16in ABS thermoformed seat base, which is fitted with rubber bumpers and a fully carpeted bottom to protect the bike’s paint.They are available for ‘84-‘99 FXST, FLST models with a flame stitch or smooth design. Owners of ‘82-‘93 XL models can now order replacement rear fenders from Drag Specialties. The stamped steel fenders have a raw finish, measure approximately 7-1⁄4in wide (inside) and have an original-style taillight mount. They accept the OEM fender struts and mounting hardware.

The Police graphics windscreen has been designed by Drag Specialties to pay tribute to US police officers

To pay tribute to police officers, Drag Specialties has created its Police graphics windscreen. The OEM direct replacement windscreen is available in optically perfect custom designs that bolt on the bike. Made from Lexan polycarbonate with FMR hard coating, the screens are claimed to have twenty

DRAG SPECIALITIES Janesville, Wisconsin, USA Tel: 608 758 1111 E-mail: The Predator range of seats from Drag Specialties use solar-reflective leather to reduce the temperature of the seating area in hot weather




Freedom Performance adds Night Rod slip-ons FREEDOM Performance is now offering two new styles of slip-on mufflers for use on Harley’s Night Rod and Night Rod Special. Manufactured from 16-gauge steel, the 4in diameter slip-ons are offered in chrome or black with a chrome tip, with the additional option of a solid rolled edge or slotted racing series swivel end caps. The baffles used in the mufflers are two-stepped from 21⁄2in to 31⁄2in to provide maximum torque and performance. Quiet baffles are also available to fit the slip-

ons, which are available to fit ‘09 to ‘12 headers. FREEDOM PERFORMANCE Gardena, California, USA Tel: 310 324 0415 E-mail:

New additions to Paughco range PAUGHCO has expanded its extensive range of custom frame options with the addition of a RSD-300 drop seat chassis. Created for right-side drive transmissions and with a seat height of just 23.5in, the new frame accepts a 300-section tire. The frame features a 13⁄4in backbone stretch, 2in diameter single front leg and 13⁄4in diameter tubular swingarm. The chassis package includes a 1in hidden axle assembly and integral forward control mounts. The Paughco 131⁄2in fender, oil bag and solo seat seen with the frame are sold separately. Other options include the Pro-Street, with 5in stretch in the backbone and 38 degrees of neck rake, and the chopper version that has 4in in the backbone, 7in in the front leg and 38-degree neck rake. Similarly, Paughco has also extended its line of Springer forks with a new collection of tapered leg Springers, featuring the company’s exclusive tapered rear legs, which are claimed to offer superior strength and more closely resemble the original factory front ends than any other Springer on the market. The latest legs are offered in sizes ranging from stock to 24in over in increments of 3in. Lengths 15in-24in over are supplied with three degrees of additional rake only. The Springers can be ordered in either the traditional ‘Wide’ style, with or without the factory style shock, or as Paughco’s ‘Narrow Chopper’ design. While the standard finish is chrome, bare metal or powdercoat are offered as options. Paughco is now offering custom and OEM style replacement oil tanks for many applications. Options include the new Universal Round Chopper

Paughco is offering its RSD-300 drop seat chassis in a range of styles including Pro-Street and Chopper

The tapered leg Springer forks are available in sizes from stock to 24in over in 3in increments

tank, replacement seamless Wrap around, 3.5 Wrap Around and Custom FL/FX replacement with battery box. Offered in various sizes and with mounting hardware to fit just about any stock or custom chassis, the oil tanks are offered with or without OEM oil filter cartridges and come supplied with fittings and caps as noted in the Paughco catalog. All of the tanks are fabricated from US steel and plated in-house by Paughco. PAUGHCO Carson City, Nevada, USA Tel: 775 246 5738 E-mail:

Paughco’s range of oil tanks are offered with or without OEM oil filter cartridges




Extensive line of new Sinister parts JOHN Shope’s Sinister Industries has been working through the summer to create an extensive range of new parts. Among the parts now available are what are claimed to be the only high strength PPO/PA ABS plastic hard bags on the market. Made from the same material as that used by Harley-Davidson, the Sinister bags are supplied in a black finish and use the existing Harley hardware. The Sinister Industries’ heat shield/frame filler has been designed to help keep the heat off the rider’s inner thighs. It manages this by filling the gap between the rear cylinder and the frame and is available in black or chrome. A second filler panel option offered by the company is its injection molded, flared side filler cover. The pop-on covers, which are available for ’99 to present, are made of N.Y.B. Polymer. The covers will fit both stock and stretched saddlebags, but need to be trimmed for use with stock bags. When it comes to luggage options John Shope’s Sinister Industries now has its Slim

Line Tour Pack options available. Two pieces are offered; a bottom and a lid. For the bottom John has cut out the sides so that the Pak can be mounted low on the fender while still allowing the bag lids to be used. It uses OEM hardware and bracket and works with OEM lids. Alternatively there is the option to use a Sinister Contour pack lid. It comes with a frenched-in area for the company’s own oval jaded taillight, or it can be filled. The company also offers a molded backrest pan that can be upholstered and fited to the lid. To change the look of the storage options at the front of a bike, Sinister has ‘Drop Top’ glove box doors for Road Glides. Made of NYB Polymer, the lid design locks the doors in place to prevent scratching when opening and cleaning. A second option are the Accent glove box doors, once again for use on Road Glides.

