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Mark James Andrews



Papa drops The Sun citing Ecclesiastes. Truthing simple declarative. Reductive pratfalling the running bulls with nympho stroking absent cock as Lolly Willowes empowers gender, a witch by vocation, while the breakout Pooh Bear in the 100 Acre Wood never smooshes curmudgeonly Eeyore. Nothing can’t be fixed with honey pot & Mississippi Showboat.



Indiscriminate ironic apertures in View-Master stereoscope. CLICK. Olympia Press launches, tricking out Avant Porn; Plexus, Justine (or The Misfortunes of Virtue) & Fanny Hill. CLICK. Post-nuke-dystopia & F-Bomb-Bradbury-451 gives new meaning to “Fireman.” CLICK. DEATH BY POETRY: Dylan T. enrages the liver at White Horse Tavern. Going comatose at St. Vincent’s Dr. Morphine is administered. CLICK. Sylvia P.’s trial run fails in Beantown. 2nd Prize Electro-Convulsive treatment bestowed in Boston hospital.



Goddamn Modelizers & Toxic Bachelors. Never mind the variegated species of chick-lit Sex & the Shitty. Bespectacled Wizard Boy advances the 7 Novel Plan before being bonfire burned by Ned Flanders. (Coincidental (?)). Czech holy fool Bohumil Hrabel is closely observed by trains taking dancing lessons for the advanced in age. Falls to his death. Bulovka hospital in Prague. Feeding pigeons off the 5th floor.



Wasted. Heading back to our car parked on John R stopping to see GRACEHOPER big as life planted on the Woodward Ave front lawn of the Detroit Institute of Art & pissed on it in unison. Actually piss painting territorial abstract. Twisted riff on Jackson Pollock: Beer Urine on Welded Steel & Black Paint. Transformational new medium & message. Chanting Fuck James Joyce as the art piece was named after word play insect jigging ajog from Finnegan' s Wake.



Mimeo Revolution noting Underground. Wordslingers groping for Peace. E. Sanders Head Mother Fug in Charge chanting the litany OUT, DEMONS, OUT! Mass Exorcism / Exorgasm levitating the Pentagon with Norman M’s Armies of the Night charging, chugging out of the flatbed of a Rusty Truck sporting a generator & primitive sound system driven by Trout Fishing in America playing a ukulele in Jack the Ripper’s Clothes.



‘trude hammering, rose up (un)like any other, nailing Tender Buttons to the lost skirts of time, a Box clock. The Cow chomp chomping in the pink room, over/under fancy curtains sideways/ down. Cube is to pube, a lady’s choice. Dancing hermetical with Miss Furr. Eschewing black leather & blind Grey horse Riders of the Purple Sage spinning Mallarme’s lascivious fawn & 3 elliptical Pound poems in Poetry bursting pus out of a lanced boil.



Combinatorial: Ficspin minimalist Le citta invisibili Italo Calvino psychoarchitecting 55 chapters of Cities in textual space. Marco Polo & Kublai Khan spawning. Continuously oscillating skylines (one being truly invisible). Perception & memory constructs for the Stepford Wives. Rising. Immaculate android perfection in advert eugenics neck ‘n neck with Joy of Sex. Homecoming cookery prescriptive & Cordon Bleu Sex IS flux fun factor new normal. Fem body hair shaving vandalizes the goddess.



Snapping ruin porn with my Canon. Just fucking around with the standard detritus around demolition row. I’m going to go with a still life with paperbacks. Section of cyclone fencing already laying flat & draping orange barrels covering a cocoon of red brick, chunks of concrete & wood lathes. Rebar poking through like tentacles. Nice for rusty bookends for The Bell Jar, On The Road, Waiting For Godot. Working the clichÊ. Tales of Ordinary Madness & Burning Trash. Snapping away from every angle.



Fellaheening & Free. Jack K. rolling the gospel Road Trip (pre-pub) & Arthur M. killing off A Salesman (Suicide). So What? Riding on a smile & a shinola shoeshine Where we going, man? I don’t know but we gotta go. Pop! I’m a dime a dozen, and so are you!



Jerzy K.’s Chauncey trumps Corporate & The Prez simply by Being There. Poor scabrous Buk[owski] schedules Chinaski to sub postal stuffing utility bills thru the slots of murdered time cornered by a German Shepherd dog snout halfway up his poop chute as the streets are full of insane & dull Rabbits (Redux) living with John Updike in nice houses & they didn’t seem to work. You wondered how they did it. Certainly not under the influence of Hunter (Fear and Loathing sky filling w/HUGE BATS). At least Neruda copped The Nobel.



