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Amanda Seyfried B E S T S U P P O RT I NG AC T R E S S | Mank

What did you make of the complexity of the role of Marion Davies? Whenever you play someone from real life, they’re all three dimensional, but it’s possible nobody really understood Marion as a three-dimensional person, except perhaps the people she knew or worked with back in the day, and most of them aren’t alive anymore. I thought it was an opportunity to give this person new life, and to show the world a completely different side of her. To show the complexities of this person. I saw her as someone who was a lot like me in a lot of ways. She was somebody who was just unabashedly honest

David Fincher

and very much looking for the truth in everything, and I find it very difficult to lie. She knew what was going on, but she didn’t necessarily understand which

B E S T D I R E C T O R | Ma nk

pieces of it should be kept from which people. Did you go back and watch her work? I did, but it only went so far in understanding her mannerisms and the way she moved, because she’s playing characters. My intention from the very beginning was that I wasn’t going to imitate her in the characters she played, because that wasn’t Marion. But she was right in front of me for hours and hours. It was amazing to have that.

Gary Oldman B E S T AC T O R | Ma nk

David, you found a number of resonances with where we are today in the story of Herman Mankiewicz; certainly, the fake newsreel stuff seems pertinent. Your father wrote the script in the ’90s; has it evolved over the years as the world and the industry has changed? Fincher: No, there was no doubt in 1996, or whenever we first tried to mount this movie, that the black and white was a barrier for entry. There was a feeling amongst everyone, including myself, that the notion of in some way inciting righteous indignation in octogenarians about the 1933 gubernatorial race in California was an issue; that stuff was discussed openly [laughs]. It was only, ironically, 25 or 27 years later that the fake newsreels became fake news. And even then, it was only oddly prescient if you ignore the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Gary, do you hold the same affinity for Citizen Kane Oldman: Well, I like Chimes at Midnight and A Touch of Evil. They’re just more my bag, really. But I admire the ambition. I admire the commitment to it. I mean, you don’t meet anyone who would dislike early Robert De Niro, but even if he isn’t your cup of tea, you have to admire the commitment to the work. You can’t look at Raging Bull and go, “Eh…” I mean, watching Kane again for Mank, it’s a little hokey here and there. It creaks a little. But it holds up. It’s not something you put on and then, 20 minutes in, you think, it’s not as good as I remember… I think we can all agree it was a revolution for its time.


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Deadline Hollywood - AwardsLine - 04/14/21 - Oscar Nominees  

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