JOHN SHOPE’S SINISTER INDUSTRIES Phoenix, Arizona, USA Tel: 623 465 5263 E-mail:

The Accent glove box covers for Road Glides match the other Accent parts in the Sinister Industries product line

The Road Glide glove box covers feature a lid design that locks the doors in place

Sinister’s pop-on side filler covers are molded from N.Y.B. Polymer

The PP/OPA saddlebags are made in the USA

The Sinister Industries’ heat shield/frame filler has been designed to help keep the heat off the rider’s inner thighs

Sinister Industries’ Tour Pal is available as a twopiece option, depending on a rider’s needs




New additions to Motorcycle Storehouse product range MOTORCYCLE Storehouse (MCS) is now stocking Anderson glitter grips. Made in one piece from molded rubber they are available in clear, black, red, blue, yellow or green and fit all ’74 and onward H-D models with 1in handlebars.

downloaded from the Dynojet website and maps can be edited to suit individual preferences and flashed to the stock ECM / ECU. Catering to more traditional tastes Motorcycle Storehouse is now stocking Lowbrow retro spark plug leads.The new leads are antique styled, cotton cloth braided and lacquered and are 7mm universal ‘cut to length’ type and 48in long. The modern,

Anderson glitter grips are available in clear, black, red, blue, yellow or green

Catering to the ever increasing interest in Baggers, MCS now has Arlen Ness’ Winged fuel tank extensions for ‘09-‘11 Touring models (excluding the FLHR). The extension is a bolt-on composite piece, made from hand-laid fibers. Once fitted it needs to be coupled to a custom seat or a modified stock seat.

The Arlen Ness Winged fuel tank extension for ‘09-‘11 Touring models is a bolt-on piece

Cycle Visions’ latest creation, now available through MCS, for use in professional workshops, are form fitted covers to protect the bike’s chrome and paint when a bike is being worked on. Made from 4mm thick Neoprene, the covers are form fitted to fit fuel tank, fender or polyester saddlebags and come in various sets for specific H-D models.

Cycle Visions’ Neoprene bodywork covers have been created for workshop use to protect the bike’s paint while work is being done on the bike

Designed for use on late model Harleys with fuel injection, the Dynojet Power Vision is a tool that allows diagnostics and tuning of the stock ECU. Once connected to the ECM / ECU diagnostic port, it can read and delete trouble codes of all J1850 and CAN H-D data and adjust fuel injection and ignition settings of the stock ECU. Custom fuel maps can be

Lowbrow retro spark plug leads are 7mm universal ‘cut to length’ type and 48in long

stranded and tinned copper conductor is covered by a protective PVC layer for maximum Various sissybars are being insulation, fitted with open offered in the Rajah clips and screwed to range of parts the spark plug with a made by No matching style brass nut. The School Lowbrow spark plug cables are Choppers available in black, black with red tracers, green with yellow tracers, oak with black and red tracers, red with black and yellow tracers and yellow with black and red tracers. Due to the copper core the leads are not compatible with electronic ignitions. Continuing the ‘Old School’ theme, MCS is now carrying No School Choppers parts. The line-up of parts include sissybars in a raw finish or ready finished, with or without taillight, in various versions; a military grade canvas tool bag with snap closure and stainless mounting hardware and skateboard wheels as shifter knobs.

MOTORCYCLE STOREHOUSE Bedum, NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 (0)50 303 9775 E-mail:

The Dynojet Power Vision is a tool that allows diagnostics and tuning of the stock ECU




SuperTrapp and Kerker exhausts for 2012 Night Rod SUPERTRAPP continues with its introduction of aftermarket exhaust options for 2012 H-D models with the launch of SuperTrapp and Kerker exhausts for Night Rods. The range includes SuperTrapp FatShots 2-into-2 slip-ons, in a choice of either chrome or black ceramic finishes. They are supplied with 12 discs for each muffler that allow users to adjust the exhaust to their riding style. Adding discs will increase the horsepower, exhaust tone and flow, while subtracting discs will reduce the sound and increase low-end torque, according to the company. The Kerker K Series slip-ons weigh in at a claimed

13lbs lighter than stock. The canisters are brushed aluminum and feature a rebuildable core and packing.

SuperTrapps FatShots 2-into-2 slip-ons for 2012 Night Rods feature the company’s tuning discs as standard

The Kerker K Series slip-ons from SuperTrapp weigh a claimed 13lbs less than the stock Night Rod mufflers

SUPERTRAPP INDUSTRIES Cleveland, Ohio, USA Tel: 216 265 8400

C&C’s SportTour seat for Sportsters

C&C Motorcycle Seats has now available its new SportTour two-up seat for the H-D Sportsters. The SportTour is one of a range of two-up seats from the manufacturer that offer a wider and claimed more comfortable seat area for the rider, combined with a rear seat section for occasional passenger use. Options on the seat include a variety of stitch patterns with a choice of thread color to accent paint or graphics, vinyl covering in black, colors and textures and exotic and imitation hides. C&C MOTORCYCLE SEATS Paramount, California, USA Tel: 562 531 6185




New to Zodiac range Z ODIAC is now carrying stock of the Databus Break-Out Box, a speedometer/tachometer interface, which allows simple installation of aftermarket speedo or tacho on 2004 and later models. Once installed it allows users to interface most aftermarket speedometers and or tachometers with the SAE J-1850 Databus signal created from the stock H-D ECU on ‘04 to present models, except ‘11 and later Softail models and ‘12 and later Dyna models as these have a CAN-Bus system. The device connects to the bike’s databus and outputs traditional analog signals for a gauge of the user’s choice. Outputs are provided for accessory power and ground, adjustable tachometer signal for one, two or four cylinder outputs (which includes V-twin single fire and dual fire applications), speedometer signal (8,000ppm only) in addition to the ‘Check Engine’ signal, normally only available on the databus. Besides wired outputs, the Break-Out Box contains a digital readout which allows for both reading back and clearing diagnostic trouble codes, similar to a scan tool.