This is just to say I have swallowed all the pills that were in your red purse and which you were rationing, saving for your work week. Forgive me for getting loaded. I knew they weren’t M & M’s.



Still waiting in Red October, the George O. bit chilling. Details fuzzy in (un)locked step of Bolivian Marching Powder. Ack Ack Ack Ackering plagiaristic Blood and Guts in High School. Sex positive. Flaubert’s Parrot pegging Genet. Carnivalistic consumption cycle transatlantic drowning in corporate branding. John Self is postmodern poster-child & poet as epicurean non-engaged observer.



Grifters melting into mystique at the The Graduate’s party. A triple cross Oedipal love triangle confidence take down. But a dweeb was going to score more pussy than he could handle, straight malchick lubbilubbing just like Clockwork, as R. Frost went cardio poolside running amok in a wolf suit playing (Hopscotch) Where the Wild Things




Subscribing. Animals cloven paging John Bull, Tit Bits & the Daily Mirror on the Stalin farm. Young Vonnegut & the baking fetus of Billy Pilgrim witness 3,000 ton firestorm bombing of Dresden. Solzhenitsyn incubating Ivan D. 8 years penal. (Dr.) Spocking. Engaging post-vaginal anxiety & nurturing toy trains. Common Sense touch-touch is OK for babies. Colette admitted to Academie Goncourt & (Jump-Jump) erotic touchy okeydoke for lesbians.



Red bulbous nose eased his paunch into his writing desk before a door wall open to the night. A full breast brushed his cheek as his flute of Cabernet was placed to his left. She turned on the stereo to Mahler’s 9th Symphony and faded away. Moonbeams and a warm breeze came in from San Pedro harbor as he toyed with words, a story of his hard scrabble hangover mornings working the line at a St. Louis dog biscuit factory.



Bewildering. Fractured (key to) City of (clear as) Glass. Anti-detective engaging with the wrong number, cryptic graffiti & glossolaliac manifestos. Auster then Marquez. Disintegrating doppelgangers & no Love in Times of Cholera. Cancerous liver: HOR-hay LWEES BHOR-hays gone in Geneva. Nothingness differs little existing in hell, let heaven exist. Now you know.



Papa gray beard with the Roman senator comb-over gamboled over to the whirling propeller after a smooth landing and was quickly tackled by the keepers of the flame. He knew he had raised his last flag up the pole. Pills and electroshock were so blasĂŠ. He rose up with a tight grin and dusted off his pants ready for the ride to Ketchum. At his new Idaho home was his favorite Boss 12 Gauge waiting to be cleaned.



Hardboiling in Harlem: Coffin Ed Johnson & Gravedigger Jones pissed off with all the red tape & ass kicking take Breakfast at Tiffany’s uptown. Upper East Side. American Geisha. 3-Way with Holly Golightly. Cigarette holder & all the accoutrements. You can leave your hat on. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Weeping. You can’t give your heart to a wild thing.



Dick blind. Phil K. & pills. Pink light striking Vast Active Living Intelligent System. Traversing. Gravity’s Rainbow & The (S.) King. Menstrual blood on white tile in the shower room. “Plug it Up.” Hurling Tampons. Pulley pulling prom night bucket of blood. Working the red. Torrential. Gown scrubbing hands in the manner of Lady Mac. Work the red. Make a career of it.



Reading. Ryunosuke Akutagawa in the clammy air at Lost Lake. Kappa father puts his mouth to the vagina of mother Kappa. Womb as cell phone to blue tooth foetus poses the question: “Do you wish to be born?� Existence On-Demand. Birth and Death blown out of the waters of time into infinity, choice, and possibility.



A number of the pieces in Compendium 20/20 first appeared in Short, Fast, & Deadly. Some others appeared in formalist disguise in Asphodel Madness 2.0, Clutching at Straws, Deuce Coupe, Electric Windmill, Gutter Eloquence, Literary Burlesque, Rusty Truck, Red Fez and The Legendary.


About the Author Mark James Andrews lives and writes one mile outside the city limits of Detroit and has previously gone chapbooking with Punkpomes pleeze (Jesus’ Home Run Press) and Burning Trash (Pudding House).