Detonator risers, in both 4in and 6in heights, work with Springer front ends

the threaded top tree of ‘88 to present Softail Springers. The risers can be ordered in 4in and 6in lengths. Zodiac is now able to supply 2in torsion seat springs. The chromed springs are sold in pairs with one wound clockwise and the other anti-clockwise to ensure the seat stays centered.

Among the many custom floorboards available at Zodiac are the Slasher billet aluminum foot boards, for both rider and passenger applications. They feature folding 41⁄2in long 1⁄2in UNC threaded stand-offs and Zi-Cone rubber pads to provide extra grip and comfort. They are offered to fit all ‘84 to present FLH and FLT Touring models and all ‘86 to present FLST models.

The LED lit fender tip is standard on domestic models but not on European versions, and now Zodiac has them available with different lens color options

To improve the visibility at the rear of Touring models from ’09 onwards, Zodiac is now stocking fender tip LED lights.While this option is available on domestic ‘09 to present Electra Glide Classic, Ultra Electra Glide and Ultra Electra Glide Classic models, it is not standard on export versions. Alongside a version with a red lens, Zodiac is also offering it with an amber lens, or a clear or smoke lens with red LEDs.

The Databus Break-Out Box allows aftermarket speedos and tachos to be used on H-Ds manufactured after 2004

To improve oil circulation on Twin Cam motors, Zodiac is able to supply the TP Development Super Pump. The anodized billet aluminum bolt-in replacement is said to feature a better working scavenge section than the OEM unit.The Super Pump is claimed to provide 40 percent more supply volume and 60 percent more scavenge volume than the stock oil pump on 88ci Twin Cams and, although Harley improved the oil pump for the ‘06 Dyna and all ‘07 and later Twin Cams, the TPD Super Pump still provides 20 percent more supply volume and 30 percent more scavenge volume on those models.Two versions of the Super Pump are available from Zodiac; one to fit ‘99 – ‘05 Dyna, ‘99 – ‘06 Touring and ‘00 – ‘06 Softail models and the other for ‘06 to present Dyna, ‘07 to present Touring and ‘07 to present Softail models.

License plate frames can be ordered from Zodiac in sizes to suit most European plates

Zodiac’s torsion seat spring set is a pair of springs wound in opposite directions to keep the seat centered The chromed billet aluminum Slasher floorboards are available for both the rider and passenger

To further enhance the appearance of the rear of a bike, Zodiac has chromed billet aluminum license plate frames and backing plates tailor made to fit most common European sized plates. They are supplied with a rubber mounting block that has the standard hole pattern on most rear fenders from ‘55 to present. The separately available side mount bracket allows installation on 3⁄4in, 25mm and 1in rear axles. The license plates frames are partly predrilled for fender mount or side mount, but not drilled completely through. The selected holes need to be completely drilled during installation and will ensure a clean look on the back of the plate.

The TD Performance Super Pump is an upgrade for the stock oil pump on early Twin Cam motors

Created specifically for use on Springers, Detonator risers, feature a domed top cover to keep the screws out of sight.They have internal,fitted 1/2-20 UNF Allen head screws that bolt straight into



ZODIAC INTERNATIONAL Mijdrecht, NETHERLANDS Tel: +31 (0)297 288 621 E-mail:


New products at W&W

mufflers. Offered in either chrome or black ceramic finish the slip-ons feature a 3in full coverage heat shield around the 21⁄2in muffler bodies. Silencing is taken care of via a pre-installed louvered core baffle. Optional quiet baffles are also available for the Twin Slash which is available to fit Sportsters ’04 onward, Softail ’07 onward, Softail Deluxe and Crossbones ’07 onwards, Softail Fat Boy, Deuce and FXSTSSE ’07 onwards, Dyna ’91 onwards and Dyna Wide Glide and Fat Bob ’08 onwards.

W&W is now carrying the OptiMate 4 dual program charger and optimizer, which has been developed by TecMate. The fully automatic ‘smart’ battery conditioner and charger features diagnostic capabilities.

The S&S Teardrop air cleaner can be ordered from W&W for throttle-by-wire and Magneti Marelli fuel injected bikes

W&W CYCLES AG Wuerzburg, GERMANY Tel: +49 (0)931 250 61 16 E-mail:

OptiMate 4 is a fully automatic ‘smart’ battery conditioner and charger from TecMate

To cater for riders looking for increased performance, W&W is offering the S&S Teardrop air cleaner for use on fuel injected bikes. The air cleaner assembly is claimed to add two to five hp, and each kit includes a filter, backing plate and all mounting hardware.Three versions available; for Big Twins with Magneti Marelli 1999-2001, Softail 2001-up & all others 2002-up with Delphi EFI and ’08 onward Touring models with throttle-by-wire (except Screamin’ Eagle 58 mm). To match the improved intake of the S&S air cleaner, W&W has Vance & Hines Twin Slash slip-on

Vance & Hines Twin Slash slip-on mufflers are available in a choice of chrome or black ceramic finishes


Ultima chains MIDWEST Motorcycle Supply is now able to offer Ultima final drive chains in bulk packaging for workshop use or in individually packaged boxes for retail display and sale. The chains are being offered in three variations; Standard, XBL (branded lube for consistent lubrication in the pin bushing), and XLO (O-ring lube system which seals in lube and seals out contaminants), which is available in silver or gold finish. Master links and half chain parts are also available to work with the Ultima chains.

MIDWEST MOTORCYCLE SUPPLY Pevely, Missouri, USA Tel: 636 931 3200 E-mail:

Wizards celebrates 25 years with new products WIZARDS Products is celebrating 25 years in business with its 25th Anniversary edition catalog, which features new additions to its motorcycle product line; Shine Master Polish & Breathable Sealant, Scratch Remover and Bug Release. Shine Master has been created as a wax replacement, swirl mark remover or show glaze. It is claimed to provide a longlasting poly-acrylic protection and a high-gloss shine for all paints. The company’s new Scratch Remover is said to level minor scratches and swirls and remove light fading and blemishes

from painted surfaces. It can be used by hand or machine and is a safe alternative to harsh rubbing compounds. Bug Release removes bugs and bug residue by neutralizing the acidic proteins that cause them to stick to a bike’s bodywork. It is safe for all paints, chrome, plastics, glass, Lexan and polycarbonate windshields. WIZARDS MOTORCYCLE PRODUCTS Hanover, Minnesota, USA Tel: 800 356 7223 E-mail:


ART grips and Taper Lite pushrod by Rivera Primo ADVANCED Racing Technologies (ART) was founded in 1980 before being incorporated into Rivera Primo in 2004. In 2010 the ART brand was relaunched by Rivera Primo, which has now added billet aluminum knurled pegs and grips to the existing range of ART hydraulic end covers being produced. Both the grips and pegs are machined from 6061 aluminum and designed to look like the original ‘80s ART pieces. In addition to the standard grips, Rivera Primo also offers them fitted with Grip Ace switches. The Grip Ace switch module is imbedded directly into the grip, putting all the switch controls for programmable self-

cancelling turn signals, horn, hi/lo beam and starting under the rider’s fingers. The Grip Ace switch system is fully microprocessor controlled, meaning the wiring process is almost completely ‘plug & play’. A second product that has been in production since the ‘80s are Rivera Primo’s Taper Lite pushrods. They were made first when Mel Magnet, who founded Rivera Engineering (the precursor of Rivera Primo), was looking to improve on existing pushrod designs. At that time aftermarket pushrods were made of plain gauge steel. Mel decided he could create a better design and created the tapered chromoly steel design

still available today as the Taper Lite. A unique feature of the Taper Lite pushrods when they were first developed was a unique adjuster to collapse the pushrod for removal without removing the rocker boxes from Evo motors. Over time Rivera Primo has refined the design to create Taper Lite pushrods to also fit Shovelhead, Sportster and Twin Cam applications. RIVERA PRIMO Whittier, California, USA Tel: 562 907 2600 E-mail:

New parts from Küryakyn KÜRYAKYN’S latest line of new product releases includes saddlebag lids with built-in speakers. The new lids are injection molded and carry 6 x 9in Kicker marine grade speakers with separate 3⁄4in tweeters and dependable high pass cross-overs. Speaker grills are available in chrome or black for the lids, which fit on ’06-’11 Electra Glides (excluding TriGlide models). For the best sound quality Küryakyn recommends the installation of the Kicker amplifier and wiring harness.

Küryakyn also has a gloss black curved license plate mount available for both the Street Glide and Road Glide Custom. It fits ’06-’09 FLHX or ’10-’11 FLHX and FLTRX models. While not a new product, Küryakyn has updated its Unicea kit with new, brighter LEDs. The Unicea allows users to convert a bike’s stock tombstone taillight and turn signals to LED in a single kit. It uses a plug-and-play controller to convert the rear turn signals to ‘run-turn-brake’. The updated Unicea is available to fit ’05-’10 Deluxe, ’05-’07 Springer Classic, ’07-’08 FLHRSE, and ’02-’03 FLSTS models. For those riders who want to utilize LED or other

The new injection molded saddlebag lids from Küryakyn ship complete with 6 x 9in Kicker speakers fitted

The extended brake pad from Küryakyn matches the company’s other Premium parts The updated Unicea, from Küryakyn, which converts the rear turn signals to ‘run-turn-brake’, has been updated with new, brighter LEDs

The gloss black curved license plate mount fits both the Street Glide and Road Glide Custom


Küryakyn’s plug-in load equalizer adapter allows two load equalizers to be added to ‘10 and later Street Glide and Road Glide Custom

low-draw turn signals, Küryakyn’s now has a plugin load equalizer adapter that allows up to two load equalizers to be added to ‘10 and later Street Glide and Road Glide Custom models without the need to cut and splice. Rounding out this range of product line additions is the ‘Premium’ extended brake pedal pad. Designed to match the rest of the Premium line of parts the pad extends the stock brake pedal by 11⁄4in.


The extender can be used on ’80-’11 Electra Glides, Road Glides, Tour Glides, Road Kings, Trikes and all ’86-’11 FLST models

KÜRYAKYN USA Somerset, Wisconsin, USA Tel: 715 247 5008 E-mail:


‘Rebel’ multi-adjustable Horizon bars on their motorcycle as they possibly can, and not everyone can ‘fit’ themselves to the stock model of each motorcycle. That’s why our multi-adjustable, patent pending Horizon bars are so sought after;they fit to the rider, making it a ‘custom’ motorcycle with precision handling.”

HELI Modified, the manufacturer of HeliBars, has introduced a new design – the Rebel. The Rebel is a multi-adjustable handlebar that joins the company’s Horizon line of bars. The 31in wide bar, which will work with throttle-by-wire applications, offers 2-6in rear-adjustable offset. “HeliBars is looking forward to providing our multi-adjustable Horizon bar to a wider audience,” said Harry Eddy, President and founder of HeliBars ,talking about the Rebel.“We feel that with the more traditional styling the Rebel will appeal to a larger audience. Everyone should have as much enjoyment

HELI MODIFIED INC Cornish, Maine, USA Tel: 207 625 4642 E-mail:

Custom windshields F4 Customs produces an extensive range of custom replacement windshields, which includes a range of different height screens for FLHT and FLHX models. The screens produced by F4 Customs feature the stock screen angle and width, but can be ordered in heights from 4in through 6in, 8in, 9.5in, 12in to 15in. Customers have a choice of clear, light tint or dark tint depending on the screen height. All of the windshield options are made using high optical polycarbonate (Lexan)

and the base material is UV stabilized, which the company says helps prevent them from drying and becoming brittle over time. F4 Customs also states that its coating process creates the best rain shedding, scratch resistance and chemical resistance of any windshields available.

F4 CUSTOMS Streetsboro, Ohio, USA Tel: 330 968 4644 E-mail:


Cycle Shack Touring model headers CYCLE Shack, which is celebrating 40 years in business this year, has a new replacement 2-1-2 header available for ’09 and later FL, FLHTCU, FLHTK, FLHR and FLTR Touring models. The header (part number PHD-168) is a direct replacement header for the stock part and can be used to replace the 49 states touring header with no catalyst. It accepts OE factory heat shields to help keep heat off the rider’s leg.

Z-Clean now available in smaller bottles SPECTRO Oils’ Z-Clean chain lube is now being made available in 1.5 ounce bottles, designed to be easily carried in a jacket pocket or saddlebag. Spectro claims that Z-Clean has a special zinc formulation which provides anti-wear protection, resulting in longer chain and sprocket life. Additionally, it is claimed to not attract dirt, sand or grit, and won’t sling off. It is suitable for O-ring and roller type chains.

Use of PHD-168 on any catalyst equipped FL touring model is not legal for use on any public highway. CYCLE SHACK South San Francisco, California, USA Tel: 650 583 7014 E-mail:

SPECTRO OILS OF AMERICA Brookfield, Connecticut, USA Tel: 203 775 1291 Fax: 203 775 8720 E-mail:


MAG Europe carrying RSD Clarity parts line MAG Europe now stocks Roland Sands Design Clarity line parts. The new range of fittings features transparent polycarbonate sections mounted in billet aluminum that allows the inner workings of the biker’s engine to be seen. The Clarity air cleaner provides a view of what happens inside the intake on ‘93 – ‘11 Big Twins (S&S E/G carb), ‘93 – ‘11 Twin Cams and Evos, ‘93 – ‘011 XL Sportsters and ‘08 – ‘11 FLs (throttle-by-wire). The CNC machined billet air cleaner uses a K&N filter behind a transparent polycarbonate faceplate. The company claims that the backing plate promotes smooth airflow into the carb/throttle body for improved performance, and all mounting hardware is also included. Continuing the Clarity line is the derby/clutch cover for use on either ‘70 – ‘98 Big Twins (three-hole) or ‘99 – ‘11 Twin Cams (five-hole). The billet aluminum and polycarbonate unit is a direct replacement for the stock derby/clutch cover on OEM primaries. It allows aftermarket clutches to be seen inside an enclosed cover. The third piece in the Clarity line of parts

Black Ops

Contrast Cut

Chrome finish

Clarity Air Cleaner

Clarity derby/ clutch cover

Clarity Timing cover

available from MAG Europe is the Timing cover. As with the other pieces, it is machined from billet aluminum and the polycarbonate fitting allows the engine’s cam gears, chain and support plate to be seen. Along with the necessary mounting hardware a new gasket is included. All three Clarity line pieces can be ordered in a choice of Black Ops, Contrast Cut or chrome finishes.

MAG EUROPE Denton, Manchester, UK Tel: +44 (0)161 337 4390 E-mail:


Headwinds 55mm fork tube clamps HEADWINDS has introduced a new mounting option for its 2in spotlights. The latest clamp has been designed to fit 55mm fork tubes, such as those found on the V-Rod Muscle. The new clamps feature a split design for ease of fitting and a wire feed hole for clean looks. Turn signals can also be mounted to the spotlight brackets, which are available in

chrome, polished aluminum or in any of Headwinds stock finishes. HEADWINDS Monrovia, California, USA Tel: 626 359 8044 E-mail:

KewlMetal wheels and trees KEWLMETAL is continuing to expand the range of parts it produces for use on Victory motorcycles with the introduction of a new wheel design and raked triple trees. The Blade 6061-T6 billet aluminum wheel from KewlMetal, for use on the front of Victory models, is supplied complete with fitted bearing and can be specced for use with single or dual disc rotors.The new wheel is available in 19 x 2.15in, 19 x 3.0in, 21 x 2.15in,21 x 3.25in,23 x 3.75in,and 26 x 3.7 5in sizes. Additionally, KewlMetal also offers a full custom wheel machining service on all wheel sizes. To allow 21in and 23in wheels to be used on unmodified Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads

frames, KewlMetal is now manufacturing modelspecific six-degree raked triple trees. Once installed the chromed 6061 billet aluminum trees take the bike’s total rake to 10 degrees, which is six over stock. The triple trees are supplied complete with chrome fat fork tubes and new bearings.

KEWLMETAL Prescott, Arizona, USA Tel: 623 298 7181 E-mail:


There is a common misconception that to build a top level custom show bike requires an extremely large investment of cash. One man at the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building simply disproved that with his build. Larry Houghton, of Lamb Engineering, built ‘Son of a Gun’ for just $9,000 and took second place in the Championship


ARRY Houghton, who built Son of a Gun, the second placed bike at the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building, has built a number of bikes with very divergent styles. Prior to Son of a Gun, his last custom was ‘Wide Boy’, a Honda CBX6-based low-rider and it was that bike that inspired his latest build. “After I built the CBX, which was really wide because of its six-cylinder motor, I wanted to go in the opposite direction, so the only choice really was a single,” explains Larry.

The single that Larry decided upon was found on eBay and its purchase was one of the biggest expenses of the whole project. However, it is a very special engine. The ’51 500cc BSA Gold Star ZB32 bottom end has been mated to a Gold Star DB34 top end to create a motor that had in the past seen track action. Given that it had been raced, Larry had it rebuilt by Expressive Motorcycles, and while it was stripped down the heads were polished and ported and the cases show-polished too. It was then finished off with an Amal carb and a one-off stainless steel high-level exhaust. It was again eBay that proved to be the

ster cylinder iper features a ma The front brake cal lebar lever nd ha ted le opera that allows the cab c caliper uli dra re to the hy to apply the pressu

source of the transmission; a four-speed BSA M21 complete with kickstart and open chain primary drive. o house the motor and gearbox, Larry set about creating his own frame. The choice of square section pieces rather than regular tube was simply because that was what came to hand. The 20mm steel plate that was machined, welded and forged to create the one-off frame was sourced from the scrap bins of friends of Larry’s in the engineering trade. Larry also freely admits that while he can happily machine steel and on a lathe and mill, he struggles to use a tube bender, which made the decision to


l cable levers and externa The reverse action ed by Larry as aft -cr nd ha all re throttle we a Gun one-offs for Son of

of steel The swingarm was built from sections friends of plate recovered from the scrap bins of try Larry who work in the engineering indus AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - NOVEMBER 2011


on a budget, Larry Houghton built Proving that show winners can be built numerous Best of Show wins had and 0 $9,00 than less for Son of a Gun Championship World the at d secon as well with it, as


inspired The narrow profile of the bodywork was moped by 125cc racing Hondas and a Yamaha from the late ‘70s

build the frame in this way all the easier. The welded and forged construction also gave him a chance to move away from the machined construction style he has become known for on his previous builds. That is not to say that he completely avoided machining. The engine plates that form the bottom of the frame are machined. t the rear of the bike, Larry has taken a similarly unusual approach to the design. The swingarm has been built up from sections of rescued scrap steel, while the suspension itself is a pair of minimal pull shocks mounted in front of the rear wheel and activated by a pair of chains that run around the front of and under the transmission before connecting to the swingarm. Larry also created his own USD front end machining both the stanchions and sliders from billet aluminum, and the sliders include cut-outs on the inside to expose the springs. The design of the swingarm is carried through to the steel handlebars that bolt on either side of the forks. Four pieces of 10mm steel bar make up each side of the bars and they are finished with leather covered grips and reverse action levers. The right-hand lever is a cable unit that acts upon a remote hydraulic master cylinder mounted to the one-off caliper. A second custom caliper is used at the rear wheel too. Once again eBay was used to source the wheels for Son of a Gun. The result of the time spent surfing the internet being a pair 17in


Larry Hought on, proprietor of the Engineering an Lamb Gun, the build d Son of a ing of which he fitted in arou nd working at the shop

Excel Supermoto wheels. Once refurbished the wheels were fitted with 17 x 90 Dunlop front and 17 x140 Metzler rear tires. To finish Son of a Gun off Larry needed to create some bodywork, and, given the choice of engine, something along the line of a café racer was deemed suitable. However, given Larry’s age he also took styling cues from ‘60s Honda 125cc racers and the Yamaha FS1E. The FS1E is known to many British motorcyclists as the ‘Fizzy’ as it was a 50cc moped that was the first bike of many who began riding in the mid-‘70s. Indeed the gold paint work can also be seen as a tribute to the finish on those original Fizzies. The paint of Son of a Gun was applied by Del Whittaker and was the other major expense in the build following on from the engine. ue to Larry’s ability to work metal and source parts from internet auction sites and friends’ scrap bins meant he was able to keep the total cost of the build below $9,000, which is quite an achievement considering Son of a Gun placed second at the 2011 World Championship of Custom Bike Building.


LAMB ENGINEERING Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK Tel: +44 (0)1722 742532 E-mail: Chains from the sw ingarm run around the BSA M21 gearbox and connect to twin cus tom-built pull shocks to pro vide rear suspensi on



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This INDEX is a complete listing of all the items in this edition. It includes all our advertisers and the product, feature and news items published this month. The INDEX will act as a quick reference guide, and will be useful when searching this and other editions either for contact details for a particular company, or for a specific item that has appeared. The INDEX appears in every edition of AMD .


S&S Cycle (US) SPO touring mufflers, Crane Cams......................................................28,48

AIM Corp (US) Clutches & gear kits ................................................................................64

Sturgis Economic Development (US) Sturgis promotion ....................................................8

Avon Grips (US) Air cushioned grips................................................................................51

Supreme Legends USA (US) Forward controls ................................................................58

Bad Dad Custom Finishes (US) Summit rear fender ........................................................28

Tech Cycle Performance Products (US) Belt drives & starters............................................61

Barnett Performance Products (US) Clutch kits, distributor network............................44,59

TecMate (BE) Optimate Pro-S..........................................................................................35

Belt Drives Ltd (US) Clutches & kits, GMA Brakes, Distributor network ..................39,46,60 Biker’s Choice (US) Drop seat kits for ‘09-’11 HD Touring models....................................57 Cape Town Bike Festival (ZA) Cape Town Bike Festival 2011 ..........................................52

Trask Performance (US) Bagger Turbo Systems ..................................................................7 Vance & Hines (US) Exhausts ..........................................................................................21 Wheel Creations Plus (US) Xtreme chrome plating program ............................................60

Colony Machine (US) Hardware......................................................................................58 Zipper’s Performance Products (US) ThunderMax EFI Module ..........................................51 Colorado Custom (US) Wheels........................................................................................61 CV Performance (US) Carburetor & intake parts ..............................................................58

Zodiac (NL) Parts & accessories, Issue 38 Bikers Book, European offices ....................50,59

Cycle Kraft (US) Motorcycle products ..............................................................................59 Darkhorse Crankworks (US) Crank assembly balancing & rebuilds ..................................27


Daytona Twin Tec (US) Twin Tuner 2 FIC ..........................................................................33

C&C Motorcycle Seats (US) SportTour 2-up seat for Sportsters ........................................32

Designs By Novello (US) 2-tone covers............................................................................58

CR&S Motorcycles (IT) Cathcart Report: DUU road test ..............................................12,14

DNA Specialty (US) Greed wheels ..................................................................................15

Cycle Shack (US) 2-1-2 header for Touring models..........................................................41

DP Brakes & Clutches USA (US) Brakes & clutches ..........................................................39

Drag Specialties (US) Black 7in headlight, Police graphics windscreen, Predator 2-up seats ......25

Drag Specialties (US) 2011 Fatbook, Oldbook, Street, Offroad & ATV/UTV catalogs ........10

F4 Customs (US) Custom windshields ............................................................................40

Draggin Jeans (AU) Drayko Motorcycle Jeans ..................................................................22

Freedom Performance (US) Night Rod slip ons ................................................................27

Easyriders Events (US) V-Twin Expo 2012........................................................................24

Headwinds (US) 55mm fork tube clamps ........................................................................43

Fehling (DE) Parts and accessories ..................................................................................60 Feuling (US) Distributor network, Bulletproof camchest kits........................................59,61 Free Spirits (IT) Street and race parts ..............................................................................29 Goodridge USA (US) Sniper Hide-A-Line components ....................................................59 GZM Europe/Accessories Unlimited (ES) Parts & accessories ..........................................60 Harley-Davidson (US) World Championship Modified Harley class winner........................56 Helmet City Inc (US) D.O.T. & novelty helmets, Distributor network ............................16,59 JIMS USA (US) Welded handcrafted covers, Big inch flywheel assemblies ..............35,58,59

Heli Modified (US) Rebel multi-adjustable Horizon bars ..................................................40 Joker Machine (US) Racing levers....................................................................................22 KewlMetal (US) Wheels and trees for Victory models ......................................................43 Küryakyn USA (US) Saddlebag lids, Unicea kit, Premium extended brake pedal pad ........38 Lamb Engineering (GB) Son of a Gun bike feature ....................................................47,49 MAG Europe (GB) Roland Sands Design Clarity parts line ..............................................42 Midwest Motorcycle Supply (US) Ultima final drive chains ..............................................37 Motorcycle Storehouse (NL) Glitter grips,Winged tank extensions, Dynojet Power Vision ......31

Joker Machine (US) Parts & accessories ..........................................................................25 Ocean Events (GB) Custom Motorcycle Show moves to Beaulieu ....................................64 K&N (US) Become an authorized K&N dealer, Wrench-Off Performance oil filters ......46,52 Paughco (US) RSD-300 drop seat chassis, tapered leg springers, OEM style oil tanks ......27 KewlMetal (US) Bolt on 13 Degree Rake Kit......................................................................6 Kibblewhite (US) Valvetrain components, distributor network ..............................44-45,58 Küryakyn USA (US) Parts & accessories ..........................................................................30 Kustom Tech (IT) Parts & accessories ................................................................................9 Le Pera Enterprises (US) Seats ..........................................................................................5 MAG Connection (FR) Distributor....................................................................................13 MAG Europe (GB) RSD Streetfighter Range ......................................................................2 Medallion Instrumentation Systems (US) Gauges and stereo products ............................45 Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts (US) Power House Plus ..........................................................32 Milwaukee Bagger (US) Saddlebags................................................................................45

Rivera Primo (US) ART grips & Taper Lite pushrod............................................................38 S&S Cycle (US) Assists Chris Rivas bagger speed record ..................................................64 Scottoiler (GB) California spec chain oiler........................................................................20 Sinister Industries (US) Bagger parts ..............................................................................29 Spectro Oils of America (US) Z-Clean available in 1.5oz bottles ......................................41 Sturgis Motorcycle Museum (US) Feature ..................................................................17-19 Sudco International (US) Moves to new location ..............................................................6 SuperTrapp Industries (US) Supertrapp & Kerker exhausts for 2012 Night Rod ................32 Supreme Legends USA (US) RAM mount reservoir cover ................................................20

Motorcycle Storehouse (NL) Distributor, International Sales Offices ..................36-37,40-41,42-43,60

Victory Motorcycles (US) 2012 models launched ......................................................8-9,11

Mustang Motorcycle Products (US) Nostalgic Luggage....................................................60

Von Braun Exhaust (US) Roadster Tri-lines slip ons ..........................................................20

NAMZ Custom Cycle Products (US) Wiring harnesses & fluid lines ..................................11

VP Racing Fuels (US) New President named......................................................................6

PB Germany (DE) AGM Motorcycle Bags & Accessories ..................................................31

W&W Cycles (DE) OptiMate 4 Dual Program, S&S air cleaner,V&H Twin Slash slip ons..........36

PowerSport Institute (US) Powersport technician training ............................................4,11

Wheel Jockey (US) New ‘Retail Package’ ..........................................................................6

Renegade Wheels (US) Phantom Cut wheel....................................................................26

Wizards Products/RJ Star (US) Celebrates 25th anniversary, Shine Master & Scratch Remover ......37

Rivera Primo (US) Parts & accessories, Distributor network ........................................48,58

Zipper’s Performance Products (US) MAXFlow Stage I air cleaner upgrade kit ................22

Rush Racing Products (US) Exhaust systems....................................................................23

Zodiac (NL) Databus Break-Out Box,TP Dev Super Pump, Detonator risers, Slasher footboards ....34




New venue for UK affiliate show OCEAN EVENTS, the organizers of 2011’s Custom Motorcycle Show (known as California Dreamin’), which was held in Bournemouth and was one of two UK shows affiliated to the World Championship of Custom Bike Building program, have announced a new location for the 2012 show. The event will now take place at Beaulieu over the weekend of 16/17 June 2012. Beaulieu, in the UK’s New Forest, which houses the National Motor Museum, will host the Custom Motorcycle Show alongside its already established annual ‘Hot Rod and Custom Car Festival’. Lorne Cheetham, Director of Ocean Events, said: ”Beaulieu is a perfect venue for our event. With all the custom bikes, cafe

racers and streetfighters sharing the magnificent showgrounds with hot rods and custom cars, the whole weekend is going to be one fantastic festival of motoring modification and customization. “We are delighted to be working with Beaulieu on this show and hope to make the whole event the biggest of its kind in the UK.” Competition classes in the motorcycle show will be Freestyle, Modified Harley, Period Chopper, Daily Rider and Streetfighter/Performance Custom, with the overall Best in Show winner receiving a paid trip, complete with bike, to Sturgis, South Dakota, USA, for the World Championship of Custom Bike Building. In addition to the exhibiting

custom bike dealers, retailers of custom accessories and hard parts, and the ‘Vendors and Merchandise Village’, there will also be a Ride-In on both days, with all riders of custom motorcycles invited into the event to show off their bikes. OCEAN EVENTS Ringwood, Hampshire, UK Tel: +44 (0)1425 470 666 E-mail:

S&S backs Chris Rivas Bagger record S&S Cycle was not campaigning a bike at this year’s BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials, but was involved in one of the record breaking bikes. For 2011 the World’s Fastest Bagger is now ‘Aero Glide’, designed by Carl Brouhard Designs and ridden by Chris Rivas of Chris Rivas V-Twin in Fresno, California, who recorded a speed of 195.036mph, a new record for a Bagger. Aero Glide set the record while powered by a naturally aspirated 240hp S&S prepared 167ci Twin Cam using S&S Easy Start camshafts and a Bassani exhaust designed 2-into-1. This was matched up to a Barnett Lock Up clutch and an S&S Cycle six-speed


transmission. The final piece of assistance from S&S Cycle was tuning advice by Executive Chairman and CEO George Smith, who returned to the Salt Flats after a 20 year break.

Chris Rivas (left) and George Smith collaborated on 2011’s World’s Fastest Bagger at the BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials

S&S CYCLE La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA Tel: 608 627 1497 E-mail:


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